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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  July 3, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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n elderly woman. the evidence that may lead to a break in the case. and we're tracking showers for the fourth of july weekend. you can count on nbc 10's first alert weather team to help you prepare for the holiday and the wet weather that's ahead. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today, i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm rosemary connors. sounds like we'll have to have those umbrellas handy over the next couple of days just in case. meteorologist sheena parveen has more details about that in the first alert weather center. >> good morning. we're tracking rain for the fourth of july weekend. it's not going to be a total washout because it's really only one day that looks like we'll see scattered showers. here's a live look out the center city skyline. it is humid outside, temperatures in the upper 60s in philadelphia. areas north and west through the lehigh valley 62 degrees allentown, 61 in reading 61 millville, 62 if you're waking up this morning. already at the shore in atlantic city. so as we go through the day today, depending on where you are, if you're in the
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philadelphia airy we'll see a mix of clouds and sun. can't rule out a brief, stray shower. if you're at the shore, temperatures in the mid-70s. it will be drier today than it was yesterday. i think it will be a decent day. and poconos, mid-70s mostly sunny skies, pretty nice out there. going into tomorrow for your fourth of july i'm tracking rain in the forecast. so coming up i'll show you a close look at the timing and we'll take a look at your entire weekend forecast. now let's take a look at the roadways with jessica boyington. >> the schuylkill expressway things dry now. good news. they're relatively empty as well. we do have to look for signs on the schuylkill expressway, only in the shoulder not blocking lanes from ongoing construction projects. a 12-minute trip from the blue route towards the expressway. out in atlantic city an accident scene closing route 30 westbound between 646 and route 9. watch for local detours throughout the area there.
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headed into chester county also an accident scene on hanover street and krepps lane. now to the breaking news in philadelphia's nicetown neighborhood. police say a robbery led to an exchange of gunfire. two people are dead two are wounded. nbc 10's matt delucia is live at the scene where he's been talking to investigators. matt? >> reporter: police are calling this a robbery gone bad. one of the robbery victims happened to have an assault rifle on him and started shooting at the robbery suspect. right here is where it all happened, the 1900 block of juniata street. you see the markers on the ground. investigators have been collecting evidence. we have seen what appears to be family members of the dead arriving at the scene visibly distraught, screaming, crying, angry. a couple of them are out here at the scene right now. we're told that everyone involved here was in their late teens to late 20s. i spoke with a police captain
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not long ago. here's what he tells me. at around 2:00 this morning a man in a mask walked up to a group of people and it appears he attempted to rob him. the suspect was hit several times in the exchange gunfire. he tried to run away but collapsed about a block from here. we asked police if they knew how many shots were fired. here's their answer. >> there are a number of casings. right now too numerous to count. we do have two different caliber weapons, one appears to be a a .45, another appears to be an assault rifle. it's a definite exchange of gunfire that took place at this location. >> reporter: and to recap, two men are dead including the robbery suspect. two others are in the hospital at this hour. including a man and a woman. they both have gunshot wounds. they are stable at last check. right over there, several cars were also hit by gunfire. a window on a house was also hit. fortunately no one there was
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hurt. but homicide investigators are picking up this one. they plan to be out here for quit a while this morning. live in nicetown matt delucia, nbc 10 news. the fourth of july holiday weekend is under way. but people who got an early start down the shore had to dodge the rain in north wildwood yesterday. some hit the movies or shops instead of the beach. several shoretowns have fireworks, concerts and parades planned for this weekend. and the delaware beaches will also be a popular destination this weekend. almost 70,000 drivers will pass through the tolls on state route 1. the main road to the beaches. that number of drivers is up from last year possibly because of cheaper gas. the statewide average is $2.67 per gallon. a dollar cheaper than last year. the poconos will be a popular place this holiday weekend. the sun is just coming up in the
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background. this is camel beach mountain water parks. for everybody you're looking at the wave pool. you have the flow rider for the teenagers. the wawa welcome america celebration started last weekend and will end with a fireworks spectacular over center city philadelphia tomorrow night. coming up at 5:30, nbc 10's katy zachry will walk us through what's happening so you don't miss one minute of the action. philadelphia police are questioning three people in connection to the murder of an emderly woman in her east mount airy home. 85-year-old regina brunner was found dead on monday. her son discover her. police she she was beaten and her throat was slashed in an apparent robbery. investigators went to this row home in west oak lane. they say they found crucial evidence including a laptop
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possibly belonging to the elderly woman. >> calm woman. >> are you surprised? >> if she was involved i'm definitely surprised. >> nbc 10 learned that a woman is one of the three people being questioned by detectives. police continue to collect evidence in this case including the victim's car which was discovered on tuesday. it had been stolen in the day she was killed. also investigate ares have tracked her stolen debit card to local atms. >> the florida doctor charged with corruption alongside new jersey senator bob menendez is a free man this morning. the judge approved an $18 million bond package for doctor salman melgen yesterday. he's been held for three months now since his arrest for medicare fraud. these charges are separate from those he faces with senator menendez, in which he maintains his innocence. the fbi confirms that the agents were at city hall in allentown yesterday.
