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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  June 11, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11 a.m. we are following new developments in the search for two convicts who escaped from a northern new york prison. philadelphia police are questioning a cab driver who says he picked up two men matching the descriptions of the inmates early this morning. good morning, i'm renee chenault-fattah. that's just one of two developments in the manhunt this morning. the convicted killers cut through the steel walls of their cells last week and krould out. the clinton correctional facility in dannemora new york is where this happened. there is a perimeter set up for three miles from the manhole the prisoners emerged from during
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their escape. officials say joyce mitchell was charmd by inmate richard matt and planned to be the pair's getaway driver until she got cold feet. one official says mitchell thought she was in love. investigators believe they may have gone across state lines into vermont. police are now going door to door alerting residents. monique braxton. >> reporter: the cab driver spent more than two hours here inside 30th street station talking to police. right now those detectives are briefing the entire department on what the cab driver said. looking at our video, our camera captured the cabbie moments after he told police he recognized at least one of the fugitives who escaped. inmates 48-year-old richard matt and 34-year-old david sweat cut their way out of the clinton prison near the canadian border last weekend.
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the cabbie says he picked up two people between 4:00 and 4:15 this morning at vine and broad and dropped them off at 30th street. we spoke with him just moments ago. >> that's when i thought, that is not -- it's one of them together. now >> reporter: now we also have video of the cabbie giving police the receipt of the fare. he told the officer the two people he picked up just after 4:00 this will morning paid cash. this morning i also reached out to police commissioner ramsey. he says there have been different sightings in different states and police are following up on those at this hour. he also said he doesn't have any reason to think the two fugitives are here in philadelphia. we'll have more in the next half hour. live for now outside 30th street monique braxton, "nbc10 news."
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the three hs are back in town -- hazy, hot and humid. we're in for a stretch of uncomfortable weather starting today. taking a live look at boathouse row. meteorologist bill henley is here with the forecast. >> it's one of those days you should find arizona conditioner to beat the heat and temperatures are already warmer than they were yesterday at this time. you can see the haze over the city. 85 degrees in philadelphia. 7 degrees warmer in northeast philadelphia airport than it was yesterday at this time. and the humidity that's higher too. the southwesterly winds will continue to pump humidity in the area. nine degrees warmer in pothsztown up by 7 for trenton. wilmington is 8 degrees warmer which will have us in the 90s this afternoon as the trend continues. 86 in horsham.
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lehigh valley is 80. southern chester county across delaware and south jersey with the exception of the beach, the temperatures are in the 80s. the beach will top out in the 80s this afternoon while the rest of the area is heading for the 90s. we're keeping an eye on the satellite and radar data. you can see a line of clouds. doesn't look like much right now. we did see showers earlier this morning in the pocono mountains. as the atmosphere heats up it's in this area we'll see the first showers this afternoon which could turn into strong thunderstorms this afternoon. right now we're heading for the 90s. 88 degrees by 1:00. we'll likely peak in the low 90s by the :00 to 3:00 hour. 90 degrees at 4:00. that's when we could see showers take place in the area and a little cooler by 7:00. a look at the hour-by-hour future weather to show you where those showers are more likely to occur when we come back later
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this hour. 17-year-old girl is safe although home after a large search in chestnut's neighborhood last night. nbc10 was there when 17-year-old sarah wills was reunited with her parents. her parents reported her missing last night. they found her sleeping under a tree about 25 yards from where they found her belongings. the teen's whereabouts were unknown for more than ten hours after police say she left her father's car around 8:00 last night. fire forced homeowners to flee their homes in gerard avenue. people living in apartments above made it out safely. no one was hurt. no word yet on a cause. lawyers are making their opening statement in a stalking trial linked to the wilmington courthouse murders, including three relatives of thomas
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batusowitz. they say he shot his daughter-in-law and her best friend in 2013. prosecutors claim his wich daughter and son david harassed him for years over the internet and by mail. she and david were divorced. she was at the courthouse that day for a custody battle. investigators looking into whether there are more possible victims of a chester county boarding school teacher now locked up on sexual assault charges. matthew skavido lived on campus as dorm supervisor at the all-boys school am-n melvin. they say he would take an underage student into his apartment to teach him about sex. they say there may be more victims out there. >> look at the period of time at bus took place, you look at the
