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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  June 15, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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thunderstorm activity now in delaware. this is a storm that we've been tracking since we went on the air at 4:00 this morning moving through maryland and now right along the border from new castle county into kent county and delaware. as you can see, that storm is on the move. it will head out into delaware bay and we'll watch it as it moves toward cape may county. a few raindrops in philadelphia. that's mainly light rain right now. heavier shower just one spot on the radar screen now moving just to the south of burlington county. this threat will stay with us all day today and in fact likely to see more storms even tomorrow. standby for occasional showers and thunderstorms. temperatures will be climbing in spite of the clouds this morning. up to 81 degrees by 10:00. breaks of sunshine into the afternoon. the shower threat will stay with us as we head toward the 90-degree mark today. we'll go through it neighborhood
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by neighborhood with the forecast when i'm back in ten. find out how roads are faring with the showers. jessica boyington in the first alert traffic center. >> starting to see different roadways be damp this morning. 422 first around trooper road where everything is moving along just fine. these are westbound lanes right in here. that's not typically what we deal with for added volume in the morning. it's eastbound side. you can see that's actually still moving along fine. eight minutes headed eastbound from 29 up toward the schuylkill expressway and as we check the rest of our drive time no problems. slippery driving conditions on 95 and schuylkill. you can see in the center city area currently no problems. the blue route a 16-minute trip. west philadelphia water main break on north 52nd street and westminster avenue. take haverford avenue to get by that scene. more drive times and slippery roadways coming up in ten. >> on some roadways you notice emergency response to fires. two breaking stories involving
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house fires. in montgomery county a fire broke out a few hours in lower salford township. matt delucia is live on the scene there. what's changed in the past half hour or so? >> reporter: at this point we're still waiting to get an update. that could be coming soon. they're working on some of those details out here at the scene. you talked about some of these roads being affected by this. fortunate this is a fairly quiet road. a two-lane road that's shut down right now because of the emergency activity. i'll get out of the way. you can see flashing lights behind these trees. the home is just behind that treeline there. you can see possibly there's a ladder truck that's out there in some of those lights that has been over the house pouring water over the scene. we do have video we shot earlier where you can see more of this area. it was very hazy and smoky out here not long ago. this fire did hit two alarms at one point and started around 2:00 this morning.
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100 block of skipac creek road. there were issues getting water out here to fight this fire. we've seen several fire trucks pull up to the scene here including some ambulances and police vehicles from neighboring towns. we've seen three people in all be wheeled away on stretchers and loaded into ambulances. they all appeared conscious, which is good news but there were initial reports that someone may have been trapped inside this burning home. again, we're all still trying to get some updated information out here from the officials on scene. they've been very busy out here. very busy scene since 2:00 this morning. we've not seen any flames which is also some good news. if you have been watching us since 4:00 this morning, the haziness and smokiness out here on this road has started to go down a little bit. it's very muggy out here. we've seen rain out here as we've been hearing earlier this morning. it's just making it more difficult for the firefighters out here with all of their gear
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and all of the mugginess out here with this fire but fortunately it looks like everything is under control. we'll try to get an update. when we get that we'll bring it to you. live in lower salford township matt delucia, nbc 10 news. nbc 10's jesse gary just arrived at a house fire in philadelphia. firefighters are searching for occupants of the home. what do you know? >> reporter: i just talked to firefighters. they say everyone is out of the home. they believe one of them may have been vacant. just within the past five or ten minutes able to tap out the flames on the home on the left. you can see the ladder crew to the left side of the screen. two firefighters on the ladder with a hose spraying the roof area of the home because the fire started on the first floor and went up to the second floor and then into the roof and then jumped to the neighboring home. these are both duplexes so jumped to the neighboring duplex to the right of the screen and now they are checking the back porch of that home because there
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was smoke inside. you can see a firefighter up on the second floor. the word from the fire department right now, no injuries and there was no one inside the homes at the time of this fire. we'll try to get more information and join you again in 10 to 15 minutes. live in germantown jesse gary nbc 10 news. a police chase through burks and montgomery counties ended with two state troopers hurt and a robbery suspect behind bars. they were hit by the suspect's car after he drove over a spike strip near trap road. traffic in the area could be affected while crews clean up debris. we'll update you throughout the morning. we're waiting to find out what caused a crash near the christiania mall in delaware. the car crashed and caught fire in the northbound lanes of route 1 in new castle. you can see from this traffic camera lanes were blocked as fire and ems responded. delaware state police are investigating. philadelphia police say they may have found a gun used in a double shooting in the logan
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section of the city. two men were short on north carlyle carlyle street. police found revolver casings at the scene and later discovered a revolver inside a neighbor's car. both victims were taken to the hospital. one is in critical and other in stable condition. dozens of people in west philadelphia want to know who will pay for their flooded homes and cars after a water main break sent more than 12 million gallons of water rushing into the street. a 36-inch main broke early yesterday morning. it knocked out power, swamped cars and forced families to flee their homes when it rushed through basement windows. neighbors tell us this is the fourth time a water main has flooded that neighborhood but they say this one was by far the worst. >> already behind. they're already struggling. something like this happens. a lot of people aren't insured. so you have to basically start all over from scratch. >> none of the homeowners have insurance and the city of philadelphia has not yet responded to questions about who is going to pay for this damage.
