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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  July 2, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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good morning. i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm vai sikahema. today's forecast is always important. saturday's forecast? super important. let's get right to nbc10's meteorologist bill henley. >> keeping a close watch on the fourth of july forecast. this morning we are going to see bright sunshine to begin with for much of the area but already clouds for part of the area. a chance of showers that is greater for south jersey and delaware than it is in philadelphia. right now the radar is clear for most of the area but showers are moving our way. showers coming up from the southwest are a possibility during the day today. right now thunderstorm activity in eastern maryland. that is heading into central and southern delaware to start with. likely hold together for cape may. sunshine to start with. clouds will be coming in. 78 degrees at 10:00. there's a chance of some showers in philadelphia in 1:00 2:00 hour and even a greater chance for delaware and south jersey.
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neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast when i come back in ten minutes. see how thursday morning is shaping up traffic wise. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. what is it looking like out there? >> quiet still. 95 typically starts to see volume at this time. maybe a lot of people are heading to the shore earlier and taking the day off. 95 around common avenue on the southbound side you can see right here moving along just fine. no problems northbound. 13 minute drive time from wood haven road up towards the vine street expressway but watching road closure in west conshohocken. closed between front street and jones road from earlier storm damage. take the following to get by that scene. bellmawr accident blocking the left-hand lane. more drive times to come. back to that breaking news out of tennessee. thousands of people near knoxville have been forced to evacuate their homes after a train carrying dangerous
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chemicals derailed. the train was traveling from cincinnati ohio to southern georgia. as many as 5,000 people in a one-mile radius around that wreck in blount county have had to evacuate. the american red cross has set up this shelter at a nearby high school. the freight train was carrying highly flammable toxic gas when it went off the rails and caught fire there. seven firefighters went to the hospital after breathing in the fumes. more breaking news from our area. someone shot at an undercover police officer in his car in camden. nbc10's katy zachry is working to learn more about the investigation and the search for the gunman. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: i can tell you that police were investigating at the scene for about four hours. they have since cleared the scene and, right now looking for the shooter. what we know is the undercover officer was sitting in his unmarked police car around midnight last night in the parkside section of camden when the gunfire began. here's a look at the police car.
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unfortunately, investigators who were on the scene kept us a few streets away just considering the sensitivity of the case. but we do know the undercover officer was sitting in a gold taurus and shot at at least once. the officer sitting in the car was not injured. he was in the parkside section of a heavily residential section of the city. a large police response after. investigators did keep us back quite a ways and, unfortunately, they are being tight-lipped about the details surrounding this case. we do know they are continuing to investigate. they are looking for the shooter who got away in a vehicle. we understand they may have gotten a license plate number of the vehicle but throughout the morning, i've been working to get more information about a suspect description. if i get that i'll pass it on to you. reporting live in camden katy zachry nbc10. another incident of violence in camden overnight. a woman crashed her car in a
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pole after shot in the neck on south 27th street. a second person was also shot. we are work to go get ynan update on their conditions. authorities are warning to look out for possible terror threats this fourth of july weekend easement heightened concerns this year about attacks inspired by isis. the fourth of july coincide with ramadan, the muslim holy month. feds are warning police to be vigilant around large crowds this weekend. pennsylvania governor tom wolf will resume budget talks with republican lawmakers on monday. late tuesday of this week, the democratic governor vetoed the gop spending plan in its entirety and put the budget past the deadline. a spokesperson for wolf says each state agency will operate and nothing shut down yet until it runs out of cash. in delaware a bill that allows certain undocumented immigrants to get a driver's license will go into effect in
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six months. the governor signed the legislation today and applies to folks who have been claimed as a dependent. a possible drowning is being investigated in french creek. rescuers respond to do a 911 call about a child drowning in the creek behind st. peters village. officials discovered a victim in cardiac arrest and we are working to learn the condition of that person. officers who fire their weapons in police-involved shooting, their names will be released. the federal government is looking at whether airlines inspired to limit growth so they could keep ticket prices high.
