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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  July 2, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11:00. we are counting down to the holiday weekend and the weather appears to be pretty unsettled over the next few days. clouds are outside now as we look live at philadelphia's boathouse row. plenty of people are getting a jump start on their holiday weekend down the shore, but they won't be spending the day at the beach in cape may. rain began falling here a half hour ago. brittney shipp is tracking the wet weather today. >> not a great beach day down in cape may. we are seeing thunderstorms rolling through. light rain pushing into atlantic city. a bit of rain to the south of dover and moving near the southern parts of delaware.
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so closer just outside of mills millsboro. the good news is the storms are moving quickly and will be off shore soon. we are seeing light rain stretch up through beach haven. as we head through the rest of the day, we will continue seeing thunderstorms moving through, but mainly confined to the areas south of the city. 76 in allentown. 71 in pottstown. atlantic city 70 degrees. 73 in wildwood. 70 currently in dover. over the next eight hours for philadelphia expect warm temperatures. 80 degrees by 1:00 p.m. 79 by 4:00 p.m. by 7:00 p.m. mild night ahead. mostly cloudy skies for philadelphia. we will see a slight chance of a few pop-up showers. by 5:00 p.m. dealing with showers here hugging the shore. a bit closer there to the southern part of delaware and sussex county. it will be a wet commute home for folks that live along the
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shoreline. starting to clear up heading into the overnight hours. friday, a mix of sun and clouds. the big question is when can you expect, as we head into the holiday weekend, especially on saturday. one of the latest models shows a bit of thunderstorm activity going into saturday morning. i'll break down the details on what you can expect as we push closer to fourth of july whether at the shore, poconos or staying in the city. that's coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast. plan for the holiday weekend with our nbc 10 app. download it for free to see local fireworks galleries and the fourth of july forecast sent to your smartphone. a lockdown has been lifted at the washington navy yard after officials were unable to confirm a report of gunshots. the washington navy yard complex is located on the river.
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it serves as a ceremonial and administrative center for the navy. military and local police searched the grounds after somebody inside one of the buildings reported hearing something that sounded like gunshots. the washington navy yard is also where a lone gunman killed 12 people in september of 2013. that gunman was later killed by police. happening right now, a week after severe weather damaged neighborhoods in gloucester county, local officials are meeting with members of the governor's office. they're trying to find ways to pay for this cleanup. monique braxton is live in wolol dominguez w dominguezwoolwich township. >> moments ago we capture edd 30 people walking through the doors, they entered the closed door meeting. in the past week and a half heads of townships have
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requested assistance from the state, fierce winds disconnected power to more than 280,000 customers at the height of the storm. trees were toppled. some broken light pencils on to homes. a few nights ago, a severe thunderstorm left many homes soaked and right now it's raining again. the mayors say only state and federal monies will help them recover. recover. >> funding available from state and federal officials. and then even manpower that we are just you know at a loss for because of the magnitude of this storm. in the short-term we want to know you know what help we can receive through the governor's office to address the issues. in the long-term, it's about the money that we vehicles depended on the local level that has to quote my friend in east greenwich, completely blown his budget for the year. >> reporter: lewis manzo is urging the governor to declare
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the region a disaster area. no decision will be made today. we were also told this meeting is closed to the public. we were asked to leave twice. we have also learned that at 12:30, the lieutenant governor or a representative will speak. we'll keep you posted on what the mayors want and how the governor's office responds to their request. as in houses that are really uninhabitable according to the mayors behind the doors. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thanks for that update. severe weather this week hit chester county and now residents know that this is really a tornado. the national weather service confirmed this twister touched down in honeybrook tuesday afternoon. in lehigh county the official word is that there was no tornado that caused this damage. a microburst with straight line
