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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  June 29, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 11:00, power crews are still out in force in south jersey. thousands remain without electricity. good morning. i'm keith jones. it's been nearly a week since severe weather caused major power outages throughout the area. gloucester county has a significant number of customers in the dark more than 5,000. more than 1,000 don't have electricity in camden county. meanwhile in pennsylvania and delaware the power is almost completely back on. matt delucia is live and the mayor had strong words for the governor. have you seen progress? >> reporter: little by little power is being restored but too little too late for folks here
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and they've been waiting, going on six days now and some people do not have power. this block just got power within the last hour and you see the workers trying to load up those trees that werefell because of the storm last night. we saw power crews making their way through the hardest-hit spots and day six now without electricity and i stopped by in gibbs town and a tree slammed into this woman's daughter's bedroom. now she's worried about those repairs and she has to make roughly $75,000 to $100,000 and we heard similar stories these past few days and no fans and no air-conditioning and like so many others around here. >> they said hopefully today at 2:00. every day they say it's going to be on and not on. is it frustrating for you? >> yeah but i know they're working hard to get it and i saw the lines near harmony road and it's a mess there, so i'm
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being very patient, and hopefully they can get it done and it will be on shortly. >> reporter: a moment ago we mentioned gibbs town and greenwich township mayor george sheiber. he's joining me right now. you had harsh words for the governor for not being here. have you heard from the governor and why is it so important for him to be here right now? >> i have not heard from the governor's office. there's been no contact. the residents of greenwich township would like some attention to what is going on here. we would like to move forward in the process to recoup this funding. we're millions of dollars in cleanup right now. we're progressing along pretty well as you can see in the background here but it will be days, if not weeks before we get back to the regular way of life there. >> you're asking for help from the state, and what are you doing to get your residents back on track and my municipal workers are back at the moment
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and trash pickup and recycling is back on schedule and we're trying to clean up and there's a lot of debris and trees down at this point. we have the roads open and atlantic city electric has promised me that by the end of the day today we should have just about everybody back on power. >> all right. thank you very much for joining us and taking the time out. you've been very busy today and i've been busy for the past few days and thank you for coming out today. i reached out to fema earlier this morning to hear from them. they tell me that they are both conducting preliminary damage assess chltments with the state. the folks around here say they believe they deserve more after waiting six days some still without power, but you can see behind me there's still some progress being made at this hour. live in greenwich township i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a rainy, cloudy weekend, we
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have sunny and nice conditions all across our area. nbc 10 cameras on broad street in gloucester county and more changes are on the way. nbc 10 meteorologist bill henley has the forecast. good morning, bill. >> good morning, keith. the humidity is low and fair weather clouds moving past nbc 10 studios and a nice breeze blowing, too. very dry conditions and low humidity will stay with us through the day as the temperatures climb. they have been moving up. the temperatures will climb to the upper 70s to near 80 degrees this afternoon and the chance for showers and thunderstorms completely out of the picture for today. we'll see lots of sunshine today and right now it's 72 degrees and look at the humidity. that number has been coming down and we're running three degrees cooler at this hour compared to yesterday morning and westerly wind now at 13 miles an hour and they're not going to go a whole lot stronger and just enough to make you feel comfortable. look at the temperature in the 70s while coatesville is still
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in the 60s at this hour and 71 in trenton and in philadelphia northeast philadelphia airport reporting 74 and 72 degrees in south philadelphia at fifth and warden, just a little warmer along the delaware river trail. warmer weather just all over. we've seen scattered clouds move through philadelphia and we've seen it off to the north and west and to find showers you have to go farther to the north into the pocono mountains. we won't see showers today, but the threat returns for tomorrow. for today, it's temperatures climbing through the 70s and tapping out at 80 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon and sunshine as we head into the evening hour, but there are storms in the horizon. the future weather and hour-by-hour forecast when i come back later this half hour. keith? >> thank you, bill. sky force 10 over a building fire in gloucester county this morning. flames tore through a building in monroeville road in south harrison township. crew his to bring in the water
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from tankers and no one was hurt here. right now police are investigating a six-car crash that seriously injured a child on 73 near haysville road just after 6:30. sky force 10 was over that scene. people are still being treated at local hospitals. philadelphia police are hoping this new video here will help them track down a suspect of theed for a pair of burglaries in south philly and point breeze. cameras caught the suspect breaking into the water ice on 19th and oregon avenues and he forced open the registers and made off with the cash. the suspect was seen prying open the doors of the oriental chinese restaurant on south broad street before he opened the registers and then took off. philadelphia police were busy and they're also being looking for a suspect wanted for breaking into a business and stealing a computer in philadelphia. the man used a crowbar to pry
