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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  June 25, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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portions of the area are where we have the chance of getting thunderstorms on top of that steadier rain. you can see that here later on this evening coming into parts of delaware and south jersey. some of the places that got hit pretty hard last couple of days. there we are 1:00 in the morning and there's still some heavy rain in parts of the area especially again, in delaware and in south jersey. as we go through the evening, the rain is moving across the area from west to east. by 6:00 7:00. by 9:00 it's raining in most of the area. again, a fairly steady rain. by 11:00, it is still raining across much of the area. it's going to be damp when you wake up in the morning but that's just part one. we have much more significant rain that's coming over the weekend. i'll have the timing on that with the rest of the seven-day in a few minutes. >> as you track the rain count on nbc 10 news to bring you the latest on the aftermath of tuesday's storms.
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>> here are the latest outage numbers. in pennsylvania peco says more than 49,000 of its customers are still without power. pse & g crews in south jersey say more than 7,000 customers are still affected. atlantic city electric has the most outages, more than 120,000. more than 1500 delmarva customers in delaware are still in the dark. >> here's some help. pse & g set up mobile customer service centers for those without power in south jersey. locations are open until 8:00 tonight at cherry hill high school west the medford fire house and the lenola fire house in moorestown. the centers have ice and drinking water. >> gloucester county and the american red cross will keep their reception centers open at the county government services building in clayton and the mount royal fire department. storm victims can stop by until 6:30 tonight and from 10:30 to 6:30 tomorrow morning.
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several shelters are in place for storm victims in delaware county. borough hall served breakfast to people after many slept there last night. some are waiting it out while power crews work to restore electricity. >> it's been rough. we are getting along. we have a generator so we are better off than a lot of people. >> reporter: you came this morning for breakfast? >> a coffee and bagel in between servicing a generator. >> the mayor says peco crews expect to have power restored by 11:00 tomorrow night. if you know someone who is still without power, tell them that nbc 10 and comcast can help them plug in and power up their phone, tablet or computer. several comcast xfinity locations are ready to recharge devices. go to the nbc 10 news app. to politics and the wait is almost over. new jersey governor chris christie will officially announce he's running for president on tuesday.
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he will make that announcement as livingston high school. christie grew up in livingston and hopes to be the first new jerseyian since woodrow wilson to occupy the white house but he has a lot of competition. there are 13 other republican candidates. louisiana governor bobby jindal announced yesterday. a poll released tuesday shows former florida governor jeb bush takes the lead with donald trump trailing not too far behind. while the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows hillary clinton is leading her nearest democratic competitor by a whopping 60 points. a delegation of catholic clerics and officials from philadelphia met with the mayor of rome today. archbishop chaput and mayor nutter exchanged gifts with the mayor of rome before posing for pictures. today, archbishop chaput invited everyone to philadelphia to see the pope come september.
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>> everyone is welcome for everything all the time without exception. >> the pope will be here in late september as part of the world meeting of families. organizers expect up to two million people to visit our area and also attend the final event, the mass celebrated by the pope on the ben franklin parkway. suburban leaders have their hands full preparing for the pope. they are juggling transportation and security issues not to mention concerns over a spike in the population for the duration of the papal visit. >> nbc 10's deanna durante shows us what montgomery county officials are doing to get ready for this historic visit. >> we don't know exactly how many people will show up. we know it will be a lot, it will be millions. we will do our best to be prepared for that. >> reporter: the commissioner josh shapiro says every hotel room in the county is booked and though two million is an estimate, we really don't know how many people will pack the parkway to get a glimpse of the pope. >> i'm excited to see this pope.
