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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  June 19, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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i'm blaming bill for the problem for the weekend. not our bill. tropical storm bill. >> there you go. >> let's get to our bill. >> you're stealing my thunder there, vai. we could see lightning and thunder from remnants of tropical storm bill over the weekend. it's going to mess with father's day. but today the storms we had when we went on the air at 4:00 this morning have already moved out of philadelphia. boathouse row still has clouds overhead. and still could see another light shower. i'm tracking showers moving into chester, montgomery and bucks counties. they're moving towards philadelphia. expect some light rainfall in the next hour but those up from the 60s and 70s into the 80s this afternoon and upper 80s at that. right now, south philadelphia along the delaware river trail and 5th and wharton both at 70 degrees. low clouds streaming past us. a brief shower at 8:00 and we're out of the shower activity at 11:00, 82 up to 86 degrees and still climbing at 2:00 this
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afternoon. we go through the day hour by hour. right now, your first alert traffic with jessica boyington. jessica, what's beginning on out there? >> we are looking at a few inactive work zones. some things to watch out for on the vine street expressway. these are our cameras around 8th street. we have signs over on the shoulder. that's how it is for the entire stretch of the vine. a lot of the road work equipment is pushed over into the shoulder. that's something to watch out for. the drive times are moving along just fine. three minutes headed westbound through the schuylkill expressway. no problems there. same story eastbound. for the rest of our majors, 95 and the schuylkill expressway heading into the center city area, still under a 15-minute trip currently no problems on the blue route southbound from the schuylkill up towards 95 that's a 14-minute trip as well. mass transit doing fine this morning. septa, new jersey transit or the patco speed line there's currently no problems or delays. 6:02. a house fire in philadelphia that's been burning for hours t.
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is under control. we're working to find out if a person was trapped inside. nbc 10's matt delucia is live on the scene. matt, what else have you learned? >> reporter: tracy and vai, firefighters have been out here for the bet ert part of five hours at this point. they have only been able to get in through the rear of the house but not very far. we're in the 5600 block of floyd street here in germantown. the front door the windows, the second floor as well packed wall to wall, floor to ceiling with materials, mostly wooden materials. the window and doors in fact were boarded up from the inside. the firefighters got here. take a look a little bit higher on the roof. there's still the ladder truck up there. they've been throwing water on the top of this building for quite some time. there's still smoke coming out of here, a lot of material inside this house to burn. it's still burning somewhat at this hour five hours later. look at video when you can see how intense this fire was early
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on. it started about 1:00 this morning. heavy fire flames smoke, coming out of the roof of this home. really it's a single home here. it's not really connected to any other properties, fortunately. this was contained to this one unit here. the firefighters did get it until control within about an hour or so. the firefighters once they tried to get inside they hit the windows and doors with axes but they just could not get through all the trash and debris inside. we did see some of the firefighters with flashlights in the back of the house not long ago because, again, they're trying to figure out if anybody was inside this house. we've been told that there is a woman who usually comes and goes from this property every now and then. so much so with the debris she can't get in through the door. she usually goes in and out through the window. the firefighters say they've been getting conflicting reports whether this woman is inside the property or not. i don't think my photographer can see all the way to the back.
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i can see way back to the tree line. i can see a flashlight way out in the distance. they're really focusing on the back of this property right now. the second floor wall, we're told collapsed. the roof collapsed. that's where they're focused right now, trying to get inside. a few minutes ago we saw one of firefighters walk up to the front door. he had a flashlight started looking around. he can't get through there. no one can get through that side. they're trying to look through the back of this property. they'll be going through that debris seeing if there's anyone inside that property. live in germantown matt delucia nbc 10 news. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in the digital operations center. katy, we're hearing from a friend of the alleged shooter, dylann roof. >> that's right, vai. what we're going to share with you, these comments are the newest we're hearing from someone who knows the shooter. they came out overnight.
