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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  July 8, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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morning, upper 70s, slowly falling temperatures and we're watching some rainfall just to the west. light showers already in the pocono mountains. harrisburg seeing some light rainfall. the showers are slowly moving east. the temperatures will be moving up. at this hour they're still falling. they're not beginning to go much lower. 71 in allentown, upper 70s in dover and millville. 77 in mt. holly. sunshine will be fading as clouds come in and the chance of showers, especially north and west at 10:00. by lunch time early in the afternoon, we could see showers in philadelphia too. thunderstorms will threaten us this afternoon. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back in ten minutes. right now let's get a check of traffic with jessica boyington. >> we're doing a quick check on new jersey roads. ongoing construction a scene not active on 295 around the black horse pike. you can see the lane restrictions right in here. 13 minutes still, headed southbound which is typically where we see the volume from 38 up towards this point at the
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black horse pike. elsewhere in new jersey, we're dealing with the ongoingkruk as well. on route 70 westbound. one lane is getting by by south cornell avenue and mcclelland avenue. you might have trouble on septa, being crammed a little bit in the cars because there are fewer cars running due to track work. breaking news from overnight, carli lloyd comes home. crowds were not around to greet the captain of our world cup championship soccer team. based on what you're seeing there, lloyd's fiance gave her a better welcome home. matt delucia is live at philadelphia international airport. tell us more about that matt. >> she says no question about it her life has changed after that big world cup win. she's back home now but not for very long. there's the video as she greeted her fiance stepping off the
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plane just after 1:30 this morning. it was a little over 4 hours ago when the world watched carli lloyd score that hat trick. she spent 42 days in canada playing in the women's world cup. we asked her just how is she savoring this win? >> i think it's definitely sinking in. it will slowly sink in. i have to get my brain -- relax my brain and go home and enjoy it with friends and family. >> carli says all she's been doing lately is packing and repacking and she's beginning to be doing that a little bit more. she's headed to new york in the next couple of days. the city there is planning to throw a parade for the women's soccer team. that is scheduled for friday at 11:00 in the morning. so she's back home now, probably getting some much needed rest hoping to take a vacation later on. but right now she's enjoying this whirl wind of attention. live at philadelphia international airport, matt
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delucia nbc 10 news. 5:33 now, we are following a developing story out of ocean county where a person in lake wood is being checked after showing ebola-like symptoms. police are on the scene of what they call a hazmat situation. there are reports the patient just returned from africa and had symptoms including a high fever and vomiting. those are symptoms of a lot of things. right now, no one knows exactly what the patient has. it could be days before we know for sure. we'll continue to follow this story and let you know as soon as we get more information. 5:33. in atlantic county the prosecutor's office is investigating a deadly stabbing at a convenience store that ended with police shooting and killing the suspect. it happened at cedar mark net atlantic city yesterday. the owner says a man who is a frequent customer stabbed a clerk with a knife. a witness says the man was upset over a sandwich. the clerk died. his roommate tells us fereg just returned from egypt and it was his second day on the job. >> he came from violence to face
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his death here. i'm escape from violence in egypt, too. >> he said peter escaped from violence in egypt and met his death there in atlantic city. police shot and killed the suspect during a confrontation outside the store. his name has not been released. from our delaware bureau now, a new report shows a sharp decrease in gunfire in wilmington over the past six months look at this this is according to the city's spot shotter technology. it uses sensors to alert police to gunshots. wilmington's police chief says there were 135 gunshot incidents during the first six months of this year. that's down 42% from the second half of 2014. 5:30. there's been another shark sighting at the jersey shore. a viewer sent us this video of a shark that came ashore on the 36th street beach in ocean city yesterday. experts say it's a brown shark or a sand bar shark and those are common in this area.
