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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  June 24, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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getting a better look at the damage in this live picture from skyforce 10. >> this is what it looked like when the storm hit. very ominous. heavy rain and strong winds ripped through the region quickly but caused plenty of damage that will take some time to clean up. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. >> and i'm vai sikahema. we'll give you another live look from skyforce 10 at the damage in greenwich township. as i mentioned in the last few minutes we found out from a peco spokesperson that the power won't come back on for a lot of people until friday. meanwhile, live first alert team coverage across the region of the mess that's been left hen. we begin with nbc 10's katy zachry live at the patco station in haddonfield and the impact on the morning commute. good morning, katy. >> reporter: good morning, vai. this is a major disruption to tens of thousands of people. take a look behind me. many of them are showing up here at the patco station in haddonfield, thinking they're
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gng to catch going to catch their normal patco train, only to find out they're not. patco service has been disrupted through the morning commute. hopefully it will be restored after the morning commute. this is causing major disruptions. we shot video over the last 20 minutes of a number of people walk up to the doors and turning around frustrated. some people biking up to the station. again, if they're biking here they do not have a car to jump into and get on their normal way. they have to turn around maybe go home bike home get in their car and then join the morning rush. i chatted with one of those individuals a short time ago. do you mind telling me where you're going and how much of a disruption this is causing you. >> whens low and it shuts down my day. >> what do you do from this point on? >> figure out a way to get to work. >> reporter: what do people do in this situation? fortunately new jersey transit
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buss are cross-honoring patco tickets. here at the haddonfield patco station, you can see some people are waiting for the buss to pick them up. one picked up a group of passengers not long ago. they come about every half hour. but fortunately, this is also a new jersey transit bus depot. that's good news for some people who can find out the bad news from the patco line and then hop on the bus. reporting live from haddonfield, katy zachry nbc 10 news. let's go to first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington with a look at all of the disruptions across the board, jessica. >> katy you touched on patco. we'll touch on septa. we're dealing with a major suspension fox chase, paoli/thorndale and between thorndale and malvern. you can take the wilmington/newark to get through the area. we just looked at the patco, that's suspended due to power
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outages. out in philadelphia, bell monday the avenue north and southbound at monument road is being blocked by a downed tree. in new jersey we're still dealing with this debris spill and speed prestriction onrestriction on the new jersey turnpike. that's exit 3 runnemede and the delaware bridge. nbc 10 spotted this storm damage early this morning in center city philadelphia. this tree crashed dunn on several cars parked on the 2400 block of lombard street. overnight, nbc 10 was also on south street in philly where peco crews were busy working on downed power lines near 24th street. peco is working to restore about 184,000 outages in the five-county region. some people will not get power back on until friday. the city of philadelphia by the way is dealing with about 20,000 outages. many of the customers in the dark today are in delaware county.
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nbc 10's matt delucia is live in one of the hardest hit areas, middletown township. matt? >> reporter: rosemary it might be tough to see me because we have sun rising behind us. fortunately that sun will provide a lot of good benefit to the people who are going to be working to clean up all the damage that was caused by the storm last night. just behind me, again, it will be very difficult to see. there's a tree that is down here on baltimore pike. we are just pass valley road. it's takeing out the right lane and part of the left lane. the cars are slowing down as they try to get around this. we every now and then had a bit of a backup. there was a truck with a wide load trying to get through here a little while ago. really had a tough time. the cones right there, that's the only thing protecting the vehicles from running into that tree. it took down some of the utility wires as well. there was a lot of damage caused as a result of this storm. we have video.
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this is from new jersey greenwich township gloucester county. the gibbstown shopping center. you can see a lot of damage debris out there on the road. the heavy winds, rain, just caused a lot of issues for a lot of people throughout the region. we have a lot of power outages that are out here especially in ]eá we were driving around earlier this morning and we just saw a lot of homes using generators because they had no electricity. a lot of dark streets out here this morning but, again, fortunately because that sun is rising behind us and we've got much better conditions out here this morning, it does appear that a lot of people going to be out cleaning up all this damage. i also just got off the phone with montgomery county. they tell me they had a lot of emergency calls going into about 7:00 last night. but around 7:30 8:00 those calls started winding down. now their efforts are starting to wind down in terms of the cleanup effort.