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winds made this mess on tuesday. those winds caused plenty of damage specifically in hanover township. new this morning, a waste management truck ran into power lines in wilmington and caused those lines to fall on to a tractor trailer carrying cars. this video is from marsh road. a witness tells us the trash truck front end loader was still in the air when it crashed into the wires. nobody was hurt but hundreds of businesses have no power as crews work to repair the damaged wires. an investigation is underway in camden where somebody shot at an undercover police officer. someone shot at the cop's unmarked car three times around 11:30 last night in the residential parkside neighborhood. a bullet fragment hit the officer's forearm. he was taken to cooper hospital and later released. a woman crashed her car into a pole after being shot in the neck while driving this happened
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on south 27th street. a second person was also shot. no word on their condition. new information on the state budget battle in pennsylvania. talks will resume on monday when governor tom wolf meets with legislative leaders in harrisburg. late tuesday night the democratic kov nordemocrat ic governor vetoed the republican spending guidelines. a spokesperson for governor wolf says each state agency will continue to operate until it runs out of cash. president obama will visit philadelphia less than two weeks from now. the president will speak at the annual naacp convention. this, by the way, will be the second time president obama has spoken at the convention. the event runs from july 11th to the 15th at the pennsylvania convention center. the president will be here on the 14th. >> today is the 50th anniversary
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celebration for the lgbt. today's events include a wreath laying ceremony, and a party at jewish history museum on independence mall. coming up in the next half hour malcolm lazen will join us live and have details on this weekend's events and he'll talk about the significance of this celebration. in delaware county you will no longer be able to enter the common areas of the granite run mall in middletown township. the 41-year-old shopping center officially closed its doors yesterday. however boscov's and sears will reportedly continue to be open for business. the entire property is set to be demolished late their year to make way for a $20 million redevelopment project. the time is 11:08. a hazardous situation in tennessee this morning.
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thousands of people evacuated after a train derailed and spilled poisonous gas into the air. we'll have an update on the injuries and when residents will be able to return home. i'm tracking rain moving into parts of cape may. i'll let you know how long it will stick around and what's in store for your fourth of july forecast.
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(gong) slather your ribs with kikkoman for that rich mahogany sweetness. (taiko drum beat) (taiko drum beat) life's morning multitasking. it's multiple ideas for growing families and drawers with many layers to show exactly what you need. life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. a hazmat situation for thousands in tennessee who had
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to evacuate their homes after freight train carrying dangerous chemical december railed this morning. the train was traveling from ohio to georgia. one of the freight cars went off the tracks in marry s ins in maryville, tennessee. >> good morning. we are at a local high school about 15 miles away from knoxville. this is a red cross shelter. a little ways away from here a train derailed caught fire and started spilling poisonous gas into the air. that fire is still burning. that prompted an evacuation of 5,000 people. >> by the time we left at 2:00 2:30, it smelled bad. it stunk. >> several major roads and businesses are shut down today. the sheriff's office says this evacuation could be in place for 24 to 48 hours. a csx rep came to the red cross shelter and told people they
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could go to a hotel and they would be reimbursed. many of those evacuees just want to know what's next and when they can go home. we have a constant flow of new people coming in. but, you know they see no need for standing around here after they're eating they'll go do what they can do. >> as for the cause of the crash, investigators are trying to determine why that train derailed. here at the red cross shelter, breakfast is served. i'm katie roach for nbc news. dozens are dead after a ferry capsized off the coast of the philippines. 189 people were on board when the ship overturned in heavy waves. at least 36 are dead. according to the coast guard and police, 118 people survived. it's unclear how many survivors were rescued and how many managed to swim ashore on their own. >> the man suspected of starting a fire that burned down a cvs
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pharmacy during the baltimore riots is behind bars. raymond carter is responsible for setting the store on fire in april. he was captured after a wanted poster was released monday with a $10,000 reward. you may remember the chaotic scene in baltimore after the death of freddie gray while in police custody. >> bp has reached an agreement to settle civil claims from the deep water horizon spill. bp will pay a record $18.7 billion over the next 18 years to settle lawsuits filed by the u.s. government and five states along the gulf of mexico the 2010 explosion killed 11 workers and was the worst off-shore spill in u.s. history. good morning. as we head through the rest of today, we will continue to track rain and isolated thunderstorms. this is mainly situated along the shore and the central and southern parts of delaware.
