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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  June 15, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. right now at 11:00, steamy and stormy today. hot and humid weather with a risk for showers and thunderstorms. we're getting a break right now after a stormy morning in some areas of our -- some parts of our area rather as we look live at the radar, but that could all quickly change and it's uncomfortable outside right now as we take a look at boathouse row in philadelphia. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist is here, bill henley. >> we are at normally the high temperature this time of year. it's 82 degrees in philadelphia and the normal high is 83. so like yesterday, it looks like we're headed toward the 90-degree mark and humidity that you can feel it in the air.
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it's on the high side. 65%. what we're not seeing right now are the big storms. we started tracking them on the air and they moved across maryland to delaware and south jersey. that first wave of storms is now offshore and not much is happening to the north and west just yet, but there's a potential as we heat up into the upper 80s to low 90s this afternoon and more storms will form. a few scattered showers moving into the pocono mountains at this time but nothing strong just yet. as we go into the afternoon hours, your hour by hour forecast at 2:00 this afternoon and you can see spotty showers. and the delaware and south jersey. as we go into the later afternoon hours there is a better chance that we'll see some heavy downpours and lots of lightning, too. again, much of the same area that got hit first thing this morning with breaks of sunshine and areas north and west will really be heating up today into the upper 80s to near 90 degrees and some breaks of sunshine won't completely clear out and
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87 degrees and near 90 at 4:00 and that's when we'll see scattered showers and thunderstorms and that threat continues into the early evening hours. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i come back. vai? >> sky force 10 was over the scene of this deadly tractor trailer crash in salem county, new jersey. this was about an hour ago. one person is dead after the tractor trailer veered off the road in quinton township and hit a utility pole. officials tell us the road is expected to be closed for the next three hours and an investigation is under way. >> meanwhile, one person is killed and four others hurt after an overnight house fire in montgomery county. nbc 10's jesse gary is live at the scene. this is so tragic. >> reporter: it is tragic. fire crews are removing some of the equipment they've been using and they brought in a backhoe. they're starting to pull apart the burn structure you see there. they're doing this to better
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access hot spots that are still smoldering. meanwhile, fire marshals from the county state police and local township are searching for the cause. emergency call for help went out before 2:00 this morning near fritz road in lower township. four adults were able to escape the flames and were rushed to area hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries and one woman was trapped in an upstairs bedroom. >> it was clear there was one woman trapped in the rear of the house. we attempted to enter the house and when the floors collapsed underneath us no firefighters were injured or were able to get out of the house safely. >> the body of the lone fatality in this fire has been removed. the medical examiner is going to determine the cause of death and it remains closed due to the volume of fire activity although they are starting to remove some of the engines. we are live in montgomery county jesse gary nbc 10 news. >> investigators are looking into what started this house fire overnight in philadelphia's
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germantown section. it started in the duplex on sherman street before spreading to two other homes. the family that lives in the home where the fire started is out of town and the people inside one of the other homes escaped without injury. a police chase overnight through burks and montgomery counties ends with two state troopers hurt and the suspect behind bars. the troopers have minor injuries. the suspect hit them with his car after he drove over a spike strip near trap road in royersburg. we're watching and waiting to find out what caused a crash near the christiana mall. one person was taken to the hospital after their car crashed and caught fire on the northbound lanes in new castle. as you can see from this traffic camera camera. the lanes were blocked as fire and ems personnel responded to the crash. delaware state police are investigating. >> philadelphia police say they may have found a gone used in a
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double shooting. two men were shot in north carlisle street. one in the stomach and the other in the chest. revolver casings were at the scene and later discovered a revolver inside a neighbor's car. both victims were taken to the hospital and one is listed in critical condition and the other in stable condition. police have two people in custody after a man was stabbed to death in the parking lot of a bucks county apartment complex. this all happened at the salem crossing apartments on e street road in bensalem last night. investigators say the victim was stanned stabbed in the neck. he was taken to the hospital but did not survive. police arrested the driver suspected in the hit and run over the weekend. the driver hit a 52-year-old woman as she crossed ninth and oregon avenue in south philadelphia and drove off. that woman is in extremely critical condition. police in delaware county arrested the driver on outstanding warrants not related to the accident. an arrest warrant for saturday night's accident is still pending.
