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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  WCAU  June 17, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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chilling 911 call that led philadelphia police to a gruesome discovery. a 28-year-old woman found dead inside a home. nbc10's rosemary connors is live in logan where the crime scene is investigating. what have you learned? >> reporter: keith, investigators are just beginning to gather evidence. when police arrived here on warnock street nobody answered the front door so they had to break in through that second floor window. that's where they discovered the woman stabbed to death. if you take a look at our video, you can see it's been very active out here for most of the morning. a sergeant on scene told us earlier that the suspect is the victim's boyfriend and the father of one of her children. police say after the stabbing he went to a family member told
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that family member what he did and then took off. that relative was the one who called 911. now, a short while ago i spoke to a woman who was a nurse and hospice worker. her client lives right across from the victim. they tell me the woman has three young children they greet each other coming and going every day and she's devastated to learn what happened. >> to come to work today, to see all this and to see a murder to see a human being being killed for no reason it's -- if you're human, then you would be touched by it. if you have a heart, then you would be touched by it. >> reporter: she tells me that twice in the past month she has seen police come to this home here, respond because of domestic situations. she tells me this is very troubling to be the entire block. again, police say they know who the suspect is. now it's just a matter of tracking him down. we're going to continue to
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follow this story and bring you updates throughout the day through the "nbc10 news" app and later on in the afternoon newscast. reporting live in logan, i'm rosemary connors, "nbc10 news." >> thank you very much. to this now. beaten stabbed, shot and robbed. philadelphia police are searching for the attackers as a man fighting for his life. nbc10's monique braxton is live. what's the latest update? >> reporter: i spoke with detectives in the northwest division of the city and they told me they have now identified the victim. while they're not releasing his name they do tell us he is here at einstein medical center fighting for his life. let's look at our video from the crime scene. we've also learned from detectives, the victim is in his late 20s to early 30s. they say just after 11:30 last night, the man was discovered in blood on the sidewalk here near sixth and summerville. investigators also say he had been stabbed in the back, shot
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in the thigh pep also had puncture wounds in his face and back. now, before he lost consciousness, the victim did tell police he was robbed of his wallet, his watch and his cell phone. now, detectives tell us they do know that two men and one female were seen running from the area. they also say they're in the area right now this morning, combing the community for surveillance videotape. it's definitely an investigation we're going to stay on top of. live for now outside einstein medical center, monique braxton, "nbc10 news." this video shows a robbery where two people were abducted. this is in germantown. a man and women were confronted by masked robbers outside their homes. the man was taken to the vehicle with a bag over her head. about ten minutes later, one of
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the suspects -- one of them was overheard saying they got the wrong guy. both people were released to the neighborhoods. the robber got away with ipad, jewelry and $40 positive. this morning police are looking for a robber. police say he held up a rite-aid in logan township last month and robbed another one last month in haddon avenue. he also carjacked a priest before making his getaway. we're in for a real winner today. sunshine, blue skies and, best of all, low humidity. a live look at center city right now. nbc10 meteorologist brittney shipp is here. good morning. >> we'll have a mild start. as we head into the afternoon, temps will be comfortable for a
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change. we're at 79 degrees in philadelphia. 76 in pottstown. in the low 70s for poconos. 78 degrees currently in dover and 77 in wildwood. along the shore, closer to atlantic city airport, close to 80 degrees. it's an even spread with our temperatures. our radar shot shows us quiet conditions. we're seeing a little disturbance off to the west of us. that's not going to affect us as we head into the rest of the day. we will stay dry. the other thing we're watching is tropical depression bill. remnant moisture will head into the northeast and that could affect you as we head into the father's day weekend. staying dry, but overnight that's when we'll see another chance of rain. bit time you wake up tomorrow morning and heading to work we'll see a chance of scattered showers and even isolated thunderstorms. so keep that in mind as you're planning your morning commute tomorrow. we'll stay nice and dry today. we're watching warmer temperature heading into the afternoon today. temperatures will be pretty
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close this time of year versus well above average like we've been seeing. by 1 p.m., 81 degrees. by by 7:00, 77 degrees. my seven-day forecast is coming up. >> thank you very much. let's turn to atlantic city's casino crisis. there's another protest planned today. hundreds of union casino workers are planning to protest on the taj mahal boardwalk this afternoon. mr. carl icahn tripped workers of benefits after taking over the debt of the parent casino company. the state senate approved a bill that would raise the monthly phone line fee by 65 cents a month and tack on an
