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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  June 19, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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nbc 10 breaking news. >> that breaking news a house fire in germantown where there were reports that someone was trapped inside. nbc 10 is live on the scene getting answers from investigators. a childhood friend is revealing new insight about the accused gunman in the south carolina church killings. the conversation the two had weeks ago that may have hinted somebody was going to happen. the first alert radar tracking storms this morning plus a big warmup then we're looking for more rain for the weekend. it's 4:30. good morning this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. before more rain comes for the weekend, i think we're get clearance later this afternoon. let's get our first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. >> i like your thinking vai. yes, absolutely. it was a cool day yesterday but
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it was a stormy start this morning. the rain has ended in center city. but we're still tracking some heavy showers. the remnants of thunderstorms that are quickly moving towards atlantic city. look at that heavy rainfall just moved out of eastern cumberland county now in atlantic county extreme northern cape may county. atlantic city you're about to see that heavy rainfall move in. it's fast-moving rainfall. i'm not expecting any flooding. look how quickly it's clearing out. you can see to the west, it's drying out for salem county. that's one of the spots that got hit with the thunderstorms first thing this morning. 71 degrees a few scattered showers at 6:00. most of the area will be dry at that time. 76 at 9:00 and into the 80s with some of that clearing that vai mentioned to are this afternoon. hour by hour future weather when i come back in ten minutes. right now it's time to check in with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. jessica? >> what we're watching for is ongoing construction closing the vine street expressway. all traffic on the westbound
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side being diverted off around broad street. you can see them blocking off roadways over here one lane getting by up towards this point. same story if you're headed eastbound in the opposite direction. you follow the local detour through the area and you'll do just fine. out in montgomery we're watching an accident in horschel road doylestown pike. in millville, we are watching a water main break. all closed closed on 2nd street near main street. take route 55 to get through the area. coming up in ten minutes, i'll check in with mass transit. in germantown, reports of someone trapped inside a burning home. matt delucia live on the scene. matt, you just got new information? >> reporter: vai, i spoke with the fire marshal on the scene a few minutes ago. as the firefighters are still trying to completely put the fire out, it's too dangerous for them to getten side this property. there's too much debris on the
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inside. they are waiting for daylight now to enter this home. the second floor, back wall and roof also collapsing we're told. look at the video, you can see how intense this fire was earlier this morning. it started around 1:00. you can see the flames and smoke shooting out of the roof of this home here on the 5600 block of floyd street. the firefighters got to the scene. the one doughs were boarded up from the inside. they tried to break through with axes. they found solid debris through this entire house, tires, wood products ironing boards things of that sort. really all the way through from front to back. it is uncertain at this point if anyone is inside. the firefighters out here on the scene tell me they've been getting conflicted reports whether somebody was in here or not. some say a woman lives inside this property she's a serious collector of wood products and would go in and out through the front window. we may not know if there is
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somebody inside this home until later on this morning as we take another live look out here. you see the ladder truck is still out there, spraying water on top of this home here. er that not going to be going into this home or making that attempt to really break through and get on the inside until later on this morning, until they get more daylight. they're still trying to battle this one. they're getting flare-ups here and there. this fire is under control. we'll be out here on the scene gathering new information throughout the morning. live in germantown matt delucia, nbc 10 news. 4:34. now to an update on the charleston church massacre. the suspected shooter is waking up in a jail cell in south carolina this morning. he will appear in court there this afternoon. authorities arrested 21-year-old dylann roof in north carolina yesterday. he's accused of shooting and killing nine people during a prayer meeting at the church. he also c]uld face federal hate crime charges. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in
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the digital operations center. katy, a friend of his says he may have been planning this for some time. tell us what we know. >> that's what we're hearing. we'll share with you some of those startling comments in a few moments. here's the latest. police say roof went to the bible study at the emanuel ame service. he was inside for an hour before standing up and allegedly opening fire. the case is being investigate as a hate crime. roof drove 250 miles to north carolina before he was arrested in a traffic stop. police believe he did act alone. a friend says that roof wanted racial segregation. >> it hit me hard seeing your best friend that you've known for seven years do something like this is pretty crazy. >> now, in all, six women and three men were killed. among them the church's pastor clementa pinckney a 41-year-old married father of two and state
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senator of 19 years. several others who worked at the church are among the victims, including depayne middleton-doctor, a minister and sharonda singleton, a reverend at the church. president obama had his own remarks about this loss. >> at some point we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries. it doesn't happen in other places with this kind of frequency. and it is in our power to do something about it. >> information coming in from our affiliate in charleston. they are live in charleston right near the church. i'll have updated information coming up at 5:00. reporting live in the digital operations center, katy zachry nbc 10 news. people here in our region have been joining together in
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the wake of the church massacre. >> the faithful gathered at the bethel ame church in wilmington last night to honor the victims. ♪ >> hallelujah. the reverend led the group in prayer. reverend beamen was a dear friend of clementa pinckney who was gunned down. a relative of reverend pinckney also lives in our area. this is how people think reverend pinckney will be remembered. >> in the case of clementa, they will see what kind of man he was, who he was what he did in every aspect to try to be a person who tried to meet the needs of people across the board. >> stevenson had lunch with reverend pinckney just two weeks ago. he said pinkny treated everyone equally and was never hateful. of course count on nbc 10 for any new developments as they happen.
