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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  July 2, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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have already been sent to local hospitals. more breaking news here in our area. bullets fired at an undercover police car. we are following the investigation that is ongoing and the search for the shooter. help today for hundreds of folks in south jersey hit hard by last week's severe weather. we will tell you what the state is doing to get towns back on track after flooding toppled trees and days without power. a warm dry start as we take a live look outside this morning, but we are tracking showers for part of our area today. we will tell you who will see the wet wedgeather and when. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm rosemary connor. it felt cooler as i was coming in today. let's check in with bill henley. >> the humidity is lower and helps to make it feel more comfortable this morning. we will see lots of sunshine. we are half an hour away from seeing sunrise this morning. there are some clouds in our future and a chance of some showers too. clear right now over center
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city. live view across the delaware this morning. the radar view shows some activity to our southwest. you can see it moving it to the south of washington, d.c. and heavier downpours. those are trending toward delaware and south jersey and slight chance of a shower in philadelphia today but most of the day will be dry and nice sunny start. 72 at 7:00. scattered clouds at 10:00 and 82 at 1:00. your hour-by-hour future cast to show you when the showers are likely to move into the area when i come back in ten minutes. right now a check of traffic with jessica boyington. >> we are checking out the schuylkill expressway and doing great in both directions. montgomery drive. eastbound right here headed towards the center city area 12-minute drive time from the blue route to the vine street expressway. 12 minutes there as well. we are watching out for a ramp
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closure in lower pottsgrove on route 42222 due to an at arm&hammer boulevard. still out in sellersville route 309 is closed for an accident investigation. back to the breaking news. a train derailment leads to evacuations in tennessee. the freight train was carrying highly flammable toxic gas when it went off the rails in blount county and caught on fire. as many as 5,000 people around that wreck are told to evacuate. an american red cross shelter has been set up at a nearby high school and this is video of that shelter. the fire department there says seven of its firefighters were taken to a local hospital after breatheing in the fumes.
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the evacuation in that area could last 24 to 48 hours. a private hazmat team and emergency management ofgsficials are on the scene there. in camden someone shot at an undercover police officer. katy zachry is live at police headquarters. fill us in on the investigation. what have you learned? >> reporter: we know the undercover officer was sitting in his unmarked police car at the time of the shooting. here is video. a gold taurus and it was shot at at least once. the officer sitting inside was undercover and on duty and he was not injured. he was in the park side neighborhood which is a heavily residential neighborhood in camden and happened around 11:30. there was a large police response understandably. in fact, investigators who were on the scene kept our cameras back a ways as they were investigating. they were out there for about three hours around 3:30 this scene cleared up. i've been trying to get more information about the suspect who did get away.
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at last check, he was armed. wend he fled in a vehicle. i'm trying to get a description of that vehicle and i'll have more coming up at 5:30. reporting live outside the camden county police department katy zachry, nbc10. breaking news from overnight out west. more than 200 firefighters -- flames you can see have burned dozens of acres so far. people at a lakeside camping area had to evacuate as a precaution. official say no homes are in danger. in the philippines, strong waves pattered a ferry boat before it cap-sized with 170 people on board. most pulled to safety but 36 people died and more than a dozen are missing. we will continue to follow this breaking news and bring you information as it comes into the newsroom. it has been over a week
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since severe weather ravaged a number of south jersey communities. today the mayors of those towns are hoping to find out if they can get any state or federal aid to help them recover. representatives from the governor's office will meet with those mayors this morning in gloucester county. initial damage estimates run around 10 million dollars and does not meet fema's threshold for uninsured damages which would qualify the state for federal disaster money. this week, severe weather hit chester county and now residents know this is a tornado. national weather service confirmed a twister touched down in honeybrook on tuesday afternoon. the official word is there was no tornado in lehigh county. national weather service determined that a microburst with straight line winds made this mess on tuesday. those winds caused a great deal of damage in hanover township. the parking authority will
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roll out a new fleet of taxis like this one you're seeing here that are wheelchair accessible. new cabs will be on the street later this morning. dozens of the new taxis should be in service by the fall. federal government is looking at whether airlines inspired to limit growth so they could keep ticket prices high. sources say the fed noticed a lack of empty seats in a shrinking but more profitable airline industry and picked up out airline executives publicly used the term discipline as in capacity discipline. one said that is code to fill seats and maximize their profits. the airline industry said there will be more seats this summer, not fewer. new this morning, this convicted dog fighter and cocaine dealer out of kent county will spend next seven years in federal prison. nelson was sentenced by a u.s.
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district court judge yesterday. his home was searched in 2013 and found pit bulls and cocaine. authorities expect to make an arrest after several dogs from a suspected fighting ring in philadelphia. the spca found these dogs during a raid at a home in west oak lane yesterday afternoon. five of the animals were chained to a wall. one was dead. according to the spca the chains were heavier than the dogs and the animals were living in filth. >> just the conditions alone of the way they were kept on heavy chains separated them, you know it was horrendous. >> also inside this row home, a snake in a tank. the spa took all of the animals away. authorities tell us they have found drug paraphernalia inside the home.
