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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  June 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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option to remain open for the ceremony. contact the school directly to confirm graduation schedules. >> let's get to meteorologist bill henley. i guess the warm weather is why it's so foggy. >> the storms last night deposited a lot of moisture in parts of the area and we're seeing it come back as fog. this morning, it's much foggier. the fog is now in south philadelphia. it's a live view from the sports complex there. now quaker town and wrightstown down to zero visibility quarter mile visibility allenton toms river and atlantic city. anything at a quarter mile or less that's considered dense fog and that will be messing with not only driving but potentially flights at the airports this morning. not an issue for dover and wildwood. millville is fog free this morning as well. but those are the areas that are seeing it. it's going to take some time for it to clear.
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watching the radar screen, most of the activity is to the west. 74 degrees right now. be in the low 90s this afternoon. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood in the forecast when i come back in ten minutes. right now jessica boyington is watching the roads this morning. >> we're starting to see fog pop up in most of our cameras. we're going to start off though out on the boulevard. you can see foggy conditions in the distance. this is one of our better shots with better visibility actually. so headed southbound and northbound you know it might take you a little bit of extra time. use some caution traveling through the area. we're going to check out the drive times on the blue route. it's a little early. northbound 14 minutes. same story if you're headed southbound in the opposite direction. no delays for new jersey
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transit. well that was the scene in bethlehem north hampton county. this was last night when the flooding and pounding rain popped a manhole cover out of place. this morning the roads have reopened but there is damage left behind. katy zachary is live for us in bethlehem where a sinkhole opened up near a power line tower. tell us what you're seeing there at 6:00 a.m. >> reporter: there was damage from last night's weather. but probably the most talked about and most looked at is this sinkhole. and i just checked in with the ppl crew who's out here monitoring. he took a mshment saying it is 5 by 12 feet wide 5 feet deep 12 feet wide. this sinkhole sits in someone's front yard. more importantly, it is the base of this 70-foot power line tower. we're told and i did thek in
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with them most recently that this tower is not in jeopardy or falling over or falling down or structurally unsound because of what's happened at the base of it. one of the legs is sitting in the sinkhole. we're waiting for the engineers to come out here and start the repairs. now that the sun is up they wanted to better assess the situation. they did not make repairs last night because they did not feel that the tower was in imminent danger of falling down. there are people in the neighborhood who decided to leave just in case something happened. but the vast majority of the families they've stayed here. the man who lives in this house, you know his front yard is now a sinkhole he didn't even know this was happening. he just got home a short time ago. he was working the overnight shift and hi cam home to this. but he is told over the next few hours they should bring in enough dirt and other equipment to shore this up and everything should be back to normal.
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reporting live in bethlehem, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. >> 6:04. happening today in cape may, city council meets amid a controversy over corruption allegations. here's what's going on. the prosecutor is accusing the mayor, city manager and city solicit ter of breaking the law. the prosecutor filed several reports with the new jersey superior court claiming that the leaders worked to keep the findings quiet. they include ethics violations fueled by the demotion of the police chef. the mayor claims he removed the chief because of improbable use of comp time in the department. we have new information to a man pleading guilt to sending a birthday card laced with ricin. he was sentenced to 20 to 40 years in prison. he laced the card with homemade ricin last year. the philadelphia day care worker who left five children in
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a car while she went shopping took a plea deal. karen thompson admitted to disorderly conduct in exchange prosecutors withdrew child endangerment charges. police arrested thompson last july. according to investigators, the kids were in the car for at least 30 minutes but were not seriously hurt. two of the children were infants. in delaware county three of four suspects police say are responsibleable for a home invasion and robbery are expected in court. the fourth suspect remains on the lose. jesse gary is live at police headquarters. tell us what happened. >> reporter: police believe that the suspects may have followed the victims home before committing the crime. investigators say jermaine wallace and his older brord sterling two of four people who cased the property before taking action. pistol whipped the child and demanded the mother open the
