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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  June 22, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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things are improving this morning. the temperatures are cooling down and the humidity is coming down, too. maybe elevated to start with but you'll feel the drier air coming in as the morning progresses. this is a live view of center city. the skies are starting to brighten. we're about a half hour away from sunrise. the clouds that move through overnight, they're quickly moving offshore. we'll see a lot of sunshine today. that will lead to a quick warmup. by 9:00 80 degrees. at lunch time 86 and still climbing. we're looking at 90s today. really steamy for tomorrow. a look at your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back in ten minutes. right now let's see if the roads are getting busier. jessica boyington and the first alert traffic center. >> we have good news on the vine street expressway. we had that ongoing construction on the westbound side closing "trá off around broad street. just lifted that construction project out of the way. cars move through the westbound lanes, two minutes headed westbound from 95 towards the schuylkill expressway. there may be small residual delays and crew in the area
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cleaning up. watch for that just in case. from 95 southbound from wood haven to the vine street expressway, 13-minute trip. noproblems from the schuylkill. montgomery county hatfield township, we're watching an accident there. no problems for septa new jersey transit or patco. investigators are looking into the cause of this fire at an industrial building in camden. crews tell us the fire was contained on the roof of the colonial processing building along south sixth street. no injuries are being reported at this time. also in camden an overnight shooting sent one man to the hospital. police tell us the victim was shot once in the chest on north 33rd street. he was taken to cooper university hospital. no word on his condition and there are no arrests. also new from overnight, police are looking into a shooting that sent two people to the hospital.
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this was the scene at 11th and stiles just a few hours ago. investigators say the victims drove themselves to the hospital in the car with the bullet hole parked in front of hahnemann hospital right now. police in south jersey believe that a serial drugstore robber struck again. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in gloucester county where the most recent robbery happened. fill us in katy. >> reporter: police say when the robber stormed this cvs behind me he went right through the front doors and was wearing heavily layered clothes at the time. you can see from the surveillance pictures he's also carrying a large green bin. police say he had a crowbar as well as a weapon. after he entered the store friday night just after 11:00, he grabbed a woman and threatened to kill her if the pharmacy did not hand over oxcycodone. police say there is a striking similarity to two other pharmacy heists in south jersey recently one in haddon feel the other in
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logan township. in both cases the robber entered the store dressed in heavy layered construction gear. the m.o. is so similar that police believe whoever entered this cvs behind me in woolwich township on friday night is the same suspect in those two other south jersey robbery cases. now in the case of this cvs heist, the robber got away on foot. no one inside the store was injured. police are really asking for the public's help in this one. if you have any information give them a call. reporting live in woolwich township katy zachry nbc 10 news. police are still searching for two gunmen who opened fire on a crowd of people during a block party in west philadelphia over the weekend. ten people were injured, including three children. this happened saturday night on ogden street. witnesses told police two men drove by and fired a shotgun down the block. the youngest victim was 18 months old. >> she's doing great, thank god.