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grooming and betrayal of trust by this department those are all red flags. >> officials say the phelps school is cooperating with the investigation. the school is assuring students the well-being of students is paramount. rachel hall's moment wrote on facebook rachel is progressing slowly. i can see rehabilitation will be a slow process. one step at a time. last week five weeks after the accident, her mother posted she was showing signs of consciousness and went on to say, quote, i wish life mimicked the silver screen. i know rachel will not jump out of bed, be skim boarding and eating snow cones at the jersey show with her friends this weekend. today a philadelphia judge will arraign the suspect in the hit-and-run. police say hall was riding her bike near campus and ran a stop
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sign, when roberts' car hit her and took off. they say if he had stopped he could have avoided the felony charge of leaving the scene of an accident. a hearing is being held in harrisburg to discover governor wolf's death penalty moratorium. this is the second in a series of two hearings on this matter. volunteers who want to work with children in pennsylvania will not have to pay a fee for criminal background checks. beginning july 1st volunteers are required to get the clearances under the new child protective services law. in addition both checks is being reduced for all other applicants. the price will go from $10 down to $8. new jersey lawmakers could be expanding a mandatory helmet
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law for teens riding scooters. it's for those under 17 riding a bike or skateboards. imagine taking a bath and then getting hit by a bullet. new details emergeing this morning at a shooting although a connecticut apartment complex. we're following breaking news concerning the future of media mogul richard murdoch. first heat and humidity and then a chance of storms. we'll show you where those are most likely pop up.
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happening now. sentencing is under way for the philadelphia woman known as the black madame who killed a woman with a silicone injection. in march a jury convicted padge windslowe. windslowe was not licensed to practice those procedures. she faces up to 70 years in prison. one person is dead and eight others wounded at a shooting at a connecticut housing complex. police say the shots were fired in the complex in bridge port around 1:00 in the morning. one victim was taking a bath when a bullet came through the wall and hit her. police have leads on those suspects.
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trouble on the tracks in texas. at least two train cars fall off the rails and off a bridge. this is in houston. no one was hurt nothing dangerous was spilled. no word yet on what caused those cars to derail. breaking business news. cnbc is reporting rupert murdoch is preparing to step down as ceo of 21st century fox. his son james would now take over. it's not clear if the move would happen this year or next. six-month space trip journey has come to an end. they touched down in kazakhstan within the last two hours. they all departed from the international space station after more than half a year in space. according to nasa the crew members traveled more than 84 million miles. can you imagine? during that six-month mission.
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93 miles to the sun. we're getting that sunshine in a hurry today. it's really heating things up quickly. haze y hot and humid one. 90s for today, for tomorrow and possibly on saturday. three in a row, we could have our first heat wave. today we could see strong thunderstorms developing. the threat is mainly north of philadelphia. the heat wave threat we have to wait and see. today and tomorrow will be in the 90s. it's saturday because there are some storms that it's still a question mark for our area. doylestown 81 degrees. philadelphia international at 84. millville with lots of sunshine at 83. the beach at cape may, temperatures still in the 70s on the beach. we'll warm into the 80s this afternoon. they're making some progress now, 74 degrees at cape may harbor. north wildwood is 76. just inland though it's already in the 80s for cape may
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and cape may at the airport. farther to the north, it's sea isle city while woodbine is 83. already 88 degrees in northfield. expect the 90s probably within the hour. radar nothing to show you just yet but we're watching an area to the lehigh valley and to the west for a possibility of strong thunderstorm development this afternoon. it's really quiet right now. in fact, the only showers are showing up in portions of michigan and into the ohio valley. greatest threat for damaging winds will be to our west. that threat is going to be around this afternoon. strong thunderstorms taking shape after the 3:00 hour. your hour by hour future weather shows those showers starting to pop up at 3:00 with heavier downpours and potentially damaging winds will wait until the later afternoon and evening hours. that line staying to the north of philadelphia but could be affecting portions of montgomery
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and bucks county and central new jersey. the trenton area early this evening could see some of those storms. your hour by hour neighborhood forecast quick warm up for pocono 82 degrees. ail lebtown same story for doylestown. while it's into the 90s for trenton and mt. holly, a chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. greater to the north than to the south. in fact, less likely to see any of that storm activity for rehoboth, cape city. clouds and sunshine kind of hazy through the day for wilmington drexel hill, philadelphia, swedes swedesboro, all into the 90s today. the weekend, so far the forecast is for the 90s. if those storms come in a little earlier, we could see the number stay in the upper 80s.