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safe. big concern to neighbors and area business owners. >> it's scary and sad to think that you know young men think this is their ownnly option in the world to rob innocent people. >> i'm scared myself. i started a new business up here and really really like i said that's a bad story to hear. >> reporter: police are still looking for a fout r fourth suspect. the two brothers go sboofr a magistrate later this morning. live in marble township jeessse gary. senator john rafferty plans to make the formal announcement tomorrow. he's a former deputy attorney general. he briefly campaigned for state tern general ahead of the election in 2012. kath lynn cain won that election and her term in office has been marked by controversy. he's facing a prosecutors
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investigation into allegations that she leaked information that was supposed to say secret. we've learned the name of a woman killed in a house fire in montgomery county. she was killed and four people were hurt in lower salford township around 2:00 a.m. yesterday. he was trapped inside when the firefighters got there but a floor collapsed that prevent them from getting to her. the four people hurt are expected to be okay. investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire. a community will come together to raise money for the family of a teen who remains in the hospital following a hit and run crash. leaders will hold a town rally for the victim the evening. a driver struck the football player as he was skateboarding just more than a week ago. he is now listed in critical but stable condition. police arrested the alleged
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driver last week. just about eight minutes after 6:00. we're in the 70s. a good 12 degrees above normal for this time of year. look at what we have this morning. much thicker than yesterday. fog and low clouds. this is the view looking toward center city here. fog in trenton, quarter mile visibility there. not everybody is seeing it. mount pocono 63 degrees and dover at 75 degrees. this is the view from the poemcono mountains. that's not the only spot. quakertown zero visibility pottstown down to a quarter mile continues to be dense in allentown and doylestown just light fog scattered in the pocono mountains. the thick fog into neeftd philadelphia atlantic city seeing quarter mile visibility and quarter mile visibility for toms river.
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it's going to take hours for the fog to clear. this is the path of the big storms last night. this morning just a few spots on the radar screen. what's in western pennsylvania is what we have to be concerned about. the line of shurs that's moving through the ohio valley which could bring severe weather to our area this afternoon. just spots. not everybody is going the see it. hour by hour forecast showing some scattered showers by mid morning. by midday, the heavier downpours knot of allentown will be moving into north jersey. but we'll see storm development in the afternoon. that's central buccs county. 2 o'clock in the afternoon, line of showers pushing into purr lington. you can see potentially thunderstorms developing into the later afternoon hours into the commute. it could be a stormy afternoon for parts of the area today. through it all it' going to be warm and muggy.
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upper 80s for allentown. keep an eye for storms this afternoon. at the shore, a warmer day today, 86 degrees in cape may, near 90 for violet and dover up to 93 degrees. topping out at 90 for wilmington. philadelphia, 89 with scattered showers and thunderstorms. we'll get a break from the storms, heat and humid. i'll show you when we i come back in ten. 6:10 this tuesday morning. we've got the sun out but i don't know if it really matters. you've got the low clouds and low visibility. >> jessica boyington has been watching the cameras and some it's really hard to see the road, right? >> right. i've been looking at a bunch of cameras. some i can't use because it looks like a gray background. there's parts of 309, buccstown, some parts in trenton new jersey as well that are dealing with heavy fog. right now we're looking a volume
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out on the express way right around 24th street. you can see headed westbound is where we're seeing the volume. the eastbound lanes are doing okay. the off-ramp right here starting to back up. headed westbound it's looking okay but just a little bit of volume there. but if you're heading into center city on 95 or the express way, currently no problems. starting to hike up in that drive time on 95 but it' still okay. on the blue route as well headed southbound that's fan. we are watching a disabled vehicle on 295 southbound around exit 22. still no airport delays due to that fog at the philadelphia international airport. we'll keep you updated on that. newly minted presidential republican candidate jeb bush is hitting the campaign trail but he hay not be able to bask in the spotlight long. a 12th person could announce their candidacy today.
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and center city philadelphia is getting a major makeover. and one of the new additions will make many city dwellers very happy.
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new jersey's supreme court has spoken but teachers and school employees still fear for their futures. because rather than solving the pension crisis the court says politicians can continue to ignore it. that's just wrong. teachers and school employees have paid billions into their pensions. but the state has failed. the legislature can fix what governor christie has broken - ... before it ends up costing billions more. it's time for fiscal responsibility. fund the pensions now.