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philadelphia is still staying dry. same thing for the poconos and some of the suburbs to the north and west of the city. i'm tracking a chance of weekend rain as we head into the fourth of july. sunday looks fantastic. plenty of sunshine and warmer temperatures. here's a live look at wilmington. you can see the rain tarp out there. not really seeing a lot of rainfall now in wilmington. for philadelphia light rain coming down at the airport. 71 degrees, our humidity at 75%. wind speeds out of the east-northeast at 5 miles per hour. across the rest of the region 71 in pottstown. georgetown at 71. throughout the region, the only place raining is philadelphia. temperature-wise, 68 in the poconos. 68 in coatesville. 73 in lancaster. 71 in philadelphia. 69 in wilmington. 69 in mt. holly. 70 in avalon. temperatures in blacksburg 78 degrees a big difference depending on where you are.
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cooler near atlantic city millville, stretching out to wilmington, most of the rain is starting to move through. three degrees cooler in trenton, similar temperatures closer to the poconos from ted versuse today versus yesterday. here is the radar, mainly parts of philadelphia and wilmington stretching down to our southern locations, along the shore and into delaware that's seeing all these thunderstorms. it's mainly situated in the southern part of our viewing area. we're starting to see shower the stretch up to little egg harbor moving into stafford and pushing off shore. right now we are tracking some of these thunderstorms. the ones just starting to push into sussex county we will continue tracking these east. in the next 20 minutes or so expect in ocean city to see more of this thunderstorm activity. that's batch over ocean city right now. millsboro expecting showers in two, three minutes. by 3:00 p.m. we're still dealing with wet and unsettled weather.
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this is not going to be a great beach day unfortunately. temperatures are not too bad but conditions are definitely going to stay rainy through 3:00, 4:00. seeing more clearing heading into thursday night. look at friday more of a mix of sun and clouds, we are tracking another round of rain along the shore. that's going to be the early morning hours and late morning hours on saturday. got thing is by 8:00 p.m. as the sun is starting to set, the models are showing we will see clearing conditions. at least it won't be raining. that will be better for fireworks. in terms of having a full beach day saturday there is a chance of showers along the shore. poconos weekend forecast on friday, 75 and warm. 76 on saturday, a mix of clouds and sunshine. temperatures at 78 with plenty of sunshine on sunday. if you plan on heading down the shore, delaware beaches on friday, 77 degrees. look at saturday 79. chance of showers.
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chance of a few passing showers. clearing in time for fireworks. sunday 81. sunday is the day. that's the best day of the weekend. today throughout philadelphia temperatures it ranging through 80, 84 degrees. a few scattered showers. heavier rain and thunderstorms to the south. temperatures in the low 80s today, tomorrow heading into saturday. sunday, we are going to see a bigger warmup on sunday with plenty of sunshine expected for us. 90s by monday. if you are planning to be down the shore this weekend, you may want to watch where you're stepping on the sand and swimming in the water. these dangerous creatures could ruin your holiday. coming up a new warning for folks at the beach. and next we profile the local man who is lending his time and expertise to teach kids about racing and life.
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learning to build cars before they can even drive. just in time for summer a trenton area man is trying to change the lives of children one go-kart at a time. matt delucia tells uses more about the idea. >> reporter: it's summertime the kids are out of school and this is one way to keep them busy this is where all the magic happens. it's not a garage it's a church. here a lot of passion and work
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go into teaching these kids about life. ♪ inside these church walls, beyond the seats and the scriptures are four wheels. >> an allen wrench. >> reporter: and curiosity. keeps me young. keeps me going. >> reporter: bob danka is easily the oldest kid in the bunch. a few years ago he and a partner decided to share their wisdom for an unconventional sport. >> all these baseball leagues, football, soccer. there's nothing that we know of here that has anything do with racing. >> reporter: living hope racing school doesn't use books or lectures. >> grab that nut. >> reporter: just experience and a little elbow grease. >> there's nothing more awesome than winning your first race and then your second race. you keep winning.
