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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  June 29, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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some sunshine at least for today. here's a live look outside. we're tracking more storms in the nbc 10 first alert forecast. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today, i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm rosemary connors. i think pleasant is the best way to describe the weather at least right now this morning. feels good outside. >> feemc nice. >> meteorologist bill henley has the details in the first alert weather center. >> we'll sea a lot of sunshine today. in spite of a warmup, the humidity stays low. look at that nice view from the marquis de lafayette in cape may. clouds in the distance. sunshine is what you'll see. we are just over half an hour away from sunrise this morning. 64 here at nbc 10. philadelphia international also 64. look at the 50s. pottstown is at 59 degrees andrk 60 in wilmington and trenton. sunshine will be bright and the temperatures will respond. but the humidity will stay low. we'll see a westerly wind at 8
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miles an hour 10:00. 76 degrees and a 10 mile-an-hour pleasant breeze at 1:00 this afternoon. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in ten. let's get to injure traffic, first alert for traffic report reporter. >> we are watching the vine street expressway. there's no cars going through at the moment. the construction is beginning to lift through the area. they have left some vehicles by. definitely a good thing. you murt have small delays but our total drive time is factored in here. about a three-minute trip if you're headed that way. from 95 eastbound is doing the same as well. this is out until 5:00 a.m. watch out when you're heading through the area there. the drive times, we're still doing okay no problems on 95 into the center city area the schuylkill is looking okay and the blue route up towards 95
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only a 15-minute drive. we'll in with new jersey coming up. new from overnight, police take two suspects into custody after a man was shot when he stepped out of a bar to have a cigarette. it happened around 11:30 on frankford avenue in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. a witness gave the car's license plate number to police. if an emergency declaration will help in any way substantively, i'll be happy to do it. >> fema was assessing the storm damage last thursday. now it's monday and many families are still in the dark. >> some residents are going on a sixth day without power. matt? >> rosemary, vai, i checked with
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atlantic city electric numbers in the past few minutes. it's a little more than 5,000 customers without power throughout the area. a good dhunk of them here in gloucester county. jessica has been talking about this closure that's been in effect since wednesday morning. there were utility poles on the road. a lot of the repairs have already been done. you might be able to see the traffic light is still out. you look at that spot right there, just about a quarter mile from where i can see in the other direction. hit or miss, sporadic in this area. some people have power, others don't. now the mayor of greenwich township has fed up. he wants governor christie to sign that declaration to begin the repairs that are estimated to be well into the millions at this point.
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residents have told us they've been staying with relatives, the food has been spoiled. the mayor and the residents say they want a straight answer as to when the power will be back. >> frankly, it's time governor christie paid attention to new jersey's west coast. manufacture the towns on or near the delaware river are devastated. roughly 60,000 more people lost power than during sandy. >> we're part of the people. that put mr. christie in office. >> reporter: some of the folks around here they say this is really just been too much. they can't have power, they can't watch tv. they can't power their electronics. you don't real ides how much you depend on electricity until you lose it. the mayor heard from atlantic
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city electric that all the power should be restored hopefully by this evening the folks around here say they will believe it when they see it. matt delucia nbc 10 news. just about a week since the storm glob of thor county is the only county with a significant number of outages. there's juf over 4,000 people left in the dark. the largest problem airy is camden county with fewer than 700 outage and in pennsylvania and delaware the power is almost completely back on. today police hope to learn more about how two inmates escaped from a new york prison now that the manhunt has ended for the convicted killers. this all comes after police shot and killed edcaptured the second fugitive yesterday. today police hope to question
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sweat about what led up to the escape. he had been on the run for 22 days. the treerp was on pa trel alone when he spotted sweat and then he began to run. >> at some point running across the field, he realized that sweat was going to make it to a tree line and possibly could have disappeared. and he fired two shots from his service weapon. >> sweat was shot twice. hospital and transferred him to a more secure trauma facility where he's in critical condition. on friday, a border patrol agent shot and killed the other escaped prison richard matt. autopsy results show he was three times in the head and died from severe skull fracture and brain injury. the aftermath of the escape is still unfold be. today, the second prison employee accused of helping the men break out is scheduled to appear in court. from our delaware bureau state police are trying to identify the body of a man found
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in the delaware river. someone spotted the body at 4:00 yesterday afternoon. delaware officials pulled the victim from the river and they will conduct an autopsy. philadelphia police are investigating a pair of deadly shootings that happened in germantown last night. one man was killed and two others hurt in this shooting just before 9:00. this is along east price street. authorities are still searching for the gunman in this case. about an hour later, a 20-year-old man was shot near north worcester. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> getting a pleasant start, the humidity has come down. a gentle breeze is blowing. that's a live view from center city where skies are nice and clear. the humidity this morning will
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stay low and make things comfortable through the day. i'm already tracking the next round of showers. could see development tomorrow. keeping a close eye on the weekend. it will be warmer but there's a chance we'll see showers, possibly thunderstorms on the fourth. clear for trenton and wilmington. you can see the clouds. this is a live view from the the clouds will be in the low 70s thissian noon while the rest of the area is looking for low 80s. you can see some of the clouds on the satellite imagery. the shore is completely clear. delaware beaches on the way to a nice sunny day today. your nationhood-by-neighborhood. just 71 for mt. pocono. sunshine will be bright and the humidity low for norristown, mt. holly, around 80 degrees.