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investigative sources starred noticing a lack of empty seats their shrinking in more profitable airline industry. the airline industry said more seats this summer, not fewer. 6:00 after 6:00. sun has been up about half an hour. we will see sunshine to start with but there are some clouds moving our way. i'm tracking showers for parts of the area today and watching for the chance of showers for the fourth of july. a close watch on that forecast. 60 degrees and sunshine in doylestown. into the 60s to start with and in the 80s this afternoon. cloudy start over lake wall but clouds thing out there and most likely dry in the mountains but demt and south jersey and possibly philadelphia a different story. radar dry but to the southwest light showers moving towards baltimore and thunderstorm active that is quickly racing towards delaware this morning.
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sussex and kent county likely to see the wet weather to start with. noon time showers at the shore. the first batch of showers moving quickly through delaware. spotty shower is possible in philadelphia but the threat exists for philadelphia at 3:00 this afternoon. that's light rainfall just a chance of those showers today. most likely dry in the pocono mountains. mt. pocono 83. clouds and doylestown. low 80s this afternoon. the shore 70s and low 80s. showers and chance of thunderstorms for dover and cape may and rehoboth and threat decrease this evening. partly sunny skies with just a chance of a shower today. a look at that weekend forecast when i come back in ten minutes. time to get a check on
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traffic, but also rose marrymaryrosemary's thorough that people are taking a five-day vacation. >> if you called in sick today, a bad idea. a little obvious. jessica boyington has a check of the cameras out there. looking a little clear this morning? >> looking a little light so you may be on to something there. schuylkill expressway no problems ors delays. can you see everything still moving along fine. right around spring garden westbound or eastbound no problems there. 422 doing okay. eastbound lanes typically where you see the volume and drive times haven't changed at all yet so far for the morning. up towards the schuylkill expressway eight minute trip but watching disabled vehicle on 422 eastbound around hanover street and mass transit doing okay for new jersey transit and patco but septa train 95 and 97 dealing with 12 minute delays. back to you.
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this morning we continue to follow breaking news in tennessee. that is where a train derailed overnight. spilled toxic gas and caught a fire and thousands of residents are evacuating their homes. stay with us for more updates. i'm matt delucia live in trenton. this is not your typical summer camp. after the break how students are learning about life one go-cart at a time. neighbors jump into action and save lives. show you more of these tense moments that unfolded on camera.
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as many as 5,000 people in the knoxville, tennessee, area have
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been evacuated to a nearby shelter after a train carrying flammable toxic chemicals derailed and then caught fire. seven firefighters have been taken to local hospitals after breathing in fumes. this is a live look now at the shelter that is in place there. the evacuation could last from 24 to 48 hours. never a good time for an evacuation but this is leading up to a holiday weekend. private hazmat team and emergency management officials are also on the scene. oh my goodness. take a look at this incredible rescue. a woman jumped into the arms of her neighbors after her apartment caught on fire in georgia. another girl also escaped through the window. fire on tuesday left more than two dozen people homeless but everybody made it out safely. investigators are now trying to figure out exactly what sparked this fire. this frightening fall was caught on camera and this morning, we are getting a closer look at the men who fell on to the track at a septa station in
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philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. happened before 6:30 on the somerset station platform. the surveillance video shows the man walking down a stairwell before stumbling and falling on the track. the power was shut off once septa police were notified and coming up in this video, two officers were eventually able to get the man off of the tracks. they did that with the help of two passengers who were nearby. in.r&. philadelphia, authorities expect to make an arrest soon after rescuing several dogs from a suspected dog fighting ring. the spe&g found these dogs yesterday afternoon. five of the animals were chained to a wall. one was dead. spca say the chains were heavier than the dogs and the the dogs
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were living if fill. >> the chains sprayed them and it was horrendous. also inside the home a snake in this tank that they are carrying out here. the spca took all of the animals away and authorities found drug paraphernalia inside that house. learning to build cars before they can drive today. a trenton area man is trying to change the lives of children one go-cart at a time. matt delucia is live in trenton. >> it's summertime. kids out of school. one way to keep them busy. here is where the work happens. not a garage. it's a church. a lot of passion and work go into teaching these kids about life.
