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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  June 23, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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connors. a lot going on this morning. of course we are in a first alert weather day. let's get to meteorologist bill henley who's tracking that severe weather out there. bill? >> rosemary those storms are well off to the north and west. they'll be here this afternoon. before they get here the heat the humidity day three of temperatures in the 90s and they will be hotter than yesterday. even at the shore. cape may may reach 90 degrees this afternoon. a first alert has been issued. it say first alert weather day first for the heat wave and then the potential for severe storms. likely to see strong storms this afternoon. could bring damaging winds, even the threat of tornadoes today. tornado activity not happening this morning. no showers around this morning. not in the immediate area. look at that line north and west moving through cleveland and into northwestern pennsylvania. those are the storms on track for our area this afternoon. 78 right now in northeast philadelphia at the airport. 75 in wilmington. cooler for allentown, 66 degrees. but that's one of the few spots
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that's reached into the 60s this morning. look at the turnaround in the temperatures. by 10:00, 84 degrees and 92 by 1:00 this afternoon. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back in ten. >> our team coverage continues now with nbc 10's katy zachry who is live in center city. katy, we know this heat can be dangerous. you've been talking to the city's health director. >> yes, the philadelphia's health commissioner jeff moran, i talked to him at length and got a press advisory from him late yesterday about a heat advisory that goes into effect today. when philadelphia is expecting to experience extreme weather like we are today, the city's health department is in close contact with the national weather service. that agency issues a heat advisory and some tips that the city is putting forth to its residents, people who are here visiting. easy tips avoid being outside during the heat of the day. no work and play outside in the hot sun if you can avoid it
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today. wear a hat or some type of covering for your head. wear light, loose clothing and drink plenty of water. if you hear in the background we have a lot of sprinklers around us here in logan circle, which is actually provide something significant relief. it's quite cool and it feels really great this time of the morning. we are getting some of the mist from the sprinklers. for families and tourists in philadelphia, we checked in with philadelphia. their companion website is you wish you knew. they have suggests for families who can stay inside if they have young kids or tourists if they want to get outside. sister city park in logan circle is a great bet. also, the new park with its water future yur-- features as well is a great choice. we'll talk about the main differences between a warning
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and advisory coming up. thank you, katy. count on nbc 10 and the first alert weather team to help you stay ahead of severe weather. download the free nbc 10 news app for updates and weather alerts no matter where you are throughout the day. and good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we're watching an accident scene out in north coventry on 422 on the westbound side. it's closed between route 100 right now and route 662 with police activity there on the scene directing traffic away and around the incident. so just plan accordingly. that will set you back a couple of minutes with the detours. on cottman avenue no volume if you're headed southbound right here where the headlights are and the drive times are total 13 minutes. not doing too bad from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. 202, everything moving along just fine as well. 11 minutes north or southbound. currently no problems for mass
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transit, no delays for septa, new jersey transit or the patco speed line. just a short time ago, archbishop charles chaput told nbc 10 the philadelphia delegation may meet with pope francis tomorrow. he is live in rome. nice job with the interview. he must like you because he was very open with you. >> we got along very well yes. he really vai, was very open about what they're doing. for the first time we broke the news that the delegation made up of several ceos of large cooperations that are supporting meeting of families, they may, we emphasize may, get the one-on-one with pope francis. that's what the archbishop is trying to make happen. we didn't know that was going to happen on this trip. before we get into the musical announcements for the world meeting of families i have a cool visual i want to show you guys back at home that shows a
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strong philadelphia connection to the vatican. all right. we're at the pontifical north american college. this is where the seminarians from north america come to study to become priests. many years ago, this beautiful sculpture, the ascension of mary. sculpture may not be the right term in art. but this was created by the church of philadelphia and given to the vatican in honor of cardinal dougherty the first cardinal -- the first archbishop of the philadelphia archdiocese. i'm going to test my photographer jason ryan's zooming skills here. he zooms in on the latin inscription below it and it says a gift from philadelphia. right there. there you have it right here from philadelphia to the vatican. all right. now, the big announcement this morning that we saw here at the north american college was the announcement about the musical acts for the festival of families at the end of the world meeting of families. we now know italian tenor andrea
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bocelli will be performing for the pope and the hundreds of thousandses of people on parkway along with latin music sensation juanes and the philadelphia orchestra. performing as the house band essentially playing music, backing up bocelli. the orchestra will also be performing the music for the pope's mass on the parkway on sunday. we spoke with the ceo of the orchestra about what a tremendous honor this is. >> to play for his holiness pope francis and in service to the events celebrating his generous visit to the city is a high honor for everyone associated with the orchestra. i know it's the same i'm sure for our colleagues superstars andrea bocelli and juanes who we have been with as has been mentioned, at the saturday concert in september. >> archbishop chaput said juanes is not on his play list but he
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will be soon. he's a huge bocelli fan. they're very excited and they said they have even more high-profile acts that they are going to announce for the world meeting of families performing on stage in the coming months we all await to hear what that could be. there's a lot happening today here in rome with the delegation from philadelphia to get a chance to sit down with the planners for the world meeting of families here at the vatican. they talk about planning and what remains to be done. there's a big announcement coming out about the meeting at the vatican that could shape the future of the catholic church when it comes to issues like gay catholics, divorced and remarried catholics. we'll follow that. >> shame on you for questioning photographer jason ryan's ability to zoom. he did just fine. the world meeting of families starts on september 22nd in philadelphia. the pope will be here on september 26th and 27th.
