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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  June 24, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. lightning strikes, strong winds and heavy rains this morning. hundreds of thousands of people are waking up without power after strong storms move through our area. while you were sleeping our nbc 10 crews have been going county by county to assess the damage. take a look at this large tree that toppled over in the northeast section of philly. patco is shut dunn and many septa lines are suspended or running with significant delays. you can count on nbc 10 to help you navigate the storm's aftermath as you get ready to start your day. good morning welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm vai sikahema. here are the latest power outage numbers across our region. in pennsylvania 159,000 peco customers are without power this morning. over new jersey, pse&g is
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reporting 46,000 customers without power and ac electric down the shore, they say 154,000 customers there are in the dark. and in delaware more than 13,000 delmarva customers in new castle county are without power this morning. we have live nbc 10 first alert team coverage of the storm damage and the impact it's having on your morning commute. we begin with nbc 10's katy zachry. katy joins us live at a patco station in haddonfield. any word on what time service will start up again? >> reporter: well after the morning rush. that's what we're hearing, vai. unfortunately we have passengers like this gentleman who have shown up this morning thinking patco service is running as it normally does. but then he realize when he sees the chain on the door that it's not running. it's suspended this morning because of the storms. i'll just launch into how he can get around this disruption. fortunately new jersey transit buss are cross-honoring patco
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tickets this morning. and this doubles as this gentleman who's waiting for the bus stop here, this haddonfield patco station doubles as a new jersey transit bus depot. the first bus i'm told picks up around 6:30. we are seeing many more typical patco riders showing up not realizing that service is suspended. i'm sure you've driven in the heart of rush hour from haddonfield to philly. what's that like? >> it's horrible. when you get on 42 to go over the ben franklin bridge it's about an hour drive to get to center city. >> reporter: this is really affecting people this morning. >> for the people coming in later, yes. for me i'm lucky, i get to beat the rush hour. for other people not as much. >> reporter: that's the silver lining in this people taking earlier patco train and they're showing up to the station now, not aware that patco service across the entire line has been suspended. it is still early enough where
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they can beat the morning rush. i've been calling new jersey transit trying to find out if they're adding additional buss to the fleet to offset that overload the passengers they're expecting. i'm wait on a call back. more information coming up in the next half hour. reporting live in haddon feel katy zachry, nbc 10 news. a lot of people getting this up morning, driving into work are going to be probably surprised to see all the damage that's out there, especially if their neighborhoods were spared. >> that fellow walking into katy's shot and jessica boyington's reports, he would have saved himself a little trouble. >> you'll leave the house if your power wasn't out, you think you're relatively unaffected. everyone is going to pass some sort of road obstruction traffic lights out, debris in the road mass transit is messed up. debris spill and speed restrictions on the new jersey turnpike due to different downed trees and different parts of the roadways that are being affected
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by the storm last night. new jersey turnpike in both directions between exit 3, right around runnemede up towards the delaware memorial bridge. that's down to 35 miles per hour this morning. in glassboro, new jersey route 37 northbound and southbound between woodbury road and chapel heights road within there's a downed tree blocking both directions there as well. follow the local detours. cherry hill and the surrounding areas were hit very hard. a lot of problems going on. green tree road and spring dale road, route 70 eastbound, there's a downed tree in the area as well. as for septa, we're dealing with a lot of problems here. the fox chase line is suspended paoli/thorndale is suspended. the wind is really what makes this video so impressive. the heavy wind and rain did not spare woolwich township gloucester county. it was a traffic nightmare for drivers in newark who sat in
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gridlock that stretched for miles. nearby tree branches littered the streets in wood creek park new castle county. talk about a rude awakening. nbc 10 found this storm damage early this morning in center city. this tree crashed on to several cars parked on the 2400 block of lombard street in philadelphia. downed trees and power lines have left thousands in the dark. many of them are in delaware county. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in middletown township one of the hardest hit areas of the storm. matt? >> reporter: rose maury, more than 4,000 customers here peco customers in middletown township do not have power this morning. i just checked those numbers. but you take a look at some of the damage out here now that we're starting to get more sunlight out here. just behind me we're on baltimore pike just past valley road. if you're familiar with this area, this is where that wawa complex is. you can see there's a giant tree that's right here taking up one of the lanes of baltimore pike.
