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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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"nbc 10 news" starts now. i'm not angry, i'm just speechless, because i don't know. i don't know. >> tonight a mother is speaking publicly for the first time after she and her 1-year-old daughter were shot in a block party in west philadelphia last night. good evening. today we learned there are more victims than previously thought. ten people were hurt in that shooting. three of them children. tonight, police are searching for those responsible. randy gyllenhaal joins us live. do police have any leads? >> reporter: they do have a rough description of the suspects from witnesses. police say these two men opened fire with a shotgun on a crowd
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full of children. now shotgun shells are filled with tiny pieces of metal, and today we spoke with the youngest victim of this attack hit by that gunfire and she's only 1-year-old. fresh out of children's opt, 1-year-old ashley jones sips on a juice box. all things considered she's pretty happy december.spite being hit by pellets fired from a shotgun. the girl's mother was also shot in the arm. >> i looked under her neck and she was bleeding and i just started screaming, my baby got shot. >> reporter: ten people were shot in what appears to be a drive-by shooting. police are looking for two suspects armed with a shotgun and possibly a hand gun, driving
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a gold or silver sedan. the men opened fire while families were having a cookout. >> they just randomly opened fire. >> my oldest son got hit here here and right here. >> reporter: tyrone jones helped organize the party. he said some of the injured, including the baby, were visiting from out of town. >> to get my family shot up like that for nothing, it's bad. and now none of my kids are coming back here and i'm not coming back. >> reporter: as police continue to search for the shooters, all ten victims are expected to make a full recovery. it is unclear right now whether this was a targeted or a random attack. randy gyllenhaal "nbc 10 news." new at 6:00 an elderly man is hospitalized after a train hit his suv this afternoon.
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crews had to cut the man, believed to be in his 90s, out of the vehicle. a gas leak leaves dozens of families out in the heat. the apartments in levittown were evacuated this afternoon. police say a transformer problem damaged the natural gas line. most of the buildings were found to be safe by 2:30 this afternoon, but more than 200 people are not being allowed back in. the red cross is there helping them out. worshippers returned to the charleston church today where nine lives were taken a few days ago. ♪ church and community members and political leaders packed the emanuel african methodist episcopal church. sit the first service since the pastor and eight others were
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shot to death wednesday night. this morning's service featured messages of love recovery and healing mixed with tears. >> many hearts are broken and tears are still being shed. through it all we are reminded that we serve a god who still cares. >> 21-year-old dylann roof is charged with nine counts of murder for that shooting. a philadelphia church with ties to the church in charleston remembered the victims this morning. worshippers gathered in mother bethel african methodist episcopal church offering up prayers for the pastor and the victims. the victims were also on the minds of those who attended the church at the episcopal church at st. thomas in overbrook.
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preparing for the pope. the philadelphia delegation for the world meeting of families is headed to rome. drew smith is live at philadelphia international airport where the mayor and church leaders spoke before boarding a plane. drew? >> reporter: and they say they're very excited to get over there. the pope will be here in three months. they want to make sure it's as close to perfect when he gets here. they've already passed security here probably boarding a plane right now. the plane takes off in this hour. we met with mayor nutter and organizers before they got through security. they say their focus is going to be on logistics and security. the mayor wants to make sure that access is safe at all times. we asked the mayor where it was important to fly over there in person instead of talking on the phone. here's what he had to say. >> we need to make sure way
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across the ocean that we're all consistent in our message and our understanding of who is doing what. >> reporter: and there are a lot of stake holders in this. we're talking about the federal government with the secret service here and the city of philadelphia police as well as some foreign security agencies over 234in italy. mayor nutter has been to the vatican before but this time it's going to be all business. i'm drew smith, "nbc 10 news." >> nbc 10 already has a team on the ground in rome awaiting the group's arrival. still ahead, chris kato has a look of what lies ahead from philadelphia city delegates. turning now to our weather. it's the first official day of summer, and doesn't it feel like it out there? nbc 10 was at valley kenwood park where the hot and humid conditions were not enough to stop this father-son game of
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baseball. for the latest on the weather, let's check in with meteorologist michelle grossman. michelle it is going to be hot and humid. you're tracking scattered showers tonight? >> a few showers out there, but it is hot and humid. normal this time of the year is right around 84 degrees. we made it up to 91 today. make a look at the temperatures right now. temperatures at 90 in philadelphia. 85 in can laster. 88 in millville and in atlantic city. we have a weak cold front that was moving through, sparking a few showers across the area. windy also. we're feeling the winds out of the west. 18 miles per hour in philadelphia, 18 in dover. 14-mile-per-hour winds in allentown. we're going to keep it warm and humid and a chance for showers and thunderstorms in our forecast. by 7:00 85. by 9:00, 82. it was 91 today. hotter on tuesday. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> thanks michelle. philadelphia police are investigating two deadly
