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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  June 12, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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get ready for extreme heat. hotter more humid weather than yesterday ahead and storms could impact your friday night. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm chris cato. muggy already out there. as soon as you step outside, it hits you. weather you can wear. meteorologist bill henley standing by with his first alert forecast. warmer than yesterday already. >> seven degrees warmer in philadelphia. similar conditions around the rest of the area. in the 70s right now. we should be in the low 60s this time of year. it will get more comfortable over the weekend. we have to get through today. potentially the hottest day of the year. dry over boathouse row. a chance of a shower later in the day that may cool things down. 79 degrees in northeast film.
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wilmington, 75. trenton, 74. a much warmer day. look how quickly temperatures will warm. 9:00, 81 degrees. near 90 at lunchtime. we'll go through it hour by hour to show you how quickly temperatures will rise when i'm back in ten minutes. let's find out how the roads are moving. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. roads are staying put but traffic moves along. >> we're moving. they were actually had ongoing construction around broad street and right now they just reopened half hour ahead of schedule. westbound drive times doing okay. three minutes from 95 toward the schuylkill expressway. on 422 heading through montgomery county no problems. eight minutes eastbound from 29 up to the schuylkill expressway. no problems westbound. and mass transit doing just fine with no reported delays.
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we'll check in with more drive times coming up. as bill henley just told us a few moments ago, we can expect extreme heat today. the taste of summer can pose health problems. katy zachry is live in center city this morning. how's it feeling out there? >> reporter: definitely warmer than you would expect around 4:30 in the morning. it's a beautiful morning on the art museum steps. i was just checking the weather section of our nbc 10 news app and it says it's 77 degrees here in center city philadelphia. let's go to some of our video driving around the city earlier. we caught up with some road crews who were doing some work painting lines right around center city and that's really smart that they're getting out here now in overnight hours when it will be the coolest part of all day as we move into later as bill said around 9:00 it will be already in the 80s. we had extreme heat yesterday. we're expecting even hotter temperatures today. if you need to get anything done
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outside, if you can do it early in the morning, that's really the best thing. also if you have elderly neighbors who might need some checking in on recommend to them to go to one of the city's dozens -- if you live in philadelphia, one of the city's dozens of senior centers where they are air conditioned and they have people on staff to check in on them and make sure their conditions at home are cool enough for their health. we'll check back in in the next half hour with some things you can do with your children who may be out of school and if you don't have a pool or a way for them to stay cool we have some tips on how you can do that and help your kids stay cool during this hot weather. back to you guys. >> all right. katy zachry live for us in center city. good advice. prepare for the potential heat wave and the chance for storms this weekend with the nbc 10 news app as katie mentioned. you can download it for free to get severe weather updates right on your smartphone or tablet. another kind of heat here had the red cross responding in delaware county. the agency is helping dozens of people who had to flee their
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homes last night because of a fire. take a look at this photo posted to instagram of the scene in lansdowne last night. sky force 10 was overhead as fire crews were rushing someone to an ambulance that they reis res rescued from the burning building. no other reports of serious injuries. to an update on the effort to solve a missing person history at the jersey shore that began 24 years ago. today is the last day for a mobile command post at cape may county park south. officers started manning the post last week. investigators hoped that the post will generate new leads in the case of mark himebaugh. earlier this week authorities revealed that a convicted pennsylvania sex offender is among several persons of interest in the case. police want to hear from anybody
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who may have seen this man in the late 1980s or early '90s. some believe that there is a strong resemblance between him and the sketch of the man seen talking with the boy shortly before he disappeared. a cold case that's nine years old could be warming up. take a look at this video just released. it shows a suspect in the deadly shooting. the camden county police cold case squad hopes the video will jog somebody's memory. the man was shot and killed outside a grocery store in east camden in 2006. police say they have no motive but would like to talk to the man seen leaving the store. yesterday his father fought back tears as he spoke about the unsolved murder of his son. >> you think about it every second of every minute of every hour. it never goes away.