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authorities step up efforts to keep swimmers safe. north wildwood police have not been able to find a swimmer who disappeared in the swift currents of this inlet. the search resumes this morning. the unidentified man disappeared early tuesday morning the same day that a 17-year-old girl drowned in a lake in old mining quarry. police say it's never safe to swim in a quarry. >> it could drop from three foot to 20 feet to 40 feet and 60 foot immediately and no climbing back up. particularly if you're a weaker swimmer. >> officials say the drowning was the fourth at that quarry since 1984. in wildwood a watch tower is being built to give the lifeguards an easier view of swimmers. coming up on nine minutes after 5:00. temperatures in the 60s and low
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70s right now. clear skies but clouds on the way and i'm tracking showers for parts of the area today. watching for the chance of showers for fourth of july. right now, it is dry and cool in doylestown. scattered clouds and 66. dry on beach avenue in cape may but clouds heading towards the shore and towards delaware. with those clouds a chance of scattered showers today. radar shows it's dry for now but the wet weather not far away. these are thunderstorms moving through maryland and heading towards delaware at this hour and scattered showers just to the northwest of washington, d.c. a possibility, a slight chance philadelphia will see a scour scattered shower. more likely stays to the south but it has a ways to go before it moves in. we will get a dry morning to start with. later in the morning, hour-by-hour forecast shows some showers in delaware and at the jersey shore. a chance of an isolated shower
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inland. you can see most of this activity is staying to the south and east of the city. farther northwest more likely to see sunshine and dry for the pocono mountains. 80s on for allentown and quaker town and doylestown and trenton and mt. holly in the 80s. a chance of thunderstorms for cape may and rehoboth and atlantic city. inland and chance of showers less likely. 80s this afternoon for wilt swedesboro and wilmington. i left my house a little before 3:00 a.m. and a rerouting on a bridge and vine street expressway and forget there is road construction there and i finally get it and glad i'm not doing that at 5:00 6:00 this morning. >> can you imagine doing that with thousands of other drivers on the road? >> it was just me this morning
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and it was nice. >> there are perks waking up to early and take the drive in. if you're waking up early and out in mill viville you will deal with this. route 45 nothing going on here and moving fine in all directions. check on the rest of the jersey roads, everything is doing okay as well. still five minutes on the northbound side from the point at 55 toward the walt whitman bridge and bridge is doing just fine as well. for ongoing construction out in cherry hill new jersey route 70 westbound between south cornell and mcclellan avenue only one lane getting by and check in with mass transit coming up. another win for the lgbt community. the decision allow same-sex couples to tie the knot in some churches. a turn toward transparency. the change philadelphia police are making to improve community relations. i'm matt delucia live in trenton. a school here is teaching kids about life.
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one go cart at a time and i'll explain coming up.
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breaking news out of tennessee, a train derailment has sent toxic fumes into the area. this is video of the red cross shelter that has been set up for 5,000 people told to evacuate the area at a local high school in tennessee.
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the freight train was carrying toxic gas when it went off the rails and caught fire. the fire department says seven firefighters were taken to a local hospital after breathing in the fumes. we will continue to monitor this story in the newsroom and bring you this breaking news and more updates as we get them. less an week after the historic supreme court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage, the episcopalian church has approved same-sex marriage. the new rules clergy can decline to perform the ceremonies and have another replacement clergy member do. the policy takes effect on the november 29th. a change in policy this morning for the philadelphia police department. the department will now release the names of officers who fire their weapons in police-involved
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shootings. the roofpolice commissioner charles ramsey only policing tax force. the officer's name will be released within 72 hours after shooting. however, the department will also evaluate if there is any threat to the officer or his or her family once their name is released to the public. the man suspected of starting a fire that burned down a cvs pharmacy during the baltimore riots in the spring is behind bars. they say he is responsible for setting the store on fire in april. carter was captured after a wanted photo was released. you may remember the scene in baltimore after the death of freddie gray while he was in police custody. ame church bishops are calling for an action to end racism. they asked for a change in new orleans yesterday. the first time they spoke since the church massacre in charleston south carolina. the bishops added despite that
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tragedy, strangers must still be welcomed to churches. okay, ready? aim, fire. >> putting kid on the right track in time for summer. a local man is lending his time and expertise to teach kids about life. what are the kids learning this morning, matt? >> reporter: we are seeing go-carts in them and maybe ridden them in our time. what about a go-cart racing school? we wonder why kids keep coming to this church day after day spending hours upon hours working on these things at the living hope alliance church in trenton. after the sunday services this place turns into a racing school. about a dozen kids do this under the guidance of bob danka who is raising go-carts 40 plus years.