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the pipe that broke was installed in 1885. in delaware a 4-year-old girl drown in a pond after she wandered away from a private party. new castle county paramedics were called to george wilson community center early saturday night. two firefighters pulled her out and performed cpr but she didn't survive. in camden county police identified the parents of a child left behind at clementon park and splash portland.ark. police are not charging the parents but state welfare workers will evaluate the case before returning the child to the parents. 74 degrees. today a trial begins for an ex-philadelphia police officer who is accused in a deadly drunk driving crash almost two years ago. former philadelphia police officer sergeant thomas winkis faces a slew of charges accused
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speeding through an intersection in 2013 and his sports car collided with a van and the man died. a trial scheduled for a philadelphia day care worker accused of leaving five children inside a car while she went shopping. karen thompson is charged with child endangerment. last july she left the kids in her suv with the engine running and air conditioning going. 5:08. 74 degrees right now. we're tracking showers and some thunderstorms in the area right now. it's a possibility through the day today. some areas of fog are easing moisture from storms overnight producing fog this morning and a possibility again tomorrow. hot, humid conditions today and
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tomorrow. a chance of storms staying with us. allentown we start off with rain falling at 4:00 this morning. now 73 degrees and cloudy. same story in northeast philadelphia. the rain has moved on now in millville 73 degrees and rain coming down. look at the clouds in pocono mountains. no fog in this view. there's still a few spots of fog so it has started to improve. it was down to a quarter mile visibility and now three-mile visibility and light fog in quakertown area. storms. we have them. look at the heavy rainfall and lots of lightning that's now moved into just to the south of smyrna. within that radar echo the rain is coming down at a rate of almost three inches per hour. one spot won't get three inches from that storm because it will continue moving. it will hold together and be into cape may in the next hour and this line of storms extends
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to the west and that's going to keep us with umbrella weather during the day today. keep an eye on the sky. 79 degrees this afternoon. look at this. near 90 for allentown and reading. steamy conditions for norris town and close for trenton and mt. holly. along the coastline, occasional crowds will produce showers and thunderstorms today. low 80s this afternoon. go inland and those temperatures soar to near 90 degrees. 91 in philadelphia. seven-day forecast with the break from the heat and humidity. got timing when i'm back in ten. >> all right. 5:10 right now. take your umbrella as you head out. there will be wet roads. >> let's see if you need to take your patience this morning. nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington looking at the roads for us. what are you seeing out there? >> we're always looking forward to monday. the busiest it seems on monday on the 30 bypass a down tree
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around 340. we are getting reports of all lanes being blocked and that is accurate but they are allowing some cars to squeeze by the area for right now. take lincoln highway to get by that scene. you can see eastbound side is doing okay. 95 out in delaware. you can see rain coming down behind on our radar right here. northbound or southbound still not affecting the drive times and no problems in the area from 295 to 495 an 11-minute trip in either direction. watching that water main break in west philadelphia tying things up on north 52nd street and westminster avenue. back to you guys. a series of shark attacks has a small beach community on edge. we'll tell you how crews are dealing with the danger in the water. wedding day gunfire. we'll tell you who police charged in connection with an accidental shooting at a post-wedding party. >> reporter: i'll show you how one of philadelphia's most struggling neighborhoods is making a creative comeback.