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and we just got this new video of a robbery at a beauty salon in philadelphia's fishtown section. police want information on the man who threatened a woman with a knife before forcing her to open up a cash register. the suspect took off with some cash. no one was hurt. meantime detectives are looking for the suspect who robbed this perfume shop in frankfurt last week. surveillance show the man entering king perfume on frankfort avenue. after waiting for customers to leave, he took off with an unknown amount of money. police are looking for the suspect wanted in several burglar burglares. the suspect is responsible for stealing bicycles in two different burglaries. anyone with any information is asked to call police. the family of brandon tate brown are holding a rally for truth and justice in about an
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hour from now. the rally is in response to the city's documents that were released last week that indicate brown was not holding a gun during the december traffic stop. police shot and killed tate brown last december after pulling him over in mayfair. district attorney seth williams says tate brown did not follow officer's orders and was reaching for a gun when he was shot by police. several washington lawmakers are in philadelphia to check on the philadelphia veterans affairs office. a recent inspector general report slammed the office for several management problems including massive delays in responding to veterans' inquiries and miserable working conditions for employees. >> in about half an hour ten members of the house and senate will meet the director of the office and some of the employees there to see if changes have improved the situation. and if you were one of the millions hit hard by hurricane sandy three years ago you can get some information today about
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fema claims. there is a free informational clinic at chambers bridge road in brick ocean county and that starts about 11:30. fema agreed to reopen the flood insurance claims for more than 140,000 people who are not currently in litigation. by next month three catholic churches in the philadelphia archdiocese will be closed. these are the churches affected. incarnation of our lord our mother of sorrows in bridgeport montgomery county and holy savior in delaware county and all three have been merged with other parishes and used as worship sites. they'll close by mid-july. danger in the water. two separate shark attacks just hours apart at the same north carolina beach. an update on the two kids attacked and why that beach is open to tourists today. and a court appearance this morning for the woman accused of helping two prisoners escape from a new york state prison as
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we learn new details in the search for those two men. bill? >> keeping an eye on the sky for more showers and thunderstorms, but before they get here the temperatures are soaring near 90 again this afternoon. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood when we come right back.
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today beach crews in north carolina are on high alert after a string of shark attacks over the weekend. two teens are out in surgery and in stable condition after losing parts of their limbs during
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separate attacks. oak island beaches will be open today. both attacks happened at high tide near ocean crest pier, a popular destination at the oak island beach. nbc's rachel riler reports. >> reporter: local officials are still searching for that vicious shark or sharks. they don't know at this point. helicopters will be patrolling the shoreline all day. authorities are trying to calm people's fears, but at this point nobody is getting in that water. we're learning more about the attacks. officials say they came without warning in waist-deep water 20 yards offshore. >> it was like a scene from "jaws." all of a sudden people are yelling get out of the water! get out of the water! call 911. you see someone in the shallow water carrying this poor girl. >> reporter: officials say a 12-year-old girl lost part of her arm and could lose a leg after she was attacked in the surf. less than an hour later a 16-year-old boy was attacked
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also losing part of his left arm. both were airlifted to area hospitals. not to swim after heavy rain and pay attention to fish pattern, anda void murky water and avoid sharp drop-offs. >> there is no way we're going to stop people from going into the water. if they want to go in the water they're going to. we can advise people just to be careful and be alert. >> brunswick ems said both -- the woman accused of helping two prisoners escape from an upstate new york prison more than a week ago will appear in court. joyce mitchell is accused of being the getaway driver. she backed out of the plan because she felt guilty for being part of an escape plot. she provided both prisoners with