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annual 62 cent surcharge a month. it now goes to the house that passed a similar bill without the annual surcharge. happening today, you'll have a second chance to learn about and react the redevelopment plans around 30th street station. amtrak and its philadelphia partners are going to be holding a second open house on the main concourse during the evening rush. the public will get an update on progress with several contests on the project. they want feedback on how to improve infrastructure and create an attractive vision for the area. happening today from 10:00 to 2:00 drone safety will be put to the taste at the cape may county expert. aviation experts and engineers will be launching flights with a fixed-wing drone equipped with sensors. they will monitor to see if drones like that can fly safely over national air space. we have a traffic alert for some of the area's busiest
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streets. this week crews are starting to repave 22 stretches of the most pothole-filled roads in center city, your favorite ones. the streets department is trying to fix the most pressing problems first. leaders hope to have the roads done before preparations for the pope begins. we asked about roads outside of center city. >> every year we rotate around the city so every part of the city gets some paving done. it may not be your street but there are sections. >> it will disrupt street parking for several weeks. the first thing you'll notice is roads have been milled left with the bumpy gravel-like surface. two weeks from now, the actual repaving will again. we are just a day away from the start of the firefly music festival in dover. today concert goers can start checking in if they plan on camping overnight. our premiere tent or are rv pass holders. all camping pass holders can check in starting at 6:00 tomorrow morning.
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we are on day 12 of the search and still no sign of two killers who escaped from a new york prison. we'll tell you where investigators plan to focus their manhunt for these fugitives. plus battered by bill. the effects of the tropical depression will be having on many parts of the country. we're going to see a break from the heat and humidity. i'm tracking the return of storms. i'll let you know when coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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state police in new york plan to expand the search for two murderers who broke out of prison. the search is now in its 12th day. police say they'll start looking for the pair beyond the current 16-mile stair area beyond the prison. meanwhile, joyce mitchell the prison worker aarrested and accused of helping the prisoners escape, got a visit from her husband in jail yesterday. the clinton county district attorney will hold a news conference in about 45 minutes to update the status of the investigation. flags across ireland will be lowered today to mark the tragedy that killed five irish students at the university of cal-berkeley. a sixth victim was from california. they died when a cal bony collapse -- balcony collapsed yesterday. seven others were hurt. police say they got a call about a loud party in the accident about an hour before. police are looking into whether the balcony was overloaded.
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happening now, a u.s. house committee is debating the regulation of drones. this is a live look from washington where lawmakers are talking about the challenges and economic impact of commercial and personal use drones. they're also talking about privacy concerns. the deputy administrator of the faa is among those giving testimony today. a vice president for amazon is also expected to appear. the online retailer wants to test drones to deliver packages within ten miles of its warehouses. also happening now in washington, the house armed services committee is holding a hearing to discuss policy and strategy in the middle east. a live look from capitol hill. lawmakers are asking the u.s. military about how the u.s. will reverse the deteriorating conditions in the middle east and how we'll protect americans' interest. among those testifying, secretary of defense, ashton carter, who you just saw live, and general martin dempsey chairman of the joint chiefses
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of staff, who will also answer questions on how the u.s. will stop the advance of isis militants. how about that? although tropical storm bill was count graded to a tropical depression overnight, it's still bringing drenching rain to parts of texas. several areas, including houston, are already flooded this morning. the storm could drop 4 to 8 inches of rain on communities still cleaning up from memorial day weekend floods that left 14 dead. for some getting in their cars wasn't an option so they kayaked down flooded streets. looks like these girls had a little trouble fighting the wind gusts. bill is heading northeast and is expected to widespread effects by the end of the week.
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we're also watching to see if moisture from tropical depression bill will bring us storms by the weekend, which will affect your father's day plans. we'll see dry conditions. temperatures won't be as hot as what we've seen in the past couple of days. storms will return to us. i am tracking a potentially stormy father's day for you as well. right now outside there's a live look at the poconos, just a few clouds, but mainly we're seeing a mix of sun and clouds. 79 degrees in philadelphia. our temperatures will continue to push into the low 80s today. so, we'll stay closer to our average. our feels-like temperature at 80 degrees. wind speed out of the east at 13 miles an hour. the rest of the region 77 degrees in allentown. cape may at 78 with plenty of sunshine. it really depends on where you are. most locations are seeing lots of sunshine. that's really going to be the trend as we head into the rest of today. our right-now temperatures at 71 degrees in the poconos. 77 in allentown.
