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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  June 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. right now. at 11:00. tale of two weather extremes. slate line winds rip through lehigh valley. tractor trailers flipped over. the record heat tonight,
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thousand dollars try to cool off, while shaking it off. ♪ >> good evening. the storm focused mainly in the lehigh valley, this was one of a number of trees that got knocked down in whilehaulll. once the rain stopped, check out the rainbow. we have team coverage of the wetter extremes. we begin with keith jones in north hampton county with the look at the storm's damage. >> reporter: check out the damage behind me. look at the trees they've been toppled and over. 13 tractor trailers like this one right here just knocked over, some of them toppled. one of them emergency management worker tells me was lifted off
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the wind by the wind and thrown into the field. one minute 30 seconds is how long the storm lasted. the 13 trailers were parked around the villveinia building. a massive evacuation due to mother nature. a warehouse partially ripped off like a band aid. you could see inside the craola factory. the cause? severe straight line winds. the fire chief says they've nerve seen anything like this. >> do they have hazards in them is there hazards associated with them? most of these are empty trailers. there are a couple full but it's non-hazardous type stuff. >> reporter: back live on the ground the assistant fire chief tells me no one was injured or inside. as for the tractor trailers the
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one here behind me, remarkably the crews are only expected to take the next fuel hours. they'll be done by the morning. reporting like in bethlehem. keith jones. >> our heat helped fuel the storms. our chief meteorologist is here. >> we've had two days plus tying a record today. it's warm today. we have a better chance of getting to 90 tomorrow. it's 85 at 11:00 in philadelphia. we tide records in philadelphia allen town redding and georgetown, delaware, today. mt. poke ano one of the places to can cool off. showers have some through central pngzennsylvania. we expect some showers but
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nothing too severe. what we'll see tomorrow? temperature going up, back to the upper 80s by noon. close to the 90 degree mark which would make it a heat wave. i'm not expecting thunderstorms. i tell you when i'm expecting storms and when we'll get significant relief with the seven day in a few minutes. it felt like 100 degrees out there h. still thousands of people spent the night outside in south philadelphia. drew smith is joining us live where where taylor swift packed them in. >> reporter: people are just leaving this concert right now. it is wrapping up. we talked to some of these folks who said it was a great show. but they look exhausted. a lot of them came in around noon to start tail gating only to enter a packed out door stadium with people jumping around dancing. people armed are bottle bottles are racing home to the air conditioning. ♪ >> reporter: blaring music and flashing lights. taylor swift was the star of an
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extra hot sold out philly show. >> it's our first day of summer. it's a good way to spend it. but it's very hot. very hot. we're sweating. >> reporter: fans told us two things made conditions a little bit more bearable as the night went on. with the sun going down and the breeze picking up. >> the breeze worked in our favor. >> reporter: ambulances were at the ready to respond to any heat related illnesses. >> just be smart. >> reporter: most people came prepared with coolers full of water. tail gaters also arrived early to snag spots in the shade. >> it always seems when we come to her concerts it's this hot. ♪ >> reporter: some people told us they were keeping their out door time to a minimum. instead opting for air conditioned restaurants outside the link. but others with the right supplies couldn't pass up their
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preconcert ritual. >> you got to give it the fuel experience. we can't go in -- you can't go in the air conditioning. >> reporter: and the good news to report. there is large police presence out here. no major problems to report. medical workers were circling the parking lot as well with extra supplies and water to make sure everybody was all right tonight. live in south philadelphia. degree drew smith. make sure you download the nbc 10 news app to get the latest updates. out of bucks county rescue crews took eight people to the hospital after this crash involving three vehicles. minutes ago at pebble hill and spring valley roads, it's not clear what caused the crash. stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app for updates on the story. new developments tonight in that prison break in upstate new york. tonight, authorities arrested a woman who works at the prison
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aexcusing her of helping the two murders escape. joyce mitchell became friends with inmates david sweat and richard matt. she works in the prison tailor shop. authorities say she gave them contraband but wouldn't say what it was. they say it did not include the power tools they used to cut their way to freedom. there are reports she was supposed to drive the get away car after the escape. as the plan started to unfold she got cold feet. >> joyce mitchell represents one fraction of the investigation. we have extensive resources in our bureau of criminal investigation and they're married up with our federal counterparts. i can tell you we're going down every road and following every lead to its completion. >> if convicted, mitchell could face up to seven years in prison. meanwhile, the massive manhunt continues for the two escaped killers more than 800 officers are zeroing in on a forest a few miles from the prison joop here