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hopefully i will have the opportunity to get somewhat close to see him and hear him. >> reporter: he says while the bulk of the pope's visit is centered on the world meeting of families it's not yet known where his schedule will take him. police will move around the county from jurisdiction to jurisdiction as needed to handle the extra crowds that will be staying in this area. >> this is a regional thing. >> reporter: while the pope is rumored to be staying locally, shapiro says extra police will be needed and could be brought in from neighboring townships, but that doesn't mean local towns will be without their police of their own. he says when it comes to cost -- >> we don't anticipate bearing any additional cost. we have a five county region that routinely plans for big events. obviously this is the biggest of the big events we will be doing. there is going to be additional personnel coming in from the federal level and from neighboring states. >> reporter: local police are going to be needed to manage area road closures. shapiro says although the plans have not been formally announced they will be soon. he says they want to get that out to the public to warn people
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so they may be able to remap their routes to work and home. he says while this is an inconvenience it is also important to remember it's a once in a lifetime experience. deanna deurante, nbc 10 news. >> wear bug spray when outside this summer. a case of west nile virus has been reported in delaware. the first reported human case in two years. a 6-year-old sussex county girl was briefly hospitalized. she is now recovering at home. to avoid being bitten by mosquitos, wear long sleeves and pants outside at night, use bug spray with deet and be sure to get rid of standing water near your home. a proposal to give adopted people access to their original birth certificates was talked about today by a pennsylvania house panel. the sponsor says adoptees want better information about their ancestors either to contact them or to find out more about their medical history. happening now, history sets
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sail. the tall ships are back in our area. sky force 10 over the delaware river a short time ago as the vessels made their return to the region. this is just the beginning of the parade of tall ships. >> events will go on on both sides of the river for the next several days. nbc 10's doug shimell is live along the camden waterfront this afternoon. >> always a lot of interest and excitement around this event, right? >> reporter: exactly. you know it's not every day that these tall ships of the old high seas get together anywhere but 13 of them have managed to sail from around the world to be here in camden and philadelphia through the weekend as part of a tall ship festival. it is also being done as a tribute to about 1,000 veterans who watched the tall ship parade from the decks of the battleship "new jersey" this afternoon. these 13 massive vessels will dock at ports on both the camden and philadelphia sides of the river. they will be here through the weekend and of course the video really only does these massive grand dames of the ocean only
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partial justice. you really have to come down to experience them. i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. a package of bills to help atlantic city and its struggling casinos and schools has been approved. it's been sent to governor christie. the state senate passed those bills today. the most important would let its eight casinos make fixed payments in lieu of taxes for 15 years. that would allow the gambling halls to know exactly how much they owe instead of facing potentially huge tax increases every year. firefighter was hurt during this fire that ripped through a bensalem apartment complex rental office. this is cell phone video from around 2:00 this morning at the country commons apartments. at least four units were damaged by fire or smoke. look at this. a burglar who climbs right in through a window and it's all caught on camera. this is in philadelphia's rittenhouse neighborhood. you will see this guy right here slip into the home on lombard.
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there he goes. this is on lombard street. police say he ran off with $3,000 worth of stolen items. today, reading terminal market honored all first responders involved in the deadly amtrak train derailment last month. merchants at the terminal joined together to honor the brave men and women who led search and rescue efforts after the train derailed with hundreds on board. they had to search through this rubble twisted metal and complete chaos after the train derailed going more than 100 miles an hour around that curve in port richmond. eight people were killed more than 200 hurt. a few are still in the hospital. we spoke with police commissioner ramsey about what today's breakfast meant. >> this is something that happens in philadelphia and i really do appreciate it. since i have been here i have seen the kind of effort when people come together to really just say thank you and that's something that you can't take for granted. it doesn't happen everywhere. >> the ntsb determined engineer brandon bostian was not using
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his cell phone or wifi at the time of the crash but the investigation into this is still under way. to the newest twist in that prison escape in new york. a second prison employee was arrested overnight. 57-year-old gene palmer pleaded not guilty today to multiple criminal charges including official misconduct. he is accused of accepting a number of paintings from richard matt and david sweat in exchange for providing them with tools. earlier this week the d.a. said palmer didn't know that there were tools stuck inside hamburger meat he passed along to the pair. the d.a. says joyce mitchell told him she put the tools in the meat two hacksaw blades drill bits and a hole punch. mitchell pleaded not guilty to charges she helped sweat and matt and she sits behind bars waiting for her trial. as the search continues in the area around hunting cabins there are new concerns the escapees may be armed with rifles. at a news conference yesterday, state police admitted weapons may be missing from hunting cabins. searchers are scouring 75 square miles of tough terrain in
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northern new york not far from canada and vermont, full of steep slopes thick bogs and a lot of heavy undergrowth. funerals were held today for some of those shot and killed last week at a charleston, south carolina church. the body of state senator and pastor clementa pinkney will be returned to the historic emanuel a.m.e. church one last time for his wake. last night, some 150 people attended bible study at the church exactly one week after the massacre that happened during bible study. dylann roof is accused of sitting in the bible study last week for nearly an hour before then opening fire. he is charged with nine counts of murder in what investigators have called a racial hate crime. fire investigators in charlotte, north carolina say this fire was deliberately set. it happened overnight at a predominantly african-american church. the pastor says he has already forgiven whoever is responsible.