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the fbi executed a warrant for city records in connection with a grand jury investigation one paper reports. nbc 10 reached out to allentown's mayor but we're still waiting to hear back. and the montgomery township police department is grieving the sudden loss of the department's service dog, canine duke. he died of a medical condition. he was purchased in 2011 through donations made by the montgomery county district attorney and the district attorney's office. he is credited with being a loyal partner, a friend and a family member to the department. new this morning, pennsylvania casinos post their first slots gains in three years. the state's 12 casinos earned more than $3.2 billion in slots for the fiscal year that ended june 30th. lady luck in southwestern pennsylvania reported the biggest gain of 25%. they use the financeds to
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support property taft cuts and support local governments. the bill would have let those who already hold about 14,000 licenses to sell beer in the state to pay more for the right to also sell wine liquor or both. eventually the 600 state-owned liquor stores would have closed. wolf says selling off the liquor system would not have been a good business decision. he does support selling wine and beer in more locations, including supermarkets. two days after he rejected the main budget bill wolf vetoed a public school funding bill that contained a new formula to distribute state aid to districts. and on a final note the governor has not said with whether he plans to sign a bill that would make major changes to the pension plans for teachers and state workers. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well within good morning. today will be nicer than yesterday, especially if you're
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in delaware south jersey where you saw the heavy rain yesterday morning. this morning we're waking up to dry conditions. 66 degrees right now northeast philly. 67 philadelphia. a little bit cooler in kennett square, 61 degrees. it is pretty humid outside. lehigh valley coming in in the low 60s. 59 in quakertown, 54 in the poconos. if you're waking up this morning along the shore, that's where you'll be this weekend, temperatures in the mid-60s, interior sections like millville in the low 60s right now. a nice, dry morning for you. the rain is out of the area. the cloud cover is out of the area, too. we have more clouds that are getting set up to move in. through the day today, we'll see a mix of sun and clouds can't rule out the chance for a stray shower btd all the moisture you see down around the southeast, that's eventually going to work its way up as we go into tomorrow. for your fourth of july saturday, yes, we are tracking the chance for showers. take a look at future weather. today will be a pretty nice day. we go into saturday all that moisture starts to move back up.
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we'll see scattered showers through the area. this will be the case from the morning until the afternoon hours. coming up i'll show you a closer look at the timing to see if it could be affecting your fireworks plans. by 8:00 this morning, temperature around 70 degrees. humid out, 10:00, mix of clouds and sun. temperatures in the mid-70s. by noon, getting closer to 80 degrees. we'll be warmer today. tomorrow, though that's when more showers move in and the rain chances go up. i'll show you the timing and the forecast whether you're heading to the shore or the poconos. that's straight ahead. 5:10 this friday morning. this is my favorite time of the day. just getting light out. headlights are still on. i look out over there at one of the traffic cameras, there are still headlights. there's never really any traffic at this time. >> it's usually not too bad. good idea to get an early start. jessica boyington is keeping an eye on the roads. >> it's not too bad heading to the shore early or if you're headed to work still on this
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friday morning. you're free and in the clear so far in terms of volume. an 55 around 49 in millville no problems here. maybe a car or two driving through the area northbound or southbound at any given time. still moving along great. on the blue route, pretty much the same story. the cars are all green. a 15-minute trip headed north or southbound from 95 up towards the schuylkill expressway. absecon city in new jersey, route 30 closed at illinois avenue due to a downed pole from an earlier accident. that's blocking the roadways there. all lanes are closed. follow the local detours. as for the wawa welcome america, the ben franklin parkway will be dealing with i dlaz. inbound will be closed from 9:30 friday until sunday. an evacuation order is still in effect more than 24 hours after a train carrying poisonous
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chemicals went off the tracks. this morning we are following new developments in the tennessee train derailment and the chemicals released into the air. also, we'll explain why local lawmakers are concerned about the same thing happening again here. and fireworks fears. a reminder about the impact the sounds of celebrating can have our on nation's veterans.