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they are leaving everything to peco and also the municipalities to start the cleanup after all of that damage that was created last night. we'll stay out here, keep monitoring the situation. for now live in middletown township, delaware county matt delucia nbc 10 news. >> thank you. 69 degrees at 6:06 this wednesday morning. people in gloucester county are surveying the damage in deptford. a lien of storms s a line of storms tore through the deptford mall. witnesses told us they saw a twister touch down in the mall parking lot. the national weather service will be working to confirm that this morning. they are also reviewing reports before they investigate. >> it was going in a circular motion and it started coming toward us. >> you think a tornado touched down? >> yes we saw it. there were actually several. >> blake says a tornado flipped over this honda civic and blew out the windows of the car next to it. the strong winds damaged the
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mall itself and forced shoppers into the basement. the winds even knocked a roof off of the nearby friendly's restaurant. just a few minutes ago we spoke live here on nbc 10 to a peco spokesperson who told us most people will have the power back on by friday. and here are the latest power outage numbers across the region. in pennsylvania 159,000 peco customers are without power. in new jersey, pse&g is reporting 45,000 customers and ac electric says 157,000 of their customers are in the dark. that number has got up slightly in just the past 30 minutes by the way. in delaware more than 15,000 delmarva customers in new castle county are without power this morning. new from overnight, crews responded to this fire inside a cell phone store that spread to a neighboring furniture store in philadelphia's elmwood neighborhood. one firefighter is recovering from a minor injury.
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investigators are looking into the cause. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> sunshine is nice and bright. look at the view from skyforce 10. up surveying the damage after last night's storms. the skies are clearing out and we'll see sunshine. and no storms today. in fact the humidity that was so high and the heat was so high that fueled those storms out of the picture today. skies are quickly clearing. still some clouds around but mainly sunny skies and much less humid. you can feel the drier air coming in to play. dry today but i'm tracking some showers and possibly more thunderstorms for later tomorrow. first thing this morning, right now 58 degrees. there are some clouds in the pocono mountains, 66 degrees in trenton with sunshine wilmington at 64 with sunny skies. you can see the clouds over jim thorpe but they're getting sunshine on the hills this morning. what a beautiful scene from the pocono mountains. plenty of sunshine this afternoon. 70s today in the mountains while
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the rest of us will be warming into the 80s. that includes the shore. still a few clouds over cape may, atlantic city area into southern delaware. they are quickly moving offshore and they'll be out of the picture for the rest of the day. what we will see is a nice warmup that's typical for this time of year. 80s for allentown, quakertown and reading. plenty of sunshine and less humid for norristown, trenton and mt. holly. even in the shore, clouds from this morning will be out of the picture for cape may. dover 84 and 85 for vineland. sunny skies with a high of 83 for westchester. a bit warmer for drexel hill and swedesboro. look at the weekend forecast with really big changes ahead. when i come back with the seven-day forecast in just ten minutes. just about 6:10. we're dealing with the aftermath of a storm. debris is a big problem not so much on the majors but some of the side roads. >> jessica boyington is keeping an eye on everything. jessica, as you've been telling us, there's so much to report
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this morning that every one of your hits is different. >> that's actually difficult to do also. all morning we're dealing with the same things keep popping up downed wires, downed trees, fallen power cables poles obstructing the area as well. the majors are doing ago. we're in middletown township on route 1 southbound between stony bank road and thornton road there are fallen power cables throughout the area. the cherry hill road closeureclosures king george and bordwell. green tree and spring dale road around route 70 eastbound, there's a downed tree as well. in little egg harbor township this isn't limited to philadelphia and other cherry hill haven't. we're also down the shore as well. route 9, both directions. there's a downed utility pole in the area there as well.