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blades, drill bits and other tools to fuel their escape. all of this is happening during a massive man hunt for those convicted killers. right now more than 800 officers are searching for the escapees. authorities say they still have every reason to believe that the prisoners are in the new york area. and we have new information about a u.s.-led air strike in syria over the weekend. the u.s. says an al qaeda leader was killed in the attack but an anonymous source with links to extremists in libya say the target survived. the target was a man charged with leading an attack on a gas plant in algeria that killed 35 hostages. the anonymous source says he was not at the scene of saturday's air strike and out of town at the time. south texas is bracing for more wet weather. emergency officials are keeping a close eye on a tropical storm brewing off the gulf of mexico up to 15 inches of rain could
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fall. the challenge for community leaders and businesses will be deciding what to tell employees. stay home or come to work. they say tropical storms bring bands of heavy rain that typically lead to flooding. this rain event will be probably heavier than what we saw on memorial day, but more troublesome is it's going to be over the whole area. so it's not going to be isolated. it's going to be over the whole area. >> officials say the ground is saturated, but most of the watersheds have returned to their banks with normal flow and that's expected to change again when the clouds roll in. heavy rains in michigan cause dangerous conditions in detroit on sunday and the heavy storms there stopped a nascar race at a detroit tigers game as drivers say they couldn't see anything out of their windshields during the storm. more heavy rain is expected there today. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> reporter: 15 minutes past
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11:00, and it is hot outside and the temperatures are still climbing. a steamy day and the humidity was high yesterday and is back for round two today and that could help things turn stormy at times this afternoon and not looking at all-day rainfall today or for tomorrow and then relief later this week from the humidity and the storms too. right now we're storm-free and just clouds in allentown and already in the 80s in northeast philadelphia and atlantic city had some pretty good rain that moved through first thing this morning and now it's the temperatures that are moving up 79 degrees and you can see the clouds in the distance a few scattered showers that will be moving through the pocono mountains and no heavy rainfall just yet and we could see some pretty good storm development this afternoon. already feels like it's in the middle 80s in philadelphia and the heat and humidity together feels like 86 right now in wilmington and look at dover. 90 degrees is what it feels
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like. quick warm-up with some breaks of sunshine and not going to clear out completely. the clouds are coming to philadelphia and there are breaks to the west in lancaster county and scattered sunshine in nooij and it won't be all day cloud cover and not all day rainfall, either. the big storms that we had first thing this morning are now offshore. the next round of storms the most likely time will be later tomorrow and you can see those storms moving into the midwest right now. those are more likely to produce severe weather than the pop-up showers and thunderstorms that we will see today. big warm up. pocono mountains upper 70s and near 90 degrees for allentown and redding. scattered showers possible during the arch hours for doylestown trenton and mount holly. you can see more showers and possibly thunderstorms in atlantic city, cape may and ro hoeb hoeboth and 90 for direction ilhill and swedesboro in
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philadelphia. and cooler for westchester and wilmington won't feel cooler today and we will see warmer temperatures. in the beginning of the weekend we'll see 85 degrees and storms are more likely to be back in the area on saturday and we could see more showers continue into early sunday and that's when things are going to turn hotter sunday afternoon, up to 93 degrees. before we get to the weekend, however, we'll get some comfortable weather, vai. we have the seven-day forecast coming up in the next half hour. hey, guys be honest. how often do you wear sunscreen? just how many men aren't taking that crucial step to protect themselves against skin cancer and the price they're paying. plus water tower tipping. not exactly something you see every day. how crews managed to bring down this 178-foot tall water tower. it happened this morning.