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76 in doylestown. 78 in northeast philly. along the shoreline here 77 degrees in avalon and 73 in lewis. that's one of the cooler spots on the map and parts of delaware. everywhere else we're seeing cooler temperatures. 6 degrees cooler than this time yesterday in pottstown. 4 degrees in philadelphia and down 8 degrees in wilmington. our radar shot shows quiet conditions so we'll see plenty of sunshine today. we will stay dry throughout the day. as we head into our overnight hours, we'll see a little more moisture head towards us eastward and that is going to help give us another chance of showers overnight heading into tomorrow. we watch tropical depression bill to see if this brings us weekend moisture and a better chance of storms. our future cast shows us we stay dry. clouds as we head into the rest of the day. overnight hours, after midnight that's when we see isolated
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showers, a possibility of thunderstorms. thursday by 6 a.m. another round of wet weather. wet roads expected. you want to allow a little extra time to get to work tomorrow morning. as you head home, we should start to see things drying out with the exception of maybe an isolated scattered shower or two by friday. we dry out warm things up and wait for the rain as we head into your saturday and potentially into your sunday. we've also seen our temperatures drop down which is good for the beginning of the week. as we head into the rest of the day, 74 degrees in the poconos. 81 in allentown. 81 in quakertown. a high of 78 in doylestown. along the shore, staying in the 70s. 74 in vineland. low 80s is our average this time of year. our range today is 80 to 84 sunny, nice winds out of the east 8 to 18 miles an hour.
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seven-day forecast shows nice conditions especially if you head out for the phillies game tonight. if you take a rest of the work week, thursday we drop below average. friday we warm up dry out and we track a chance of storms heading into father's day and the first official start of summer. >> this sunday is father's day. instead of getting dad another tie or gift card or sox, how about an opportunity for a man in your life to be the best father he can be. the tenth annual fatherhood conference is helping in philadelphia. here to tell us about it is joel austin ceo of national fatherhood conference and joe davis, who's been participating in the conference for years. appreciate your time. there we go. why do you start the conference here? why is it so important? >> fatherhood is one of the most important roles in the united states in the entire world.
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it's one of the most important jobs ojt, on-the-job training. we need some education, some rules, some type of foundation. so we began it ten years ago and it's been going stronger and stronger. >> no man knows it better than the man next to you, kevin. why did you take part in dad university? how has it enriched your life and your relationship with your daughter? >> it enriched it phenomenally. first started because i wanted to be a better dad and father to my child. she's a teen year and we -- >> that's fun, huh? >> yeah. we look forward to the events that surround the conference every year. especially the daddy/daughter dance. >> you've been taking part in it for how long now? >> it's been over five years. >> five years. do you learn something after the first year or is it kind of a
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growing period? it gets better and better and better? >> it grows. you talk about the technology of today, how to raise your child in this day and age with the internet and as she goes through being a toddler to a teen and also blended family issues. pretty much everything. everything. it takes care of issues that every father has to any demographic. >> there's a wide spectrum you pointed out. joel, you can talk about a dad who just needs a little education about how to raise a daughter or son, but also there are some that just want to be in their children's lives a little more. how do you address that wide spectrum? >> you do a lot of the bases the conversations. we have classes on parenting as a whole parents owed indication. you still need to make sure you take care of yourself. we have classes on healthy relationships, talking about the feelings and talk about things and express yourself instead of being so arguous.
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we have classes on money management. you need to make sure you're budgeting correctly. it has an impact on how you parent. when i've had more money, i'm a much better father -- >> of course. it's easier to do that, too. >> what's the message for all men out there who are watching? those who think they need a little more education and for those who may be saying, no i don't need this. i'm a great dad already. >> learn how to be better than you already are. it is the most important job in the world. no man has ever said, i need more time to work on my car. >> very good. that's a great point right there. the tenth annual fatherhood conference is going on this saturday, june 20th at school district of philadelphia education center on 440 north broad street in philly. breakfast, registration that starts at 8 a.m. the conference runs from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. go to our website, or check out the "nbc10 news" app. thank you very much. i'll stand up this time.
