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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  June 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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right now in delaware county, police are investigating a violent home invasion. we are told several men robbed a woman and roughed her up this afternoon. this is video from that scene. >> nbc 10's harry hairston is in marple township. what are police telling you? >> reporter: let me just tell you, first of all, just moments ago a woman identified herself as the mother of one of the suspects came here to the marple township police station. she went inside to talk to detectives telling me that her son was arrested in connection with this. police believe the family that was -- the family that was robbed, they were targeted. they say it's an asian family and they have had a history of asians who own businesses living here and being targeted and robbed. it all happened just around 1:00. cops are telling me about four men arrived with a gun, busted their way into that home and -- this marple township home. it was first called out as an assault, possibly a robbery. a 17-year-old was pistol-whipped
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according to police and the bedroom, the master bedroom, was ransacked. they were all looking for a safe and they told the woman she had better tell them where the safe is as they threatened her life. >> they tell her either she opens the safe or she's going to be killed. she opens the safe. they take the contents of the safe, they tie the two victims up with makeshift items that were there in the house. some bed linens some extension cords, whatever they had available to them they tied them up and they left. >> reporter: now, quick work by police nabbed three of the four suspects. i'm told the suspects took off in a separate vehicle. within 20 minutes after this event took place, one of the officers here in marple township spotted that silver vehicle, chased it down. all four of the men jumped out, three of them taken into custody.
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one gotten away. police recovered the weapon that was used and also recovered thousands of dollars and a lot of gold jewelry. right now the investigation is continuing and they are still looking for that fourth suspect. harry hairston, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> starting the work week hot and steamy. nbc 10 cameras caught these philadelphia firefighters trying to keep cool after battling a fire this morning in west kensington. >> the water so necessary. nbc 10 first alert radar is keeping an eye on the possibility of showers this evening. these are not severe storms like many areas saw last night but these storms could pop up at any time. >> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz joins us now. no wonder philly schools decided on early dismissal for tomorrow. >> yeah. it's not just the temperature as usual, it's the humidity combined and the two combined will be probably as high as about 97 degrees, 98 degrees
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tomorrow. one area got a little bit more relief, the pocono mountains, and they are also getting some showers in that area right now. we can see the basic radar showing so much activity right around new york city. there's another cluster that's headed toward washington and in between, we're in kind of a lull. that's why there's not a lot of showers around. there's the one that's pretty significant, northampton county just east of allentown. you can see how it's moving toward the southeast and go right into near the easton area. but the temperatures now are in the upper 80s, even hotter tomorrow. tell you how hot and how long it's going to stay that way with the seven-day in a few minutes. philadelphia public schools will dismiss early at noon tomorrow because of the expected high temperatures. the school district made that announcement within the past 30
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minutes. schools with a graduation ceremony scheduled for tomorrow have the option to remain open for those ceremonies. parents should contact schools directly, though, to confirm graduation schedules. right now repairs continue after this water main break sent a river of water, mud and debris right through the streets of west philadelphia and right into homes. >> that's right. it knocked out power to dozens of residents. nbc 10's rosemary connors is live at the scene. the repairs are really taking a toll on that community. >> reporter: absolutely. despite the fact that there is a massive hole in the middle of 52nd street the water has always been on in the neighborhood. the real issue in terms of utilities is electric and gas. right now between 20 and 30 households are without it. while these crews out here continue to make some progress fixing the problem and finding the exact cause, residents are trying to get their lives back to normal. >> it was like a tidal wave. >> reporter: the rush of water