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we'll have you covered leading up to the visit and while the pope is here. today the trial begins for a chester county high school teacher and athletic coach accused of having sex with a female student. investigators say that mark hostettler took a 17-year-old girl to his home on several occasions where he allegedly gave her alcohol and had sex with her. the allegations date back to 2008. he was arrested this past february and posted bail the following month. the trial is expected to begin in the case of a dui crash that killed a student athlete. jonathan vanderhorst is charged with homicide by vehicle and driving under the influence. police say he struck and killed 18-year-old dante desimone in january of 2014 when his car hit another vehicle and jumped a cushion to the sidewalk. desimone, a graduate of upper darby high school and freshman lacrosse player at newman university died. another teen was injured in that
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crash. now to new information on a hit and run crash from last night in philadelphia's hunting park section. investigators say the driver of a red ford f-150 pickup truck did not stop when he hut a man riding a bicycle along east erie avenue. the victim remains in critical condition at temple hospital. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> nine minutes after 5:00. less than half an hour away from sunrise. temperatures at this hour still coming down. they'll rocket into the 90s this afternoon, mere record heat. back in the 90s for a third day in a row, our first heatç wave of the year. severe storms expected this afternoon. a lien of storms tracking them on the radar. they'll move through the area and we get relief for tomorrow. the humidity will be coming way down. but during the day today, it's going the other direction. we're starting off with 70 degrees right now in reading. should be in the 60s at this hour this time of year for philadelphia. right now, 76 degrees and a warm
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start for wilmington. a hazy view from the comcast center in center city. we will see sunshine but as the day goes on the clouds will roll into the area and the storm arrival time will really determine how hot it gets. because the storms will bring the temperatures down. those storms in the immediate area just yet but these showers and thunderstorms are making steady progress. look at that line of heavy rain now in northwestern pennsylvania. still strong storms in the erie area. a threat of damaging winds, the severe weather outlook shows the threat for the entire viewing area today. so be on the lookout this afternoon for the storms. before they get here 90s for reading, allentown and quakertown. storms this afternoon. we'll see the 90s before they bring the temperatures down later on. norristown trenton and mt. holly up to 94 degrees. even hot along the coast lien for cape may and rehoboth. 93 for rehoboth this afternoon, vineland 94 the high.
