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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  July 1, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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rning, there's still some rain coming down for parts of the area and it is a steady rain this morning a first alert in effect until 6:00 this morning and the threat of flooding, road ponding, rivers and streams are on the rise, thanks to all the heavy rainfall. we're still adding to those rain totals at this hour. you can see a light rain falling in philadelphia. it's about to intensify, just a little bit. the steadier showers moving through northern delaware county into gloucester and salem counties in new jersey montgomery county is seeing the steadier rainfall. to the south it extends into central delaware but dover is starting to dry out. those showers are just going to glance by the shore for cape may. atlantic city already saw some storms. but as the day goes on the storm threat will be decreasing this morning. we'll see showers at 7:00 most of the area will be drying out at that hour. by 1:00 sunshine, we'll be watching for a chance of a late-day shower today. back with the hour-by-hour
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futurecast to show you what's ahead in ten minutes. we are tracking the rain conte by county. this is a live look from storm force 10. nbc 10's matt delucia is driving in the area of chester county. i understand they're near exton to take a look at what the weather is doing in your neighborhood, we'll have a live report from matt coming up at 5:30. let's go to nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington with details on how to get around this morning with the flooding and ponding out there. >> jessica? >> there's a lot going on this morning. first we'll tell you about the schuylkill expressway. montgomery drive between girard avenue. starting to see an impact on the drive times as well due to an earlier car fire accident scene that's now an accident investigation. one lane getting by right here headed westbound and a 16-minute drive time which is typically about an 11-minute drive time. if you do want to get on the schuylkill expressway, avoid the delays.
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you can take mlk drive to avoid the area as well. pennsauken township closed between route 70 and route 8. septa, dealing with signal problems newark/wilmington, paoli/thorndale and the airport line. we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. >> katy zachry went to the accident scene earlier this morning and she now joins us at the hospital. >> that's right, vai, we were on scene a short time ago but had to leave once they opened one lane of traffic around that deadly accident scene. hahnemann hospital the single survivor has been brought here. i'm still waiting on an update on that person's condition. let's go to our first piece of
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video. around 3:00 this morning, flames engulf the dark colored saedansedan, the single car involved in the crash. preliminary reports show it is the only car involved. it was going at such a high rate of speed. we done the know why it lost control but it seemed to hit the jersey barrier on the right-hand shoulder destroying that jersey barrier. if we go to the video, standing right where emergency responders were. police tell me two people inside that car were killed upon impact. before they can clear the scene police have to do their investigation. they also are waiting for the medical examiner to arrive to remove the bodies from the car, then they'll upright it. the tow company was on scene. they'll then tow that car away from the highway. right now as jessica said, it is causing somewhat of a delay, 16 minutes, it's causing a delay between the vine street expressway and 476.
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you're going to see that delay between girard and montgomery on the schuylkill expressway westbound. fortunately the extreme left-hand lane of traffic has opened up. we'll stay on top of this story. i'll bring you any updates in the next hour. reporting live in center city katy zachry, nbc 10 news. today, pennsylvania senator bob casey will visit chester county to push for improvements in train safety. casey will be at the septa yard in malvern for a demonstration of positive train control or ptc. he is calling on congress to fully fund that technology in the wake of the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia in may. ptc can slow a train down if it's going too fast. federal investigators had said that ptc could have prevented the crash in philadelphia's port richmond neighborhood that killed 8 and injured more than 200 others. new from overnight a man is recovering after being shot while driving a van in north philadelphia. investigators say the man was shot along stillman street but
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drove himself to chalmers avenue to evade the gunfire. according to investigators, they found a gun in the victim's van. police are not named any suspects in this case yet. philadelphia police this morning are examining a new clue in the murder of an 58-year-old woman. police are trying to figure out whether a knife found in a church play ground in north philadelphia was the weapon used to kill regina brunner. the play ground is not far from the crime scene or brunner's home in east mount arie. her son discovered her body on monday. two dozen neighbors gathered in the rain to light candles and share stories about their friend. >> it's amazing how many people showed up in the rain. that shows what kind of person she was. >> police recovered brunner's missing car yesterday. a neighbor said she contacted police after she spotted a car matching the description. new this morning, we received surveillance pictures overnight of the four suspects whom police say robbed a chestnut hill bank yesterday.