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>> reporter: 15-year-old ari can't think of any place he'd rather be. >> everyone is like a giant family here. you have a great group of friends. you learn team work. you're right. >> reporter: especially since the original idea was to take kids off the streets of trenton and put them on the right track. >> eight of the participants in this race school have gone off to college, they had no plans of looking at college. >> reporter: you never thought about go-karts buildings, cars? >> i always had a little interest in cars. i thought probably not my thing. >> reporter: two years later, stacy wants to be a mechanical engineer. >> they're good at what they do. >> look, let gabby do it. >> reporter: long before they could drive a car. >> it just gives them something to think about for their future. like what they can accomplish when they set their minds to it. >> reporter: these are all middle and high school students. about ten in the program right
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now bob says if he could find a way to teach 50 kids how to build and race go-karts he would find a way to do it. right now he's getting to the point where he needs extra help. we have more information at in trenton, matt delucia nbc 10 news. as we approach the holiday weekend, you may want to keep umbrella handy. an unsettled weather pattern over the next few days. here's a live look at the philadelphia skyline. looking cloudy out there from the city to the poconos to the shore. brittney ship what you covered with the timing of the rain and the return of the sunshine. and we are not the only ones preparing for a visit from pope francis. where the pontiff will spend the next week and the message he's bringing with him. but first, we want to take you live over this breaking news situation. the scene in west kensington. skyforce 10 over the scene of an incident where a child fell out
11:25 am
of a second story window this is a live picture. the boy who fell out of the window is six years old. right now it's unclear how he fell what happened here or if he went to the hospital what his condition may be. we just got this preliminary information. we will work to get some more updates on this story. skyforce 10 will stay over the scene. as soon as we have more information we will bring it to you.
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love loud, live loud polident. ♪ ♪ fresher dentures... ...for those breathless moments. hug loud, live loud, polident. ♪ ♪ let's take you back to this breaking news scene in west kensington. skyforce 10 is live over huntingdon street where a 6-year-old boy fell out of a second story window here. police are on scene. they have taped off the sidewalk area in front of the row home. we're working to get some more
11:29 am
information. unfortunately this time of year as it gets hotter we hear about these incidents happening. we've been told a 6-year-old boy has fallen out of a second story window in west kensington. as we get more information we'll bring it along to you. the washington navy yard was placed on lockdown this morning as authorities investigated reports of shots fired. authorities found nothing and the all-clear has been given. in 2013 at this facility a lone gunman kill 12 people. several south jersey mayors are meeting with members of chris christie's staff to request sisassistance after last week's severe weather. the local leader says they need statement and federal aid to help in the recovery. a trash truck crashed into
11:30 am
power lines in wilmington delaware this morning. crews are working to repair the lines. nobody was hurt. >> plenty of people will spend the holiday weekend in the pocono pointmountains. here is a live look at lake wallenpaupack. brittney brittney shipp has more on the forecast. >> the latest models show the best chance of rain is along the shore, but clearing in time for fireworks. storms moving into delaware pushing out of seifert. you can see how fast-moving these storms are. sea isle city cape may, pushing off shore. a bit of light rain now throughout parts of atlantic
11:31 am
city. light rain transitioning throughout philadelphia. you can see how fast these showers are moving. it's not going to be a total washout today. if you're closer to the pokeconos, you are not seeing any of this rainfall. 68 in the poconos. 76 in allentown. 70 in atlantic city. temperatures in wildwood at 73. nice start to the morning. the next eight hours we will see temperatures of 76 by 1:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m. 79. temperatures by 7:00 p.m. high 70s. comfortable tonight. future weather showses along the shore we will be dealing with on and off showers. be careful if you're heading home from work. you might find yourself underneath a heavy downpour. on tuesday, a slight chance of showers in the forecast. we mainly will see cloudy skies. saturday is where things get interesting. the latest model shows we will be dealing with a bit of rainfall, but the furthest north
11:32 am