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it is 6:15. the newest republican presidential can date is hitting the campaign trail today, jeb bush. he will hold his first campaign rally in new hampshire. he kicked off his bid at the miami-dade college yesterday and his campaign says it shows his commitment to the voters not usually courted by gop cant dade. while he didn't mention his father or his brother, jeb says his family history will not have an impact on the outcome. >> and not one of us deserves the job by right of resume
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seniority, family. it's nobody's turn. it's everybody's test and it's wide open exactly as a contest for president should be. >> after his rally in new hampshire today jeb bush will head to new york where he would be on "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon. donald trump is expected to reveal whether he will seek the republican nomination for president. trump has travelled to the earlier states this year hiring staffers in iowa new hampshire and south carolina. here's a look at ten of the candidates already in the race. hillary clinton just left new hampshire and is headed for south carolina tomorrow at a flag day dinner in new hampshire yesterday she told democrats that america has been working for the wealthiest and now it's time for those living paycheck to paycheck to share in the prosperity. earlier in the day she held a rally and visited an early childhood center. right now hillary clinton is one
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of four candidates vying for the democrat nomination for president. things could be changing soon for schools in wilmington delaware. lawmakers could pass the law that could start the process of redistricting. that means the red clay school district could take over city cools. governor jack markell would have to sign off on the redistricting plan before it becomes law. a smaller version of target could be coming to center city. a tash get express is planned for part of the boyd site at 19th and chestnut. there aren't many target express stores open right now. it's a new project for target. target's website mentions putting a store in the greater philadelphia area. and gap says it is closing down 175 name sake stores across the country. leaders with the company say that it's all in an effort to
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boost its struggling brand. gap is also eliminating 250 corporate jobs and will close down some stores in europe. it is 6:18. if you drive a honda civic or accord you'll want to hear about this. honda is adding over 1 million cars to the air bag recall list. the model years affected are the 2001 through 2005 civics and 2003 to 2007 accords. it is especially important to note this now because humidity can cause the air bag to inflate. takata air bags have been blamed for at least seven deaths. speaking of humidity we've got a lot of low clouds out there and the fog, visibility is low out there for people driving around. >> it's going to be a challenge for your morning commute. >> we're definitely battling the fog and reduced visibility this morning. on the new jersey turnpike not
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a lot of backup in the area. this is an intersection right here. but you can see the low clouds through the area and you can hardly see past this point at this sblexintersection. just something to watch out for. there's an accident investigation still active since 2 o'clock in morning on the new jersey turnpike. that's on the northbound side right around exit 8a. we're watching a disabled vehicle blocking part of the ramp on 295 southbound around exit 22. as for the area bridges, if you're headed from new jersey into philadelphia the betsy ross bridge we're dealing with a speed restriction. coming up on 20 minutes after 6 clock. a steamy start just like yesterday. the difference the fog. the low clouds. that's much thicker and more
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wide spread today in the wake of all of that wet weather that came with the storms last night. 74 degrees. 91% humidity right now in the pocono mountains we're seeing some areas of fog. we're watching for more showers and possibly strong thunderstorms this afternoon. not seeing them yet. but we're seeing a line of storms moving through the ohio valley and into western pennsylvania. this is heading or way for this afternoon. like yesterday, we'll see hot, humid conditions pumping in ahead of the storms. behind the storms we will feel the cooler air that is wait in the wings. that's tomorrow. still have to get through the storms later today. heavy rainfall has moved through the pittsburgh area where flood warnings are in effect this morning. doing some traveling, might cause problems there. this is last night, the
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estimated rainfall. lower saw con township this is the heavy rainfall that produced the flooding in just a very short period of time. by 7:22 in the evening, the rain was coming down. it intensified just after 8:00 and then it quickly dissipated. that was just enough time to produce some flooding. which is why we're keeping a close eye on the hour by hour weather. scattered showers around 9 o'clock this morning on the light side. heavier showers late this morning in allentown and the possible or more storms this afternoon as the line that is in the ohio valley sweeps through the area during the evening commute. keep on eye on the sky this afternoon for thunderstorms. hot humid conditions similar to yesterday, upper 80s and low 90s. tomorrow the storms are out of here a really nice day wednesday. fortunately it's one day that we're getting the nice weather. showers likely to return on
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thursday. friday afternoon warmer near 90 degrees then a chance of some showers and thunderstorms saturday. and the chance will be here sunday as we head into the 90s. time is 6:22. nowadays there are a lot of places you can't smoke, restaurants and movie theaters. but there could be a new smoking ban added to neshz's list if you have a child with you. and this woman says she's black but her parents say she's white. we're learning more about her today and the lawsuit she filed against an historically black university.