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download the nbc 10 news app for updates. our coverage continues in ten minutes with a live report from charleston. and changes one church says they are now making to keep worshippers safe. heavy rain rolled through first thing this morning. still showers around. there are changes ahead. 69 degrees right now at 4:38. torm. it's full of cool stuff, like my second in command... and my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. and in my castle we only eat chex cereal. chex cereal. it's full of delicious crunchability. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. and that's something even my brother ... sister can understand. mom, brian threw a ball in the house!
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 20 minutes before 5:00. we're seeing things dry out in philadelphia. 70 degrees right now. look at the humidity. that's going to stay higher this morning. tapers off this afternoon. radar still showing some light rain in northeast philadelphia. and here's the heavy rain quickly moving through ocean city and heading towards atlantic county -- atlantic city right now, light rain in cape may. you can see it on beach avenue
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this morning. damp but no heavy rain for cape may. the heavy rainfall moves out in your hour-by-hour forecast showing most of the day will be dry. around noontime we could see scattered showers for trenton and the allentown area. there's a slight chance of a shower this afternoon in philadelphia at 3:00. but most of the day it will be drying out and warming up too. yesterday, 70s. today middle to upper 80s. cooler temperatures ahead for the weekend but it doesn't look like it's going to stay dry. your seven-day forecast when i come back in ten. about 20 minutes before 5:00 a.m. if you have to head to work this is a good time if you have a 7:00 a.m. flight this is a good time to get on the road. >> nbc 10 traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> i'm looking at 322. we just had an accident clear out of the way on the westbound side around 30. you can obviously see no residual delays behind that.
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doing okay on route 30. on the pmplgs a. turnpike rain falling down there as well if you take a look at the radar. 22 minutes or 23 minutes, headed westbound or eastbound through route 1 up towards valley forge. no real problems. mass transit, septa, new jersey transit and the patco speed line all run on time with no reported delays. we check in with new jersey roads and look at cameras there, coming up. renting a house with a swimming pool may soon not be an option at a popular beach on our coast. >> the problem that's pushing rehoboth beach to change their vacation policy. and no morrow bowe robo calls, the simple step you can take to block the automated messages.
