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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  July 9, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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today. welcome to "nbc 10 news today," i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. another warm start this evening but we are focusing on potential severe weather. let's check in with bill henley with his forecast. >> we do have clouds and scattered showers this morning but this aftaef?91ñ strong storms, severe weather. could see some damaging winds with those storms that will roll through during the late afternoon and evening hours. today there is even a threat of tornado activity. this morning, we are lining up some showers in the northern and western suburbs chester and montgomery county and bucks county seeing heavier downpours with these showers moving through central and southern chester county and they are slowly moving to the east. you could see scattered showers this morning but the storm threat for severe weather comes from what you see in the ohio valley and into kentucky. this line of showers and thunderstorms will be arriving during the late afternoon and evening hours. looks like the timing is going to coincide with the evening commute. scattered showers at 7:00. 10:00, you might see a raindrops
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or two. more sunshine break through and quick warm just by 1:00 this afternoon. 84 degrees and climbing. we could hit 90 this afternoon. and that heat and humidity that you feel this morning is going to fuel the strong storms later today. we will go through the future cast hour-by-hour to show you that line of storms as it's expected to move through later today. right now, let's check in with jessica boyington in the traffic center. >> we are watching the schuylkill expressway right now. we are not seeing a lot of volume as of yet. we are light still. montgomery drive eastbound into the center city area where you see the volume first. eastbound, 13 minute drive time. average speeds there about 61 miles per hour. the westbound side doing a hair better. in philadelphia walnut street closed around south 54th. take chestnut street to get by the area a block over. to be safe and not stuck in any
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of those delays. blue route no problems. 15 minutes heading northbound or southbound from 95 up towards the schuylkill expressway and average speeds of about 65 miles per hour. we will check in with the area bridges and mass transit coming up. breaking from overnight, coming down. south carolina debated into the night over whether to take the confederate flag down from the grounds of the state capital and then around 1:00 this morning, statehouse voted in favor of removing the flag. the calls to take it down after last month's church shooting rampage by a suspect seen posing with the flag and he shot and killed nine people at the church in charleston. among the victims pastor clementa pinckney who was also a state senator. 76 degrees at 5:32. walking the streets and listening to the concerns and worries of citizens. it's become a tradition for philadelphia's top prosecutor and, today, he will hold his second community walk of the summer. nbc10's katy zachry is live for
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us in west philadelphia where the d.a. would be walking and people there have something they want to talk to the d.a. about. >> reporter: i talked to a number of people in the west philadelphia neighborhood. they want to see things done and improved upon in their neighborhood. when i went to the d.a. with that concern, a spokesperson for his office tells me that is exactly what they plan to do. last year as a result of these community walks, some rundown lots were cleaned up almost immediately. they are most concerned with drugs, robberies and gun violence and they don't know who to turn to about these things. the personal contact they will have later with the d.a. will help. >> our major tool is going to be a pair of gym shoes, a short-sleeved shirt, and a notepad and we are going to be out there taking names and asking how we can help. if we see a lot that may need a
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cleanup, we will jot it down. >> reporter: our check of the most recent criminal activity in the parkside neighborhood shows thefts are up. there have been more than a dozen thefts reported the last six months. another issue that some of the neighbors told me they will address. that community walk with seth williams begins at 6:00 on north 66th street. katy zachry nbc10 news. new information this morning on a crime fighting tool in camden. last night city council approved a proposal to buy new eye in the sky cameras and bring the total number of these types of cameras in camden to more than 200. jury deliberations will continue today in the cyberstalking trial of the family members of the wilmington courthouse killer. david matusiewicz and his mother and sister are all on trial for the murder of david's ek wife. in february of 2013 she and a friend were shot to death at the new castle courthouse by tomas
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matusiewicz who then killed himself. if convicted, they could face life in prison. happening today a judge in chester county will decide if this former principal will go to trial for alleged indecent behavior with a student. his name is george symonds and preliminary hearing is today. the concept school fired him this week after his arrest. authorities say he groped an eighth grade student last year in his office and in the school's bathroom. his lawyer told us symonds maintains his innocent and will fight the charges. police in one bucks county township have advice for a couple hanging out in parks after hours. >> with emphasis on hanging out. their suggestion is "get a room." the buckingham township police department tweeted this message, quote.
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it's a side of pope francis you may not have known about. his passion for soccer. we sat down with a member of the pope's hometown team during our trip to argentina. what he had to say about the team's sudden success after one of their biggest fans moved into the vatican. a steamy start and a cloudy one too. i'm tracking some showers this morning and expecting potentially severe weather later today. a first alert is in effect.
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5:38 a xupcouple of minutes ahead of sunrise. the clouds have rolled in overnight. dry right now. this view from the comcast center in center city but warm and muggy to start with. in the 70s right now. 77 degrees in philadelphia. the humidity will be running high through the day as the temperature climbs.
