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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  June 16, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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cato. >> and i'm traycy davidson. let's get an update from meteorologist bill henley. >> it's unusually warm for this time of the year. steamy conditions yes. we're getting closer to sunrise. less than a half of an hour before seeing the sunshine at the shore. we're seeing some clouds and raindrops moving into burkes county. nothing severe about this but the potential for severe weather this afternoon when the storms move in. the temperatures will move up and that will do away with some thick fog this morning in the wake of last night's storms. zero visibility right now in quaker town dense fog in allentown. at the airport they're reporting quarter mile visibility. that could create some delays at the atlantic city airport. 84 at 10:00 this morning and near 90 at noon.
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that's when we'll see the storms develop. we'll take a closer view of the hourly hour future weather when i come back to show you where the storms are most likely to form. let's check in with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington to see if she spotted the fog on the roadways. we're dealing with the fog right around route 1, you can see reduced visibilities in the area if you're headed northbound or southbound. something to watch out for and use extra caution when traveling through the area. out in philadelphia we're dealing with a road closure due to an earlier water main break closed in both directions north and southbound. you can take market street to get by that. now if you're heading into center city on 95 up toward the vine street express way, a 12-minute trip. we'll check in with more drive times coming up in ten.
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this morning, roads in the lehigh valley are back open after heavy rain pounded parts of that area last night. this is video from bethlehem township. the rain washed out streets, submerged vehicles and flooded people's basements. you can see this driver here taking the chance on a flooded engine splaching through the runoff water. >> it was a river, white water -- looks like you can go white-water rafting on it. it really tore up a lot of the roads. >> as bill mentioned, there's another risk of storms in the forecast but it's the heat that has philadelphia public schools making an announcement already. the close will dismiss early at noon today. now schools with a graduation ceremony scheduled for today do have the option to remain open for those ceremonies. that's why parents are encouraged to contact their schools directly to confirm graduation schedules. and this morning, some leftover problems from the heavy flooding we showed you video of nbc 10's katy zachary is live in
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bethlehem and there are concerns about a big sinkhole opened up there right underneath the power, right? >> reporter: that's right. as you can see, the 2000 block of claremont street in bethlehem is closed to traffic. as we take a walk over here you can see this large tower, stands about 70 feet off the ground. and unfortunately right under it is a large sinkhole a gaping hole where you can see one of its legs actually sits in the ground. now the rain and the storms that came through last night, they caused the ground to cave give way and wash so much of the soil away leaving this large sinkhole that's about 8 feet deep i'm told by crews that were out here last night. ppl, the power company for this area that controls these towers and monitors it they are on the scene watching things making sure that no one gets too close to it. i am told by ppl that they do not believe the tower is in any
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threat or jeopardy of falling because of the soilunder beneath. but unfortunately it is in someone's front yard. this is a pretty neighborhood rich area, they did not feel safe being here. they've left their homes. but the large majority of people who live here have stayed in their homes. power has not been turned off. again they do not feel that this tower is compromised in any way by the sinkhole that sits below. repair crews are coming out in the next little bit, the nerks hour or so to better assess it once the sun is up. what i'm going to do over the next hour is get back in touch with ppl find out exactly what repairs they expect to do, how quickly they expect to repair the area and then the road hopefully can be reopened for the morning rush. reporting live katy zachary. it's 47 degrees outside. shots fired if rocks boarry overnight and one of the would
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be victims decides to take matters into his own hands and shoot at the suspect. nbc 10's mat delucia is live with exclusive video. walk us through what happened. >> reporter: detectives here have a pretty good idea of what happened. the question is why. two men say they were walking down the street when a 39-year-old man comes out and starts shooting at them. nbc so was the only one at the scene when the suspect was led out of his house in handcuffs into a police van. police tell us that this man fired shots at both of the witnesses while they were walking near mitchell and montesary streets in roxboro just before 11:00. one of those witnesses just happened to have a permit to carry his own weapon. he had that weapon on him. pulled that out and fired a shot at the suspect. the suspect then ran into the house on the 400 block of montesary until police got there. >> a 39-year-old male tried to
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sneak out the back door of the property. it there was a plains clothes officer out back covering the back who apprehended the 39-year-old male as he was exiting the back of the property. >> reporter: here's what police found in that home. the rifle for one. but there were also three young children inside as well. all under the age of 5 and three adults hiding in the basement. police tell us that some of them were wanted for unrelated crimes. detectives have been questioning all of those involved in the case. the big question again is why were the shots fired to begin with. police are still trying to figure out a motive. this had a peaceful outcome late last night. live at northwest detectives i'm matt delucia nbc 10 nauz. 5:06 it's 47 degrees. delaware county police are looking for a fourth suspect in a home invasion and robbery.