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all the traffic lights that are out in new jersey as well medford around route 07 in main street berlin route 30 and 561. washington township from 42 to cross keys road and voorhees route 73 to crescent road. we'll check in with mass transit and tell you what's going on there coming up. >> good information. thank you. this morning we are taking you county by county to show you some of the most severe damage in our area. monique braxton is live in storm force 10 to give us a lay of the land from the ground. monique? >> i am approaching hollow road. this is what awaits many folks as they head to work this morning. but this isn't the worst of it. we'll show you that after the break. plus to children these laundry pods may look like candy but there's nothing sweet about them. this morning we're talking about pod poison and the increased effort to stop kids from getting their hands on them. and as philadelphia delegate
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prepare for the pope in vatican city we're also in rome finding out what tourists think about the city of brotherly love. that's just ahead.
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new jersey's supreme court has spoken but teachers and school employees still fear for their futures. because rather than solving the pension crisis the court says politicians can continue to ignore it. that's just wrong. teachers and school employees have paid billions into their pensions. but the state has failed. the legislature can fix what governor christie has broken - ... before it ends up costing billions more. it's time for fiscal responsibility. fund the pensions now.
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6:5 on this wednesday morning. 69 degrees. skyforce 10 is live over the deptford mall where, as you can see, the solar panels have been ripped up because of the strong winds and heavy rains that ripped through the area yesterday. the deptford mall by the way is one location where the national weather service will be investigating whether a tornado touched down. there were quite a few witnessings out there yesterday who told us that's what they saw. we'll continue to keep you updated on that as soon as we get some information. nbc 10 was also in king of prussia last night where, as you can see, the rain caused some
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flooding. drivers had to take it slow as they were navigating through several inches of water. let's check in with nbc 10's monique braxton, who's checking out the damage on the roads this morning. they look clear in terms of flooding but i'm guessing a lot of debris out there, monique. >> you know a lot of us are probably waking up this morning, if they didn't have power, didn't have damage they're breathing a sigh of relief, until you head down the street and this is what awaits you, so many downed trees, limbs, leaves scattered all across the area. right now i am in lower merion approaching haggeys fort road on hollow road. the police tape it up the tree is covering more than half the road. unfortunately a lot of people are heading out in a rush and they don't see this until they get right up on it. we can't tell you enough to exercise caution and know that your immediate street may be okay but your route to work may
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be terrible. and if you run into one of those trees, it's going to not only frighten you but cause extensive damage to your vehicle. just a word of caution this morning as you're heading out to work. in the next half hour we're going to continue to ride around parts of lower merion as well as head into upper merion to see what awaits everyone heading out to work this morning. monique braxton, live from storm force. back to you. an exciting new video from vatican city this morning. this is pope francis posing for a picture with the philadelphia delegation. the pontiff met briefly with the group a short time ago. they're making final preparations for the pontiff's visit to our city for the world meeting of families. >> i am a catholic and a philadelphian philadelphian. the entire world is look at philadelphia and with the papal visit it's tremendously exciting and to have this type of opportunity to represent the bank and philadelphia is just
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unparalleled. >> and next on the agenda the delegation will attend a luncheon for international media. the goal to promote philadelphia as a tourist destination all over the world. chris cato reports from rome. >> reporter: of course rome is an international destination but philly want tos prove it's a global superstar, too. and today they get a big chance to do that. the u.s. embassy and the leaders from philadelphia that are here are hosting a luncheon for international media, it's designeded to show the world what philadelphia has to offer to mark tote tourists all over the globe from the liberty bell to love park the history, cheesesteaks rocky. everyone knows philadelphia is one of a kind. we talked to some tourists in st. peter's square. they may not have visited philly but they know a thing or two about the city of brotherly love. what do you know about philadelphia? >> rocky. >> rocky, right? everyone knows the rocky steps. >> that's about it. >> philadelphia museum of art. those are the steps he runs up.
