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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  June 19, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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those showers are moving offshore clearing atlantic city and mystic ilan. philadelphia has a few rain drops. it's really very light shower activity. you can see light showers, too, for the allentown area and into reading. that light rain will be ending shortíy. look at the breaks in the clouds already. we're just starting the day. a few scattered showers at 6:00. by 9:00 79 degrees and more sunshine breaking through. how warm will it get where you live? i'll have your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back in ten minutes. let's find out how the friday morning commute is shaping up jessica boyington with the first alert traffic. i always want to combine traffic and your name. >> i can't deal with it. happy friday, guys. the vine street expressway i do have good news. on broad street right now, we're the westbound lanes were actually completely blocked off around broad street. they just picked that up and got that out of the way. we're registering a slow drive
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time six minutes there, headed westbound. no problems if you're headed eastbound at this moment. there might be crews on the scene. watch out for that. horsham road doylestown pike an accident there to watch out for. slippery conditions. in millville, we're dealing with a water main break, second street northbound. take route 55 to get through the area. speaking of new jersey, the 42 freeway is doing okay. rain still falling in the distance. no problems on the walt witman bridge. the rest of the area bridges, we're doing just fine heading in or out of the city. tracy. a house fire in germantown breaking news right now firefighters are trying to figure out if someone was trapped inside. nbc 10's matt delucia is live on the scene. matt this swaying has not been the easiest for firefighters. somewhat unusual. explain this. >> reporter: yes, tracy, firefighters do have this fire
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under control but this has been a complicated one. i'll get out of the way, you can see the fire scene out here. we've seen -- we may be able to see the flashlight. it does appear that theh @r(t&háhp &hc looking to see if there was anyone inside at the time it went up in flames. it's been very difficult, as i mentioned, you can see through the doors and windows, they were boarded up there's debris in there from particular to ceiling, wall to wall. a tough scene out here for firefighters firefighters. take a look at video. it started around 1:00 this morning. a lot of flames and smoke out here shooting through the roof. the firefighters had a lot of work ahead of them. the fire is under control. they have this mostly out. the ladder truck is still out here. they're still trying to put water on the hot spots as we see flare-ups every now and then. we haven't really seen any flames in the past 45 minutes out here at the scene. the firefighters got out here on the scene and tried to use axes
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to break through the boarded windows. they were boarded up from the inside. they fond trash and debris inside. mostly wood tires ironing boards branches and the like. sources here tell me there have been conflicting reports over whether someone was inside. i've been told a woman comes and goes from this property often through the front window, not even using the door. at this point no one has been fond inside of the home. firefighters originally had been kept outside because of the dangerous situation there. as we take another live look you can see that glow of a flashlight inside. the back wall and the roof we're told collapsed. that appears to be where the firefighters are getting access. they're going around the back of this house and trying to make entry through that point. still a very active scene out here. one thing to point out, road closures around this area here floyd street this 5600 block of floyd street they have been affected as a result of this fire and probably will be for
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quite some time. they are still actively searching for somebody inside this property. we'll stay out here give you an update in about 30 minutes or so, within the next hour for now, live in germantown, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. the suspected gunman in the charleston church shooting will wake up in a south carolina jail cell this morning and will have a court hearing later this morning. katy zachry is live in the digital operations center following new developments overnight and what's ahead today? what can you tell us? >> we've learned a lot in just the last few hours. here's the latest. police say roof went to the wednesday night prayer service and bible study at emanuel ame church in charleston. he sat with the people inside for about an hour before suddenly standing up and allegedly opening fire. the case is being investigate as a hate crime. roof then drove about 250 miles to north carolina before he was arrested in a traffic stop. police do believe he acted alone. now, according to a friend of the shooter, roof recently made remarks about race and
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segregation. joseph meeks says he reunited with roof a few weeks ago after they lost touch during middle school and the shooter was staying at his home. >> he wanted to be white with white and black with black. and that he didn't believe in what the black race was doing to the white race. >> in all six women and three men were killed. monday them the church's pastor clementa pinckney a 41-year-old married father of two and a state senator from south carolina of 19 years. several others who worked at the church are among the victims including depayne middleton-doctor, a church minister and sharonda coalleman singleton, a reverend at the church. president obama had strong words about what happened at the church. we'll have that coming up in the next hour. live inside the digital operations center, katy zachry nbc 10 news. people all around philadelphia are mourning the