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on monday there was a shark sighting in margate. there was another one later in avalon. no one was hurt. >> 5:35 now. 78 degrees already. happening today, the free library philadelphia celebrates a program called read by fourth. they welcome the program's first executive director. read by fourth is an effort to make sure by 2020 more kids are reading at the appropriate grade level when they enter the fourth grade. there will be a reception for the new director tonight. a passion for the poor. nbc 10 visits the same poverty stricken neighborhoods of argentina where pope francis once walked the streets before he was pope. how families in this area are following in francis's footsteps by helping those in need. a warm muggy and mostly cloudy start to the day. just minutes away from sunrise this morning. and showers, well they're not far away either. your hour-by-hour future weather when we come back.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. 5:38. two minutes away from sunrise this morning. we'll see some sunshine but clouds are starting to move into the area. the temperatures really didn't come down that much overnight. northeast philadelphia reporting 79 degrees, 4 degrees warmer than yesterday. here come the clouds not into the atlantic city area just yet but they're thicker in allentown. with these clouds come some showers. this afternoon we could see thunderstorms with heavy downpours. right now it's mainly light shower activity that's moving into the harrisburg area. there's a line of showers hugging interstate 80. those are looking a little bit more impressive. the heavy rainfall is dying down. that changes as the temperatures heat up ahead of those showers. we will see a quick warmup today. hour by hour futurecast showing 80 degrees in philadelphia. that's by 8:00 this morning. watch those showers as they make pro guess into the late morning hours and early afternoon.
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right around lunch time could see heavier downpours to the west. showers possible for reading, doylestown northeast philadelphia. could see rain drops. as we go into the afternoon, a line of storms will take shop and with those storms will come heavy downpours. we could see localized flooding today. seven-day forecast with some drier conditions on the way for later in the week. got the timing of that when i come back in ten. if you're driving through the lehigh valley later, you could start to see the showers move in on the roadways there. watch out for that. >> let's see what's on the roadways with jessica boyington. >> what we're dealing with is not a lot of volume so far. these are the typical spots, though headed southbound into the center city area. no real problems 13 minutes from woodhaven road up towards the vine street expressway. heading out the door on 202, good news there, pretty much the same story. 11 minutes if you're headed northbound or southbound from
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route 30 up towards the schuylkill expressway. mass transit, we are dealing with fleet upgrades. there might be fewer cars. you might have to pack in just a little bit. new jersey transit and patco, no delays. if you drive the pennsylvania turnpike get ready to pay more next year and for years after that. tolls will increase 6% starting in january. tolls will go up between 3% and 6% every year until 2044. the higher tolls will help repay loans for road work projects. the quaker breath mall in lawrence township, mercer county is home to a fast-charging freedom station located between the sears and lord & taylor stores. it is the first charning station in new jersey. cameras in the classroom. the unique step one school district is taking to make sure students and parents are treated
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fairly. and campaign concerns. lawmakers in new jersey worry running for the white house is taking too much of the governor's time. we will look at how often the governor is out of the office and break down a bill that would require him to step down.
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new dashcam video showing a horrifying crash on a utah highway. a state trooper was responding to a vehicle that hydroplaned. a second car hydroplaned slamming into the first car, pinning the trooper underneath. here's the good news. firefighters were able to rescue him and get him out safely. everyone walked away with no serious injuries. an iowa school district is putting body cameras on some principals and assistant principals to record their interaction with students. the cameras cost around 5885 bucks a piece. >> we want to make sure we're treating schools with dignity, honor and respect, parents with dignity, honor and respec. this is a way to say are we doing that? and to kind of check ourselves. >> they say the policy for
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reviewing the video is still being worked out. that school district is among the first in the nation to use body cameras. a different type of technology being used. rowan university will reveal its expanded virtual reality center. here's what that is. it offers a unique environment where teens can conduct cutting-edge research in three-dimensional images. students and clients can conduct high-level work in engineer science and medicine. the south carolina house of representatives will have the final say in whether the confederate flag will continue to hang outside the state's capitol building. the house had its first reading tuesday after the senate overwhelming voted to remove the flag. a final vote could happen tomorrow. also happening today, house lawmakers honor the service and sacrifice of veterans who fought in the vietnam war on this 50th anniversary. nearly 3 million americans served in vietnam, more than