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>> i heard about a movie called "philadelphia." >> yes, that's right tom hanks. >> reporter: not too bad, right? we learned other things about what people think they know about philadelphia. we'll share that with you later today. we'll of course be following that luncheon that international opportunity to market philadelphia to the entire world for you when that happens later this morning. reporting from rome, chris cato, nbc 10 news today. >> thank you, chris. i'm surprised he didn't say pat's and geno's. follow the latest news for the meeting of families in september. chris will be with the delegation all week bringing us live reports. the weather is there, looks like it's holding out. beautiful weather the past few days. very different story for us here. >> i'd still take our traffic than theirs. let's check in with jessica boyington and the first alert traffic center. >> i don't know if you'd say that this morning. we are dealing with massive
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plays. out in philadelphia bell monday the avenue north and southbound at monument road there's a downed tree there. on the roosevelt boulevard, both directions, northbound and southbound at oxford circle there's a set of traffic lights malfunctioning there as well. route 47 north and southbound there's a downed tree there. we'll check the majors because they're not being affected on the schuylkill around girard avenue. but there is a disabled vehicle and police activity on the right-hand shoulder. we'll have more updates to come. now your first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 20 minutes after 6:00. the storms are done. we have sunshine. look at the sunny view from here at the nbc 10 studios. it's cooler this morning. we're at 69 degrees right now. there's still clouds at the shore. you can see them over at cape may. they're heading out to sea. sunshine will be taking over even at the shore and it will be
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back in the 80s right on the beach. no sign of any showers for us. the storms we had last night are off the north carolina coast and finally starting to die down. the next round of wet weather for us doesn't look like much. there it is moving past rapid city, south dakota. those showers will move into the midwest and we'll be heading our way for later tomorrow. early tomorrow morning, it will be illinois that sees that wet weather. we'll start the day dry tomorrow with sunshine. look what happens late in the afternoon and into the evening hours. more showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. so grab your sunglasses today, leave the umbrella at home. it will be a sunny, less humid day today with temperatures right where they should be in the middle to upper 80s. tomorrow a 65 morning start and sunshine to start with. 86 in the afternoon as clouds come in. those late-day showers and thunderstorms continue into friday morning and sunshine afternoon. 84 degrees. look at the change for the weekend.
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rain saturday just 71 degrees. rain to start the day on sunday. could see some late breaks of sunshine, 75 and then sunshine returns in full force monday and tuesday. 6:22 on this wednesday. skyforce 10 is live above gloucester township where you can see they are dealing with a lot of damage from that storm, trees down power liens down. it's going to be a big cleanup today. we are taking you county by county to assess the damage to help you get around it. in decision 2016 get ready to count down the days to a major announcement from new jersey governor chris christie. details ahead.
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6:25 this wednesday morning. skyforce 10 is launched and it's hovering over storm damage in gloucester township. gloucester county new jersey
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where many customers there are without power. we just learned from a peco spokesperson this morning about a half hour or so ago that many of their people their customers may not have power until friday. we'll continue to monitor the situation and bring you more. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we can't ignore the majors this morning, can we? 95 around state road dealing with a big drive time already, 28 minutes. see the delay there from the work zone from woodhaven up towards the vine street expressway. additionally, we're seeing an accident scene around academy on the southbound side of 95. coming up, we'll check in with mass transit and the delays and detours around the area. for now, we send it over to vai. >> thank you, jessica. the storm is gone but the damage is done. matt delucia is live in middletown township where people are waking up without power and
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impassable streets. matt? >> reporter: trees down power liens down. a lot of damage throughout our area. we'll give you a live look, coming up.