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deaths and showing their support for the charleston community. >> a special service at mother bethel ame church in society hill was packed with people last night. one by one, the names of the nine charleston victims were read aloud. mother bethel's leader started the day heartbroken at the loss of his friend reverend pinkny. last night he said he was comforted seeing so many faces at his church. >> it just says a lot to people who are grieving to know you're not grieving alone. >> to send a message of solidarity in the face of gun violence and senseless violence and loss of life. >> mother bethel is a sister church of emanuel ame in charleston where the massacre happened wednesday night. nbc 10 will be following the court case against the accused gunman later today and we'll bring you any new developments as they happen. just download the nbc 10 news app for instant updates. 5:06 right now. 69 degrees outside. new from overnight crews continue cleaning up from a
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water main break at a philadelphia shopping center in east falls. there was a flood from the gushing pipe. it turned the parking lot in a muddy mess. officials told us that 7 million gallons of water poured out of that broken main. here's what it looked like yesterday while the water was gushing. the problem developed at roberts avenue and fox street. rescue boats were used to save stranded shoppers and workers. sidewalks collapsed, parked cars were swamped. inside the dallas plus store, aisles full of groceries had standing water six inches deep. >> all of a sudden the water started bubbling up and started filling right in front of the store, started coming up to the door. those customers in line they're like we can't get out. >> water department tells us that it can't be sure if old age caused the water main to burst. inspectors will check the pipe to see if that is indeed the case. 5:07. investigators from montgomery county have delivered search warrants to attorney general
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kathleen kane's office in harrisburg. they want to know if the attorney general broke grand jury secrecy laws last year. in december a grand jury recommended kane be charged for covering up her role in a leak of information about a case. kane denies but the montgomery county d.a. is looking into it all to see if kane should be criminally charged. delaware jones 18 other states making it a less serious crime to possess small amounts of marijuana. governor jack markell sign legislation eliminating stiff penalties for adults caught with an ounce of pot or less. under the new law it would be a civil offense that carries a $100 fine. the new law goes into effect in six months. no word from the wilmington city council on whether to add six new positions to the wilmington police department. mayor dennis williams wants about $800,000 to cover salaries and other expenses for the new
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positions. they are all management and administrative positions, but they are needed to restructure the police department. city officials say it's part of a bigger plan to cut crime in the city. recently labeled murdertown usa. happening today, amazon will open a new fulfillment center in robinsville, mercer county. new jersey lieutenant governor plans to be at the grand opening later this morning. she and governor chris christie couldn'ted the distribution center as a job creator for the state because it added 800 jobs. amazon is the world's largest online retailer. everyone into the pool in philadelphia today. the city's public swimming pools will open for the summer beginning this afternoon at the rec center in strawberry mansion. 70 outdoor pools will open on a staggered schedule. use the nbc 10 app to find our link to all that information. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley.
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temperatures will be warming up and the showers are still tracking in the area will be breaking most of the rest of the day is going to be dry. sunshine breaks through. that's going to bring us the warmup that we did not see yesterday. this weekend, though it looks like rain for dad. some heavy rainfall courtesy of remnants of tropical storm bill. rain falling in northeast philadelphia, starting to taper off already there. atlantic city still seeing rain. the heavy rain has already cleared. allentown, cloudy sky from 69 degrees. look at the clouds over center city. they're already starting to break. a nice breeze out of the northwest will bring the humidity down during the day. the temperatures will be going up. still tracking some showers, clearing philadelphia. but you can see light rainfall moving through berks county and into the allentown area. very light rainfall there. and the heavy storms that we saw overnight, those have now moved offshore. it's already drying out for most of south jersey. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, nice day in the pocono mountains, 75 degrees, a slight
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chance of an afternoon shower in the mountains. look at the 80s. we didn't see that yesterday for allentown, quakertown and reading. a slight chance of a shower in trenton during the midday hours, 86 degrees. most of the day it's going to be dry for doylestown and mt. holly and at the shore, sunshine will break through. the temperatures into the 70s. inland it's going to be closer to 90 degrees. upper 80s for vineland and wilmington, while swedesboro and drexel hill in philadelphia hit 89 degrees. changes ahead for the weekend. i have the future weather with details when i come back in ten minutes. 5:11 this friday morning. time to check area bridges and drive times for your morning commute. >> jessica boyington has that for you this morning. >> we have good news out in millville, new jersey. we are watching that water main break, that actually cleared out of the way. it was earlier on second street northbound south of main street with all lanes closed. expect residual delays in the airy. take 55 to get through for right
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now. through the conshohocken curve, raining right now through the area and all links moving 13 minutes heading into the center city area from the blue route up toward the vine street expressway. out on 95 right around state road you can see everything moving along just fine. we are seeing wet roads. 13 minutes if you're headed southbound from woodhaven road up towards the vine street expressway. currently no weather related delays at the philadelphia international airport. we'll keep you updated there. back to you, tracy. it may be nearly summer but lawmakers in new jersey are thinking about snow. the proposed law change that would make it easier to make money clearing your neighbor's sidewalks or driveways. count on nbc 10 for all the developments in the church massacre as the suspect gets ready to face a judge. a look at mass shootings over the past few years and the research that shows this kind of crime is climbing.