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you see some of the cars here just trying to use the left lane to get around it. this may become an issue later on this morning as we get into the morning rush. you have a lot of cars heading in this direction, they'll run into this tree that is out here. you see some of the utility lines were taken down by this tree as well. again, we have a lot of power outages out here as a result. you're seeing a lot of debris branches leaves that were taken out by the storm, a lot of heavy winds, heavy rains in this area. delaware county chester county really the hardest hit so far at least in terms of power outages. i've been on the phone with a lot of the counties this morning, especially here at delaware county. they tell me their efforts are winding down for this morning. they're going to leave everything now to peco and the local municipalities. a lot of the townships will be out there, a lot of the tree removal services will be out here as well. i'm already tripping over a lot of the branches out here on the roads at this point.
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so we're going to stay out here keep monitoring the situation, of course. a lot of these homes are using generator power at this hour. and so right now, it's really just going to be a massive cleanup effort as we get into this morning. for now, live in middletown township delaware county matt delucia nbc 10 news. >> amazing shot there behind you, matt. they are some of the most impressive images of the storm. picks and video shot and sent to us by two nbc 10 by you. still ahead, we'll show you more viewer video of the heavy rain strong winds and lightning as it blew across our region. right in you don't, the temperatures are coming down. skies still a few clouds over cape may. no showers at 5:37. right now, 69 degrees.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> coming up on 20 minutes
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before 6:00. this time yesterday we were talking about the threat of severe weather. but not today. it's out of the picture. sunshine is going to start the warmup process. but we won't see 90s today. right now it's 11 degrees cooler in philadelphia than this time yesterday. it's 67 degrees. the last of the clouds are at the shore and in southern delaware. most of that cloud cover already offshore. we will see sunshine today. 70s for the mountains. look at quakertown allentown and reading into the 80s. bright sunny skies, less humid for doylestown trenton and mt. holly. if you're headed to the coast, atlantic city 85 degrees, same thing for vineland and dover, 84 degrees. how long does the nice weather last? i have the seven-day forecast when i come back in ten minutes with the timing of more rain. 5:40 this wednesday morning. you saw those great shots of traffic problems out there. but we really rely on viewers as
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well to send us information. >> our viewers and, of course jessica boyington who is filtering all of that and keeping an eye on the cameras. >> there's so much going on really it's almost difficult to really portray this in each and every hit. just know you're probably going to be affected by this when you head out the door. this just in from the cherry hill police department, the road closures around the area brace road between borton mill and kenwood. saddie lane at surrey road as well. >> thank you, jessica. take a listen to that wind. it sounds like a revving jet engine. this is home video of the severe weather as it blew through springfield, delaware county. count on nbc 10 to bring you incredible images of the storm and keep you updated on the impact in our area this morning.
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ú; i'm nbc 10's monique braxton going to run into, what you will encounter. we're at the intersection of
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bowman and wynnewood. this is what you're going to see, downed limbs and tree branches. be careful, because the street may be open but you may have obstacles to maneuver around as you're heading out to work this morning. throughout many communities, that's what we have fond, a lot of downed limbs, a lot of leaves scattered about. several different communities. just exercise caution and make sure that you -- we're going to continue to travel through lower merion. we'll have another look for you in the next half hour. live now from storm force, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, monique. the storm moved down but problems persist from the roads to the rails and thousands of power outages, local electric companies are reporting a total of 374,000 outages across the delaware valley. there are also major problems with mass transit. patco is shut down.