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it is tuesday morning, june 16th. and this is what it looks like at the garrard point bridge at 6:that. a lit a little fog there. former naacp leader -- the former naacp leader from
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washington state who fueled national debate over racial identity is set to break her silence today. rachel dolezal will sit down for a interview with matt lauer this morning. she sued howard university for discrimination in 2002 claiming the historically black college blocked or denied her opportunities because she was white. the case was dismissed. dolezal ended up graduating from howard. she's accused of pror traying herself as african american when she's actually white >> he hope that rachel will land on her feet after this settles and these issues are resolved and that then at some point in time there can be some reconciliation within the family. >> yesterday dolezal announced she's stepping down from her role with the naacp. watch matt lauer's exclusive interview later this morning on the "today" show. and fog is what we're dealing with many morning.
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look at this camera right here on 309 right around 202. really poor and reduced visibility there. fog out in trenton, parts of buccs county, the boulevard, the vine, you name it. we're also watching this water main break closing 52nd street in both directions. would be victims turn the tables on a suspect that ended in a barricade situation. nbc 10's matt delucia is live with detail. matt? >> reporter: well police say that suspect was doing before that barricade situation, i'll have that and exclusive video next. and imagine arriving home to this. well one man just did and now power crews are on the scene monitoring this 70 foot tower that sits above.
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and here's a louvre look at center city philadelphia at 6:31 this tuesday morning. low clouds and fog is what you'll see as you're heading out the door in lots of place this morning. have a look at this. a huge sinkhole opens up right under a power line in bethlehem township after heavy rains. and now some people are concerned. the rain isn't over yet. here's a live look at the first alert radar. that green there, that's wet stuff. to tenlly severe storms on the way later this afternoon. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. we'll get you prepared to you know what's coming today. meteorologist bill henley has the first alert forecast rnl a lot of people are going to need extra time to get around this morning. the fog is so much thicker and wide spread than yesterday.
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you can see it in the pocono mountains. this is the view from the country inn. it's been holding fast in quakertown anne wrightstown, zero visibility. trenton at the airport and atlantic city at the airport has been stuck at a quarter mile for more than an hour now. toms river is seeing that fog too. if you so have some plans to get out of town using the airport or the roads, you may run into trouble this morning. a potential troublesome afternoon with showers and thunderstorms redeveloping. let me show the immediate area. last night, flooding in lehigh valley valley. can't rule isolated spots of flooding out this afternoon. right now 74 degrees. the clouds showers may combine to keep our temperatures a little lower that afternoon, near the 90 degrees mark.
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but steamy nonetheless. i'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood to show you what to expect where you live when i'm back in ten minutes. right now let's check in with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. fog is the big torie story this morning. on 295 right now, one of the least foggy spots in cherry hill, you can see on the southbound side we're moving along nicely. about a 13-minute trip and no problems if you're headed northbound. we're watching out for a disabled vehicle on 295 right here exit 22 with some ramp restrictions through a the area. as for speed restrictions due to the fog on the betsy ross bridge, down to 35 miles an hour. we'll check in with more drive times coming up. schools about to let out for summer, but for kids in the philadelphia public schools, they're about to let out early today.
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>> it's because of the heat. schools will dismiss at noon. schools with graduation ceremonies today, you have the opg of staying open for the ceremonies. let's talk about the rains that we were having today. this is the result of the rains yesterday. parts of lehigh valley had to deal with this. last night heavy rain pounded bethlehem township and this morning the roads are reopened but some problems with left behind. nbc 10's katy zachary is live in bethlehem with proof of the problems left behind. show us, katy. >> reporter: yeah tracy, the most talked about problem in bethlehem is right behind me. this sinkhole 5 feet deep by 12 feet wide. this is actually on someone's property. this private property right here. i'm told the gentleman who lives here did not know this happened last night because he was working. he arrived home a short time ago to find this in his front yard.
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worse than that there was concern because as you can see what lives above this sinkhole is a 70-foot tower holding a lot of power lines. that's why ppl crews who monitor the power in this area are here on the scene. they've moved closer to the tow near the last half-hour. they tell me there is no imminent danger that the tower is going to fall down or become structurally unsound because of what's happened to the ground below. but still there is concern and i'm told that several people living in the neighborhood have left their homes overnight just in case something did happen. but i got a call from ppl reinforcing that this is not an imminent danger in their mind and they're going to have engineers come out here now that it's daylight to assess the situation, then they'll bring in dirt and whatever else they need to fill up this hole and make things structurally sound again. that's the latest live in bethlehem.