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they are brand new. this friend says that dylann roof had some kind of plan. now, investigators say 21-year-old dylann roof on wednesday night went to the prayer service and bible study at the emanuel ame church in charleston. they say he sat with the people inside for about an hour before suddenly standing up and allegedly opening fire. the case is being investigated as a hate crime. roof drove 250 miles to north carolina before he was arrested in a traffic stop. police do believe he acted alone. now, according to a friend of the shooter, roof recently made remarks about race. >> he wanted it to be white with white and black with black. and that he didn't -- he didn't believe in what the black race was doing to the white race. >> reporter: six women and three men were killed among them the church's pastor clementa pinckney, a 41-year-old married father two of and a state senator of 19 years. several others who worked at the
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church are among the victims, including depayne middleton-doctor, a church minister and sharonda coleman singleton, a reverend at the church. so many are grieving but they want to do more. here's how you can help. there is a website that will launch and donations from that website will pay for victims' funerals and family counseling services. as soon as that website launches we'll have that information for you on and our nbc 10 news app. reporting live in the digital operations center katy zachry, nbc 10 news. people of all faiths in philadelphia are mourning the deaths and showing their support for the charleston community. a special service at mother bethel ame church in society hill was packed last night. one by one names of the nine charleston victims were read aloud. mother bethel's leader started the day heart broken at the loss of his friend reverend pinckney. last night he said he was
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comforted seeing so many faces at his church. >> it just says a lot to people who are grieving to know you're not grieving alone. >> to send a message of solidarity in the face of gun violence and senseless violence and loss of life. >> mother bethel is a sister church of emanuel ame in charleston where the massacre happened on wednesday night. nbc 10 will be following the court case again the accused gunman today. we'll bring you any new developments as they happen. download the nbc 10 news app for instant updates. we're following more breaking news this morning. a woman was attacked in mantua. >> nbc 10's monique braxton is live on the scene at 32nd and wallace streets. monique, what can you tell us. >> reporter: a short time ago i did receive an update from police. they say this is still a very bizarre case. the scene is still being guarded by an officer. she tells me southwest detectives are en route. a woman is in critical condition, a man in police
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custody. take a look inside as i share what police told us. just before 4:00 this morning, officers were called to 3216 near 32nd and wallace. a 68-year-old man who lives here told investigators a 29-year-old woman break into his house to use the bathroom. the unidentified man also says he hit her on the head with an ax to defend himself. right now, he is at southwest detectives. the victim is in critical condition at presbyterian hospital. now, the ax has been recovered inside this home. investigators also say they're working on a couple of things because they want to prove that the man who says he hit the woman with the ax actually lives here. they say it lacks more like a vacant home, according to the officer that i spoke with. also, police want to find out the relationship between the two people. the woman and the man. and they also want to know if the story is true. now, we did speak to a neighbor
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a short time ago and the neighbor told us that the man who lives here who is 68 he verified that has had trouble with homeless women in the area. he says that women have been known to come and sit on this concrete porch, disrobe or bang on the door asking to use the bathroom. still a case sketchy details but one that we'll definitely going to be following. live in mantua monique braxton, nbc 10 news. 6:09. from our delaware bureau still no decision from the wilmington city council on whether to add four new positions to the wilmington police department. council members met last night but didn't bring the measure up for a vote. mayor dennis williams wants $800,000 to cover salaries and other expenses for new positions. they are all management and administrative positions but they are needed to restructure the department. city officials say it's part of a bigger plan to cut crime in the city recently labeled murdertown usa. and delaware now joins 18
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other states making it a less serious crime to possess small ams of marijuana. governor jack markell signed legislation eliminating stiff penalties for adults caught with an ounce of marijuana or less. under the new law, it would be a civil offense that carries a $100 fine. that new law goes into effect in six months. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> ten minutes after 6:00. storms overnight, we are tracking them when we went on the air at 4:00 this morning this morning those thunderstorms are moving out but still showers in the area. we'll get sunshine this afternoon. we're already seeing a few breaks of sunshine this morning. but that afternoon sun, that will warm us well into the 80s, closer to 90 degrees this afternoon. the weekend looks like rain for dad. the remnants of tropical storm bill coming into play saturday night and sunday. 67 right now in doylestown, breaks of sunshine and 71 degrees in philadelphia and millville is breaking out of the clouds at 69 degrees.
