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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  June 11, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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t tomorrow when it will cool off and if there will be storms over the weekend with the seven-day in a few minutes. this heat likely has some of you double-checking the calendar. >> it's not even mid-june but it feels like the dog days of summer out there. nbc 10's tim furlong live on a hot independence mall this afternoon. >> you have been talking to people trying to cope with this heat including some who have no choice but to dress in heavy clothing. >> reporter: that's right. the tourists are lucky. they wear shorts and teeshirts. i'm okay in this shirt here but yeah the poor people the historic philadelphia re-enactors who really make history come alive here this is a very very tough day for them even if they won't break character long enough to admit it. those who wear the uniform of the continental army it's a sweaty day on independence mall. >> i would prefer not to wear the uniform when peace will finally come to these colonies. >> reporter: my historic home boys don't break character and they don't think about sacrificing authenticity even on days like this. i asked a construction worker what he thinks about in this
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heat. he tells me -- >> i should have stayed in school. >> reporter: as the big dog on this site he worries about his guys. >> make sure everybody has enough water to drink, stay cool, give them breaks when they need it. >> reporter: in the last month and a half we felt 39 degree days and now mid 90s. already feels like the dog days of summer not the kind of day most of us want to be in a boat we have to row. a bike a good option to get exercise. and a breeze on this hot day. some choose to be in the heat maybe doing putt-putt at franklin square park. some of us -- >> you can't get away from it. >> reporter: like mike here a worker's got to work. you try to hang in there. >> from the cold you can dress warm. it gets too hot, you take it off. this there's no stopping this. you can't control it. >> reporter: lots of schools in our viewing area very hot today. many of them probably don't have air conditioning in their last week of school for many. interesting, too, we see double-decker tour buses going by and you don't see many people on the top level. nobody wants to sit outside. if you have a convertible or jeep or car like that if you stop at the light, you will bake in the sun today.
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it really is that hot, if you haven't stepped outside. hopefully wherever you are watching us you are in air conditioning with a cool drink in your hand. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> count on nbc 10 and the first alert weather team. glenn's full forecast is just minutes away. get the updated first alert weather outlook any time on your smartphone or tablet with the nbc 10 news app. to breaking news now. sky force 10 live over camden where a school bus has hit a teenager. this is alabama road. it's not clear if the teen had gotten off that bus you see there. crews rushed the teen to the hospital. we are working to find out how seriously the victim was hurt. a teen hit by a school bus in camden. 20 minutes of nonstop news continuing with a local fire chief charged in a child pornography sting. investigators say the chief passed around the illegal images to others using the fire department's computers. >> 44-year-old john terusu is
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fire chief in audubon park camden county. the state attorney general's office seized five computers and cell phones and discovered more than 1,000 files containing child porn. right now, the accused chief is in camden county jail. >> investigators say he abused the trust of the community placed in him. nbc 10's south jersey bureau reporter cydney long has been on this story all day long. >> what are people saying about this case? >> reporter: well they are absolutely shocked and disgusted both in audubon park and at his last home address which is in marlton. we were there just a short time ago. we came here to voorhees the south jersey office of the attorney general, to get some more of our questions answered. >> i don't like it. to be honest with you. >> reporter: sworn to serve and protect his community, the 44-year-old, fire chief of the audubon park volunteer company, investigators say instead stored and shared more than 1,000 files of child pornography on what's called a peer-to-peer network.
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>> any one of these cases, public officials or not, 1,000 images or one are revolting and dangerous. >> reporter: they say he did it on borough time and borough-owned computers inside the audubon park fire house. neighbors are shocked and upset and want to know if their own children could have been victimized. >> it don't sound good at all because i have a grandchild. my grandson i go through every day, the play ground. he's 7 years old. those guys taking pictures from his car, whatever i have no idea. >> reporter: we asked several firefighters who showed up today if they knew anything about the pornography which includes children on not one, but several computers and cell phones seized by investigators when the arrest was made at the fire house last night. only one volunteer stopped long enough to answer some of our questions. were you disgusted? are you upset, are you mad? >> we don't even know if it's true yet. okay?