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58,000 troops died. government regulators say troops are still having problems with their student loans despite federal laws that are in place to protect them. the consumer financial protection bureau received more than 1300 complaints from military borrowers in the last three years. in most cases they are trying to defer loan payments or cap interest rates. the bureau says companies that handle loans are denying or ignoring those requests. it's about to cost you more green to be a blue hen. the university of delaware announced tuition is going up. it includes a $178 hike for in-state students, $728 increase for out-of-state undergrads. it ask one of the smallest huks in more than 30 years. it brings the total tuition fees, room and board to 24,350 for delaware residents and
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43,250 for out of staters. a "new york times" analysis found that christie was out of the state about 40% of the time last year. >> when he is back we want him taking care of the needs of the state of new jersey not some other state, not republican primary voters. >> a spokesman for the governor called the bill quote, silliness. even if lawmakers pass the measure, governor christie would have to sign it into law which would be awkward. christie is 1 of 14 declared candidates for the gop presidential nomination. on the democratic side five people are looking for their party's nod to run for the white house. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 5:47. 78 degrees right now. we're watching clouds move in to
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south philadelphia looking past citizens bank park. not a game until after the all-star break late next week. 78 degrees right now in philadelphia. southwesterly winds are still blowing. that's humid air coming into the area. 79% is the humidity right now. we're watching for showers in the pocono mountains, mostly cloudy view from camel back this morning. already seeing scattered light showers. nothing more than that right now in the scranton area, harrisburg is seeing light rainfall. there have been heavier showers in central pennsylvania and that's a possibility for us during the day. the humidity that's riding in on the wind to the southwest that's going to stay elevated today. as clouds come in with showers, we could see heavy downpours. a warm muggy day with mostly cloudy skies leading to showers and a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon. high temperatures not as hot asç yesterday. it was 91 yesterday. we'll be in the middle to upper 80s today and back in the same territory tomorrow. that area of clouds will stall
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in the region for tomorrow. showers and thunderstorms again tomorrow afternoon. but then the clouds move out and the humidity comes down. 88 degrees on friday. hot on saturday but the humidity will still be on thely side saturday. it will start creeping up on sunday with the high of 89. chance of more storms early next week for monday and tuesday. all right, bill it's about ten minutes until 6:00 now. let's see how the morning drive is shaping up. usually more cars hitting the road at this time of the morning. >> we're still doing okay starting to see volume but not a lot of delays. we're watching for a clearing disabled vehicle on the schuylkill expressway on the westbound side between university avenue and south street. that's clearing out of the way. watch out for crew on the scene. out on 202 around paoli pike everything is moving along. if you're headed northbound, right here or southbound everything is moving along fine. as for the blue route, pretty much the same story. you can see the cars are green which means they're moving.
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14 minutes headed northbound or southbound from 95 up towards the schuylkill expressway. we'll check in with mass transit in the next ten points. back to you guys. nbc 10 digital exclusive here, 4.9 million, that's how many tickets the philadelphia parking authority has handed out over the past three years. 4.9 million in three years. tens of thousands of those were issued on the same few blocks. headhouse square in society hill. more than 24,000 tickets were put on wind she'lls on that block. check out the nbc 10 app to phone out what other blocks are hot spots for the city. the bicycle coalition of greater philadelphia is trying to make street streets safer for riders and walkers by pinpointing the most dangerous intersa the top of the list is 5th street and olney avenue. second is broad and race where there were 17 crashes and third
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place, broad street and girard avenue, the site of 16 crashes. the group is hoping this list will help persuade the city to adopt a policy which is says will reduce injuries and deaths by 50% by the year of 2020 with the eventual goal of zero bicycle and pedestrian deaths. >> we think it's possible to do that by having a coordinated strategy among all agencies within the city that will help bring down those crashes. >> now, other cities like new york and san francisco have cut their traffic accidents by implementing the policies that this group is pushing for like more red light cameras and reduced speed limits. a milestone in the use of one drug. camden county pless have saved 100 lives using narcan. narcan can help victims overdosing on heroin. the use of narcan comes as a new cdc report shows heroin is
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increasingly the drug of choice for a growing number of americans. the report says usage has increased dramatically across genders, most age groups and all income levels. doctors say after people become hooked on prescription pain killers, they often turn to heroin because it has the same effect only it's cheaper and easier to get. >> we're seeing heroin diffusing throughout society but we can turn this around. >> the cdc says the key is more education for doctors to help them which patients truly benefit from pain killers and which are at risk to abusing drugs. help today for seniors struggling to make end's meet. plus a temporary ten the city? with more than a million people wysiting philadelphia during the pope's visit this fall the city is considering every option to shelter the masses. ever wonder what happens behind the scenes as i adjust our periscope camera?