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shots fired in rocksborough overnight but one of the would be victims decides to take matters into his own hands and shoot at the suspect. it happened just before 11:00 last night. matt delucia is live with exclusive video. matt police didn't just find the suspect and the gun, there's something else they found. >> adult family members and friends hiding in the basement. this whole thing started with a 39-year-old man walking down the street, encounters two mep and those men say that the 39-year-old pulled out a rifle and started shooting at them. only nbc 10 we were there at that suspect was led out of the house in handcuffs and brought into a police van. the police tell us that the man walked up to the men who were near mitchell and montesary streets in rocksborough saying you know what time it is. all of this happening just before 11:00. one of the witnesses has a permit to carry his own weapon.
6:37 am
he pulled out his own gun and fires a shot at the suspect. that spooks him. the guy runs into a house on the 400 block of montesary until police get there. there was a brief barricade situation but the suspect was found and and arrested. police say they did find his rifle along with three young children and the three hiding adults. police tell us they were wanted for various charges. >> and this whole incident is being soshtrt out. we don't know what led to the motive of the initial shots. >> reporter: that is the big question at this hour. the suspect, the witnesses, the adults in the basement within they're all here at northwest detectives being questioned overnight. the good news in all of this no one was hit by the flying bullets. no injuries. and this did end peacefully late last night. live this morning, matt delucia nbc 10 news. the waterlogged state of texas is in for more heavy rain
6:38 am
and high winds today. >> right now tropical storm bill is barrelling through the gulf of mexico, should make landfall this morning. here is a live picture at galveston galveston. tropical tomorrow warning in effect there. the storm is expected to slightly strengthen before making landfall. the storm comes as texas is still recovering from record rainfall in may which caused flooding that killed at least 23 people. nbc 10 east first alert meteorologist bill henley has the latest on bill's path. >> it's a strong tropical storm. but the biggest problem is the water, the moisture. they're looking at 4 to 8 inches of potential rainfall in the coming days some isolated spots could see up to a foot of rainfall along the texas coast and inland. it's not just the coast that is going to have the problems. right now you can see the heavy rain is offshore but they're seeing some scattered showers in
6:39 am
the houston area. the storm will be moving on shore today. so further strengthening is unlikely but it is strong enough as it is to cause a lot of head ache there. we've got our own problems in the area. some thick fog to start with this morning. we're going to see the fog slowly decrease during the day but it's a lot thicker and more wide spread than yesterday. showers and thunderstorms, severe weather yesterday. that's a possibility again today. scattered storms but with the storms could come some very heavy rainfall. we'll be watching the skies into the afternoon, the future weather which is coming up in just a second. relief is on the way coming tomorrow. humidity finally takes a break. right now it's fog for northeast philadelphia, atlantic city dense fog. 69 degrees and cloudy in the pocono mountain ps. fog and clouds may hold our temperatures down a bit this afternoon. did look like it was going to make it to the low 90s. we'll be flirting with the 90
6:40 am
degrees mark this afternoon. the humidity stays. the storms in western pennsylvania will be moving to the east and that will give us the possibility of heavy downpours this afternoon. 77 addition for mount pocono upper 70s, allentown and a chance of storms for trenton and mt. holly. saw that erupt last night, a possibility for today. cape may, middle 80s, a chance for late day showers and thunderstorms there. inland at 93 were dover, 90 for wilmington. upper 80s in philadelphia and drexel hill thanks to the clouds and the chance of showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. take a look at the future weather hour by hour when i come back in ten minutes to show you where the storms are most likely to pop up later today. typically at this time we have volume anyways but i suspect because of the fog it's
6:41 am
going to be increasing more. >> i know jessica boyington is watching it on all of her cameras. >> it's hard to find a camera without fog in it for this time of the morning. reduced visibility throughout the area and starting to pick up in the morning rush volume. southbound from wood haven up towards the vine street express way, a 25-minute trip. you can hardly see past up through where normally can. heading northbound is doing a bit better in drive time. you can see the cars starting to look a little yellow. that means we're starting to see the rush hour. eastbound doing okay. westbound we're seeing the delay. 14 minutes from the vine street express way. but we do have some good news. even with all of the fog we currently do not have any airport delays at the philadelphia international airport. tee taser caught on video. the struggle between a police officer and a 13-year-old boy
6:42 am
and why the sheriff is backing up his deputy. termination is the key for a lot of things in life even if you're a bear. the back yard mischief all caught on camera.