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>> camden county police would like to hear from you if you have information. the philadelphia woman convicted of murdering a woman with an illegal silicone injection will spend 10 to 20 years in prison. a judge sentenced padge windslowe yesterday. the low grade silicone she used traveled to the woman's lungs and killed her. you've been hacked. >> that's the warning millions of federal workers are receiving today as we learn the government data breach could actually be worse than first thought. still ahead, how to know if your information is at risk and the latest on the investigation. plus, a celebrity invasion in the news this morning. why taylor swift could affect your weekend and why snooki is inspiration behind a law that would impact colleges in new jersey.
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a new jersey state bill inspired by a star is one step closer to reality. it would require colleges in new jersey to publish an online breakdown of student fees. the bill dates back to a 2011 appearance by former "jersey shore" star at rutgers university in which the school paid her $32,000. it's 4:39. we're in the 70s at this hour. back in the 90s this afternoon. today it's more humid and it will be hotter later today. seven degrees warmer in northeast philadelphia. 79 degrees. that's the warm spot this morning. everybody is warm. and a few areas seeing scattered clouds. the thicker clouds off to the northwest. those will bring us showers over the weekend. today a chance of a pop-up thunderstorm. none of that activity this morning. i don't expect it this morning. more likely to the north to see
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pop-up storms. most of the area will stay dry and hot and humid. 93 for reading and allentown. 92 for quakertown. 90s for doylestown. if you are looking for relief as typical this time of year it will be along the coastline. dover into the 90s and sunshine will warm wilmington and philadelphia into the low to mid 90s this afternoon. 95 is the record high in philadelphia. looks like the city could fall short of that mark but drexel hill could get there. over the weekend big changes ahead. seven day when i come right back. 20 minutes until 5:00. let's see how the morning drive is shaping up for people on this friday. did you know it's friday? i just discovered this. it's been the highlight of my morning. >> let's check in with jessica boyington. what are you seeing out there? >> you can tell it's friday because roads are exceptionally empty in the early morning hours especially even continuing on in our morning commute.
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lehigh valley 78 eastbound and westbound no problems. just a little bit of volume. 202 we're doing okay. currently no problems in or out of the city on the area bridges. we'll check in with more construction projects coming up. chris? you can expect a lot of late-night traffic around the stadiums in south philadelphia this weekend. traffic that you won't be able to shake off. taylor swift is in town. sorry about that. septa is adding extra trains to help concert goers get in and out of the area. they added ten extra trips to make it easier to get to the concert tonight and tomorrow they are offering 11 additional express trips departing every ten minutes. for more information, go to our website, the time right now is 4:41. drivers in philadelphia already tried to steer clear of the
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parking authority to avoid tickets. >> everyone in the city may have a reason to look out. a new rule change that would give the parking authority more power and how it could get more people in trouble. a high school fight puts a local student in a coma. what sparked the brawl and the action the victim's family could soon take.
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there's a new claim the recent cyberattack on federal workers is worse than the government acknowledged. that claim comes from a federal employee union. the union says hackers have personnel data on every federal employee including everything from military records to salaries or pay history. right now the government admits that 4 million federal workers are impacted including civilians, retirees and contractors. u.s. officials say the attack had china's cyber fingerprints all over it but china denies involvement. federal workers are starting to receive letters in the mail about how to protect their
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identity. today in washington there will be a vote on trade that is redrawing party lines with republicans supporting president obama's plan and members of his own party, democrats opposing it. the bill would allow the president to present congress with proposed trade deals that lawmakers could ratify or reject but not change. the trade unions claim that the measure will shift more american jobs overseas. the chaos in colwyn continues. nbc 10 was in the town for the council meeting when members realized they didn't have votes to overturn the mayor's veto of the decision to eliminate the borough manager position. the arguing prompted the mayor to leave early. the former borough manager was again at the center of the discord. she and councilwoman at williams argued and snatched documents out of each other's hands.