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he and a partner put this together a few years ago to get the kid off the street in trentonon trenton and on the right track, so to speak. the kids put no money into this except entering the races. it's a lot of work and a lot of reward as well. >> it's beautiful. if someone can work on this they can work on something much bigger. >> i've never had, like, a very big family so now that i have one, it makes me feel nice. >> reporter: you might be wondering how building go-carts help makes these kids better men and women in the long run. i'll have that part of the story coming up at 6:15 and you'll see the kids hard at work. i'm matt delucia, nbc10. >> looking forward to it matt. thank you. 5:18 on this thursday. we know at this early hour there are problems out there on the roads. >> i was watching matt's story. perhaps that help the kids become better drivers.
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>> let's hope. good news in sellersville. earlier today, we did have route 3 309 was closed. everything moving along fine now. you can see brake lights in the distance where the traffic starts to building. headed eastbound toward schuylkill expressway. right now only eight minute drive time and no problems westbound in the other direction. as for mass transit no delays or problems. for new jersey transit or septa or patco, no delays right now. we will keep you updated there and more drive times coming up. 19 minutes after 5:00. about 15 minutes away from sunrise and the skies are brightening up. we can see we are starting off with mostly clear skies. a live view here from the mellon bank ble. 70 to start with.
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philadelphia international at 70. the rest of the area cooler and comfortable and humidity not as high as it was yesterday. sunshine in the pocono mountains. low clouds. you might run into fog some of the lower spots in the mountains but these clouds will move through dry. the clouds are to our southwest this morning are the shower producers. not a lot of rainfall but spotty showers moving through virginia and into maryland and those are trending towards delaware and south jersey and most likely we will see showers and possible thunderstorms during the day today. this is noon time. heavier weather to the south and chance of scattered showers into on south jersey. later this afternoon and this evening, clearing skies and friday, partly sunny skies and dry day. 11:00 the clouds thingwill be thinning out. more clouds around. a slight chance of a shower on the fourth but this computer model showing at 10:00, showers
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stay well to our west and as we go through the day, looks like wet weather is going to stay farther north and west as well. stand by for a sunny start and then some clouds moving into the area. a slight chance of an afternoon shower for philadelphia. we will be in the 80s this afternoon. in fact, by 1:00 we will be at 82. tomorrow, we will struggle to get to the 82 degree mark. probably stop at 81 with sunshine and a few scattered clouds and late chance of shower on friday and 83 for the fourth of july. sunshine and warmer on sunday. then we hit 90 monday afternoon. speaking of the fourth food, fireworks and flags. the new survey that shows your fourth of july festivities are giving the economy a little boost. stumbling off the edge of a septa platform. ahead in our next half hour the fall caught onzwq)a and the officer who rushed in. to offer aid.
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disco! [singing] say it and see it. the x1 voice remote, only from xfinity. at 5:24 you'll no longer be able to enter the common areas of granite run mall in delaware county. the 41-year-old shopping center is officially closed. according to the delaware county times, its two anchor stores including sears, will continue to open for business. the entire property is set to be demolished later this year to make way for a 20 million dollar
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redevelopment project. time is running out t to win free money. nbc10 and nbc universal is giving away grants to nonprofit organizations and called 21st century to support nonprofits that are cash-strapped and implementing new and innovative programs. the application it at and deadline is tomorrow july 3rd. >> who is planning to barbecue this fourth of july? a lot of folks, i'm guessing. you may be spending more money on your holiday cookout. landon is here to fill us in on those details. >> good morning to you. americans plan to spend more on july fourth celebrations this year. the national retail federation saying total spending on food and cookouts will be 6.6 billion and average of $71 a person up from $68 last year. more than 4 million plan to buy
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holiday clothing too. inching closer to sunrise. a dry start this morning. it will stay dry in the pocono mountains where you can see some low lying clouds in this view from the french manor. right now 69 degrees and coming up on 6:26. an easy thursday morning so far p looking live at the platt bridge. no problems there east or westbound heading into the bridge and everything moving along great and no problems the rest of the area bridges as well but we will check in with the rest of the majors and drive times coming up. we will be right back.
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about 5:30. train derailed in tennessee spilling poisonous gas and several thousands people are being evacuated and we are tracking new developments in this breaking story. bullets rain down on an undercover cop car in camden. they say somebody opened fire with the officer inside and we are live at the police headquarters. a frightening fall on the tracks and a closer look at the stumble that had police and passengers rushing in to help. tracking showers for the shores. wet weather is ahead as we get ready for the holiday weekend
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and looking pretty cloudy down there in cape may. count on us for the timing of of the rain as you plan your fourth of july festivities. welcome back. i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm vai sikahema. i wake my dog up at 2:30 to go for a nice walk and when i typically notice it's cooler out and less humid. let's get over to bill henley and find out more in the first alert forecast. >> temperatures have cooled down for the 60s most of the area and 69 here at nbc10. we will hit 80s this afternoon. there are clouds going to be building into the area inching closer to sunrise this morning. it's dry right now. but the showers are just to our southwest. the radar shows it's dry for now. showers and some thunderstorm activity already moving through maryland and it's trending towards delaware and south jersey. a slight chance of a shower in philadelphia. 70 at the airport but look at the 50s. pottstown is 58 and 59 allentow


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