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♪ this is nbc 10 news. pediatricians are warning parents about a new, more dangerous method of using marijuana. it's called dabbing and it involves inhaling vapors from heated butte ded butane hash oil products. dabbing is still unknown, but the practice has been linked to fires, explosions and severe burns. research shows that men are less likely to wear sunscreen and
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it's taking a toll on their health. nbc's monica robins has this report. >> reporter: matthew soden has been a roofer for a decade and we found him exposed in the hot sun. >> how often do you wear sunscreen? >> once a year. >> reporter: he's not alone. in his crew of ten only one wore sunscreen. why is it important for men? >> it is very very common in men usually over 45 especially people who doesn't use sunscreen and work outside a lot. >> reporter: according to the skin cancer foundation young men account for 40% of melanoma cases and only 60% of melanoma deaths. >> do you ever worry about skin cancer. think about it. that's it. >> reporter: he occasionally thinks about wearing sunscreen. >> it occurs to me but not in the morning before work. i don't think about it then. i think about it after work. >> dr. garcia wants men to know the products today are not your
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father's sunscreen. >> most of the products now a days have spf 30 in efficient moisturizer form and it's not greasy. >> he suggests using it as an after-shave lotion before heading out. >> it should be part of your daily routine. >> that was nbc's monica robins reporting. >> noweñ guest is a young man from our area working hard to make a difference in his community and people in philadelphia aren't the only ones noticing his good work. davis is a finalist of the 13th annual neighborhood awards hosted by steve harvey and you can help make him a winner. . welcome back. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> for those not aware of what you've done tell us about what you've done and your work. >> i'm a west philadelphia entrepreneur and philanthropist. the nehemiah davis is to encourage entrepreneurship
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through philanthropy and we want to encourage youth. today we have ski trips where we took 75 trips for skiing and provided book bags and christmas events where we provide hundreds of bikes as well as brand-new toys and we continue to try to encourage the youth and show them that there is a way. >> who inspired you, nehemiah to do this today. >> my mom. she constantly tells me, son, we need to do this and we need to do that. eventually it stuck and now we have up and coming free violin programs for inner city youth and everything just to continue to show people it's possible if you're committed. >> where do you see yourself being and becoming you know 10 20, 30 years down the road? >> i want to be known as a fill philanthropist who created jobs for people and made a difference
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ultimately. >> tell me how you found out about the award. >> my mentor told me the day before. he said i think you should be a community leader. i said okay. she sent me the information and i said i don't think i'm going to do it because people have been voting for two weeks. actually your voting starts tomorrow so literally i heard about this one day before and we got enough votes to get through to the final round and hopefully we'll bring this award back to philly. this isn't just my award and this is our award that will allow us to create further impact to philadelphia. >> which is why you're here. you can vote for nehemiah for best community leader and you can do it tomorrow. that's the only voting day. so it's a one-day deal and you can select nehemiah from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and go to nbc or check out the nbc 10 app and it's there, as well and we'll have a link there for you. we're proud of you, man. you're doing great things and
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appreciate the work you're doing in the neighborhood. >> thank you so much. steamy and stormy. we can't get a break from this hot and humid weather. here is a live look at center city philadelphia. it does look muggy out there. bill henley is tracking our chances for storms all this week. and the cleanup is under way after millions of gallons of water gushed into a west philadelphia neighborhood. a live report and update on the repair work that's being done straight ahead.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> steamy and stormy conditions today. here is a live look outside now at cape may. parts of the jersey shore saw heavy storms earlier this morning. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley is now with our forecast. hey, bill. >> vai, those are really big storms and you can see them on
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the radar and look at them sweeping through cape may just short of the atlantic city area and you heard the thunder and the lightning. those stores are now offshore and we're watching for more storm development this afternoon and it hasn't happened yet and it will be spottier than what we saw first thing this morning. it's the temperatures that are taking off and upper 70s in pottstown and doylestown. trenton, wilmington all in the low 80s. at the shore right on the beach, clouds are there, but it's still quite warm for north wildwood and cape may at the airport, 71 in sea isle city and inland wood vine is getting close to the 80-degree mark and it will be into the 80s, northfield not far away and 75 degrees in atlantic city at the marina. so keep an eye on the sky and still a possibility for more showers and thunderstorms as we go into the afternoon and evening hours and quiet at 1:00 and 87 degrees and by 4:00 in philadelphia, near 90 could hit 90 degrees this afternoon and if