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at home, if attorney generalteenagers are on the streets in philadelphia they could get a ticket and a call to their parents. police began a crackdown along one of the city's busiest corridors for kids 13 and under. it's 9:00. 14-5:00. it's ten. 16 and older you have to be in well right now. >> reporter: this curfew is in effect year round. we found there's a special emphasis on strict enforcement on the summer months. here we watched as that enforcement was especially visible. early on this friday evening we watched a philly police roll call setting the phone for the summer. the corridor will be a primary target. >> i think it's a wonderful idea the cops are doing it. >> reporter: the chef at this indian restaurant welcomes the
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crack down. the stretch from broad street to the river has grown more popular bringing an influx of teenagers on weekend. >> we don't want them out of here and behave themselves. and we want them out at a decent hour. >> reporter: the lieutenant tells us the curfew encourages accountability and is city wide. we checked tonight and found total violations have ranged in the 16,000 range for the past three years. heavy enforcement in the most crowded areas has a double impact. keeping minors out of trouble and safe themselves. >> not only do they not become victims of crime more importantly they don't fall subject to the peer pressures. >> reporter: for mothers like this woman it is a welcome restriction she hopes will be better observed in other neighborhoods too. >> down here yes it's a big police presence. if you go into north or west
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philly. kids are always out after the curfew. >> reporter: curfew violation is not arrestable but it can result in a citation and a call to the teen's parents. i'm george spencer. the investigation into a data breach affecting millions of federal workers led to the discovery of a second hack tonight. u.s. officials say this time chinese hackers stole sensitive personal information of american military and intelligence personally. they got access to workers who have security clearance. far more people are impacted than the original 4 million. the department of homeland security sent out these notices to those employees affected by the first breach. it notified them they were compromised and offers free credit monitoring services. a new teacher is in.
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a teacher's union expected to vote on the deal in the next couple of weeks. the teachers' current crack expires in august. the ben franklin bridge will close in both directions from 5:45 a.m. to 7:45 a.m. on sunday. cyclists are taking part in the phil bike athon. a legal victory for bill cosby. a judge has delayed efforts to unseal a pennsylvania sexual molestation case the comedian settled in 2006. they're hoping that local case can support others claims. a federal judge agreed to wait for massachusetts court to make a decision first. firefighters return to the scene of a deadly fire in northeast philadelphia this afternoon. to install smodetectors at
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nearby homes. they're trying to figure out what started the fire. they found one smoke detector in the home but it wasn't working. a woman died her, her mother was critically hurt and her father got out okay. $124,000 is the tab new jersey taxpayers have picked up for governor chris christie's international travels. the numbers are for his trips to u.s. mexico. other trip costs were funded by economic group choose new jersey. today's temperatures tied a record more than 60 years old. the heat isn't over yet. how soon storms will hit. an oophorschool brawl caught on camera. what promps kids to fight. business in atlantic city.
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accused of stealing this phrase? how the wild woods are taking advantage over atlantic city today over the shore's most famous voice.
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a local marine arrested on sex assault charges. police arrested 19-year-old marine michael taylor in florida. authorities say he assaulted two women at the base in burlington county and the accusations date back to 2014. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. tonight a philadelphia mother is calling for an end to bullying after her daughter was assaulted by another student and it was caught on video. happened wednesday afternoon just a few blocks away from olny charter school. the principal said the girls gotten into an argument earlier that day. we spoke to the mother. >> no more anger, i just feel sad because of the situation. and because, you know they
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don't know how to control theirself. they don't know how much damage that can cause. >> the attackers has been suspended. the remaining casinos in atlantic city are cashing in thanks to less competition compared to a year ago. the eight casinos saw their revenue go up by more than 5%. they won $208 million from slot machines. here's a look at who did well. caesar's saw the largest increase up 51%. golden nugget made improvements with 33%. resorts saw nice gains. brugatta was down from last month. and trump taj mahal had the largest decline at 14.5%. an update on that battle over the iconic recording you just heard, the wild woods says
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it's been there since the 1970's. atlantic city has been using the same recording on its new tramcars. atlantic city said they'd stop it but they didn't. this afternoon they began changing the voice but using the same message. folks from the wild woods say that's not enough. and a lot of folks have seen enough of the heat already. we have two days in the 90s, hottest day so far was today, it felt like it was 100. we got a possible eat wave if we hit 90 tomorrow. it won't bow as humid and it won't be up to 95 degrees. even mow relief at the shore, this weekend. we have mostly clear skies now. at least in parts of the area of 85. the wind is southwest at ten, gusting to 20. it should be shifting tomorrow.