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we will get breaks in the clouds. that is going to lead to a quick warm-up. this morning tracking some showers mainly light showers extending from the lehigh valley through bucks county and montgomery county. there are heavier downpours in central and southern chester county. this line is moving to the east. no severe weather here. but that is a possibility for later this afternoon. a first aletter has been issued for what you see moving through northern ohio and into kentucky which is seeing severe weather storms that is moving to the east strong storms this afternoon. looks like they will coincide with the evening commute. during the day, big warm-up. allentown, reading and quaker town into the 80s. late afternoon showers and thunderstorms that could turn severe for doylestown trenton and mt. holly. the shore should be dry during the day. 88 for rah hoe bath and cape may and atlantic city and storms rolling through the evening hours at the shore. inland you'll see them earlier.
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westchester. the storms moving in drexel hill and swedesboro late arrive and evening hours. go through the future cast when i come back in ten minutes. it could be a rough ride home for people there. hopefully, the morning commute will be smoother for you. >> fingers crossed. let's find out with jessica boyington. what are you seeing? >> still a little early to know for sure in terms of volume but we are starting to see a little bit but everything is still moving. that is definitely little early for that though. 422 trooper road eastbound you see a delay. everything moving along just fine toward the schuylkill expressway. out the door on 95 throughout delaware everything is moving great there as well. ten minute trip. no problems or delays or construction to watch out for. northbound or southbound from 295 up towards 495. the area bridges no problems. not scheduled for any openings
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at any time soon but for the ben franklin bridge, two lanes dropped heading westbound into philadelphia. if you ride septa's regional rails, get ready for more crowded trains. yesterday, septa took rail cars out of service because they want to update those cars with a positive train control safety system. so many trains will be shortened by one car. the work will run through november. alleged cruelty caught on camera. a local farm that supplies one of the biggest names in poultry is under investigation all because of this video. standing his ground. republican presidential contender donned trump defends his comments on immigration.
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animal rights activists say it happened at a farm in delaware that supplies tyson food. the group mercy for animals recorded the video with a hidden body camera. the group is accusing mcginnis farms of mistreating thousands of bird and they want the workers there prosecuted. we tried to contact the farm but no response. tyson foods did speak to us and they say they are investigating the claim. >> animal well-being is a top priority for us. we will not take animal abuse and take claims like this very seriously. george w. bush and bill clinton will meet together
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today. in the meantime republican presidential hopeful donald trump is not backing down from the controversial ghentscomments he made about mexican immigrants a few days ago and is insisting he will win the latino vote. >> after his comment last month mexican immigrants being rapists and bringing drugs and crimes into the u.s. trump says nothing to apologize for his comments about mexico. he want to build an impenetrable wall between mexico and the united states. >> i love the country of mexico but the country of mexico is killing us. the country of mexico is taking our jobs, they are killing us at the border, they are taking advantage of the fact that we have stupid negotiators. we have very stupid people in our country negotiating for us! and we have leaders that don't know what they are doing! >> trump went on to say that he will win the latino vote if he gets the republican nomination
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because he will make sure they have jobs. he is one of 14 declared candidates right now for the presidential nomination gop presidential nomination. on the democratic side, five people are looking to run for the white house.xéc1 new video here of a controlled rockslide in oklahoma as controlled as it can be any way. contractors wok, forrking there set off a small explosion on an independent when flooding set off a real rockslide. this is snow. remember that awful winter they had in boston? here we are in july and there is still evidence of it. this is actually a dirt covered pile of snow. it's now only three feet high after once standing more than two stories tall. this is where the city removed snow and piled it all in a big pile there.
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they say this hasn't melted because the dirt has formed a shield around it which keeps the snow at around 32 degrees. >> i remember that. here we are tracking potential severe weather for this afternoon. meteorologist bill henley has the timing and what we should be watching for. >> a big threat later today and looks like it's time for the evening commute. damaging winds, we have seen that so far this even. a pentagon for tornado activity later today. cloud this morning. i am tracking some showers. clouds will break and we will get some sunshine and that will lead to a quick warm-up near 90 degrees this afternoon. it's part of the fuel that will fuel those strong storms later today. a first alert weather today for today for the potential of damageing winds and tornado activity late this afternoon and into the evening hours. right now it's warm and muggy and cloudy. 77 degrees in philadelphia. cloud extend into the pocono mountains. this is a view from jim thorpe this morning. a mix of low clouds and clouds.