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we do it again tomorrow we have our first heat wave of the year. take a look at the seven day and i'll show you exactly what i'm expecting when i come back. the clean-up process continues after this massive water main break in west philadelphia yesterday. nbc 10's rosemary connors is live. it looks like it's much improved in 24 hours. >> reporter: there has been some progress made for sure vai, but they still have a long way to go. here is a close-up look at this water main break in west philadelphia. this is on 52nd street between wyalosing and westminster. a large section of the 36-inch main has been removed and that just happened within the past few minutes and you see where the crack happened right down the middle of it. at the moment water department crews are out here and they're working to pump out the water and remove the debris so they can get a really good look at problem and figure out how they're going to repair it. no doubt this is going to take all day today, if not tomorrow and through the week. we want to show you that video
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against rushing water coming down 52nd street. this happened in the morning and quite a rude awakening for the residents. 10 million gallons of water lost yesterday. that number has been updated by the water department. to put that into perspective, of every day the city of philadelphia uses approximately 200 million gallons of water. in terms of the residents out here they of course have been affected. if you come back out here live to our shot. if you take a look at these homes right in front of the water main break. nine homes. these were the houses initially affected and water in the basement and they've had the electric turned off by pico and the gas line underneath the ground. so today the water department is going to be going door to door to make sure that people fill out claims and yesterday the water department was out here pumping out water from people's basements so they can get back into their houses later on. again, this work will take much
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of the day today if not all day and most likely through tomorrow. we are going to stay out here and we'll continue to get some updates from the water department. what we're working on is to find out what this water main on the water department's radar. was there any indication that this break could have happened? we'll have details in the afternoon starts at 4:00. wort reporting live in west philadelphia, i'm rosemary connor, nbc 10 news. checking out the top stories. fire marshals and multiple agencies are searching for the cause of an overnight fire. one person is dead and four others are hurt. investigators are looking into what caused that fire. right now investigators are looking into what started this house fire overnight in philadelphia's german town section. it started in the duplex on sherman street just before spreading to two other homes. the family that lives in the home where the fire started is out of town and the people inside one of the other homes that were -- that burned escaped without injury.
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>> and a police chase overnight through burks and montgomery counties ends with two state troopers hurt and the suspect behind bars. the suspect hit them with his car and then drove after he drove over a spike strip near trap road and royersburg. right now former florida governor jeb bush is preparing for a big announcement. he's expected to announce his run in miami. edward lawrence has a preview. >> reporter: former governor jeb bush hopes his announcement will launch his name to the top of the list as the potential republican presidential nominee. he now has to beat ten others who already officially announced. >> i'm going to be who i am. i'm not going to change who i am. >> the bush campaign released this ad to jump-start his announcement. >> this is what leadership is about. it's not just yapping about things. the buzz about bush officially running for president has the republican establishment talking. >> jeb bush, of course was a superb governor and did a grade job and was the education
11:35 am
governor that people across the country looked to and he's a very strong contender in this of course. >> reporter: meanwhile, hillary clinton re-introduced herself to voters in iowa. she hopes voters forget her third-place finish in that state in 2008. >> i'm running for president to make our economy work for you and for every american. >> reporter: but monday will be jeb bush's day and he hopes it will be one republican voters remember at the polls. the bush campaign is branding itself with the candidate's first name jeb to distance him from his brother's presidency. in washington edward lawrence nbc news. former president bill clinton will be in philadelphia today. he's delivering the opening speech at the inaugural click ideas exchange. it's basically a big convention to talk about new technologies in the health care industry. last week the former president said he will stop giving paid speeches if his wife wins the presidency. critics have hounded the clintons about how much money they've made from speaking engagements. >> more than a dozen officers in