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at least let us get the facts straight, all right? >> reporter: how this was uncovered, the a.g.'s office tells me an investigator with the office of homeland security together with i.c.e. immigration, customs and enforcement, were seeking out predators on a known predator site and that's when a digital footprint or fingerprint led them to terusu's i.p. address. he remains jailed in camden county. we are told he would have to post the entire $150,000 no 10%, in order to get out. i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. new information today about the woman who claimed to be the michelangelo of buttocks injections. she learned today how long she will stay in jail. this morning, padge windslowe found out she will spend 20 years in jail. he the low-grade silicone that
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windslowe used traveled to a woman's lungs, killing her. windslowe, who had no formal medical training told a jury she injected thousands of women with silicone. today, prosecutors told us they are pleased with the sentence. >> we know that for the next ten years that the black madam won't be killing any other girls on the streets of philadelphia. >> windslowe's family left the courthouse today without commenting. opening statements underway in the cyberstalking trial of relatives who are charged with killing a family member. prosecutors say three family members conspired for years to torment belford with the intent of killing her. thomas matusie wicz committed suicide after a gun battle with police after he shot the two women as they walked into the
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courthouse. his family denied knowing he was planning to kill belford. police are searching for a bird burglar. employees at bird mania say 15 baby birds worth $9,000 were stolen tuesday night. the baby birds may be in serious danger. the owner of the shop says she noticed one of them on the floor when she arrived yesterday. she thought the bird had escaped from its cage. it wasn't until her husband went into the bathroom that they saw the broken window. the stolen birds include parakeets and conures. >> couldn't sleep last night. all i could picture was their little faces. we cuddle and hug and kiss them and they are the sweetest little things. >> the owner's worried about the birds' health. they are so young they still need to be hand-fed. if not, they could die. police are following a new lead in the search for richard matt and david sweat. six days now since that pair broke out of a new york
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correctional facility. officials say a dog picked up the escapees' scent a few miles from the prison. police have intensified their search there and are focusing on the surrounding perimeter. state troopers have set up checkpoints. vehicles and homes are being searched by the troopers. authorities say richard matt and david sweat cut through the steel walls of their cells, crawled out to a manhole a block away. matt was serving a sentence of 25 years to life for kidnapping and robbery after he beat a man to death in 1997. sweat was sentenced to life without parole for killing a sheriff's deputy in 2002. meantime a prison worker will most likely be charged for her alleged role in helping the pair plan their escape. sources tell nbc news joyce mitchell helped the men because one of them charmed her and she thought she was in love. apparently she was planning to be the getaway driver for the two murderers but she got cold feet and ended up checking into a hospital for a panic attack. that man hunt led to a false sighting of the pair in philadelphia this morning. around 4:00 a.m. a cab driver
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called police saying he picked up two men near broad and vine and took them to the 30th street station. philadelphia police investigated the claim for several hours but looking through surveillance video, police determined it was not the escapees. pennsylvania's death penalty moratorium is being debated at the state capitol today. today's hearing is the second of at least three. the hearing comes a day after the divided house voted for a resolution critical of governor wolf's policy. the governor says he will issue a series of reprieves to inmates scheduled for execution until an overdue report from a legislative task force on capital punishment is finished. he announced the moratorium a few months ago. two people showed up today to a rally outside this hearing. it comes after more than a dozen former prosecutors, judges corrections officers state leaders and law enforcement officers signed a statement applauding the governor's actions. archbishop and philadelphia mayor michael nutter will travel
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to rome together later this month, leading a delegation to finalize plans for the upcoming world meeting of families and papal visit. the group will get updates about the event from september 22nd to the 27th. the mayor and archbishop will meet with vatican officials. count on nbc 10 news to bring you live reports from the vatican during the delegation's visit. nbc 10 will be there. don't miss live reports beginning june 21st. philadelphia man is accused of stealing more than $115,000 intended for his mother. the u.s. attorney's office says clarence norwood collected his mother's retirement benefits for several years after she died. norwood allegedly claimed his mom was alive after she died in 2011. he now faces up to 16 months in jail. there will soon be more cameras on the streets of allentown. the city's surveillance program is growing courtesy of a partnership with several local businesses. the partners are donating $100,000 to pay for several new cameras which will sit at intersections across the city.
