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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  July 6, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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game over! the u.s. wins the 2015 women's world cup! >> right now at 11:00, for the first time in 16 years, the u.s. women are world cup champions and they have a player from our area to thank for the big victory. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. team usa won the women's world cup for the first time since 1999 and the shining star on the field is delran native carli lloyd. she didn't just lead the u.s. to the long awaited victory, she turned in a performance for the ages and the record books. nbc 10 talked to fans in south jersey who are still celebrating. >> usa!
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>> reporter: a proud moment for the u.s. and a burlington county town where the team's star player grew up. >> this town is going crazy right now. there's already talk that they want to have a parade for her and everything like that. you can just feel the town being more upbeat today. >> usa! >> reporter: for some of the fans watching the game it was almost surreal. >> i think that a lot of us needed to pinch ourselves and see if this was really happening, because just the way that it all unfolded from start to finish it was just an epic journey. >> reporter: it was carli lloyd making history of her own. scoring the earliest goal in a women's world cup final and becoming the first player to score a hat trick in a final. >> i don't know how to describe it. i went to go wash my hands, walked into the restaurant saw a goal happen came out and there was another goal. we were sitting here talking about how they had to play harder and make all these goals
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and next thing we know they just kept scoring. >> reporter: the delran native now lives in mt. laurel but just a few minutes away the pride of delran is being celebrated today. >> good morning today. >> great morning today. great morning. >> she was just in the zone. she wanted it. we should have won it four years ago. >> reporter: four years ago, that is when the u.s. lost to japan. much different outcome this time around. folks around here say they are savoring that long awaited victory. matt delucia nbc 10 news. president obama sent his congratulations via twitter. what a win for team usa. great game carli lloyd. your country is so proud of all of you. come visit the white house with the world cup soon. we will have more reaction later today on nbc 10 news. be sure to check the nbc 10 news app for more coverage of carli lloyd and the women's world cup win. we are following breaking news out of salem county.
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an audit found five children were given the wrong shots during the county's shots for tots clinic. here's what we know right now. the county health director ordered the audit which found the mistake. in one instance the county says a 2-year-old boy likely received a cervical cancer prevention vaccine. the nurse who gave it no longer works there. the county notified the child's parents and doctor about the error last week and the clinic has been suspended pending further action. nbc 10's tim furlong is on his way to salem county. he's digging to find out more and will have a live report this afternoon on "nbc 10 news at 4:00." live look right now at the towers of liberty place overlooking center city philadelphia. we have been seeing a mix of clouds and sun over center city throughout the morning and there's a chance of storms a little bit later today. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley is here with the forecast. >> we saw some showers to start the day but right now, we are
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just looking at dry conditions, lots of clouds around. getting enough sunshine to warm us up fairly rapidly. it's already 81 degrees in philadelphia. we have been running four degrees above yesterday's temperatures all day today. so far, we are at the low 80s, headed to the mid 80s this afternoon. you can see the clouds that are starting to move back into the area after some breaks of sunshine. no showers from the clouds just yet. you see some wet weather in central pennsylvania and to the south. that will be entering the area this afternoon. keep an eye on the sky. a warm muggy day today. 84 degrees at 1:00. could see some scattered showers and possibly some thunderstorms later this afternoon and this evening, and with those storms could come some heavy downpours and gusty winds as well. we will go through the afternoon hour by hour with future cast when i come back later this half hour. new information surrounding the man investigators say opened fire on a camden county police officer last week. right now the suspect, victor bennett, is being officially
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arraigned. officers arrested him friday after they say he shot officer prince reed wednesday night along kenwood avenue. officer reed took a bullet fragment in the arm. bennett has been in jail after failing to post a $1 million bail. we have new video showing a suspect breaking into an asian american restaurant in south philadelphia. this happened late last month. investigators say he forced open a window leading into the restaurant along south 22nd street in gerard estates and took off after stealing $500 and several bottles of liquor. police are investigating a shooter in mantua. police took the victim to the hospital, where he's listed in critical condition. investigators are still looking for the gunman. a shooting in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood sent a man to the hospital around 11:30 last night. police tell us several people approached the victim and opened
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fire and jumped into a car and took off. police are looking for them. the victim is listed in critical condition. this morning, there is a $20,000 reward offered as police look for the person who stabbed a young mother to death in philadelphia, in a store parking lot. the girl was on her way home from a fourth of july celebration in hunting park when witnesses say a fight broke out. someone stabbed the girl in the neck. she died at the hospital. community leaders will remember that teenaged stabbing victim today along with victims of this shooting at 41st and ogden streets last month at a stop the violence march and prayer vigil in west philadelphia. the march will start at 40th and lancaster at 6:00 this evening and make its way to 41st and ogden where 11 people were shot. from our jersey shore bureau, police say they have recovered a body that is most likely the 16-year-old boy who disappeared while swimming in cape may county this week.