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today the national park service will hold a dress rehearsal for a capitol fourth. these are scenes from last year's celebration. the annual concert and fireworks display from the national mall in washington will feature a number of performers including barry manilow, i know you're excited to hear about that vai, and casey and the sunshine band. a new exhibit unveiled at the philadelphia international airport is celebrating the city's history of innovation. it's part of the wawa welcome america festival. the first lending library, the first hospital and first university are featured in the exhibit. the collection of photographs is located in terminal "a" for ticket passengers only. >> we just have to get a little more comfortable, quite frankly, with bragging about our city loving our city. yes, we have our challenges like any other big city. but we are the city where it really all started. >> the exhibit willing on display through june of next
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year. fireworks are a tradition on the fourth of july but they're not for everybody. >> i think we have to think about this. it's not just the sights but the sounds that could be a problem. the signs read combat veteran lives here please be courteous with fireworks. >> the soldier with ptsd there's a dark side. that amygdala can transport you toñmt memories of the battlefield. >> the u.s. department of veteran affairs estimates 11% to 20% of military members who served in iraq or afghanistan suffer from ptsd. today volunteers will collect care package items donated for operation yellow ribbon just in time for independence day. the organization supports active duty members of the military and veterans. the event runs from 11:00 this morning until 4:00 this afteren in. donations are being accepted at family and company jewelers. that's located in new jersey on
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65 east route 70 in marlton. many of our nation's veterans have a roof over their head thanks to a philly program. philly vets home has found housing for more than a thousand formerly homeless veterans. the stay's goal was to end the problem of veterans homelessness by veterans day of this year. a two-mile evacuation zone remains in effect in maryville, tennessee this morning. 5 now, people were forced from their homes overnight on thursday. officials say the freight train was traveling from ohio to georgia when a tanker went off the track and burst into flames. 52 people were treated at the hospital. 25 of them were admitted, including first responders after they had inhaled the toxic fumes. >> it smelled bad. >> i grabbed what i could and got out.
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as fast as i could. >> my thought was, is the air poisonous? i was worried that breathing would be an issue. >> it's still not clear when residents will be allowed back in their home. officials are planning to update the public on the situation in just a couple hours. the derailment in tennessee is causing concerns for lawmakers here in our area. every week 60 to 70 freight trains hauling crude oil roll through pennsylvania new jersey and delaware. state lawmakers are asking for more oversight, following four oil train derailments in pennsylvania last year. they say there's little they can do because the rail industry is regulated almost entirely by the federal government. and 5:18. time to get a check on morning traffic. >> jessica boyington is keeping an eye on mass transit and the roads out there. starting to pick up jessica? >> we're doing okay in terms of volume rosemary.