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new jersey's supreme court has spoken but teachers and school employees still fear for their futures. because rather than solving the pension crisis the court says politicians can continue to ignore it. that's just wrong. teachers and school employees have paid billions into their pensions. but the state has failed. the legislature can fix what governor christie has broken - ... before it ends up costing billions more. it's time for fiscal responsibility. fund the pensions now.
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it's 6:45 right now.
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734 degrees outside. and if you're getting ready to head out, come to your television right now and look at this shot. this is actually a pretty good shot. we have heavy fog reported in the area. it is slowing down your commute. plus, meteorologist bill henley is tracking more storms for later today. we'll get details from jessica boyington on the roads coming up. a surveillance capture captured a bear trying to beat the heat in north jersey over the weekend. it pawed its way into a family's outdoor fridge. you can see the two cubs in the background. e vane chully the bear pulled out a pair of cold drinks. a former philadelphia police sr. gentleman will spend two to seven years in prison after admitting to his role in a deadly drunk driving crash. he leaded no contest to involuntary manslaughter and drunk driving charges yesterday. prosecutors say he was speeding
6:47 am
while off due fi in september of 2013 his personal vehicle collided with a van and the person driving the van was killed. philadelphia's district attorney will not reopen a criminal investigation into a deadly police involved shooting that sparked controversy. seth williams said his office thoroughly investigated brandon tate-brown's death last december and that the case was tragic but not control. his announcement came hours after tate-brown's family rallied at city hall demanding williams consider filing new charges in the case. tate-brown's mother takes issue with the police officers change their original story. first they claim he was reaching into his car for a car now they say he was running around the back of the car to get to the gun. >> they assassinated his character and mine. he would have not taken a chance to go to jail or be killed. he was happy with his life.
6:48 am
>> tate-brown's mother has filed a civil lawsuit against the city. now from the delaware bureau a first. in just a few days patients in delaware will be allowed to legally buy med medical marijuana. we got a look at the first state compassion center. it is heavily guarded. 450 people people in delaware have state cards allowing them to buy the marijuana grown here. to get the card a delaware based doctor has to sign a form for patients and those patients have to have hiv aides, cancer alzheimer's' m.s. or chronic debilitating pain. and new this morning, some new jersey lawmakers are trying to make it illegal to light up if you have someone 16 or younger in your car. yesterday the law got a little closer to reality when a state senate panel passed that bill. if the bill becomes law, people could be find up to $100 but they would not get points on their license. it would also be a secondary
6:49 am
offense, meaning you would have to be pulled over for something else like speeding first. police in san diego county california are detending a deputy's actions. take a look at this. here's the video showing the deputy struggling with the 13-year-old boy whose mother reported him as a run away. the deputy spotted the teenager at the shopping center but he refused to go with the officer and put up a fight. during the struggle the deputy used his taser to get the teenager under control. the plaintiff says the runaway repeatedly ignored the deputy's request. the sheriff released this picture of the bite mark that the deputy received during the struggle. the department says it will investigate. we're hearing the 911 calls from north carolina beach where two teenagers were attacked by sharks last weekend. >> the attacks happened minutes apart on sunday. a 12-year-old girl is missing part of her arm, her leg also
6:50 am
injured. a 16-year-old boy lost his left arm. both this morning -- 911 calls from revealing the fear that these attacks caused for beach goers. >> a girl whose hand has been bitten off by a shark. >> it was like a scene out of "jaws." you know people yelling get out of the water! call 911! shark! shark! they have no plans to close the beaches in this area. in the meantime, marine biologist up and down the jersey shore are working to calm fears of beach goers. saying it's been nearly 100 years since anybody died of a shark bite in the new jersey shores. the sharks travel to delaware and new jersey when the water temperature warms in august. however they usually stay miles off coast. >> there were 52 recorded attacks of sharks last year most
6:51 am