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open the services on mcnulty road and he stole an apple mac computer and took off. police released these surveillance video for a suspect wanted for car burglaries. the latest incident happened when the suspect was caught on video breaking into a car. the suspect typically goes into vehicles that aren't locked steals cash and loose change. bottom line here folks, lock your car. philly police are looking for a man who shot a man outside a bar and it happened on frankfurt avenue on kensington. the victim is in extremely critical condition with a stomach wound. police say they found the car and arrested two suspects and recovered two guns. voting on pennsylvania's budget. we're expecting that to happen tomorrow. lawmakers worked through the weekend. republican state senators beat democratic attempts to increase spending for schools and human
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services before passing a gop-crafted budget bill. the bill also passed the house without any democratic support. the budget is certain to draw a veto for governor tom wolf. >> across the river, new jersey lawmakers could vote on a tax relief for working families today. they will consider a bill to raise the earned income tax credit and one assembly leader says that will help nearly half a million families all across the state. now to decision 2016. today new jersey rocker john jon bon jovi and his wife will host an evening for hillary clinton. the price goes as high as $between 00. bon jovi is expected to perform there. clinton is the latest democrat to announce a run for the white house. she's leading her nearest competitor by 60 points. so far, take a look at this. there are 13 republican
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presidential hopefuls. the gop field is the largest since the modern presidential primary season began in 1952. to join that group is ohio governor john kasich. his senior adviser says kasich will announce his run on july 21st. he'll make the announcement at his alma mater at ohio state university. >> closer to home chris christie has a presidential campaign website up and running just days before he jumps into the race. christie is expected to announce his candidacy tomorrow in his hometown of livingston. christie is seen as the leading contender for the republican nomination, but low polling numbers in new jersey are taking a toll on his national popularity. not sure if you heard about this, more changes today for the philadelphia phillies. the team is planning a 2:30 news conference to announce new leadership for the organization. our sister network comcast sportsnet announced the team was
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on the verge of hiring a new team president. the manager stepped down and he didn't want to stand in the way of looming changes. crept team president will be in attendance at the news conference scheduled at 2:30. people in new york are breathing a lot easier this morning. a three-week man hunt came to a violent end this weekend. we'll have much more on how the second prison escapee was captured coming up. look at this video. a shark encounter on the crowded beach and we'll show you where the ocean predator was seen on the shore. >> a beautiful day today, monday lots of sunshine and low humidity but as it turns out this might be the nicest day of the week and start moving in tomorrow and i'll get your hour-by-hour forecast when i come back.
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an out-of-control fast-burning wildfire in central washington state forced at least 1,000 people to leave their homes. so far about a dozen mousehouses have been destroyed. officials say 108-degree heat dry brush and strong winds helped fuel that fire. so far no one has been hurt sfloot man hunt for two escaped killers is over in new york but the focus intensifies on the prison where they escaped 23 days ago. nbc correspondent jay gray has the details on the dramatic capture of one of the men late yesterday and now what comes next. >> reporter: after three long
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weeks, the manhunt ended in just seconds. >> just bang bang. >> reporter: two shots dropping escaped killer david sweat fired by new york state police sergeant jay cook who was on patrol alone outside the search area when he saw sweat along a road just a mile or so from the canadian border. >> at that point sweat took off running and sergeant cook engaged in a foot pursuit of some duration and repeatedly commanded him to stop which he did not comply and prior to entering a woodline near the border sergeant cook used the appropriate means to apprehend him. >> reporter: he was captured 16 miles from the area where his partner in the escape richard matt was shot and killed by a border patrol agent two days earlier. investigators aren't sure when or if the men separated, but did identify sweat's dna not far from where matt was killed. >> it was a picnic-style pepper shakers and we believe that possibly these two males were using pepper to throw the scent
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off of the dogs who were tracking them. >> reporter: with the manhunt now over investigators are waiting for their opportunity to talk with sweat. if he will speak us to how this escape occurred who was involved and how many people if any, more than joyce mitchell were involved directly with the escape. >> reporter: as the investigation continues here. jay gray, nbc 10 news. get this police in atlanta say a hearse was stolen outside of a hospital while there was a body still inside. they say the suspect rammed the hearse through the gates of the hospital and then drove a few more blocks before jumping out and stealing yet another car. luckily police caught the guy last night. federal investigators are still looking for answers at the site of a deadly plane crash in massachusetts. the plane took off in lancaster county and was headed to massachusetts when it crashed into a home about 30 miles southwest of boston yesterday. three people onboard the small