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falling short of the three days required in a row for heat wave. sunday will definitely be more comfortable and less humid. 86 degrees the high temperature. i'll show you how long that is going to stick around with the seven-day forecast in the next half hour. >> thank you, bill. >> if you're crazy about nuts listen up. the new findings about how many nuts you should eat to live longer. and which nuts are chockful of the best benefits. some teachers disagree but some kids' disruptive behavior in class may not be a bad thing. how it could help some children learn.
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the archdiocese of philadelphia announced bishop pew and michael nutter will travel to rome june 22nd through 25th for meetings relating to the world meeting of families. preparing for the pope will mean a lot of buses when world meeting of families convene this september. archbishop said he expects some 6,000 chartered buses to roll into town for the pope's business. the archbishop also said 1.5 million people are expected to visit the city. he said there's no parking plan yet for all those buses.
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one location could be the sports complex in south philly. archbishop is urging churches to register their buses as soon as possible. the world meeting of families in philadelphia begins september 22nd then pope francis arrives in philadelphia the weekend of september 26th. count on the "nbc10 news" team to bring you new information about the papal visit as we get closer to this historic event. we'll send out updates you can get on your smartphone by tapping on the "nbc10 news" app. well a new study suggests the constant movement often seen in children with adhd may actually be helping them in school. researchers measured some movements of 26 children with adhd when they took cognitive and attention-related tests. results show their accuracy was significantly better when they were moving compared to when they were still. researchers say it's not clear why movement helps the children with concentration. and a new study reveals
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eating less than a handful of nuts a day could help you live longer. dutch researchers say people who ate at least ten grams of nuts or peanuts a day had a lower risk of dying from cancer diabetes respiratory problems than those who did not eat no nuts. it does not extend to peanut butter. they believe antioxidants and fiber help. prom night is a rite of passage, an evening to get dressed up have fun with fun and dance the night away. a south jersey teen has been making prom night a magical experience for several teens for years now. melissa hacker is founder of fantastic friends. so good to have you back. >> hi. >> you were with us last year. >> thank you so much for having me back. >> so good to see you. tell me about plans for this year's prom. >> as you know last year's prom was disney themed.
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we had almost 200 people in attendance at our prom. this year it's candyland themed. we'll have candy everywhere candy characters that are going to come and dance with the kids and over 200 people. 100 of those being kids with special needs and 100 being volunteers. >> i know last year when we talked, i was so blown away by your organization and what you've done. >> thank you. >> tell us how this really is making a difference for kids. >> sure. fantastic funds for kids we have a social event for tweens teens, young adults for those with special needs. we do a fun, crazy event for them and volunteers. it gives them an opportunity to socialize with their peers and others with special needs. we've branched ought over the last year. just started a sibling group for siblings with special needs and i just started a chapter at stockton university, where i go. >> how did you get involved? this is a personal thing for you. >> yeah. >> talk a little about that.