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the suspected shooter of the charleston church massacre is back in south carolina this morning. dylann roof was arrested in north carolina yesterday just a half day after police say he opened fire during a church's prayer meeting killing nine people. roof will face a judge via video link at 2:00 this afternoon. carolina florist for helping to catch the alleged shooter. debby deals was running late for work and she says that put her
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in the right place at the right time. she saw a car matching the description of the getaway car given by police. when she pulled up next to it the driver also matched the suspect. she called her embassy for advice and he called police. >> if it's not him, we're no more -- but if it is him and he would get farther and hurt somebody else. >> dills followed roof for more than 0 miles before officers arrived and arrested him. harvard researchers took a look at the numbers and found the rate of mass shootings has tripled in the past three years. >> we went back to our archives over the last few years, starting in 2011. that was the year of the tucson tragedy, the shooting that injured gabby giffords remember that? the following year a gunman walked into an aurora movie theater. in 2012 sandy hook, 20
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children, 6 staff members killed at an elementary school. in 2013 12 people were killed at a shooting in the d.c. navy yard. that's only naming a few. according to this study there was on average of one mass shooting every 64 days. that's almost one every other month. for a complete time line and closer look at specifics of this study, click on the nbc 10 news app. >> we have new information on the manhunt for two escaped killers in upstate new york. u.s. marshals added david sweat and richard matt to their 15 most wanted fugitives list. the convicted murders broke out of prison june 6th. hundreds of law enforcement officers are searching for them. a prison worker was arrested on charges she smuggled them tools to help them escape. the marshal service is offering
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a $25,000 reward for information leading directly to either man's arrest. christie will host a luncheon during the gop leadership event in center city. he's expected to announce his future plans any day now. other speakers include former pennsylvania senator rick santorum and former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina, both running for the white house. as of this morning, 12 candidates are running for the republican nomination and on the democratic side 4 candidates so far are seeking their party's nomination for the white house. summer starts on sunday but if you want to make money shoveling snow in new jersey next winter, you'll want to hear this. yesterday, a state assembly committee approved a bill that would rewrite the rules for clearing snow. the measure would allow you to legally advertise snow shoveling within 24 hours of a predicted storm. the bill was inspired by two teens who were stopped by police last year as they passed out
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flyers about their snow shoveling services. >> no snow on the road for your ride to work. some roads are wet for sure. let's check your ride to work. >> more details from jessica boyington. hey, jessica. >> we are just dealing with wet roadways. a few things cleared out of the way this morning. a lot of ongoing construction out thereof by 5:00 a.m. we're waiting for the volume to arrive. we're around trooper road in the eastbound lanes right over here is where we typically see the volume. see it still doing okay. if you're headed eastbound from 29 up towards the schuylkill expressway. no real problems there. if you're out in delaware on 95 heading out the door you can see no problem there as well. rain falling in the distance. headed northbound or southbound from 295 up toward 495 it's about a 10 or 11-minute stipulate so far. if you want an alternate, this is a good one. mass transit, currently no delays for septa, new jersey transit or patco. we'll check in with new jersey coming up in a few minutes.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 5:19. a warmer start this morning. the temperatures are in the 60s and low 70s. we had city rain move through philadelphia. clouds are starting to break. we'll get sunshine and it's going to a warmer afternoon. 70 degrees, don't worry, the humidity at 90%, that number will come down as the day goes on. there is fog in the pocono mountains. this is a view from jim thorpe the fog is thicker in some spots than others. one mile visibility, light fog in reading. quakertown at half a mile visibility. not bad for mt. pocono or hazleton. we're watching for fog in south jersey but not a problem in philadelphia. the rain has cleared. just some light fog in atlantic city at this hour. that fog won't be a problem. it looks like showers won't be for most of the day either. the heavier rainfall is moving offshore just a few rain drops will clear the area and then we will get sunshine in the nice warmup today.