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plane including a child were killed and the crash sparked a fire which destroyed the house, but the four people inside that home got out safely. this happened on the jersey shore. a group of fishermen caught a 7-foot shark. this i haved yofs taken on the outer banks in north carolina. several beach goers took pictures with the shark. by the way this was hours after a shark attack on the coast of north carolina. overseas banks are closed throughout greece following the government's announcement of capital controls and there are restrictions on cash withdrawals at atms. elderly greek citizens are lining up to try to withdraw their pensions. the government's moves are meant to stop the flow of money out you have greek banks and spur the confessions before the program expires tomorrow. >> elsewhere nearly 3,000 migrants from africa were
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rescued from boats on the med trarian sea this weekend. the italian coast guard released video of the rescue operations. late last week european union leaders agreed to speed up the repatriation of migrants who don't qualify for asylum in a bid to discourage people from trying to cross the mediterranean. there is still fallout from the landmark supreme court decision legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 states. gay pride demonstrators applauded the ruling and skeptics on both sides of the issue, say this is far from settled. >> we still have a long ways to go. >> are we going to trade one level of what's called discrimination for a new level of discrimination against people of faith? >> the top prosecutor in texas says he has lawyers who will defend officials who refuse to issue marriage licenses based on their own religious objections and ruling still doesn't answer
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the issue of private businesses who participate in same-sex ceremonies. this is an unbelievable story of survival. a woman in nevada gave birth by herself while lost in the wilderness for days. amber pangborn was driving when she started having contractions. she decided to take a back road to get to her parent's house, but ran out of gas and lost cell phone service and she ended up giving birth to her daughter melissa on her own and she fought off bee stings. >> and the whole mountain caught on fire and i was looking at marisa my daughter marisa and i was just like i think mom just started a forest fire honey. >> a fire helicopter crew discovered the pair and sent a rescue team and they're both in the hospital being evaluated. soaring with help from the sun. a solar-powered plane began the
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longest leg of the journey and it took off from central japan earlier this morning. it should reach hawaii in about five days and it started its journey back in march, but bad weather kept the plane grounded in japan for the past month and it's the first fixed-wing aircraft to fly around the world without fuel. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> hopefully they'll find some sunshine along the way. it would be a good day to fly around here. we have a lot of sunshine and the humidity stays low today, but that starts changing tomorrow and the chance of showers returns to the area already tracking some shower activity that will be moving into part of the area later tomorrow and the weekend forecast could also include showers and thunderstorms for the fourth of july. right now some clouds over allentown, but sunshine in northeast philadelphia and 74 degrees after starting off in the 60s and now 73 degrees in atlantic city and look at the crowd growing at the shore and
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this is a live view from the lafayette hotel and afternoon temperatures right around 80 degrees at the shore. most of the rest of the areas are headed to the same territory and cool to start with and north and west and still seeing 60s for allentown and quakertown and they're helping to keep the temperatures warmer and 72 in avalon and beach haven and 74 in dover and delaware. sunshine, bright just a few scattered clouds and moving through south jersey and the clouds of the northwest, those will pass my dry, and any showers staying way to the north today, but it's the storms to the west which could start changing things tomorrow and behind these clouds showers and thunderstorms into the ohio valley and the futurecast showing that system bringing the chance of showers back into the area tomorrow afternoon and a few morning showers in central pennsylvania and that's 8:00 tomorrow morning and the clouds
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will be increasing until 2:00 in the afternoon and scattered showers are possible into chester county and heavier downpours farther to the north and west and that hovers just to the north and west tuesday evening, but some of those showers will come through early wednesday morning. during the day today, though enough sunshine for allentown and quakertown and redding into the upper 70s and mount holly up to 79 degrees this afternoon. what a great day at the shore near 80 degrees for cape may. rehoboth beach, 80 degrees and dover, nothing, but sunshine and scattered clouds at times for wilmington and philadelphia. and it looks like a perfect evening for baseball. the humidity stays low this evening and even though it's a warm start at game time 79 degrees by later in the game down to 74 degrees and cooling down into the 60s for tomorrow morning. it will be heating up for the weekend and here is a sneak peek
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at the fourth of july saturday and there is a chance we'll see late-day showers and thunderstorms and the threat is out of here for sunday. a look at the rest of the week with the seven-day forecast keith, in the next half hour. the outbreak on the west coast is leading to political action. it's helping to inspire a change in the law. we'll tell you what some leaders want to do. plus if you have a young child and they've been to the dentist, you may want to schedule their appointment soon. we'll show you why straight ahead.