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low clouds in this view looking down from the comcast center. it's a dramatic view that we will see more and more sunshine on during the day today. already seeing the skies clear out nicely for cape may. you'll see sunshine and 80s this afternoon at the shore. there go the showers and thunderstorms, now offshore. it's just some light showers, farther north and west for chester, montgomery and bucks county. that's light rainfall that will sweep through philadelphia. a few more rain drops before we start drying out. the hour by hour forecast showing those showers quickly moving offshore. by noontime, an isolated shower is possible. i think most of the afternoon will be dry. and warmer today, 80s for reading, allentown and quakertown. a slight chance of a shower the daytime shower we saw in the future weather. trenton at 85 degrees 87 for norristown and mt. holly. look at the temperatures along the coastline middle 80s for cape may, atlantic city, dover topping out at 89 degrees today. westchester, drexel hill and
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swedesboro all much warmer than yesterday afternoon. a look at the weekend forecast. we have plans for dad's day, they may need to move inside. the future weather and a look at the weekend with the seven-day when i'm back in ten. 6:12. i look over there and i see brake lights. >> jessica boyington is watching your ride to work. where are you focused on right now? >> same thing for me. i had a different camera up. i switched it right now so you could see backup inhpd the scene of an accident on route 30 around quarry road. this is the backup from that scene headed eastbound there. we'll keep you updated on the cleanup of that scene as well. rain not actively falling right now, 12 minutes if you're heading into the center city area eastbound from the blue route up towards the vine street expressway. now, we have a double whammy later on today. a 7:05 at citizens bank park
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the phillies versus the cardinals and the wells fargo center, new kids on the block, nellie and tlc. we'll deal with volume in and out of the stadium area. plan accordingly. there will be a lot going on. the area bridges heading into the saturday no problems at the betsy, the ben or the tacony palmyra. the walt whitman bridge is doing okay as well. dorney park is adding soming this season but it's not for thrill seekers. plussing with the call that police are crediting with catching the suspected gunman in the charleston church massacre.
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it's 6:16. authorities are hailing a north carolina florist for helping them catch the man allegedly responsible for the church massacre in south carolina.
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debbie dills was running late for work yesterday morning. they says that put her in the right place at the right tile. she saw a car matching the description of the getaway car given by police. when she pulled up next to it she saw the driver also matched the suspect. she called her boss for advice. he called police. >> if it's not him, then we're no more -- but if it is him and he would get farther and hurt somebody else. so i mean i felt like i needed to do that something compelled me to do that. >> dills followed the suspect for more than 30 miles until officers got to them and arrested him. he is back in south carolina this morning and has a court hearing scheduled for this afternoon. now, it feels like these crimes are becoming more and more common well you're right. harvard searchers took a look at the numbers and found the rate of mass shootings tripled in the last three years. >> we went back through archives over the last few years to see. let's start in 2011. that was the year of the tucson
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tragedy. the shooting that injured former congressman gabby giffords six people were killed. >> in the following year ça gunman walked into an aurora colorado movie theater and opened fire. the suspect is currently on trial. 12 people died in that shooting. >> 2012 sandy hook 20 children and 6 staff members shot and killed at an elementary school. >> in 2013 12 people killed in a shooting at the d.c. navy yard. >> and just last year elliott roger killed six people near the campus of the university of california santa barbara. >> that's only naming a few. in fact according to the study there was an average of one mass shooting every 64 days. that's almost one every other month. >> for more of a complete time line and closer look at the specifics of this study, click on the nbc 10 news app. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. this morning we are seeing small delays on route 30 due to an
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accident around quarry road. on the eastbound side, you can see that delay backing up. we're watching an accident on east main street and north broad street. later on this afternoon or evening, citizens bank park and wells fargo center double event, there's a phillies game and new kids on the block concert. expect a lot of volume in and out of the stadium areas. as for mass trennis it, noansit, no delays for septa, new jersey transit or patco. the area bridges are doing great as well. back to you guys. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> back to spring time temperatures in the 80s this afternoon after sticking in the 70s yesterday. clouds are still with us. watching for a few more showers in philadelphia right now 71 degrees. that number will head into the upper 80s and the low clouds will break in the pocono mountains. that's jim thorpe.