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texas are off the job two days after their headquarters came under attack. a man sprayed the dallas police building with gun fire planted firebombs and rammed a police car with an armored vehicle. a sniper later killed that gunman and no officers were injured and 14 police officers have been placed on leave while investigators dig deeper into the case. the same gunman was reportedly arrested two years ago after threatening to shoot up churches and schools. new video of a gas line rupture in texas that created a giant fireball. officials say the gas line ruptured about two hours outside of san antonio around 8:00. last night, seven homes were e vanning ratewaited as a precaution and no one was hurt. a water tower tumbles to the ground in dallas. a demolition crew toppled a tower sending it crashing down in plano. crews used torches to cut the metal scombas alal base and down it
11:37 am
went. the water tower was built in 1995, but hasn't been used in five years. it was demolished to make room for a new development. a protest is planned against a leader of a naacp chapter whose racial identity has sparked outrage. rachel dolezal leads the spokane chapter. her parents who are white have said that their water misled people for years and pretended to be black. this morning on the "today" show her parents spoke with savannah guthrie about the controversy. >> rachel has not wanted to talk to us and she's distanced herself from us made it very clear she does not want us around or in communication with her. >> we're always ready as parents to forgive and move on. >> dolezal canceled tonight's meeting saying she first needs to speak with regional and national leaders. the naacp says racial identity is not a qualifying or disqualifying standard for naacp
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leadership. clean-up operations began today in the nation of georgia where 12 people drowned over the weekend. at least ten others are still missing. the flash flooding received international attention because intense floodwaters swept over the city zoo, and a number of animals escaped. some others drowned. a lion a boar and a tiger along with six wolves died in the flood. three zoo employees also drowned while trying to help the animals. and we have video in from france where flames ripped through a historic cathedral this morning. mass was under way at the 19th century basilica when the fire started, but everyone did make it out okay. workers on the roof apparently started this fire. los angeles is the latest city to approve a minimum wage of $15 an hour and it looks like that's going to be a hot topic on the presidential campaign trail. experts say the pressure will be there to spread to other states and in particular big cities across the country. they are now 29 states in
11:39 am
washington d.c. with the wage higher than the federal minimum of $7.25 an hour. congressional democrats unveiled their plan to hike the federal minimum wage to $12 by 2020 and here's what the minimum wage rates stand in our area. new jersey is the highest at $8.25. delaware just raised theirs this month to $8.25. pennsylvania's is lowest of the three at $7.25 which is the federal minimum. governor wolf has said that raising the state's minimum wage is one of his priorities and right now lawmakers are considering a bill that would raise the rate to $10.10 an hour over the course of two years. one of philadelphia's most struggling neighborhoods is making a comeback. mantua is one of the original promise zonesic. ed by president obama to funnel resources into four area job creation and economic activity and educational opportunities and crime reduction. nbc's -- nbc 10 katy zachary
11:40 am
spent time with them to show us the changes. >> some programs are in the works and they will take some time, but things are happening in and around mantua and people are noticing. >> kine is one of a dozen artists who gets free space in the heart of mantua one of philadelphia's most struggling neighborhoods. >> people in this community are amazing and super talented. >> she was chosen as part of the neighborhood time exchange a program that's taken off since mantua and the surrounding four neighborhoods were named by president obama as a promise zone. it means organizations can apply for federal funding and those grants are fast tracked. >> the change is gradual and very slow, and you know there have been some small projects that have been implemented. >> reporter: there's been a community garden that's gone up as well as projects with schools, neighborhoods and murals. small change that's already making a difference. >> when you think about it just having anything like this will
11:41 am
beautify the neighborhood. >> reporter: once a week the community will meet with the artists to request certain projects and that's how improvements have so far been made to neighborhood blocks and schools. reporting along the promise zone, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. queen elizabeth, prince william celebrated the anniversary of the magna carta. he sealed the original document in 1215. the magna carta is seen as a foundation of democracy for both britain and the u.s. clouds overhead temperatures are taking off and we're getting some sunshine which may lead to more starts but we will getmore weather ahead and i'll tell you what to expect with the seven day when we come right back.
