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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  July 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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76 in dover. nice and comfortable for whatever you plan on doing. radar shot shows dry conditions one thing we are watching is this system off to the southwest. most of this system will travel to the south of us but we could see a few of these showers moving our way as we head into tomorrow morning. that's going to give us a pretty good chance to see light rain starting off at 9:00 a.m. this is what i'm tracking for you. i will show you when the rain will start and stop and what you can expect along the shore. i'll have the extended future cast coming up. right now, our fireworks forecast shows we are going to see nice comfortable conditions as the sun sets around 8:35 tonight. 77 degrees by 8:00. by 11:00 p.m. 73. coming up i'm tracking what you can expect from the poconos to the city to the shore in my full forecast. if you won't be near a tv this weekend, you can use the nbc 10 app to help plan where the weather's going to be. check out the crowds down in
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cape may. this was about lunchtime. lot of people enjoying the nice weather today, tomorrow as we understand, yeah may not be a great beach day. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg is our eyes and ears down the shore on a busy friday. he's joining us from wildwood tonight. hey, ted. >> reporter: busy is right. just take a look at how many people are up here on the wildwood boardwalk this evening. it is absolutely packed. want to give you a different vantage point of the boardwalk from really unique view we are getting tonight from the new aerial camera that is hovering about 60 feet above the beach. there you see morey's parmariner's landing pier. this is a live look above wildwood this evening. you see the roller coaster right there. this boardwalk which you are about to see from our aerial cam stretches for nearly two and a half miles. it is made up of more than 70,000 wooden planks.
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today's weather has been beautiful. a ton of folks hit the beach but if you are planning to spend time in the surf or on the sand this weekend, health officials want you to be cautious of an unusual threat that's been getting a lot of attention lately. she didn't see any in the surf in sea isle city but megan mckeen still had portuguese man of wars on her mind. >> it's all over facebook all over the news. it's a lot more prevalent. the kids see it. they're worried about it. >> reporter: in the past couple weeks, dozens of the creatures capable of inflicting painful stings have washed up in parts of ocean, atlantic and cape may counties. >> it's unusual. it never really happens. >> reporter: as a result of the sightings the new jersey poison center is urging holiday weekend beach goers to stay away from any man of wars they might encounter either in the water or on the sand.
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>> i would not touch them. the tentacles are venomous. >> reporter: it's believed certain wind patterns pushed the creatures up from the warm waters of the gulf stream. >> the wind's changed so a lot's changed with the wind switch. we won't see the portuguese man of war right now. it's when you have a straight east wind blowing. >> reporter: of course it's still possible the creatures could return as our aerial camera gives you another high-flying view of mariner's landing at morey's pier in wildwood. a lot of people up there having a lot of fun. there's going to be more high-flying action later this evening here in the form of fireworks. they are set to blast off from the pine avenue beach in wildwood at 10:00 this evening. same time tomorrow for a fourth of july fireworks spectacular also on the pine avenue beach.
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i'm ted greeneberg, nbc 10 news. also ready to celebrate the fourth, city officials project three quarters of a million people will walk philadelphia's ben franklin parkway and tourist areas over this holiday weekend. keeping everyone safe requires a small army of local and federal law enforcement officers. nbc 10's jesse gary has that part of our coverage. >> reporter: it is the annual migration that signals summer is in full swing. tourists swarming philadelphia's historic areas over the fourth of july holiday weekend. >> i really wanted to have a good time and look for some good his tor history. >> reporter: this year a national terrorist warning raises the speccer of danger. >> that's why we stay together as a group and look out for the children. >> reporter: joining the throng law enforcement on every corner countless eyes electronic and live protecting the landmarks and the people who have come to see them. >> that's part of what we do
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just to make sure we can monitor what's going on who is doing what and also provide a safe environment for all of us. >> reporter: striking a positive chord here. >> can't let them win. we have to enjoy and celebrate america. >> reporter: i am sitting on top of one of two trailers here that are part of road to rio. people are hoping that comforting sense people have will bring them down here. this is a way to energize the public about the upcoming 2016 summer games in rio de janeiro. there are two trailers here. one is for athletics and the other a rio scene. we will talk about that coming up in about ten minutes or so. jesse gary, nbc 10 news. on the eve of independence day, authorities say there are no specific or credible threats to the homeland but law enforcement sources around the country are saying there is heightened concern this year.