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the affordable care act is here to stay. >> a convincing decision from the u.s. supreme court today to keep obamacare alive, preserving health insurance coverage for millions of americans. the nation's highest court ruled that federal subsidies critical to president obama's health care plan can be paid in every state. here's what the ruling means. subsidies given to4sconsumers do not depend on whether the consumer's state operates its own health insurance exchange. the decision validates federal health insurance for more than six million americans. nbc news national correspondent steve handelsman explains. >> reporter: outside the supreme court, keeping his health care coverage in michigan is brent vessey. >> i'm extremely happy with it. >> reporter: you keep your insurance? >> yes. >> reporter: and your subsidy. >> yes. >> reporter: which you need. >> and a lot of people i know will as well. >> reporter: this is a big sigh of relief for millions of people across the country.
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6.4 million of the ten million signed up for obamacare could have lost subsidies that averaged $3200 a year. they have signed up on federal exchange and the obamacare law reads subsidies are paid in exchanges established by the state, but by 6-3, the justices looked past that. chief justice john roberts again siding with obamacare. congress passed the affordable care act, roberts wrote, to improve health insurance markets, not to destroy them. frustrated conservative justice scalia joked we should start calling this law scotus care. it's a huge victory for president obama. >> after multiple challenges to this law before the supreme court, the affordable care act is here to stay. >> reporter: but so is the republican battle against obamacare. >> we are going to continue our efforts to do everything we can to put the american people back in charge of their own health care. >> reporter: but the next round
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will not be at the high court. it will be at the ballot box next year. every republican running for president vows to sign any repeal of obamacare passed by congress. steve handelsman, nbc 10 news. because of today's supreme court ruling the wolf administration is dropping the idea of taking over some functions of the insurance marketplace under obamacare. the supreme court challenge had posed a threat to cut off federal aid to states not running their own insurance marketplaces, including pennsylvania. today's supreme court ruling will allow about 382,000 people in pennsylvania to keep the subsidies to help them afford health care. about 170,000 people in new jersey are affected and about 19,000 people in delaware will now benefit. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we can certainly use a few more days to dry out but we are not going to get it.