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rocked parked cars from their spots and flooded them fast. keisha woke up sunday to find her family's car, seen in this picture, washed out. >> you would think the pipes would be fine but to hear this pipe was 130 years old, come on. >> reporter: water department crews certainly had their work cut out for them. the rupture came without warning. a regular inspection of this cast iron pipe two weeks ago turned up nothing. now storage basements are soaked and hanging out on the front porch in this summertime heat seems to be the only place neighbors can get any relief. >> yesterday for about two or three hours we was outside with no utilities at all. no water, no gas, no electric. no nothing at all. >> we can't turn the electric back on because you have to get an underwriter to inspect your electric work. >> reporter: he and his wife gwen have learned that peco's policy when it comes to these kind of flooding catastrophes is
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that the homeowner must hire a licensed electrician to inspect the damage and then a third party underwriter to make sure it's safe to turn the power on. >> i said who's going to pay for this? he looked at me and said you will have to pay for it. >> reporter: i did reach out to peco to find if they might have some kind of assistance program to help out these neighbors, many of whom are on fixed incomes and paying for an electrician up front can be a costly thing. unfortunately, peco does not. they are hoping these folks may be able to get some help from the water department or from their homeowners insurance. rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. new at 5:00 if you live in an area impacted by hurricane sandy you may have recently received letters from lawyers offering to help reopen a flood insurance claim in the wake of a massive review by fema. >> those working to help the thousands of people still struggling to rebuild their lives might want to wait before signing on with the for-profit attorney. they gave that advice today to
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storm survivors who believe they were underpaid by their insurance companies. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg is live in lacey township. ted? >> reporter: officials say the rush to recover from sandy resulted in a lot of costly mistakes that have kept people out of their homes. now in the claims review process they are urging storm victims to take their time. >> not enough to rebuild. >> reporter: the long road to recovery after hurricane sandy has henry and judy spending their days and nights in this camper outside their damaged house in lacey township. the couple says they were short-changed on flood insurance money that they deserved. >> it's been almost three years now. we're living in a fifth wheel and it's getting a little old. >> i know people are skeptical. >> reporter: senator robert menendez promised sandy victims at this special informational clinic today in brick township that fema's process of taking a second look at flood insurance
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claims will be efficient, without people being bounced around from one fema employee to another. >> the person who gets assigned to you is the person who lives with you until the end of the process. >> reporter: following allegations of widespread lowballing of claims and fraudulently manipulated damage assessments by insurance companies, fema began sending letters to more than 140,000 homeowners last month asking if they wanted their claims looked at again. officials say of those who have responded, close to 70% were deemed eligible for further review. >> what is the most common question that you are hearing? >> should i open up a claim or not. and there are 100 different answers. >> reporter: those advocating for sandy survivors are urging them not to rush the process. that includes possibly signing up with for-profit lawyers who are actively soliciting storm victims. >> unfortunately, when they sign up it means that they're signing over on average 30% of any new additional funding that they
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get. >> reporter: experts say the process is set up in a way that people don't need to hire attorneys but they point out that nonprofit organizations are offering legal assistance for free. i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> thank you very much. a north carolina beach back open today after two teens lost their left arms in separate shark attacks yesterday. the attacks happened about an hour apart on a popular oak island and that's where nbc's dave wagner brings us the latest. >> reporter: on a brutally hot sunday, the oak island north carolina surf was teeming with swimmers including a 12-year-old girl who was viciously attacked by a shark. a little more than an hour later, and just 50 blocks away a 16-year-old boy was attacked. >> serious bleeding. >> i see it.
