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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  June 15, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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workweek. temperatures are expected to soar but wet weather is moving our way. 74 degrees outside. it's wet. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. look outside and it looks humid out there. that's because it is once again. meteorologist bill henley standing by with his first alert forecast. strong thunderstorms just moved through, too, right? >> we tracked them from maryland into delaware and they're now moving across delaware bay starting to weaken some but still some heavy downpours that are headed toward cape may. that's a live view. no fog there but we have seen a few spots on radar screen that saw heavy downpours last night that produced a bit of fog this morning in some of the western areas. now, the fog is disappearing but the showers and thunderstorms, that threat will stay with us today. right now thunderstorm in cumberland county. this is a storm that we just mentioned that move through maryland and then delaware and now is affecting portions of cumberland county and moving
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toward cape may county. showers with heavy downpours with them. the rest of the area seeing spotty rainfall but the threat of more showers and thunderstorms is going to stay with us as we go into the afternoon. you can see some rain moving through eastern burks county just passing past reading right now. so occasional rainfall. you'll need your umbrella during the day today. and you'll need to find a cool space possibly some air conditioner as temperatures in spite of the clouds we'll see them climb to near 90 degrees this afternoon. 87 degrees by 1:00 this afternoon. showers and thunderstorms in the area. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back in ten minutes. right now let's find out how the roads are doing with some of these heavy downpours. jessica boyington in the first alert traffic center. jessica? >> we're seeing slippery conditions and a few accidents starting to pop up as a result of that. we're on the 30 bypass with a downed tree around 340 blocking lanes here. they are diverting cars off to the side.
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take lincoln highway to get through the area. on 422 through montgomery county you can see lightning and rain in the background here eastbound is where we typically see the delay in the morning hours. from 29 up toward schuylkill expressway doing okay. we are watching an accident scene in valley forge road and allentown road and that water main break still in west philadelphia north 52nd street and westminster avenue. take haverford avenue to get by. we're following breaking news out of montgomery county where firefighters have the upper hand on a house fire. nbc 10's matt delucia is live on the scene with the latest. what can you tell us matt? >> reporter: just within the past few seconds we've seen some of the firefighters going back to their trucks starting to pack up and move out of this area although we did also hear some of the hoses still running out here at the scene. you can see behind these trees here is where the fire was early this morning. they are trying to put out hot spots in
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spots. a two lane road here is shut down because of the fire department activity. we have fire trucks ambulances police out here as well in this area. it's been busy and active out here since 2:00 this morning. there was a ladder truck out there spraying water from the air not long ago. i don't see it at this point. we've seen a hazy smoky conditions out here. that's started to dissipate somewhat out here and we've seen more rain as well. perhaps that is helping with the firefighting inging effort because they were having trouble getting water to the scene. we've seen three people wheeled away on stretchers in ambulances taken from the scene since 4:00 this morning. we are still waiting for an update out here as far as the extent of any injuries if those people were taken to the hospital for observation but at this point we have seen people kind of in chairs out here in
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front of the house just waiting being helped by some emergency personnel. they're not there anymore. some of them were taken in the ambulances. we're trying to get more information out here on the scene. it seems that injuries are not very severe at this point. we're still trying to get some new updates out here on scene. when we get that we'll bring that to you. matt delucia nbc 10 news. >> from that to more breaking news. this in philadelphia. nbc 10's jesse gary at the scene of another house fire in the germantown neighborhood. what can you tell us now? >> reporter: new information to update you with. the fire started in the middle home. we'll go left middle right. started in the middle home. those residents are on vacation and not at home it spread in both directions to the left and right and those homes were occupied. let's look at our video. this is what flames looked like here in the 6,000 block of sherman street.
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residents on either side houses on fire all able to get out safely. the fire department is doing what they call a secondary search right now. the fire chief says the cause of the amount of smoke and flames they found when they got here and they have to make sure there's no one inside the home where the fire started. the fire started in the middle home and spread in both directions to the left and to the right from the rooftop from one to another and burned those properties. the home on the far right, number four actually that resident was evacuated waiting to see if there's damage to his house. no injuries reported. we've been talking to some of the residents here who saw the fire when it first started. you'll hear their comments in 30 minutes. jesse gary nbc 10 news. a police chase ended with two state troopers hurt and a robbery suspect behind bars.