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investigative reporter mitch blacher talked to the fi. what did you find out? >> reporter: he says the group isis has called for attacks on western countries and civilians. gunfire on a tourist beach in tunisia last week reminded us how quickly it can happen. >> we are all scared. there's a lot of people here today. >> reporter: steps from independence hall port richmond's lena rush is not going to let the threat ruin her holiday. >> we are all more aware of what's going on around us. we live in a new age. we just do. >> reporter: locally the security is obvious from these smaller disposable garbage cans on independence mall to questions over fireworks sales. police are asking fireworks dealers to report large bulk sales over concerns someone may build a bomb. in philadelphia we have seen threats squashed before they happen. 30-year-old keona thomas was arrested in north philly
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charged with trying to join isis. >> they hate the west regardless of whether they were bombing islamic state positions or not. >> reporter: he tracks middle eastern radicals with the philadelphia-based middle east forum. >> it is really a question of believing in this ideology. i think that does have to be appreciated. that's why the islamic state is not going to be going away any time soon. >> reporter: the fbi says internet based recruiting is the worry. this year alone they have helped prevent 24 specific threats. >> again, there's no specific threat for the fourth of july weekend. the american holiday actually overlaps the muslim holiday of ramadan which is one of the reasons they think isis could actually be looking for something of their own to celebrate. >> we are glad there's no specific credible threat that they know of at this point. people do need to be vigilant. if they see something, say something. thanks, mitch. to new york now. extra security in new york city
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because of the propaganda that is more widespread and more people listening to it according to a new york security official. there are no specific threats. new york's fbi will have a command center but it's for the large crowd watching the fireworks. sounding great. the philly pops practicing today at the kimmel center. tonight, they perform a free outdoor concert at independence hall. the music will range from patriotic and american favorites to broadway hits and also even a little disco. party on the parkway tomorrow starts at noon. the largest free concert in america begins at 7:30 starring the roots, miguel and jennifer nettles will also perform. the fireworks are all set to go. crews brought the shells into the area around the art museum this morning. it takes a lot of time to get the show ready before the crowds get there. thousands of shells will be used each minute for the july fourth show along the parkway, many of them custom made. lot of towns and cities in south
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jersey delaware and pennsylvania doing their fireworks tonight. atlantic city launching its fireworks show at 9:30 this evening. for a complete list of where to watch, go to the nbc 10 app or now to the latest on the murder of an elderly woman in her mount airy home. the victim's car was stolen after her throat was slashed on monday. police recovered the car tuesday near clearfield and stillman but it's no longer a piece of evidence in the homicide investigation. the car as you see there is back in the victim's driveway covered in fingerprint dust. her computer was also found in a home in west oak lane. police released three people brought in for questioning last night. >> if that's the case and they did catch somebody up there with that laptop i hope they get the person that did it. that's like really insane that you would take an elderly woman's life over whatever reason. >> a source confirms to nbc 10 that the victim's car was stolen at some point after her murder and that it changed hands at least once in the days after her killing.
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northampton corrections officer found himself on the other side of the law today. police arrested brian jenkins on charges he smuggled drugs and a phone to inmates. jenkins posted bail. someone keeps targeting jim's steaks using a gun. on tuesday a robber walked into the restaurant on spruce street in cobbs creek, pointed the gun at a worker and got $30 from the register. investigators believe it's the same man who robbed jim's steaks two other times in the past three weeks. to a crime alert in atlantic city. someone broke into four homes under construction in the chelsea heights neighborhood in the past month. all the homes were in the process of being raised. bicycles and lawn equipment are among the things taken. i'm meteorologist brittney shipp. if you have a beach, barbecue and fireworks plan for tomorrow don't miss the first alert forecast coming up next. plus with all the rain lately get ready for a mosquito boom this weekend.