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>> is he alert right now? >> reporter: both victims lost their left arms. >> i never treated anything like this. to inflict that kind of damage it would have to be a relatively large shark. >> reporter: the state, where there were just four shark attacks last year there have been three in just four days this year. including a 13-year-old girl who was attacked on her boogey board 30 miles to the south in ocean isle. >> there is always that slight chance. you hear about it on the news and what not. i never thought i had a definite fear. you see movies and all that. i was okay to get in the water yesterday all the way up to my neck. now it's definitely there, it's real. >> reporter: the attacks are keeping beach goers in ankle-deep water. >> i'm probably not going to go very deep because we heard about the shark. we don't want to go out there. >> reporter: you guys wish you could go in the water? >> yes. >> reporter: while officials keep a lookout, shark fishing continues on the end of the town pier. >> we have had unconfirmed
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reports of chumming for sharks and shark fishing. at this time we don't believe we can actually stop that. >> reporter: bringing sharks and beach goers closer together. >> we can't control what's out in the ocean. the beaches are open. >> reporter: open but for some too ominous to venture back into the water. this part of the atlantic is kind of like an interstate for sharks. they range from bull and tiger sharks to hammerheads, even great whites. at this point, we still don't know what attacked these kids. dave wagner, nbc news. marine biologists and beach patrol units up and down the jersey shore calming fears today. they say it's been almost 100 years since someone died of a shark bite in the new jersey surf. mako, blue shark and thresher sharks will travel north to delaware and new jersey when the water temperature warms in august but usually stay miles off the coast. beach patrol units are always keeping an eye out.
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>> you're playing in the water, splashing around having fun, some things do attract sharks. sharks will look for someone by themselves. always swim together. that's a good idea for general safety. >> when a shark bites a person experts say it's a case of mistaken identity. they really have no interest in humans as prey. for towns all along the jersey shore, the warmer it gets, the better business gets. so you would think the red carpet would be rolled out for as many visitors as possible. not exactly. wait until you hear why the mayor of one beach town actually closed off the area to traffic. keeping the promise to cut crime and grow jobs. philadelphia's mantua section was targeted as a promise zone by the president but is it working? we go back to the community a year and a half into the project. danger out in the open. we know how deadly skin cancer can be. now new research is exposing a growing threat for one gender.
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now to decision 2016. he's best known as the brother of one former president and the son of another. now jeb bush is seeking the highest office in the land. the former florida governor made his former declaration in the sunshine state. he is a spanish speaker married to a latina.
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his campaign video casts him as a champion of minorities and the working class. >> we made florida number one in job creation and number one in small business creation. 1.3 million new jobs. >> jeb's backers believe it will be a tough fight and say jeb bush looks likely to lose the first primary contest in conservative iowa. here's a look at the field for the republican presidential nomination. there are ten candidates who have previously declared they're running. on the other side of things the democratic race is much smaller at the moment. there are currently four candidates competing for the presidential nomination. to this now. former republican presidential candidate mitt romney's opening up about why he thinks he lost the 2012 race. he says his biggest mistake was not focusing very early on minority voters. he says republican policies are designed to help people get out of poverty and to see rising incomes. romney made these comments while
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appearing on nbc's "meet the press." new information about general motors' massive recall over faulty ignition switches. today we learned three more people died from those bad ignitions, bringing the total amount of deaths to 114. victims' families are being offered at least $1 million each. gm also said the total was 29. they admitted they knew about the ignition switch problems for more than a decade. the body of a 2-year-old girl has been found in the woods of a pittsburgh suburb. investigators say a dog walker found the body last night in a shallow ravine. the girl's family reported her missing just before -- just hours before. police believe the child was killed somewhere else. investigators don't think she was kidnapped by a stranger. they are treating it as a homicide.
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new at 5:00 dozens of children with rare medical conditions are in washington today pushing congress for help. they want legislators to pass a law called the ace kids act to help kids with complex diseases who rely on medicaid for access to a number of hospitals in various states. grace hendrix has a debilitating degenerative neuromuscular disorder. her mother works in the children's hospital of philadelphia. >> i am a very hard person to care for and anything to make it easier is a win in my book. >> the law would create a network of children's hospitals to work together across state lines. the hope is to reduce the burden on families and save taxpayer dollars. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist
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glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well another hot day in this hot stretch that we're in. we didn't quite make it a heat wave because saturday only got to 88 degrees but we got a hot and steamy pattern, no doubt about it. one more day of it before we get relief. scattered showers around during the afternoon today and a stormier day during tomorrow. we have a mix of clouds and sun out there, 88 degrees officially in philadelphia. the winds southwest at 13 miles an hour. and we hit 92 thursday 95 friday. there's that 88 on saturday. we went up to 90 yesterday, had some pretty big storms last night and then today, so far, 88 degrees but when the official high comes, i think it will be higher than that in between hours. 89 degrees in northeast philadelphia, 76 in mt. pocono.