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a controversial vaccine bill goes to the california senate for one final vote before it was sent to governor jerry brown, it strikes the personal belief exemption requiring nearly all public school students to be vaccinated. medical exemptions would still be granted to children with serious health issues and unvaccinated children would need to be home schooled. lawmakers introduced a bill after an outbreak of measles in disneyland infected more than 100 people. brown hasn't said if he would sign the bill. >> doctors are reminding parents that as temperatures rise this summer so does the risk of heat stroke in children. researchers say about 37 children die every year after being left alone in a hot car. the child's body heats up three to five times faster than an adult's and once it reaches 104 degrees their internal organs begin to shut down.
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children should never be left in a car alone, want each for a minute. and another health note for parents, the earlier you take your kids for their first dental visit the better. children who receive earlier oral care are less likely to develop cavities. researchers looked at the sental history of 30,000 kindergartners and children whose doctors offered preventive oral health surgery had fewer decayed and missing baby teeth. do you want a car that's made in america, we'll show you which vehicle topped one organization's annual american made index. i'm rosemary connors live in center city and i have to be a little bit quiet because just behind this door are some very deserving folks. they're about to receive a big surprise here. they're called champions in action. we'll explain why coming up later on in the newscast.
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this is nbc 10 news. here's a look at our top stories right now. police are investigating a six-car crash that seriously injured a child on route 73 near haysmill road in winslow township, camden county. it happened just after 6:30 this morning. sky force 10 was over that scene and five others are being treated at the hospital. sky force 10 was over this building fire in gloucester county early this morning and flames tore through a building on route 45 on monroeville road. this is in south harrison township. crew his to bring in the water with tankers and no one was hurt. an escaped murderer who was shot by a state trooper is in critical, but stable condition. david sweat is one of two prisoners who escaped from a
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prison three weeks ago. the other escapee was killed in a confrontation with law enforcement on friday. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> take a look at this. it is a sunny start to the workweek. we're seeing nice conditions at the museum of art, but the next couple of days may not be quite as calm. a beautiful shot though. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist has the weather. >> it is so comfortable outside and a nice breeze is blowing and we are seeing fair weather clouds moving past the city right now. no sign of showers today. we are seeing the temperature climb and we're in the low 70s after dropping down into the 60s overnight and on our way to near 80 degrees this afternoon and 71 in trenton and millville, and atlantic city reporting 73 degrees and a really pleasant start with just a few scattered clouds around this morning. showers, they're going to wait for tomorrow and you can see those showers already producing
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plenty of clouds to our west moving into the ohio val we showers and thunderstorms are a possibility as early as tomorrow afternoon and heavy downpours could be heading into the area on wednesday, as well. it looks like much of the rest of the week the chance of showers and thunderstorms is going to be with us but not today. just sunny skies, low humidity and high temperatures would normally warm to 86 degrees in philadelphia, but today, upper 70s and low 80s. that change is in a hurry and we've got the seven-day forecast, keith, when i come back. nearly a week since severe storms tore through our area there are still thousands of people without power. nbc 10 saw power companies at work in gloucester county which is one of the hardest-hit areas and the mayor in greenwich township tells nbc 10 he wants governor chris christie to do more to help people in this area. let's take a look at the numbers. in our area gloucester has the most customers in the dark more than 5,000. more than a thousand don't have
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electricity in camden county and pennsylvania delaware the power is almost completely back on. it is the final day for decisions from the u.s. supreme court and the justices weighed in now on three important decisions involving fair elections, clean air and capital punishment. the court upheld the use of a controversial drug that had been implicated in several botched executions. the justices also ruled against federal regulators' attempts to limit power plant emissions in mercury and other hazardous air pollutions and the supreme court upheld arizona congressional district's drawn by an independent commission and rejected a challenge from republican lawmakers. the 5 to 4 outcome limits partisan influence in redistricting. speaking of which, friday's supreme court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage could mean big business for wedding planners. a survey of lgbt couples held it up until now. same-sex weddings tended to be
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smaller with fewer guesting than heterosexual weddings. they're going to celebrate legally now across the country. the average cost of a typical u.s. wedding runs around $31,000. something else quite costly. experts at nasa and space x are trying to understand how yet another cargo ship headed for the international space station blew up just after liftoff from cape canaveral. it's the third time in eight months that a cargo ship has been lost. as nbc's tom costello reports it's a concern for nasa the space station crew and the plans to turn over these missions to the private sector. >> there goes the reach -- >> reporter: this morning the investigation into how the seemingly picture-perfect rocket launch suddenly went so long. a massive explosion as the space x falcon 9 seemed to vaporize over the florida coast. >> we appear to have had a launch vehicle failure.