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very low 80s for cape may and rehoboth this afternoon. 80s for wilmington westchester, swedes br low 80s or close to it in the case of westchester. sunshine will be bright this weekend we'll be watching for clouds and a possibility of showers and thunderstorms. not expecting all day rainfall but there's a chance especially later in the day, seeing storms on the fourth of july. sunshine for sunday. the high near 90. seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten. yesterday i saw a facebook post from a high school friend who was driving from california to the phoenix area. it was 113 degrees and his air condition goes out. >> what did he do? >> drive with the windows down. >> sweat it out. >> can you imagine. let's check in with jessica boyington. she's keeping an eye on the roads. it can cool out there this morning. >> yes anybody without ac
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should be okay. >> we are in runnemede around the new jersey turnpike. you san enorthbound starting to have more volume. it's waurped to see this shot right here. it's still early to see that. five minutes if you're headed northbound from 55 toward the walt whitman bridge. new jersey, still dealing with downed wires in greenwich township there 295 from last week's storm. that's exit 17. the ramp is closed around harmony road. out in cherry hill new jersey gone going construction. route 70 westbound, there's one lane getting by. we'll check in with mass transit coming up in the next ten minutes. there's something in north philadelphia attracting a lot of attention attention. how these greens are generating big buzz and crow yilting hope for families in the neighborhood. plus this.
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>> a gay pride paradents with violence.
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there is a stretch of yard in north philadelphia that is attracting a whole lot of attention these days. >> yes, this is amazing. it sits along north broad street and is responsible for feeding dozens of families. nbc 10's katy zachry is live for us in north philadelphia to show us why this urban garden is making such a difference. katy?
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>> reporter: take a look behind me. this is the garden of hope. it's only a few months old but already it's provided dozens of families in this area with fresh greens you're looking at right now. the produce that some families are getting in the logan neighborhood, they are not used to having on their table, let alone having it grow a few doors down. the garden hope began this spring. the ajisent church is part of the parish. the garden has been so successful the neighborhood group this tioga that's nearby, they've signed up to grow the second garden of hope. >> we had a surprise harvest. it grew so well i had spin ash as billing as my two hands together spinach, collards, kal
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kale and lettuce. coming up in the next hour you'll hear from the volunteers who tend to the garden of hope some of the same people who benefit from the fruits and vegetables who get to eat them. reporting live katy zachry nbc 10 news. there's a federal investigation under way into what caused a fire at a south carolina church over the weekend. according to investigators, folks attending sunday services were forred to find someone else to worship after the church burned to the ground early monday morning. >> he will always provide. i know that. i might cry sometimes but it's not tears of sadness. it's tears of joy. >> no one was injured during the fire. at least four predominantly black churches throughout the south have been damaged since
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the charleston church massacre that left nine people dead on june 17th. this morning, there's still fallout fallout. georgia pride demonstrators applaud ed the court's ruling. but others say the issue is far from settled. >> we still have a long way to go. are we going to trade one level of discrimination for a new level of discrimination. >> the top prosecutor in texas says he has lawyers who will defend officials who refuse to issue marriage licenses based slicenses. the court's last case for this term cover redistricting markets, mercury emissions and
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lethal injection. the latest decision was friday when the court ruled same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. overseas two people are recovering from injuries after turkish police broke up a gay pride parade in istanbul. police used rubber bullets water cannons and participants. state police removed paradegoers out of a central square because it's the holy month of ramadan. the bulletin went to law enforcement across the country on friday warning of an ice inspired attack on american soil. the fbi and the department of homeland security say no specific or credible threat has been identified yet. it has been one year since isis proclaimed statehood.