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just about 4:45 on this friday morning. the suspected shooter in the charleston church massacre is expected to have a court hearing this afternoon. dylann roof was arrested in north carolina yesterday brought back to south carolina. >> nbc's dave wagner is live in
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charleston. dave, give us an update of what's going on. >> reporter: good morning from charleston south carolina here. i am across from emanuel ame church right here. this is the church where nine people were gunned down. much of the police tape has been removed. yesterday was a crime scene, today it's become really a memorial. there are flower all over here including the ribbons for the nine vicks. the suspect as you mentioned is back here in charleston will be in court today. a community vigil is planned tonight. this community is really still reeling. this is a tight-knit community, a proud community. this is one of the darkest chapter's in the city's 335-year history. it's really a tremendously tough time for them. that is the latest coming in from charleston, south carolina. back to you. >> dave wagner working for us in
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charleston this morning. many churches are reconsidering safety after that shooting. >> yes, that includes churches right here in our area. a pastor at the zion ame church in philadelphia's point breeze section met with church members yesterday to talk about how to keep safe while they worship. the congregation plans to add remote door locks and security cameras. the church is staying connected with police about nearby crime issues. >> we've been warned by several people in and outside of the church and in the community that we really do need to be careful. we need to solidify our security measures here. >> the church created a security team. many of them are former military or have security experience. a church in minnesota is taking its own security measures. >> many of the members carry guns and they have done so for years at the real believers faith center in minneapolis. a team of armed men and women who guard the pastor, his wife and other church members are fully licensed and trained. the pastor said it's been this way ever since an incident eight
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years ago. >> a couple threats about people wanting to come in and harm our members. we think it provides us a chance to defend ourselves. >> the pastor admits taking heat for packing heat. his staffers say the killings in south carolina remoon them that churches remain easy targets for violence. nbc 10 will be following the court case against the accused gunman in charleston today. we'll bring you new developments as they happen. download our nbc 10 news app for instant updates. new information this morning from our lehigh valley bureau. the pennsylvania spca says stray cats that police feared were poisoned actually died of a feline virus. investigators got a lot of calls about the dead cats around lower saucon northampton county recently. we learned earlier this week that they weren't poisoned and now showing a virus is to blame. happening today, city
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officials in rehoboth beach will decide a pool battle. whether or not to ban tenants from swimming pools at rental home. some people that live at the resort year around are complaining about noisy renters swimming at all hours of the day. the proposal would allow rentals but no swimming at those properties. some will oppose the plan say it's unfair for property owners to have to lower rent because tenants can't use the pool. city commissioners will vote at a meeting at the convention center tonight. philadelphia city council made it officially legal, that sharing your home on rental sites like airbnb. the new rules allow everyone in philadelphia to share their home for up to 180 days but they'll have to pay an 8.5% hotel tax. it's just in time for the pope's visit to philadelphia in september. 1.5 million people are expected in september here. another big step towards the pope's visit and the world meeting of families is set for
4:49 am
this weekend. >> a philadelphia delegation will go to the vatican to finalize plans. mayor michael nutter and the archbishop will lead the group that leaves for rome on sunday. the delegation will get a complete update on preparations for the world meeting of families and nbc 10's chris cato will be along with them. you can see chris's first report from the vatican on sunday as local leaders find out more about the pope's visit to our area. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> like yesterday, we're starting off with showers and thunderstorms but unlike yesterday, it's already moving out for parts of the area starting to dry out in center city. clouds over doylestown and philadelphia, 66 in doylestown 70 degrees in philadelphia. and cape may got off easy some light showers there. but they're having heavy downpours in south jersey there. you can see beach avenue is wet. you'll see breaks of sunshine by later this morning as those storms are quickly moving
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through the atlantic city area. mystic island getting some of the heavier rainfall. the rest of the area watching for light scattered rain drops. you can see them in berks county and further to our southwest. there's still a chance we'll see a shower this afternoon but it's not a big threat. here's the big threat. the remnants of bill was a tropical storm moved along the gulf coast and into the texas coast. that's when the weakening started. all of this moisture still in the atmosphere and this is going to be marching toward us for saturday night and sunday. it logkr like it will be a damp father's day, especially to start with. you can see the spin in that storm system by late this evening. it's beginning to be in kentucky northern kentucky. it will be continuing to move our way. don't expect to see it during the day on saturday. that's 11:00 saturday morning. but we will have mostly cloudy skies during the day tomorrow. it's tomorrow night that could turn stormy with heavy rainfall. the potential for heavy rainfall at 5:00 will be in south central
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pennsylvania. by later in the evening, we'll see the first showers in philadelphia and look at the heavier rainfall moving into parts of pennsylvania northeastern maryland and delaware. that's 11:00 saturday night. and then as we go into sunday morning, we see very heavy rainfall during the early morning hours of sunday. so the weekend is going to be dicey. today, though showers will taper off. there's just a chance of a shower during the day. otherwise, partly sunny skies and warm too. yesterday 70s wilin well into the 80s this afternoon. tomorrow wouldn't be as hot, 83 after a morning low of 67. most of the day will be dry. here comes the rain saturday night and sunday for father's day. showers and thunderstorms, 87 degrees on sunday. by monday we have sunshine. it turns out it's going to be a hot one, up to 92 degrees. 90 on tuesday, then turning cooler for wednesday and thursday. >> nine minutes before 5:00 right now. we know of a water main break. really it's been knock on wood, an easy ride so far this