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>> the camera has been fantastic. the addition to our resources to prevent crime and investigate crime and identify and arrest individuals when crimes have occurred. >> allentown now has 144 cameras in its surveillance network. >> check out this viewer video of a fire in northern liberties this morning. flames could be seen shooting from a store front in the 400 block of gerard avenue. officials tell us residents in the apartment above were forced to rush out but they all got out okay. right now, officials don't know how the fire started. now to a hit and run victim who is slowly recovering. that's what the mother of temple student rachel hall is telling us. rachel was left in a coma just before the school year ended. rashaun roberts allegedly hit hall with his car, then took off. investigators say if roberts had stopped he could have avoided the felony charge of leaving the scene of the accident. hall, a temple senior planned to work in law enforcement after graduating. the mullica hill woman had been
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a star lacrosse player at her school. she was riding her bike near temple's campus. she is now recovering at ma gee rehabilitation hospital. in a facebook update rachel hall's mother wrote quote, rachel has a very long and challenging life ahead of her and it's just as long for her family because we feel all of rachel's pain and will also feel happiness in her accomplishments in her recovery. some changes coming to exits on the garden state parkway in ocean county. exit 88 is being replaced with exit 89 in lakewood and brick townships, according to parkway officials it's going to improve access to cedar bridge avenue and route 70. we have an update now on that german pilot who deliberately crashed the passenger jet into the alps. doctors who treated the man say he was unfit to fly but they didn't tell his employer because of patient secrecy laws. that information came from a french prosecutor today. he says andres lubitz had seen
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seven doctors one more before the crash. some of these doctors had confirmed that he was unfit to fly but in germany, doctors can be sent to prison if they disclose information about a patient. back in march, lubitz locked the cockpit door and intentionally crashed the jet, all 150 people on board that jet died. they included two people with connections to our area. mother and daughter yvonne and emily selke went to school here in pennsylvania. right now we are following more breaking news about a cyberattack on federal employee data. a federal union employee says the breach is far worse than originally thought. >> he says the hackers have personnel data on every federal employee. the union alleges the hack is far worse than the obama administration has acknowledged. no comment yet from the white house. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz.
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>> not a lot of people outside today in the late afternoon heat. nbc 10 in new castle county. heat and humidity way more oppressive than yesterday. kind of snuck up on some of you because the temperature went up and the humidity went up significantly, and that double whammy makes it feel that much more dramatic. there's a heat advisory in effect for tomorrow because the temperature and the humidity are going to go up some more. near record heat today and again tomorrow and possible weekend thunderstorms. not a sure bet. i think most of the weekend is going to be dry. we have a lot of sunshine out there. a little bit on the hazy side. some of that might be smoke from fires in canada that we've been tracking for days and days and days. 91 degrees now, the winds south-southwest at 13 miles an hour. seven degrees warmer than we were yesterday. and we're in the upper 80s to
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the low 90s in ben salem, we have been up to 94 degrees so far. 88 in glassboro. 90 in atlantic city international. but wonder what it's like right at the beaches. let's take a look. with the southwest wind it's 90 in lewis, delaware and rehoboth beach but the jersey shore, 74 in avalon 77 in beach haven. that's the way it's going to be tomorrow as well. we also have an air quality alert during the day today, maybe another one for tomorrow. and the hour by hour showing just how warm it's going to be overnight tonight. temperatures not dropping much below the mid 70s in philadelphia. then warming up quickly tomorrow close to 90 degrees well before noon into the mid 90s, just isolated showers and