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nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. it is 6:30. ripped apart. that's how some are describing a delaware county town hit hard by a storm. the power is out and trees are down. we're live with the latest. >> there is always a rainbow though, right? the silver lining in this may be that conditions will be comfortable today as crews get ready to clean up. >> and the storm is over but look there. there's the sun, just to the right there of the comcast tower. it looks good. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm rosemary connors. what a difference what 12 24
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hours makes? hard to believe we had that incredible storm system move through yesterday. we'll get to the storm damage coverage in just a moment. first, meteorologist bill henley has good news with the first alert forecast. bill? >> the storms came thanks to heat and humidity meeting the colder drier air we're feeling today. we've got sunshine for the rest of the day. look at this beautiful view from skyforce 10 surveying the damage but overhead beautiful blue sky and a cooler morning. the clouds are out of here and the humidity has come down. it's 69 degrees in philadelphia. 61 in allentown. it's cape may, still has clouds in the 70s right now. a quick warmup 77 by 11:00 this morning. 83 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. cleanup is certainly on the agenda for thousands of people accents our area after the powerful thunderstorms ripped through the region last night. our live team coverage continues
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with reporters matt delucia and katy zachry and first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. who has updates on how the weather is affecting the morning commute. we'll get right to matt who is live for us this morning in delaware county. matt? >> reporter: we got a little bit closer to some of the damage that we've been seeing out here this morning. but we're taking extra care not to get too close. you see a lot of the damaged tree limbs that just got shaved off because of the heavy winds and rain that fell last night. right here we're on darlington road, right by valley road in middletown township delaware county. you can see this tree came down right on top of these utility ç liens. again, it's very important not to get too close to something like this. you never know for sure if these lines are active or not. so we're not going to get any closer to this out here right now. we do hear generators being operated by some of the homes in this area out here. this area definitely does not
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have power at this time and close to 5,000 residents of middletown township do not have power as of last check with peco. i've been checking social media this morning. someone just tweeted me a photo, colin anderson in media, showed me a picture of a tree that fell on to the side of his house. a lot of people going to be cleaning up the damage. a lot of tree limbs, branches leaves are out on the roadway this morning. out here if we come back live on to darlington road you can see this road really is impassable. they have a road block out here. we've not seen any vehicles even attempt this stretch of road. even out in the distance my photographer might not be able to see from this point over the hill but there's a large trunk of a tree that's laying across the road and more lines that are down just as well. we're seeing this all throughout the area especially out here in delaware and chester counties. i've been on the phone with the
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county emergency management operators. they're telling me a lot of their efforts are fortunately starting to boyne down. they did get a lot of emergency calls early on but fortunately that's starting to wind down. now they're leaving everything to the local municipalities to come out hear and clean this up and also to peco to get that power restored which we heard may not be restored until thursday or friday. again, we're seeing people starting to wake up, come out and start cleaning up all this damage. it's going to be a busy couple of days for the folks in this area. live in middletown township i'm matt delucia nbc 10 news. i'm jessica boyington with your first alert traffic this morning. we are dealing with problems all over place. just because you don't hear it doesn't mean you're not going to hit something when you head out the door this morning. septa suspensions all over the place. fox chase is suspended, paoli/thorndale is suspended. between thorndale and mall vern.