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a pleasure meeting both of you guys. >> thank you very much. up next baby boom. it's something we haven't seen in seven years. the reason why hospital nurseries and maternity wards may be getting more crowded. later, talk about the deal of the century. the treasure that one lucky person found at a garage sale for just $5.
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this just into nbc10 in the
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last few minutes. the national constitution center has just announced the dalai lama will receive this year's liberty medal in philadelphia. the liberty medal honors men and women of courage and conviction who strive for liberty across the globe. the dalai lama will receive the award at a ceremony august 26th. this week's wednesday's child is a teen who loves life and is filled with creativity. she's hoping to find a forever family to love and support her. nbc10's vai sikahema introduces us. >> the music changes a little bit so you'll know when to pose. >> reporter: shea to her friend is shy at first but quick to warm up to reveal a strong and creative woman. she has so many creative outlets from drawing to music to fashion to dance. we took her to learn new steps at first position dance arts in ardmore, pennsylvania. the 19-year-old had a blast working on the routine. she put her heart into getting
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the moves right. >> she's very sweet. she brings brightness into a room. she just has this demeanor about her. it's amazing. >> reporter: she also shared a passion not many girls her age have. >> i do crochet. >> reporter: crochet? really? it's beautiful. she's smart beyond her years and knows what a family would mean to her. >> someone that loves you, takes care of you, is by your side whenever you need them. >> let's practice rolling shoulders. >> reporter: the ideal family would be there to provide love and guidance and help to maintain a relationship with her sister. >> she would thrive in a home with sib lynns, younger siblings. she currently has a relationship with her biological sister who's older and she has a niece. she's really great with her niece. she does well with little kids. >> reporter: she's ready to share her heart with a family. this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to make her dream come true or any
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wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation go to and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center 1-866-do-adopt. another big strike against major league baseball. we have new information about the team that's accused of stealing more than just bases. felt it on my leg. and then i saw it once it had attacked my arm. >> he's not letting something like a shark bite get him down. a story of inspiration as we hear from the teen who survived an attack this week at a north carolina beach.
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breaking news in philadelphia's logan section. police found a 28-year-old woman dead inside a home. necessity say she received a
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call around 7:15 this morning where someone said a family member just killed his girlfriend. they went to the home on warnock street and found a woman had been stabbed and killed in a bedroom. police say they know who the suspect is, they're just trying to track him down. look at this. a fantastic day at the jersey shore. if you're among the lucky few to have a beach day. here's a live look at cape may. makes you jealous we're sitting inside right now, brittney shipp. meteorologist brittanyney shipp is here with the forecast. >> good morning. in the city you can't beat our temperatures no matter where you go throughout the area. temperatures in horsham in 80 degrees. 77 in chester springs. mid-70s in quakertown. 71 in the toek notices. that would be a nice place to be as well. along the shore for avalon 76 degrees. 78 in dover. over the next eight hours, our
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temperatures will stay close to average, 83 degrees. 82 by 4 p.m. by 7:00 p.m. a nice evening out. temperatures expected to drop to 77 by the time you head out for dinner. radar shows quiet conditions but we'll see clouds increasing as we head into the rest of the evening and into our overnight hours into midnight. that's when we'll start to see a chance of showers back in the forecast. this will linger and affect your thursday morning commute around 6:00 a.m. a moderate shower and few downpours and isolated thunderstorms. this will continue throughout your morning hours on thursday. i'm also tracking a return of storms as we head into the weekend. i'll let you know how that's going to affect your father's day forecast. it's all coming up in my seven-day in just a bit. >> thank you very much. president obama just finished speaking at a ceremony to swear-in attorney general loretta lynch. here's a live look from the warner theater in washington. supreme court justice sonia
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sotomayor will swear in lynch. let's stay with this picture as the ceremonious swearing-in is taking place. joe biden did the official swearing-in of lynch in april, but today's event, that you're watching right now live, is a more normal ceremony with a way larger audience you can't see beyond this camera. let's listen in to what's happening right now. >> place your left hand on the bible. you have a great honor to uphold. raise your right hand and repeat after me. i, loretta elizabeth lynch. >> i, loretta elizabeth lynch. >> do solemnly swear that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. >> that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. >> against all enemy. >> against all enemies. >> foreign and domestic. >> foreign and domestic. >> that i will bear true face