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the hospital did a good job. >> open the doors, there's nothing but blood all over walkway, going up the steps. it was just ridiculous. all victims went to the hospital. eight are back home this morning. two are being treated at penn presbyterian medical center. they are expected to be okay. no word yet on a motive in this case. we have new information from overnight on the hundred for two escaped prisoners new york. state police are now focused on a new search area this morning. following another reported sighting. they are now looking in upstate new york in the area of owls head and mountain view. about 30 miles west of the prison where the men escaped. someone reported a break-in at a hunting cabin in mountain view. the owner of the cabin saw one person running away when he walked in. over the weekend, police searched the town of friendship near the pennsylvania border. a woman says she spotted the pair on saturday near a railroad line that runs along route 20. the tiny town is 350 miles from the clinton correctional
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facility where david sweat and richard matt escaped 17 days ago. yesterday authorities blocked roads and searched cars. brandy thompson is the woman who called 911 after she says she spotted the two men that resembled the fugitives. >> my dog was with me. he barked and bounced towards the back of the tracks. i looked there was two people. i only seen one at first with a blue hoodie and as soon as my dog barked they turned around the one in the blue hoodie pulled his hood up and they went back down the tracks. >> authorities did not find anything. joyce mitchell has been charged with providing the escapees with some of the power tools they used to cut through steel walls and pipes in the correctional facility. today the church organist charged with sexually abusing young boys in south jersey is due in court. joseph cuthbert is accused of molesting five boys over the responsible span of 30 years. police say he came in contact with the accusers through his
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work in music ministry as an organist at several churches. he most recently play for the aerial community church in gloucester township, camden county county. a trial is set to begin for a woman charged in a hit and run in the city's olney section. it happened at the intersection of rising sun and fbi iravenue. ortiz was crossing the street when he was struck by one car, then run over by a second vehicle driven by blookwood. preparing for the pope. in the past few hours a delegation landed in rome for a week of meetings to prepare for pope francis's meetings here in the fall. chris cato joins us live from rome where he is six hours further into monday than we are here on the east coast. it looks lake a gorgeous day in rome, chris. >> yes, i have news for you
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guys. mondays aren't horrible in rome. they're great. if's beautiful although it say little hot here we're having the same weather i think you are having in philadelphia. hot and sunny here. a gorgeous backdrop. we are looking into the eternal city vatican city. this is the hotel where the delegation will be staying for the next five days as they attend various meet innings the vatican. the delegation as you've mentioned they already touched down at the airport. it takes a while to get through security there. this is a large group of 30 people. the group is a group of city leaders, officials with the archdiocese and some ceos of several companies, independence blue cross, wawa companies like that that are supporting the world meeting of families. they'll spend the next four days in various meetings buttoning up final details for the global event in september. one of main folk cushions of the trip keeping the pope safe in philly. philadelphia has had vips in town before but never one like francis.
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>> we're good at this. this is a different kind of event with quite frankly, a very different kind of person who, you know pope francis requires a significant amount of access to the people. that's who he is. that's what it's about. it's our job to make sure that access is safe at all times and his movements are easy. >> reporter: unlike other popes in the past he refuses to ride in that bulletproof pope mobile. he wants access to the people. that adds another challenge, another layer to the security challenge for the teams protecting him. the delegation includes members of philadelphia police special operations and other members of emergency planning for philadelphia. they will meet on thursday with the general who's in charge of security for vatican city. they'll go over security protocol in terms of crowds and the pope. we learned this delegation the leaders in philadelphia, reached out to the last city to host the
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world meetings of families, about 360 miles north of here milan, and learned lessons from them about what it took for them to have 1 million people there in 2012. you'll hear from one of those milanese officials coming up in the next hour. live from rome chris cato nbc 10 news. how about a wawa in the vatican? or even rome. that would be awesome. the world meeting of families starts on september 22nd in philadelphia. the pope will be here on september 26th and 27th. we'll have you covered leading up to the visit and while the pope is here. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. they have pretty good food over there in italy. you might not need the turkey bowl if you go and visit. 5:09. the temperatures are coming down this morning. clear skies. we're on our way to summer heat but not as humid as it was over the weekend.
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that unfortunately changes tomorrow. a steamier day. in fact we could be flirting with record high temperatures tomorrow afternoon. that will be followed by strong storms later in the afternoon. this morning though clear skies and cool. look at the pocono mountains. 63 degrees, 73 in trenton and wilmington, a few scattered clouds. this is a live view from wilmington. no game today. you'll see lots of sunshine. doesn't look like too many clouds there. mostly sunny day in wilmington. and for the rest of the area as well. the temperatures climb into the upper 80s and low 90s and there go the clouds that came through dry overnight. there is wet weather that we'ring traing. you can see it's to the south. the clouds that are moving into minneapolis, those are the storms that will be here tomorrow afternoon. today, this afternoon quakertown 87 degrees today. plenty of sunshine for trenton and doylestown. norristown, mt. holly up to 90
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degrees and a warm day on the beach, 85 for atlantic city. move inland vineland and dover up to 90 degrees this afternoon. very close to the 90 degree mark for wilmington and into the 90s for swedesboro drexel hill and philadelphia. it turns much hotter tomorrow. the seven-day forecast when i come back in ten minutes. 5:11 this monday morning. we don't have windows in the studio. our view to the world is behind us. i can look in the monitor. there's not much traffic out there. it looks good. >> not yet. people will be getting up getting ready to go back to work. let's check in with jessica boyington. >> i'm watching the cameras. vai's right, there's not a lot of volume on this monday morning. it's still a little early, though. on the schuylkill expressway right around city avenue you can see in either direction eastbound or westbound, no problems so far. westbound from the vine street expressway up toward the blue route, an 11-minute trip. the same in the opposite
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direction eastbound. you're about 12 minutes there as well. on the p.a. turnpike we're flying through there as well. the drive times are up. we have no problems 22 minutes headed westbound or eastbound. it's legal in pennsylvania new jersey and delaware. but banned in 14 other states. we're talking about same-sex marriage and the supreme court decision that could change everything. when we expect a ruling and what the country is doing to get ready. i'm matt delucia, live in center city. a lot of college graduates are now out in the job market. are those jobs out there to be found? i'm taking a look after the break.