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emergency crews recovered the body from the inlet saturday night. investigators believe it matches the description of the boy who they have been looking for since tuesday. his name has not been released. investigators in atlantic city are still trying to figure out what caused this fire near the boardwalk saturday night. it started before 10:00, burning the dunes near indiana and ohio avenues. this is viewer video of those flames. no one there was hurt. now to ocean city where fire officials believe the cause of a fire at this beach house over the weekend was accidental. the fire in the 900 block of st. charles place was caught on cell phone video. firefighters rescued seven people who were trapped on balconies at the burning home. medics took them to the hospital. one firefighter is recovering at home from minor injuries. mayor michael nutter will travel to mexico today. he wants to strengthen ties with the city that is already having an impact on philadelphia. nutter will visit puebla as part
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of a three-day trip. he wants to foster economic cultural and educational opportunities. the mayor's office says more than 18,000 people from that region have visited or moved to philadelphia in recent years and have played a big role in growing small businesses in the city. secretary of state john kerry says efforts to reach a nuclear deal with iran by tomorrow's deadline could go either way. kerry says there has been genuine progress after nine days of talks, but adds they are nowhere where they needed to be on several key issues. that includes disagreements over u.n. sanctions and inspections as well as iran's accounting of its past nuclear work and future development. greece's finance minister has resigned this morning after the nation voted no to a bailout. this could have wide-ranging implications. there is fear greece could run out of money. as a result u.s. stocks are opening lower this morning. here's a live look now at the
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big board for the new york stock exchange. the market is coming off its sharpest weekly decline in three months and the losses could impact 401(k)s. tokyo's benchmark stock index nikkei fell more than 10% after greek voters rejected europe's bailout package. japanese policy makers pledged to work closely to guard against financial market volatility. a day at the beach turns dangerous in an instant. beach goers dive for safety when a pilot is forced to use the sand as a runway. we'll have the story behind the crash landing caught on camera. an infant is found alone along a road. find out who is facing charges in this case this morning. eye on the sky. we have clouds and are waiting for showers and thunderstorms. your hour by hour future weather when we come back.