it goes is philadelphia maybe into parts of lancaster county. it looks now that most shower also stay closer to delaware along the shore. affecting your beach day. got news is this clears up in time for the fireworks. once again as we head into sunday we will see plenty of sunshine. i am tracking what so expect as we push into the holiday weekend. that's coming up in my full forecast. you can plan for the holiday weekend with our nbc 10 app. you can watch brittney on the air all weekend long. if you would like to see a free local fireworks gallery, just download the app. new jersey health officials are issuing a warning to the public after more dangerous creatures washed up on the jersey shore. beach-goers found three portuguese man o war in the north end of brigantine sea
11:33 am
wall. within the past week, the jellyfish jellyfish-like creatures have been spotted all the way to harvey cedars in lbi. the sting can be dangerous n some cases deadly. if you see any of these in the water, swim away. have beach patrol members move any found on the beach. with large crowds expected to gather over the holiday weekend, there is heightened concern about attacks inspired by isis. tracie potts explains why authorities are warning police to be on the lookout. >> reporter: nbc got a behind-the-scenes look at security preparations in new york. >> we're on guard 24 hours a day, seven days a week. >> reporter: especially this year. the fourth of july coincides with ramadan, muslim holy days. isis is calling for an attack. >> isil is a whole different ball game. >> reporter: for six months they
11:34 am
have been recruiting westerners under age 21. >> if you cannot fight, you can give money. >> reporter: some have been arrested in the u.s. in the past two weeks. supporters are sending out 60,000 tweets a day they are self radicalized on social media are we concerned about that? absolutely. >> reporter: authorities say there's no specific credible threat but homeland security and the fbi are warning police to be extra vigilant around crowds this weekend, like saturday's fire works in the nation's capital. >> it will be well monitored. >> reporter: concerned? security experts say don't. stay home. >> that's the best way to show the united states will not put up with this terrorist nonsense. >> reporter: freedom without fear. you heard it from the secretary, concerns that isis is not necessarily planning an attack in the united states but that they may take credit for inspiring individuals already here to act on their own. tracie potts nbc 10 news
11:35 am
washington. a government minister in tunisia says eight people are in custody suspected of having direct links to last week's deadly beach attacks. seven are men. one is a woman. four other possible suspects have been arrested. the crisis in greece the country is preparing for a weekend referendum that could decide whether the nation drops out of the european union. crews loaded voting booth equipment on tow trucks today to be sent to polling stations. protesters marched to the finance ministry to show their support for a no vote on the referendum. greece and creditors have halted talks on resolving the country's deepening financial crisis until the referendum is resolved. more anxious retirees crowded outside of banks in athens struggling to withdraw what little money the government
11:36 am
will allow them to take out. the government closed banks across the country only allowing 1,000 to remain open. restrictions only allow them to take out $134 per weekend. this weekend, pope john paul will travel to ecuador. financial touches are being made on preparations in the country as thousands are expected to attend events. pope francis is expected to speak about poverty, environmental concerns in the amazon and border conflict. when pope francis visits philadelphia, he will stop at the prison that reportedly houses a former local church official who was jailed over his handling of abuse complaints. francis is set to meet with inmates at the fromhold correctional facility. william lynn is serving a
11:37 am
three-year prison term. there it's unclear if he will be among the inmates who will meet with pope francis. we are preparing for the pope's visit to the area. he will be here september 26th and september 27th. for more details, check out the nbc 10 news app. there is concern in the carolinas after yet another shark attack especially as the fourth of july holiday brings many beach-goers. gabe gutierrez has details. >> reporter: a 68-year-old man attacked while swimming in waist deep water. bitten several times on his leg, hip and both hands. eyewitnesss says the victim was able to swim to shore before being air lifted to a nearby hospital. >> communications air 2 on the go. >> i saw a baseball-sized chunk taken out above his knee.
11:38 am
>> shark attack. >> reporter: there's been an alarming rise in shark attacks here. seven in the past three weeks. last friday patrick thornton was seriously injured in a terrifying encounter. >> i could see a fin slowly come big me. the shark is upon me. attacking me this could be it. >> reporter: since mid-june 8-year-old brady suffered minor injuries but this 16-year-old lost an arm, and this morning a 12-year-old boy is recovering from a shark attack on tuesday along the coast of south carolina. experts say warm weather could be a factor. >> we had great weather this year. we have had more people in the water on average each day. >> reporter: all leaving beach-goers to wonder how safe are the waters? >> you always take a risk every time you go in the water that you could be bit by a shark.
