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tv   NBC 10 News at 10am  NBC  June 14, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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crews in west philadelphia are now getting a better look at the damgage caused by this water main break. the water has stopped flowing but it may be a while before neighbors can return home. a 63-year-old south philadelphia woman is in critical condition after a hit and run. the evidence police are relying on to track down the driver. our streak of summer-like weather kochbtcontinues. here's a live look at cape may. we're in for another warm one. tonight it could be a different story as scattered showers and thunderstorms will make their way into the area.
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good morning this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 10:00 on this sunday. let's get to the first alert forecast with michelle grossman. it sounds like we'll have some rain to round out the weekend. >> we might later on this afternoon. especially into the evening and nighttime hours. bring the brel la ifumbrella if you have plans. you could see a lot of rain in a short amount of time with those heavy downpours. a mix of clouds and sun right no. all is quiet out there. a few showers south of philadelphia earlier, but they have cleared out. everyone is warm also. we are already into the low 80s. the upper 0s at70s at 10:00 this morning. to the south and east temperatures in the low 80s. 82 in millville. 80 in atlantic city. 77 in wildwood. here's radar now. mentioned a few downpours that
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we had earlier in central delaware. that was earlier. that's off the coast at this point. southern new jersey also started out wet. we have some shower activity back to the west. that's an indication of what will happen this afternoon around 3:00, 4:00, we could see scatter ertered showers and then eventually gusty thunderstorms. by noon, 83. 5:00, 87 degrees. we'll look at a couple days of hot weather. we'll talk more about the temperatures and relief on in a few minutes. now back to that breaking news. a water main break flood a neighborhood in west philadelphia this morning flooding cars and forcing residents from their homes. now a stretch of 52nd street buckled keeping crews busy. jesse gary is live at the scene on 52nd between westminster and wyalusing avenues. there's some new problems cropping up out there. tell us about it. >> reporter: that problem sits
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on top of a pgw gas line which is in the street under the street and that car, which is kind of with the back end in the air, that car is leaning on it. they want to get that car off the gas line as soon as possible to check and see if the gas line has been affected by a water main break earlier this morning. looking at our video from 4:30 this morning. that's when the first call came in of a 36 inch cast iron water main that ruptured. upwards of 12.5 million gallons of water was lost. it created flooding conditions washed over cars washed into basements, flooding basements. some residents told me it was ankle deep at some point in their basement. 14 people were being cared for initially. but i learned that the red cross shelter over at west philly high has been crossed. so the red cross is apparently no longer taking care those folks. we heard that mayor nutter will come out to the scene sometime
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today to survey the damage for himself. the big goal, you see that tow truck operator has some cables in his hand. they're trying to figure out how to pull the car off without doing more damage or damage at all to the gas line which is under the street. so that's what they're kind of surveying and looking at now. we will update the story throughout the day, online and on air as there are new developments. right now, this entire east side of the 500 block of 52nd street has been evacuated while they try to remove that car. live in west philadelphia jesse gary nbc 10 news. new from overnight, philadelphia police are trying to track down the person who shot and killed a man in kensington. authorities say the man in his late 20s was four times on thayer street around 3:15. so far police have no motive from the shooting. also from overnight, police
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are looking at a hit and run that left a 65-year-old woman fighting for her life. police hope surveillance video will help show what happened to the woman. the woman is in critical condition. police are looking for a red four-door ford focus in the case with a pennsylvania license plates jnl7292. the car has front end and windshield damage. investigators tell us have a person of interest who lives in chester, delaware county. five workers went to the hospital after a chemical spill of sorts inside parlor restaurant in ardmore's suburban square. the fire chief tells us the workers were cleaning up around 11:00 last night when two chemicals mixed together and created fumes. the employees reported feeling sick and went to lankenau hospital to get checked out. the restaurant was cleaned and declared safe for business. this morning we are working