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some areas of light fog in the mountains and just light showers in chester, montgomery and bucks county. those moving toward philadelphia. very light rainfall won't last long. heavy rainfall that's the potential and the problem for this weekend. there it is. tropical storm bill is weakening and will be coming our way. the remnants with some potentially heavy rain for saturday night into sunday. today, partly sunny skies, a chance of a daytime shower. most of the area will stay dry. into the middle to upper 80s this afternoon. 80s for tomorrow but not quite as hot after a morning low of 67. 83 the high temperature. clouds on the increase on saturday. rain holes off until saturday night and it will really be coming down into sunday. heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, too. 87 degrees for dad's day. by monday we have sunshine and into the 90s monday and tuesday. not as hot wednesday and thursday. >> a toddler gets swept away in raging floodwaters in oklahoma.
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we'll tell you about the gut wrenching rescue his dad tried to pull off to save his son.
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6:25. in southern california hundreds of firefighters are batting a wildfire near a lake in southern california. flames have consumed about 7500 acres of forest land since wednesday. the fire is now threatening homes and authorities evacuated dozens of people. crews are using air tankers and helicopters to douse this fire. they say the dry weather is fueling these flames. crews in oklahoma have found the body of a 2-year-old boy swept out of his dad's arms during heavy rains and flooding in oklahoma. the child, jeremiah mayer was found dead 20 yards from where he went missing. the child was swept away as his dad clung to a tree.
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happening today, president obama will speak to the nation's mayors at the u.s. conference of mayors. it's holing its annual meeting in san francisco. it's a return engagement for the president who welcomed them to the white house back in january. baltimore's mayor will lead the conference with the spotlight on civic and economic problems in her city and others. and jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. good morning, everybody. we're out on 309 right now, checking out -- around susquehanna road where we have a disabled vehicle on the shoulder on the northbound side. not really setting anybody back too much. something to watch out for. also an accident scene in lansdale. we'll check in with an accident scene happening on route 30 a back xwup there. coming up at 6:30. today we get a check on the forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> a live view from jim thorpe
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in the pocono mountains. those clouds will be breaking. we'll get sunshine. there's still a few showers moving through the area. we see them on the first alert radar, just light rainfall. not the big storms that we had last night. see it's moving into chester, montgomery and bucks counties right now. >> the man accused of gunning down nine people in a south carolina church is due in court this morning. katy zachry has the latest developments. we're also hearing from a friend of the shooter. coming up after the break i'll tell you what the suspect, dylann roof recently purchased that made that friend nervous. i'm live in germantown. firefighters still on the scene of this house fire here at the 5600 block of floyd street. they are having trouble determining if somebody is inside. you'll see the reason why, piles debris in the house. update on this live investigation, next.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> it is 6:30 this friday june 19th. right now on nbc 10 news today, a house fire posing problems for crews in the germantown section of philadelphia. the flames are out but firefighters may have a bigger battle ahead. >> plus the man accused in the south carolina church massacre will be in court today. dylann roof is facing nine counts of first degree murder. this morning we're hearing from his friend about a new revelation. plus a wet start to the weekend but we will dry out. the heat and humidity returns. what you need to know now for weekend plans ahead in the nbc 10 first alert forecast. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. it's 71 degrees, 6:30. let's get an update on the weather with meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> good morning, tracy. we're starting to see the clouds break a bit, but there's still a
6:31 am
few showers in the area at this hour. 71 degrees, humidity is higher. we've had storms overnight. those already moved offshore at cape may. everybody will see the warmer weather today. the showers that we're talking about, light showers moving into new castle county in delaware. chester, montgomery and bucks county seeing some of the light rainfall. it is moving towards the city. in the next half hour light rain in philadelphia but it will not last long. the clouds will break for sunshine and look at the warmup by 11:00, 82 degrees. 86 degrees and climbing at 2:00 this afternoon. how warm will it get where you are? we'll look at your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast in ten minutes. let's see how the com standing by. >> we're watching an accident scene on route 30 around the exit ramp for lancaster avenue. where a vehicle spun off and went into the center median. police activity on the scene right now, trying to get that
6:32 am