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they've had some showers around there. 88 in georgetown one of the warm spots as well. look at all this cluster of showers and even some thunderstorms right near new york city north jersey. the edge of this is up in the poconos. we have another cluster down by washington, d.c. this is coming through the poconos and into the lehigh valley. allentown, just barely missing it. bethlehem getting into it a little bit. easton getting some rain. some of this is now coming into the northern portion of bucks county and it's a pretty heavy shower going into holland. we're not seeing lightning with this at least at the moment. we will keep our eye on that. there's a lot more lightning and bigger storms back to the west and some of that activity will be moving in tomorrow. our future cast hour by hour shows a couple of those showers and maybe even thunderstorms over the next few hours but then
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everything dies out once the sun goes down and we are left with dry conditions for the rest of the night. then as the heat and humidity builds tomorrow and a front approaches, we will see the showers pop up in the afternoon and then get strong at times. we saw some of those red areas get some big downpours tomorrow and strong gusty winds with some of these storms as you can see. there's 4:00 and the front that's coming through right in that area. another area with a lot of rain just about to come onshore in texas. this could become tropical storm bill in the next 24 hours and some of that moisture could eventually affect us by the weekend. for tonight, warm and humid with a chance of a shower. 75 degrees for the low in philadelphia. tomorrow hot and humid, scattered thunderstorms mainly during the afternoon. high temperatures into the low 90s. it will feel like it's more upper 90s with the high humidity
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but lower humidity on wednesday and the showers and storms return thursday. then we get another break friday and then some of that moisture from the gulf of mexico could affect us over the weekend. taking a live look at the jersey shore in cape may, with so many people hitting the beaches for fun in the sun, it's important to remember to put on sun screen to protect against the sun's harmful rays. we can't say it enough. new research out today shows men are less likely to wear sun screen than women. >> that could be taking a serious toll on our health. according to the skin cancer foundation young men account for 40% of melanoma cases but more than 60% of melanoma deaths. there's a misconception that sun screen is greasy and causes acne. dermatologist jorge garcia says most of the products nowadays have spf 30 in a facial miss moisturizer form.
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he says men over 45 need to be especially careful. >> it's very very common in men usually over 45 especially people who don't use sun screen and work outside a lot. >> the doctor suggests using sun screen as an aftershave lotion each morning before heading out to make it part of your daily routine. today marks ten days since two convicted killers escaped prison. an all-out manhunt continues and we are learning more about the person accused of helping them break out of jail. why a tailor played a key role in their plan. call it sticker shock for some parents. many teenaged drivers are on their family's insurance plan. we take a look at the insurance increase in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware.
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how about this now. adding your teenaged son to your car insurance will cost way more than adding your teenaged daughter according to a new study by insurance adding a teenaged boy to the policy will increase premiums by 96%. compare that to adding a teenaged girl to your policy rates will only increase on average about 67%. what about where you live? in pennsylvania the average increase of adding a teenaged driver increases rates by 83%. in delaware it's 78%.
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in new jersey, 70%. new details about a deadly police shooting in philadelphia. >> the district attorney's office did not charge the officers after the december shootout but new information about the case emerged. nbc 10's deanna durante is live. >> reporter: the district attorney's office saying he won't reopen that case. we will tell you more, straight ahead. also ahead, no more visitors. a jersey shore town closed the main drag to traffic this weekend. the mayor says despite plenty of activities and great weather, something had to give.