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several men forced their way into the home in marble township yesterday afternoon. they pistol whipped a 17-year-old boy before taking jewelry and as much as $30,000 in cash. officers caught three of the men a short time later. they believe this robbery may be connected to other robberies. in our next half-hour were we'll break down the possibility connection and the search for the lone suspect. this morning in chester county investigators are still looking for the cause of the three-alarm apartment fire. crews responded to the fire on north church street in westchester around 9:30 last night. the red cross is helping people who have no place to live because of the fire. new this morning, al qaeda confirms that a u.s. strike killed the terror organization's number two in charge the leader of its affiliate in yemen. they released a video statement this morning confirming the death of that sir al what hey
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shi. air strike that killed him was one of two on sunday aimed at al qaeda leaders. the other targeted another in libya. the pentagon says initial analysis shows they hit their target but that has not been confirmed. a former high ranking state prosecutor in delaware will learn how long he'll have to spend in prison after pleading guilty to raping a 16-year-old old. daniel similar mons is a former deputy attorney general at delaware's department of justice. simmons, a college student and the teen has sex last year after meeting through a social media app. a jury will resume deliberations in the trial of one of two brothers charged with murdering three people. michael wilkins could get the death penalty. he and his brother killed two then in 2012 after a drug deal fell through.
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they also say the men kidnapped, tortured and killed a woman who witnessed the murders. a man is going to jail after pleading guilty to sending a romantic rival a scratch and sniff birthday card laced with ricin. prosecutors say he laced the card with homemade ricin last year and put anytime the mailbox of the man who was dating his ex-girlfriend. someone tipped off police before the man opened the card. nine minutes after 5:00. steamy this morning. it's 47 degrees. clouds are overhead. watching for areas of fog and there is some thick fog in the wake of showers and thunderstorms that we had last night. allentown, you're seeing it. atlantic city seeing some dense fog. 69 degrees. northeast philadelphia looking at cloudy skies an 71. you can see some spots of fog in the valleys from the view of the french honor in the pocono mountains and mostly cloudy
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skies over head. the heads are going to be with us most of the day. and the heating will get rid of zero visibility fog in quaker town. it's down to a quarter mile in allentown. not a big problem for most of the pocono mountains but this fog that's running through northeast philadelphia, light fog extends to the jersey shore, stlik city seeing the thick fog. clouds are moving in from the west. and western pennsylvania is where we've seen the heavy rainfall and thunderstorm activity overnight and that's led to flooding. there's a possibility we'll see some strong thunderstorms develop this afternoon. we saw some areas of flash flooding last night. light rain at 9:00 this morning. as we go through the morning hours we'll see spotty light showers around noontime. activity in the pocono mountains that is starting to look more impressive. that will move into north
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jersey. 2 o'clock in the afternoon, some spotty showers in philadelphia will continue into into the jersey shore locations and then more showers off to the north and west. that's for the afternoon commute. and those are the storms that could produce some very heavy rainfall. now the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten. 11 minutes after 5:00. let's check your roads to see how your tuesday morning drive is shaping up. >> what are you seeing jessica? >> we're battling fog in different areas. we're out in trenton right now on river road. right around 129. not a lot of volume through the area. but you can see the foggy conditions in the distance. northbound currently no problems. looking forward to extra fog in the area especially around trenton. accident investigation in new jersey on monroe township right around exit 8a. allen 432, montgomery county
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everything is moving along fine. eastbound from 29 up toward the expressway, an eight-minute trip. mass transit, no current delays. it's 12 minutes past 5 o'clock right now. help for dozens of people forced out by flooding. the community is coming together to help the victims. and is trump turning to politics? we'll tell you what we know about trump's expected announcement today.
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it's 5:15. later this morning donald trump is expected to reveal whether he will seek the republican nomination for president. he briefly considered a run in 2012. trump has traveled to early voting states this year hiring staffers in iowa new hampshire and south carolina. trump's announcement would come a day after jeb bush officially joined the race. he kicked off his bid at the miami-dade college yesterday. bush's campaign says this shows his commitment to the voters not usually courted by the kbop candidates. he did mengtion his father and brother but says his family history will not have an impact on the outcome. >> not one of us deserves the this on resume or family. it's everybody's test and it's
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wide open. exactly how the contest for presidency should be. >> bush will be on "the tonight show" tonight. here's a look at the ten candidates we're up to now that jeb bush will face for the republican nomination. hillary clinton hit the campaign trail in new hampshire yesterday telling democrats at a flag day dinner that america has been working for the wealthiest and now it's time for those living paycheck to paycheck to share in the prosperity. it's 5:16 now, 74 degrees. democratic lawmakers in new jersey want to overall that state's voting rights law. the they introduced the deck mo kracy act making it easy for people to sign up to vote. it would offer more protections. this comes after new jersey saw its worst primary lx turnout is more than nine decades.