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to get an update on a young girl who was pulled from a pond in newark delaware. police found the girl in a retention pond at the newark country club around 7:00. they say she wandered away from a party at the george wilson center on new london road.n,2nsa the newark police crime scene unit remained on the scene late into the evening. the fire department tells us that the girl wandered past the fence and right into the pond. it's unclear how long she was under the water. fire officials tell us she was unconscious when she arrived at the emergency room at christiana hospital.'yb÷ as soon as we learn more about what happened to her, we will pass it along. >> no! no! this morning philly police are trying to sort out what happened here at the scene of a deadly standoff on emerald street in kensington. this was the scene before a s.w.a.t. team made its way inside of a home on emerald street. neighbors who heard gunshots
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called police. when officered arrived, a man who barricaded himself inside the row home started shooting at police. neighbors evacuated. eventually the gunfire stopped. that's when the s.w.a.t. team went in. a police robot found two men dead inside the house. investigators are trying to determine if one of the men who died was the suspect they were after. seven people including a firefighter, are roefrecovering this morning after being injured at an apartment fire in montgomery county. the fire started in the upper floor of the building at the towers wyncote. more than 100 firefighters rushed to the scene yesterday. felicia rauls tells us she grabbed her dog and ran down 12 flights of stairs to get out. >> opened the 11th floor door not knowing the fire was there, it was just pure blackness. a firefighter came up and was like evacuate the building. it's an actual fire, get out now. he was so serious it was scary. >> firefighters found this dog who needed some oxygen.
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neighbors tell it's they believe the fire was a grease fire but the fire marshal is still investigating. let's head to somers point, atlantic county where you can see a car went right through the front of this house. the fire chief tells us the driver apparently lost control and hit the house on 5th street. there were people inside at the time but nobody was hurt. it's unclear if the driver will face charges. today marks 100 days until the world meeting of families in philadelphia. in a little over a week archbishop chaput mayor nutter and other officials will head to rome for final meetings in preparation for the event. they will meet with the pontiff council for the family. they will iron out details as the world meeting of families will bring pope francis to the u.s. for the first time in his papacy.
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you can count on nbc 10 to bring you updates as philadelphia prepares for the world meeting of families. find out the latest information on our nbc 10 news app. new information into the manhunt of these two prisoners who busted out of a correctional facility in new york. why investigators say this wasn't their original escape plan. and rescued at sea. why officials had to save a woman rowing her way across the pacific.
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all right. welcome back on this sunday morning. in case you haven't stepped out yet, we are toasty. temperatures near 80 degrees. a warm start to the day. a mix of clouds and sun. here's a live look outside at the comcast tower. temperatures around the region mainly in the 80s. 84 in horsham. 81 in chester springs. 81 in washington town. 81 in wilmington. to the north and west temperatures in the upper 7s, low 80s. 80 in reading. 79 in pottstown.
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78 in oxford. 82 in millville. stepping out in woodbine, 79. 80 in dover. going throughout the day, temperatures will rise to 88 degrees. futurecast showing us the next couple of hours we will see to they showers, especially 3:00 4:00 in the afternoon. 7:00 this evening, we could see gusty thunderstorms. heavier downpours, lightning, thunder, even some hail to the north and west in the poconos and parts of the lehigh valley. 8:00 moving east of the city and then further east to the shore by 10:00, 11:00 at night. today, 87 degrees. a warm one, mostly cloudy skies, watching for the threat of showers and storms. same story on monday some storms could turn severe as well as on tuesday. some relief on wednesday. your seven-day forecast coming up. we have new information this morning on an american woman trying to cross the pacific ocean alone by rowboat. her attempt is over for now.
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sonia baumsteen was 150 miles into her trip from japan to california when a storms forred her to forced her to call for help. no word on if she will try the feat again. the investigation into those escaped killers in new york turns up their rimoriginal escape plan. why officials say they didn't go with plan "a" or "b," they went with plan "c." >> and why some animals escaped from their cages and roamed free in the streets. plus injured at a wedding reception. why some people ended up at the hospital following a celebration at the waldorf astoria hotel.