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>> i have a twin brother, his name is matthew, and he has autism. i wanted to create an organization for him and other kids with special needs so they could have fun and make friends. it's so sad. sometimes they have a hard time making friends and interacting with their peers. a lot of times their peers don't know how to interact. fantastic friends is helping the teens and teaching our volunteers to interact with the community. >> the prom is tomorrow night? >> yes. >> how many are you expected? >> right now it's at 205. it's going to be really great. we'll have food and pictures and a date with our volunteers. every year we have so much fun. in the beginning i used to introduce candy characters -- last year for disney prom we had mixy and minnie and two "frozen" characters. this year i can't say who they are. >> for anyone that wants to help out, because i imagine you need volunteers. >> yes all of the time. if anyone wants to help out, we
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have our -- we're primarily running on facebook and e-mail we have our fantastic teens -- >> people can get all of that information on our website. thanks for coming here. >> thank you. >> i have a sweet tooth and i you mentioned candyland. >> thanks for having me and always welcoming us back. i really appreciate it. okay. on behalf of fantastic -- myself and fantastic friends we would like to donate -- or not donate, give this as a gift to you and everyone at nbc10. it's a candy basket. >> keeping up with the theme, thank you so much. >> thank you, renee. such a pleasure. >> keep up the good work. keep up the good schoolwork. i promise i won't keep this for myself. i'll take it to the news room. >> oh thank you. >> keep us posted on the night. >> thank you. i really appreciate it. >> real quick, if you want to get involved with fantastic friends, volunteer at the prom make a donation you can get more information by going to our
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website, good seeing you. have a nice summer. >> you, too. thank you. they have been on the run now for six days. there's a philadelphia connection to the escape of two prisoners from new york. what a cab driver is telling police about two customers he picked up this morning. plus stranded in the wilderness with no way to call for help. the action a former navy s.e.a.l. took to hang on until help arrived.
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we continue to follow two convicts who escaped from a north new jersey prison. a cab driver said he picked up two that matched the description of the inmates this morning.
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the convicted killers cut through the steel walls of their cells early friday or saturday and crawled out the clinton correctional facility in dannemora, new york. here's the latest on that search. there is a perimeter set up for three miles around the manhole the prisoners emerged from. senior government officials say prison worker joyce mitchell was charmed by richard matt and planned to be the getaway driver until she got cold feet. investigators believe the men may have gone across state lines into vermont. police there now going door to door alerting residents. mow neck braxton joins us now. >> reporter: the cabbie tells us he spent about two hours here inside 30th street station with detectives. he said they reviewed surveillance videotapes and pictures of the fugitives. moments after a source came to -- close to this investigation, excuse me, told
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us they do not believe the men are the escaped convicts. our camera captured the cab driver as he emerged from 30th street station. he told us he recognizes one of the fugitives who escaped. richard matt and david sweat cut their way out of the clinton prison near the canadian border last weekend. the cabbie said he picked two people up between vine and broad between 4:00 and 4:15 and dropped them off at 30th street. the cabbie gave the police the receipts. he said the two paid cash for the fare. he said he surprised when he thought he recognized one, but this morning i also reached out to police commissioner ramsey. he tells us there have been sightings reported in different states. police are following several different leads. commissioner ramsey also told us very early this morning, he has no reason to believe that two fugitives are here in
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philadelphia. live for now outside 30th street station, mownique braxton, "nbc10 news." there are concerns the two may have crossed the nearby state line and gone into vermont. authorities there are promising to search every corner of that state until the dangerous fugitives are brought to justice. the state's governor held a news conference this morning. >> obviously we're going to use common sense and not panic in this situation. we have to be vigilant and it will require us all to work together to try to get these two men back behind bars. >>. >> governor shumlin is telling residents, if they see the two men, they should not approach them. instead, they should call police. we could be starting our first heat wave intense heat and humidity throughout our area. taking a live look at cape may. one place that is seeing some relief from the soaring temperatures. like to be there.
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"nbc10 news" first alert meteorologist bill henley here for the forecast for us. >> the rest of us are dealing with 80s so far, but it feels hotter because the humidity is running hotter. 84 degrees right now, that's 2 degrees away from the high temperature we had all day yesterday. the feels like temperatures are going to be running into the 90s by noontime. this is 12:00 noon. it will feel like 90. noon, feels like 90 in the lehigh valley. the only thing that will cool things down is the potential for showers and thunderstorms. these storms could bring damaging wind and could also bring the temperature down. allentown, 4:00 while it feels like 90 in philadelphia. look at the temperature coming down with potential for heavy downpours and strong winds. that's 5:00 this afternoon. most of the showers will steer clear of philadelphia so it will
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be this evening before temperatures start to fall in the city. stand by for heat and humidity. keep an eye on the sky, especially for areas to the north of philadelphia for afternoon thunderstorm development. the potential for a heat wave it's a real one. the seven-day forecast with the timing as we go into the weekend of the heat and humidity when i come back later this half hour. checking out our top stories, a fire forced some people in north liberty to flee their homes. it started on a story front on gerard avenue. no one was hurt and no word yet on a cause. hearing in harrisburg to discuss governor wolf's death penalty moratorium. this is the second in a series of two hearings on the matter. a teen who was missing overnight in chestnut hill has been found. nbc10 was there when 17-year-old sarah wills was reunited with her family.
