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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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ard walk. you have two groups of taj mahal employees and fellow union members. this group came from states around, around the taj mahal, made their way on to the streets and this is where they are. we are told by organizers of this rally, united 54 the largest casino union in atlantic city 70 union members are going to take part in an act of civil disobedience here by blocking virginia and pennsylvania avenue. they will be blocking the entrance to trump taj mahal. carl icahn is the main lender of the taj mahal's parent company. he's set to take over the casino once it emerges from bankruptcy. the main argument here that we've been telling you about since the fall a cost-cutting
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move by the parent company. trump entertainment resorts, you see that banner there. the cost-cutting move to eliminate pension benefits for 1,000 trump taj mahal employees. they were expecting 2 thoushs people here. they have their counterparts from new york joining as well. we are expecting those arrests to happen any minute now after they block traffic. there's a large police presence. i've seen the prisoner transport vans show up as we speak. let's hear from a casino worker from ballys who is here, she's planning to get arrested. >> i'm angry, because we make the beds we cook the food we serve the drinks. we enhance the customer's experience. >> they're destroying the lives of their employees, stole their health care, their pension. won't even get them a half hour paid meal break.
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>> >>. >> we got a statement from trump entertainment resorts, ahead of this protest local 54 leadership is willing to sacrifice the wages and tips of its members by actively persuading customers and conventions to boycott the taj mahal. it's apparent their motives are not in the best interests of their members. that is the motivation by the union to block customers from getting into the trump taj mahal. you take a look over here you see how many police officers are stationed here. preparing to take dozens of union members away after they locked the streets in an act of civil disobedience. live in atlantic city ted greenberg, nbc10 news. >> keep us posted on the situation there in atlantic
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city. now to a kidnapping caught on camera in philadelphia surveillance video showing a masked man leading a victim to a car, can you see he's wearing a bag over his head. the suspects also accused of going after a neighbor who watched this unfold. the people dragged out of their homes and robbed weren't the original targets. this all happened early monday morning in the city's germantown section you have a warning from police to tell us about? >> this apartment complex is covered in one. they did not scare off the men police are searching for now. they're asking renters to be extra cautious because if the suspects got the wrong guy, they may try to return to find the right one. it's hard for her to watch this surveillance of her neighbor it shows unknown men hauling him out of the building with a bag
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over his head. >> nothing ever happens around here for real. >> i saw them a few days ago. >> like i said -- >> the scariest part about this the man and woman taken in this robbery were held for hours. only to hear the captors say, we have the wrong guy. >> the presumption is that are we going to come back for the right person? i would caution all residents to be careful in that particular complex. >> there are still several questions, how do the men get in through these basement doors? how do they mix up their target. >> i have to keep my eyes always look behind me and check before i come out at night. >> the man was just getting home when the crooks pointed guns at him. police are now looking for this gray minivan seen driving away.
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>> police don't have too much to go off of as far as suspect description, because of course that man had a bag over his head during this and the woman involved was ordered at gunpoint to close her eyes. live in germantown drew smith, nbc10 news. the search is on this evening, for a philadelphia man after his girlfriend is found murdered. the victims mother is begging for help to find him. >> i'm begging you all, please help me find my daughter's killer please. >> 28-year-old brittany green was killed. she was a mother of three children living in logan, police found her body this morning in a home on warnock street. she was stabbed to death. investigators are looking for her boyfriend. hall was seen leaving with the kids he took them to his mothers house and confessed to the crime. >> phone in to the police, the
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whereabouts of her attacker. who did this in front of my grandchildren grandchildren. >> she tried to leave her boyfriend several times. and she's a victim of deadly abuse. to our weather now, no rain in sight for a change nbc10 in lansdowne, delaware county great day to get outside and play some hoops. the phillies hoping maybe mother nature will help them tonight. here's a live look at citizens bank park they take on the orioles in an hour now, we're tracking the return of the rain, let's turn it over to nbc10 sheena parveen, sheena? >> we are tracking more rain moving in for today, i think it was pretty nice considering the humidity we had yesterday. we're watching light showers move through the poconos. as for the rest of the area
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clouds increasing, the best chance of rain will be overnight tonight and for your morning commute tomorrow. most of us fairly dry, seeing a lot more cloud cover than earlier today. the system is moving to the north-northwest at 7 miles an hour. the remnants of bill will be here as we go into the weekend. for future weather, the rain moves in it will be around for your morning commute. take it slower on the roadways tomorrow morning. timing of the rain is straight ahead. we understand the casino workers are on the move now ted? >> they have moved, can you see they have formed a circle in the middle of pacific avenue. right at the entrance to the
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trump taj mahal, blocking any traffic from getting in or out of the casino that's the protest of a loss of benefits to more than a thousand taj mahal employees. back in the fall in a cost-cutting move by the company. they are blocking the traffic, can you see how many police are here, and here's an announcement from the police. >> we have constructed highways and other public passages. disturbing a public passage. >> you hear the warning from atlantaic city police. they're out here with a bull horn, many police officers are here they have the prisoner transport vans as well that take these union members away for the civil act of disobedience. >> thanks for that live update.