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and more on the man involved in the deadly standoff in texas.
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at 10:16 on this sunday, here's a live look over center city towards the delaware river. looking good out there now. a mix of sun and clouds. warming up. low 80s in philadelphia. temperatures will warm up even more today. meteorologist michelle grossman is track the chance of showers later on and the chance of showers into the work week. details throughout the newscast. there's new information on the search for two escaped killers in upstate new york. prosecutors are now putting together the pieces of the plan leading up to last friday's prison break. according to prosecutors rich chart matt and david sweat's alleged accomplice was not only going to be the getaway driver she was planning on running away with them, too.
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prison worker joyce mitchell bailed on the initial plan and plan "b" also fell through. the nine-day manhunt has turned up no leads, but investigators believe the two escapees are still in the area. they are expanding their search to a wooded field and going door to door in neighborhoods. morning we are finding more out about the man behind a brazen attack on police headquarters in dallas. >> shot at at headquarters. police headquarters. >> the man who is believed to be responsible for the reason behind that emergency call has been identified as james boulware. official says he opened fire from an armored van yesterday morning and rammed a cop car before leading officers on a chase to a restaurant parking lot nearby. there, fearing he might try to escape snipers shot and killed him in the fan. his said when his son lost custody of his child, boulware
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went into a downward spiral and blamed police. >> every one of us has a breaking point. some is one point, some is another. we all have one. >> police found several bags at police headquarters, one carrying a pipebomb that exploded when a robot tried to move it. more explosives were found inside the van which caught fire as they were being detonated. no officers were hurt in the shooting. five people are recovering from an accidental shooting during a wedding reception at new york's famed waldorf astoria hotel. someone was playing with the gun when it went off. a woman was grazed in the head. police arrested the man who handled the gun. investigators have still not located the weapon. in philadelphia there is an attempt to better understand
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islam. we want to show you two of the 11 billboards now up in the city. the islamic circle of north america is hoping the messages encourage dialogue on the truth about islam and the prophet muhammad. the billboards invite people with questions to call a toll-free number or visit a website. the campaign comes before the start of the islamic holy month of ramadan which begins on wednesday at sunset. the annual islamic heritage festival brought a lot of fun to penn's landing yesterday. nbc 10 was at the great plaza for the event which featured live music, games, speakers, and a health and wellness fair, plus an open market bazaar. the body of the first american killed while fighting with the kurds against isis is back home. a turkish airlines plane arrived in boston yesterday carrying the remains of keith bloomfield. the body was taken to a funeral home. bloomfield was killed in syria on june 3rd. his parents say he no military training but wanted to fight against what he considered evil. happening now overseas at
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least eight people are dead and zoo animals are on the loose following heavy flooding in the country of georgia. officials in georgia's capital city are warning residents to stay indoors. earlier crews cornered a hippo, they shot it with a tranquilizer gun. lions, tigers other animals were freed when rushing waters destroyed their zoo enclosures. some animals have been recovered, but it's not clear how many are on the loose. ten people are still missing. good sunday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. temperatures into the 80s in many spots. we'll climb into 90 degrees. a quiet start to the day in terms of precipitation. we had showers earlier in parts of delaware and southern new jersey. otherwise looking good. here's a live look outside. looking hazy outside. a mix of sun and clouds throughout the area.
