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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  June 18, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's check out the weather with bill henley. >> it's difficult to hold an umbrella and texting at the same time. showers steady in south jersey especially. heavier rainfall move through cape may. that heavy rain has moved offshore but still coming down in philadelphia delaware and south jersey. those theit's not an all day rainfall. morning rain will taper off. by 9:00 scattered showers. 68 degrees. we may be dry for most of the area at noon. still a chance of a shower later today. we will go through it hour-by-hour coming up. right now, let's see how the roads are doing with the rain
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coming down. jessica is not texting right now. >> i'm on my phone. every once in a while, i think i bring my phone with me and that would be bad because we wouldn't be able to get to the next map. 29, doing okay with the rain. the drive times as you can see are doing okay. rest of our drive times still okay. no problems on 95 or the schuylkill. just dealing with ponding on the shoulders. out in philadelphia watch for water main break. 52nd street is closed northbound and southbound between lancaster area. take market street to get around that now. no weather-related delays at the philadelphia international airport but we will keep checking and keep you updated on that. we have been gathering new information all night long on breaking news out of south carolina. the fbi has joined the search for a man who opened fire at a historic african-american church, killing nine people. the shooting happened at the
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emanuel ame church in charleston around 9:00 last night. katy zachry is monitoring operations in the digit operation center. >> reporter: police calling this a hate crime. throughout the morning, i've been in touch with our affiliate reporters who are at the scene. the mayor and police chief we know will be issuing an update the next two hours. church and community members have been huddled in prayer. the massacre inside charleston emanuel ame church happened last night as a prayer service was under way. police say a 21-year-old man entered the church and began shooting and killed eight people inside and one outside. >> we want the entire community to pray for safety for our people. and that we would hope that this person who has committed a heinous crime come is a hate crime be brought to justice. >> the shooter has not been found. one of the church's senior
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pastors was killed in the gunfire clementa pinckney who you see there. he also served as a state senator. he leaves behind a wife and two daughters. throughout the morning we are getting more information and more comments in from congregation members. i'll have that information for you at 6:00. >> strong connection between the two churches. in the early 1900s, many migrated to philadelphia from south carolina during the great migration. at 5:30 the pastor of that queen village church talks to nbc10 toni braxton about this. a mother is murdered. the lehigh county d.a. will not seek the death penalty against
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barnes. both suspects were arraigned separately yesterday with the teen charged as an adult. victim was stabbed to death in the driveway of her home near allentown in march. wilkins will be spared the death penalty. a jury that convicted him of three murders including the torture death of a woman who witnessed the killings decided to give him life in prison on yesterday. his brother maurice is awaiting a trial in that triple murder in 2012. philadelphia mother is pleading for help. >> she and the police want to find the person who killed her daughter. the body of brittany green was found inside a home on warknock street in logan on tuesday morning. the mother of three was stabbed to death. investigators are looking for her boyfriend hall. detectives say he was seen leaving the house with green's children. >> i'm begging you all to please help me find my daughters
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killer. please. >> detectives say hall took the children to his mother's house where he confessed to the crime and then fled. they say it was hall's mother who called police about brittany green's murder. this morning police are trying to find the man who sexually attacked a woman at a bus stop. you saw it happen early yesterday morning in southwest philadelphia. police say the victim was waiting for a bus at south 65th street and dicks avenue when a stranger attacked. police tell us the man pulled the victim into a driveway and sexually assaulted her. wech workers say the bar's camera points to the area where the attack happened. police who wait at the same bus stop tell us they are concerned. >> that's devastating. that's devastating. this makes me think if i go outside, i could be next. i hope they catch him. i hope they catch him, whoever he is i hope he gets caught for doing what he did. >> the attacker got away with the victim's cash i.d. and debit card. an effort to prevent crime. philadelphia police teaming up
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with local utilities to protect senior citizens from impostors. a campaign called be sure before you open the door. along with the police the water department and others are on board. they want to make it easier for senior citizens and others to be sure someone who claims to be a utility worker really is. the goal is to prevent people from getting scammed and robbed. official showed a public service announcement produced by nbc10. the police say if a person suspects they are being scammed, call 911. the plan is in place to quickly figure out if there is a problem. police tell us far too many impostors rob older people and they want to reduce this type of crime to zero. a delaware county community has honored a teenager credited with saving an umpire's life during a baseball game. last night, michael received a hero plaque for his quick thinking.