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this is nbc 10 news. the widow of 60 minutes' correspondent bob simon is suing the limo driver for death of her husband. 73-year-old simon died when the limo he was driving in crashed in manhattan. simon's death could have been avoided if someone else was driving. according to the lawsuit the driver was convicted for speeding twice and had his license revoked nine times. the lawsuit seeks an unspecified aim of punitive damages. target is selling its pharmacy and clinics business
11:45 am
forrer inially $2 billion. the 1600 target pharmacies will now be branded a cvs tomorrow see. this affects any target stores currently under construction. the 80 clinic looks will be rebranded as minute clinic. cvs health plans to open 20 new clinics within the next three years. a new report shows the average married couple pays 80% more for car insurance after adding a teen driver to the policy. they cause the highest spike in premiums. the highest state to ensure a teen is new hampshire where the average premium jumps 115%. temperatures are rising and so is your electric bill. you probably know that. the energy administration expects a typical u.s. residential electricity bill to go up 5% this summer. experts say using fans closing your curtains and programming your thermostat can all help
11:46 am
lower your bill. many students are already enjoying their summer vacations and some are just days away from the last day of skal. it's important to stay sharp in the summer months. students who read six or more books over their summer vacation can prevent summer slide, and even make gains in their reading levels. the free library of philadelphia is committed to their success. today is the start of the summer of wonder. and here to tell us about that is rachel freed from the free library of philadelphia. rachel welcome. >> hi. >> tell us about this program and what kind of activities are available to the kids. >> thank you so much for having me. today kicks off the eight weeks of the summer reading game and we've titled it the summer of wonder, a nod to the 150th anniversary of alice's adventures in wonderland. we've created eight weeks of programming for all of the libraries focused on themes of exploration and creativity and really sort of being curious.
11:47 am
so today we'll start the amazing maze magnets and next week is balloon races and after that is i believe, 3d drawing and we have other great stuff all summer long. >> there is something here for everybody. >> for someone who hasn't been to the free library in a while or hasn't been there, heaven forbid, tell us about some of the activities that you guys provide. >> we've got so much great stuff, in addition to our award-winning author events and the culinary literacy center we partnered with local organizations this summer including spiral cute puppet theater and art reach to do really engaging art programs and humanities program with children and it will be doing art programs and there will be something for everybody. >> we charted about this during the break, about your author series where people come in and it's really fantastic, but for parents who are raising children it's hard for them to read because they've got all of the devices, what kind of advice would you give parents to help
11:48 am
their kids you know gain a love of reading books? >> the best advice i could give anybody is go with what your child is interested in. if you're trying to you know it's not like -- summer reading. it's really about what makes your kid happy? is your kid into animals? we have great non-fiction sections everywhere. >> if your kids like sports. tons of sports books. don't force things on them that they don't like. >> don't tell them they can't read something. it's summer. it's fun and there are graphic novels and comic books and all kinds of great stuff at every library in the city. >> for more information on the summer of wonder summer reading program just head to our or check out the nbc 10 app and rachel freed, good luck and i hope you get tons more kids reading book. >> that would be great. >> thank you. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> good stay to stay inside in
11:49 am
air conditioning and grab a good book. look at the clouds overhead. steamy conditions. the temperatures are being held back by these clouds and we get some breaks of sunshine and we're up around 90 degrees this afternoon and right now it's 82 degrees and the humidity is 65% and the wind now at 12 miles an hour. storms first thing this morning at the shore right now is drying out on beach avenue and not much of a shore day today and it will be warm sunshine pretty much on hold and 81 in northeast philadelphia. trenton reporting 82 degrees and still some 70s north and west and very close to the 80-degree mark in quakertown and redding. cape may, 75 degrees and plenty of low 80s and fairly uniform temperatures this morning thanks to the cloud cover. the first storms of the day are gone. now we're watching the radar screen for more development today, and even more likely we'll see storms later tomorrow from this cold front which is going to be moving in and could give us some severe weather
11:50 am
tomorrow afternoon. the future clouds and rain shows that line of storms late tonight, and we'll be moving through the ohio valley and we'll see clouds and a steamy night tonight and we could start with fog tomorrow morning and noon time tomorrow you can see the line making its progress toward our area and this is the line that could produce strong storms and severe weather is a potential tomorrow afternoon and it looks like it will be timed for the early evening commute in philadelphia and it will move to new jersey at 6:00 in the evening. watch to the sky for a chance of strong thunderstorms today. just a marginal risk today for severe weather, but it's an increased risk tomorrow afternoon with that line of storms that will be moving in during the afternoon, and with it heavy downpours and damaging winds are a possibility for tomorrow. for today, spotty showers are possible, but most of the day it's going to be hot and humid. afternoon temperatures in the upper 80s to low 90s with winds
11:51 am
to 15 miles an hour today. a little bit hotter and a bit more humid tomorrow and 92 degrees we'll feel like it's in the middle 90s or above and after a quiet morning we'll see those storms roll through and then we get a break and finally really nice weather ahead for wednesday and the humidity comes way down and the temperature is much closer to normal and 67 in the morning and 83 in the afternoon and we'll start today in the cool zone and a chance of showers later on thursday. showers take a break on friday and are likely to return for part of the weekend especially on saturday and into sunday. by sunday afternoon we're clearing out and heating up too, up to 93 degrees. we'll be right back.