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storms later this afternoon for wilmington swedesboro and philadelphia. we'll drop the temperatures rapidly. before the storms move in the heat is on. middle 90s will feel like it's in the upper 90s thanks to the high humidity. the relief well you'll feel it this weekend. look at these numbers. saturday and sunday nowhere near the 90s not even the 80s. low 70s both days and a chance of showers, too. that cooler air will arrive before the weekend. the seven-day when i come back in ten. at 5:11 on this tuesday, as folks are starting to get up and get out the door definitely be cranking that air conditioner the car. >> my favorite time of day. look behind us. gorgeous right now. let's check in with jessica boyington and the first alert traffic center. >> we're not dealing with much volume so far. it's too early for that but we are watching an accident accident on 422 on the westbound side. that's closed between route 100 and 662. there was an earlier dean and
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downed pole. police activity on the scene directing traffic around the incident. follow those detours and you should do just fine with there not being a lot of volume. this is around the conshohocken curve, both sides moving great, 13 minutes or under if you're headed eastbound or westbound from the blue route up towards the vine. the confederate flag controversy goes beyond south carolina. this morning, the state flag now under scrutiny. plus the major retailers refusing to sell the standard in the wake of the charleston church massacre. summertime safety. as you look for ways to cool off, a warning about a popular swimming hole that local officials call dangerous. new jersey's supreme court has spoken but teachers and school employees still fear for their futures. because rather than solving the pension
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crisis the court says politicians can continue to ignore it. that's just wrong. teachers and school employees have paid billions into their pensions. but the state has failed. the legislature can fix what governor christie has broken - ... before it ends up costing billions more. it's time for fiscal responsibility. fund the pensions now.
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it will be a one-two punch in terms of the weather. first, temperatures in the 90s. as you can see on the first alert radar we are tracking thunderstorms that will roll in later on this afternoon. with near record heat in the forecast today, philadelphia pools will offer much-needed relief for families all across the city. with school out, lots of kids are expected to start heading towards one of the area's more dangerous swimming holes. in wissahickon, jumping off the rocks has been illegal for years. with levels so low in the wissahickon creek, the danger rises along with the heat. >> they're unsupervised and they drown.
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>> we come in and play in the little pool so we're here to cool off a little bit. >> police are urging folks instead to use some of the city of philadelphia pools like the aubery rec center. many pools are opening up this week. the recall continues this morning with bottled water that may be contaminated with e. coli bacteria. >> niagara bottling company says it's not yet received complaints of customers becoming sick after using its water. that water sold at many stores, including acme markets. since e. coli were found in one of the spring sources, the voluntary recall has been under way for all battled water produced at the hamburg and allentown facilities. e. coli can make you sick. aside from returning water to the store, the company is
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advising you can boil it to get rid of the bacteria or use other bottled water. several store brands are affected by this recall including acadia acme shoprite wegmans and 7-eleven. especially those in our area. you have to look at the printed production number that's on the side of the bottle. again, this is niagara bottling company. simply you're going to look for the letters "f" or "a." you'll also look later on for the day, the month and then the year. that will be printed on that bottle again, june 10th to the 18th of 2015. those are the dates you're looking for for that niagara bottling company line there. those are the ones affected by the recall. live in bala cynwyd matt delucia nbc 10 news. 74 degrees out. at 5:17 this tuesday morning,
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there's new information this morning in the growing controversy over confederate flags in the south. >> that's right. a mississippi lawmaker now says that his state should consider taking the confederate symbol off of the state flag. overnight, mississippi house speaker phillip dunn released a statement calling for the confederate symbol to be removed. several southern states incorporate some confederate symbolism in their flags. only mississippi includes the confederate battle standard. the dispute has gained national attention lately after pictures of the charleston church gunman with the flag became public. since then south carolina governor nikki haley publicly call for the removal of the confederate flag from the state's capitol grounds. the flag has long been a symbol of controversy and has been moved several times before. >> the fact that it causes pain to so many is enough to move it from the capitol grounds. it is after all, a capitol that belongs to all of us. >> the statehouse and senate must approve the flag's removal. the governor is urging state
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legislatures to act quickly. in the meantime walmart says its stores are removing all items containing images of the confederate flag. tonight in philadelphia, there will be a prayer vigil to remember the victims of the south carolina church massacre. several city congregations will join members of the zion baptist church of philadelphia to support the emanuel ame church in charleston. tonight's service is at 6:30 at the church on north broad street near west erie avenue. 5:19. and the sun is just getting light outside. we know it will be warm today. we also have a better view of what the traffic pattern will be like out there. >> jessica boyington is keeping an eye on the cameras. >> we're watching that accident scene on 422 which is north coventry. the westbound lanes are closed between route 100 and 662. that's due to an earlier accident and downed pole with
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police activity directing traffic around the scene. on the 42 freeway around the new jersey turnpike around runnemede, the northbound side you can see the volume but it's moving along just fine a five-minute drive time if you're headed up towards 55 to the walt whitman bridge. we're free and clear on the blue route. 15 minutes, if you're headed northbound or southbound from 95 to the schuylkill. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 20 minutes after 5:00. a warm start, 66 degrees. that's the normal stur for this time of year. we're well above that this morning. we are in the 70s and the temperatures will be climbing into the 90s this afternoon for the third day in a row. our first heat wave of the year. sunrise getting ready to come up, just about 12 minutes from now and we'll see the sunshine bright to start with though high clouds and some haze to start with and the humidity is already higher at 82%.