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look how warm it is. it's in the 70 to mid 80s at this hour. we will be starting from a high point tomorrow. there's a cooler air mass on the way, but when you're starving close to 80 it's easier to get to 90. the wind is becoming a little bit more westerly now. but we're still getting the sea breeze at the jersey shore, barely. it will be more of a northwest wind. tomorrow asthis can find comes down. the temperature is not going to drop like that, but just enough. here it the showers come in to the pokeconospoconos. not nearly as strong. the northwest wind will make the jersey beaches warmer than today. into the 80s before a sea breeze in the afternoon.
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delaware beaches were warm today it will be warm tomorrow. all of the beaches on sunday will be on the school size in the 70's. it will be cool in the poconos. sunday we've got a system coming in from the west. that may bring showers and storms. here's what it looks like hour by hour. in the upper hours we're in the 70's already. you don't see the thunderstorms, except way down in southern delaware here. so we should get through the day on saturday without any kind of precipitation. watch what happens on sunday. we're starting off, not as warm. and then as we go into the afternoon, and especially at night, that's when the showers and storms come. if it's going to rain anytime this weekend, it's most likely to be sunday night. for tonight, warm and humid with a few showers. 77 for the low in philadelphia.
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72 north and west. tomorrow, hot but it's not as hot or humid. it will be around 90 degrees. it will feel ten degrees cooler than today. nighttime thunderstorms on sunday. and showers and storms monday as well. so we're going to get some wet weather coming. and we're not going to be getting another heat wave for a while. as you can see, those temperatures in the 80s, now expect a fair amount of humidity, and as we go toward the end of next week then it could get wetter. instead of being tired of the heat we might be tired of the rain by the end of next week. >> a lot of activity there. not just hot for people but pets, of course. check this out. when it it was hot as it was today, sometimes you got to get creative to beat the heat. this is the police canine arrow after he discovered the ice chest at a local gas station. looks like he found what he
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needed. smart one there. absolutely. >> weather impacting the phillies too? absolutely. out in pittsburgh they are. and about an hour and a half rain delay. we'll let you know how they're faring right now as they continue playing in pittsburgh. what is connor doing on this ladder? we'll explain when we return.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. hi i'm amy from comcast sports net. the eagles officially released evan mathts today. he had been looking for a new contract. he skipped voluntary workouts over the past two weeks. we got reaction from one of his former teammates who always seems to be working.
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>> i'm here to install your solar. >> line backer connor surprised this cherry hill couple as part of the energy's solar team. he helped install some of the solar panels on the roof. he is holding his breath watching him make that two story climb up the ladder. when he got back on solid ground he discussed mathts' deparchier. >> i wish him the best. i'm confident to those who have been here all summer. those guys have all had a good off season. they've been here every single day. we're moving forward. evan is moving forward and good luck to him in the future. >> the phillies began a series in pittsburgh tonight. it was put on hold for about an hour and 30 minutes for a rain delay in pittsburgh. polanco went off -- watch that
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again. actually never hit the ground. hit his foot. he was lucky and good. strike out 4-5. robbed by polanco. right now we are 0-0 in the ninth inning. good news by a fan who was hit by a baseball bat last week. she was released from a boston hospital and transferred to a rehab center. last week the bat shattered and hit her. the hospital said her recovery has been excellent and she's getting stronger every day. team usa finished with a win in sweden but remained the top group in the women's world cup.
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nbc 10 and nbc universal are
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giving away money. we're looking to help deserving non-profit organizations. the project is called 21st century solutions. we want to hear from local non-profits that have come up with programs to help their communities. the winners will receive grant money. groups have until july 3rd to apply. you can find more information on our website. you have probably seen the world's largest rubber duck. now you can meet her baby. rocky the baby duck was in philadelphia's franklin square. it's touring the city before the full size duck comes later this month. that was a good place for the ducky to cool off today in the heat. it felt like it was near 100 degrees during the day today. we'll be floating with the 90 degree mark tomorrow. it will be hot, but not nearly as oppressive as today. and probably rain free as well.
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sunday, even a little bit cooler not exactly cool at 85 degrees. and the best chance for thunderstorms sunday night. >> not too bad at all. that's nbc ten news at 11:00. thanks for watching, have a great weekend.
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- lena dunham. colin quinn.


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