cleaned up and out of the way. a massive backup behind there as well on the eastbound side of route 30. as for the rest of our drive times we can always count on 95 to start southbound. just earth gaing volume on the schuylkill and the blue route if you're headed southbound. lansdale, an accident scene. a double event later on today around the stadium area citizens bank park and the phillies game at 7:05 and wells fargo center new kids on the block concert at 7:00 p.m. a house fire in philadelphia is under control after burning for hours. the big question is this is there someone inside that home? nbc 10's matt delucia is live on the scene in germantown. matt, is there someone in that home? >> reporter: vai, that's a complicated question and one the firefighters done the even know at this point. just a few minutes ago i spoke with the fire marshal on the scene. he says this is the worst case
6:33 am
of hoarding he has ever seen on the job. the 6600 block. take a look at the windows and doors, there's stuff piled from floor to ceiling wall to wall. part of the back of this home collapsed, the roof collapsed. they've been able to shine a flashlight through the back of the home and see a little bit on then side. it's still way too dangerous to get anybody in there to see if there's somebody inside the home. we've been told there's normally a woman that lives here. it's difficult for her to get inside that she usually uses a right now they don't know if she was in here at the time this fire started, about 1:00. this was a very intense fire. smoke and flames shooting out of the roof of this house here. they are going to try to tear this house down. they can't get inside they can't
6:34 am
get saws or equipment in there to break through this. firefighters walk up to the front door they turn around. they can't deal with this at this point. they have to tear this down from the top down try to figure out if there's somebody inside this home. this will be an active scene for quite a while. live in germantown matt delucia nbc 10 news. now to an update on the charleston church massacre. the suspected shooter is waking up in a jail cell in south carolina this morning. dylann roof will have a court hearing this afternoon. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in our digital operations center with the overnight developments. bring us up to speed, katy. >> new information has been coming in here to the digital operations center for the last few hours. i've been watching it all. most notably a friend of the shooter says dylann roof started going on racial rants recently and tacked about having a so-called plan. wednesday night roof is accused of going to a prayer service and bible study at emanuel ame church in charleston. they say he sat inside with the
6:35 am
people for about an hour and then suddenly stood up and allegedly opened fire. the case is being investigated as a hate crime. roof then drove 250 miles north before he was arrested in north carolina. a driver on the road spotted him and called police. investigators believe he acted alone. a friend who we heard from says he lived with roof recently and roof had bought a gun and that friend actually hid it one night worried that roof would use it. >> it hit me hard, you know. seeing the best friend on there that you've known for seven years do something like this is pretty crazy. >> in all, six women and three men were killed. among them the church's pastor clementa pinckney a 41-year-old married father of two and state senator for south carolina for the last 19 years. several others who worked at the church were among the victims including depayne middleton
6:36 am
doctor who's a minister and sharonda coleman singleton, also a reverend at that church. later today, roof will appear in a charleston courthouse. he faces nine counts of murder. we're also hearing he could be charged with federal hate crimes. reporting live in the digital operations center, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. 6:36. many churches are reconsidering safety after that shooting. >> that includes churches right here in our area. a pastor at the zion ame church in philadelphia's point breeze section met with church members yesterday to talk about how to keep safe while they worship. the congregation plans to add remote door locks and security cameras. the church is staying connected with police about nearby crime issues. >> been warned by several of the people in and outside of the church, in the church and the community that we need to be careful, we need to solidify our security measures here. >> the church created a security team many of them are former
6:37 am
military personnel or have security experience. and of course you can count on nbc 10 for continuing coverage. we'll have the latest from south carolina coming up in a live report. you can get updates anytime on the nbc 10 news app. new video from overnight. crews continue cleaning up from a water main break at a philadelphia shopping center in east falls. the gushing pipes turned the parking lot in a muddy mess. officials told us 7 million gallons of water poured out of the broken main. here's what it looks like yesterday afternoon as the water was gushing. the problem developed at roberts avenue and rush street. sidewalks collapsed. parked cars war swamped and inside the dollar plus store, aisles full of groceries had standing water six inches deep. >> all of a sudden the water started bubbling up and filling right in front of the store and started coming up to the door. those customers in line, they're like we can't get out. >> we did digging about this the water department tells us it
6:38 am
can't be sure if old age caused the break but inspectors will check the pipe to see if that's the case. new this morning in the lehigh valley within south whitehall township police hope to curve the number of calls they get from dorney park and wildwater kingdom by assigning an officer to the park. there have been 31 arrests at the park since the beginning of the month. the police department is now testing its program and will see if it's worth continuing at the end of the summer. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> stormy start first thing this morning. when we went on the air at 4:00 this north we were tracking showers and thunderstorms in the area. but you can see some sunshine is breaking through cape may. that's a live view from the marquise de-lafayette hotel.