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we have a batch of rain on the doorstep right now. it will be a wet night across much of the area. we have more rain coming over the weekend but it's not going to be a total washout. we do have some sunshine and a number of dry hours in the forecast over the weekend. so don't give up totally. we have cloudy skies out there right now. the atmosphere is getting more and more moist as the rain moves in from the west. 82 degrees with cloudy skies, southwest wind at ten miles an hour right around where we were yesterday with the temperatures but it is cooler north and west. 76 degrees in allentown. 74 in lancaster while it's 80 or above in much of the rest of the area, as you see 79 in atlantic city 76 degrees in dover. some of the thicker clouds down there. the clouds as you can see moving eastward, a few sprinkles trying to come through but the low levels of the atmosphere are pretty dry. this area is going to make it
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it is going to rain across the entire area at some point tonight. future cast shows some of that and the heaviest of that activity down to the south. some of these could potentially be thunderstorms, especially in delaware and extreme south jersey. it's not necessarily going to rain all night everywhere but everybody's going to see at least some rain tonight. then tomorrow, things taper off a bit. you can still see mostly cloudy skies, a few little showers around. not a whole lot of rain not very heavy rain. just a nuisance type, as you can see. then a bigger system starts coming in over the weekend. first of all, we've got an east wind. that's going to keep the clouds in that's going to keep the temperature down. then this storm rides to the east and brings the rain with it. by saturday afternoon, the winds
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still out of the east so it's still chilly. here comes saturday night, the storm's right on top of us. that's when we get the heaviest rain but it looks like it's going to pass just north of the area and let drier westerly winds come in for sunday. but before that a lot of rain. inch or so with the first batch and another one to three inches with the second so by sunday parts of the area have over three inches of rain. that's one computer model. here's another one. you can get the idea here that we've got again, the potential for some pretty significant rain coming. for the shore, sunday is certainly looking better than saturday. the rain may not come until saturday afternoon and saturday night at the shore. the ocean temperature up to 71. in the poconos, again, a lot better on sunday. a chilly day there, 68 degrees
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with some heavy rain. for tonight, some of the heavy thunderstorms, generally delaware and extreme south jersey. 67 degrees for the low. tomorrow, mix of clouds and sun just some scattered showers around. not expecting widespread rain. upper 70s for the high temperature. then the rain moves in on saturday, becomes heavy late in the day and at night, chilly and then generally dry on sunday. then we get some more heat and showers next week. back to our storm coverage or the aftermath, nbc 10 went back to hard-hit gloucester county today which really took the brunt of tuesday's storms. nbc 10 jersey bureau reporter cydney long is there live. >> are utility crews making any progress? >> reporter: we hit camden and gloucester counties and some 40,000 customers have been brought back online. not fast enough for residents we
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are talking to asking where is the help. this is atlantic city electric assuring us they doubled their man power with crews from as far way as new hampshire and indiana. you are not seeing the trucks here because they are all out on the road. due to no power and the darkness at night inside lindenwold towers assisted living facility joe fell down last night and was rushed to the hospital with a back injury. >> the problem is we have people that range in age from 62 to 97 years old. some are on oxygen. >> reporter: cliff mitchell who runs the facility owned by volunteers of america, say they have been provided only a tiny generator for emergency lighting and one elevator. a giant tree knocked them off the grid tuesday night. >> we need help. please. if you can do something for us we would be grateful. we need somebody to help us. these are grandmothers grandfathers, they are old people, for god's sakes. somebody step up and get their shoes shined here.
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>> reporter: many are convinced they won't be able to last into the weekend without power. >> i can only stress if you are ill, and you don't feel well you need to use the 911 system and get you to the hospital. >> reporter: we took the residents' questions and request for help directly to the camden county office of emergency management and found out fire crews are doing wellbeing checks and the county has a handful of cooling centers open for the residents' relief. problem is they say atlantic city electric's territory of devastation is much worse than areas covered by pse & g. were they hit harder? was atlantic city electric hit harder than the pse & g area? >> i believe so. >> reporter: so they're not working as fast as pse & g? they can't? >> well there is a method to it. sometimes it's not a quick run to the finish line. >> reporter: got this letter from congressman norcross calling on governor christie to declare two counties camden and gloucester a disaster zone and
4:21 pm
that will bring the federal emergency dollars to south jersey. we did also reach out to governor christie's office today but have not yet heard back. we will let you know when we do. i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. it's an offer that may be hard to refuse. >> an exotic location plus travel and meals, all paid for? but there's a catch. also ahead, the rush to get help to you when seconds count. is it a political problem? the nbc 10 investigators take a closer look at this issue. he probably would have died. if your news crew had not been there, he probably would have died. >> the news crew that just couldn't wait for an ambulance when a man suffered a medical crisis, and it is all caught on camera. watch the tram car, please. >> message makeover. the battle over a stolen slogan at the jersey shore is settled. nbc 10 with the new voice that will greet people.
