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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  June 24, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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our area overnight. this morning hundreds of thousands of people have no electricity. we are live with a look at the damage and what crews are doing to fix the power problems. >> and train troubles too. commuters who use patco will have to find another way to get to work this morning. we'll break down your options and what to expect before you head out the door. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm rosemary connors. here are the latest power outage numbers across the region. in pennsylvania, 171,000 peco customers are without power right now. in new jersey, pse&g is reporting 45,000 customers out. ax c electric says more than 159,000 customers are in the dark. and that number has actually gone up in the past half hour. so of course this is a changing situation. in delaware 14,000 delmarva customers in new castle county are without electricity. we have live nbc 10's first alert team coverage of the storm damage and the impact on your morning commute will begin with
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nbc 10's matt delucia live in middletown township delaware county. matt plenty of damage out there, especially when it comes to downed trees. >> a lot of downed trees out here rosemary. we saw plenty of them. we had to turn around quite a few times because roads are blocked as a result. i'll step out of the way and give you a look. this is baltimore pike at valley road. big telltale sign of the damage at this point are the traffic lights that are out. we've seen plenty of these. traffic lights are out and streetlights are out as well. of course when we drive up and down these secondary streets we see a lot of the homes have generators running. i just got off the phone with a dispatch at delaware confy. they tell me they're pretty much winding down operations for the night on their end. they are leaving everything now to the municipalities and peco. we have a lot of power outages in this area and throughout the region as a result of what
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happened last night. take a look at video we shot earlier this morning where you can see some of the damage that was caused by this storm. really it's the trees coming down on those power lines, knocking out power to the surrounding areas and there is going to be a massive cleanup out here this morning. all the side streets in middletown township completely dark. however as we take another live look out here this morning along baltimore pike route 1, we see some of the cars making their way to work this morning. we're getting more daylight. that is certainly going to help as we get more into the daylight hours and we see more peco crews come out to try to repair some of those downed wires. really we've also been monitoring social media as well. i've been taking a look out here. the gloftucester township police tweeted a tree on a car. you have a lot of damage that's a result of this storm, not just
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here but elsewhere in the area as well. lots of people will be outside, getting the garbage bags, loading up the branches and leaves. we'll be making calls to neighboring counties as well. i'll be calling montgomery county bucks county to try to get an update on how they are responding to this mess out here this morning. live in middletown township delaware county matt delucia nbc 10 news. >> thank you, matt. you saw matt's camera and the downed trees. i think the bigger impact may be mass transit. >> especially when it comes to patco. jessica boyington is keeping an eye on that for us this morning. yes updates, jessica? >> we have problems all over the place. when you wake up this morning, do not think you're not going to be affected by this whether you take mass transit or you're in new jersey or pennsylvania. septa suspended in several different areas. fox chase suspend. paoli/thorndale suspended. out for the rest of mass
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transit, new jersey transit, suspended from ac to philly and patco is suspended due to that power outage. out in new jersey, we're dealing with a ton of problems all across the board. a downed utility pole in little egg harbor township route 9 in both directions. that's completely blocked around dock street. don't think it's not going to affect you this morning. we're dealing with problems down to off ramps being closed. there's one in swedesboro on 295 northbound at center square road and out in the philadelphia airy as well. lower merion between haverford road and 77th street. there's a downed tree there as well. more updates to come. we wanted to find out what you'll be dealing with this morning if you usually take mass transit. katy zachry jones us live from the patco station in haddonfield. what's the impact out there. >> reporter: hi, vai. if you take a walk with me
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we're here at the haddonfield patco station. the station doors are locked. there's a chain on here normally around this time the chain would be getting unlocked the doors would be open. that is not the case unfortunately. service has been suspended here at patco for the haddonfield station and the entire patco line. that's because of the storms that rolled through last night. we do have video of the damage throughout the area. the same weather that's paralyzed mass transit has caused damage elsewhere. there was also significant damage caused at the deptford mall. back out here live at the patco station in haddonfield, fortunately there are some relief for the 38,000 riders of patco daily. new jersey transit buss are cross-honoring your freedom passes. hop on a new jersey transit bus and get to your destination this morning. another good note for people in
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haddonfield is this patco station doubles as a new jersey transit bus depot. we are already starting to see a few people come here to the station. a few people have turned around. they weren't aware that the patco service has been suspended through the morning rush. it should be up after the morning rush. we'll stay on top of that. i've been calling patco to see when service will be restored. another update in a half hour. reporting live in haddonfield, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> good information. thank you, katy. this is what it looked like in gloucester county right after the storm struck. overnight we reached out to the national weather service to find out if a tornado touched down here. the weather service told us they'll decide later this morning whether there's enough evidence to investigate that possibility. witnesses incest they saw a twister hit the deptford mall parking lot. >> it was going in a circular motion. >> you think a tornado touched down? >> yes it did.