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inside these church walls are four wheels. >> an allen wrench. >> and curiosity. >> keep meese young. >> bob is the oldest kid in the bunch. a few years ago, he and a partner decided to share their wisdom for an unconventional sport. >> there is all of these baseball legs. there is always football soccer. there is nothing that we know of here that has anything to do with racing. >> fire. >> living hope racing school doesn't use books or lectures. >> grab that. >> just a little experience and elbow grease. >> there is nothing more awesome than winning your first race and then your second race and you keep winning. >> 15-year-old ari can't think of anyplace he'd rather be ivenlt. >> everyone is a giant family
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here. you have a great group of friends and you learn team work. >> reporter: especially since the original idea was to take kids off the streets of trenton and put them on the right track. >> aid of the participants in this race school have gone off to college that had no plans of ever looking at college. >> let gabby do it. >> you want to look at that is in the. >> reporter: long before they could drive a car. >> it just gives them something to think about for their future like, what they can accomplish when they set their minds to it. >> reporter: there are about ten kids in this program. bob says if he can teach 50 kids how to build and race go-carts he would find a way to do. but right now he needs extra help to get them along that path. for now live in trenton, matt delucia, nbc10 news. i'm sure teaching them to be responsible drivers. >> i don't think a lot of kids these days know how to change
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oil. people my generation knew had to do and had to do. speaking of changing oil and driving around. >> and responsible drivers. >> there you go. >> or lack of drivers, if you will, for lack of a better word. >> not much going on the 202. if you're heading either direction there is just everything moving along. you're in good spirits on 202. take a look at the rest of the drive times. starring to see slow speeds out on 95. average 50 miles per hour when it's normally 65 and 16 minute drive time but now 17 minute drive time and 13 minutes on the schuylkill but road closure in west conshohocken closed from earlier storm damage between front street and jones road. take madison road to get through the area. disabled vehicle 422 eastbound around hanover street.
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mass transit no problems for new jersey transit or the patco speed line but septa 95, 97 running 12 minutes late. 19 minutes after 6:00. the temperatures in the six. some spots in the low 70s. we do have sunshine but there are thin clouds starting to move into the area. you'll see those increasing throughout the day. 67 degrees right now. a little bit cooler than it was yesterday at this time. down by three degrees. we will warm into the 80s. skies are brightening in cape may but you may see a shower possibly a thunderstorm at the shore and not the only spot with wet weather moving in. clouds north and west and moving through maryland and virginia. these are the clouds that are bringing some showers to our area during the day today. right now showers to the south and d.c. seeing some wet weather. these are the showers that will
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be tracking into the area this morning. as far as tomorrow is concerned, still clouds around. but we will be mainly dry on friday and this computer model shows things are looking up for the holiday, fourth of july. saturday morning, showers north and west and partly sunny skies in philadelphia and more clouds in delaware and south jersey and a slight chance some of the area will see a shower. most of the region according to this model staying dry. the showers staying off to the north and west saturday evening. and through the fireworks celebrations. let's hope that hold. today sun and clouds. a spotty shower. highs in the 80s this afternoon. heading to the ballpark this evening? looks like it's going to be a warm start in spite of clouds. game time 6:35 and 80 at that hour. later in the game 76 a light breeze blowing at 10:00. seven-day forecast low 80s tomorrow and partly sunny skies. a slight chance of a shower later on friday. and also on saturday on the
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fourth. most of the day i think it's going to be dry. 82 degrees with partly sunny skies and warmer for sunday and up to 90 monday and maybe hit 90 on wednesday with a possibility of scattered showers. you are not looking at a condemned home. no this is inside a philadelphia school. in 15 minutes, we will tell you about the hazardous conditions that students may be exposed to in the classroom. time is running out to win free money. nbc10 and nbc universal are giving away grants to local nonprofit organizations called 21st century solutions. the goal to support nonprofits that are implementing new and innovative programs. application at deadline to apply is tomorrow!
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just about 6:25. jersey shore bureau two tragedies on the same day are prompting officials to issue warnings about wading into high risk areas. this as at the step up their efforts to keep swimmers safe this summer. north wildwood police have not been able to find a swimmer there who disappeared in the swift currents. the search will resume there this morning. the unidentified man disappeared early tuesday morning. the same day that a 17-year-old girl drowned in a lake at an old mining quarry in manchester township. police say it's never safe to swim at a quarry. >> it can drop from two feet to 20 feet immediately and no climbing back up, particularly if you're a weaker swimming. >> it was the fourth drowning at that quarry since 1984. at the beach in wildwood lifeguards are building this tower you see here for the july fourth weekend to give them a better view of swimmers.