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to this credit and debit cards, patco customers no longer need cash to pay for paper tickets. they can use credit or debit cards to pay for one way or round trip ride. ticket machines only accepted cash for the tickets. regular riders are able to pay with credit and debit cards to load their freedom cards. 90,000 people expected at the fire fly festival. some are already there. the four-day festival features 100 musical acts including paul mccartney. there have been a lot of traffic problems on route 13. many businesses near the dover speedway attempt to scoop up some of the $100 million concert goers are expected to spend at fire fly. another concert coming up the following week. >> we feel so special that we found this as a home for fire
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fly. it's perfect. >> that's our goal we want to be a tradition for everyone. >> we did find some businesses that decided to close for fire fly this weekend. they don't think their regular customers will be willing to fight the festival traffic. the rolling stones take pittsburgh's heinz field this weekend. they'll be joined by special guests. they'll perform, the stones are required to sing backup during concerts. they'll have one rehearseal with the band saturday afternoon, the pressure is on before they make their rock 'n' roll debut at night. >> preparing for the pope and the world meeting of families what local hospitals are doing to get ready for possible public health threats. all those visitors may bring with them. i'm tracking the return of rain, i'll tell you when it will move in and if it will affect
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your morning commute.
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caught in the act, philadelphia police looking for a man scene on camera. he went for the electric toothbrushes happened at the rite aid on south ninth street. after that he drove off in a black nissan ultima. be prepared so you don't get caught short hospitals in our area taking action now to head
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off any public health threat. >> reporter: at st. luke's hospital in bethlehem, the doctor holds regular meetings with his staff. they're going over preparations the pope's visit to hospitals anticipating the possibility of a surge in patients. it is something that i think every hospital has to focus on. >> when 2 million people descend on the city public health issues are bound to pop up. one concern is infectious diseases. like measles or chicken pox. some international travelers have not been vaccinated. >> some may require isolation, others may not. >> traffic is expected to be a
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nightmare. the right doctors to the right hospitals takes a lot of planning ahead of time. >> we're prepared for the potential of a lot of patients making sure that we have enough capacity for the amount of people that will be in the region. >> the possibility of a mass casualty situation looms heavy over this event. even if all goes smoothly hospitals still expect to see many patients with heat exhaustion or sprained ankles. 2 million extra people means more patients no matter what. doctors offer this advice to those hoping to see the pope in person. >> make sure you have adequate hydration, and obviously medication if you're taking medication. you can't be certain you'll be able to get what you need. >> health officials say the key is coordination having hospitals communicate with one another, allocate and resources, with that many people packing into one place, they need to prepare for anything. >> in bethlehem, randy gillen
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hal, nbc10 news. philadelphia will send a delegation of leaders to the vatican this week. tune in for live reports which begin sunday night. glenn is off, he'll be back later on either way we have a nicer day today than what we had yesterday. lower humidity today. we have showers moving in tonight. the moisture is coming back it will be around for your morning commute. for the morning rush make sure you take your time take your umbrella with you. we're talking about tropical depression bill. the remnants expected to be here as we go over the weekend. overcast skies now looking at citizens bank park. at least it felt more comfortable today. the humidity is not as high. 80 now in allentown, 76
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wilmington, 73 in millville, glassboro, closer to the shore, temperatures are right around 70 degrees, a little cooler there, as far as any showers around now, few light showers or sprinkles in the poconos, for the rest of the area we're mostly seeing the clouds increasing, there could be a few areas with sprinkles. the majority of the rain won't be coming until the overnight hours. now we're looking across texas, spinning over dallas. tropical depression bill. the winds have increased near 30 miles an hour. eventually the system will be moving here by then it will be a big area of rain. maybe thunderstorms. the timing of tonight's rain should be here after midnight 3:00 in the morning, you notice showers getting closer many some of this could be locally heavy, we could have thunderstorms with this tomorrow morning quite a bit of rain across the area. some of it locally heavy, we can't rule out the chance for thunderstorms, the timing should start to clear most of it up by