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the patco line is suspended from ac to philly because ofa power outage as well. we'll have more updates for you coming up on our majors in about ten. vai. >> the weather is parentally to blame for flipping this tractor-trailer on to its side on i-95 this is in chester. this photo was posted on twitter yesterday. let's check in with nbc 10's katy zachry live at the patco station in haddonfield new jersey and the impact on the morning commute. give us an update. >> reporter: unfortunately, patco service is suspended through the morning rush hour. right now behind me there are some usual patco riders which
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are hopping on this new jersey transit bus. fortunately new jersey transit has stepped in and the buss are cross-honoring all patco tickets this morning, helping the tens of thousands of commuters who are arriving at their patco stations wondering how they'll get to work. new jersey transit is helping out with their bus service. a lot of people that i've spoken to they're quite frankly surprised that service is suspended because of the storms last night. we have video we shot, new this morning. of damage in greenwich township. again, people are really surprised that the storms were strong enough to cripple mass transit line. in greenwich township gloucester county street signs were blown over trees knocked down. there was considerable damage that was not even cleaned up this morning. it will last definitely through today. back out here live this new jersey transit bus is taking off. they will stop at this
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haddonfield patco station about every hour or so. if we can go live to skyforce 10, over the scene from where we are, hovering over the haddonfield patco liens where there are a number of trains sitting on the tracks. patco service, the entire service suspended well into the morning commute. we are waiting for word from patco representatives as to when service will be restored. hopefully it will be restored for the afternoon and the evening rush. we'll keep you posted on that. katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. we'll give you an update on service. a peco spokesperson told us a little bit ago, most people under their service will have power back by friday. it's wednesday, obviously. that's a couple day, 48 hours perhaps. right now 158,000 customers of peco are without power that that's down a little bit. in new jersey pse&g reporting 45,000 customers. ac electric those numbers are
6:38 am
up significantly. they say 157,000 customers are in the dark. that number gone up slightly as i said in the last half hour. in delaware more than 15,000 delmarva customers in new castle county are without power this morning. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 22 minutes before 7:00. that's a cooler start this morning. skies are clearing out. we'll see lots of sunshine. still a few clouds at the shore but no sign of any showers today. much more comfortable, the humidity is coming down. you'll feel it first thing today. but tomorrow we'll be tracking more showers and possibly thunderstorms later in the day tomorrow. clouds over the pocono mountains. there is some sunshine breaking through the clouds. the shore, starting to see more sunshine. it's starting to brighten up on beach avenue. that's a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. into the 80s today.
6:39 am
the 90s, they're done. the cooler drier air helped create the storms yesterday. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast reading and quakertown, into the low to mid-80s this afternoon. less humid, much more comfortable for trenton mt. holly and norristown, all up to 85 degrees. 85 for atlantic city and vineland. rehoboth will be cooler 81 this afterthen. nothing but sunshine for wilmington drexel hill and swedesboro. philadelphia up to 87 degrees this afternoon. enjoy"t sunshine today. because i am tracking the next round of showers. the timing of those when i come back in ten minutes with the seven-day forecast. about 20 minutes before 7:00. for obvious reasons we focused a lot of our coverage on downed trees and side roads. >> jessica boyington is watching what happened on i-95. >> we are seeing major delays on 95. this is approaching an accident
6:40 am
scene around academy road. this drive time already almost 40 minutes. it's definitely early for that. from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway, you can see that reflected in our shot here. the northbound side is better as well. city avenue southbound between haverford and 77th street, still watching a downed tree blocking the roadways. only one lane being able to squeeze by 0 over on the side. debris spill and speed restrictions still out there, between exit 3, runnemede and the delaware memorial bridge. be careful and use a little bit of time. medford, traffic lights out. berlin, route 30 and 561, washington township from route 4220 cross key, voorhees from route 73 to kresson. that's not all. there's more around the area. we'll keep you updated. >> you're right about the more
6:41 am
traffic situation. skyforce 10 is over this situation in voorhees. that's a traffic light that's out. police are there. we're taking you county by county to assess the damage and help you get around.
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69 degrees outside at 6:44 on this wednesday. skyforce 10 live over berlin borough in camden county. meteorologist bill henley are telling us these trees are most vulnerable when storms room through. the roots are separated by the sidewalk on one side and the street on the other. it just hit the ground. again, this is what many people are waking up to this morning as the sun is coming up, we're getting a better look at this damage. when severe weather does move in, a lot of people grab their cell phones to capture the incredible images. many nbc 10 viewers immediately started shooting video of what they. >> reporter: seeing yesterday and last night. take a look at this tree being blown right you don't of the ground in maple shade, burlington county.
6:46 am
nbc 10 viewer jeremy dubbs caught this light show from inside his car on sharon avenue from collingdale, delaware county. a power line shot to the ground shooting out sparks and flames. this shot appears to show billy penn getting a bill too close to a bolt of lightning. here's another look at that same lightning strike. this is a still photo taken at the very moment the bolt struck the top of city hall. >> mother nature sure scared one of our viewers. she was shooting video when the thunder and lightning caught her off guard. thousands of people are waking up without power this morning. this is video we took of crews working overnight to get the lights back on. we're joined live now on the phone by deb, a spokesperson from peco. deb, thank you for coming on this morning. >> good morning. >> some of those crews have been out overnight working.