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right now at 5:30 a steamy end to the work day. here's a live look at boathouse row. after another day of summer-like temperatures, any time spent near the water makes quite the difference. >> it really does. we are also tracking some showers out there right now. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz has new details about tonight. >> tremendous majority of us not getting rained on but some folks are right now. we'll show that to you. we have a mix of clouds and sun across the area now and just about everybody is kind of hot and humid. we have one cluster of storms in north jersey near new york city. another cluster headed to washington, d.c. in between, it's kind of a lull. on the edge of that lull from the lehigh valley and the poconos, we do have some showers. some of them on the heavier side
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that continue to move from northwest to southeast. it's missed allentown but has gotten into easton pennsylvania, lower saucon township. some of these showers getting a little heavier here. but the temperatures are still high and not getting much relief. 89 degrees in northeast philly 88 degrees in philadelphia. but even hotter and more humid tomorrow. i'll have those numbers and the timing on the storms with the seven-day in a few minutes. new at 5:00 philadelphia police are looking for the man who robbed a 7-eleven in norristown over the weekend. take a look at these surveillance photos. on sunday just before 6:00 a.m. police say this man walked into the store on sandy street with a gun. investigators want you to pay close attention to what he's wearing. there is some striping on his hoodie with some sort of light colored logo on the back. his sneakers are bright blue and
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black. if you recognize him, police naturally want to hear from you. also a 2-year-old boy has severe injuries after being hit by a car backing out of a driveway in ocean county. the lakewood scoop was on the scene this morning. witnesses tell the people a neighbor was behind the wheel and stopped to let a group of children pass. they say the boy ran back behind the car and was hit. police have not filed any charges. new information tonight about the police shooting that killed a philadelphia man. it was back in december that 26-year-old brandon tate-brown was shot to death by officers who feared for their lives. police say tate-brown's dna was on the gun found inside that car. >> today, despite new pressure from the victim's family the district attorney's office said it won't reopen the case. nbc 10's deanna durante has been following this case. she is live in center city. >> reporter: the district attorney says that brandon jonon tate-brown was because he put two officers' lives in danger as
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well as civilians at the scene that night. that's why he's saying he will not reopen this case. >> seth williams you are here to protect we the people. >> reporter: family members of tate-brown are renewing calls for another investigation into his shooting. he was shot once in the head back in december after a traffic stop. police say brown was asked to get out of the car and broke free several times and investigators spotted the gun in the car. the mayor's office last week released witness reports civilians who saw the struggle and the shooting. they accused police of a coverup after preliminary information was defended. >> the initial information we provided on the night of the incident as well as shortly thereafter was to provide as much information as we could based on what we knew at the time. >> reporter: the investigation determined tate-brown hadn't reached for the weapon. instead he was running back to the car where the gun was when he was shot. the d.a. says the shooting was not criminal because tate-brown put the lives of officers and
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civilians at the scene in danger. >> he would have not taken a chance to go to jail or be killed. he was happy with his life. >> reporter: the lawyer for the tate-brown family has filed a civil suit against the city and says it has information that contradicts the police investigation. >> let the courts deal with it. that's exactly what we'll do. we'll cooperate with any investigation. >> reporter: because of tate-brown's past criminal record he was not permitted to be in possession of a weapon. the lawyer for the family is disputing whether or not that weapon was in the car. also, other evidence he says at the scene. the police commissioner says all that can play out during the civil case. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. a guilty plea today from a philadelphia day care worker accused of leaving five children inside a car while she went shopping. in a plea deal karen thompson admitted to disorderly conduct. in exchange prosecutors