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the steamyness will help fuel the strong thunderstorms, even at the shore later today. that's a view of cape may from the marquis de lafayette hotel. those fast-moving storms on track for this evening at the shore. we're on track for a hotter day today, 78 degrees right now in northeast philadelphia. reading is at 70 while it's 73 in pottstown. a few 60s north and west. they won't last. quickly warming up for middletown. 77 and 76 in woodbine. a warm start and a stormy afternoon. we're watching the radar and you can see the line of storms that is off to the north and west. before theyç move in heat and humidity gushing into the area. the wind is coming out of the south and look at the fast warmup. by noontime today, into the 90s and we'll be watching at that hour for areas north and west for showers and thunderstorms. now, this is just updated information. the hour-by-hour forecast showing the new timing of the storms could be popping up as early as 1:00 this afternoon in philadelphia.
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but that's not the only time in the area 2:00 this afternoon, storms still a possibility during the afternoon at 4:00. there will also be scattered showers after the heat comes down with those first storms. by 5:00 this afternoon, the heavy weather pushing into southern delaware and cape may into the atlantic city area. turning stormy later today. a threat of severe storms will bring with it the possibility for damaging winds. before the storms get here hot, humid, 90s. 97 is the record high for today. we'll get close to it this afternoon. tomorrow, the heat comes down the humidity will be down. a really pleasant change for wednesday. even cooler as the week goes on. 85 partly sunny, thursday a chance of showers to keep us at 80 on friday. this weekend, looking at temperatures in the 70s. we'll be right back.
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controversy is morning surrounding recent discussion to put a woman on the ten dollar bill. with more on that here's cnbc's landon dowdy. good morning, landon. >> hey, rosemary. ben bernanke says alexander hamilton should stay on the ten dollar bill. he said featuring a woman on u.s. currency is a great idea. bernanke says andrew should be kicked off the 20 dollar bill
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since he opposed the creation of a federal bank. >> landon dowdy, thank you for that. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> temperatures are going to soar today. back into the 90s this afternoon. we'll be watching for strong storms, a first alert has been issued with the possibility of severe weather later today. katy zachry is live monitoring how people are going to deal with the heat today. katy? hi bill if you're outside now, it feels great. let me tell you, this is a good day to have water with you. there's a heat advisory in effect for philadelphia today. coming up i'll tell you what that means and i'll have other tips for how you can stay cool. we're looking live at 202 around paoli pike. we'll check in with 422 and take a look at that accident scene and more drive times when we
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come right back. new jersey's supreme court has spoken but teachers and school employees still fear for their futures. because rather than solving the pension crisis the court says politicians can continue to ignore it. that's just wrong.
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teachers and school employees have paid billions into their pensions. but the state has failed. the legislature can fix what governor christie has broken - ... before it ends up costing billions more. it's time for fiscal responsibility. fund the pensions now.
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this is nbc 10 news first alert weather. just about 5:30. heat and storms it's only the second full day of summer and we're getting ready for the first heat wave of the year already. and a chance for severe weather as well as an nbc 10 first alert is in effect as we track storms heading our way.
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>> andrea bocelli, juanes philadelphia orchestra. >> performing for the pope. nbc 10 is in rome as philadelphia liters lay out their plan to welcome pope francis to the city of brotherly love this fall. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm vai sikahema. i walked into the studio about an hour ago and you asked can you feel the humidity? no, i can't. i know for my wife the women feel it before anybody else does. >> we feel it. >> let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. do you feel it, bill? >> step outside, vai, you'll feel it. it is muggier this morning. the real steamyiness will be here later this afternoon as the temperatures climb into the 90s. even at the shore we're looking at readings in the 90s. a first alert weather day, the heat wave with record temperatures this afternoon. we're likely to see storms develop this afternoon with damaging winds and possibly even


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