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morning. >> yes. we have jessica boyington helping us out with the details on your commute to work this morning. >> fridays are generally the most quiet day of the week anyway. we also are dealing with a little bit of rain and not a lot of volume. it's not even 5:00 in the morning. that's pretty much why so far. on 295 around the black horse pike normally this scene is a work zone. you can see it's not very active right now, possibly due to the rain and the drive times are still doing okay. ifyou're headed southbound from 38 to the black horse pike, still a 13-minute trip and currently no problems. we are watching a water main break in millville. 2nd northbound, just south of main street, all lanes being block for repairs and cleanup. take 55 to get through the area or follow the local detours. we also are watching an accident scene out in montgomery horsham road doylestown pike. and 422, the drive times, rain falling in the distance out in montgomery county. eastbound is where we typically
4:53 am
see that delay. sa far for the morning we're doing okay. eight minutes headed towards the schuylkill expressway. we'll check with the area bridges coming up in ten minutes. vai? you can now fly nonstop from atlanta to-- to atlanta from philadelphia. it's offering a nonstop flight every day. atlantic hartsfield jackson international airport is the busiest airport in the world. and happening today, president obama will speak to the nation's mayors. the u.s. conference of mayors is holing its annual meeting in san francisco. it's a return engagement for the president who welcomed them to the white house back in january. baltimore's mayor will lead the conference with the spotlight on civic and economic problems in her city and others. happening today, new jersey governor chris christie will be a featured speaker at a republican party conference in philadelphia. christie will host a luncheon during the gop leadership event in center city. he's expected to announce his
4:54 am
future plans any day now. other speakers today include former pennsylvania senator rick santorum and former hul hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina. four candidates are seeking their party's nomination for the white house on the democratic (%5tr @r(t&háhp &hc classic. delaware governor jack markell says the classic will involve swimmers jumping off the cape may-lewes ferry into the harbor of refuge. it will happen on september 27th. the finish line will be a floating arch in the water that will display swimmers' times as they cross. the event is expected to draw more than 1,000 swimmers. summertime may indicate a
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three minutes before 5:00 right now. a car vandal in japan won't face punishment for damaging dozens of vehicles because the vandal is a bird. look. this is video of the crow ripping rubber off of a wiper blade and it has done this to more than 40 cars this spring. experts think it's breeding season for the crows so the bird is likely using the rubber to build a nest for its chicks. today is national summer learning day. a time to remind parents and students that the students really need to keep up with their studies during their time off from school. education experts say kids can lose months of hard-earned skills during their summer break. they say parents can use apps and other online resources to keep children sharp. some of those apps which focus on math and reading can boost their skills. they urge parents to use incentives and reward kids for
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doing work over the summer. if you want to learn where to find a new apartment, you may need luck because apartment occupancy is at an all-time high. national real estate figures from may show rentals hit a record 95% and because demand is higher so are the rents that people are @a6%9ñ those were up 5% last month. now if you're tired of unwanted phone calls and texts known as robo calls and spam texts, you can block them. a proposal was was adopted given consumers control of the calls they receive. to block the calls, contact your carrier and contact them soon. >> a lot of people will be happy about that. you're watching nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news today at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 breaking news. >> board up and burning, philadelphia firefighters have to bust their way that a home on fire. we are live on the scene as
4:59 am
rescuers work to find out if anyone is trapped inside. >> plus headed to court. the man accused of gunning down nine people inside a charleston church is in custody in south carolina. this morning, a friend says he could have been planning the shooting for months. and another rainy start to your day. the difference, though, the heat and humidity is back. we'll climb near 90 as we head into the weekend. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. 69 degrees outside. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. >> steady rain when we went on the air just an hour ago. that rain has since tapered off in philadelphia. there are still some showers around. there's a good chance you can get away with leaving the umbrella at home today. as the clouds are already starting to break over center city. that's a live view from the adventure aquarium. the showers produced lightning, thunder overnight.
5:00 am
those showers are moving offshore clearing atlantic city and mystic ilan. philadelphia has a few rain drops. it's really very light shower activity. you can see light showers, too, for the allentown area and into reading. that light rain will be ending shortíy. look at the breaks in the clouds already. we're just starting the day. a few scattered showers at 6:00. by 9:00 79 degrees and more sunshine breaking through. how warm will it get where you live? i'll have your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back in ten minutes. let's find out how the friday morning commute is shaping up jessica boyington with the first alert traffic. i always want to combine traffic and your name. >> i can't deal with it. happy friday, guys. the vine street expressway i do have good news. on broad street right now, we're the westbound lanes were actually completely blocked off around broad street. they just picked that up and got


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