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the troopers were hit by the suspect's car after he drove over a spike strip. >> police have arrested the driver suspected in a hit-and-run accident in south philadelphia over the weekend. police in delaware county arrested that driver on outstanding warrants not related to the accident. an arrest warrant for saturday night's hit and run is still pending. a 52-year-old woman was run over as she crossed the street there. she's in extremely critical condition. police have two people in custody after a man was stabbed to death in the parking lot of an apartment complex in bucks county. it happened at the salem crossing apartments last night. investigators have not released the victim's name nor said what prompted the stabbing. a sad story out of delaware. a 4-year-old girl drown in a pond after she wandered away from a party. >> new castle county paramedics were called to the george wilson community center early saturday night in newark. two firefighters pulled her out and performed cpr. she didn't survive. newark police are investigating.
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in camden county police identified the parents of a 3 year old left behind at clementon park and splash world on saturday night. there was confusion about which relative was supposed to watch the child. police are not charging the parents but state welfare workers will evaluate the case before returning the child. 5:37. zoo animals loose on the street. deadly floodwaters set dangerous animals free in one country. we'll show you the scene that turned into a big game hunt. the u.s. said it killed this high ranking al qaeda leader during a series of air strikes overseas but some claim that's just not true. a steamy and stormy start this morning. cloudy breezy view from center city. those are not cool breezes. that's high humidity coming into the area. 74 degrees at 5:37. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when we come back.
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coming up on 20 minutes before 6:00. humidity is up already this morning and temperatures will go up to near 90 this afternoon. 74 degrees in northeast philadelphia. 87% humidity and no cooling breeze. we do have some strong gusts with showers and thunderstorms. tracking these through delaware and south jersey and eastern cumberland county and into cape may county and some lightning detected just to the north of cape may courthouse. heavy downpours within those showers and more heavy showers and possibly thunderstorms on the way. you can see them lining up from central pennsylvania into western pennsylvania this morning. so it won't be an all-day rainfall but occasional showers and thunderstorms will stay with us this afternoon as temperatures climb to near 90 for allentown and reading. 88 in quakertown. 90 for norris.
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81 at cape may. go inland and upper 80s and low 90s this afternoon for dover and for vineland and 89 the high for wilmington. looks like we'll be in low 90s for drexel hill and philadelphia. and the threat continues for tomorrow. the extended future weather when i come back in ten. >> it's 5:41. time for another check of the roads. see if any problems popped up in the last five minutes or so. >> nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is getting the information. >> added volume on the 42 freeway around the new jersey turnpike. this is northbound side right here. you can see the drive times are doing okay. from 55 up toward walt whitman bridge, no problems. a bit of slow going because they are seeing added volume there. that's all. out on blue route, drive times there looking okay still. we're still having no problems if you're headed northbound or southbound from 95 up toward the schuylkill expressway.
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watching that water main break in west philadelphia. that's north 52nd street at westminster avenue. take haverford avenue to get by that scene. a down tree blocking the lanes on the 30 bypass on the westbound side between 340 and 82. you can take lincoln highway to get through. as for mass transit, no problems or delays for septa, new jersey transit or the speed line. the fight for 15 we'll tell you about the latest city to bump up the minimum wage and how it puts pressure on other cities to make a similar money move.