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>> it's the third time in eight months a cargo ship destined for the space station has been lost. last october another private company's orbital blew up on liftoff. this april, a russian cargo ship with three tons of supplies was lost in orbit. onboard the space station astronaut scott kelly who tweeted watched dragon launch from the space station sadly failed. space is hard. scott then called his twin former astronaut mark kelly and now a space x and nbc news consultant. >> three of these cargo ship with a lot of his stuff, not only personal stuff and clothing and food but also supplies for some of the experiments and for upgrading the space station. >> also lost, water supplies, a replacement space suit and a water filtration system and nasa insists the crew has enough food and water to last until the fall. >> they've done a tremendous job of balancing the consumables on orbit. >> the science experiments were
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gone again. >> and failures are to be expected and sometimes catastrophic ones and we're not going to let this deter us. >> that was nbc's tom costello reporting. space x is looking at the cause of potential overpressurization of the upper oxygen -- upper-stage liquid oxygen tank. i don't have a degree in space, that's for sure. meanwhile, nasa is asking people who live along flo florida's coast to be long for possible rocket debris and if they find any, call police to have it picked up. from the nbc 10 jersey shore bureau, the trump plaza casino closed last year and it could be a long time before another casino reopens on that site and that's because owners filed a deirdre strikz that prevents it from being used as a casino for a decade. it still could be use for another purpose. the move was done to avoid potentially higher taxes under a bill that governor chris
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christie could sign soon and the casino closed last september. there is a small plot of land in a neighborhood that is single-handedly feeding dozens of families fresh vegetables. it's food that those people would otherwise be without. >> it began as one nun in this parish wanting to help her local community and it's grown to this garden which is quickly spreading. >> sister see this squash? >> it's more excitement than you'd expect over a single squash. >> there's one nice one over there. >> but with every vegetable grown here at 50th and broad. >> we found a few peppers that are nice and ready to eat. >> peppers, i love. especially the hot peppers. >> it's helping feed families in philadelphia. >> oh yeah. >> start with what do we do for the people and someone suggested people need nutritious food. >> sister mary katherine with the sisters of st. joseph began this garden so neighborhood families would get fresh
11:38 am
produce. >> lettuce. >> and learn about healthy eating and while most produce has had a rough growing season. >> we had a surprise harvest. it grew so well that i had spinach that was as big as my two hands together. spinach, collareds, kale and lettuce. >> from that harvest they fed 40 families thanks to skilled volunteers. they're well on their way to a second harvest. >> there was a large squash in here and a second garden. they partnered with the neighborhood group kay ohga unite. >> do you feel that the work that you're a part of here is spreading throughout the city? >> we certainly hope so. yes. yes. >> this is the first step and it's just a sign of hope and to carry that through to the garden it's called hope garden. >> and the sisters and volunteers behind the garden of hope plan to have this second garden of hope planted in just the next few months and shortly
11:39 am
thereafter fruits and vegetables on the tables of the people of the neighborhood. katy zachary, nbc 10 news. is out with its annual american made index. it finds only seven vehicles that qualify this year final assembly must take place in the u.s. and 75% of the cars must come from suppliers from the u.s. and canada. kentucky and indiana tops that list. it replaces the ford f series which no longer qualifies. gas prices are dropping again. after two months of increases at the pump not sure if you've taken note of that it comes just in time for the holiday. the national average is $2.78 a gallon. that's 88 cents less than the average price on independence day last year. here's a look at prices in our region. the average of the five county philly area $2.91.