of nem in hawaii florida, carolinas, gulf coast states and o o. none of the attacks were fatal. since 2001 there have been 12 deaths attributed to shark attacks. none of them at the jersey shore or delaware coastlines. nine minutes before 7:00. 74 degrees. much warmer than normal. and a lot cloudier and foggier for much of the morning. look at the low clouds and fog over the city this morning. light wind. not much wind expected. but the heat that's a different story. the temperatures will be climbing from the middle 70s to near 90 degrees this afternoon. a temperature warmup will do away with the fog. you'll see the temperatures climbing first at the shore. some clouds and haze it will be a warmer day at the shore, into the middle 80s for cape may. the beach will be a good place to hang out. early this evening, storms may
6:52 am
pop through the philadelphia area and into shore towns as well. the radar clear for our area right now. but look what is waiting to the west. hot, humid conditions are coming up in advance of the storms. we'll feel those this morning and this afternoon. the high humidity and temperatures near 90 today will likely fuel the storms. but behind the storms there's cooler air for tomorrow. you'll feel the difference tomorrow. this morning, spotty light showers. that's the o'clock this morning. the hour by hour forecast showing heavier downpours around 11:00. the storms will be moving into northern new jersey. trenton area could see some heavy downpours around 1:00. and the afternoon commute, it won't be an all-day rainfall but some of the showers and thunderstorms could produce heavy rainfall. that's 3 o'clock in the afternoon. they're fast mover. by 5 o'clock into purr lington country and headed toward the
6:53 am
shore. 6:00, atlantic city will be seeing the rain. so it will be fast moving storms with a lot of rainfall. there's a marginal risk of flooding rains and damaging wind. we'll keep a close look on the storms this afternoon. hot and humid conditions upper 80s and low 90s, similar to what we saw yesterday. but totally different tomorrow. sunshine will be bright. nice and comfortable high of 85 after a morning low of 66 degrees. showers are back on thursday but friday they take a break as we heat up to the upper 80s friday afternoon after morning temperatures in the 60s and getting hotter over the weekend. sat 85 with a chance of storms. look at sunday and monday we'll be into the 90s. seven minutes before 7:00. let's get you to work on this tuesday morning. it's very foggy. >> jessica boyington out there. somebody has a huge fog machine out there. how is it looking? >> we're starting to see fog
6:54 am
pretty much everywhere now, parts of new jersey 95 some of the cameras are hardly visible to us. i'm looking at volume on the vine expressway. westbound, you can see the drive times. if you're headinged towards the expressway, you can scoot back that backup there and it's a three minute drive time. now we're going to do a check on new jersey. we're dealing with a disabled tractor trailer on 295 knot bound on the ramp to 38. andless where in new jersey still dealing with this accident investigation out on monroe township around exhibit 8a. storms pound parts of the lehigh valley leaving behind serious damage. nbc 10's katy zachary is live in bethlehem to explain. hi, katy. >> reporter: there's concern in this neighborhood after a sinkhole opened up underneath a
6:55 am
70-foot tower that's holding dozens of power lines. coming up what the power company is saying about this situation.
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
i'm katy zachary live in bethlehem where a neighborhood is concerned after this large sinkhole opened up and you can see it sits underneath a very stall power tower that holds dozens of power line. now people in the neighborhood are concerned. several have left the area. but i am told by a ppl spokesperson who is on the scene, they do not feel that this power is in jep bardy of falling. they do not feel it is structurally unsound. in the next few hours they'll
6:59 am
have engineers out here and a repair crew to fill in the hole and shore it. reporting live nbc 10 news. and jus ka boyington with your first alert traffic this morning. we're battling fog on the 42 freeway. you can see the fog in the distance there but roadways still moving along okay. out in mount laurel township a disabled tractor trailing is tying things up on the ramp heading up towards 38. 52nd street is closed. take market to get by. well we've been waiting to see a bit of a break in the cloud cover and we're now seeing it in camelback. just like yesterday at this time, the fog is target to thin out there but it's still plenty thick for quaker town. zero visibility in wrightstown an down to a quarter mile in northeast philadelphia.
7:00 am
a little improvement in atlantic city. but it's slow to clear today. >> "today" show is up next. we'll have local updates in the next 25 minutes. >> thank for joining us. good morning. breaking overnight, a balcony collapse in berkeley california. at least five people killed as rescuers rushed to the scene. we'll have the latest. bracing for impact. more than 11 million people from texas to oklahoma under a tropical storm warning today. over a foot of rain possible and some areas reeling from record flooding weeks ago. al is in the middle of it all. murder plot. nbc news confirms joyce mitchell and the two suspects she allegedly helped break out of prison may have been planning to kill her husband as authorities suspect the killers had other help in getting out. and breaking her silence. less than 24 hours after


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