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and allegiance to the same. >> that i will bear true faith and allegiance to the same. >> that i take this obligation freely. >> that i take this obligation freely. >> without any mental reservation. >> without any mental reservation. >> or purpose of evasion. >> or purpose of evasion. >> and that i will well and faithfully discharge. >> that i will well and faithfully discharge. >> the duties of the office. >> the duties of the office. >> on which i am about to enter. >> on which i am about to enter. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> that supreme court justice sonia sotomayor swearing in loretta lynch. you see president obama on hand at the warner theater in washington, d.c. federal authorities are investigating whether the st. louis cardinals illegally hacked into the computers of a rival baseball team. nbc's craig melvin reports this
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is believed to be the first time one professional sports team allegedly committed corporate espionage against another. >> ground ball that is foul. >> could it be foul play? the number one team in baseball the st. louis cardinals, fielding questions about wlo every whether an employee stole insider information from their rival, the houston astros. >> we heard from the front office this is something that's going to be addressed soon. >> reporter: citing federal law enforcement office "the new york times" reports authorities have uncovered evidence employees for the cardinals hacked into the astro's computers, stealing secrets about players, potential trades and scouting reports. >> any allegation no matter how serious it turns out to be is of great concern to us. >> reporter: astro's general manager left the cardinals in 2011. "the times" report someone connected to the cardinals may have used his old passwords to
11:36 am
act the astros' network. >> corporate espionage company to company is unusual. to see it in professional sports takes it to another level. >> reporter: neither team is commenting citing the ongoing investigation. this is the latest potential scandal from the world of pro sports. in may the nfl fined the new england patriots $1 million and suspended quarterback tom brady for four games for using underinflated footballs. >> i'm from houston. >> i can't imagine they would get any information that would help them win a game. >> reporter: with accusations of high-tech cheating america's pastime could take another hit. >> that was nbc's craig melvin reporting. even if it turns out the cardinal employees did hack into astro's computers, no one has made specific allegations up to this point that the cardinal organization was even aware of it. here is a bizarre story for you. the zoo director says one more tiger may still be on the loose after severe flooding in the
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country of georgia over the weekend. the zoo is doing another head count of animals after a white tiger mauled a man to death this morning. officials say the tiger was hiding in an abandoned factory. commandos rushed to that site and they killed the tiger because it was aggressive. there may be another one. just yesterday zoo officials said all of the tigers had died in that flooding. institute hungarian government is considering whether to build a 13-high fence along its border with serbia to stop the flow of migrants. the government asked the interior minister to prepare a plan by next wednesday. last week billboards went up across hungary as part of an anti-migration campaign. many people going through hungary on their way to northern europe. in the meantime pope francis is asking can countries like hungary to keep the doors open for migrants. the pontiff made the comments
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this weekend at the vatican. he asked those to pray for migrants trying to reach the european shores in search of a better future. overseas the first lady is in italy for a five-day visit. michelle obama arrived in milan accompanied by her mother and daughters. cheel cook with chef john besh. part of the first lady's campaign to promote healthy eating. she'll also travel to venice. and she was a big hit during the uk leg of her european trip. we've learned she didn't arrive empty-handed when she met prince harry for tea at kensington palace. she brought gifts for prince george and princess charlotte, the young children. those wondering what the gifts were, a red flyer wagon for george and amish rocking chair and blanket for charlotte.
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back in the united states and north carolina a teenager says he's keeping his spirits up while recovering from a shark attack that cost him his arm. a shark bit 16-year-old hunter treschl on sunday. medics rushed him to the hospital in critical condition. doctors amputated his arm below the shoulder. the attack happened 90 minutes after a 12-year-old girl lost her arm to a shark nearby. hunter, in stable condition, says he's determined to move on from this. out of those two there's only one i would choose, that's to fight and live a normal life with the cards i've been dealt. >> the girl who had her arm severed by the shark is also in stable condition can. [ speaking foreign language ]
11:40 am
>> whoa whoa whoa. held the telephono. i know you just got back from miami but i didn't think i was interviewing governor pit bull. ♪ >> fireball. >> republican presidential candidate jeb bush made his first late night tv appearance on "the tonight show" starring the man in the foreground jimmy fallon. that was last night, one day after he announced he was running for the white house. he joins donald trump, who announced he's running for president yesterday. trump is the 12th republican now to enter the field. >> i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. >> the real estate mogul and reality tv star says he's financing his political campaign. right now he's doing well enough too, to earn early public opinion polls and earn that spot at the first debate in august.