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happening today, senior citizens in philadelphia can start eating healthier. the philadelphia corporation for aging will distribute vouchers from 10:00 to 2:00 at the reading terminal market. this program is financeded through the u.s. department of agriculture and helps low-income seniors get better nutrition. the vouchers can be redeemed at several area stores and markets. >> the nice thing about getting your vouchers at the reading terminal, you can purchase the items there. there are several certified farmers markets at the reading terminal. >> you can also pick up the vouchers at the corporate office on broad street. but voufers are limited. . pope watch now, bolivians are preparing to welcome pope
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francis. crews in the city of la paz put final touches on a mural. la paz is the pontiff's first stop in bolivia. then he's scheduled to move on to santa cruz where he will spend the majority of his time in that country. hundreds of thousands are expected to attend a papal mass there tomorrow. when the pope descends on philadelphia, you could be seeing a lot of tents popping up in the city. as the city welcomes the pope. that's because the city is considering a plan that would allow camping at some city parks in september. philadelphia currently prohibits camping in its park system but it may decide to make an exception during the week of the papal visit. now in ecuador this week many people used tents to hang out and see the pope there. nothing is set in stone yet. there's no word yet on which philadelphia parks could become camping grounds. nbc 10 traveled to pope francis's homeland in argentina to learn about the place that shaped him before he became
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pope. his passion for the poor began with visits to some of the most impoverished neighborhoods in buenos aires. we spoke to a seminarian who actually studied in philadelphia and returned to argentina to help residents there of those shanty towns, his leif's work. >> that's why we are trying to do something in order to help families to move forward. >> patricio says his dream is to help many of the children in those shanty towns go to college. tonight on nbc 10 we'll show you a side of the pope you may not have seen before. his artisting and athletic passions that have nothing to do with church. we're talking tango vai. that's tonight at 6:00 and 11:00. be sure to check out a slide show of jim rosenfeld's trip to argentina where he gathered these great stories for us. those are on the nbc 10 app and >> eye opening to the life of
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young jorge bergoglio. >> jim rosenfeld spent a week with our anchor from telemundo 62. it's amazing to see how he became pope francis. >> there's extra information, pictures on our website and our nbc 10 news app. >> thank you, chris. you're watching nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news today at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 breaking news. >> breaking from overnight, the champ is back. u.s. soccer star carli lloyd is home and we're talking to her. >> we're off to a steamy start this morning. we're also on the lookout for rain as the threat of showers and thunderstorms move into the area. already 78 degrees, just before 6:00 a.m. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson mpl i'm vs. >> i'm vai sikahema.
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my wife made plans with friends to go to the shore. she said i'm not going until i see bill henley's shorecast. >> you'll see showers in the areas north and west. philadelphia could see showers and thunderstorms as well. we're tracking showers into the scranton area harrisburg showers this morning. they're starting to move into extreme western berks county. won't be long before the first rain drops are falling in the reading area. the temperatures have been falling overnight. at the shore cape may is 76 degrees. you'll see a lot of sunshine to start with. 79 degrees in philadelphia and 75 in reading. hour by hour forecast is calling for clouds to move in. the sun is up there. you can see it. the clouds are also rolling in this morning. the temperature will be up to 80 degrees by 8:00. by 11:00 we'll see scattered showers in the northern and western suburbs, possibly philadelphia. as you go into the afternoon, more likely to see showers and thunderstorms as


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