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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  June 18, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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this is a tragedy that no community should have to experience. it is senseless. >> a south carolina state senator is among the nine victims of a massacre in a south charleston church. authorities are searching for the gunman. a rainy start to our thursday. a live look outside showing a wet cape may and the first alert radar shows more rain moving in that could impact your morning commute. 65 degrees right now. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. bill henley has his first alert forecast. >> only the steady rainfall for first thing this morning. after we
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patch of rain, then scattered showers during the day. streets are damp there at vine and broad. the rainy has been steady in center city and much of the rest of the area as well. the radar view of broad and vine there. not alone, though, when it comes to wet weather. it's across delaware and south jersey. the steadier rainfall has tapered off to harrisburg to our rest. steady rain will ease throughout the morning and clouds will break for sunshine but not a lot of sunshine. cloudy and rainy start. 68 at 6:00. 9:00 a.m. at 69 degrees and scattered showers as we head into the early afternoon hours. by then we will see more sunshine and 70 degrees and climbing but not much warmer this afternoon. then what we are going to see later during the mid afternoon hours. we will go through it hour-by-hour when i come back in ten minutes. right now, let's check in with jessica boyington. what is happening out there? >> wet roadways we are battling
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this morning. 95 take a check around state road. you can see ponding over on the shoulders. when a vehicle goes by you can see it spray out underneath it as well so roadways are wet and definitely to watch out for. a 14 minute trip southbound here from wood haven road up towards the vine street expressway. no real problems there. we do have a water main break in philadelphia closing 52nd street in both on directions so northbound and southbound. you can take market street by the area for now. deptford a road closure. a downpole and wires around the area. take 55 to get by or black horse pike as well. out on 202 rain falling as well. still no problems with the drive times. 11 minutes heading northbound or southbound from 30 up towards the schuylkill expressway. more drive times are coming up. we are following breaking news in south carolina this morning. it is being called a hate crime.
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>> authorities say a white man opened fire in a historic african-american church killing nine people. police in charleston are talking to witnesses and looking for that person this morning. nbc10's katy zachry is monitoring operations in our digital operations center. >> we know the fbi and other federal agencies are on the scene right now helping to investigate this massacre of the nine people who were killed. we know at least one was a public figure. he is clementa pinckney a senior pastor of the church. he was killed when a gunman opened fire as he walked into the church. pinckney was a south carolina state senator and leaves behind a wife and two daughters. the mass shooting happened after 9:00 p.m. at emanuel ame church in charleston. there was concern that police there did not publicly address the massacre early enough. here is the chief's explanation on that. >> this was a very chaotic scene
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when we arrived. we had a lot of moving parts. we were tracking this individual with canines, we were making sure he was not in the area to commit other crimes. >> the shooter has not been caught. he is described as having sandy blond hair and being in his early 20s. police say he is armed and dangerous. now, u.s. senator tim scott from south carolina announced he will be leaving washington as soon as possible to return home and be with his constituents who are grieving. live in the digital operation center indicate i didn't zachkaty zachry nbc10 news. appeals court will hear arguments. officials freed lee from pretty much last year after he served 24 years there. this after a judge ruled that the arson science used to convict lee was flawed. prosecutors say lee set a fire at a religious camp in the poconos in 1989. the fire killed his mentally ill
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daughter and police say the fire was accidental. a philadelphia mother is pleading for help in finding the person who murdered her daughter. the body of brittany green was found inside a home on warknock street in logan on tuesday morning. mother was stabbed to death and investigators are looking for her boyfriend gerald hall. detectives say he was seen leaving the house with green's children. >> i'm begging you all to please help me find my daughter's killer. please. >> detectives say that hall took the children to his mother's house where he confessed to the crime and then he took off. they say it was hall's mother who called police about brittany green's murder. philadelphia police looking for the mass attackers who kidnapped two people in the case of mistaken identity. this surveillance video shows what happened on monday. a home invasion in germantown. they lead a victim out with a bag over his head. police say the captives were held for hours after one of the
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abductors said to the victims, we got the wrong guy and then released them. they are looking for a minivan seen driving away. ticket change that is speeding up the process this morning for riders. plus a yearbook misprint at a bucks county elementary school that one says exploits his son.
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90,000 expected in dover today for the music festival and features a hundred music acts including sir paul mccartney. >> this is my fourth year running and the excitement won't stop. >> that's the goal. we want to be a tradition for everyone. >> some businesses are closing for the weekend. they don't think the regular customers will be willing to fight the festival traffic. there is more on tap for music fans in dover. next week at the very same
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location it's the big barrel country music festival. that will be held june 26th through the 28th. 4:39. temperatures in the 60s right now. rain coming down. 67 degrees in philadelphia. look what is back up. the humidity at 90%. few shots there coming town heavier in northern delaware county. the steady rain only here first thing this morning. to the west scattered activity and see on and off showers this afternoon and a chance we will see a thunderstorm later today. 64 degrees for the pocono mountains. 70s for allentown and quaker
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town. up to 73 degrees for mt. holly. the shore? a little warm for rehoboth and 81 for dover and atlantic city 71 degrees. a chance of some showers and thunderstorms but not looking all-day rainfall at the shore or in the city. see lots of clouds and a chance of a thunderstorm. 75 westchester and drexel hillv:ca to 76 and 77 in philadelphia. the seven-day forecast with a look at the weekend when i come back in ten. we got some construction in some places but wet roads almost everywhere. >> jessica boyington is watching the roads for you. what are you seeing? >> good news already so far. the vine street expressway ongoing construction cleared a little bit early this morning because of the rain. eighth street right now. they have reopened broad street and you can see the drive times not affected there.