11:35 am
her parents reported her missing last night. investigators say they found her sleeping under a tree about 25 yards from where they found her belongings. the teen's whereabouts were unknown for more than ten hours after police say she left her father's car around 8:00 last night. a tenth death and 14 cases of middle east respiratory syndrome in south korea. south korean workers sprayed disinfectant around classrooms in seoul. a w.h.o. has recommended schools be reopened but school boards recommend those schools stay shut. some schools are set to reopen monday. newly released video this morning is giving us a look at a rescue effort off the coast of libya. they say tons of people including women and children. the italian coast guard say more than 380 migrants in the mediterranean sea tuesday. 40 children and 52 were women
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were among those rescued from fishing vessels. most were from syria, bangladesh bangladesh. they were delivered to sicily. we are hearing the 911 calls from the deadly flooding in texas. one was made by a young mom who later died when the rising water swept her family away. >> it's coming up to the second floor. i mean, it's so high up. >> okay. >> we have no exit out. >> how sad. that was the voice of laura mccomb, who called for help just moments before her house was swept down the river. her husband was rescued but she and her young son died. her other child remains missing. another caller to 911 watched the mccomb's house float away. >> it just went by in the river and there's a person in it with a spotlight. >> okay. you said there's a house on the river? >> a house, yes. just went by. through the river.
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and there was someone in it with a bright light. >> authorities say it's not clear if the mccomb's got any warning their lives were at risk. the police officer seen in a video wrestling a teenage girl to the ground at a pool party handed in his resignation two days ago but now we're hearing his side of the story. here's nbc's janet shamlian. >> reporter: the first public word from the police officer in this video are coming from his attorney, who apologized on his behalf. >> he apologizes to all who were offended. that day was not representative of the ten-year service to the community of mckinney. it's in his hopes that by his resignation, the community may start to heal. >> reporter: this call to the pool party came after he responded to two suicide calls. and the stress had taken its toll. >> with all that had happened that day, he allowed his
11:38 am
emotions to get the better of him. >> reporter: we're also now hearing from the teenage girl pushed to the ground through her attorney who says she's shaken and hasn't decided whether to file a formal complaint. >> the officer's voluntary resignation should not mean the end of this investigation. >> reporter: the community is still taking in what happened hoping for a return to the way things were, not knowing if it's possible. >> i don't know. it's kind of shocking but at the same time too, it is kind of a relief just to know that he has resigned. >> reporter: she's afraid to leave her home her attorney says. the attorney says casebolt has had to leave his because he's been receiving death threats. >> this does not reflect eric's moral and ethical character. >> that was nbc's janet shamlian reporting for us. civil rights continue to press for further action but the local
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d.a. has not said whether any charges will be filed. an actor in arizona was accidentally stabbed in the stomach in the middle of a performance. get this he continued performing for more than 20 minutes until intermission. ken bider says he will performing with a fellow actor when he realized the knife somehow got stuck. at the time both actors didn't realize he was stabbed. actors backstage say he didn't miss a beat until he got backstage and saw the hole in his stomach. >> we needed to cut bread during the show. so i believe the knife was sharp in order for us to be able to cut the bread. >> we want to create reality up on stage as much as we can. it's our job. we did our job with what we were given. >> he went above and beyond the call of your job. wow. bider has staples and stitches to cover the wound. he said there's no hard
11:40 am
feelings. he plans to be back on stage come october. viewer video shows what appears to be a teacher shaking a toddler. this video was shot from a high-rise window looking down at the apple montessori school in hoboken. you can see the children playing outside when one of the teachers grabs the 23-month-old girl and pushes her to the ground. the girl's parents say she's shaken. she's okay. the teacher has been fired. a man trapped at the bottom of the ravine say he was saved in part by his iphone charger. the former navy s.e.a.l. medic crashed his bitter bike in the oregon forest. he fashioned a splint for his lower leg using sticks, shoe laces and, yes, the iphone charging cord. a pair of hikers later stumbled upon the man and his dirt bike and then called for help. >> for being that alone for that long and in that situation just to have somebody sit there and hold your hand it was -- it was very, very heart-warming.