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good morning. jessica boyington here with your first alert traffic. 309 p.a. turnpike you're dealing with no problems northbound or southbound but a delay on septa train 95 and 97. check in with new jersey roads coming up. first a check on today's forecast with bill henley. >> clouds already moving ahead of schedule. you can see them coming into the area. sunshine there but filtered through sirius clouds and light fog and three-mile visibility in reading and very light fog in mt. holly and a mile quarter visibility in millville. highly flammable and toxic gas spills after a train derailment in tennessee. forcing thousands of people there to evacuate. we will get the latest ahead. we are also following breaking news overnight in camden where nbc10's katy zachry
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is live this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. right now police in camden are looking for the person who shot at an undercover camden county officer. coming up i'll tell you what was damaged by the gunfire.
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we are following breaking news involving a train derailment toxic gas spill, and thousands of residential evacuations and happening right now in tennessee. breaking news in camden this morning. someone shot at an undercover police officer overnight. we are live with the latest in the investigation. is there help on the way? powerful storms ripped through south jersey last week. devastating several communities. how the leaders of those towns are getting concerned about whether they will have money to rebuild. how about that?
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we are off to a dry start. this is a live look now at the sun coming up. or is that the moon? it's hard to tell but it's gorgeous nonetheless. this is gloucester county. we are tracking showers this morning. welcome. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm rosemary connors. we did have a full moon overnight. beautiful sun out there by now. we may have changes in store. meteorologist bill henley has the details coming up. the clouds are moving ahead of schedule in the area and with these on clouds will come a chance of some showers. right now, it's dry in our area but more cloudy than yesterday at this time. a live view from the comcast center in center city. the showers just outside of our area. they are streaming to the northeast, however, and d.c. and baltimore seeing scattered showers and we have been tracking some thunderstorms. the thunderstorms have started to settle down but still some rain coming down that is now moving into sussex county in
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delaware. moving out the door keep an eye on the sky. not an all-day rainfall but with mostly cloudy skies a chance of showers later this afternoon. at 2:00 this afternoon readings in the the low 80s. take a look at the hour-by-hour future weather, i'll take a look at that when i come back. right now let's see if there are any traffic messes popping up with jessica boyington. >> still quiet in terms of volume which is pretty rare for this time but we are thinking a lot of people are taking the day off going on vacation. we are out on 295 in cherry hill new jersey right around route 70. 12 minute drive time if you're heading southbound toward the black horse pike. either direction looking the same and all traffic moving along nicely. bellmawr an accident on the turnpike exit three at the black horse pike and taking out the left-hand lane. be prepared to squeeze on by on the right-hand side.
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previous storm damage on harmony road northbound and southbound blocked 295 and high 44. cherry hill route 70 westbound construction between south cornell and mcclellan avenue and one lane getting on by. we are checking again on breaking news that we have been covering throughout the morning. a train derailment near knoxville, tennessee, has forced thousands of people in that local area to evacuate their homes. train carrying dangerous chemicals derailed on its way from cincinnati, ohio and it was headed to southern georgia. as many as 5,000 people in a one mile radius around the wreck evacuated to a red cross shelter at a nearby high school. the train was carrying a flammable toxic gas when it went off the rails and caught fire. seven firefighters went to a local hospital after breathing in the fumes. to breaking news overnight
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in our area it could have been worse is the word from camden county police who tell us somebody shot at an undercover cop. the shooter missed him but hit his car. nbc10's katy zachry is live at police headquarters gathering information on the investigation. >> reporter: it definitely could have been worse. this was a very close call for this officer. he is an undercover officer. he was on duty and he was sitting in his unmarked police cruiser at the time of the gunfire. here is video of that unmarked cruiser. a gold taurus. with we know it was shot at least once. the officer who was inside was not injured. he was in the parkside neighborhood working last night. a heavily residential area in camden. fortunately, no one around him was injured either. investigators tell us and we know that the shooter did get away with with you but we are hearing from sources close to the investigation they were able to get a car description. a car description of what the suspect was driving so i've been in touch with officers here at the camden county police force
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throughout the morning trying to get that information as to what the car looks like and a shooter description as well. as soon as i have that information i'll pass it on to you. katy zachry nbc10 news. we are following breaking news from overseas. tunisia says it made a dozen arrests in the massacre at a beach resort last friday. it's unclear where or when these arrests were made. a tu kneegunman was shot to death. fifa official have been arrested in may. 14 people charged in cases involving more 150 million dollars in bribes. swiss authorities say their rule on whether the officials will be september sent to the u.s. within a few weeks. new information about the
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florida doctor charged with corruption alongside senator menendez. the doctor could be released from jail today after prosecutors reached a tentative 18 million bond agreement. the doctor is charged in florida with a scheme to relationship off medicare that is separate from the jersey chase accused of exchanging gifts and bribes with menendez. !n[y from bugs to broken glass. those and other unsafe things are said to be inside more than a dozen public schools and controller is recommending changes saying the changes pose a risk to students and staff. here is a look at what discovered. cockroaches and broken glass, exposed asbestos are a few of the unsafe conditions. one school found a pipe containing asbestos in a hallway near a lunch room and another pipe was leaking in a mechanic room and unsanitary conditions in bathrooms and cockroaches in 70%. electric hazards including exposed live wires.