11:40 am
drivers in delaware can expect to pay $2.71 and the lowest local prices are in south jersey as usual where the average is $2.54. mcdonald's may turn to a bigger burger. the turnaround lagging sales according to an internal document reviewed by cnbc. mcdonald's is coming out with a bigger quarter pounder patty. the new patty will weigh 4 ounces before cooking, and it will feature a new shape, too, it will roll out the new bigger burger within the next month and be on the lookout for that. time is running out to apply for free money. nbc 10 and nbc universal are giving away grants to local non-profit organizations and the project is called 21st century solutions. the goal is to support non-profits that are implementing new and innovative programs and it is on nbc and the deadline to apply is july 3rd. excitement is building in center city as a surprise announcement is about to take
11:41 am
place. nbc 10's rosemary connors is on top of it. hi rosemary. >> reporter: keith, i told you last time i saw you i had to be a little bit quiet and that's because folks behind this door really don't have any idea what they're doing here. i'm going to give you a clue. there will be balloons and a big check. it's all coming up next. a check of weather and we have a nice day today, but the word is out. changes are on the way starting tomorrow. a seven-day forecast when we come back.
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this is nbc 10 news. excitement is building in center city right now. that's for a local group that provides housing help for homeless veterans about to get a huge surprise. nbc 10's rosemary connors is live at the utility emergency services fund and they're about to make a big announcement. rosemary, i can only imagine the shock and astonishment we'll see on those faces. >> reporter: that's what we think, keith. the folks behind this door here is the dedicated staff of ucef. they have no idea what we're doing here and they think we're in a conference meeting. let's go in and surprise them. >> good morning. >> good morning! how is everybody doing? we are we are here this morning -- we
11:45 am
wanted to let you guys know we are here this morning because of all of your hard work your organization is getting $35,000. yeah! [ cheers and applause ] >> of course we like to talk to your executive director john roe of uesf. talk us to about it. >> thank you very much. usually i'm very talkative. thank you, nbc. citizens bank philadelphia enquirer daily news and and it's great to be acknowledged for the work that we do and to serve those that serve our country and the ones that won the award is the staff and the staff has addressed homelessness for almost 300 veterans and we continue to stabilize veterans who have been housed, to keep them in their
11:46 am
homes. we have a vast array of programs like our one-stop access for benefits employment and our self-sufficiency work shops. i thank you for the bottom of our heart for the assistance that you've given us. >> thank you, john roe of uesf and it reenforces the good work that you do the staff and i want to bring in the general manager of nbc 10 and telemundo 62, ric harris. >> is this a great day? >> john congratulation but not only congratulations to john but to the entire team and the entire staff here. you guys thought you were coming in for any old, typical meeting, little did you know that there was this $35,000. how about that? [ applause ] and i just want to say on behalf of nbc 10 and telemundo 62 the entire team at both stations
11:47 am
congratulations, this is fantastic. the work that you guys do for veterans is phenomenal. we are proud of you and we're happy to share in the celebration and to be able to provide some resources that help you continue to do the outstanding work that you do. so congratulations. have a wonderful day and celebrate this great honor. [ cheers and applause ] thank you, rick. in addition to nbc 10 and telemundo 62 citizens bank is a proud partner to bring this check to you and the acknowledgement and recognition and i am joined by dan fitzpatrick. dan? >> congratulations, this is an awesome day because all of us at citizens bank are thrilled and you're the 45th champions in action in the philadelphia area. thanks for what you do every day for our most vulnerable vet reasonveter ans. we care passionately about our veterans and what you do with housing and support services and i've seen it firsthand and with john roe and the team and what you do every day.
11:48 am
thank you. it is so so important. what we do at citizens bank is to provide $35,000 of financial support along with great media partners on nbc 10 and telemundo and the philadelphia enquirer and to get the good word out so that more people can contribute and look out for our veterans and thank you for what you do every day. >> you hit the nail on the head and this is to honor you as champions in action. you guys are the recipients this year and our partner is the enquirer daily news >> thank you very much rosemary. congratulations to everyone. i was lucky enough to serve on the committee that helped make this selection, and it was such an easy selection to make especially in light of the fourth of july holiday coming up. i can't think of anything more appropriate than honoring an organization that helps the folks who sacrificed so much for our country achieve their own independence, and we know that you'll put this money to great
11:49 am
use, help even more of these veterans sustain their lives in great homes with their families and rebuild their lives because we all owe our veterans especially as we celebrate our country. congratulations, everyone. [ applause ] >> that's going to do it for us here at center city. we're at uesf, utility emergency services funds. they're awarded not only the $35,000 and comprehensive media coverage. this is live tv in case you didn't realize it live television right now. yeah exactly. we'll send it back to you guys in the studio. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> a beautiful day today and not only a great charity getting some money, but look at this beautiful weather that will stay with us through the day today.