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we saw it. we saw it. there were actually several. >> blake klemmer says the tornado flipped over this honda civic and blew out the windows of the car next to it. strong winds damaged the mall itself and forced shop nears the basement. the winds even knocked the roof off of a nearby friendly's restaurant. finally this morning, we are experiencing the calm after the storm. here's a live look over center city where we're seeing dry skies and getting a break from the intense heat. we check in with nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley for the forecast in just a minute. count on nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the storm damage and the impact throughout the morning. we'll have updates on the air and on the nbc 10 news app. meanwhile, congress is looking into possible safety measures for train transportation following the deadly amtrak train crash in port rich mondayed in may. there are serious concerns about the train control and passenger safety. transportation subcommittee is scheduled to hear witnesses from federal bureaus and railroad
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companies today about the matter. in honoring the efforts of those who rendered aid, several philadelphia hospitals were presented with certificates in recognition of their work following last month's deadly derailment. the sayre money took place at temple university hospital one of several medical centers where staff sprang into action immediately after the crash. >> in the midst of this disaster the philadelphia health care community stepped up in a huge way and handled this crisis with skill, compassion, coordination and professionalism. >> mover than 200 people were injured in the crash on may 12th. eight people died. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. eight minutes after 5:00. about 20 minutes away from sunshine and we will see lots of sunshine today. skies are quickly clearing out. there's still a few clouds around. the humidity that was high yesterday, that's already coming down. it will stay less humid.
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it will be a warm afternoon but nowhere near as hot as yesterday when we hit 95 degrees. we'll be in the 80s today. tracking more showers, not today, we'll stay dry today. later tomorrow and into the weekend. 64 degrees clear in doylestown. 60s also for philadelphia and millville. considerably cooler and, yes, more comfortable. clearing skies overnight. getting ready for sunshine. this is the view from the comcast center in center city. looking right up the schuylkill this morning, nothing but sunshine. you'll need your sunglasses. you don't have to worry about finding shade all day long because the temperatures are not going to soar like they did yesterday. it's already 15 degrees cooler this morning compared to yesterday at this time in the pocono mountains. radar, no sign of wet weather for our area. there's still a few clouds hugging the coastline. it will be a nice shore day. those clouds are moving out and thinning out in philadelphia and wilmington. already have cleared allentown. we have sunshine and less humid air that is coming into play.
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we'll feel it all day and tonight, it will be a pleasant evening as the humidity stays low. during the day, 77 for the pocono mountains allentown and reading up to 84. plenty of sunshine with low humidity for doylestown trenton and mt. holly. if you're headed to the shore expect 80s this afternoon, rehoboth, 82 degrees for the delaware beaches. 85 in atlantic city and dover will be in the middle 80s. no sign of the 90s today. westchester, drexel hill swedesboro, all in the 80s with sunshine. and dry but that starts to change later tomorrow. we have the seven-day forecast when i come back in ten minutes with the timing of some cooler >> we'll see you then bill. 5:10 this wednesday morning. i drove in from mt. laurel this morning. there were downed traffic lights. there weren't police there but it was 3:00 a.m. i think there will be police out as it gets lighter. >> and crews cleaning up the
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tree limbs out there. let's get a check on the traffic with jessica boyington. jessica, what are you seeing on the cameras? >> what i'm seeing is a lot of problems that are unexpected, even leaving my house this morning. don't believe that it didn't hit you or if your power is still on don't think it's not going to affect you and the surrounding areas. downed trees everywhere. traffic lights out everywhere, new jersey having the major brunt of this medford on route 70 and main street traffic lights out there. some on berlin route 30 and 561, in washington township route 42, cross keys. voorhees around crescent road as well. from cherry hill police department cherry hill road closures as are follows. brace road between borton wood. road blockages in lower merion as well. a meeting with the pope we
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are following the philadelphia delegation as they get face time with the holy father. plus the mission to attract tourists to the area as philadelphia prepares for the world meeting of families. nbc 10 was in king of prussia last night where the rain caused flooding. drivers were taking it slow here as they had to navigate their way through several inches of water.