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and 75% had fire safety hazard and 95% had water damage and 70% had electrical hazards, including exposed live wires. president obama will visit philadelphia in less than two weeks from now. the president will speak at the annual naacp convention. the second time president obama has spoken at the convention. the event runs from july 11th through the 15th at the convention center and the president will be here on the 14th. a week after severe storms damaged homes in gloucester county, local officials there will meet with members of the governor's office and they will talk about ways to help clean up messes like this. nbc10's monique braxton is in swedesboro. what will the officials be asking for? >> reporter: hundred dollarss of thousands lost power during the storm two weeks ago and suffered
6:38 am
damage. they are coming here to talk to state official how they can help everybody recoup especially how to make everyone eligible for federal funding. some tell us they have never seen this type of destruction. one person said last tuesday's storm was their superstorm sandy. one person we spoke with also said a tree nearly sliced her home in half. this week's storm left her home saturated. you may recall the mayor of greenwich called on governor christie to pay attention to people on the west coast of new jersey. >> i am disheartened by the governor's lack of response to our needs. as a fellow republican i have been good to him from day one. >> reporter: now the mayor also says they are coming here today to talk about what they can do to qualify for fema assistance and then develop a plan b if fema assistance doesn't come
6:39 am
through. of course, we will be here for the meeting and have it for you. live now, monique braxton, nbc10 news. meanwhile, in chester county residents now know this is a tornado. national weather service confirmed a twister touched down in honeybrook tuesday afternoon. nothing like that in our first alert forecast today, i'm hoping, bill? >> no chance of severe weather but could a shower or thundershower into parts of the area. clouds are moving into the area. 67 in philadelphia. a little cooler than yesterday. we will be in the 80s this afternoon. but you can already see the clouds starting to inch into philadelphia and with those clouds will come some scattered showers and starting to increase. d.c. seeing heavier rainfall and scattered showers into delaware. the hour-by-hour forecast showing the showers are most likely at the noon time hour in delaware and south jersey at the shore but a chance of a spotty
6:40 am
shower in philadelphia. light raindrops at 3:00 this afternoon. they start to thin out and then move out this evening. dry in the pocono mountains and partly sunny and 74 and low 80s for allentown and reading and quaker town and slight shower for trenton and mt. holly. at the shore rehoboth and the beaches you can see showers and thunderstorms in the jersey shore up to 81 degrees with a chance of a scattered shower. 81 vine land and low 80s and partly sunny skies and chance of a shower for wilmington, drexel hill and swedesboro. the seven-day forecast including the fourth of july weekend when i come back in 10:00. so much for rosemary's theory that people called in sick. 6:15 it seemed possibly but not here at 6:40. you can't predict it shows. most of the majors are light comparatively to the normal days
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during the week. 95 always gives us a problem no matter what the day is. 21 minutes wood haven road to the vine street expressway. you can see the southbound delay on girard avenue. bumper-to-bumper there. northbound lanes doing better but heading to center city is where you see the volume so we are used to that. west conshohocken this road is still closed due to earlier storm damage. take matsonford road to get through the area. 22-minute trip on the p.a. turnpike. more drive times coming up. bye. a train derailment near knoxville, tennessee, has forced thousands of people to evacuate their homes. they are sheltering at this high school. they may not be able to get back to their homes for days. update is coming up.