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this weekend is what we have to deal with the remnants of tropical storm bill. all that moisture moving into the st. louis area that's coming for father's day. late this evening and early tomorrow morning it's in kentucky. by tomorrow afternoon we'll start to see the clouds on the increase. there's a chance of a light shower during the afternoon. but this hefavy rain is going to move in late saturday night and early sunday morning. a rainy start to father's day. today, though you could probably leave the umbrella at home. a slight chance of a shower. skies will be turning partly sunny. upper 80s this afternoon. low 80s tomorrow. clouds are back. mostly cloudy evening showers and thunderstorms and then heavier rainfall into sunday. by monday we're clearing out and heating up 92 degrees monday up to 90 on tuesday, not as hot starting wednesday. >> thank you, bill. 5:21 this friday morning.
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and help for philadelphia's financially struggling schools, coming up in our next half hour where the money is coming from and what it means for your student. >> plus, awards shows, sporting events and season finales. there's a new way to live tweet your favorite events. it's the second twitter change this week.
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dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to buy a house. i know how it feels to be stressed about money. i understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help. cause i'm not just a fellow dad, fellow mom fellow saver i'm a fellow citizen. who gets up every day and tries her best. just like you. if you have a question about money, ask me. sincerely, elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling
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alex payne twitter plans to help its users keep track of live events whether it's a football game election or tragedy happening
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half a world away. landon dowdy is here with details in this morning's cnbc business news. good morning. hey, tracy, good morning to you. twitter will soon let users follow live events and not just people. they will cureateing tweets uploading photos and videos. they will present them in one place instead of users being flooded from every single post from an event. back over to you. >> landon dowdy with cnbc thanks. have a nice weekend. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a rainy night, stormy too but the rain is quickly moving out. we will see some sunshine today. right now it's low clouds covering some of the building in center city. heading out the door jessica boyington is watching your first alert traffic. >> and bill we're looking live
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right now at route 309 around easton road. you can see no problems. foggy out there, southbound or northbound, though everything is still doing okay. we'll check in with new jersey and see how the rain is hitting the roads there, coming up. úvúv what the shooter did in the hours before he opened fire inside this church.
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nbc 10 breaking news. that breaking news a house fire in the germantown sec of philadelphia crews say boarded up window boarded up from the inside, kept them out of the burning bulling. we're checking with firefighters to find out if anyone was dropped inside the home. surreal and hard to comprehend, those words from the friend of the man accused of shooting and killing nine people inside a historic church in charleston. we are getting new insight into the suspect as he gets ready to head to court. a hot, humid end to the workweek. a few showers are moving through this morning. the nbc 10 first alert weather team tracking storms for the weekend, just about 5:30. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. if you haven't grabbed your keys and headed out the door bill
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henley says you may be able to avoid taking the umbrella today. >> i'm still tracking some rain. if you want to stay dry, an umbrella would be a good idea but i think you could probably leave it at home for the most part. it will be dry in center city for the next hour. there are a few showers off to the north and west. you can see them on the radar. the radar shows light rainfall in lancaster, berks, upper montgomery and bucks county and the allentown area. that's moving to the southeast. a chance of a light shower this morning and then we will start drying out. 70 degrees in philadelphia. 68 in allentown and with the rainfall there and 70 degrees in millville. the storms have already ended in millville. a chance of a shower but then by 10:00, 79 degrees. it's into the 80s with sunshine breaking through those clouds this afternoon. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood with the forecast when i come back in ten minutes. let's get your first alert traffic, jessica boyington is standing by. jessica? >> bill, we're looking live at


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