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firefighters continue battling a massive fire at an industrial building just outside of cleveland, ohio. black smoke from the fire could be seen for miles. the factory makes packaging materials and equipment. no one has been hurt. imagine enjoying the fourth of july on the beach and then you see this. a small plane making a crash landing right in the surf. this happened in carlsbad california on saturday. the plane towing a banner lost engine power and had to make a hard landing, then flipped over. the pilot wasn't hurt but the plane clipped a 12-year-old boy who had minor injuries. >> really sad for the kid,
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because you know this isn't what you think the fourth of july would be. >> oh, my gosh everyone run, get out, run! >> investigators will now try to figure out exactly what went wrong. a shark scare at the jersey shore forced people out of the water there but it turned out to only be a sun fish. police say a shark sighting was reported near the driftwood club in sea bright monmouth county 4:30 on sunday. here's video posted on social media. it shows crowds of people out of the water and on the beach, just looking out into the bay there. here's a look at the creature that caused all of the commotion. it's a sun fish harmless fish that can grow very large. you see it's got a dorsal fin like a shark would have. another potentially deadly portuguese man of war washed up on a jersey beach. the wildwood beach patrol says the creature washed up yesterday
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in north wildwood. the beach patrol safely removed it from the beach. no one was hurt. they do warn beach goers not to touch the creatures if they spot them on the water or on the beach. people also spotted man of wars in ocean city and long beach island last month. the dangerous jelly fish-like creature has tentacles that grow from 10 to 30 feet long. one of the new york prison escapees who prompted a week-long man hunt is back behind bars today. david sweat was taken to a maximum security prison yesterday morning in new york. he was shot and captured a week ago and is now in a facility where inmates are kept in individual cells. he could spend 23 hours a day in solitary confinement. meanwhile a hotel fire forced hundreds of people out of their rooms in florida. flames could be seen coming from this building at the resort in orange county. officials there say there were reports of lightning strikes in the area but the cause of the fire is under investigation. 500 rooms and three buildings
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had to be evacuated. no one was hurt. a 6 week old baby found along a maryland road saturday night and this morning, the little girl's mother is being held on a half million dollar bond. a witness says he spotted a car seat in the middle -- in the road and stopped to ekcheck it out. that's when he found the baby. investigators say the car seat had scuff marks which they say could indicate that the carrier may have fallen out of a vehicle. >> just sitting there quietly at first. once she saw other people around, she just started crying and we said wow, i don't know who would have done something like this. >> the baby is expected to be okay. the mother a 26-year-old, is charged with child neglect and reckless endangerment. the debate over whether to keep the confederate flag at the south carolina state capitol starts today. nbc 10 national correspondent traci potts has a preview from
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washington. >> i don't think this will be easy, i don't think it will be painless but i do think it will be respectful and it will move swiftly. >> reporter: this morning, the confederate flag still flies high above south carolina's state house. today's debate shaking the very core of southerners on both sides. >> we need to stay focused on what the ultimate goal is and that is to bring the flag down and put it in a museum. >> this flag is not about racism at all. it's to honor the 620,000 americans that died for this flag, black, white, irish. >> reporter: nascar fans asked not to fly the flag this past weekend. some refused, adding the words heritage, not hate. >> not a racial thing. it's a heritage thing. >> it means that there's no hatred, no racism on that flag. >> reporter: in arkansas pro-flag demonstrators were defiant. >> you can do nothing but silence the enemies. we don't cower at such a charge. >> reporter: today's debate starts in the senate where reverend clementa pinkney
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serves. his death along with eight parishioners sparked this debate. if approved the house will then decide. if they don't pass it at least one south carolina lawmaker has already said he wants to call for a referendum to let the voters decide. traci potts, nbc news washington. >> that nascar race turned into an all night affair that ended in the pre-dawn hours of the morning with a pile of mangled metal. take a look at this multi-car wreck. happened just as the nascar sprint cup daytona race ended. dale earnhardt across the finish line seconds before this crash. amazingly, no serious injuries to the drivers. some debris did land in the stands. no one there was hurt. the race was delayed several hours because of the rain. it didn't end until about 2:30 in the morning. cloudy right now but we're watching for showers and possibly some strong thunderstorms developing this afternoon. we will likely see some activity