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thunderstorms developing during the afternoon. what about the shore? there's going to be a difference tomorrow, too, the way we saw between the jersey shore and the delaware beaches. here it is. 78 degrees for the high at the jersey shore and 92 in some of the delaware beaches. but on sunday we are going to be seeing temperatures more uniform because the wind is going to be coming off the ocean. now, as far as the poconos are concerned, a chance of a thunderstorm on saturday little bit less humid on sunday. so overall, a pretty nice weekend, not nearly as hot as it will be tomorrow. mostly clear and more humid tonight, 73 for the low in philadelphia, 68 north and west. tomorrow hotter and more humid than today. only isolated late thunderstorms around and the seven-day forecast scattered storms on saturday, possible 90 plus giving us the first heat wave of the season but cooler and less
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humid on sunday. it looks rain-free there. but the humidity may start returning early next week and the chance of thunderstorms along with it. new information now about that string of suspicious fires in chester, delaware county. a man police arrested yesterday is now being held on $1 million bail. his name is victor nalor but it's important to note investigators aren't sure if he played a role in any of the fires. police arrested him because he fired gun shots at officers friday while they investigated a burned-out vacant home. investigators believe three fires on the same chester block in less than a week may have been intentionally set. the most recent was last tuesday. happening now in texas, some untethered balloons were floating over dallas-ft. worth airport and that caused at least one plane to divert from its path. they're trying to track down those balloons right now.
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watch the tram car, please. >> there is legal action over that famous shore phrase watch the tram car, please. the wildwood doesn't want atlantic city to play its recording on the a.c. boardwalk. last week atlantic city officials told nbc 10 they would stop using the recording come monday but that still hasn't happened. now wildwood is threatening legal action. sooner or later someone's going to call. they will wait a long time for an ambulance. >> pennsylvania's first responders fighting for paychecks. the nbc 10 investigators dig into the money dispute that's putting your safety at risk. i could tell that my knife got stuck. >> this actress stabbed in the middle of a play. >> he kept going so i thought okay we're good to go. >> how long he stayed onstage before paramedics rushed him to the hospital. then the major auto companies warning you to turn in your car. the issue that can cause your emergency brake system to lock while you're driving coming right up on nbc 10 news.
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we want to update our breaking news out of camden. since coming on the air we've learned that the victim hit by the school bus you see here was a 3-year-old boy. sky force 10 over the scene along alabama road just a short time ago. the boy is at the hospital right now. we don't know much more about the circumstances there but again, it was a 3-year-old child. really a toddler hit by this school bus. we right now are working to get more information to find out how seriously the little boy is hurt and how this accident happened. we'll stay on top of this story. it is the first in the nation and it is happening right here at the pennsylvania convention center. we're talking about a portable lactation suite for nursing moms to allow them to nurse in private. here's what it looks like.
4:23 pm
similar suites are being used at children's hospital of philadelphia. last year mayor nutter mandated that employers provide mothers with a private place for expressing breast milk. spokesperson for the maker of the suite said quote, we believe that all mamas deserve a safe clean and comfortable place to use a breast pump anywhere any time. could be some changes in new jersey's helmet laws for teens. under new legislation, rollerbladers and scooter riders 17 or younger would be required to wear helmets. that bill would boost the helmet requirement age from 16 to 17. right now, if a minor is caught without a helmet while biking, roller skating or skateboarding, parents face a $25 fine. the new legislation expands that to parents of ice skaters or scooter riders. bills in the state senate right now. back to one of our top stories. >> it's the arrest of a local fire chief. the new jersey attorney general's office announced that arrest, the fire chief of the audubon park fire department on
4:24 pm
child porn charges. he is accused of using computers at the fire house to share illegal images with others. the chief is in the camden county jail this afternoon held on $150,000 bail. we are at about $200,000 in collections. >> ambulance anxiety. they are supposed to rush to your aid in times of need but some emergency medical services aren't getting paid. new at 4:30 the nbc 10 investigators with the money battle that could decide if they will be there for you when you really need them. if you think it's bad out there now, wait until tomorrow. i'm tracking changes that will make you feel even more uncomfortable.