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>> mosquitoing are always bad in the summer but this weekend i will tell you why they could be particularly bad. i will show you different kind of ways and gadgets to keep them away.
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welcome back. if you're headed to the lake or anyplace outside this weekend, you will notice those pesky mosquitos. get ready for the mosquito boom. nbc 10's tim furlong is joining us from dover. help us fight them off. >> reporter: it's a great night for anything outside right now, especially here in the first friday party, the painting party in downtown dover. [ inaudible ] >> after using some bug spray, getting campfire started it wasn't that bad. we were prepared. we'll have a campfire, that kind of stuff, too. >> reporter: we went to the target in dover and bought non-spray options including this wrist band which you can't smell.
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i can tell you it smells like citronella. we also bought this thing you clip on your clothes. there's a little fan inside. you put a cartridge inside there's a fan that spins. i will try these things this weekend. hopefully they keep the mosquitos away. i am a victim of mosquitos all the time. a viewer also sent me a tip saying neutrogena with the sesame scent does the trick as well. i'm open to trying anything. maybe i will do it this weekend. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> you haven't tried the grapes yet that jackie suggested earlier, right? >> reporter: no. i did not find the grapes. i tried but i did not have a fruit salad handy. i will try. >> you have time. enjoy. just 399 days to go until the road to rio. the 2016 games and olympic tour kicking off in philadelphia, just an important event that takes place in brazil. the design for the olympic torch was unveiled today in brazil. about 12,000 people will be
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chosen that carry that torch at the end of the relay, the olympic flame will light a cauldron over rio's stadium. it will of course remain throughout the games. nbc 10 the official network of the olympics. nbc 10's jesse gary is joining us live to show off some of the road to rio events right here in philly this weekend. >> reporter: that's right. the road to rio kind of begins right here in philadelphia in center city. i'm on the parkway. this is one of two 53-foot trailers that are kind of getting the public juiced and excited about the upcoming summer olympics in 2016. this right here has the theme of rio itself. the one over to my right has a theme of athletics. that's got all different types of memoribilia inside and interactive displays. we showed a little bit of that in the last hour. this is open just tomorrow from 11:00 until 7:00 then both these trailers are packed up they hit the road. the next stop for them will be san diego in the fall.
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great way to come out and see great olympic moments, memoribilia. get excited about rio 2016 just about a year away. jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> the road to rio is in philadelphia tomorrow. it's along the ben franklin parkway. that tour is going on from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. for information go to or check out the nbc 10 app. so it is an important weather weekend. how much will it rain or for how long? first alert meteorologist brittney shipp has the details. >> i am tracking a chance of showers as we head into the holiday. it will be different for different parts of the area at different times. i will break it down for you in the future cast. that's our first weather headline. also a moderate risk for rip currents. be careful heading in the water, especially tomorrow. warmer temperatures as we head into sunday. sunday is really the best day of the entire weekend. there's a live look outside right now in cape may. you can see the crowds are dwindling slowly but it's still nice and comfortable. temperatures in the 70s there.