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according to investigators, the four men robbed the td bank along germantown avenue before splitting into two groups and taking off in separate directions. we are also getting a first look at the person camden police are searching for in connection to an overnight robbery. this one happened back in may. investigators say the man approached the female victim at 24th and carmen streets and then demanded money before hitting her and running away. anybody with information should contact camden police. just hours after he announced his candidacy for president yesterday, new jersey governor chris christie was in new hampshire holding a town hall. political analysts say christie must do well in the first in the nation primary to have any chance at the republican nomination. >> i'm going to tell you what i think. if you like it great. if you don't, there's 13 other candidates to pick from. you'll find somebody -- >> his high school in north jersey was the backdrop of the official announcement yesterday. the 14th major gop candidate in the race for the white house told a crowd he's determined to
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move america away from the policies of the current administration. >> we have a president in the oval office who ignores the congress an a congress that ignores the president. we need a government in washington, d.c. that remembers, you went there to work for us, not the other way around. >> at the rally, christie said he'll give america decisiveness and strong leadership if he's elected president. this morning, we have more details on the pope's official schedule for his trip to philadelphia in september. the vatican released the itinerary yesterday. the visit by pope francis begins on saturday september 26th. at 10:30 in the morning that day, the pope will celebrate mass at the cathedral basilica of saints peter & paul in center city. his first public event will be later on that day at 4:45 in the afternoon when he'll visit independence mall. at 7:30 this evening, the pope will attend the festival of
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families along the ben franklin parkway. at 9:15 day two, pope francis will meet with bishops in wynnewood. at 11:00 in the morning, the pontiff will greet prisoners and their family at the correctional facility, cfcs in philadelphia's homesburg section. the grand finale a mass to wrap up the world meeting of families. that will be on the ben franklin parkway. you are looking live over the parkway and, of course the art museum. this is where more than a million people possibly even 2 million people are expected to gather. the pope is also slated to visit washington and new york when he makes his trip to the u.s. the pope flies out of philadelphia back to rome on sunday night when the pope's itinerary was released yesterday, thousands of you learned about it first on the nbc 10 news app. be sure to check the appr @r(tf o e impact it will have on our
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region. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> nine minutes after 5:00. 69 degrees. it's a first alert that's still in effect for our area thanks to the heavy rainfall overnight. we're still dealing with the flood threat road ponding, rivers and streams are ponding after heavy downpours. rain falling for reading, philadelphia and wilmington. that's a temporary situation. we'll be drying out this morning. the skies are brightening a little bits over center city. the heavy rainfall quickly cleared the region heading to the northeast. sunshine at the shore, still a chance of a shower first thing this morning. flash flood watch still in effect until 6:00 this morning. all the heavy rainfall we had over the weekend yesterday and overnight is taking its toll. it's still coming down look how quickly things are improving. the rain has ended in northeastern maryland. it's moving out of new castle
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county and delaware. the light rain that's steady in montgomery and bucks counties philadelphia and south jersey will also be moving through. when we went on the air at 4:00 this morning, it was heavy downpours and thunderstorms for toms river. now those storms are out of the picture. we'll see improving conditions hour by hour future weather shows by 6:00 7:00 this morning, those storms are way out of here and we see some breaks of sunshine. so the temperatures will be climbing this afternoon. we're heading for the 80s with just a slight chance of a late day shower. allentown up to 58 degrees, 85 for trenton, mt. holly, just a degree warmer. most of the day we'll be dry. watch for an isolated shower possibly thunderstorm this afternoon. the risk of severe weather, much lower today. an isolated shower is possible at the shore for rehoboth cape may and atlantic city. but most of the day it's going to be dry for wilmington drexel hill and swedesboro. upper 80s this afternoon. seven-day forecast with a look at the fourth of july when i come back in ten minutes.