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i'm nbc 10's monique braxton, live approaching northbound city avenue and 71st street. traffic is being detoured through a community known as green hill farms. one of philadelphia's historic communities. look at the tree. this is why, a tree has fallen down from the wynnewood side the lower merion side of the street and taken down a light at 71st and city avenue. we're approaching the light of day. when my photographer and i came through, we could see cars actually trying to go around this tree under the streetlight that's down to head south on city avenue. a very dangerous situation, because at the time we didn't know if there were any power lines down. so we're going to continue to head around parts of philadelphia and lower merion to
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show you other trouble spots and help you avert what could be a very dangerous situation. live along city avenue monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you for those pictures monique. the storm moved out but yesterday's severe weather is causing problems all across the delaware valley this morning. you saw it in that live picture from storm force 10. thousands of people are waking up without power. the biggest issue right now is in delaware county where 88,000 customers are in the dark. there are also major problems with mass transit. patco, septa and new jersey transit are dealing with a number of delays and suspensions. amtrak's eastbound keystone service trains can expect delays of 30 to 45 minutes this morning. if you are driving, our crews are finding trees blocking roads in pennsylvania and new jersey and as monique pointed out, it's unclear if those trees brought down power liens with them. it can be dangerous. be careful as you're heading out
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this morning. if you have verizon cell service you may be experiencing some problems with your phone this morning. check out this map showing the outages that red blob over southeast pennsylvania and south jersey, that is us, verizon says that the majority of the outages are from absecon, vineland mays landing, pleasantville, ocean city, atlantic city and cape may. the tornado warn innings our area and along the east coast followed a massive outbreak of 3p(wisters in the midwest. strong storms in illinois spawned at least four tornadoes. an ef-3 twister swept through cole city. peak winds up to 165 miles an hour moved homes right off of their foundation. today one of those killed in the charleston massacre will be
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on display in rotunda. tonight, it two churches in our area will open their doors to remember the victims of the charleston church massacre. a prayer vigil until unity will be held at the bethel african methodist episcopal church in kennett square tonight from 6:00 to 8:00 and also tonight, the wissahickon faith community and bethlehem baptist church are hosting a walk for healing, peace and justice. annaner it faith service will follow at 7:00. it was a somber scene as the united states house of representatives honored the victims of the charleston massacre. a moment of silence was held last night for the nine people killed in the attack. before the service, south carolina congressman mark sanford read the names of the victims. 5:18. you saw that picture from -- i think lower merion where monique braxton was driving. if you come across something
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like that and there are power lines on the ground your best play is to get away from it not try to drive through it. >> a lot of the crews are just finding out about it probably through our reporting and people on social media putting out those alerts and also jessica boyington who's keeping an eye on the roads. >> we're actually covering lower merion as well. what we're seeing as we head out the door you're probably going to be affected by this no matter where you are, new jersey, pennsylvania if you take mass transit. lower merion is dealing with a lot of road obstructions as well. there's a towned tree blocking the roadway at 77th street. you might not be able to expect police activity on the scene this early. you're going to have to navigate around these scenes or done the cross through. turn around and not pass through the airy. in little egg harbor township in new jersey, route 9 in both
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directions, it's dealing with a downed utility pole blocking both sides. septa is dealing with the major brunt of this storm from last night. fox chase is suspended paoli/thorndale is suspended. take the wilmington/newark to get by. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 20 minutes after 5:00. the temperatures are in the 60s this morning for most of the area. just a few thin clouds no sign of any rain with these clouds. in fact dry air is starting to move into the area. we have a little bit of a breeze out of the north/northwest at 7 miles an hour. that's bringing the temperatures down bringing the humidity down. we're running 7 degrees cooler compared to yesterday in philadelphia. it will be a sunny day throughout the shore. clouds over beach avenue but mostly sunny and 80s this afternoon. look at all the arrows lining up. not a lot of wind but just enough to bring in the drier air to make the day so much more
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comfortable and keep our temperatures lower. no sign of the wet weather we had last night. those storms are way to the south. they're off the carolina coast. they're still raging behind those storms that's the cool dry air we're going to enjoy right on into this afternoon. and tomorrow too. this afternoon the winds again, not terribly strong but just enough to keep the dry air coming in for a break from the heat and humidity we've seen recently. that will keep our temperatures in the 80s. lots of sunshine less humid, 80s this afternoon. tomorrow we'll get a sunny start. dropping down to 65 in the morning, 86 tomorrow afternoon. after a sunny start, the clouds roll in later on thursday. thursday evening we'll likely get showers, possibly thunderstorms. those will continue into friday morning. then clearing out friday afternoon, only to see the rain return this weekend. that will really keep things cool on saturday. high of 71 degrees. showers are possible for much of the day on sunday.