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shootings at two bars overnight. a fight broke out around 2:00 this morning between a man and a woman at a bar near 29th and chalmers in north philadelphia. that's when they say the bar's owners got involved and shot the man in the chest. the victim was taken to the hospital and later died. police say a security guard shot and killed a man in another philadelphia bar overnight. the security guard is in custody, but no;k charges have been filed. authorities say when the security guard escorted a 27-year-old man out of the old madrid bar, he attacked the guard. the guard then shot the man. emergency demolition work is under way after an abandoned property partially collapsed in philadelphia. the top portion of the row home collapsed onto a parch on woodstock street. no one lived there but neighbors on either side were evacuated. no one was hurt. the search for those two
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escaped inmates from new york is getting closer to pennsylvania. an update on the manhunt, next. a local community has come together to make this father's day special for the son of a fallen philadelphia police officer. we'll explain.
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the manhunt for two escaped kill sers shifting today following a possible sighting of the pair in southwest new york not far from the pennsylvania order. 300 law enforcement officers were brought in for the search. a woman reported seeing richard matt and david sweat near a railroad tracks in the area yesterday. the two tunnelled their way out of a maximum security prison in northern new york on june 6th setting off a massive manhunt.
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it was a hot day today, temperatures reached 91 degrees in philadelphia. we'll be hotter than that during the week. the details and your seven-day is straight ahead.
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yoplait! a celebration with a somber twist. nbc 10 in upper darby for a birthday party in honor of robert wilson iv. he's the son of fallen police
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officer robert wilson. and people in the community pitched in to make the party a reality, donating food supplies and a sen view for the party. sergeant wilson was shot and killed while trying to break up a robbie in north philadelphia back in march. authorities say he was at the store buying a gift for his older son's birthday. preparing for the pope. we showed you the philadelphia delegation for the world meeting of families as they got ready for their flight to rome. nbc 10 already has a crew in rome and they'll be covering the delegation throughout the strip this week. nbc 10's chris kato has a look at their itinerary at vatican city. >> reporter: from the city of brotherly love to the eternal city it is going to be a busy woke for that group from philadelphia. we know their official itinerary. it includes a visit with the u.s. ambassador to the holy see. a news conference announcing the festival of families on september 26th. a luncheon at the u.s. embassy
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to promote the international tourism to the philadelphia area. and a meeting with the mayor of rome and the head of vatican security to discuss security plans in philadelphia. those are just the highlights. of course the group from philly will visit various parts of the vatican. they will attend wednesday's morning mass here in st. peter's square. not on their agenda is a face-to-face meeting with the pope. if he requests they'll drop everything they're doing to make that happen. tonight at 11:00, the last royal meeting of families three years ago was hosted 300 miles from here in milan, italy. we found out that in fact philadelphia has learned a lot from that trip. we'll tell you about that tonight at 11:00. chris cato, "nbc 10 news." last night, we were dealing
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with the heavy rains. tonight, we are looking at high temperatures near 90 degrees in philadelphia. we hit 91 degrees, and that heat is going to stay for a few days. the weather headlines on your sunday evening, we are officially in the summer season. it arrived at 12:38 this afternoon. 91 degrees, that was the official high. we are looking at the potential for the next heat wave. hot today and tomorrow and hotter on tuesday. a stormy end to your tuesday night, bringing us relief in terms of the heat. 90 degrees right now in philadelphia with temperatures climbing over the next couple of days. today and tomorrow 91 hitting 92 in spots. 94 by tuesday. tuesday you add in the humidity lit feel more like 1 4u7b00 degrees in some spots. temperatures remain in the upper
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80s, right around 90 in philadelphia. 85 in lancaster. and 88 in millville. we're going to bump that temperature back up on monday and tuesday. here are the showers i'm talking about. we have a weak cold front moving through, bringing us a chance for showers, possibly a thunderstorm. we could see gusty action with the thunderstorms, 40 miles per hour as they move through. but most will not see them. sunny and hot on friday then things change on tuesday. tuesday feeling like 100 degrees throughout the afternoon. we have a potent cold front that comes through. that will bring us the chance for gusty thunderstorms. by 3:00 on tuesday, you can see them in the poconos, then moving through the city on tuesday. we can see them reaching severe limits at times. tonight, a warm one, keep your eyes to the sky tonight. 74 in philadelphia. 67 north and west. tomorrow a dry one. sunny skies, a hot one, humid also.