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breaking news from sky force 10 over a very serious accident in feltonville. look at this intersection. you see several cars involved in this accident. five vehicles we're told collided. this is in the 4800 block of north front street. you see firefighters on the scene. one of these vehicles a short time ago, we understood was in fact on fire and a person was trapped in one of those vehicles. obviously the fire is now out but there are multiple injuries involved in this serious accident. again, in the 4800 block of north front street. you see those firefighters around that dark colored car right there. we assume that's the vehicle that was on fire a short time ago. we had understood there was a person trapped. we will keep an eye on this but a really bad accident in feltonville this afternoon. renee? new information today about contract negotiations for some teachers in the arch diocese of
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philadelphia. the teachers reached a new agreement for the next school year. the association of catholic teachers ratified the one year agreement yesterday. the contract affects more than section 00 600 teachers. each will get an increase of more than $1300 salary. a former child actor learns his fate. nbc 10 with the punishment for the celebrity convicted of a serious crime. also a shore town has reason to celebrate after getting a report card. have job, must travel. the new opportunity for laid-off casino workers in our region. employment. but there's a catch. it's thousands of miles away in a place you probably never even heard of. all of the recent struggles to recover from the wrath of mother nature earlier this week. more rain is on the way. we told you hundreds of thousands lost power in
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tuesday's storms and they will not get it back for days. would you be prepared if it happened to you? we have a game plan to get through the next storm.
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right now at 4:30 nbc 10 first alert weather technology tracking rain and it's coming right at us. it will linger for most of the night. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is back now with the nbc 10 first alert forecast. >> this is not what people still recovering from tuesday's mess want to hear, is it? >> no. not at all. there's really no way to miss it. it's a solid area it's not one of those things like scattered showers some of you get it some of you don't. just about everybody will see at least some rain tonight.
4:31 pm
the leading edge of this is mostly not reaching the ground. lower levels of the atmosphere are pretty dry so it will take a lot to saturate it but from central and western pennsylvania back into ohio west virginia that's a solid area of rain and it's moving right at us and the chance of rain is pretty close to 100% as a result. it's 82 degrees right now in philadelphia but 76 in allentown, 74 in lancaster. temperatures will be dropping into the 70s as soon as the rain starts and there it is. future cast, by 6:00 it's through berks county and getting into chester county and just about to hit new castle county in delaware. there it is. you can see it's pretty solid. then we start to see the possibility of some thunderstorms coming from chesapeake bay across into delaware. so if any part of the area is going to get a strong thunderstorm tonight, it's going to be delaware. it's going to be probably from dover southward.
4:32 pm
the threat could last much of the night. even more of a threat over the weekend, we will get to the timing on that with the seven-day. utility crews are racing to get the lights back on for thousands of customers who have been in the dark the last couple days. >> glenn's forecast not helping matters here. nbc 10 went back to hard-hit delaware county today, two days after the severe storms left their mark on that community. nbc 10's drew smith live in brook haven. >> how are power crews making out ahead of this next batch of wet weather? >> reporter: they are making steady progress. we just heard from delaware county they are sticking by their estimate that power will be back on for most everybody by late friday night. you can see we are on one of the six roads that are still closed. a road block up here. a lot of the trees that fell tuesday night still lying exactly where they fell during the storm. that's because the power company hasn't gotten out here. the major problem you can see right down there, a tree fell on some power lines, laying there, being held up like a bungee
4:33 pm
cord. the work just seems to be endless from clearing small brush to the heavy duty tree trunks. people are doing their best to clean up yards while utility crews continue their round the clock mission to clear streets and restore power. >> they have really done a yeoman's job. they are putting people on as you can see by thousands every hour. >> reporter: at ed's house, cranes began cutting through the destruction today. >> very lucky. no one got hurt. real lucky. >> reporter: he expects his home to be in the dark again tonight. >> we have a lot of candles and flashlights. hopefully we won't need them too much longer. >> reporter: down the street, john is wondering how long it will take to open up this road. >> i'm surprised no one is working on it yet but i guess there is so much to do all over in brook haven, so it's really been hit hard.