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later today. we will likely be in the 90s tomorrow and the heat and humidity will probably lead to more showers and thunderstorms tomorrow and into the work week. temperatures are going to be climbing into the 80s. right now, 70s for doylestown and millville, 81 degrees in philadelphia with mostly cloudy skies. looking at clouds in the mountains. no showers just yet, it will be later today we could see showers and possibly thunderstorms in the mountains. right now, it's dry in philadelphia but you can see clouds are starting to build. you can see a sprinkle in atlantic county. the showers, thunderstorms, they're to the west. you see them in central and southwestern pennsylvania and to the south. this is part of the system that will likely spin some moisture our way. 3:00 this afternoon, the hour by hour forecast showing the potential for some heavy downpours through northeastern maryland into delaware. that threat will be around for much of the rest of the area later this afternoon. at 5:00 could see heavy downpours philadelphia
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burlington county, trenton area seeing them. during the evening hours, heavy downpours at 7:00 but by 9:00 the showers should be tapering off. with those storms could be some heavy downpours and possibly some damaging winds. it's a marginal threat for our area but this area has been widened now to include philadelphia lancaster and chester counties and most of delaware as well. keep an eye on the sky this afternoon. 75 degrees for mt. pocono 80s for allentown, quaker town and reading. a chance of late day showers and thunderstorms could bring some heavy downpours to doylestown trenton and mt. holly. it won't be all day rainfall at the shore or the delaware beaches but later today, we will likely see some showers popping up. low 80s for rehoboth and cape may. 82 degrees in vineland. during the afternoon hours, it's up to 85 for drexel hill swedesboro and philadelphia top out at 84 degrees. showers and thunderstorms during
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the afternoon in wilmington and then moving up into much of the rest of the area. the seven-day forecast tomorrow there it is hot, humid conditions after topping out at 90. 85 today. we will be in the 90s tomorrow after a morning low temperature of 72 degrees. showers, some thunderstorms on tuesday and the possibility of storms for wednesday and thursday. near 90 on wednesday and still quite warm for thursday. typical for summer months. 87 degrees thursday afternoon. but the humidity comes down and so will the chance of showers for friday. 85 the high after morning low temperatures in the 60s. we will see 60s again saturday. 87, saturday afternoon. then with sunshine heading for 90 on sunday. >> thank you, bill. did the recent measles outbreak change people's opinions? this morning a study shows people's changing views on vaccines. we will show you where people stand. when it comes to eating do you have an adventurous appetite? if so that could say something about your health.
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we'll explain.
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11:23 this monday morning. the philippines is reporting a second case of mers in the country. the health department says a 36-year-old visiting from the middle east tested positive for the respiratory disease. a health department spokesman says the patient is in stable condition and authorities want
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to find people who have been in contact with the man. research shows a shift in parents' attitudes when it comes to vaccinating their children. a study done during the recent measles outbreak found one-third of parents believe vaccines have more benefits than they did a year ago. one quarter feel vaccines are safer than they were a year ago. more parents also think the risk of measles for children is higher than it was last year. the study also showed more support for day care and school vaccine requirements. a new gene therapy is showing some promise for people with cystic fibrosis. patients inhaled molecules of dna in order to replace a defective gene with a healthy copy in the lungs. after one year they found their lung function was almost 4% greater than patients who received a dummy therapy. the treatment didn't actually improve lung function but did keep it from declining any further. new findings show foodies
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tend to be healthier than less adventurous eaters. a survey of 500 women showed those who had eaton the widest variety of foods weighed less were more physically active than more picky eaters. the findings should encourage dieters to steer away from boring salads and try new healthy foods. housing the millions expected for the papal visit is expected to be a challenge. many residents in philadelphia are looking to cash in on pope francis' visit by renting out their homes. but the city wants to get a cut of that money. we have new details on a new law straight ahead. we have an alert about a scam being carried out by people pretending to be the irs. we will tell you what to know.