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89 to 92. topping out around 91 degrees in philadelphia. sun setting at 8:33. sunday's forecast 91 tomorrow. by tuesday, mostly sunny skies, tracking the chance of p.m. scores. wednesday, not as humid. 87. 85 on thursday and keeping the showers in the forecast friday saturday, and sunday. look at the temperatures back down into the upper 70s. coming up in sports, the philly's bats break out in a big way. and see how a rookie ended a dubious streak for pitchers. we'll be right back.
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>> >> a very heartfelt happy father's day to all the dads out there. may 23rd was the last time a philly starting pitcher earned a win, but that ended today thanks to a kid making his debut. adam morgan was called up from aaa. 0-6 in six starts. no better start to your career than this striking out the first batter he faces, with family enjoying it in the stands. he goes 5 2/3, gives up one run. the offense breaks out in a major way. in the fifth, this is a double to left. phils up 4-1. next batter is ryan howard. and not a home run, but a single. rbi drives in a run. the fanatic loving it. always a showman.
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and blanco with a three-run shot. phillies with nine runs in this one, winning 9-2. here's morgan on his first major league win. >> it was more anxious and excited just to see how much stuff would work and asking these guys about their debut. they were just saying don't look up, don't look up. just telling me, me and you catching. >> cole hammels threw a bull pen session today and will pitch wednesday against the bronx bombers. he was scratched friday due to a sore hamstring. the nba draft is thursday marking another chance for the sixers and the gm to target a top talent to continue to rebuild the franchise. as a third quick they could use it for some international flavor.
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here's the nba scout on what he could bring us. >> there aren't a lot of guys at 7'1" that can run around screens and shoot in the world. not just in the nba or the europe he can catch and shoot. he has the ability to create his own offense. at his size, it's extremely intriguing. >> many eyes on the football front will be on the offense of the eagles as they reconvene on august 2nd for the start of training camp. but the key to the d should be up front. he says he's just beginning to scratch the surface on what he hopes to do. >> i feel like that was a start for me and for me to keep humbling myself and just keep at
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it on the field and off the field, just come out every day prepared to work. >> that's it for sports. we'll be right back.
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it's a steam kriy one out there. >> 91 degrees was our official temperature today. mostly sunny skies tuesday. that's the big day to watch. temperatures right around 94, 95 in philadelphia. it's going to feel like over 100 degrees with the humidity. also tracking thunderstorms later on tuesday. then big-time relief for later on in the workweek. >> that's "nbc 10 news" for now. for all of us here happy father's day. see you tonight at 11:00.
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on this sunday night, show of faith. the church reopens just four days after that deadly massacre and we're learning more tonight about what drove the shooter to kill. >> the man hunt for those escaped killers heats up. police say a credible witness claims she spotted the pair along these railroad tracks. a former white house top chef disappears. cancer risk a once common pesticide now linked to breast cancer. and going to extremes. ditch the golf clubs. why business people are bonding over extreme sports. "nightly news" begins now.


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