6:39 am
we're still tracking a few showers first thing this morning. light rain still in the area. heating up near 09 this afternoon. this weekend it will not be a washout but it looks like rain for dad and possibly heavy rain and thunderstorms at that. right now, outside, no heavy rain. clouds are over doylestown breaks of sunshine in philadelphia. millville at 70 degrees, seeing sunshine. blue sky breaking through this view from center city. the view is going to turn sunnier this afternoon. there's still an isolated shower threat for today. at the shore, more likely to stay dry today. you can see the radar is clear in cape may. the few showers we're tracking light shower activity in chester. now in delaware county you'll see a sprinkle. it's starting to fall apart as it moves through the township this morning. hour by hour future weather shows a possibility of some isolated showers. that's at noontime. we might see an isolated shower
6:40 am
pop up this afternoon. it's not a very big threat. you can see the breaks of sunshine, too. it won't clear out completely but we'll get enough sunshine to warm up to 75 degrees in the pocono mountains. 80s for allentown and quakertown. a slight chance of a midday shower in trenton. 85 degrees. warm for norristown and mt. holly. most of the day will be dry. look at the temperatures along the coastline. much more of a beach day than yesterday. it was chilly with that rain falling yesterday. 89 today in dover. and well into the 80s, closer to 90 degrees for philadelphia. and swedesboro westchester sees a high of 85 degrees this afternoon. look at your weekend forecast for dad's day when i come back in ten. it is 20 till 7:00. we have new information on the search for two escaped convicts in new york. this morning investigators are making this case a top priority. a local police officer caught on camera doing something not in his job description. we'll show you the delivery
6:41 am
detour that has lots of people singing the praises of a local police officer.
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the suspected shooter in the charleston church massacre is expected to have a court hearing later today. dylann roof was arrested in
6:45 am
north carolina yesterday and brought back to south carolina. dave wagner is live in charleston. what can you tell us. >> reporter: you rethe ribbons behind me here nine different ribbons representing the nine victims killed. as you mentioned, the suspect in court today, 21-year-old dylann roof. he will be in court and as for the response to him being captured i talked to the brother of one of the victims who said he hopes the meeting between dylann and god is expedited in other words, he hopes that dylann roof is put to death. that's a possibility in this state, the death penalty is on the table and he'll face those charges today. that is the latest from charleston. back to you. meantime a church in minnesota is taking its own security measures. many members carry guns and they have done so for years now. this is the real believers faith
6:46 am
center in minneapolis. where a team of armed men and women who guard the pastor his wife and other church members are fully licensed and trained. the pastor said it's been this way ever since an incident there eight years ago. >> a couple threats about people wanting to come in and harm other members. we think it provides us a chance to defend ourselves. >> the pastor admits taking heat for packing heat. but his staffers say the killings in south carolina remind them that churches remain easy targets for violence. new information on the manhunt for two escaped killers in upstate new york. u.s. marshals added david sweat and richard matt to their 15 most wanted fugitives list. the convicted murers broke out of prison june 6th. hundreds of law enforcement officers are searching for them. a prison work was arrested on charges she smuggled tool today's them to help them escape. the marshal service is offering a reward of up to $25,000 for
6:47 am
any information that leads directly to either man's arrest. oh my gosh, that is a blessing. a blessing. >> a blessing that's the voice of bernice daniels. she recorded this video of an officer who saw a couple of kids struggling with bags of clothes as they were making their way to a laundromat in north philadelphia. he pulled up took the bags put it in his car and dref to the laundromat. daniels posted the video to facebook where it's earned nearly 200,000 views. >> i ablessing. i love that. if you're tired of unwanted phone calls and texts known as robo calls and spam texts, you can block them. carriers are worried about breaking rules requiring them to connect calls, you can block the calls by contacting your carrier. happening today, amazon will open a new fulfillment center in mercer county new jersey