11:41 am
>> ironically the former navy s.e.a.l. was looking for a famous lost object. he was looking for d.c. cooper's parachute. of course, that's the man who hijacked an airliner between portland and seattle in 1991 and parachuted from the plane with $200,000. he was never heard from again. start spreading the news. franc sinatra is about to be honored by his hometown. hoboken, new jersey l honor his 100th birthday this year. sinatra a special concert is planned. he passed away in 1988 at age 82. up next striking out hunger. we'll tell you about a big event coming up at citizens bank park and the simple steps you can take to help those in need. take a few steps to stay cool this afternoon. the heat is on today. it's not just today, it's right
11:42 am
into the weekend. the seven-day forecast when we come back.
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a new car recall involves 48,000 vehicles. acura wants to fix a glitch in the automatic braking systems. the two models are involved mxd and rlx sedan. hon dashgs the maker, says the brakes can get confused and
11:45 am
apply automatically in some situations. more recall news to tell you about this thursday. this time it's about doughnuts. walgreens says some customers have discovered mold in their nice powdered sugar michltni doughnuts. you can return them for a full refund. consumers may spend billions buying things online. as xbs's josh green shows us high-tech gadgets are giving people added incentives for people to head to brick and mortar stores. >> the dressing room knows what items i'm bringing in. >> reporter: from a touchscreen in the dressing room -- >> what other sizes are available. >> reporter: to a time-delay mirror that lets you check out yourself fully. >> you can see what you look like on the backside. >> reporter: the microsoft retail experience center is revealing what technologies could give brick and mortar storlz stores an edge. >> we have a lot of increased
11:46 am
pressure from online retailers. some might call this amazon effect. >> reporter: microsoft says a growing number of businesses are using beacon technology. >> this is a $15 to $20 device that essentially emits a unique number that my phone can see. as i approach the store, my phone sees a bluetooth sensor. when it does that it notifies the barista over here that i'm in proximity of the store and they should start making my coffee wrt. >> reporter: we asked microsoft to tell us which customers were using beacon and were surprised when they said they couldn't tell us. microsoft promises technology can help stores. it can tell them who's shopping at that point, how long they've been there and if they've been helped. >> i also show what products the customer's most likely to purchase. 75% chance they're here to buy this game. at first glance it's kind of creepy, but the interesting thing is that everything we're
11:47 am
doing on here happens when we're on the web. >> reporter: microsoft says it stresses to retailers they should be transparent about what info they're collecting and also give customers the chance to opt in from the start. from a smarter vending machine to billboards that turn you into the model. technology is giving new life to the term, smart shopping and selling. >> and that was nbc's josh green reporting for us today. have a question for you. what's for lunch? it's a question that is probably on your mind right now. but nearly a million people in our area are simply wondering how they're going to get that next meal. hunger is such a big problem in our area. once again citizens bank foundation teaming up with the philadelphia phillies to help make a difference in this. joining us this morning, dan fitzpatrick, president of citizens bank with susan fink. so good to have both of you here.