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all of this happened during the first meeting for the new state appointed borough administrator. delaware's first dispensary for medical marijuana is set to open two weeks from today. the first state compassion center will be located outside of wilmington. the opening comes more than four years after governor jack markell and legislators legalized medical marijuana in delaware. in new jersey there are three medical marijuana dispensaries open. medical marijuana is illegal in pennsylvania but state lawmakers are considering a bill to change that. let's stay in delaware and talk about a ban on indoor use of e-cigarettes headed to the governor's desk for his signature. the measure requires shops to
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ban anybody under the age of 18. four years ago new jersey became the first state in the country to ban e-cigarettes indoors. in pennsylvania a bill up for discussion next week in the house to do the same thing. the cdc is calling synthetic marijuana an emerging health threat. health officials say usage during the first five months of this year is up 200% over the same period last year. according to cdc, abuse this year led to 15 deaths and nearly 4,000 calls to poison control centers nationwide. beaten into a coma over a pair of headphones. this morning a chester county family is deciding whether to press charges against a student who they say beat up their 17-year-old son. the victim's parents turned to social media for support. they posted this picture of their son. police were called to great valley high school in malvern. students had gotten into a fight over a broken pair of
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headphones. the teen awoke from his coma yesterday. police have not said if charges will be filed. in delaware county authorities are urging people to be alert after a jogger was attacked in upper chichester. a woman realized man was running behind her and pushed here into a fence and fondled her before running off. in bucks county a man who police believe is behind a string of church arsons is under arrest and facing charges. authorities call the man a one-man crime spree accused of setting fires at churches burning crosses and firing shots at cars. police say that he had been targeting a neighborhood for months. in unrelated case he served five years for kidnapping two children back in 2008. bizarre story here in lehigh valley. police are looking for a bird
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burglar. employees at a store called bird mania say someone broke in and stole more than a dozen exotic baby birds worth $9,000. they fear the birds could be in danger. the shop owner said she noticed one of the baby birds was on the floor when she arrived wednesday morning. she looked around and noticed the broken window in the shop's bathroom and said stolen birds include a type of parrot. >> didn't sleep last night. i could pickture their little faces. >> the owner is worried about the birds' health. she says if they're not hand fed, they could die. 11 minutes before 5:00. a warm sticky start. you can feel the extra humidity today. it was around yesterday when temperatures reached into the
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low 90s. it will be hotter and stay more humid during the day today. we're starting at 77 degrees. it will feel like it's close to 100 degrees this afternoon because of higher humidity currently at 84%. temperatures are in the 70s at the shore. they will be warming into the 80s this afternoon. if you are looking for relief the beach is where you may find some. there's a possibility we'll get some relief from storms popping up this afternoon that will bring the temperatures down. but not everybody is going to see that. hour by hour forecast shows that those isolated showers and thunderstorms won't be happening this morning. most of the area completely dry. it's early this afternoon that we could see a line of showers developing at 2:00 and those are really spotty showers as we head into the late afternoon hours. plan on heat and humidity and not much in the way of storms. the heat index, how it feels when you factor in the humidity feels like 82 degrees right now in northeast philadelphia. actual temperature is 79. that number will soar this
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afternoon. so standby for hottest day of the year so far but just a chance of afternoon storms mainly hazy, hot and humid conditions today. and it's going to be another hot one tomorrow. 90 the high. humidity stays high. likely to see more scattered showers and thunderstorms on saturday. not an all day rainfall but you're more likely to need the umbrella during the day on saturday. a nice cooldown for sunday. 86 the high. humidity coming way down. you'll feel that drier air to start with on monday but late in the day on monday there could be a shower or thunderstorm and that threat will be here again on tuesday when it will be near 90 degrees. 4:51 on this friday. i'm guessing people have big plans this weekend to head to the shore and mountains. a decent weekend for it. >> it should be nice if you have a cool place to hide indoors according to that forecast there. let's get an early check of friday morning road situation.
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nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has more on that. >> we deal with ongoing construction projects and not a lot of volume. disabled vehicle clearing out of the way right here in the center lane. it is currently clearing out of the way. right up around the vine street expressway. police activity on the scene. quickly out of the way there. something to watch out for. as for rest of drive times, 95 southbound from wood haven road to 676, 13 minutes. no problems currently on the blue route southbound. out through 95 in delaware the drive time there moving along just fine. 12 minutes north or southbound from 295 toward 495. chris? uber is approved for operation in delaware. officials signed an agreement with the ride share service yesterday. drivers will have to submit to background checks and have insurance. governor jack markell says uber will give riders another option while providing jobs for registered drivers.