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the 16-year-old was on second base when the ump dropped to the ground. he sprinted to home plate and gave the man cpr until more help arrived. >> it felt good. it feels nice to be honored by everybody inside there. a lot of big names in there. >> he is a volunteer firefighter with the darby fire company number one. the phillies try to snap a nine-game losing streak what is fast becoming one of their poorest season in years. the phils came home last night 0 for 8 road trip and only to lose to baltimore for the third time this week. . they only lot 6-4 and the night before, it was 16-3. they are getting better -- i think. phillies worst record in the major leagues. their poor fans veterans stars are not producing much offense these days and pitching is allowing a barrage of home runs. yes. you're looking live now at citizens bank park. phillies try to salvage their final game against the orioles
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and first pitch at 1:05. phillies die-hards might be hoping for a washout, not going to happen. they will get the game in. we will see the steady rain taper off. morning showers will taper off. then just a chance of scattered showers and possibly a thunderstorm as we head into the evening hours. most of the area will get a break from the rain during the day. this weekend, that's going to be 50/50. one day dry and another day damp. right now damp and rain falling for allentown, northeast philadelphia and atlantic city. look at the temperatures. uniform this morning. 66 degrees for each of those locations. you can see the clouds in the pocono mountains. rain will be and off in the mountains but should be breaks of sunshine. but not a lot of sunshine. that's why things will stay so much cooler today. this is why it's cooler this morning. humidity is high.
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steady rainfall now is moving through philadelphia and into south jersey but it's really tapering off quickly now in lancaster and chester county. same story in lehigh valley. steadier rain is going to come to an end. heaviest now moving through center city and into gloucester county and camden county see heavier showers as well. the west and what we are going to see during the day. just a few spots on the radar screen. keep an umbrella handy but most of the day time probably won't need it. 9:00 a.m. see it taper off at philadelphia, while steady rain is falling in south jersey but even that tapers off as we head into the afternoon hours at noon time and through most of the afternoon. so i don't think it's going to be a problem for the phillies game. this could be a problem. these showers and heavy downpours late this afternoon and moving into the area. that is 5:00 today. those could bring us thunder and lightning. for now rainy start and breaks of sunshine.
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pocono mountains 64. 75 allentown and 73 quaker town. 70s for doylestown and trenton and mt. holly and shore 70s and dover 81 degrees with breaks of sunshine. 70s for wilmington. drexel hill with occasionally showers and chance of a late day thunderstorm. weekend forecast when i come back in ten. if you're getting ready to head out the door, a problem on 295 to tell you about. >> jessica? >> we are seeing lane restrictions on 295 and not because of the rain. black horse pike we are dealing with debris spill. a truck spilled mulch. one lane squeezing by and police activity on the scene there as well. northbound side 12 minutes from 168 up towards the 38. no real problems there because there is not a lot of volume so not that backed up but something to watch out for.
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deptford, watching this road closure in new jersey. both directions are closed. take 55 to get through the area off black horse pike. out in cherry hill watching ongoing construction. one lane on route 70 westbound between soldier cornell avenue and mcclellan avenue. if you're heading into the city from new jersey currently no problems on any of the area bridges. check in with mass transit in ten. 11 minutes past 5:00. stay tuned as we continue to follow breaking news on the church massacre in south carolina. we are putting together new information right now and another update in three minutes. plus firing back. the former naacp leader is the center of a racial identity controversy says she is being harassed now. we have the statement she just released in response to ethics violations claims. digging through more than 100 years of history. an effort to honor fellow alumni
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who died in the first world war. we will have that story next.
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5:15 and 65 degrees outside. we continue to follow breaking news in south carolina. police searching for a shooter who opened fire during a prayer meeting inside that historic african-american church. nine people were killed including the pastor who is also a state senator. it happened last night at the emanuel ame church in charleston
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opinion authorities describe this shooting as a hate crime and the fbi is involved and we are continuing to gather new information and have it for you in about 15 minutes. new this morning, civil rights leader accused of faking her black identity is now reacting with defiance against allegations of violating ethics rules. rachel dolezal stepped down this week as leader of her naacp chapter. her parents says she is white and she says she identifies as black. she still leads a volunteer police commission in spokane but, yesterday, investigators say she broke confidentiality rules. her statement reads in part. new this morning, digging through time. a philadelphia man is on a mission to find heroes and fellow alumni. a roman catholic high school who
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fought and died in world war i. he says it's about honor and brotherhood. nbc10's matt delucia is live at the high school in center city. tell us more matt. >> reporter: the inspiration came to this man about three years ago after reading a book and since then it's a constant search to find those who went to class here roman catholic and, in some cases, sacrificed everything. there's a story that were forgotten at least until now. chris gibbons is determined to bring that history back. >> it's not only the names but the stories and it's not only those who died but the stories of those who fought in world war i and survived. >> reporter: even when he went to school here in the late '70s, chris wondered why there was a memorial plaque for those who died in world war ii and korean war and vietnam but not world war i so he started going
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through roman catholics archives. >> we found a reference in the 1990 yearbook who had died. those are the first two names we found. >> then three and then four and now up to 12 and still going. before long he got that long awaited plaque on the wall with new names being added as they are found. he believes every school should do the same no matter the war. those alumni who died deserve to be honored. >> they are very interested in the search. >> reporter: why do you think that is the case? >> i think they realize that they share a connection with all of those guys although they -- many of them graduated a hundred years ago or even longer than that. one of the mottos here at the school is that we are brothers for life and despite the fact that those guys, you know, graduated over a hundred years ago, they are still our brothers. >> reporter: as of now they have
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been able to find newspaper articles dating back the past 100 years indicating there may be as many as 32 who died. so still a lot more work to be )qsyp&hc% happening today, a state lawmaker will host a free veterans affair in east lansdowne. it is set today from 11:00 to 2:00. music starts today for the 90,000 people expected at the firefly music festival in dover. the four day event features more than a hundred musical acts including paul katherinemccartney. a lot of traffic yesterday as the suv crowd started to arrive. >> my fourth year running and the excitement won't stop. >> we want to be a tradition for
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everyone. >> some businesses are closing for the weekend. they don't think their regular customers will be willing to fight the festival traffic. speaking of traffic. a lot of it in south jersey where a spill on 295. >> jessica is watching that. >> new jersey is seeing the brunt of this rain. we dealt with a lot of mulch is dumped out of a truck on 295 around bell mar. black horse pike camera as well. one lane squeezing by the area. police activity on the scene. there is actually a lot of people walking around trying to clean it up and get it out of the way right now. definitely something to watch out for. you can see the drive times still doing okay and no problems in 12 minutes heading northbound.imn deptford road closure between 621 rainy route 47. take 55 to get by or black horse pike. still watching the water main break in philadelphia.