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since that declaration, the group spread terror fears across the globe. the islamic state of iraq and syria has become known for acts of terror over the past 12 months. the united states has hit isis targets with air strikes, which the pentagon estimates has killed some 10,000 isis militants in iraq and syria. this morning, we have new information about the deadly attack on a beach in tunisia. the gunman shot and killed 38 people before police killed him. investigators are looking for several accomplices. meantime the gunman's father was released after police questioned him. he had no idea who may have influenced his son. and take a look at this new video showing a massive dust storm that southwest across arizona yesterday. visibility dropped to less than
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one mile in r many locations. no serious weather related injuries were reported. today amtrak will announce a new train engine dedicated to anybody who served in the u.s. armed forces. the state-of-the-art engine features a red, white and blue paint scheme and 50 stars. after it's reveal it will operate alongside 70 locomotives set to travel throughout the busy northeast corridor. it's light out. time to get a check of the traffic. >> let's welcome in jessica boyington. >> if you're headed out now, you'll do just fine. leave now if you want to avoid delays. on 422 right now, around trooper road, still an eight-minute trip if you're headed eastbound. that's typically what jams up for the morning commute.
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eastbound towards the schuylkill expressway. on the pa turnpike everything moving along headed westbound to eastbound. mass transit, currently in problems or delays. this is different than we've seen yesterday. septa, new jersey transit and the patco moving along on time. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 20 minutes after 5:00. 15 minutes away from sunrise and we will see lots of sunshine this morning. just a few thin quloudz visible in this live view from center city. 64 degrees. that's cooler than yesterday. it's more comfortable too. the humidity has been coming down. that number will be dropping as the day goes on. sunshine will be bright at the shore. you'll find it from the city to the shore and into the mountains. there are a few clouds in the mountains, no sign for showers earlier today.
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the clouds to the north. most of the area will wind up with sunshine today. tomorrow we'llen watching this morning coming in to play with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. the showers are on track to arrive in pennsylvania western pennsylvania early tomorrow morning. then it's tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening that we could see showers popping up in our area and a possibility of some thunderstorms, too, that's 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. most of the activity west of philadelphia southeastern pennsylvania and northeastern maryland are more likely to see showers than delaware and south jersey. that's 4:00 tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening, a chance of storms but not today. leave the umbrella at home. sinny skies, low humidity. afternoon temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s with westerly winds at 12 miles an hour. the humidity starts moving back in. we have a chance of showers for tuesday, wednesday, thursday
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friday and a chance for the fourth of july saturday. we'll be warmer this weekend, middle 80s during the week. upper 80s saturday and sunned is. still ahead, another setback for nasa and its unmanned rocket. what looked like a perfect liftoff turned into an explosive failure. and the number of cars made in the u.s. drops to a new low.
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from our nbc 10 jersey shore bureau atlantic city's former trump plaza casino won't be re-opening any time soon at least not as a casino. its owners filed a deed restriction which prevents it from being used as a casino for at least another decade. it could be used as another purpose. the move was done to avoid possibly higher taxes under a little that governor chris christie could soon sign. 5:25 and 64 degrees on this monday. if you're in the market for a new car, good luck finding one that's made in america. landon dowdy has this morning's cnbc business news. fill us in, landon. >> good morning to you. it's getting tougher to find a car or truck that's made in america. is out with its annual american miff head index which finds seven vehicles that qualify. final assembly must take place in the u.s. and 75% of parts
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must come from suppliers in the united states or canada. the camry tops the list. >> landon dowdy with cnbc. thanks for that landon. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> humidity is down. temperatures have dropped into the 50s. and 60s this morning. we're getting ready for a nice, sunny day. that's a live clear view looking across the delaware from the adventure aquarium. it's 64 degrees at 5:26. jessica boyington isin the first alert traffic center. >> we're having a good drive so far this morning, especially if you're on 202, southbound or northbound. no problems around route 30. we'll check in the the ongoing construction problem coming up. i'm matt delucia live in gibbstown where the power is still out going on six days after that storm last week.
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several businesses are still closed. people are getting fed up. we'll hear from them, coming up. plus a group of high school students send a letter to a notorious mobster. why they did it and the surprise response they got in return.
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this is nbc 10 news.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, they got him. the manhunt ends for escaped inmate david sweat just two days after his alleged ak politician was shot and killed by police. how they caught him and what's next for the convicted cop killer. people in one south jersey town are seeing red after being left in the dark for nearly a week now. they're calling out the governor who they say is refuseing to help lee store restore power to the area. the sun starting to rise this morning. this dry, pleasant weather will not last forever. we're tracking more storms in the nbc 10 first alert forecast. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm vai sikahema. yes, the storm may come but let's just really enjoy today. it's going to be pleasant out there. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. >> feels nice right


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