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call for your free information now. (soft music) ♪ (colonial penn jingle) bottom of the hour we are following breaking news right
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now. police in washington, d.c. are investigating a report of a shot fired in walter reed medical center. here's a live picture from the scene. we have seen officers with body armor and weapons drawn walking around this area. employees have been told to shelter in place. it's important to say police have not confirmed that there was a shot fired there. but we will monitor the situation. we will continue to keep an eye on this and bring you breaking news information as soon as it comes in to our studios. team usa is still riding high this morning after winning the women's world cup for the first time since 1999. the standout player of the game is a south jersey native delran's carli lloyd didn't just lead the u.s. to their long awaited victory. she turned in a performance for the ages. here's what her goal from midfield sounded like on our sister station telemundo. take a listen. [ speaking a foreign language ]
11:30 am
>> you see the japanese player going will you stop already? enough! that's the voice of the announcer on telemundo. lloyd scored the first hat trick in world's cup final history, doing so in the first 15 minutes of the game. she scored the first, second and fourth goals for team usa in a 5-2 win. the last tally beating japan's goal keeper from midfield. she also took home the silver boot for the tournament's top player. >> it's unbelievable. something that we all have wanted so long. the heartbreak in 2011 losing to japan and then this game it was just an unbelievable moment
11:31 am
something that we'll cherish for the rest of our lives. >> carli says she thinks she will return to defend the u.s. title in four years. for more reaction be sure to check out the nbc 10 news app for more coverage of carli lloyd and the women's world cup win. parts of the jersey shore saw some showers earlier this morning. here's a live look at cape may county. lots of people out there. there's a chance of more storms in our area a little later today and more changes are on the way for tomorrow. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley is here with those changes and the forecast. hey, bill. >> got the gold cup but are missing golden sunshine. the crowd is growing nonetheless at the shore. temperatures in the low 80s for cape may. we are keeping an eye on this area of cloud cover. we saw some showers to start with this morning. you see the clouds that are moving past cape may, south jersey into the philadelphia area and the northern and
11:32 am
western suburbs. there are some breaks of sunshine now in central delaware. we will be in and out of the clouds to start with but the heating that will result could result in some strong storms this afternoon. 1:00 this afternoon, 84 degrees. more clouds around at 4:00. this is when we will start seeing showers and thunderstorms. those storms could come with heavy downpours and strong gusty winds as well. that will drop the temperatures by 7:00 to 80 degrees. this is not the only chance of storms heading our way this week. seven-day forecast with the timing of more storms when i come back later this half hour. vai? >> thank you, bill. pope francis is in ecuador this morning. the first stop on an eight-day tour of south america. he landed and was greeted with an airport welcoming ceremony. pope francis chose to visit ecuador, bolivia and paraguay because they are among the poorest nations in this catholic region. the pontiff will not visit his native argentina partly to avoid
11:33 am
getting involved in this year's presidential election. thousands of people lined the streets yesterday to catch a glimpse of the pope. the crowd threw him flowers and balloons. one man even tossed pope francis a hat after he lost his papal skullcap in the wind when he got off the plane. when the pope comes to philadelphia in september, a new law would make people renting their homes to visitors pay a tax to the city. we take a look at how this would work. >> reporter: this is a new tax of nearly 10% paid to the city of philadelphia. it affects anyone who rents their home or apartment for vacation purposes. we did a simple quick search on popular vacation rental sites like airbnb and it shows that philadelphia properties are being rented for big money during the upcoming world meeting of families gathering. many listings mention the papal visit and are being rented for several thousand dollars a
11:34 am
night. happening now as of july 1st the city is cashing in on that business, saying those properties are considered overnight lodging just like a hotel and should be subject to the same hotel tax of 8.5% that's paid to the city. >> currently the process is designed for the marriotts of the world. we're designing a system that's going to be set for the marios of the world. so it would be one where people can easily go online file and pay their hotel taxes. >> reporter: how do you pay this tax? the city revenue commissioner says if you rent your home for 90 days or less you will soon be able to go online and file saying it will be very simple. if you rent your home for three months or more you will have to go to the city's licenses and inspections department for a permit. from university city katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> all this week on nbc 10 we are taking an in-depth look at the life of pope francis before his time at the vatican. nbc 10's jim rosenfield traveled to argentina to learn more about the pope's younger years and his
11:35 am
path to the priesthood. tune in to our reports starting tonight at 6:00 and 11:00 with jim here only on nbc 10. a big 80th birthday celebration for the dalai lama who celebrated in front of thousands last night in california. he will lead panels on climate change wisdom and youth leadership before heading to new york later this week. he will be in philadelphia in october to receive the 2015 liberty liberty medal. lasalle university is welcoming its first woman president. she is also the first layperson to lead that university. its previous presidents have been christian brothers. she is a toronto native who used to be the head of a university in london ontario. she is looking forward to getting to know as many students as she can. >> it is an historic institution. this has been a pillar of the philadelphia community and looking at how lasalle can be its very best self moving