11:39 am
everybody knows that. >> that was gabe gutierrez reporting. a half world away a surfer is in critical condition after a shark attack in australia. police say the 32-year-old man was surfing with friends earlier when the shark bit his lower leg. the friends helped him to shore where he was flown by helicopter to the hospital. all beaches in the area have been closed for 24 hours because of that attack. a california family's boat ride to celebrate father's day and an anneiversary turned to chaos after a dolphin jumped into their boat. frickman's say dozens of doll fips dolphins were fliping in the air when one landed in the boat. >> it was really traumatic. >> the dolphin crashed into the
11:40 am
woman, she broke one ankle and tore a ligament in the other leg. the dolphin injured its nose and tail but when the dolphin got back in the water it quickly swam away. president obama will be at the university of wisconsin today pushing his overtime campaign. it's a new effort to increase eligibility for overtime pay. he announced the proposal tuesday, and it could affect nearly 5 million salaried workers who are on the job more than 40 hours each week. less than a week after the the supreme court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage the episcopalian church has voted to allow same sex wedding ceremonies. the policy change was approved by a body that includes clergy and layperson. under the rules, clergy is refuse to do the ceremony.
11:41 am
donald trump's miss usa pageant has found a new home on television. nbc dropped the pageant after trump made controversial comments about immigrants. now the reelz channel says it l will show the pageant. the time is 11:41. 71 degrees outside. sick on the fourth of july? don't let it happen to you or your guests. some important advice about food safety that you may want to listen to before you put those hamburgers on the grill. >> i'm tracking thunderstorms moving throughout parts of our area. i'll let you know what's in store for friday and your fourth of july weekend.
11:42 am
11:43 am
11:44 am
before you light up your grill for the fourth of july erica edwards has ways to make sure your food is safe. >> reporter: foodborne illness is a serious health threat in the united states. public health officials say at least 48 million americans get sick with the disease every year. u.s. department of agriculture representatives say many cases can be prevented by adopting good food handling practices. >> you want to make sure you wash your hands and surfaces often. separate your raw meat and poultry from ready to eat foods. cook your meat and poultry to a safe to eat temperature. >> reporter: rinsing raw meat does not make it cleaner, all it does is get your sink very
11:45 am
dirty. >> because that water splashing all over your sink that bacteria gets everywhere else it can get on countertops, on other foods, yourself towels. >> reporter: foodborne illnesses are more common during the summer months because bacteria multiplies faster in warm temperatures. meat and poultry should be put on the grill right away once brought outdoors and kept at a temperature of 140 degrees or warmer. >> if you're not going to eat that hot food right away set it to the side of the grill rack not over the charcoal so it doesn't overcook that will keep the hot foot hot. you can keep cold food cold like potato salad and pasta salad by serving it on a bed of ice. >> reporter: there's simple ways to celebrate the red, white and blue without feeling green. erica edwards, nbc 10 news. this weekend celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first annual reminder demonstration on
11:46 am
independence mall. a number of events are taking place to celebrate. michael michael lazen is with the equality forum. this is a big weekend for philadelphia. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. the lgbt several rights movement started in philadelphia with demonstrations on july 4th from '65 to '69. we're celebrating that 50th anniversary, it's a national celebration. we have the supreme court marriage equality plaintiff come in. bishop gene robinson e.d. windsor, judy and dennis shepherd matthew shepherd's folks, an array of entertainers and great programming. >> a lot of events packed over the next few days. >> absolutely. we're actually -- this afternoon we'll have a wreath laying at the gay pioneer's historic
11:47 am
marker. this evening, some panels on a party. tomorrow, again, more programming including, by the way, a national interface service at christchurch. bish sopop robinson will be delivering a sermon for that on saturday, at 2:15 a celebration in front of independence hall where the movement began. >> this brace comecelebration comes after the major landmark decision by the u.s. supreme court. what's next on the agenda seems like employment discrimination is a major topic. >> absolutely. there is no federal employment discrimination protection. no protection as such in pennsylvania. so you could be married on sunday in pennsylvania and fired on monday. so issues like that need to be
11:48 am
addressed. transgender issues. just societal homophobia the way externally and then internally as well. once that is eradicated, i think we can raise the champagne glass. >> this weekend, plenty to celebrate. >> absolutely. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> the national lg bshgsbt 50th anniversary celebration starts today and runs through saturday. you can go to our website, for more information. you can also check out the nbc 10 news app. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. good morning. as we head into the rest of today, i am tracking showers and storms that will move into the delaware beaches.