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be on lookout for possible crew in the way and getting out of the way. schuylkill expressway, rain coming down through the curve but you can see everything is doing just fine. still moving along 13 minutes if you're heading into the center city area from the blue root up towards the vine street expressway. we will check in with new jersey roads coming up. patco is up to spode. they are accepting more credit cards. riders had to pay cash for paper tickets but patco announced a change. pope francis about to speak his mind on a global issue. >> he is expected to put out today a call for action. a delaware college athlete says she was punished for not going to church with her coach. what she says happened after she refused.
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this is a statewide emergency test from the emergency system. this is only a test. we continue to follow this breaking news out of charleston south carolina.
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pastor and eight members of his congregation were gunned down. authorities say the shooter was a white man and calling this a hate crime. officers thought they had the suspect tracked with a police dog but he is still on the loose right now. another update in 15 minutes on this breaking news. uncertainty for thousands of patients in the dominican republic. a deadline to apply for legal residency hit at midnight. now deposteriortations are expected to resume there. immigrants had to prove they had been in the country since before 2011 to get legal status. most of the dominican republic my grants come from haiti to work in low wage jobs. about 250,000 people applied for residency but only 10,000 only had the appropriate paper work. italian magazine this week posted a leaked draft in which the world could see destruction of the entire echo system this century without urgent action.
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speaking to thousands gathered in st. peters square the pope said the letter is quote, an appeal for responsibility. >> pope francis wants to use this as a launch pad, a galvanizing force. >> the finalized document will be released later today. in the meantime in delaware county, they are planning for the pope's visit to our area come september. nbc10 and media yesterday where delaware city council met to talk about public safety and transportation. last night the council talked to local public official about steps needed to protect residents. >> we will have issues as the pope is being transported, you know to the residence where he is going to stay and that will have a ripple affect, road closures there. >> they are arguing people not to drive into philadelphia during the world meeting of families and, instead, take public transportation. it will occur happen on
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september 22nd and the pope arrives september 26th. count on nbc10 to bring you the latest information on the impact the big events will have on you and the region. chris cato will be going to the vatican later this week with mayor nutter and the arch bishop later this month. to see his report on sunday as leaders find out more about the pope's visit to our area. the pope isn't the only religious leader planning a trip to philadelphia. >> the dolly llama will be here in october. the ceremony happen at the national constitution center a month after the papal's visit. mayor nutter says they are fortunate to host these leaders back-to-back. a yearbook identified a student as having special needs. michael craft's son attends
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edgeschool school in yardley in bucks county. craft says it was wrong to single his child out and says all children should be treated as equals. >> it's not just the picture or the title. it's the ramifications that can go in three or four years, one year when he looks back on his yearbook. >> the school district says the normal proofreader had a death in the family and someone else took that person's place. district officials gave nbc10 a statement reading, quote, the school district is aware that an elementary school student yearbook identified students with special needs. this was an unfortunate error and the matter is being addressed with our staff and the families. volleyball player is suing delaware state university and her coach. >> she says the coach retaliated against her when she didn't attend church services with the team. natalie has been given a full ride scholarship to the university and when she refused
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to attend her coach's church in dover, she says her represent with the coach killingsworth rapidly deteriorated. in december she was told her scholarship would not be renewed. >> in this country, there is the separation of church and state, so at delaware state university they shouldn't be having church as a requirement. >> the university spokesperson said dell state did not comment on any pending lawsuits. the coach killingsworth has since left the university and they say natalie may not be able to return next year without financial assistance of that scholarship. 11 minutes before 5:00. we got a rainy start this morning. it's been a steady rain in center city. you can see the low clouds right over the buildings this morning holding at 67 degrees with the rain and easterly wind.
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good for the ball field there, good for the ball game this afternoon? likely not going to be an all day rainfall. i think they will get the rain in. this steady rain will be done by then. the rain is pushing through delaware county and chester county and farther to the west it's tapering off in lancaster county and western burks county. steady rain in south jersey but spotty showers in delaware. the heaviest weather is south of our area the good news. more good news. rainy start. lighter rainfall at 7:00 a.m. this morning. hour-by-hour forecast shows it tapers off by 9:00. still steady rain for cape may and atlantic city but just spotty showers in chester and montgomery and burks county. by lunch time and early this afternoon when the phillies take the field, we will see clouds and it will be a cooler day today. just a chance of an afternoon shower. a slight chance of a thunderstorm late today into the evening hours. look what all of this cloud
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cover and shower activity does to the temperatures. 70s for most of the area this afternoon. we will be warmer tomorrow. in fact, near 90 in the afternoon after morning low of 68 degrees. showers take a break on friday. and again on saturday. but wet weather for sunday. showers, possibly thunderstorms as the remnants of tropical storm bill come through the area. they will be moving out of here for monday and the temperatures moving up to 91 degrees monday afternoon. close to 90 for tuesday and wednesday. 10 minutes until 5:00. bad news the rain road are wet out there. the good news if i heard jessica right, let's roll up the construction projects. >> jessica. >> vine street expressway. eastbound lanes were closed heading around broad street and picked up early. watch out on the eastbound side of the vine street expressway. possible crews in the area but the construction is gone and the roadways are open.