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withdrew child endangerment charges. police arrested thompson last july. investigators say she left the young children in her car while she went inside a port richmond shop-rite. two of the children were infants. according to investigators the kids were in that car for at least 30 minutes but were not seriously hurt. philadelphia police need help finding this man. he's wanted for robbing a popular olde city restaurant just before 5:00 a.m. on friday. he was caught on surveillance cameras pulling up to the restaurant at fourth and chestnut streets. he used a key to get inside and then emptied the registers. he tried to rip one of the register doors off the counter but couldn't do it. if he looks familiar, call police. a florida doctor charged with corruption alongside new jersey senator bob menendez is back in jail. so far, the judge is refusing to set a bond for the doctor's foreign assets. the case is separate from the one he faces with menendez. this case claims the eye doctor
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used his medical practice to commit massive medicare fraud. new at 5:00 the third anniversary of a federal program that is eliminating fears of deportation for hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants. the deferred action for childhood arrivals was launched by president barack obama in 2012. it allows young people who came to america illegally to work and receive a social security number. >> when people ask me where do i come from i can proudly say i'm from mexico. there were times when i would avoid the question. i can apply for university. i can reach my dreams. i can pursue them. i'm no longer tied no longer bounded by fear. >> more than 638,000 young people have applied for the program. that is the rate of 1700 people a day. one of philadelphia's struggling neighborhoods is making a comeback now. mantua is one of the original
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promise zones picked by president obama to funnel resources into four areas, job creation, economic activity educational opportunities and crime reduction. as a promise zone organizations in mantua can apply for federal funding and those grants are fast tracked. kamea gets free studio space in the heart of mantua. death star was chosen as part of the neighborhood time exchange. it's just one program that has taken off here since mantua was named a promise zone. >> the people in this community are amazing, super talented. >> think about it. just having anything like this will beautify the neighborhood. >> there are a number of new projects with schools, neighborhoods and murals. once a week the community meets with artists to request projects. president obama also named camden as a promise zone last month. the president toured the camden county police department's real-time tactical intelligence center.
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president obama took note of camden's improved crime rate increased patrols and the relationships that officers are building with the community. new at 5:00 a road closure in montgomery county. starting today, church road is closed between serpentine lane and cheltenham drive. peco and penndot are working to install a gas main. church road will close from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. through mid-august. during that time expect traffic delays and detours. today marks ten days since two violent criminals escaped from a new york state prison. next new information about how they escaped from the person accused of helping them out. what a prison tailor is saying about her connection to those escaped inmates. and you are looking at the future. this drawing represents what could soon take the place of a philadelphia parking lot. what's being planned for broad and washington streets.
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today is elder awareness abuse day. up and down the state of delaware, the state department of justice hosted sessions like this one at sacred heart village in wilmington. experts tried to help our older neighbors find the resources they need and they told them what to keep an eye out for. they want to make sure these older individuals don't open themselves up to scammers. >> 55% of the frauds done on people over 65 are done by family and people [ inaudible ]. >> one in ten older americans who live at home become victims of elder exploitation and abuse. they say only one out of every 24 cases ever gets reported. as part of elder abuse day, officials want you to be on the lookout for scams targeting
5:42 pm
seniors. most notably, telemarketing scams. never give a telemarketer your personal information and never agree to buy anything over the phone. if they pressure you, hang up. be careful of so-called free lunch financial seminars. if you may be interested instead get a business card and research what was presented to you. for a digital exclusive story, a big proposal for an open lot in the heart of philadelphia. a plan is in the works to replace a parking lot at broad and washington streets with this apartment and retail complex. tap on the nbc 10 app to learn more about the project and when it's slated to be built. it gets hot outside and you go to the shore. that's how countless families spent this past weekend. in one jersey shore town, the mayor said enough is enough. wait until you hear why he decided to close the town to beach-bound traffic. then a former president stops in philadelphia.
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the project that intrigued bill clinton. that's all new on "nbc 10 news at 6:00."