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right now at 4:30, the art of trying to stay cool in this hot, humid weather. nbc 10 found this artist painting his masterpiece under the hot sun today in downtown woodbury, gloucester county. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz back now with the nbc 10 first alert hot forecast. >> glenn, it's only going to get more uncomfortable come tomorrow, right? >> yeah. not only is the temperature going to be going up but the humidity's going to be going up significantly as well. had a lot of sunshine during the day today, little bit of haze in some parts of the area but the temperature has gotten into the 90s. it will get into the mid 90s tomorrow and a heat advisory has been issued for 12:00 to 8:00 p.m. that's when we're going to see the highest temperature and the highest humidity. it will feel like it's close to 100 degrees. it's going to be hotter more
4:29 pm
humid tomorrow. there's just no doubt about that. the feels-like temperature, close to 100 and saturday we have the possibility of 90 plus which would make it an official heat wave the first one of the season. we are around 90 degrees or into the low 90s in many parts of the area. certainly cooler right at the beach as we just showed you. we are in the 70s right at the beaches at the jersey shore. as we go through the night tonight, the temperature is going to stay up there because of the south wind and the rising humidity so by 10:00, still only 83 degrees in philadelphia. now, we'll see how much hotter it's going to get tomorrow how long it's going to stay hot and about the chance for thunderstorms over the weekend with the seven-day in a few minutes. we want to take you back to the breaking news out of camden. we have learned the person hit by the school bus you see here is a 3-year-old boy. nbc 10 now live on the ground at the scene here.
4:30 pm
this happened along alabama road just a short time ago. we have since learned the little boy, 3 years old, taken to the hospital. we are still working to find out how this accident happened. this is on alabama road in camden. we are now going to sky force 10 the picture over the scene, working to get information on what happened here whether this child was walking in the area don't know the exact circumstances but again, can tell you that a toddler, 3-year-old boy, hit. we will bring you information on his condition as well as more details on this accident coming up during this broadcast. now all new at 4:30 it could take longer for an ambulance to respond to your emergency. it's all according to the state's ambulance association. >> here's the reason why some first responders and the insurance companies are at odds over money leaving patients in the middle. the nbc 10 investigators have been looking into the issue for weeks now. we have a story that has
4:31 pm
ambulance services acting as collection companies. >> reporter: sometimes a couple thousand dollars in billing is the difference between staying in business goergor going out of it. we found ems providers across the state rushing to emergencies and then chasing thousands of unpaid bills. the ear-piercing sound of help on its way is now silent at the northwest ambulance corps in new tripoli, pennsylvania. >> all these cabinets were just full. all of our drawers now empty. >> the ambulance company ran out of money in january. its executive director says one of the reasons is not all of the patients paid their bills. >> we are at about $200,000 in collections. a great percentage of that is from people that got paid direct from their insurance companies and didn't pay us. >> reporter: she provided records showing her years, dozens of patients skipped out on paying for care. since northwest ambulance turned
4:32 pm
off its lights new tripoli has relied on its neighbor to answer its 911 calls. that help now comes from 16 miles away and the northern valley emergency services. >> ems is getting stretched so thin that sooner or later someone's going to call and they will wait a long time for an ambulance. >> reporter: northern valley's records shows it faces the same problem as its now out of business neighbor. accounting records show the ambulance service owed more than $72,000 in 2014 and more than $40,000 so far this year. the records show in 2014 104 patients were paid directly by their insurance provider but never paid northern valley for care. >> if it continues this way, will you be able to stay in business? >> long term it will make it very difficult. >> reporter: the ambulance association of pennsylvania surveyed 50 of the nearly 1,000 ems providers in the commonwealth. together, they reported being owed nearly $8.5 million from
4:33 pm