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a quarter of 7:00. breaking news out of the tennessee. as many as 5,000 people have evacuated to a nearby shelter after a train carrying flammable toxic chemicals derailed and caught fire. seven firefighters have been taken to local hospitals after breatheinght it was on its way to southern georgia when one car derailed in maryville, tennessee, near knoxville. here is a live look at the shelter. this is a setup at a high school there. the evacuation could last from 24 to 48 hours. a private hazmat team and emergency management officials are on the scene this morning. back in our area a scare at the shore continues as more dangerous creatures have washed up on south jersey beaches. beach goers recently found three
6:46 am
portuguese portuguese jellyfish-like creatures that have tentacles grow for 10 to 22 feet long. they have been spotted in ocean city to long beach island and their stings can be painful and deadly and something to keep in mind as the fourth of july holiday approaches. the gulf stream can bring them to our regions. a new law in place in pennsylvania to protect victims of sexual assaults on college campuses and called the campus save act. the law lays out specific policies for campus administrators when it comes to handle is a sexual assault. schools are required to be transparent with information for students and prevention programs are including as well as assistance for victims. senator bob casey sponsored the
6:47 am
bill. >> this is everyone's problem on the campus. this isn't simply the problem of a potential victim or in the aftermath of an assault. a victim herself or himself. this is a challenge that is by the whole college/university commute. the act lays out consequences if colleges did not follow the rules. now to the decision 2016. democratic white house candidate hillary clinton is building her war chest of campaign funds. she has raised $45 million in donations since her campaign began in april. that rivals what president obama raised in the first quarter of his 2011 re-election campaign. clinton's team says the donations from a mix of small funding events and large donors. last night democratic hopeful bernie sanders rallied his troops in madison, wisconsin, last night. sanders is trailing in the fund-raising race. the vermont senator has raised roughly $8 on line.
6:48 am
roughly 8 million dollars online. they say his war chest won't be a problem. he spends less on the campaign trail than hillary clinton. on the republican side, presidential candidate chris christie has his first endorsement from the governor of maine. christie told a town hall last night the way he would conduct campaign finance reform. take a listen. >> take all limits off and then there should be a requirement of 24-hour disclosure of every nickel you take on the internet so you can go on to my website if this system were in place and you could see every dollar i get from every person 24 hours after i get it. >> right now, the new jersey governor is polling near the bottom of the republican presidential field. macy's is saying adios to gop candidate donald trump. the department store chain dumped his clothing line yesterday. some companies cut ties with trump after he made controversial comments about mexican immigrants in his
6:49 am
presidential campaign kickoff speech last week. matt lauer's interview with governor christie was really enlint'ingen enlightening. really good to see that. let's see what is coming up on the "today" this morning. >> good morning, guys. >> good morning. vai, thank you for that comment. i appreciate it. on thursday, we will be on the scene of breaking news in tennessee. thousands of people evacuated overnight after a train that was carrying chemicals derailed and caught fire. we will have the latest on that. also ahead, should they shut down the beaches? the growing concerning in north carolina after a seventh shark attack in just a few weeks. those stories. vai, you asked for and it we delivered. a special throwback thursday concert from culture club and boy george! so come on up to the plaza if you can get here in time and check that out in our 8:30 half hour as we get started on a thursday morning! >> i think i heard savannah yesterday say her favorite song was, what is the song?