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the woman accused of helping two prisoners escape from a maximum security prison in new york state was back in court today. >> it's day ten of the man hunt and still no sign of the fugitives. nbc 10 national correspondent jay gray reports from new york. >> reporter: a former prison supervisor joyce mitchell wore jailhouse stripes and shackles during a brief court appearance this morning. she waived a preliminary hearing and did not enter a plea. she faces a felony charge of providing contraband. >> it's possible there will be additional criminal charges. >> reporter: investigators say she smuggled chisels, hacksaw
5:46 pm
blades, a punch and drill bit into the clinton correctional facility, tools matt and sweat used to allegedly burrow out of the prison. >> it's crazy to have these guys in this area for a week. it's really unsettling. i think the entire community's kind of on edge. >> reporter: more than 800 police and federal agents returned to the dense woods in an area near the prison today, the tenth day of an all-out man hunt for the violent escapees. >> you follow up every tip. you follow up every lead. you are as conscientious as you can be on every lead because you never know which one is going to be the one. >> reporter: investigators are also taking a closer look inside the prison for others who may have helped the men make their break. >> it's possible. i have been saying over the last couple days based on our investigation, there's additional other people that may be arrested. >> reporter: with the two men, police want behind bars the most still on the run.
5:47 pm
jay gray, nbc 10 news. >> for the very latest on the search for the escaped prisoners, stay with "nbc nightly news" at 6:30 right here on nbc 10. the widow of "60 minutes" correspondent bob simon is suing the limo driver and its contractor for the death of her husband. the 73-year-old simon died in february when the limo he was in crashed in manhattan. the lawsuit says his death could have been prevented if someone else was driving. according to that lawsuit, the driver was convicted of speeding twice and had his license revoked nine times. the lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount of punitive damages. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> another hot day out there today and likely to be even hotter and more humid during the day tomorrow. but this is not going to be a long-lasting thing. relief is coming wednesday.
5:48 pm
hot and steamy until then, though. scattered showers around during the day today and more storms around during the day tomorrow. we have a fair amount of clouds around out there. it's kept the temperature down a little bit. 88 degrees, winds southwest at 13 miles an hour. we got up to 95 on friday only 88 only 88 on saturday preventing an official heat wave. then 90 on sunday 89 the official high for today. the average for this time of year is 83. even the 88 degree days are well above average. we are 88 right now in philadelphia. 86 in allentown. 85 in reading. in fact it's 86 in allentown which proves they missed that shower that came by. west wind keeping the beaches warm. we haven't seen much of that. 83 in avalon 85 in beach haven. some of the highest temperatures we have seen in quite awhile.
5:49 pm
you can see a lot of showers and storms in northeastern pennsylvania northern new jersey, new york. another big cluster down near washington and then a pretty large area without much going on. so let's focus on where we do have stuff going on. it is generally in the pocono mountains down toward northampton county and extreme northern bucks county. this is really the upper portion of bucks county, just below easton. which got grazed by that last shower. they're moving in the same direction so some places are getting rained on over and over while most of us are not seeing anything. there's a lot more activity back out to the west. that is what's going to be moving in tomorrow. so as we watch these storms go by, you can see on the future cast hour by hour some scattered showers developing across parts of the area and then it all falls apart as the sun goes down the energy is
5:50 pm
lost for helping fuel those storms and then tomorrow when we start getting the heating again, the storms start coming up and you can see some of those red areas. talking about downpours, talking about strong gusty winds. a lot more active than today. for tonight, we have warm and humid conditions just a chance of a shower in some spots. 75 degrees. tomorrow scattered showers and thunderstorms developing mainly during the afternoon. highs in the low 90s but again, it's going to be hot and humid. it will feel more like 97. then less humid on wednesday. what a break. a little bit cooler on thursday with the wind coming off the ocean. showers and storms and then a chance of more showers and storms over the weekend. >> temperatures are rising and so is your electric bill. the u.s. energy information administration expects the typical u.s. residential electricity bill to go up nearly 5% this summer. experts say using fans closing
5:51 pm
curtains and programming your thermostat can all help lower your bill. utility prices aren't the only cost on the rise. the price of gas is up, too. the national gas average is at $2.80 today. that's up a penny over the weekend and up five cents in the last week. so what will you pay where you live? aaa tracks the prices for people in philadelphia. right now, the average cost of a gallon of regular gas in philly is $2.91. in delaware it's $2.68. in south jersey it's lower at $2.57. it definitely feels like summer. >> plenty of people spent the weekend down at the shore but in one shore town a trip to the beach became impossible. why the mayor decided to close down traffic to viewers. then coming up on "nbc 10 news at 6:00" a new push to help pennsylvania's struggling schools. it all starts in philadelphia. the unique way they are getting their message heard.