patients who got a check from their insurance company but did not pay their bill. some ambulance companies say they can't afford to join an insurance company's network and accept lower payment terms. an average ambulance ride costs a little more than $600. few insurance companies pay close to or all of those costs. >> we pay the reasonable cost that's what the law requires. >> reporter: sam marshall is president of the pennsylvania insurance federation. do you feel any responsibility for some of the ambulance companies that have gone out of business in part because of the direct pay issue? >> you know what first, i would have to see ambulance companies where that's actually happened. >> reporter: marshall says insurance companies have offered to directly pay ems providers but only if they agree not to send patients a second bill for what the insurance company does not cover. >> this is really a matter of protecting the consumer from being billed a second time. >> reporter: back in
4:34 pm
tripoli, van allen said the best way to protect consumers was stay in business. >> they have all the power and all the money. i don't know that they know they are putting us out of business but they are contributing to it. >> reporter: there is a new bill making its way through the state house that would force insurance companies to pay ems providers directly and to cover all of theihk ries making headlines on nbc 10 news at 4:00 today. the fire chief of audubon park new jersey is accused of using computers at the fire house to share pictures of child pornography. the new jersey attorney general's office announced the arrest of john terruso. terruso is in the camden county jail this afternoon, being held on $150,000 bail. the woman known as the black madam learned her sentence today for administering a deadly butt injection. this morning padge windslowe was sentenced to 10 to 20 years in prison. in march, windslowe was found guilty of killing a british
4:35 pm
woman after giving her an illegal butt injection at a hotel near philadelphia international airport. a heroin bust in lehigh valley has landed a man behind bars. police arrested steven patterson after they say he had more than 30 bags of heroin onpd46ú him. police say he had another 300 bags in his apartment. we went to that apartment today in whitehall township. there was no answer when we knocked on the door. patterson faces several charges. a new jersey state bill inspired by a jersey shore star is one step closer to reality. it would let parents and students know exactly where college tuition is going. the bill passed the senate committee today. it would require public colleges and universities to publish an online breakdown of students' fees. in 2011 rutgers paid nicole polizzi $32,000 for an appearance. some students complained afterwards. he didn't break a leg. >> instead, something else happened to one actor during a live performance and it was not part of the script.
4:36 pm
>> what's your emergency? i was like i'd like to report an accidental stabbing at a theater. >> yes. stabbed on stage. one part of the play that went terribly wrong and the surprising thing the injured actor was able to do without the audience ever knowing. also a healthy helping? the new findings on a certain snack and how it could add years to your life. the new research just released. all new tonight on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" from setting churches on fire to cross burning, police say this guy's been busy committing all kinds of crimes in bucks county. how they finally caught him.
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we have a heads up if you drive an acura. two suv models are being recalled, 48,000 2014 and 2015
4:40 pm
mdx and rlx suvs could have an issue with the automatic emergency brake. it's a piece of software that uses front bumper cameras to scan to see if anything's in your way. if there is something there, the suv automatically brakes. dealers are updating the software to repair the problem. poison control centers around the country are reporting an unexpected spike in calls about synthetic marijuana. between january and april of this year calls increased by a whopping 330%. people calling the centers after smoking the chemically coated pot say they feel agitated and have a racing heart. health officials say the drug can cause intense hallucinations and psychotic episodes. forget the fountain of youth. you really want to live longer toss back a handful of nuts. research finds people who eat ten grams of nuts or peanuts a day live longer. nut eaters are less likely to die from cancer diabetes respiratory illness or heart disease but put the lid back on
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that jar of peanut butter. you've got to eat the nuts themselves to get the health boost. today, efforts to ban something else from schools. >> what local students won't be able to take to class if law makers get their way. also ahead, school start times. the effort under way right now to change the hour that local kids have to show up for school. this could mean some extra shut-eye in the morning. hot and humid today but it will feel even worse tomorrow. i'm tracking a jump in the heat and humidity and the risk to come with this kind of weather. my exclusive nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast. plus watch your wallet. police at the jersey shore say one pair is working together to distract and steal. tonight on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" who they seem to be targeting.