11:48 am
dan, i wanted to start off talking to you about the events happening next saturday with the phillies and the tie-in with phil-abundance. >> everyone is celebrating, it's hot outside, everyone is going to the pool. but the reality is a million people in our area face food insecurity mostly children. most get two meals a day from school so when you're out of school it's more of an acute problem. we have the philadelphia phillies which help. bringing them in partnership with phil abundance. next saturday if you buy tickets online, $8 ticket price will go to buy 16 meals for families as well as theirs pins that you can buy that -- for $5 which provide lots of meals to families. also bring canned goods, good
11:49 am
foods to ballpark citizens ballpark. >> there's so many ways to help there. i want to ask you because dan said bringing food into the game in addition to money for the tickets going to help. how do you then get the food people are going to bring that day to the folks who need it? talk to -- walk us through that. who have the partnership with citizens and the phillies. in its fifth year it has provided over 600,000 meals to the residents. with summer feeding programs without school being in session -- >> we forget kids normally would get a meal don't get -- a lot of times don't get that meal
11:50 am
during the summer. so the need is greater now over these next few months than ever. >> absolutely. >> that's why we embraced citizens we with the $100,000 contribution to the region to fight hunger in our region. we wanted our kids to thrive and learn. nobody can learn and thrive and enjoy the summer when they're hungry. it's a really important issue, renee. >> talk about a win-win. you can go watch the phillies win. you bring a nonperishable item and proceeds from the tickets go to supported. >> absolutely. the phillies play much better at citizens bank park. >> we're going to hold you to that. thank you so much for coming in and talking to us. bring a donation of nonperishable foonzds next saturday, june 20th the phillies take on st. louis cardinals. dan promises they're going to win. 7:05. a number of other ways you can
11:51 am
help as well. go to our website, or check out the "nbc10 news" app. thanks for being here with us. >> thank you, renee. >> thank you. nine minutes before the lunchtime hour. temperatures are climbing. no sign of clouds other than the haze we have this morning, some thin clouds in the area. 76 degrees in the pocono mountains. most of the rest of the area is in the 80s. already climbing to the 90s. the other spot in the 70s the jersey shore, cape may. that's a crowd growing. look at the arrows. the wind has started to pick up. 13 miles an hour. that's humidity coming into the area. there is a potential for some much stronger winds this afternoon. a line of clouds is a possibility for thunderstorm development as the hot, humid air continues to surge into the area. is this narrow band just to the
11:52 am
north of philadelphia that is most likely area to see damaging winds and thunderstorms this afternoon. as the afternoon progresses we'll be watching that area. so far, no thunderstorms, no showers, just scattered clouds. showing up on the radar this afternoon, though that could change in a hurry. by 2:00 in the afternoon, a line of showers possible in the pocono mountains into redding and the lancaster area. showers and thunderstorms could be heavy at 4:00 in the allentown area. but that line will fall apart as it pushes farther to the south towards philadelphia. by 7:00 this evening, those storms will start winding down. keep an eye on the sky, especially eastern pennsylvania for thunderstorm development. the rest have to deal with heat and humidity and temperatures in the 90s today. again tomorrow that -- possibly a little warmer 94. a chance, again, of scattered afternoon late day showers and thunderstorms.
11:53 am
that threat will be around on saturday with a high of 90 degrees. but then the storms the humidity and the high heat will take a break for sunday and monday with temperatures in the 80s. much more comfortable for both of those days. the humidity does increase though, on tuesday. the high temperature near 90 degrees. we'll be right back.
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don't miss out. nbc10 and nbc universal are giving money to local nonprofit organizations. it's part of a project called 21st century solutions. the goal was to support nonprofits that are implementing new and innovative programs. you can apply on our program, the deadline july 3rd. coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00 "ellen" is all new. her favorite games with celebrities. plus some never before seen segments from ellen's past seasons. starting at 3:00. "nbc10 news" at 4:00 -- ambulance anxiety. they're supposed to rush to your aid in time of need but some emergency medical workers aren't getting paid. the money battle to decide if they'll be there for you when you really need them. "nbc10 news" at 4:00. hot out there, bill? >> yeah. temperatures are making their steady progress into the 90s. tomorrow will be in the 90s. saturday is still a question mark. storms will be coming through later in the day and that could
11:57 am
keep us in the 80s. >> thank you, bill. thank you for watching "nbc10 news" at 11:00.
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>> jj: i look back and i think about how everything just kept piling up. the lies the threats, and the blackmail. and i think what killed paige, what really killed her was that it wasn't a one night stand. i slept with her mother. and then i did it again. and again. she's not paige anymore. she was like everything that i wanted in life. and i made her stop being that person. i made her hate her own life. >> abigail: you don't know that. >> jj: now how can you be nice to me? after all the stuff i have told you, how can you stand to be in the same room as me? now how--how can you possibly


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