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happening now, it's opening day for the phillies baseball carpenter cup classic. nbc 10 at fdr park. hundreds of local high school players are showcasing their skills in front of top major league and college scouts. players will compete for the championship next tuesday at citizens bank park.
5:55 pm
sweltering temperatures might make you want to head to the beach but on the jersey shore, too many people had that same idea and an entire town had to shut down. >> amazing. it happened this belmar monmouth county. the beach wasn't the only attraction, either. there was a seafood festival and some are wondering if the event has gotten too big for the town. nbc 10's brian thompson returns from belmar. >> just too many people. that was it. too many people. >> reporter: the pictures tell the tale. there were a lot of people in belmar this weekend. the official estimate 200,000 in a town of just 6,000. traffic bumper to bumper. that's when the mayor sent out this now famous tweet, belmar's at capacity we're shutting down all traffic from route 35. >> they want to come into town driving their car with no place to park no place really to drive, they probably would not have made either the beach or the seafood festival itself anyway. >> reporter: it was a banner day
5:56 pm
for businesses like jimmy's pizza. the line ran out the door all day. >> we did run out of food by sunday night. we ran out of a lot of things. >> reporter: tens of thousands emptied out of belmar jamming with other shore goers on the garden state parkway last night, making for a long day. cleanup of the now 29-year-old event went quickly and it has a lot of support from residents but with these record crowds they think something has to change. >> i don't know how they could limit the number of people. maybe sell tickets to it or something like that. >> because it was peaceful, no arrests, the mayor sees traffic as the only real challenge in the future. something he says will be addressed. brian thompson, nbc 10 news. coming up next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00" the latest on breaking news we have been following all afternoon. >> a mother and son tied up and attacked during a home invasion in our area. and is trouble brewing underground? dozens of people are still
5:57 pm
feeling the impact of this massive water main break in west philadelphia. the nbc 10 investigators look into what's causing the problem and how much it will cost to fix it. hot and humid today. now i'm tracking the possibility of showers tonight and even hotter weather on the way. that's all ahead in the first alert forecast. it's going to be significant. it's going to be something that patients have been waiting for for so long. >> the wait is almost over. for some people in our area suffering in silence, the relief they need awaits them behind this door. we will take you inside next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00."
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5:59 pm
right now at 6:00 breaking news. the violent home invasion in delaware county. police say four men tied up and attacked a mother and son inside their marple township home. good evening. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm keith jones. investigators tell us they have three of the four men in custody. but the search continues for the final suspect. nbc 10's harry hairston has been talking with investigators. >> harry, those suspects are being questioned right now? >> reporter: that's right. let me bring you right up to speed. three of the four suspects are here at the marple township police station. detectives are talking to them trying to find out information about that fourth and where he may be. they said this all happened earlier about 1:00. take a look at this fresh video we have. the woman you are seeing on this
6:00 pm
video, she has identified herself as the mother of one of those suspects. show has been here talking to detectives this afternoon as well. everything started about 1:00 and that's when the suspects i'm told by police targeted a home this home in marple township. they say this is a home that belongs to an asian woman and her son. the reason that is significant, they say asians have been targeted, those that have businesses, for years out here, and have been robbed. as i say, the four men came to this home about 1:00 and they forced themselves in armed with a gun. next thing you know a 911 call went out. they said it was an assault, possibly a robbery. once inside the men allegedly pistol-whipped the 17-year-old boy and then ransacked the master bedroom to the home telling the mother to tell them where the safe is and once they did find the safe they told the mother to open the safe or they would kill her. that's according to police. they then tied up both of the people and then left in a silver car. quick w


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