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most people know you can't smoke on school property but some lawmakers in new jersey
4:45 pm
want to ban all tobacco products at schools and that would include chewing tobacco. if this bill is passed people could be fined up to $1,000. speaking of school if your kids go to school in new jersey they might have a later school start time. >> the state general assembly sent governor chris christie a bill today calling for the study to see what the benefits and issues would be if the day would start later. right nowk would only impact middle and high school students. some lawmakers say students aren't getting enough sleep which can affect grades. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> hot and steamy day out there today. we saw these guys doing some brickwork in south philly and if you do have to work outside, when it's that hot, make sure you're drinking plenty of water, and that is true even more so tomorrow because it's going to be even hotter. that's why there's a heat advisory in effect for tomorrow
4:46 pm
not a heat warning, excessive heat warning. that would be even more serious type of advisory. it's near record heat during the day tomorrow and possible weekend storms but most of the weekend looks like it's going to be dry. we are fairly sunny, 91 degrees. the winds south-southwest at 13. the humidity up a bit from yesterday and it will be up some more tomorrow. so far, 91 degrees. we were calling for 95 tomorrow near 91 on saturday. that would make it a heat wave our first of the season if we indeed hit 90 on saturday. we are near 90 on average across the area now. looks like it's about the same atlantic city as in philadelphia, right? well as we go down even closer we will show you how much cooler it is right near the beaches. cape may airport's 82 but it's 84 degrees, cape may harbor. 78 in north wildwood. 74 in stone harbor.
4:47 pm
73 at sea isle city. just a few miles, 13 degree difference. ocean city, 77. atlantic city marina, 76. while it's 86 in northfield. it was in the mid 90s in northfield. that's the kind of difference you can get as the sea breeze comes in. heat advisory for the urbanized areas, 12:00 to 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. the only showers on radar are way west of the lehigh valley. we'll watch them over the next several hours and see if they do come into the region. doesn't look like the computer model overdoing the threat of any kind of showers this evening. there's not much on radar now. the temperature, well that stays up pretty high during the night tonight and by tomorrow morning, it's warming up fast. we get to 90 degrees before noontime and into the mid 90s but look at the sea breeze and how the jersey shore stays on the cool side.
4:48 pm
but you don't see much in the way of rain, just some isolated showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon. little bit more on saturday as a cold front approaches but still, it's not going to be widespread kind of event like we have had in the past. now, at the jersey shore, we are talking about sea breezes both days over the weekend, saturday and sunday. relatively cool most of the weekend dry, just a slight chance of a shower on saturday. the delaware beaches are going to be hot tomorrow and hot on saturday because of the southwest wind and then when the wind shifts into the east it will be much cooler at the delaware beaches on sunday. that's the place that will have the biggest difference from saturday to sunday. the poconos, not bad this weekend. chance of a shower or thunderstorm on saturday and then a little bit cooler on sunday. for tonight, mostly clear, more humid, 73 for the low in philadelphia. 68 north and west. during the day tomorrow
4:49 pm
isolated late day thunderstorms. big thing is going to be the heat, mid 90s, and with the higher humidity it will feel like it's closer to 100. then the chance of getting to 90 plus again on saturday. scattered thunderstorms around and probably no thunderstorms on sunday as the humidity goes down the temperature goes down and then the chance of storms and the humidity starts to come back as we go into monday and tuesday of next week. with the onshore wind at times and also with a front coming down from the north, we might seemqww temperatures a little bit cooler than what we're seeing in the next couple of days. this is not a long-lasting thing. >> definitely hotter and more humid -- >> tomorrow. >> we can get through it. >> because it's friday. to this now. an actor in arizona was accidentally stabbed in the stomach during a performance, continued performing for more than 20 minutes during the play.