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new jersey's supreme court has spoken but teachers and school employees still fear for their futures. because rather than solving the pension crisis the court says politicians can continue to ignore it. that's just wrong. teachers and school employees have paid billions into their pensions. but the state has failed. the legislature can fix what governor christie has broken - ... before it ends up costing billions more. it's time for fiscal responsibility. fund the pensions now.
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we have new information and new video of breaking news we're following out of afghanistan. the country's interior minister says seven attackers are dead after an attack on the afghan parliament. started with a suicide core bomb that went off in front of the parliament building. then an armed gunman tried to take over. witnesses say security forced the gunman into an abandoned building that is now surrounded. no security forces were killed. we'll continue to stay on top of this. the supreme court justices are expected to announce a landmark decision on whether or not to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide.
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marriage license bureaus across the country are prepared for a potential rush of applications should the supreme court overturn the ban, giving same-sex couples equal protection under state laws. the justices will decide whether state bans against same-sex marriages can remain in place or if those marriages are a constitutional right. back in 2013 a montgomery county register of wills made history when he issued marriage licenses to gay couples despite a state ban here in pennsylvania. that ban has since been lifted. same-sex marriage became legal in pennsylvania in may last year. in ohio, tennessee, michigan and in kentucky they're among 14 states where gay marriage is still banned. so you've got the college
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degree now what? millions of young adults are looking for jobs now that school is out, summer is here and the real world is waiting. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in center city with an outlook on the job market for recent grads. matt it's been a tough couple years for college graduates right? >> that's right, rosemary. the good news is that the job market is slightly better than it was at the start of the year. the problem is some of those fresh into the job market rrnt as ready as they could be. >> i base it on what we see with employers coming to our campus. >> la salle university career counselor lou lamorte has issued thousands into the job market. some in the class of 2015 have jobs lined up while others don't. but he is optimistic. >> we say about a 10% or 15% increase over the fall and probably about a 30% increase over the last spring's job fair. that tells me that employers are
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looking for college grads. >> reporter: the unemployment rate overall was 5.5% but for 18 to 29-year-olds it was higher at 1. 1.9%. >> pharmaceutical companies are having a bit of a tough time these days. it's knowing what are the markets in this area what are some of the -- who are the players in different areas. >> reporter: technology and sales jobs are also still in demand but knowing the players also means playing the game smart. social media is a key factor now. first the worry was posting too much about yourself sometimes job seekers aren't posting enough. >> they are looking before they bring you in for an interview. from what we're hearing is if you're on -- they take a look at facebook. they're looking more at linked in what do you have on your
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linkedin profile. >> reporter: as long as it puts you in a good light. the big three factors to keep in mind if you or your grad is still looking, experience intern ships are essential. getting good recommendations, third, getting all those endorsements, those good endorsements especially on social media, particularly linked in. live in center city this morning, matt delucia nbc 10 news. it is 5:20. if you've got a job and you just grabbed your keys and are headed out the door come to the tv get an idea of what it'sç like out there. >> you don't want to be late, right? >> no. >> let's check in with jessica boyington. she's keeping an eye on the roads out there. >> probably not going to be late yet, if you're heading out the door at this exact moment. out on 95 right now around cottman avenue everything is moving along. southbound lanes, this is where we typically jam up in volume headed towards the center city area. it's only about a 13-minute
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drive time headed from woodhaven road. we are losing out that right-hand lane. but everything moving along just fine so far. out on route 202, pretty much the same story. the cars are green and moving along ten minutes, if you're headed northbound or southbound. out in montgomery county we're still watching an accident scene in hatfield township. as for the area bridges, no problems for the betsy, the ben, the tacony palmyra and the walt is doing just fine as well. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's 5:20. temperatures have been falling. we're still in the 70s in philadelphia. but you can start to see the skies lighten up. we'll see a lot of sunshine today. it will be a quick warmup into the low 90s for philadelphia. right now 76 degrees and 71% humidity. but that number is dropping. we have a northwesterly wind. you'll feel the difference in the pocono mountains to begin with. there's drier air. this is a live view from camel