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just about 5:15. two teens hurt in separate shark attacks on the same stretch of beach in north carolina yesterday. both are doing better this morning. oak island beaches will be open today. both happened at high tide. choppers will be out again today monitoring the coastline. both teens, a 13-year-old girl and 16-year-old boy are in fair
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condition. both had to have parts of their arms amputated. the attacks came just three days after another teenager was bitten by a shark while riding a boogie board just up the court from yesterday's attacks. 5:15 now. police arrested two brothers after a shooting at a wedding at new york's waldorf astoria on saturday. police say one of the brothers was carrying this gun in his pocket when it went off inside the fancy hotel. a woman was grazed in the head by the bullet. three or four other people were hurt by broken glass during the confusion that followed the shot. the d.a.'s office says the brothers will not be charged until an investigation is complete because the man who discharged the gun has a permit to carry it. the woman charged in connection with helping two convicted murderers escape from a northern new york prison is expected in court today. joyce mitchell allegedly helped prisoners david sweat and richard matt by getting them supplies they needed. the two have been on the run from police for more than a week now.
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investigators think the two cut their way out using tools left behind by contractors and then returned equipment each night to toolboxes so nobody knew what they were up to. neighbors living near the prison are still on edge. >> how do you sleep at night? very very lightly. new york governor andrew cuomo says every lead will be followed up on until the two are found. he said the pair could be in mexico by now. schools near the prison that have been closed since the escape will reopen today. it's 5:16. 74 degrees on this monday morning. new this morning, one of philadelphia's most struggling neighborhoods is making a comeback. mantua is one of the original promised zones picked by president obama to funnel federal money into four areas, job creation economic activity educational opportunities and reducing crime. is it paying off? nbc 10's katy zachry spent time in mantua to show us that early signs indicate that it is. >> reporter: community organizers will admit that
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progress is slow but already we're seeing change in mantua and the surrounding four neighborhoods that are also part of the promise zone distinction. change in something in as little as this mural that you're looking at painted on the side of a building along lancaster avenue in the heart of mantua. people say it's uplifting to those that live and work in the area. the artist behind the piece is part of a neighborhood time exchange. the program flourished since mantua was named a promise zone. it brings artists in and offers them studio space in exchange for them to creatively improve the community. >> the people in this community are amazing and super talented. >> it gives a sense of community. it gives a sense of -- it creates a space for a conversation to happen that usually doesn't happen. >> reporter: that creative conversation has not happened in that neighborhood of mantua or the surrounding neighborhoods for some time. coming up in the next hour i'm working on a story about the other projects that are right now in play and that you can see
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come to fruition over the next few months. reporting live in university city katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> thanks for that update. it's 5:18 now. time to get a check of your early monday morning drive. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching all cameras for you. >> a downed tree out there for some time on 30 bypass on the westbound side. that's actually right around 340 so you can see police activity right over here. we are getting reports of all lanes being blocked but as we see on cameras, they are allowing cars to squeeze on by. if you do want to avoid possible delays or if they do close the roads off a little bit later take linkcolnkcoln highway to get through the area. we are watching an accident on valley forge road and allentown road just due to slippery conditions in the area. in west philadelphia still monitoring that water main break tying things up on 52nd street and westminster break. take haverford avenue to get by that scene. no problems for septa, new
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jersey transit or the patco speed line. we'll check in with new jersey coming up. showers, thunderstorms, we have got them this morning. the possibility will stay with us right on into this afternoon. look at the clouds over citizens bank park. no game today or tomorrow but wednesday they will be taking the é6 humidity. really steamy this morning. and that really is going to stay with us not only in philadelphia but at the shore where right now it's dry. that's a temporary situation. there's more rain on the way. radar has been active this morning. showers to our west but look at the storms that have moved into delaware and moving across delaware bay into south jersey. heavier downpours crossing delaware bay and into south jersey and getting closer to cape may county. you can see the motion that
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storm will move in within the hour. light rainfall in gloucester county. heavier downpours in burlington county. you can see moving past mt. laurel right now. some rain in the area. everybody is going to feel the heat and humidity. occasional showers and thunderstorms today. hot, humid conditions. highs in the upper 80s to low 90s. the temperatures will be back in the low 90s tomorrow afternoon. a good chance of more showers and thunderstorms and potential for severe weather for tuesday. not wednesday. no. actually it's going to be quite nice. humidity comes down. the temperature 87 degrees after morning low of 68. the chance of showers, thunderstorms returns for thursday. takes a break on friday and this weekend especially saturday will likely get storms and those storms could continue into sunday morning and as clouds clear we'll get sunshine and a big warmup sunday afternoon to 93 degrees. news flash.