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81 now in philadelphia. winds are calm. relative humidity around 65. temperatures across the region lots of orange and yellow. 80 in allentown. 79 in lancaster. 81 in philadelphia. 79 in mt. holly, to the south and east temperatures mainly in the low 80s. 82 in millville. 81 in wilmington. look at that stone harbor 71. 80 at the atlantic city airport. as we look outside, mostly cloudy skies in philadelphia. not a bad start to the day. mix of sun and clouds. tracking some changes. chance of showers, thunderstorms as we go throughout the afternoon hours. as we see that threat it will be monday and into tuesday. on sunday soccer games planned, errands to run, by 7:00 the chance of strong gusty thunderstorms back to the west back through berks county
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chester county montgomery country. that's 7:00. before this we could see scattered showers around 3:00 4:00, 5:00. if you're out and about, bring the umbrella. if you see a scattered shower you could see a heavy downpour with that. this will move off to the east of the city around 9:00 10:00. then we see gusty thunderstorms or showers overnight. getting back to work on monday cloud cover. mostly cloudy skies on monday. scattered storms throughout monday. same story on tuesday. of these storms monday and tuesday could be severe. that means the threat for gusty winds and hail. the severe weather outlook for monday storm prediction center puts us in a slight risk for severe storms on monday. watch out for that again, gusty winds, hail. here's the severe threat tracker for monday biggest threat downpours, lightning, hail. temperatures around 87 in
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allentown today. 85 in quakertown. bucks county, montgomerity temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. to the south and east 77 in cape may 78 in atlantic city. 86 in dover, back to the city temperatures around 86 in chester. a look at the seven-day forecast in a bit. a couple days of unsettled weather then a nice day midweek. right now a water main break is causing problems in west philadelphia. we have been showing you pictures from that scene all morning. let's check in with jesse gary who is following new developments. >> rosemary philadelphia mayor michael nutter just arrived on scene. he's being briefed by his staff, then he will come over and give his assessment of the situation. that's coming up.
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at 10:25 this sunday we're tracking warm weather out there. starting to feel like august as opposed to june. >> it feel like this is
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lingering in also on monday and tuesday. temperatures around 90 this afternoon. here's a live look outside. looking from lake wallenpaupack, not a bad morning there. looking at mostly sunny skies there. mix of sun and clouds. that's the theme throughout the area. it is steamy. looking at temperatures in the 80s. by this afternoon, 87 degrees. showers and storms. monday temperatures around 89 degrees. on tuesday, up to 90 degrees. monday and tuesday we have the threat for showers and storms. some could be severe. the threat for hail lightning, thunder. on wednesday, mostly sunny skies, temperatures around 86. thursday, the threat for showers and storms. friday sun and clouds 87. saturday, chance of storms 84. live in west philadelphia,
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the scene of this water main break. philadelphia mayor michael nutter is on scene, though he's at the far end of this scene which stretches for several blocks. earlier this morning, this 36-inch main ruptured sending a river of water down 52nd street. several homes are flooded. several cars were flooded as well. now sitting in a sinkhole. one of the cars is resting on a gas main. so, pgw crews are trying to check to make sure there isn't a gas leak. they evacuated the 500 block of 52nd street. we'll have the latest developments online and on air. jesse gary nbc 10 news. certainly it would make matters worse if the storms we expect today started earlier. >> they're in luck. not looking too bad. hopefully they can get that cleaned up and fixed before the storms move through. >> is this weather typical for this time of year? i feel like last june it was
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pretty cool. we haven't even hit summer yet. >> normal is 82 degrees. we're at 87 today. probably tomorrow 88 90 the next day. we had a stretch of 90s last week. personally, i love it. i don't like to say that as a meteorologist, but i love it. the air conditioner is just running constantly. >> i love it too except for my air conditioning bill. >> the energy bill. >> your paycheck. >> "meet the press" is next.
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this sunday the dynasty candidates. hillary kicks off her campaign again. >> i'm not running for some americans but for all americans. >> tomorrow it's jeb. >> it's going to be an exciting time. i'm really excited about this. >> after rough starts clinton and bush 2.0. i'll be joined by hillary clinton's campaign chair and then mitt romney who may be the republican king-maker in 2016. also challenges for president obama at home on trade where democrats defy him and abroad on iraq and isis. >> we don't yet have a complete strategy. >> is the u.s. losing the war against


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