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might see late sunshine sunday afternoon or into the early evening hours. then the bright, sunny skies will be back for monday and tuesday. that's when temperatures are back in the 80s. pope francis just wrapped up his brief meeting with the philadelphia delegation in vatican city. they're making final preparations for the pontiff's visit to our city for the world meeting of families. nbc 10's chris cato was there. he joins us live from the vatican. tell us what it was like for you to be there. >> it's almost 11:30 here in vatican city. another beautiful day in rome. the papal mass is just ending. you can see hundreds of pilgrims leaving. what a victory today for the delegation from philadelphia. going into this trip they told us it wasn't their goal this time to get a face-to-face meeting with pope francis. that's exactly what happened this morning after the pope delivered his midweek mass he came down, met the group from philadelphia, which was seated
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right up close. he came down, he shook hands, hugged them, talked with them. he gave them some photographs, took photos with them gave them his blessing and then he departed. everyone in the group was just out of their minds with joy. they knew that this was again to happen. they found out yesterday it was going to happen. a lot of them still couldn't believe it was happening. when it did, they were extremely pleased. now the delegation is going off to a special international lunchen to promote philadelphia as an international destination for tourists. we're following that group and we'll be covering that for you as well. we'll have everything for you throughout the day on nbc 10 and live from vatican city chris cato, nbc 10 news. >> boy, what an assignment chris has. he's live from vatican city. and the world meeting of families starts on september 22nd in philadelphia. the pope will be here on september 26th and 27th. that's a saturday and sunday. we'll have you covered leading up to the visit and while the pope is here. we'll be right back.
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i'm matt delucia live in middletown township delaware county. storm is over. now the cleanup begins. we'll show you the damage, next. i'm katy zachry live in haddonfield at the patco station that's closed this morning. because of the storms that rolled through overnight. service is suspended, coming up i'll have a way for you to get around this disruption.
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we're looking live at the schuylkill expressway. aside from the storm, things are moving along just fine around the conshohocken curve westbound and eastbound okay. we'll check in with all of the road closures and blockages coming up. new jersey's supreme court has spoken but teachers and school employees still fear for their futures. because rather than solving the pension crisis the court says politicians can continue to ignore it. that's just wrong. teachers and school employees have paid billions into their pensions. but the state has failed. the legislature can fix what governor christie has broken - ... before it ends up costing billions more. it's time for fiscal responsibility.
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fund the pensions now.
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nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news.
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lightning strikes, strong winds and heavy rains this morning. hundreds of thousands of people are waking up without power after strong storms move through our area. while you were sleeping our nbc 10 crews have been going county by county to assess the damage. take a look at this large tree that toppled over in the northeast section of philly. patco is shut dunn and many septa lines are suspended or running with significant delays. you can count on nbc 10 to help you navigate the storm's aftermath as you get ready to start your day. good morning welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm vai sikahema. here are the latest power outage numbers across our region. in pennsylvania 159,000 peco customers are without power this morning. over new jers


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