6:47 am
we've downgraded the numbers from 159,000 to 158,000. 1,000 customers have their power back on. we're still reporting the vast majority will be without power for perhaps another 48 hours. have those -- has that status changed? >> that status is correct. due to the severity of the storms that rolled through our region last evening we are expecting to have service restored for the majority of our customers by friday. to that end, we do want customers to know we have an additional 200 contractors joining our crew this morning and an additional 500 field personnel coming in from utilities from ohio kentucky west virginia and new york in the next day to assist making repairs and getting our folks back online. >> what advice would you give to those customers who will be without power for the next perhaps, 48 hours? >> first and foremost, we want all of our customers to make sure they stay safe. check in on family members or
6:48 am
neighbors who may need assistance. we do ask customers to continue reporting electrical service interruptions or natural gas issues by calling us at 1-800-841-4141. we have customer service folks standing by to help any customers that may call. >> deb yemenijian thank you for that report. if you see storm damage in your area and if you can safely take photos or video, we want to see it. tweet us pictures pictures @nbcphiladelphia. now to decision 2016. the already crowded republican field of presidential candidates is about to get even bigger. louisiana governor bobby jindal is expected to make what's being called a major announcement about the race. if he enters he would become the first indian-american to run for president. new this morning, the website politico is reporting that new
6:49 am
jersey governor chris christie will officially enter the presidential race as soon as next week. politico cites several sources who say christie staffers have ramped up planning recently and are in the final stages before making an announcement. 12 republicans are officially in the race for the gop nomination. only the top ten will be on the stage for their party's first debate in august. on the democratic side, there are four declared candidates in the race for president so far. there's a renewed warning for parents about the damplgers of liquid laundry pods and children. experts say more than 32,000 calls made to poison control centers since 2012 are because of young children accidentally eating those pods. children who ingested the pods experience symptoms like difficulty breathing, excessive vomiting and temporary vision loss. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> coming up on ten minutes before 7:00 the temperatures
6:50 am
will be climbing into the 80s, but we have no sign of any wet weather for today. sunshine, just a few scattered clouds. that's a sunny view from the comcast center. 69 degrees, 8 degrees cooler than yesterday. and the humidity is also coming down. some scattered clouds but also nice breaks of sunshine for shawnee mountain. that's a view from the pocono mountains. 50s in the mountains right now. that cool drier air is filtering towards philadelphia, south jersey and delaware. those northwesterly winds, not that strong just enough to bring in some air. the next round of wet weather is moving through south dakota. doesn't look like much but our futurecast shows that's going to make steady progress, moving into the midwest, the chicago area will stay dry but to the south, early tomorrow morning, wet weather. we will start in the clear
6:51 am
tomorrow morning and actually another pleasant start. later tomorrow afternoon, here come the first showers. that's 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. then tomorrow night we'll be looking at storms rolling through the area. but not today. sunshine, 71 degrees at 8:00. by 11:00 this morning, 77 degrees. look at those winds at 9 miles an hour. those winds out of the northwest at 2:00 will continue to bring the humidity down 83 degrees at 2:00. topping out around 87 for philadelphia. tomorrow we'll start in the 60s and start with sunshine. but later in the day, here come the clouds and that chance of evening showers and thunderstorms will continue into friday morning. friday afternoon we'll get sunshine but this weekend, you might not need your sunglasses at all. rain on saturday just 71 degrees saturday afternoon. we'll see rain to begin with on sunday. the clouds will linger for most of the day sunday. sunshine returns monday and tuesday and we'll see warmer temperatures by tuesday afternoon, up to 87. >> thanks bill. we know folks heading out this
6:52 am
morning on the road will have to deal with damage out there. that's in addition to the traffic we know picks up this time of day. >> at last report that there was an accident on 95. >> update you real quick, guys just because the drive times are climbing on 95. this is around bridge street accident up ahead. complete bumper to bumper welcome at a standstill. 41 minutes from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. major delays there. that's normally about a 12-minute trip. now back to storm coverage. bell monday the avenue a downed tree. middletown township route 1 southbound between stony bank road and thornton road fallen power cables. from the cherry hill police department, the road closures are brace road between burton mill and kenwood, king george and cornwell and saddie lane and surrey road. katy zachry is live outside
6:53 am
a patco station in haddonfield where patco riders will have to fine another way to work today. katy? >> reporter: major disruptions to people's commute to work this morning. all of patco service is suspended this morning through the morning rush. you to get around it. i'm matt delucia, live in middle middletown township, delaware county. thousands upon thousands of people have no power this morning. this is partly the reason why, a lot of trees on downed power lines. we give you a look at the damage, next.