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the bill will be on governor christie's desk for a signature by the end of the month. a first for the first state? just a few days patients in delaware will be able to legally buy medical marijuana. nbc 10 got a first look at the state compassion center. so far 450 people in delaware have state cards allowing them to buy marijuana here. to get the card a delaware based doctor has to sign a form for patients and those patients have to have hiv aides, cancer, alzheimer's, m.s. orb chronic debilitateing paint. camden county is installed 900 l.e.d. bulbs along roads in six towns today. camden county says it's going to save taxpayers is total of $100,000 a year. last time we checked it was
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hard to see the road in some areas because of the fog. >> we see the fog in the camera behind us. let's see how the traffic camera are looking the jessica boyington. >> we're seeing fog around parts of the lehigh valley. right now we're looking at 95 around broad street to take a check and see how the volume is doing. it's still okay. headed southbound here about a 13-minute trip. northbound from the vine street expressway up to wood haven, everything moving along great. currently no problems. we have a problem out in philadelphia, 52 nt street north and south bond is still closed due to an earlier water main break. you can see market street to get by. that will be your best bet this morning. out on new jersey on the 42 freeway, if you're headed northbound route 55 about a four-minute trip. currently no problems there. as for the rest of the area bridges, all is clear heading in
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or out of the city. 19 minutes after 5:00. we are feeling the humidity this morning and seeing it in the form of fog and low clouds. look at the visibility reducing now in this view across the delaware. that's center center 75 degrees. 87% humidity. it's a warm muggy start. it will take some time for this fog to disappear. extends into the pocono mountains. the view from sky top lodge this morning. skies are starting to brighten. we will see some sunshine break through the clouds but storms to the west they're on the way for later today. before they get here we're going to feel the hot humid air. that will crank the temperatures up to near 90 degrees this afternoon. cooler drier air in behind the storms that's going to wait until tomorrow. but it will be here tomorrow. this afternoon this line of storms is moving through the ohio valley into western pennsylvania.
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this is a possibility for our area. hot, humid conditions today, afternoon showers and storms. with the storms potential for severe weather. we could see some heavy downpours and gusty winds, localized flooding not out of the question. though tomorrow, it's out of here. the storms take a break, so does the humidity. 85 degrees the high temperature. really nice wednesday. but showers are back and possibly thunderstorms too on thursday. the storms take a break as we heat up on friday to 88 degrees. then a damp weekend. at times we'll see shurs and storms saturday up to 86 degrees. look at the heat. really cranking up for sunday and monday into the 90s. well crews are still cleaning up a west philadelphia neighborhood where the water main broke on sunday morning flooding cars and basements. the philadelphia water department has removed the broken pipe on 52nd street but it will take them a few for days to replace it. jessica boyington showed us this traffic problem. last night the chosen 300
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ministries invited flood victim to a special dinner. >> the meal heef right near is warming my soul. helping me for get about the tragedy. >> it's a blessing. and it's a blessing for all of the people who showed up. >> now at least 20 homes are still without gas and power. at least two dozen cars and 40 homes were damaged by the flooding. a million more. we have some new information about a growing recall involving those air bags that are linked to seven deaths, two popular models of cars are involved in the recall. about to break her silence, the former naacp leader gets ready to tell her side of the stoi republic pe we have new information on her past.
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if you drive a honda civic or accord you need to listen to. this. the model years affected for the civic from 2001 to 2005 and for the accord it's 2003 to 2007. it's especially important to note this now because humid can cause the air bags to inflate rapid by. that cat that air bags have been blamed for seven deaths. big changes to gap. store closing and job cuts were both announced yesterday. landon dowdy is here to explain.
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>> good morning to you. gap closing a quarter are of its name sake store. the retail will shut 175 locations in north america, most of them this year. we here not sure which location wills be closed. it's unclear how many job cuts will result in the move. gap is also limiting 250 jobs at its corporate office. over on wall street there could be more red arrows at the opening bell this morning. stocks dropped on monday but rose over grease's debt crisis. investors are also looking ahead to the fed which starts a two-day meeting today. the fed could provide clues as to when it may hike interest rates this year on new home construction the dow falling, the nasdaq down to 2059. back over to you. >> landon dowdy cnbc thanks.
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a steamy start this morning and a foggy one too for much of the area. but you won't find it at cape may. there are clouds overhead. no sign of showers just yet. it is 5:26 and 74 degrees. jessica boyington, how is it looking out there? >> as you know we've been battling fog this morning in parts of new jersey and bucks county and right now we're looking at route 1 around pine street, the visibility is really poor here throughout the area. we're going to check drive times and see how that's doing coming up. we could get our first look in just a little bit of three of four suspects wanted in connection with a home invasion and robbery. we'll have more on that coming up after the break.
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rushing water in the wake of heavy rain parts of our area say it's the worst flooding they've seen in decades and more rain is on the way today. nbc 10 first alert weather radar shows the next round of storms. that's not the only weather threat. take a look outside this morning. temperatures in the 90s today and some schools are already taking precautions to protect students from the heat. it is just about 5:30. good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news today.
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i'm traydy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. philadelphia public schools will close today at noon. any school with a graduation scheduled, you should still check on the schedule. bill henley has the first alert forecast. >> this morning temperatures are similar to yesterday. this morning we'll see 70s, warm into the 80s this afternoon. we'll wind up a degree or two hotter than yesterday, into the 90s. very low 90s today. look at the fog and low clouds we're dealing with this morning. that's a live view looking right at center city from the adventure aquarium. the clouds bringing some gray skies to start with for our area but we'll see breaks of sun shine this afternoon. really getting a break from the wet weather right now. a few spotty showers are moved through redding and burkes county moving into westchester county. the fog is staying put. look zero


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