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59 95, this is pretty much the typical spot where we jam up. the southbound lanes moving along just fine through the work zone. absecon city route 30 westbound closed at illinois avenue 0 due to an earlier accident. route 30 closed between 646 and route 9 due to an earlier accident. the bridges heading in and out of the city currently no problems for the walt, the ben or the tacony palmyra. road closures coming up. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well it's going to be a nicer day today than it was yesterday. drier conditions across the area. you will notice that we'll still have clouds in the forecast. can't rule out a stray shower. but tomorrow that's when we have more showers that will be coming. we're looking at scattered showers pretty much through the day tomorrow. so far, it does look like most
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of the showers should be clearing out in time for fireworks. at least that's good news. a live look out right now across center city, atop the aramark building. clear skies, dry compared to what we saw yesterday morning at this time. 67 degrees. it's still humid outside. temperatures north and west still in the low 60s through the lehigh valley. 62 degrees allentown, 63 westchester. if you're waking up in atlantic city, temperatures 62 degrees there. 66 in stone harbor. as we go you throe the day today with the drier conditions in place, we'll get warmer than yesterday. there you see it no rain in the area. the cloud cover is close. so we will see more clouds move in. the unsettled weather pattern is still down to our south. by tomorrow that will slowly shift up to the north. here's a look at future weather as we go through today. minimum of sun and clouds can't rule out a stray shower. more clouds as we go into your saturday. this is going to be coming with scattered showers, especially early afternoon and through the evening hours. the good news so far, it looks
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like it should start to dry up. if you're heading to the shore, we have a moderate risk of rip currents to tell you about today and possibly tomorrow, too. we're looking at temperatures in about the mid-70s. cloudy conditions with scattered showers. for today, a mix of clouds and sun. temperatures in about the mid-to-low 80s. as we go into your saturday there you see a chance of scattered thunderstorms. temperature around 80 degrees. sunday, i think that's going to be the best day out of the weekend. temperature warmer on send. right around 87 degrees. coming up, we'll take a closer look at your fourth of july something else we see besides sheena in the mornings, a snow man in july. employees at a wood products store saved the snow under sawdust. another patriotic sign of the fourth of july holiday, the fireworks of course. how do you capture the beauty
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without the blur? we have expert advice to make sure your memories stay in focus. plus pictures of strangers posing with a sawed off shotgun, coming up in our next half hour the images that popped up on a delivery driver's computer days after he was robbed. and why the photos are especially concerning to police.
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fourth of july fireworks are always fun to watch.
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but capturing these colorful bursts of color can be challenging on a smartphone. have you ever tried it? at least on mine it never looks right. first find the right location a viewing spot keeps you in the clear. try setting the phone on a hard surface or resting your arm on something to keep the camera steady and always take your picks from a wide angle. you can crop them later. >> you want to make sure your flash is off. you also want to avoid zooming in because that can degrade the photo quality. >> maybe that's what i've been doing. i think i've been zooming in. if you're worried you'll miss the perfect picture, always hit record and capture the moment on video. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and it is a nice start to your friday morning. if you have started your holiday weekend early, you're in luck. if you're at the shore here's what it looks like. cape may, we're seeing hazy conditions across the shore but today will be a decent day. more rain in the forecast for
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tomorrow. those details coming up jessica. >> looking live right now at 78 in the lehigh valley. right around 22. some people have to go to work today. we're looking fine in both directions heading down the shore or have outdoor plans, we'll get you there, coming up. i'm katy zachry live along the ben franklin parkway with a preview of all of philadelphia's july fourth festivities. 500,000 people are expected in this area. i talked with philadelphia police about how they're going to keep people safe.
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nbc 10 breaking news. a nicetown neighborhood riddled with bullets in a robbery gone bad. what philadelphia police say one victim did that may have sparked a gun battle. >> posing post-crime, the pictures one robbery victim found on his computer days after his phone was stolen. >> we are counting down to the fourth of july. here's a live look over the ben franklin parkway in center city. we are looking ahead to the festivities and tracking rain for your holiday weekend. not for the whole weekend, don't worry. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm vai sikahema. >> a lot of interest on there
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about sheena parveen joining us this morning. >> i volunteered for this if you can believe it or not. i'm so happy to be here. no, i really am. everybody needs their fourth of july forecast, especially because of the fact we'll have rain in it. the timing coming up. in the meantime, today looks good. it will be drier than yesterday. a live look out at center city from the adventure aquarium. here's a live look out at our cam -- comcast center. it's humid, too. as we go through today, it's going to be pretty good day, about a mix of sun and clouds. i threw in a rain chance there because we could see a stray shower. can't rule it out. most of the day will be dry. tomorrow though for fourth of july, clouds and scattered showers through the day. sunday much better more sunshine. coming up i'll show you a close look at the timing


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