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septa and new jersey transit is dealing with a number of delays. if you're driving, our crews are finding trees blocking roads in pennsylvania and new jersey. be careful as you're heading out this morning. nbc 10 cameras are rolling as the rain and wind blew through parts of delaware county. look at that. the wind took hold of just about everything not nailed down in this mall parking lot. trees and power lines were knocked down across the county. in one case rescue crews had to use chain saws to get some people out of a house where a tree had fallen. >> i'm underneath everything. the girls, just say your prayers. that's all we can do. >> she and her family were okay but there were a few other minor injuries. some drivers say it took them hours just to drive a few miles. and we have liz williamson
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from peco who is with us right now on the phone. liz, thank for coming on with us this morning. >> good morning, vai. >> first of all let's deal with 159,000 people peco customers without power. tell us where that status is right now. >> that is correct. that's an accurate count of our customers without service. as you mentioned, photos you've been showing, the images you've been sharing, we did see really extreme, substantial damage in certain areas of the region with 70 mile-per-hour wind gusts, heavy lightning and torrential rain uprooted trees, extensive damage to our electrical equipment. tree limbs down. we really are seeing some severe damage particularly in chester county and delaware county. >> as we're talking, we're showing video of some of crews out and about this morning. we also have aerial photos. this is live from skyforce 10
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that our viewers are looking at. tell us what this is doing to your resources and crews throughout the area. >> well we have every peco employee focused on storm restoration, both field employees and those folks who are providing support in our back office. in addition to that we have about 200 local contractors who have joined our crews to restore service. they'll be working with us around the clock to repair damage. and then in addition to that we have about 500 field personnel from yew tills in s in-- utilities in ohio kentucky west virginia and new york who will be coming on our system within the next 24 hours, they'll be starting to arrive about noon today through the next 24 hours. they'll be helping us as well, just working around the clock to get everyone's service restored as safely and quickly as possible. >> you may not be able to answer the question but it's the only one that's worth asking. that's what people want to know.
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any idea when service will be restored? >> we're in the process of still doing damage assessment as we make our way through the region and look at the outages we are seeing. we do however, due to the extreme storm damage estimate that this will be a multiday storm restoration effort. we are anticipating that most customers will have service restored by friday. >> liz williamson from peco. we're looking at live pictures over your voice of damage across the region. it is quite amazing. we thank you very much liz, for your time and answers. >> thank you. >> let's go check in now with bill henley with the first alert forecast. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> impressive storm damage there, vai. fortunately all the storms are out of the picture now. look at the sunshine. this is a live view of center city looking from the adventure
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aquarium. the temperatures running cooler and it's less humid, too, humidity at 75%. that's down considerably from yesterday. 69 degrees is 7 degrees cooler. scattered clouds and a dramatic view from lake wolenallenpaupackwallenpaupack. we will see a light northwesterly wind. that's the dry air coming in behind the big storms last night. the radar shows we are completely clear. the storms from last night they're still raging offshore. just off the north carolina coast. they're out of the picture for us for today. the next round of wet weather is taking shape in parts of western south dakota. it doesn't look like much. watch the futurecast and you can see the winds today bringing in the dry air. that will make things comfortable heading into the afternoon hours. tomorrow we'll see the return of clouds. that little bit of energy in south dakota will come at us with showers tomorrow.
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but not today. sunny skies, less humid, 80s this afternoon. tomorrow, 65 in the morning, 86 the high temperature. sunny skies to start with clouds take over an a chance of late-day showers, more likely evening showers. and that shower activity continues into friday morning. we'll get some breaks of sunshine friday afternoon, back into the middle 80s on friday. but the rain on track for this weekend, will keep temperatures much cooler. 71 degrees on saturday. we'll be in the middle 70s on sunday. maybe some late-day sunshine sunday. if we don't get it sunday the sunshine will be back with temperatures returning to the 80s monday and tuesday. >> fortunately drivers won't have that heavy rain beating ç down on their windshields or cars being knocked around. they have other problems to face. >> you saw that video from last night. let's check in with jessica boyington. earning your pay today, jessica. >> you know what it's funny. i'm doing a different report every single time i come on because i have so much information, so many downed
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trees and wires and so many traffic lights out. out in philadelphia something else that just popped up bell monday the avenue north and southbound around monument road there's a downed tree blocking the area over there. in middletown township u.s. 1. southbound between stony bank road and thornton road fallen power cables as well. in merion city, there's a downed tree as well. out in new jersey tons of traffic lights are out or malfunctioning. medford road on route 70 and main street berlin between route 30 and 561 and washington township, route 42 and cross keys road. voorhees, route 73 and crescent. we'll check in with mass transit and the problems going on there. a baby pool in cheltenham township is closed after parents say it left their kids with cuts and scrapes. an nbc 10 viewer sent us these pictures of his -- the wounds on his daughter's toes and fingers.