11:36 am
forward into the future i think is my number one priority and that is what gives me the most excitement. >> she succeeds brother michael mcginnis who stepped down in may of 2014. workshops are under way this morning and will last all week for more than 700 teachers in the school district of philadelphia. kindergarten through third grade teachers are working to improve literacy education at the workshops which are happening at martin luther king high school in germantown. this morning we are learning more about the brazen escape at the upstate new york prison. one of the convicted killers is dead, the other back behind bars. now new details on the hours before both men escaped. >> reporter: just hours before david sweat and richard matt escaped from clinton correctional, their alleged getaway driver joyce mitchell had a moment of clarity while eating dinner with her husband lyle. that according to the "buffalo news" citing a law enforcement official involved in the search. she had a realization that this
11:37 am
was d-day and the fantasy she had been living for almost a year was now becoming a reality. that included the murder of her husband. the article also says matt told mitchell earlier that day the escape is on pick us up at midnight. he then gave her two pills meant to incapacitate her husband. the report has not been verified by nbc news and mitchell's attorney denies she wanted to kill her husband. lyle told matt lauer last month he believes the decision saved their lives. >> had she shown up in that getaway car, both of you would be dead right now? >> absolutely 100%. >> reporter: the new details come a week after sweat was captured and shot twice in the back. matt was killed by police two days earlier. on sunday sweat was released from the hospital and headed for five points correctional facility, 270 miles from clinton, where life on the honor block had its perks. >> radios are playing, they can cook, shower. it's just -- it's kind of like a
11:38 am
block party. >> all of that is now over for him. david sweat will be completely alone in a tiny cell for 23 hours a day. >> reporter: inside his new cell, just a bed, toilet, shower and what's described as a writing platform. not the ending sweat had been planning for. nbc news, los angeles. a warning from the irs an ongoing nationwide scam is snagging unsuspected victims over the phone and swindling them out of cash. across the country, americans have been getting threatening automated messages that claim to be from the irs. folks report receiving that oddly worded message from florida to pennsylvania all the way to washington state. the irs says they never make phone calls so if you receive a message, it's not real. >> -- to inform you the irs is filing a lawsuit against you. >> the irs says these scammers
11:39 am
are often overseas making them beyond the reach of u.s. law. we continue to follow breaking news near washington d.c. police are investigating a report of a shot fired there at walter reed medical center. a 911 caller reported hearing one shot inside the building building one, the original hospital on the campus there in bethesda. this hospital of course takes care of men and women, injured vets. many of them from overseas. employees have been told to shelter in place for now. we will continue to follow this breaking news and bring you information as we get it. more breaking news in to the studio here. new jersey state police have issued an amber alert for a 9 month old william marino. police say he was taken by his father who has the same name at knifepoint from a home in new brunswick today. the baby was last seen wearing a yellow teeshirt khaki pants and
11:40 am
black sneakers. take a look at the father. this is who police are looking for. he has tattoos on his forearm and on his neck. if you see anything or you know anything, you happen to know this person have spotted him anywhere, you are asked to call police. a new way to pay using your face to fund your purchases. one credit card is testing selfie security. see why it may become the new way to buy things. we will see a little bit of sunshine before the clouds take over this afternoon. and storms are on the way. but not just today. the seven-day forecast coming up.
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11:43 and we are following breaking news. right now police near washington, d.c. are investigating a report of a gun fired in walter reed medical center. we want to show you a live picture here from the scene. these pictures -- i guess we won't get the live pictures. these pictures come in and out. we have seen officers with body armor and weapons drawn walking around walter reed hospital. employees have been told to shelter in place for now. it's important to say police have not confirmed that a shot has been fired there. we will continue to follow this breaking news and bring you information as it comes in to the newsroom. more break news. new jersey state police have issued an amber alert for 9 month old william marino. here's a picture of him. police say he was taken by his father who has the same name at knifepoint from a home in new
11:44 am
brunswick today. the baby was last seen wearing a yellow teeshirt he had on khaki pants and black sneakers. take a look at the father. this is who police are looking for. he has tattoos on his forearm and on his neck. if you see anything you happen to know anything or you have seen him walking to a store or anyplace in public, you are asked to call police. say cheese! a credit card could soon let you pay for things with a selfie. mastercard is testing a facial recognition app to verify online purchases. users hold up their phones as if taking a selfie to approve transactions versus entering a password. for added security the app asks users to blink to prove that they are real human. how about that. if you're looking to rent a car on your summer vacation experts say avoiding the airport would probably save you bucks. consumer reports say you can save as much as 50% if you avoid the airport.