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mostly cloudy skies for philadelphia. 81 degrees, low humidity so nice and comfortable. wind speeds out of the south at seven miles an hour. across the rest of the region at 73 in mt. pocono 79 in allentown, 77 in west chester. if you are out in atlantic city at the airport, it's 74 degrees. 76 in dover and 77 currently in wilmington. let's take a closer look at some of the shore locations. you can see the water temperature at 72 degrees. then beach haven at 74. same thing for avalon. lewes at 74 as well. the radar shot shows mostly cloudy skies and dry conditions. not seeing any rainfall in the area. the live look at city skyline, mostly cloudy skies for you. we wish it was a little clearer for the fireworks but at least we are not seeing rainfall. the radar shows a system off to the south and west of us. as we head into tonight, maybe a few little sprinkles but by tomorrow morning, we are dealing with light rain in the poconos
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stretching into lancaster county. as we progress the model, notice just a little bit of passing shower activity in the late morning hours in philadelphia stretching into wilmington. it won't be until noon that we will see near atlantic city and most of sussex county the chance for a heavy downpour. this is going to be short-lived. head to the beach, head inside around lunchtime then you can head back outside and enjoy a nice evening or late afternoon along the shore. poconos for us we will see temperatures in the low 70s, a chance of showers mainly in the rng month but clearing up. on sunday, high pressure rebuilds so the temperatures will push into the high 70s with plenty of sunshine. we want to point out on saturday there's a moderate risk for rip currents. just be careful if you head in the water. temperatures on saturday at 75 degrees with lunchtime showers expected. possibility of a few heavy down fours. sunday, expect temperatures to push into the 80s with more
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sunshine. the fourth of july forecast highs around the region tomorrow as we push into the afternoon will warm into mainly the mid to high 70s for most of the area. mid 70s right along the shore. a comfortable day, just going to be a little below average and cooler and cloudy for us with just a few passing showers throughout the day. tonight, mostly cloudy stray showers possible, 66 for philadelphia. 64 for suburbs to the north and west. tomorrow mostly cloudy skies, little bit cooler and just passing showers depending on where you live. our temperatures will range between 74 and 77 degrees. a warming trend heading into sunday 85 mostly sunny skies and then big changes on the way next week. warmer with a stormy pattern ahead for us. i'm amy fadool. up next the latest on joel embiid and his injured foot. and serena williams' grand slam hopes put to the test.
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i'm amy fadool from comcast sports net. the sixers continue to work out ahead of next week's summer league game. joel imembiid in attendance but did not take part. his injured foot is not healing as fast as the sixers expected. he is not on the summer league roster and his status has not been updated. here's what the assistant coach had to say. >> he's smiling. he's happy and he's talking. not running and jumping, though. >> joel is one of those guys that just loves the game and loves players and people and
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likes to be around them and it's not a surprise to see him in the building. >> jahlil okafor will play in both summer leagues beginning monday in salt lake city. while embiid's return is unknown, lang was asked if he ever thought about what it would be like to have both big players on the court. >> i would be lying to you if i said no. i think everyone does. because when you see those two guys you also remember how young they are and how bright our future could be. phillies began a series with the braves in atlanta tonight. morgan gets the start. he won his major league debut on june 21st against the cardinals. coverage begins at 7:00 on comcast sports net with phillies pregame live. flyers officially name kim dillabaugh as goaltending coach. he had been with the kings for the last eight seasons. ron hextall was with the kings for six of those seasons. across the pond to wimbledon, serena williams facing heather watson. third set, williams double
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faults and watson takes a 3-love lead in the match. watson had a chance to serve for it but can't handle the return. williams breaks to make it 5-5. after serena wins the next game at love match point now. again, her return too strong. serena defeats watson 6-2, 4-6, 7-5. will actually have to play her sister venus next. that wraps it up for sports. we'll be right back.
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we will be dodging a few showers? >> we will. especially in the morning and once again closer to your afternoon hours right along the shore but temperatures staying a little below average at 77 degrees, warming up. take a look at sunday. mostly sunny with a high of 85. can't get better than that. >> that looks really good. for all of us i'm jim rosenfield. the news continues with "nbc nightly news" with lester holt.
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on the broadcast tonight, terror jitters. on the eve of july 4th, cities stepping up patrols. fbi agents mixing into crowds. our embassies on alert on the heels of attacks around the globe. in a flash. lightning strikes on track for one of the deadliest years. the danr from above as so many plan to gather outside this weekend. some are in for a stormy independence day. enjoy your ride. the shocking sign allegedly found in a baltimore police van much like the van in which freddie gray may have suffered life-ending injuries. and catching some rays. history made and records shattered.


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