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people love animated dinosaurs. "jurassic world" is setting records at the box office. national lobster day but this year it will cost more. we'll tell you what's driving up the prices.
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new jersey's supreme court has spoken but teachers and school employees still fear for their futures. because rather than solving the pension crisis the court says politicians can continue to ignore it. that's just wrong. teachers and school employees have paid billions into their pensions. but the state has failed. the legislature can fix what governor christie has broken - ... before it ends up costing billions more. it's time for fiscal responsibility. fund the pensions now.
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it's bad enough they have to look at people wearing bibs with their picture on it but now there's an entire day set aside
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to devouring the lobster. >> national lobster day. who knew? it will cost you extra to eat lobster this year. an unusually cold winter and global demand is sending wholesale prices through the roof. a pound is up to $16. water temperatures in new england still haven't warmed up enough after a brutally cold winter. prices are expected to level out later this summer. dinosaurs ruled the world at the box office this weekend. not unexpectedly. landon is here with that in cnbc business news. good morning, landon. >> reporter: good morning. dinosaurs rule the earth. "jurassic world" breaks a record taking in $511 million worldwide in its opening weekend. china accounted for one-fifth of that total. the film earning $206 million in the u.s. and canada trailing only the original "avengers" for best debut of all time.
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stocks could struggle pointing to a lower open. the fed meets tuesday and wednesday hoping for more clues as to when central bank will raise interest rates this year. look for data on manufacturing and housing on friday that fell 140 points to 17,899. nasdaq losing to 5,051. nbc 10 and nbc universal are giving away free money. free money to local nonprofits in a project called 21st century solutions. the goal is to support nonprofits that are implementing new and innovative programs. new solutions. the application is on our website. get $50,000. deadline is july 3rd. a steamy start this morning and i'm tracking showers and thunderstorms. some people are getting rocked out of bed this morning.
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low clouds and light rain in philadelphia. 74 degrees. it's steamy outside. that rain making for some receipt roads. jessica boyington in the first alert traffic center. >> we're looking at some wet roads right now on the new jersey turnpike. you can see if you are headed southbound or northbound everything is moving along but potentially slippery conditions around route 73 in mt. laurel. we'll check in with the 30 bypass coming up. >> reporter: i'm matt delucia live in montgomery county on the scene of a house fire. a big one out here. two alarms. still a lot of fire department activity on the scene. what we learned about the investigation. we'll have that after the break. >> reporter: i'm jesse gary live in germantown. another house fire. one of the homes was unoccupied but two others were occupied. we'll talk about what these victims saw when they woke up this morning coming up.
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we're following two breaking news stories this morning. flames hit a home in montgomery county and three people are hurt. we're gathering information at that scene and we'll bring you a live report. another house fire. this one in germantown. we're also live on that scene there with an update on the firefighters progress and how many people escaped. a steamy and stormy start to the workweek.
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temperatures are expected to soar but wet weather is moving our way. 74 degrees outside. it's wet. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. look outside and it looks humid out there. that's because it is once again. meteorologist bill henley standing by with his first alert forecast. strong thunderstorms just moved through, too, right? >> we tracked them from maryland into delaware and they're now moving across delaware bay starting to weaken some but still some heavy downpours that are headed toward cape may. that's a live view. no fog there but we have seen a few spots on radar screen that saw heavy downpours last night that produced a bit of fog this morning in some of the western areas. now, the fog is disappearing but the showers and thunderstorms, that threat will stay with us today. right now thunderstorm in cumberland county. this is a storm that we just mentioned that move through maryland and then delaware and now is affecting portions of


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