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take market street to get through the area and you'll do just fine. mass transit currently no problems or delays for septa and patco line. keep you updated on the mulch spill in new jersey coming up. 20 minutes after 5:00. it's a cooler start this morning. here is why. the rain is coming down. steady rain to start with. but we are going to see some breaks in the rain. rainfall will taper off and a chance of showers to start your day. you need your umbrella to start the day. philadelphia 93% humidity and not a surprise there. seen heavy downpours at cape may taper off. cloudy and rainy. the insteadest rainfall is moving into chester county. looks like a good afternoon for the music concert.
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then just a chance of some scattered showers later in the day. it's theskevening could see thunderstorms develop. this weekend may bring us this. this is tropical depression bill with 30-mile-an-hour winds. winds wents be a problemwon't be a problem on sunday but it will impact our second half of the weekend.on't be a problem on sunday but it will impact our second half of the weekend. the morning hours, light scattered showers up to the north and to the south. light rainfall that is moving through delaware. by early this afternoon, when the phillies are taking the field, looks like it will be dry. forecast is calling for rainy start. then mostly cloudy skies and scattered showers. there is a possibility of some evening thunderstorms. temperatures in the 70s to low 80s this afternoon. warmer tomorrow near 90. a break from the rain on friday and break on saturday. but then sunday there it comes.
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the remnants of bill coming through the area. 85 if wshowers and thunderstorms likely for sunday. then monday the heat is on. up to 91 degrees. honing in on headaches. the just released research that could result in new medicines for migraines for the first time in decades. investigating insurance claims. the experts at cnbc will explain how a ruling by the faa will allow one company to get a clear picture of storm damage and other disasters.
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new this morning a new class of drugs to treat and prevent migraines is showing some promise. leading headache researchers say that surnt migraine medicines only treat the condition after it strikes. they say the new drugs could help cut elevated levels of amino acids that trigger migraine pain. experts say more studies are needed. they want drones to inspect insurance claims and looking more likely today. landon dowdy is here to explain more. good morning, landon. >> tracy good morning to you. allstate says it's one step closer to use drones to help assess insurance claims. a new ruling by the faa will allow the insurance companies to investigate this. some members may be cut off by debris and authorities. the drones would help process
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the property damage. back over to you. >> landon downs, thanks. it's a rainy start this morning. it is 65 degrees. haven't seen that in a while. you'll need your umbrella if you're leaving the house right now. look at that view from center city. a live view at 5:26 this morning. it's not, however going to be an all-day rainfall. see if there are any problems with the commute as a result of this rain. jessica? >> we are still watching a debris spill on 295 northbound along the black horse turnpike. mulch on the northbound side with one lane getting by. keep you updated on the rest of the problems coming up with the rain coming up. i'm monique braxton live inside mother bethel ame church. in a few moments, i speak with pastor about the massacre in south carolina.
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about 5:30. all-out manhunt is underway after a deadly shooting at a church in south carolina. the mayor this morning is calling it a hate crime. we are following all of the developments, plus getting reaction from a local church that has a special tie to the story. other big story we are
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following for you this morning is the rain. look at that. the nbc10 first alert weather radar shows the wet weather moving through parts of our area this morning. we are tracking those showers and the impact on your morning commute. it is 5:30. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's get to bill henley with the first alert forecast. is this moving through or steady throughout the day? >> we have seen the steady rainfall this morning but it's just to start with. as the morning progresses these showers will taper off and then it's just going to be scattered rainfall during the day. this is how it looks at center city. that's a live view from broad and vine where the rain has been steady and the radar confirms that. the radar view of broad and vine shows steady light rainfall and mostly what we are looking at right now. just a few spots where it's coming down steadier and moving into burlington county. nothing heavy this morning. to on west you can see some breaks in this rainfall and that is what we are going to see as the afterno


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