11:49 am
another round of weekend rain this is going to affect you for the fourth of july depending on where you are. plenty of sunshine and warmer conditions. light rain coming down at the airport, 71. winds out of the east-northeast at 5 miles per hour. humidity at 75% across the rest of the region pottstown, 71. thunderstorms in georgetown. we are seeing heavy, strong thunderstorms moving through the southern parts of delaware. be careful if you're in that area or are driving in that area. low 70s for philadelphia. temperatures today pushing into the 80s. right now condition still in the 60s for the poconos. 69 in wilmington. 70 in washington township. 74 in northeast philly. 73 in trenton. 68 in avalon. this is the thunderstorm
11:50 am
activity, this is outside of millsboro millsboro, to the south of dewey beach. here is the passing showers that we're dealing with in philadelphia stretching in mt. laurel. all of these moving quickly to the east. if i show you what's happening in beach haven the last few hours, light showers moving into mystic island. closer to the southern parts of wear, we are seeing the strong thunderstorms tracking to the east. should be near rehoboth beach soon. 4:00 today, dealing with light showers, some isolateds mainly confined to the shoreline, southern parts of burlington county, stretching down to cape may and sussex county. friday we'll see a mix of sun and clouds and the chance for a few passing showers. our better chance for rainfall is going to be as we head into saturday. here's what it will look like. this will happen in thing. clearing up as we get into your early afternoon hours. you might be able to save a few hours at the shore. we'll see some light passing showers mainly confined to the
11:51 am
south as we head into saturday morning. that's what the latest models suggest. your poconos weekend forecast shows a high of 75 and warm on friday. saturday a mix of sun and clouds, 76. staying dry for the poconos on sunday, 78 and sunny. shore and beach forecast shows the better chance of showers on saturday. friday will stay clear. maybe a stray shower, 77 degrees on sunday. saturday a better chance of showers. sunday, 81 sunny and warmer. our temperatures inland will be warm, highs in the 80s. as far as today is concerned between 80 and 84. showers moving through the airport, and stronger thunderstorm activity in southern parts of delaware. heading into tomorrow, 83 degrees, partly sunny. saturday, a.m. rain expected along the shore and southern delaware. we drop to 87 on sunday.
11:52 am
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the plan is called 21st century solutions. the application is on our website, the deadline to apply is tomorrow. coming up this afternoon at 3:00 ellen with guest mariah carey. at 4:00 millions of dollars stolen in a mortgage fraud scheme. find out how the feds caught the bad guys and where the money was spent. that's this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. later on this afternoon we'll be updating the weather because everybody wants to know what it will do for this weekend. >> we have a chance of rain for saturday. that will stay along the shore. let's talk about the severe thunderstorm warning issued. it's going to stay in effect until 12:15. you can see how strong these thunderstorms are that are moving into long neck stretching down into ocean pine. we want to zoom in heavy rain moving in.
11:56 am
next up these will be moving into fenwick island. we will continue to see these really strong thunderstorm pretty much tracking here to the east. there we go. in the next couple of minutes, ocean view, ocean city all going to see really heavy rainfall strong wind speeds. any time we see a severe thunderstorm thunderstorm warning, we will see wind gusts of 60 miles per hour. you can barely make out the cities there's so much lightning coming down. i'll switch off the lightning for you. again again, this is something we will until 12:15 with the strong thunderstorms rolling through parts of kent and sussex county. just heads up for folks over the next 20 minutes. if you live in that area be very careful. >> we are expecting some showers over the weekend?
11:57 am
>> on saturday. sunday is the better day. >> that will do it for us. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm rosemary connors. for brittney shipp and everyone have a good one.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
. [door shuts] >> adrienne: nice try, buddy. you don't get to drop a bomb like that and just walk away. no! >> justin: no? no what? >> adrienne: you talk to me. you see where we are. >> justine: i see exactly where you are! you're having an aair with lucas horton, and you expect me to stand around and watch. well, wrong guy. come on, adrienne. you can't possibly be surprised that i want a divorce. >> kate: i have a proposition for you. one you won't be able to turn down. lucas: why would you think that? kate: because i know you'd do anything for your son. >> marlena: is ari awake?


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