6:48 am
lieutenant governor plans to be at the grand opening later this morning in robinsville. she and governor chris christie touted the new distribution center as a job creator for the state. the center is expected to employee about 2,000 workers. amazon is the world's largest online retailer. an update on the dozens of atlantic city firefighters whose jobs were in danger. 85 people will get to keep their jobs for now. the mayor earlier this week ache agreed to let the fire department apply for a federalgrant that will cover the salary and benefits through september. layoffs were supposed to go into effect next week. the union says it's still waiting to hear if the grant will be extended for the next two years. spirit airlines announced a new destination that february and the first flight took off yesterday. it's offering a nonstop flight
6:49 am
every day, atlanta hartsfield jackson international airport is the busiest airport in the world. scientists studying the ecosystems of national parks are tracking a new species, humans. visitors at a colorado park and yosemite national park in california were given gps devices. the scientists are using them to track where people go. the information will be used to make decisions like whether to add rest rooms in certain areas or more trails. the phillies have quite a father's day weekend in store for their fans. >> it starts tonight with a game against the cardinals. you can watch that here on nbc 10 starting at 7:00. tonight the phils and the cards take you back to the '60s with vintage uniforms. then tomorrow night, take a nonperishable food item to donate to hungry families. on sunday all men 15 and over get a free 1960s vintage phillies cap. >> a win would be a good gift. visit the battleship "new jersey" on father's day.
6:50 am
that's on the camden river front. opens up at 9:30 on sunday morning, father's day. a portion of your purchase will go toward keeping the new jersey in ship shape. happening today, everyone into the pool in philadelphia. the city's public pools will open up for the summer beginning this afternoon at the rec center in strawberry mansion. 70 total pools, outdoor pools will open on a staggered schedule throughout the summer. of course you can use the nbc 10 app to find the link to all that information. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> ten minutes before 7:00 and it's good timing on the pools. it will be a warm one today. we're starting to see breaks of sunshine. this is the mostly cloudy view from the nbc 10 studios. still a few showers rolling toward philadelphia but the heavy rain is already done. 71 degrees at philadelphia
6:51 am
international. the humidity that will be coming down today. this evening, no problem. heading to the firefly music festival in delaware. 87 degrees at 5:00 as the crowd is building. humidity may be a bit on the high side. good weather for the concert otherwise. it looks like it will be a nice day in the pocono mountains. most of the heavy rain is out of the picture for our area. the skies will be clearing. the last few showers, a few rain drops quickly fizzling as they're moving into philadelphia. then our attention turns to this. tropical storm bill moved onshore and now it's weakening but all this moisture the remnants of bill coming our way for father's day. look at the spin in that storm system. lots of moisture too. still suspended in the atmosphere. doesn't look like it's going to reach us until later on saturday night. once it moves in heavy rainfall will be pushing across pennsylvania into delaware and
6:52 am
new jersey too. that's early sunday morning. heavy rainfall during saturday night and sunday morning to start with some thunderstorm activity on sunday and a possibility of more showers and thunderstorms during the day for father's day. for today, we'll see partly sunny skies. still spotty shower but most of the region will stay dry and yesterday we were stuck in the 70s, upper 80s this afternoon. not as hot tomorrow. mostly cloudy skies, 67 in the morning, 83 in the afternoon. the showers holing off until saturday evening. here comes the stormy weather saturday night and into sunday. heavy rain and potential for thunderstorms. it's done by monday. a hot day monday 91 degrees, up to 90 on tuesday. turning partly sunny for wednesday and a chance of showers thursday. 6:52. i don't get the feeling there's as much traffic out there as we normally have. i'm guessing a lot of people got a jump on heading down to the shore maybe. >> let's find out. nbc 10 traffic reporter jessica