11:41 am
only the top ten polling republicans are sure to get invited. here are all 12 declared gop candidates. the democratic field is much smaller, only four candidates announced they're running for president. the baby recession could be over. new data shows births in the u.s. were up 1% the first increase in seven years. the nation had been seeing a decline in births since 2007 which experts had blamed on the economy. it is the buzz over bees and businesses. the mission under way to protect this endangered species in of all places philadelphia. and we're going to see sunny and dry conditions. not as warm as we've seen in the last couple days but i am returning the track of storms and i'll let you know what's in storm as we get closer to father's day weekend.
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you've likely heard the saying one man's treasure is another man's treasure. one lucky bargain hunter knows that all too well after stopping by a yard sale. dave shaw makes his living selling stuff on ebay. of all the garage sales he's been to he says one is unforgettable. >> i looked to my left and saw the painting and picked it up and said how much is this? he said $10. i said i have $5. this is the dalai.
11:45 am
>> it was an original print by salvador dali. it's called "reflection" and now on sale at ebay what shaw says is market value, $7,000. making quite the profit there. the honey bee may soon be philadelphia's most endangered species. the population in city and surrounding suburbs is dwindling and now there's a push to protect beas. nbc's katy zachry explains. >> reporter: afl the bees are living on top of tfl's technology and business center. the roof is a safe place to breed them and breeding bees has become a necessary business. >> if it's not wheat, corn or soy, everything else is pollinated by bees and farmers can't say in business without them. >> reporter: in philadelphia alone, the bee population was cut more than half thanks to a harsh winter aggressive
11:46 am
pesticides. they're pushing for stricter standards exterminating bees. >> we should remove them nonlee that willy. >> reporter: why they started the philadelphia bee company. >> they don't realize there are any around until i turn up wearing a jacket and veil and they say where are the bees? i go -- >> reporter: he manages dozens of bee colonies on top of rooftops. some volunteer their space to grow the bee population. >> we can raise our bees away from the effects of pesticides. we don't -- we also get better tasting honey downtown too, frankly. >> reporter: that's delicious. that's the best honey i've ever tasted. reporting from the parkside neighborhood, katy zachry, "nbc10 news." more than two dozen children received a gift this morning that will help them continue their education over the summer. nbc10 in kensington and
11:47 am
volunteers handed out backpacks full of educational toys and supplies. the items will help them keep up to speed until they graduate -- or should they enter first grade in the fall. they have one more year to do that. it's an event that's star-studded with diamonds. next week the hamels foundation will host its sixth annual diamond and charity event. here to tell us is heidi hamels wife of pitcher cole hamels. >> appreciate you having me. >> six years and running. tell me why you do it. >> yes. we love kids. we love the city we live in. we love how much philly gives to us and we to want give something back to philly. i used to be a former school teacher. cole's entire family is involved heavily in the san diego school system. his father is the
11:48 am
superintendent. it's in our blood. it's hard not to make that part of you keep going and being fulfilled in another way. going from a school teacher, you still need to be fulfilled in that way you're still helping kids and teachers and parents and we thought this was one of the better ways of doing it. >> it's so nice to be able to give back in this tremendous way, too. also for you guys to have adopted philadelphia too. where does the money go? what does it benefit? >> that's a good question. you can go online. you can look up any charity you want to. what we thought was we want to be a standout charity. every penny you give actually goes to the cause. if you give one pen y it will go exactly to what you say so. >> not a percentage. >> no not a percent. every single dime dollar penny, it goes right to it. since we do several projects even throughout america and throughout africa you can actually designate your dollar your penny, to that specific thing.