4:50 pm
he said it's his job to create a real experience for his audience, even his cast mates didn't know he was really hurt until intermission. >> saw this huge hole in my stomach. i had no idea it was that bad. >> he has staples and stitches now but no hard feelings he says. he plans to be back onstage this october in a performance of "the elephant man." to another man here born almost 100 years ago. old blue eyes. now his hometown has begun its sinatra centennial celebration. frank sinatra of course born in hoboken, new jersey on december 12th 1915. today, the town kicked off the celebration with a sinatra idol contest. ♪ i've got you under my skin ♪ >> music events in honor of the singer actor and original rat pack member are scheduled all weekend long. there will also be a birthday bash concert coming up in september. sinatra died in 1998 at the age
4:51 pm
of 82. >> nbc 10 and nbc universal are giving away money to local nonprofit organizations. the project is called 21st century solutions. the goal is to support nonprofits that are implementing new and innovative programs. the application is on our website, eligibility requirements are also listed there. the deadline to apply is july 3rd. still to come today, a walk on the wild side. >> it's happening at the jersey shore of all places. >> foxes on the boardwalk getting a little too friendly with people at the jersey shore. >> they are walking around your feet. >> i'm ted greenberg. why the encounters are causing concerns. then all new on "nbc 10 news at 5:00," it's been a long journey home for quasemodo after being left for dead. he's at his owner's, new owner's home in new jersey. the moment he met his new family.
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want to tell you about creature concerns at one popular summer destination in our area. >> foxes are found in a lot of coastal communities but not usually on boardwalks around lots of people. but that's exactly what's been happening in parts of ocean city. >> nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg tells us about fears the wild animals are getting too close to vacationers. >> they are jumping up. they're walking around your feet. >> reporter: jim brown is seeing them every day. >> bicycles are dodging them. >> reporter: red foxes on the boardwalk, including this one caught on surveillance video mingling with the crowds lined up outside his popular restaurant in ocean city's north end. >> they are wild animals. it does concern me yeah. eventually something's going to happen. >> reporter: officials believe the fox pups born just a couple
4:56 pm
months ago and part of a growing fox population on this barrier island are coming from a nearby den. >> i actually thought it was a cat at first. >> reporter: they have gotten used to people giving them handouts. >> we really need people to stop feeding them. we want them to get back into the wild. >> reporter: experts say they know of five active fox dens here in ocean city but state guidelines forbid them from moving the animals off the island. >> we can relocate them in ocean city so we would put them in an area of ocean city that doesn't have an active den already. there's no population around. >> reporter: officials tell us there have been no reports of aggressive or rabid foxes in ocean city in years and people here -- >> keep your distance. >> reporter: -- want to keep it that way. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. next all new on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" searching in their own backyard. why the man hunt for two escaped inmates now focused just a few miles from the prison. from setting churches on fire to cross burning, police say this man has been busy
4:57 pm
committing all kinds of crimes in bucks county. how they finally caught him. today's been our hottest day of the year and it's going to be feeling even hotter tomorrow. what you need to know if you plan to spend any time outside. that's next on "nbc 10 news at 5:00."
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
right now at 5:00 are two
5:00 pm
escaped killers right under authority's noses? at this moment the search for the pair is focused just a few miles from the prison where they escaped. investigators have also confirmed a woman who works inside the prison was involved in the getaway plot. >> nbc 10 national correspondent jay gray has new developments in the search for killers on the run. >> reporter: much of the focus and fire power right now is on this wooded area about three miles from the clinton maximum security prison where we know police bloodhounds have hit on the scent of one or both of the escaped inmates. >> scary, so close to home. >> reporter: state police are now stationed along the roadway every hundred yards or so as heavily armed teams work through the thick trees and brush while choppers look for clues from the air. >> we are looking underneath every rock behind every tree and inside every structure until we catch these two. >> reporter: as investigators begin to piece together more information from inside the prison about how the men were able to


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