4:34 pm
>> reporter: leaders hear the frustration and are thanking people for their patience. >> we think delaware county residents are special. they have a special resilience and just hold on, help is on the way. >> reporter: if you have a tree that's fallen in your yard that doesn't look like that that's not wrapped up in power lines, it will be your problem to get rid of. we spoke with some tree removal experts tonight. they are sharing some of their expertise with us. they are also telling us they have their own timetable for when they will be out here. it's a lot different than the power companies'. we will share that with you at 5:30. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. atlantic city electric will be surveying storm damage from the sky. it will be using a low-flying helicopter to get a better view of what needs to be fixed. if your car was damaged in tuesday's storms well you're not alone. aaa says its calls have increased by 47%. most people asking for windows to be replaced because of the
4:35 pm
storm. even if you have a chipped or cracked windshield you should get it fixed right away. a chip or crack means your windshield will likely shatter if you hit something. you are more likely to get hurt in a rollover and you are more likely to be ejected from the car. if you want to visit the most beautiful place in new jersey you don't have to go far. the wildwoods were given the title by an online forum focused on food drink and travel. the website highlighted the wildwoods beaches, english gardens and historic light house. workers armed with casino licenses in atlantic city are in demand not just in the struggling new jersey shore town. the real story here renard international hospitality search consultant holding a job fair for a casino in the south pacific, opening next month in the island of saipan in the south pacific. nearly 8,000 miles away from the boardwalk. they are looking to fill at least 180 jobs for dealers,
4:36 pm
cashiers shift managers and others. the casino will pay for workers' travel, health insurance, meals and housing included. four casinos closed last year in atlantic city. atlantic club, revel, showboat and trump plaza. 8,000 people lost their jobs in those closings. special graduation today at the university of pennsylvania. students graduated from the pipeline for promise program. these students are selected for this program from community colleges and they learn special skills to help them succeed in the business world. congratulations to all of them. journalists of course are used to bringing you the news. >> sometimes they rlsare also part of the news. today the incident captured on camera that shows the moment a tv news crew stepped into action and ended up saving a life. plus this. >> watch the tram car, please. >> the signature sound at the shore one town got in trouble over. now they are unveiling a new slogan. nbc 10 has it for you.
4:37 pm
plus we don't get snow in september but local hospitals are acting like a big storm's on the way. all new at 5:00 doctors and nurses show us why the pope's visit will be a big event for them, too.
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a visitors center at the flight 93 national memorial will open to the public september 10th the day before the 14th anniversary of the terror attacks. the new center includes a permanent exhibit, walking trails and a flight path walkway that will overlook to let visitors see the crash site of united airlines flight 93 from a distance. >> nbc 10 and nbc universal are giving away money to local nonprofit organizations. the project is called 21st century solutions. the goal is to support nonprofits that are implementing new and innovative programs. the application is on our website, eligibility requirements are also listed there. the deadline to apply is july 3rd. perhaps you have heard a
4:41 pm
famous saying down the shore. >> on one boardwalk it's about to be silenced and replaced with a different slogan. hear it for the first time. i'm tracking rain and look at that. it's going to dump a lot of moisture on our region. get the timing and the impact in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast.