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don't miss out, nbc 10 and nbc universal are giving away money and they're giving it away to local non-profit organizations and it's all part of a project called 21st century solutions and they're implementing new and innovative programs and plan our website at nbc and the deadline is coming up quick, july 3rd. coming up this afternoon is "ellen" and oscar-winning
11:55 am
actress cate blanchett and new this afternoon first look nbc 10 shows you the newest spot in our area where patients will have access to medical marijuana. we'll walk through the steps and the requirements before anyone can get their hands on it this afternoon at nbc 10 news at 4:00. hot and humid today and we found out that students and staff at hamilton square schools at hamilton township mercer county and they'll be dismissed because of the heat and middle schools and elementary will skoos ryary schools will be at 1:15 and they're glad. >> to get out and enjoy it. >> we would have loved that when we were growing up. >> it would be a steamy afternoon and not as hot as what we saw in the end of last week and we'll be approaching those levels for tomorrow and that steaminess could turn stormy in some areas this afternoon and that's a live view of the pocono mountains from camelback and we see sunshine and just a few
11:56 am
passing clouds and no storms in the pocono mountains and none at the shore and the clouds are hanging in there and we saw big thunderstorms roll through first thing this morning and just a chance of scattered thunderstorms popping up this afternoon. the clouds continue to blow through the area and you can see some breaks of sunshine. right now it's just cloudy skies over philadelphia, but in spite of all these clouds and not much to show you on the radar just yet and we'll be watching that this afternoon and just warmed up now, 83 degrees in wilmington trenton and now reporting 83 and it's up to 84 in toms river. the humidity is high in all of these locations and northeast philadelphia and south philadelphia at 81 degrees and right along the delaware river trail at 79 degrees and they're making some progress and we'll be up to 87 degrees at 1:00 and flirting with 90 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. we hit 90 yesterday and if we hit it today i think it's almost definite that we'll hit it tomorrow and that could potentially be the first heat wave of the year and today is still the question mark for this
11:57 am
afternoon. >> i figured out why kids are so in love with meteorologists. they get to get out of school. i'm vai sikahema for bill henley, from all of us here, have a great day.
11:58 am
♪ i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life state farm is there.
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>> theresa: you know, i think that both of us committing to staying here in salem for a year is a good thing. we could get to know each other in a whole new way and it could be a new beginning for us. >> brady: oh, that's exactly what it's gonna be but not in the way that you think. >> theresa: what does that mean? >> brady: it means that i've been putting up with your lies and your interference in my life for way too lo. but now, hey, it's all gonna change. >> theresa: you know what, brady, if this is your idea of co-parenting, you didn't read the same article that i did. >> brady: it's over, theresa. we're done. >> theresa: what? >> brady: you're done. >> theresa: just because you got me to sign some piece of paper that says i'm not gonna leave salem for a year? you know, there's still custody and visitation and child support to work out, brady, and if you think that my lawyer is gonna let you walk all over me, you-- >> brady: stop! i'm gonna be completely reasonable. i'm gonna be reasonable when it comes to tate. you


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