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5:10 this tuesday morning. time to get a check on traffic. a heads up on mass transit as well. >> jessica boyington is watching that plus the roads out there. >> a quick update for mass transit. we had all the paoli/thorndale, wilmington/newark and airport lines suspended due to signal problems. they've restored service for paoli paoli/thorndale for septa. expect 10 to 15-minute delays as they restore the service. additionally, the construction on the vine street expressway east and westbound, normally closed until 5:00 a.m. has just re-opened. watch for crew on the scene there as well. up to a 19-minute drive time on the schuylkill expressway due to this accident between girard and montgomery drive. taking out the right-hand shoulder spread over to the left. we have one lane barely squeezing by. again, 19 minutes heading westbound towards the blue route from the vine street expressway. we also have flooding on mlk drive right before black lane.
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there's police activity directing traffic around the incident. we'll check in with new jersey coming up there's a few things going on there. rosemary? >> thank you, jessica. 11 minutes after 5:00. missing for nearly 24 hours, a man sees a swimmer struggling in the water and calls 911. >> no big surprise. the current in the inlet are terrible. >> the latest on the search for the swimmer at the jersey shore. we'll tell you what makes this spot so dangerous. i'm nbc 10's monique braxton, live where the lgbt community will gather this afternoon to talk strategy. we'll have an update after the break.
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and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪ heavy rain wasn't the only thing pounding our neighborhoods overnight. nbc 10 cameras in coatesville, chester county caught strong gusts there. here's a live look fromfrom storm force 10. they're in the chester conte area tracking storm conditions there and of course the impact he is now on 202 north heading toward philadelphia. he's going to have another live report coming up in about 15 minutes at 5:30. as folks prepare to head for the shore for the holiday weekend, beach patrol crews are stepping up their efforts to prevent tragedies in the water. nbc 10 was in north wildwood in an area call eded harriford inlet.
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this is the inlet between the ocean and the bay. neighbors tell us they've even witnessed people drown in this spot before. >> standen open the jetty and he saw someone floating by. >> if you're not a good swimmer, definitely put on a life jacket. swim with somebody. don't swim alone. >> there are seens posted along the beach warning swimmers about the rip current in this inlet. rescue crews in the meantime are continuing to search for a swimmer who went under and has not been seen since yesterday morning. this happened just off the coast of cape may county. new this morning, lawmakers in pennsylvania pass changes to a child abuse clearance law. it's now headed to governor tom wolf's desk. background checks would be limited to volunteers and school employees who have direct and routine interaction with children. the bill would require clearances every five years instead of every three years.
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governor jack markell signed legislation that allows immigrants to drive. people in the country illegally and filed delaware income tax returns for at least two years can get driving privilege cards. philadelphia leaders will meet with the lgbt community to celebrate the supreme court's same-sex marriage decision. they'll discuss what's next for pennsylvania. monique braxton is live in love park where the event will happen this afternoon. >> reporter: community leaders tell us it is time to talk strategy and look to the future for the lgbt community here in the keystone state. it's been one week of celebrations in philadelphia new york and across the country. the lgbt community says you know they are free to marry but gay activists say most are surprised to learn people can be fired from their job, evicted and in some cases not served at
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businesses because of who they are, lesbians gay, bisexuals or transgender. now, in just a couple of hours here in love park using it as a backdrop, there will be a discussion on what's next what laws need to be changed and what new laws need to be enacted. of course we'll have that for you. live now from love park monique braxton, nbc 10 news. yesterday, mlk drive was a problem because of a downed tree. today it's flooding. let's get a check on what else is going on out there. >> talk about deja vu one week ago we were talking about storm effects. >> we're having another busy day. we're out on the schuylkill expressway right now starting to see drive times here really being affected by this accident scene between girard and montgomery drive. this is early for that considering there's not a lot of
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volume. earlier this was a massive car fire and now accident investigation. as we know this accident scene turned deadly. the right-hand shoulder the next lanes over actually being completely blocked off. one lane getting by. that will affect your morning commute. take mlk drive to get through the area if you want to avoid all of those delays. traffic is still getting through the area. pennsauken township route 130 is also closed due to an accident and downed wires in the area between route 70 and 38. follow the local detours there. elsewhere in cherry hill new jersey, one lane getting by. at route 07 westbound between south cornell avenue and mcclelland avenue. we'll go over mass transit details, coming up. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's a rainy start, storms overnight with heavy rainfall have cleared the area. but we still have rain coming down at this hour. this is a cloudy view of center city, the wind has died down. the big storms are out of the