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also shop online using comparison travel sites and those add-ons can add up. most people don't need the rental insurance they are always pushing on you because they are already covered through their personal car insurance. consumer reports also suggests bringing your own car seat and skipping the navigation and hd radio option. to make everyone -- everyone wants to make a good living but where in the country is the best place to do it? according to the state of texas is the best. in our area delaware was the only one in the top ten, coming in at number eight. pennsylvania was in the middle at number 26. new jersey just behind at 29. the rankings are based on income taxes, cost of living unemployment and workplace environment data. now here's something to add to your summer reading list. a mother/daughter team of authors is back with a new book that will make you laugh and it will make you think. lisa scottoline and her daughter
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francesca are behind "does this beach make me look fat"? i got to learn how to read here. true stories and confessions is described as a collection of funny stories about life love family food and of course, the beach. all the things i love. you guys have captured it all. we welcome you. >> we are thrilled to be here. >> this is sort of a compilation of your chick wit pieces that are in the newspaper which i read this morning and found hilarious. then i found out you were coming on the show. >> here we are. >> this morning you write about putting on homemade suntan lotion your mother used to make. >> i revealed that the flying scottolines used to peel each other's backs for fun. >> so glad i hadn't come along yet. >> the truth is i read them because i think they're funny. >> thank you. >> but really your demographics are women like my wife right? >> a lot of men read it
11:47 am
surprisingly. we get a lot of e-mails saying we're a guy but we read chick wit. not only women. >> francesca, you write about your relationship. one of the ones i remember reading it when it was on the column, was about rebounding. you came off of a relationship and then you ran into an athlete, a professional athlete which made me laugh. >> yeah. professional basketball player but in ireland. i didn't know about how that works out. rebound is an important skill. it is. >> what kind of skill did your mother give you? did she give you some advice as you were growing up? >> the truth is that my mom did a great job as far as teaching me that my self-worth doesn't need to come from whether i have a boyfriend or not. that's the key to bouncing back after a breakup, to know take a
11:48 am
little time for yourself reconnect with your friends. >> nice. good. well done. >> the line that i loved was men are like magnets. you need one to repel one. >> right. every woman has been in a crowded bar, knows that. for some reason you saying please step away i'm not interested in you is not enough. you need to say oh, i have a boyfriend or a wedding ring or whatever. i don't know. >> this is not a problem my age group has generally. we're not like beating them off in bars. actually, we never leave the couch. we're watching you, vai. >> you are so nice. tell me what the take-away for readers, what will they take away from reading this book? >> i think the title implies it it's intended to poke fun at the way we all feel as women the pressures large and small, frivolous and not, all the time and sometimes you need to let yourself take a vacation from all the pressure we put on ourselves. >> right. have fun. it's summer man. >> lisa did your mother parent you the way you parented
11:49 am
francesca? >> yes she did, but with more profanity. >> so you cut back. >> actually in fairness this book is a lot about the life of women and we did lose my mother this year. francesca wrote movingly about what it's like to be a granddaughter and i love that perspective. the book is really about life. >> what does it say about your relationship as mother and daughter? >> you know i'm in my 20s and we're still just growing closer but differently, and having to adjust that mother/daughter relationship to when your daughter, your kid, she still says oh, my kid, people think i'm 8 years old, is an adult and changing that relationship but for the better. >> here i thought i was sharing something that would be unique as a guy that reads your column but i find out from you a bunch of other dudes out there -- >> intelligent men read our column. >> there you go. give me a high five right there. that's what i'm talking about. tonight at 7:00 you will be at
11:50 am
the town book center in collegeville, tomorrow two signings one at noon at the barnes & noble at 18th and walnut in center city at the jcc in cherry hill. several other signings throughout our area this week. for a full list go to and also the nbc 10 mobile app. thank you very much ladies. continued success. we look forward to seeing you with your new book in two, three days? >> october. >> october. thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you. they may run into a few showers on the way to the book signings later today. right now we have clouds and are watching for showers and possibly thunderstorms. the temperature is slowly coming up. we will stay in the 80s today but this changes tomorrow. the humidity has been coming down but tomorrow it will be climbing. you will feel the difference. bit of a breeze is blowing.