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>> "i'll tumble for you"? >> "do you really want to hurt me"? they are going to play it. >> i love it! >> get up here and jump on the train. >> i'll be right there. >> see you, guys. >> all right. vai is picking up the phone for sky 4 10 right now. it is dry right now. see that? that is the sun. already being filtered by clouds moving into the area. live view here from the nbc10 studios. clouds reaching into reading at 61 degrees. wilmington seeing some clouds and dry in philadelphia at 67. the field is dry for now here but there are showers heading towards wilmington and a possibility for much of the rest of the area to see raindrops. satellite shows the clouds are quickly moving into the area. the cloud are thicker to the southwest and that is where we
6:51 am
are getting showers and we have seen some thunderstorm activity. this morning the heavier showers moving into delaware and starting to settle down a little bit but still heavy downpours moving past east and eastern maryland and milford a few minutes away from seeing raindrops this morning. keep an eye on those showers. we have seen lightning with the showers this morning and that is a possibly and spaep inespecially in delaware and south jersey. a chance for a shower for philadelphia but likely for delaware and south jersey. tomorrow a break from the rain. most of the day partly sunny skies and 82 after a morning low of 66. we will be watching the skies over the weekend. there's a chance that parts of the area may see a shower on the fourth of july but we are not looking at all-day rainfall. most of the area may end up dry with partly sunny skies. 82 on saturday and sunday turning warmer. 88. the warming trend continues
6:52 am
monday. 90-degree is the high. upper 80s on tuesday and back up to 90 wednesday with a chance of showers. 6:52 on this thursday morning. we know traffic is picking up. at least the with weather is not a problem for drivers. >> jessica boyington is checking on all of the cameras. >> still a little light in volume. normal places like 95 around girard avenue jamming up toward center city. pretty much we are doing great. on the vine street expressway around 18th street everything is moving along. there is no real problems from 95 toward the schuylkill expressway. the rest of our drive times you can see the schuylkill expressway is not even slow yet. the blue root doing great. southbound on 95 a little bit slow about 23 minute trip into the vine street expressway. out in bellmawr an accident scene at exit 3 blocking out the left-hand lane. one more update coming up in the
6:53 am
next five minutes. we have breaking news. shots ring out in camden overnight and the target is an undercover police officer. nbc10's katy zachry is live at police headquarters with the latest. >> reporter: it was a close call for a camden county police officer who was shot at last night while he was working in a busy section of the city. coming up, i'll tell you what was damaged and have an update on the search for the shooter.
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they make little hearts happy and big hearts happy too because as part of a heart healthy diet those delicious oats in cheerios can help lower cholesterol. cheerios... how can something so little... help you do something so big. i'm katy zachry live in camden. right now, officers are looking for the person who shot at an undercover camden county police officer. sources close to the investigation say the undercover officer was sitting in his
6:57 am
unmarked police cruiser this gold talkerurus around 11:30 last night. the car was shot at least one. the officer on duty was not injured and no one around him was injured either. we are hearing sources close to the investigation they may have a description of the vehicle the shooter got away in and they are currently looking for the person who fired the shots. katy zachry nbc10 news. i'm monique braxton live in this township where the rally call is we want federal assistance and want it now. two dozen mayors will be meeting here with state officials. the mayors want a state declaration so they are eligible for funding. some have never seen this type of destruction. one called last week's storm their superstorm sandy and this week's storm made a devastating situation worse. they are asking governor christie to remember people on
6:58 am
the west coast of new jersey. the mayors hope to receive fema assistance and, if necessary, develop a plan b to pay for the storm-related costs if fema doesn't come through. live now, monique braxton, nbc10 news. jessica boyington here with your first alert traffic. 95 really the only thing this morning showing a lot of volume. right around girard avenue southbound toward the center city area and 22 22 city area and 22 222-minute drive time to the vine street expressway. west conshohocken the following is closed. take matsonford road to get through the area. harmony road closed due to storm damage. westbound and southbound between 195 and highway 44. a dry start but cloud are
6:59 am
moving in. you can see them in the pocono most mountains. view from jim thorpe in the mountains. likely stay dry but other areas are in for showers today. the showers and possibly thunderstorms at the shore. you can see the clouds there. light fog also in parts of south jersey. very light fog at cape may. the shower active has been making some progress. now tracking showers into southern and central delaware. baltimore getting some rainfall. that is trending toward wilmington and philadelphia could see some scattered showers too. it's just some light rainfall now in sussex county and delaware those are storms that are starting to die down. the temperatures will be going up in spite of the clouds 60s for pottstown and 62 trenton and 66 wilmington with mostly cloudy skies. 66 degrees. clouds and limited sunshine and 78 degrees at 11:00. could see showers early this afternoon. there is a slight chance of a shower friday and for the fourth. otherwise, dry and warming up
7:00 am
sunday into the upper 80s. enjoy your thursday. "today" is up next. local updates in 25 minutes. good morning. breaking news. a cargo train hauling chemicals partially derails and catches fire in tennessee. seven firefighters hospitalized after breathing in fumes. 5,000 people evacuated from their homes overnight. touchdown. a violent tornado near kansas city one of six twisters across three states. dozens of people have to be rescued from rising flood waters. we'll tell you where that powerful system is heading next. dangerous shores a record seven shark attacks off north carolina. one expert calling it a perfect storm. is it safe to go in the water?


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