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he says she got them after swimming at the baby pool at the glenside pool. the company that resurfaced the pool will be brought in to investigate. there's been no complaints from swimmers in the large pool. and mo'ne davis, might be trading in her baseball mitt for a basketball. and a lightning strike caught on camera. one of dozens of videos sent to nbc 10 showing mother nature's wrath. we're beginning through e-mails and facebook posts and tweets to find the best images of the storm. we'll show them to you, next.
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ú? 69 degrees and 5:56 this morning. skyforce 10 is over greenwich township gloucester county. this is a barn. our crews inside the chopper tells us this was a barn destroyed because of the storms yesterday. they're going to pan over to a nearby strip mall where there is some damage at a shop-rite and
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other stores in this strip mall location. again, folks in this area of south jersey are dealing with downed trees, power lines, of course debris out there. also we're finding out from the national weather service that in gloucester county they're going to be investigating whether a twister, a tornado may have touched down there yesterday. we'll continue to keep you posted as we learn some more information. when severe weather moves in, cell phones are the first thing that many of us grab. there were plenty of nbc 10 viewers who immediately started shooting video of what they were seeing yesterday. here's a very good example. take a look at the tree being blown right out of the ground in maple shade, burlington county. it managed to hang on for a few seconds before hitting the street as strong wind and rain ripped through this neighborhood. jeremy dubbs caught this light show from inside his car. a power line knocked to the ground, shot out sparks and flames. there way at lot of lightning across the area especially in
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center city. this appears to show billy penn on city hall getting a bit too close to a bolt of lightning. this is a still photo taken at the very moment that the bolt struck in center city. if you see storm damage and you can safely take pictures or video, we want to see it. send it to us using the nbc 10 app or through also tweet us pictures pictures @nbcphiladelphia. franco led the team to a win over the new york yankees yesterday. he did it in record-setting fashion. franco is the first player ever with five rbi in two straight games against the yankees. he's one of the three rookies to ever have five rbi in two straight games. phillies are back on the field again against the yankees. coverage begins at 1:00 this afternoon. it's right here on nbc 10. and mo'ne davis made headlines for her performance in
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the little league world series. now the taney dragons pitcher has been drafted by the harlem glob trotters. the team exercising a future discovery clause to obtain the rights to davis when she graduates from college. davis called basketball her favorite sport and has made her high school varsity team. she also had a cameo appearance with the globetrotters back in march. pretty amazing that young lady. >> talk about all the achievements she's been able to accomplish in a pretty short period of time. >> she can pitch, she can shoot hoops. there's nothing she can't do. she's probably shoots under handicap too. >> remember my name mo'ne. we're not going to forget it anytime soon. nbc 10 news today at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. >> we have new information about the storm recovery. in just the past ten minutes, peco told us most people will have power back by friday. now that the sun is up you are
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getting a better look at the damage in this live picture from skyforce 10. >> this is what it looked like when the storm hit. very ominous. heavy rain and strong winds ripped through the region quickly but caused plenty of damage that will take some time to clean up. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. >> and i'm vai sikahema. we'll give you another live look from skyforce 10 at the damage in greenwich township. as i mentioned in the last few minutes we found out from a peco spokesperson that the power won't come back on for a lot of people until friday. meanwhile, live first alert team coverage across the region of the mess that's been left hen. we begin with nbc 10's katy zachry live at the patco station in haddonfield and the impact on the morning commute. good morning, katy. >> reporter: good morning, vai. this is a major disruption to tens of thousands of people. take a look behind me. many of them are showing up here at the patco station in haddonfield, thinking they're


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