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back. camel back you'll see the sunshine. we see the temperatures as a result climb from the 70s into the 90s. there are cooler spots, especially in chester county this morning. 66 degrees right now in westtown westchester is 68 degrees. and at 69 in chester springs. a cooler start this morning and becoming more comfortable. the humidity comes down less humid conditions today. the radar screen is going to stay quiet today. so that will change later tomorrow. these storms are moving our way. they're a long way away. they are moving through the dakotas and into minnes h, you'll be hard pressed to find any clouds developing. 10:00 this morning, mostly sunny skies and sunshine continues this afternoon. any isolated showers north and west will fizzle as they come into our area. sunny and hot, 80s and low 90s this afternoon. less humid than it was over the weekend. tomorrow, the humidity comes
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right back in here. strong storms as we head up to 96 degrees. fortunately it will be cooler and comfortable wednesday. the humidity drops, 88, the high temperature. then a chance of showers thursday and friday into the 80s, turning even cooler with highs in the 70s this weekend. a hole in the house. we are following the cleanup from a partial house collapse and what it means for a philadelphia neighborhood. spending more but sipping less. the experts at cnbc explain the unique way americans are cutting back on coffee. joey, i'll watch anything except this. except this. go back, go back, go back, go back, go back, go back. fios custom tv lets you pay for the types of channels you want, not the ones you don't. 100% fiber optics is here. get out of the past. get fios. now for $79.99 a month at call the verizon center for customers
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with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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5:25 on this monday morning. coffee drinking is expected to decline this year. landon dowdy is here with this morning's cnbc business news. i have to say in full disclosure, i do not drink coffee neither does vai sikahema. we're curious to hear what this declining coffee drinking is all about. >> you are morning news people and you don't drink coffee. >> we are, surprisingly. >> i don't know how you do it. i'm on cup two already. americans are spending more money than ever on coffee. for the first time in six years coffee consumption is expected to drop this year due partly to the rise of single serve machines such as keurigs k-cups.
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they only brew what they plan to drink verse is a whole pot of coffee. >> we hope the rest of the country would latch on to our all natural, low coffee diet. thank you, landon dowdy. thanks for being with us this morning. now to nbc 10 first alert weather. >> rosemary you're on your own. i'm on number three already. it's turning less humid and we're minutes away from sunrise. live view of center city from the adventure aquarium. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. what's it going out there, jessica? >> we're looking live right now on 78 in the lehigh valley. on lehigh street. moving along just fine east or westbound. we're also watching the tacony palmyra bridge schedule for a 5:20 opening. it's a little bit after that. i'll keep you updated on the closures around the area coming
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up. good morning from rome. i'm nbc 10's chris cato overlooking vatican city. a large group from philadelphia just arrived here. they will spend the next four days in important meetings for the world meeting of families. they're also leaning on advice from another city in terms of how they plan for the pope's arrival. we'll tell you more about that in a couple minutes. stay with us.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> preparing for the pope this morning, a delegation from philadelphia is in rome to finalize the details of the pontiff's visit to our area this fall and nbc 10 is there for every step of the trip. we're live with more on the team's mission. >> and a train takes out a car on the tracks and the whole thing is caught on camera. we are checking on the driver and how the car was stuck there in the first place. summer heat yes, officially summer. we are tracking temperatures near 90 degrees and another chance for some severe weather this week. good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news today, i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm vai sikahema. you can probably tell by my hair it's been humid. i think the humidity is droing


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