6:54 am
6:55 am
new jersey's supreme court has spoken but teachers and school employees still fear for their futures. because rather than solving the pension crisis the court says politicians can continue to ignore it. that's just wrong. teachers and school employees have paid billions into their pensions. but the state has failed. the legislature can fix what governor christie has broken - ... before it ends up costing billions more. it's time for fiscal responsibility.
6:56 am
fund the pensions now. i'm matt delucia live in middletown township delaware county. more than 100,000 people are waking up without power this
6:57 am
morning. about 75,000 people here in delaware county alive have no power according to peco. this is the reason why. you see the power lines down because of the trees that fell, the heavy wind and rain we had. delaware county chester conte got hit hard. counties in new jersey got hit hard as well. generators running. a lot of people going to be doing a lot of cleanup this morning. live in middletown township, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. i'm monique braxton, live in glad wynn. i'm showing you what many people will be facing. you may head out thinking i have power, lights but then you head out to work and this is what awaits you. i have you have to be careful going around the curves in your neighborhood. a lot of lights were out on conshohocken state road. that's what we're approaching. have your cup of coffee but also have your eyes wide open.
6:58 am
live from gladwynn monique braxton. i'm katy zachry. patco service across the line is canceled this morning. the best estimate is it will be restored after the morning rush. that means tens of thousands of riders are having to find another way to work this morning. pse&g, the power company trying to fix the problem, tells us they are working on it. their best estimate is they will have power restored along the line after the morning rush. the good news is new jersey transit has stepped in and those buses from new jersey transit are cross-honoring all patco tickets. reporting live in haddonfield, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. i'm jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we'll touch on that mass transit as well. septa dealing with major suspensions this morning on fox chase, that's suspended,
6:59 am
paoli/thorndale, the media/ellen line, you can take the newark/wilmington line to get around. new jersey transit is suspended as well between ac and philadelphia. patco is dealing with a power outage. that's also suspended. we're still dealing with the debris spill and speed restriction. down to 35 miles an hour in both directions between exit 3, runnemede and the delaware memorial bridge. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. sky have cleared out nicely. this is a live view. you can see the sunshine from skyforce 10, up flying surveying the damage seeing a lot of it after the storms last night. also seeing a nice day shaping up. it is a cooler start this morning, 60s and low 70s, 69 degrees in northeast philadelphia. wilmington is 67. and some cooler temperatures 67 -- 64 degrees right now for coatesville and pottstown, while trenton is 67. 70 degrees in south philadelphia. that's at 5th and wharton.
7:00 am
80s this qf 9==99ñ "today" show is next. live updates coming up in 25 minutes. good morning. scare on the shore. >> there's a tornado! >> [ bleep ]. >> a possible rare tornado slams the jersey coastline as severe storms hammer tens of millions from the midatlantic to maine. cars flipped over. hundreds of thousands still without power this morning. high-energy injury. the autopsy report on the death of freddie gray is leaked. the finding -- he may have been killed when the baltimore police van he was riding in came to a sudden stop. podlarming findings on how many kids are eat colorful detergent packets.


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