11:49 am
i want my money to go to the math program in so and so school system in philadelphia. i want my money to go to a tefk to so and so school in africa. you're taking so much time away from your family and kids and your hard-earned money, you want to know it's being used for something great. >> that's right. why malawi africa, why is that so important to you and your husband? >> africa in general is very special to us. we've adopted from africa. it's really our second home if you will from philadelphia, because we are there so much. but they have the largest aids/hiv population per capita in the world. there are so many kids under the age of 7 that do not have a mom and dad. they really -- yes, their community takes them on but there are only so many resources that community has. just to be part of something clearly so much bigger than yourself and to really give back to a country that you know has
11:50 am
a no guns policy has a very stable government supplies half the world in tea alone, it's just a very pleasant place to be. and it's so beautiful. it's swarming with kids that need hope that need a place. they have no school system set up there. they literally get caught under a tree no bathroom facilities no teacher, no wages. >> that's quite the education for yourself. and fulfilling work. you can help out this the sixth annual diamond and denim charity event is taking place next thursday, june 25th at vie on 60 on north broad street in philadelphia. i was coached on that. tickets are available for the after-party at zee bar on spring street in center city. you can find the information on our website, or check out "nbc10 news" app, where you can also purchase tickets. >> that's right.
11:51 am
thank you so much. >> thank you no question. thank you for all you and your husband do around philadelphia. >> thanks for having us. >> we appreciate that. well, we're gearing up for a nice day today. plenty of sunshine dry conditions and temperatures not too far above the average. i'm also tracking the return of storms. we'll take a sneak peek at your seven-day forecast. a live look at poconos, we're seeing a few more clouds. our feels-like temperature only at 81. our humidity is down a bit. down to 52%. very comfortable for us. our current temperatures at 71 in the poconos. 77 in trenton. 78 in mt. holly. similar conditions in atlantic city at atlantic city airport there, 78 degrees. same thing in dover. stone harbor at 76. it's an even spread with our temperatures. it's not a lot cooler at the shore versus inland. it's nice and comfortable for
11:52 am
all this morning. 24-hour temperature change the map shows we're down about 7 degrees in philadelphia from this time yesterday. down 8 degrees in wilmington and 9 degrees in dover. that's a good start for us. we are going to stay a bit cooler than what we saw yesterday. our radar shot shows quiet conditions for us. we'll see plenty of sunshine. a few clouds mixed in. clouds will continue increasing throughout the rest of the night. you'll notice myself tour moving in giving us a chance of showers and thunderstorms by tomorrow morning as you're heading to work. as we head into the weekend, some of the moisture from what is now tropical depression bill will head our way. we're tracking an unsettled weather pattern off and on. watch what happens around midnight. we see light rain moving in. as you head to work tomorrow, 6 a.m. we're talking about moderate downpours here throughout south jersey cumberland salem counties and that will continue throughout your morning hours on and off throughout the afternoon. our best chance to see
11:53 am
thunderstorms will be closer to the morning versus the evening. we dry up as we head into friday and also into saturday. by sunday that's when that remnant moisture from tropical depression bill should get here. 74 should be the high today in the poconos with cloudy skies. 81 in allentown. 80 degrees the high in norristown. low 80s so nice and comfortable for us. as we head into the rest of today, you'll notice our temperatures will range between 80 and 84 degrees and sunshine. nice breezy conditions expected as well. our wind speeds will range between 8 and 18 miles per hour. your seven-day forecast shows that as we head into the end of your work week by thursday expect temperature below 79 degrees. showers likely clearing up heading into friday nice and warm. as we head into the weekend for father's day, we'll see a chance of storms, 87 degrees.
11:54 am
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today at 3:00 it's "ellen" with key era knightly. today the community where a school came under attack who killed five girls suffers more loss. we'll explain why they're
11:57 am
grieving again at 4:00. thanks for watching "nbc10 news" at 10:00. i'm keith jones, for brittney shipp and all of us here at nbc10, have a great day.
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ng] >> xander: you weak, stupid, little bitch! >> nicole: [whimpers] why are you doing this? what are you and serena up to? tell me! >> xander: i could tell you, but i don't think you'll live long enough to hear the answer. >> nicole: [whimpers] >> will: you were right to keep pushing for us to get into therapy. dr. myers is the greatest, isn't he? >> sonny: [sighs] do you know what time the sitter's gonna bring ari home? >> will: not for another hour. myers just makes everything so clear. i mean, it's no wonder that he's considered the top couples' therapist in the state. >> sonny: i just wish we would've talked things through a little bit more. >> will: but we did. >> sonny: not from where i was sitting. dr. myers kept pushing for us to move forward, to grow focus on the future. >> will: what's so wrong with that? >> sonny: will, how are we gonna move forward if we don't figure out how our marriage wen


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