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time is 5:45. we have new information about a u.s.-led air trikestrike in syria over the weekend. >> an unanimous source says the target survived. the target was a man charged with leading an attack on a gas plant in algeria that killed 35 hostages. the unanimous source says he was not at the scene of saturday's air strike and was out of town at the time. at least 12 people are dead after self veervere flooding hit the nation of georgia. the floods hit a zoo setting free bears, tigers, wolves and
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hippo hippos. residents were warned to stay inside as they hunted the animals on the city streets of 1.1 million people. rachel dolezal's parents said she misled people for years pretending to be black. they canceled a meeting saying she first needs to speak with regional and national leaders. naacp says "racial identity is not a qualifying or disqualifying standard for naacp leadership." family members of brandon tate brown are holding a rally for truth and justice today in philadelphia. this is in response to the city's release of documents last week that indicate brown was not holding a gun when philadelphia police shot and killed him last december. district attorney seth williams cleared the officers involved saying tate brown did not follow officer's orders and was
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reaching for a gun when he was shot. more than a dozen officers in texas are off the job two days after their headquarters came under attack. a man sprayed the dallas police building with gunfire, planted pipe bombs and rammed a police car with an armored vehicle. a sniper later killed the gunman. no officers were injured. but 14 police have now been placed on leave as investigators dig deeper into the case. the same gunman was reportedly arrested two years ago after threatening to shoot up churches and schools. it's 5:47. police in north jersey used lethal force to take down a bear that wandered into the backyard of a home during a yard sale. no one was hurt but officers put out an alert to neighbors to stay in their homes until they could track down the bear. it's 5:47. temperatures are warm. it's muggy. we've seen showers and
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thunderstorms and clouds are starting things off. the sun is up. not going to see a lot of sunshine to start. we'll get breaks of sunshine this afternoon. that will bring those temperatures back into upper 80s to near 90 degrees. rain is falling in philadelphia. philadelphia international, 90% humidity. a few breaks in the clouds at cape may. live view. look at that sky. not much sunshine at the shore for today. you're about to get heavy downpours in cape may. everybody is seeing the cloud cover that extends to the west. this is where the next round of showers and thunderstorms is. you can see it's moving our way heading to the east and will likely like this last batch move across delaware and south jersey. right now the rain is tapering off in eastern cumberland county. upper township seeing heavy rainfall to the south of the area. this is moving to the east and will move offshore and is a fast
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mover so even though the rain is coming down heavily, it's not going to accumulate all that much. no one spot will. occasional showers, thunderstorms this afternoon. tomorrow morning we're right back into the humidity. steaminess with areas of fog first thing in the morning and then we'll watch the temperatures soar into the low 90s tomorrow afternoon and the chance of more showers and thunderstorms back again tomorrow. keep an eye on the sky for storms. won't be all day rainfall. the chance will be with us through the day. hot, humid conditions this afternoon. upper 80s to low 90s depending on the breaks of sunshine. today, it's going to be steamy. today it will look a lot like tomorrow. stormy conditions tomorrow. 92 the high temperature. a chance we'll see severe weather develop tuesday afternoon. we get a break finally on wednesday. less humid conditions. 87 the high after morning low of 68 degrees. a little bit cooler to start with on thursday. chance of showers and
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thunderstorms back on thursday. we'll take a break on friday. it does look likely we'll get wet weather for saturday and into sunday. >> ten minutes until 6:00. heavy showers moving through northern delaware watch out for ponding on roads out there. >> windshield wipers on high. nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching roads. >> on 95 now with slippery conditions and headlights on around state road through the work zone. northbound side no volume on that side. that's not where we see it this time of morning. just to watch out for losing that shoulder and there are some cones and things through the area on the left-hand lane. southbound the opposite way where you see most of that volume from woodhaven road toward vine street expressway a 14-minute trip. on schuylkill expressway we'll check out drive times there. things are moving along fine. 13 minutes into the center city area from blue route so no
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problems. watching that downed tree blocking lanes on 30 bypass on westbound side between 340 and 82. you can take lincoln highway to get through the area for now. we also are watching an accident scene in among county on valley forge road and allentown road. slippery conditions. give yourself extra time this morning. as you fill up at the gas station this morning, don't be upset about the prices because we could see them start to drop. a gallon of gas in the philly five-county area is 2.91. delaware 2.67. and south jersey at 2.62. gas prices have been rising since april but numbers are 86 cents cheaper a gallon than the same time last year. here's the hopeful news. aaa says gas prices are poised for decline given that refineries generally complete maintenance by this time of year and gear up production for the busy summer driving season. los angeles is the latest city to approve a minimum wage of $15 an hour and it looks like