6:53 am
boyington is watching the roads. >> friday typically isn't our biggest traffic day of the week. it's usually the lightest. on the schuylkill expressway we're starting to see a slowdown. westbound 17 minutes, eastbound into the center city area 16 minutes. this is eastbound right here. more of that jam-up around the city avenue area headed towards the king of prussia area. we have an accident on the pa turnpike around bensalem. drive times on the p.a. turnpike, rain actively falling. westbound, eastbound, active work zones, still a 21 or 22-minute trip vai. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in germantown where crews are still putting out hot spots of an early morning hour fire. >> nearly six hours after this fire started there's still no indication if there's still a victim inside this home. we'll be back with an update after the break.
6:54 am
i'm katy zachry live inside the digital operations center monitoring the new information coming in from charleston. in just a few hours, the man accused of gunning down nine people inside a church appears in court. i'll have more after the break.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
i'm matt delucia live in germantown where firefighters are still on the scene of this house fire. it's been burning for about six hours here. you can see right here they've been trying to deal with the debris stuck inside. they're still trying to figure out if there's still somebody inside this building. they have l & i out here on the scene right now. they may have to tear this bulling down just to see if there's still somebody in there.
6:58 am
still hot spot smoking at the moment. the scene still 1re67 active on the 5600 block of floyd street. will will be active for quite some time. matt delucia nbc 10 news. and the 21-year-old man accused of killing nine people inside a charleston church will appear in court in just a few hours from now. dylann roof was arrested yesterday in north carolina after another driver spotted him on the road. police say he sat inside a prayer service at the emanuel ame church in charleston wednesday night before opening fire on parishioners. roof's childhood friend says he recently bought a gun and was spouting racial rants and told him he had some sort of plan. dylann roof faces nine counts of murder. he could also be charged with federal hate crimes. reporting live from the digital operations center, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. i'm jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we're dealing with very light volume and it is a friday. that's typically normal.
6:59 am
95 around girard avenue about 21-minute drive time if you're headed southbound from woodhaven road towards the vine street expressway. we have an accident on the pa turnpike westbound around bensalem that's partially blocking the off ramp there. we have a double whammy around the stadium area later on this evening. citizens bank park phillies game at 7:05. new kids on the block at 7:00 p.m. at the wells fargo center. expect volume in and out of the stadium area around those times. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> clouds are starting to break and sunshine something we didn't see yesterday, is going to warm us into the upper 80s this afternoon. a little bit steamy outside, just a few rain drops. look how quickly the showers are falling apart. there are more showers. i'm watching potentially heavy rainfall moving through the pocono mountains. those will thin out, too. there's still a chance of a shower throughout the day. the remnants of tropical storm bill all that moisture coming our way saturday night and
7:00 am
sunday. all right. happy father's day to all you dads out there. the "today" show is up next. local updates in 25 minutes. you can always get updates with the nbc 10 news app, free download. good morning. before the rampage -- new video overnight of the suspect in the deadly shooting inside a charleston church just moments ' ss ahead of the massacre. a clear picture emerging of 21-year-old dylann roof and his alleged racist views. >> he wanted white with white and black with black. >> a memorial for the victims grows, a community mourns as the suspect goes before a judge for the first time. savannah is live in charleston. fire and rain. hundreds of firefighters battle a fast moving firefighter in california. residents evacuated as it consumes over 10,000 acres. while in the south, more flash flooding causes major problems for


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