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good news there. dealing with wet roads across the board this morning. around the bridge here on 95 you can see some mist coming up from underneath the cars when they drive through the area. deptford new jersey a car accident with down poles and wires. between 621 and route 47. out in cherry hill new jersey ongoing construction there. on route 70 westbound now, in between south cornell avenue and mcclellancclellan, one lane moving through the area. we will keep our eye on airport delays if anything changes. you want to earn a little extra money? atlantic city's tram service needs a new message and if you come up with it you could win a thousand dollar prize.
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light rock 96.9 is teaming up with atlantic city to hold a contest for the new alert message. the deadline to submit is wednesday. the winner will be announced a week from today. atlantic city decided to change its current message after people in the wildwoods complained that ac stole watched the tram car from them. from our delaware bureau. big name change. sussex county airport in georgetown will become the delaware coastal airport and a modernization project. they will extend the main runway and lease knew hangar space. their goal to track business travelers and tourists. the name change will take effect by the end of the summer. airline travelers, your complaints might have worked. the airline industry says it's pausing its plan to call for smaller carry-on bags. the initial announcement led to outrage to flyers who said they had to buy new carry-ons or pay to check more of their bags.
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the industry says it's regrouping because of those concerns. the federal government says at&t is cheating customers. the fine the company faces and their response to the allegations. plus walk run, text? college have created lanes to keep distracted students in line. e bravestorm. it's full of cool stuff, like my second in command... and my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. and in my castle we only eat chex cereal. chex cereal. it's full of delicious crunchability. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. and that's something even my brother ... sister can understand. mom, brian threw a ball in the house!
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new this morning, a highway safety group is calling for automakers to improve child safety seat restraints. the insurance institute for highway safety tested a hundred vehicles and in most cases, it found easy access to the anchors known as latches that secure the child seats. also discovered a difficulty in attaching the seats to those factory installed latches. only three of the 100 vehicles that were tested earned a good rating for ease of use. a bmw sedan and mercedes-benz suv and volkswagen passat
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mid-sized car. a new study finds the average americans commute lasts about 45 minutes and now costs 12 bucks a day and that equals 26th 2600 a year. most people say gas is their biggest expense. people are encouraged to buy a home in the downtown area and announce a program called live near your work and offers workers grants to $10,000 to buy a home within a designated area of downtown allentown. owners have to live in the home at least five years. the goal is to strengthen and stabilize the neighborhoods there. at&t is fighting allegations that it cheated customers with unlimited data plans. the federal government is fining the company a hundred million dollars saying that at&t slowed its data speeds on purpose without telling unlimited customers. the practice is money as
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throttling. at&t says all major carriers use it and it's a reasonable way to manage resources to benefit all customers. alexander hamilton is losing his spot in your wallet. >> a woman will be the new face of the 10 dollar bill. the first paper bill to feature a woman in hahn years. new bills will be presented starting in 2010. that is the 100th anniversary that gave women the right to vote. the woman has not been picked yet. the treasury department is launching a campaign to get public input. some people will walk the stairs and others run them. >> now a home for people who like to text on the staircase and seems crazy but here is the story. this is three lane stairwell at the student center at utah valley university. one lane for walkers and run for runners and one for texters. the original idea was having a fun design but with more kid bumping into each other while fiddling with the smartphones, the texting lane idea took hold.
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>> i thought it was funny. >> oops! >> watch him trip! that is funny. >> another stairwell at the school has a calorie counter but the one with the texting lane is getting the most attention, of course, because people are texting all the time but walking on the stairs it doesn't seem right. >> i don't think it should be limited to the stairwell. should be throughout campus. >> that's right. you're watching "nbc 10 news today." "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. starts now. a shooting in a south carolina church. we now know nine people were killed in the massacre including the pastor who is also a state senator. we are live with new information on the victims and the search for the shooter. we are also tracking rain moving through parts of the area this morning. if you're outside, you know about it. later today, showers and cooler temperatures will continue. gom.
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good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's check out the weather with bill henley. >> it's difficult to hold an umbrella and texting at the same time. showers steady in south jersey especially. heavier rainfall move through cape may. that heavy rain has moved offshore but still coming down in philadelphia delaware and south jersey. those theit's not an all day rainfall. morning rain will taper off. by 9:00 scattered showers. 68 degrees. we may be dry for most of the area at noon. still a chance of a shower later today. we will go through it hour-by-hour coming up. right now, let's see how the roads are doing with


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