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that will be a hot topic on the presidential campaign trail as well. experts say pressure will spread to other states and in particular big cities across the country. there are now 29 states and washington, d.c. with a wage higher than the federal minimum of 7.25 an hour. in april, congressional democrats unveiled a plan to hike the federal minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2020. now, here's where minimum rates stand in this area. new jersey is highest at 8.38. delaware raised theirs to 8.25. governor wolf said raising the state's minimum wage is one of his priorities. right now lawmakers are considering a bill that would raise that rate to $10.10 an hour over the course of two years. former florida governor jeb bush is expected to announce his 2016 presidential bid during a speech at miami college today. the son of 41st president george
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h.w. bush and president of 43rd president george w. bush has been long expected to make a run for the white house. on the republican side it's crowded. ten candidates jeb bush will make 11. bill clinton will be in philadelphia today delivering the opening speech at the inaugural click ideas exchange. it's basically a huge convention to talk about new technologies in the healthcare industry. last week the former president said he will stop giving paid speeches if his wife wins the presidency. critics have hounded the clintons about how much money they have made from speaking engagements. drivers found themselves wanting to change windshield wipers for fly swatters. >> wait until you see the trouble these mayflies caused.
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check out this video we got in overnight of a gas line rupture in texas that created a big fireball there. the gas line ruptured two hours outside of san antonio around
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8:00 last night. seven homes were evacuated but no one was hurt. new chatter from high in the heavens. a comet lander in hibernation for the last seven months is fully awake sending signals back to earth. the probe became the first ever spacecraft to land on a comet in november. able to gather data and beam it back to earth but the batteries drained and the system shut down and scientists hoped the solar panels would recharge those batteries as the comet approached the sun. so far still dead batteries. police in lancaster county had to close down the route 462 bridge saturday night because of hundreds of thousands of swarming mayflies. that's not a traffic problem that even nbc 10's jessica boyington saw coming. the clouds of insects caused one crash and by sunday dead flies were piled as high as two feet in places. wow.
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a road reopened after a mayor shut it down to nonresidents. he shut down the road for a few hours yesterday and people who live in belmar had to show their license to get through the road block. we've got enough tourists said the mayor. people will ask questions about that. lebron james made history last night but not enough for cavaliers to beat golden state warriors in game five. he led all players in points rebounds and assist. only triple-double. it was steph curry putting on a show that led warriors to victory with 37 points. warriors up three games to two and the series continues with game six back in cleveland now. we'll see if cavs can even it up.
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the stanley cup finals continue tonight. the chicago blackhawks leading that series 3-2 after beating tampa bay lightning in game five over the weekend here on nbc of course. the blackhawks have a chance now at winning the stanley cup tonight. the last time a team won on home ice was back in 1938. how about that? >> so that thing you did there -- >> i'm with tampa bay. >> i'm sore at the blackhawks for beating us on our home ice in 2010. >> i'm staying out of that one. >> "nbc 10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. we're following two breaking news stories this morning. first, a house fire in montgomery county sends three people to the hospital. another house fire broke out overnight. this one in philadelphia's germantown neighborhood. we'll get the latest on both of these stories. >> a high-speed chase through two counties ends in a crash and leaves two state troopers hurt.
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>> wet weather will stick around today. see all that green. that's headed our way. we're tracking thunderstorms and it's steamy. already 74 degrees. 6:00 a.m. on the dot. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. i'm vai sikahema. hard to believe it's in the 70s at 6:00 a.m. on this monday june 15th. >> a muggy start. we've seen showers and thunderstorms. you probably heard them overnight and there are more in store for us during the day. 74 in philadelphia. cape may will see limited sunshine. you can see barely a break in the clouds this morning. that's a live view. that has rain moving through the cape may area into cape may county. we've watched heavy downpours. they've now cleared delaware but they are still coming down


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