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the middle of the day. by the evening hours, still a chance for some showers, conditions improve as we go into friday. tropical depression bill should be around texas. as we go into the weekend, again, friday looks pretty good saturday looks mostly dry, until we get into sunday. that is the day where the remnants should be right over the area rain with a chance of thunderstorms come for your father's day sunday but, of course, we'll be updating that as we get closer. clouds increasing late showers around. 63 in philadelphia. thunderstorms around too tomorrow morning, chance for afternoon showers also. i think the afternoon showers should be dryer than what we'll see in the morning. high temperatures near the upper 70s. friday/saturday look good on sunday that's when we'll be watching for all that rain to move in. let's go back to ted greenberg, where i understand arrests have started outside the
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trump taj mahal? >> they have since we last saw you. police got out their restraints and they began handcuffing people. there are still protesters out in the middle of pacific avenue, police are going one by one, they're restrining these union protesters and bringing them over to this -- the prisoner transport van here on virginia avenue. they got the warning from police for blocking the traffic. and you can see now they are being arrested. live in atlantic city ted greenberg, nbc10 news. >> live at citizens bank park how bad is it for the phillies right now, how embarrassing we'll hear from jeff francoeur coming up next. we work weekends here. because it works for our patients.
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i'm john clark, live at citizens bank park. phillies back home after that awful 0-8 road trip. their worst road trip, losing that many games since 1883 the phillies first year they were called the quakers then that's how bad it was. how bad was it? jerome williams is on the 15-day d.l., they lose him, they lost 19-3. how bad was it? jeff francoeur has to come in and pitch. how bad was it? the bullpen phone was off the hook. phillies dugout could not get in touch with the bullpen to save francoeur. ryan san berg said that is
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inexcusable and that cannot happen. they were waiving the white flag i asked jeff francoeur why the phone was off the hook. >> i'm blaming pat saying he didn't want to come in so he took the phone off the hook. i don't know anything that happened with that i was out there trying to get that last out, and i was able to do it. it sucked last night was brutal, but maybe it loosened guys up a little bit. >> jeff said they owe the orioles a butt whopping tonight. core kneel yas randolph, they signed him today. the phillies right now are on pace for 108 losses the team record is 109 losses it's pretty bad. rubin amaro says he's not worried about his job. let's go across the street to the nova care complex. the biggest edition this past
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offseason. they stole demarco murray from the dallas cowboys. he ran behind the best line in the nfl, the eagles offensive line, lost their two starting guards from last season. demarco says no problem. >> not at all. the group we have here is a great group. the organization does their homework, these are guys we're going to play with. great group of guys i have a chance to know them. i'm excited about this upcoming season. we'll tell you if the phillies can win a game tonight. we'll have that at 11:00, eagles are our only hope right now. >> let's keep hope alive, john. >> if you say so. >> all right. all new tonight at 11:00, allegations of racial discrimination. religious discrimination i should say at a public university, the student says she lost her scholarship because she didn't want to go to church.
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that's nbc10 news at 6:00 for all of us here thanks for joining us. the latest from atlantic city at 11:00. tonight, near disaster on the tarmac in chicago. >> stop stop. >> the air traffic controller who stopped two planes on a collision course in the knick of time. isis in america. an fbi agent attacked in a dramatic takedown on alleged homegrown terror. multiple new arrests amid word of a bomb plot on new york stock exchange. called out. at&t hit with a massive fine accused of misleading customers who bought those unlimited plans. were you one of them? and over the edge. what if your day at the office looked like this? "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york this is nbc


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