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the modern parking meter comes to delaware county. the new high tech parking kiosk. 40 of them around town. days of searching through your console for quarters and dimes can come to an end. they can use credit cards and cash to pay but like traditional meters you'll get a ticket if you don't pay up. a new proposal in philadelphia would allow parking authority officers to track more than just your car. it would put parking authority officers on the lookout for nonparking violations that may include litter and dumping problems blocked sidewalks and suspicious construction practices. ppa officers would not necessarily write tickets for those nonparking violations but just reporting concerns to proper departments. >> putting work load on someone else when you pay another department that's supposed to just do that. i don't understand.
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>> we're told that parking authority leaders are open to considering this plan. smacked by a soldier. look at this. a little girl's meeting with the queen of england didn't go quite as planned. there he goes again. we'll tell you what the guard did after he hit the girl in the face.
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philadelphia's pop-up parks and beer gardens are a sign of summer but controversy is on tap. >> alcohol fuelled parties aren't what the struggling neighborhood needs right now and some say the beer garden creates open door for other issues and problems but some say the beer garden was an abandoned lot before this and it makes the area look better. they turned nothing into something say the developers. most people we spoke with agree. >> i don't have a problem with it. >> planted a lot of plants. cleaned up a lot of the trash. a nicer place to look at. >> we spoke to the park's
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general manager who says they check everyone's i.d. before serving beer. anyone over 21 gets a wristband and if someone appears to be too drunk, they won't be served. a misspelling will cost $4,000 in montgomery county. 26 signs are affected. you notice the mistake? an m. commissioners is spelled with one m and should have two. the county says it will take ten days to fix signs and 4,000 bucks. we're now closer to seeing legal action over the famous watch the tram car, please. they don't want the recording played on ac boardwalk and they would stop using that recording on monday but they haven't stopped and wildwood is
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threatening legal action. a young girl's special moment with the queen gets interrupted. >> she wore her best dress to meet the queen. as the queen was leaving, the soldier there was trying to salute and hit her in the head there. the girl said ouch but the queen didn't seem to notice and the soldier gave no reaction. once the queen left, he immediately turned around to apologyize apologize. she wasn't seriously injured. he apologized. all is well that ends well. >> the video is everywhere. we're broadcasting it. something the girl will remember forever. >> i think macy's dress may take off in popularity now. >> you're watching nbc 10 news. "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. here comes extreme heat. if you thought yesterday was hot, just wait. today is the hottest day of the
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year so far. >> the doctors told us it's going to be a very long haul with the injury that he has to his head. >> the parents of a student athlete run down by a hit-and-run driver talk about their son's fight for his life. this morning the interview you will only see here on nbc 10. and 800 openings. a new shopping outlet in this area looking to fill hundreds of jobs today. this is the day to get that resume ready. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." >> if you are stepping out today, it's going to be sticky out there to say the least. >> leave the long sleeves at home. meteorologist bill henley is standing by in the first alert weather center. it's already 76 degrees in philadelphia. >> seven degrees warmer than yesterday at this time and humidity is also higher. those factors together will make a big difference. there are scattered clouds moving through. you can see them south philadelphia but no rain with those clouds. none expected for most of the area just a chance of a late-day shower. that would help to cool things down. most areas will not see it.
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temperatures are getting set to warm up. cooling down at this hour. 69 degrees in pottstown. 72 in wrightstown. it will feel like 91 by 9:00 this morning. by this afternoon that number expected to be closer to 100 degrees. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back in ten minutes. things are moving along on the roads. jessica boyington in the first alert traffic center. >> we're in new jersey right now. not a lot of volume to speak of across the board. we're dealing with construction projects because they like to do them in early morning hours when there's not a lot of volume through the area. right around the black horse pike active work zone here taking out the right-hand shoulder. two lanes getting by on the southbound side. only a 12-minute drive time. not a


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