11:51 am
if you look closely, the flags on top of the boat houses little bit of a breeze. a light breeze for most of the day today. we get thunderstorms, that's when we could see gusty winds. 80 in northeast philadelphia. so close to the 80 degree mark for wrightstown and toms river. wilmington up to 78 degrees. it was in the 60s this morning for langhorne and levittown. 80 now in chalfont. doylestown at 77 degrees. kintnersville up to 81. quakertown, 79. warm all around and a bit muggy, too. lots of clouds but you can see some thin spots, where we're getting the sunshine. that will lead to more heating and possibly some thunderstorms today. if you don't see it today, this hot, humid air comes into play for tomorrow. it will give us another chance of some showers and thunderstorms. right now, most of the activity is to the west but we are starting to see a few isolated light showers, beginning of the
11:52 am
shower activity for this afternoon. the hour by hour future cast shows 5:00 this afternoon, a possibility of storms rolling through. by later in the evening, 8:00 most of the storms will be out of here. then our attention turns to this approaching cold front. before the colder air comes in behind it really won't be all that cold we get the warm muggy air ahead of it and that's what we'll feel for tomorrow. for today, mainly cloudy skies. some breaks of sunshine. then we're watching for storms this afternoon, heavy downpours, strong gusty winds are a possibility today with temperatures in the 80s. tomorrow, into the 90s. just the low 90s, but the humidity will be higher so it's going to feel hotter tomorrow afternoon. and during the afternoon hours, good chance we will see more showers and thunderstorms. and the possibility of storms will stay with us for wednesday and thursday. not quite as hot wednesday afternoon, near the 90 degree mark. 87 on thursday. then that cold front comes through, we start drying out for friday and you can see the morning temperatures in the 60s.
11:53 am
that's an indication that the humidity will be coming down along with the temperatures. 85 friday afternoon, turning warmer over the weekend. by sunday, we are up to 90 degrees. we'll be right back.
11:54 am
11:55 am
we have new live pictures
11:56 am
just into the newsroom about the breaking news that we're following in new jersey where state police have issued an amber alert for a boy they say was taken by his father at knifepoint. this is a live picture from new brunswick in middlesex county where the boy was taken from. here's a look at the missing boy. he's 9 month old william marino. the baby was last seen wearing a yellow teeshirt, khaki pants and black sneakers. here's a look at his father who has the same name as the boy, william marino. this is who police are looking for. he has tattoos on his forearm and on his neck. if you see anything, happen to know anything if you happen to recognize him, have seen him around in any public place, you are asked to call police but don't approach him. thanks for watching "nbc 10 news at 11:00." i'm vai sikahema. have a great day. stay safe.
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>> aiden: so is clyde weston always going to be an issue for us? >> hope: tell you what. why don't we just forget about him right now? just agree to forget all about him? >> aiden: been there, done that. don't you remember coming to my office, telling me it's fine by you if i represent him? hmm? or was that just a word game with you? >> rafe: hey. sorry to interrupt. >> aiden: are you pushing her on this? >> rafe: what? >> aen: it's a simple question. a yes or no will do. >> hope: aiden. [phone rings] >> aiden: i have to get this. hey, daniel, what's up? >> rafe: a little tension, maybe, huh? >> hope: disagreement. >> rafe: hmm, let me guess. clyde weston? >> kyle: like i said, i think i've got a guy who can move some product


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