11:50 am
71 degrees right now at redding. scattered clouds in redding and philadelphia, and bright sunshine and 72 degrees currently in wilmington. the clouds are thicker in the pocono mountains and those clouds will remain for much of the day. showers, not happening today. these clouds will come through dry. showers and possibly some thunderstorms with the next round. the system will be coming into play for us for tomorrow. for today, the heavier downpours are moving through the ohio valley and on the way to western pennsylvania where they'll be later today and tonight. during the day today, 70s. we'll hit 80 degrees by 4:00 this afternoon, and westerly winds at 11 miles an hour and we'll start to come down a little bit this evening and 79 degrees and we're not tapping in to the higher humidity to our south and that changes over the next couple of days and the seven-day forecast has temperatures going up tomorrow and you'll notice the humidity goes up as well. not so much in the morning and
11:51 am
it will be at 65 in the morning and later in the day and that could help fuel some showers and thunderstorms. >> it's not going to be widespread activity and not a lot of people will have showers in the afternoon and tuesday evening and into wednesday morning and the shower threat will stay with us for not only wednesday, but also thursday and both days temperatures in the middle 80s and that's normal for this time of year. cooler on friday and the possibility of showers and thunderstorms and the high of 81 degrees and the weekend will be warmer. saturday up to 86 degrees, saturday and also known as the fourth of july could see some late-day showers and some thunderstorms and then those clear out and sunday will be sunny and hot with a high of 90 degrees. we'll be right back.
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the kids are out of school and if you're looking for something fun for the families. you can visit the franklin institute for free. that's right, i said it. it's free. here's a live look at the museum. it's open until 5:00 tonight. free admission will get you access to three floors of interactive exhibit, science shows as well as a show in the
11:55 am
planetarium. for a look at the full lineup check out the nbc 10 news app and it's a free download to your smartphone or tablet. coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00 it's ellen. today a taylor swift special event and after that it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. this afternoon, refill your fridge and get a break today. the discount offered by a local grocery chain. nbc 10 explains why it's only being offered to some people in our area. find out if you qualify this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. now to an update on our top story. more than 5,000 customers in gloucester county are still without power nearly a week after severe storms tore through our area. workers are trying to rescore power to as many customers as they can. some homeowners are -- he wants governor chris christie to do more and transitioning to
11:56 am
today's weather, bill beautiful outside, but change may be on the way. >> yeah. starting tomorrow. today there's still a lot of beautiful weather to enjoy. the temperatureses are in the 70s now and they'll top out around 80 degrees and it will turn warmer as the week progresses and satellite showing scattered clouds and no sign of showers for today and a nice breeze is blowing out of the west and low humidity and 13 mile an hour wind in philadelphia. it's about a nice a monday as you can expect to find and 80 degrees there afternoon at 4:00 and scattered clouds around at 7:00 and 79 degrees. the warmer weather set for tomorrow and possibly up to 87 degrees and we'll be watching for scattered showers and thunderstorms more likely in the afternoon and evening hours and then into wednesday morning. it's still a possibility for thursday, friday and saturday. the fourth of july. that one could go either way so be watching the fourth very closely. there may be outdoor plans for that specific day.
11:57 am
>> no question. a lot of people will be looking at the forecast then too. thank you for watching. i'm keith jones and for bill henley and all of us at nbc 10, have a great day.
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>> will: look, i swear i'm not writing an article about dr. myers. >> sonny: all right, so much for honesty hour. >> will: i am being honest. yes, it's true that i suggested to zoe that dr. myers and his techniques might be an interesting story for sonix, but i also said that i cannot write it because he's our therapist. >> sonny: you thought his techniques would be a good subject? >> will: i was very impressed with how he handled our first session. >> sonny: no, no! you went to zoe and wanted to write that article before our first session. that's just another lie. >> [laughs] oh, my gosh. it's so cold. >> it's freezing. >> it feels so cold. oh, my god. i need a hot shower. >> let's get in the car. >> i'll beat ya. >> derrick: paul? i thought that was you. >> paul: uh, hi. >> derrick: you don't remember me?


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