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dustin diamond, the actor who played screech on "saved by the bell" has been sentenced to four months in jail by a wisconsin judge. the charges stem from a barroom fight last christmas. in addition to the jail time the judge also sentenced diamond to 15 months probation. broadcast journalists, we never know what we will face when out covering stories. >> the quick actions of a photographer and reporter helped save a man's life. a crew from our nbc affiliate in pittsburgh was preparing for a
4:45 pm
live shot last night when a man having a drug overdose pulled up alongside the crew. the man actually lost consciousness behind the wheel. here you see it. the photographer pulling the man from the car. he started cpr while the reporter called 911. >> he better live because i'm not going home tonight thinking this guy died on me. we weren't there and he wasn't curious why we were there he would have been on the road and it could have been him and who knows who else. >> paramedics got there. they recognized right away they were dealing with a heroin overdose. they revived the driver with narcan. we already have one of the wettest junes ever recorded in wilmington, delaware close to ten inches of rain already and there's more coming before this month is over. we've got some rain tonight,
4:46 pm
some on the heavier side especially in delaware and more over the weekend. those numbers are going to keep piling up. we do have some weekend sunshine and many hours of dry weather. so it's not a washout at all. here's cloudy skies across the area right now. 82 degrees, the winds southwest at ten miles an hour. in the pocono mountain areas, they're going to get a lot of rain tomorrow and tomorrow night but sunday is not looking too bad. 74 in mt. pocono right now. upper 70s elsewhere north and west. 82 in philly northeast philly. what about rain at the beaches? we have an onshore wind so 74 in avalon, 75 in beach haven but the ocean temperature's up to 71 degrees. the wind off that kind of ocean is not as cool as remember when the ocean was in the 50s not too long ago. here are the clouds and a few sprinkles along the leading edge of this. some of it not reaching the
4:47 pm
ground but this is reaching the ground. central pennsylvania western pennsylvania, it's a fairly large area not a huge storm. it's certainly nothing like we saw a couple of days ago but it is going to provide some showers overnight and the heaviest of it is going to be in delaware and extreme south jersey. going to be a wet night at the jersey shore. then as we go into tomorrow we've got more clouds than sun, but just a few showers around. you can see they're generally smaller, lighter than what we're seeing tonight. generally coming from north to south. then on saturday everything coming in from the west. that's a much bigger storm. so we have the east wind to start with which is going to keep us cool and then here comes the low pressure center the storm itself and this particularly model brings the rain in during the morning. some holds it off until afternoon. so early in the day saturday is your best chance for any kind of dry weather saturday because later saturday and saturday night, here comes this thing
4:48 pm
right on top of us and we are going to get nailed. there's going to be a lot of rain, maybe one to three inches in the area between tonight and sunday. lot of rain. some of it heavy tonight, especially in delaware and south jersey. 67 degrees for the low. tomorrow, clouds and sun, just some scattered showers around upper 70s for the high and then cooler weather on saturday. the rain moves in becoming heavier late in the day and especially saturday night, but sunday is looking dry. not a bad day. maybe more clouds than sun. then with more sunshine it really heats up early next week. ready for the big unveiling? you will be hearing a new message on the atlantic city boardwalk soon. take a listen. >> please step aside or enjoy a ride. >> that's what we have been waiting for. no more watch the tram car, please. starting next weekend instead you will hear -- you just heard it. please step aside or enjoy a
4:49 pm
ride with a woman from a british accent. the safety message was introduced today after a contest was held. the winner is from ventnor heights, new jersey and is now $1,000 richer. >> watch the tram car, please. >> a.c. had to give up that tram car message after the wildwoods said they were going to pursue legal action. for decades the wildwoods have been using the message on its boardwalk. there it is. so now the message again belongs solely to the wildwoods, an icon that many at the shore points say never should have been heard anywhere else. now it's british. there you go. when you have a health emergency, you want help. >> not an explanation. today, how politics may put your health on the line. the nbc 10 investigators examine the money issue that could detour emergency services when you need it most. plus shot on the steps of a
4:50 pm
philadelphia home. coming up at 5:00 the family of a 13-year-old girl coming forward and pleading for answers.