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picture for the rest of the morning. right now it's just a light rain in philadelphia. 70 degrees. the rain is going to quickly taper off, in fact some areas have seen it come to an end. dreary start for citizens bank park. you can see the rain that's fallen overnight. quick-moving storms overnight produced heavy rainfall. now it's light rainfall for abington, philadelphia gloucester and winslow. the showers are steady in the allentown area. it's drying out in chester county and upper montgomery is seeing those rain drops come to an end. drying out in delaware still some steady rainfall in cumberland county moving into atlantic county. atlantic city more rain on the way before we start to see drying conditions and get some sunshine for you. hour by hour future weather, well be watching for a chance of isolated showers. not expecting anything like what we saw yesterday. there's a possibility of a few rain drops here and there and an outside chance of a
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thunderstorm. but most of the area is likely to stay dry today. the rain will be pushing out, the temperatures warmer into the upper 80s this afternoon. winds at 15 miles an hour, yes, a slight chance of a late-day shower, a better chance we'll see late-day storms tomorrow and the threat for tomorrow is greater in delaware and south jersey, the shore more likely to see that activity than areas north and west. 84 degrees for thursday. the showers continue into friday morning and then clearing out friday afternoon. still some clouds around but we'll get sunshine too. for the fourth of july. can't rule out a late-day shower or thunderstorm on the fourth but this weekend we will see improving conditions for sunday as the temperature warms into the upper 80s sunday and monday bright sunshine partly sunny and hot tuesday afternoon. businesses are blasting the president's overtime pay proposal. the impact some say it would have on the job market, plus how it would affect workers in
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our region. and still ahead, a historic change. the announcement expected from president obama today about our relationship with cuba. and this is something that hasn't happened in over a half century.
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president obama's new wage rules would guarantee overtime to many workers including many in our area. some companies say the plan could hurt them and force them to make cuts. landon dowdy is here to explain
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in this morning's cnbc business news. >> good morning to you. businesses are blasting president obama's plan to boost the number of people who are eligible for overtime pay. they say it would curtail hours and hurt job growth. many managers would qualify for overtime. the plan could affect 200,000 workers in pennsylvania, 130,000 in delaware and 20,000 in new jersey. over on wall street the markets are poised to go higher today. investors taking in stride the latest news out of greece as the country missed its loan payment to the imf. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 suffering their worst month since january. the dow at 17619. the nasdaq up 28 to 4986. back over to you. >> landon dowdy with cnbc.
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thank you. heavy rainfall overnight. there's still potential for some flooded areas road ponding not an issue at 8th and market but other areas, low-lying areas are likely to see standing water this morning. might make getting around a bit difficult to start with. rain is starting to taper off. we are seeing improving conditions. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. >> bill we're having a messy morning. we're looking live at the 30 bypass where we have a downed tree. you can see the road flares on the right-hand side right around 340 in the westbound lanes. traffic squeezing by to the left. we'll have updates on this as well as the schuylkill expressway accident coming up. i'm matt delucia on the schuylkill expressway right now. you can see traffic is not too bad, eastbound just past king of prussia heading toward west
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conshohocken area. we're out here in storm force 10. we'll have another look after the break.
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they make little hearts happy and big hearts happy too because as part of a heart healthy diet those delicious oats in cheerios can help lower cholesterol. cheerios... how can something so little... help you do something so big. this is nbc 10 news first alert weather. >> another round of showers and storms. nbc 10 is tracking the rain that moved through overnight and the potential weather threat that's still ahead. >> and breaking from overnight,
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flames engulf a car on the schuylkill expressway. this morning, two people are dead as a result. we'll tell you what happened and what to expect as you head out the door this morning. >> plus pennsylvania is without a new budget this morning. late last night, governor tom wolf vetoed the spending plan passed by republicans. we'll tell you what happens next and how it may impact you. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm vai sikahema. as you can see behind us, it's just getting light out there. let's go right to bill henley with the first alert forecast for this morning. >> yesterday morning at this time we were talking about the potential for weather later in the day. this morning, we're watching storms pull away from us. the heavy rainfall overnight has resulted in a first alert being issued this morning for the potential for flooding. light rainfall in center city. you can see by the live picture from the adventure aquarium. the flood


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