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why are we watching this again? i pay for all these channels, so i make myself watch them all. joey, i'll watch anything except this.
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except this. go back, go back, go back, go back, go back, go back. fios custom tv lets you pay for the types of channels you want, not the ones you don't. 100% fiber optics is here. get out of the past. get fios. now for $79.99 a month. go online or call. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v money in politics is nothing new but lay maker says it could slow down emergency service when you need it most. >> the nbc 10 investigators first revealed some ambulance companies forced out of business in part over unpaid bills. now investigators [ inaudible ] how political contributions affect how that problem gets fixed. >> reporter: this is an issue that affects your safety and pocketbook. both sides say they are protecting you but when we looked into political contributions, we found they may be tipping the scales to one side.
4:54 pm
pennsylvania's emergency service providers are losing millions because some patients are getting money from their insurance companies but not passing it along to pay the bill. >> lives will be lost to put it bluntly. people will die if we weren't here. >> reporter: rachel shick says since 2010 her company is owed nearly $200,000 and they are not alone. >> we have seen ambulance companies around the state that have actually closed their doors because they can't get paid. we can't allow that to continue. >> reporter: as chairman of the state house committee on emergency preparedness, he has passed multiple bills in the house designed to get ems providers paid. he says pushback starts with the insurance lobby. >> it's an incredible amount of influence that they're buying. >> reporter: the insurance federation of pennsylvania lobbies on behalf of insurance companies. it puts its money behind the fight against his bills. the nbc 10 investigators found
4:55 pm
the lobbying group has given $2.3 million to pennsylvania politicians since 1990. the insurance federation's president, sam marshall told us they are buying access, not influence. >> we want to support candidates who are fair to our industry and fair to our policy holders. that's why we support -- >> reporter: not a way to buy influence within the legislature? >> no. no. it would never work that way. >> reporter: $63,000 of the insurance federation's contributions have gone to state senator don white from indiana, pennsylvania. $53,000 of that money went to white after he became chairman of the state senate banking and insurance committee. the committee where the bills keep dying. you are a guy who made a living as an insurance agent. the insurance federation of pennsylvania is one of your largest, if not your largest, campaign contributor. does that impact how you vote? >> that's fair. but i certainly have not been a
4:56 pm
lapdog for the insurance federation. >> reporter: white says the bills die in his committee because they contain what is called balanced billing. that's where ambulance companies send patients a bill for any amount not covered by insurance. he says he's protecting patients. >> i know that 90% of the people in pennsylvania don't want balanced billing. they pay a premium, they expect a service and they don't want to get a bill down the road. >> reporter: in 2014 the insurance federation spent more than $390,000 on political action. by comparison the ambulance association of pennsylvania spent nothing. in fact their entire budget for 2014 was $187,000. >> mitch, thanks. "nbc 10 news at 5:00" is next. >> here's keith jones. all new on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" cleanup crews are finally making progress. we are in gloucester county to find out which areas still need work and asking officials why it's taking so long.
4:57 pm
and we have more rain heading this way for tonight. some of you could see thunderstorms. then some rain for your weekend. i will show you the timing coming up. plus if your power was out for days would you know what to do? we have the emergency plan for the next storm coming up on "nbc 10 news at 5:00."
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
5:00 pm
we begin with a live look at the nbc 10 radar. rain is moving into the region tonight and of course that could cause problems to the thousands of people with damage from tuesday's storm. the crews are trying to clean up. >> more than 175,000 customers still don't have power across the region and the largest number of outages is in gloucester county. nbc 10's cydney long talked to people there today. cydney, a situation that many called a public safety hazard is finally being addressed? >> reporter: that's right. considering some seven roads right here in washington township alone were impassable until this morning, some 36 hours after the storm hit. those roads are finally open. it is thanks to electric crews assisting atlantic city electric and this is the staging area for them right here at a south jersey movie theater. we are talking about some of the major roadways johnson road is where we found crews finally clearing the wires, tangled with poles an


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