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higher clouds overhead and some showers too that are not all that far away. look at the clouds over center city at this hour. they will break. we will get some sunshine later this morning and into this afternoon. then late this afternoon that's when the greatest threat for damageing winds and possibly even tornadoes. central pennsylvania in through eastern pennsylvania and demonstrative and south jersey the threat into the evening hours. this morning light scattered showers for most areas. there are some more moderate showers embedded in that line that is slowly moving through. chester and montgomery and bucks county. london grove area closer to delaware so you'll see a few sprinkles this morning. these storms moving through the ohio valley and part of the same system that has brought severe weather this morning. in fact, a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for portions of kentucky and that is the line that we will be watching during the day today. this morning, those showers out
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of here by 9:00. they will be moving out. we will get some breaks of sunshine and the temperatures climbing into the middle 80s by lunch time. then near 90 degrees this afternoon and during the late afternoon hours, look at the storms. that is 4:00 this afternoon. the storms moving through the pocono mountains and then into the northern and western suburbs and lancaster and chester and bucks county at 5:00 this afternoon. fast moving showers and thunderstorms. that is the line that could have severe weather in the area at 7:00 this evening. stand by for a stormy afternoon and a warm and muggy day. most of the day will be dry. temperatures climbing into the upper 80s and low 90s. the storms roll through tonight and then behind the storms much nicer weather for tomorrow. a big change. humidity comes way down. still warm, typical july weather, but plenty of sunshine and comfortable. conditions that will continue into saturday. 67 degrees with low humidity to start with on saturday.
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few scattered clouds on saturday and a hot one sunday afternoon into the 90s. a chance we will see more storms monday through wednesday. >> look at that weekend. how about it? let's get you to work this thursday morning. check the road. >> hopefully, no problems popping up out there. jessica boyington has a network of cameras to check out for any trouble spots. anything happening? >> monitoring the cameras all morning and not a lot of volume yet but seeing a little bit out on 95. vine street expressway right now. we have all lanes open as we normally deal with ongoing construction closing both sides until 5:00 in the morning. so there is just signs throughout the area you can see right here around eighth street. still headed westbound toward the schuylkill expressway no real volume. 30th street station everything is okay. take a look at the rev of the drive times throughout the rest of the area.
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out in philadelphia walnut street westbound is closed around south 54th street. take chest netnut street to get around that area. coming up check in with the local bridges and mass transit. land rover is recalling land rover because of a glitch in the door latch. the door can fly open while moving. sunroofs were poorly assembled and they can detach and fly out the door. new jersey based company bella rosa is parmesan cheese is being recalled because it may not list eggs among its ingredients and could put people with egg allergies at risk.
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consumers should return the cheese for a refund. blue bell will begin a trial run of ice cream at its alabama plant later this month. they recalled the entire line in april because of listeria contamination. the ice cream will be tested and not sold to consumers. you may not get your favorite treat the next time you go to italian ice because of the egg shortage. they will replace it with soft serve ice cream. rita's will bring back the frozen custard as soon as supplies return to normal. tackling the tango. there is jim roens felled
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. as philadelphia gets ready for the pope, the pontiff continues his south american tour and set to hold an outdoor mass today in bolivia and around there wednesday from ecuador. the pontiff greeted the pope in la paz. the city has extremely high altitude and since the pope only has one full young the vatican took his stay there to four hours to limit any breathing trouble. nbc10 is getting you ready for the pope's visit in september. including our travels to the pope's native land of alternate. we discovered something you may not know about the pope when he was growing up, his connection to the tango, a dance that was popular when he was young. ♪ >> the tango is a dance that
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originated in buenos aires where he grew up. we were told he was hooked on the tango when he grew up and faster variation which acquires more agility. he also likes soccer and followed the sport since a boy and favorite team growing up was the soccer cup here. they recently won argentina's national championship and a few select players and team official got to celebrate that victory with an audience with the holy father. the team star player told nbc10's jim rosenfield the club has had a huge turnaround since france became pope. >> to what do you credit that? >> i don't know. we say that he -- us. i don't know if it true or not. >> the pope doesn't get to see any of the games because he hasn't watched television since 1991 but his swiss guard, they read the scores from the newspaper to him. check out the nbc10 mobile app for more behind the scenes pictures and video of jim's trip to argentina. tonight he is going to bring us the story of a penn student's
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while studying in argentina and took a home state 5,000 miles from her has to realize he need to be on the ben franklin parkway in september when the pope comes to philadelphia. >> if you're the opposing team you got no chance! you got the pope. >> thank you, chris. you're watching "nbc 10 news today." "nbc 10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. the threat of severe weather is headed our way. a live look at the first alert radar. the storms are over the midwest right now. but by this afternoon they could be here and with it wind and heavy rain. breaking news from overnight. the flag is coming down. this could be the last day the confederate flag will fly in front of south carolina's state capital. we are following this breaking news of the historic marathon vote. a gay teacher is fired from a montgomery county catholic
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school. the teacher said she was let go because she is in a same-sex marriage and now she is calling for action. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. it's going to be a little tough today, especially on the afternoon commute. i was talking to bill in the hallway telling me storms come through his area as a kid and routinely they would run in shelter. that was kind of interesting to hear that from bill. >> you know exactly what part of the bamt to run into. the sideways wind in the afternoon. is there that potential for this afternoon for our area and so we have issued a first alert weather day for the potential for severe storms late this afternoon and this evening. heavy downpours and lightning goes without saying yes. damaging winds is the biggest threat. there is even a threat of tornado activity with the storms that we are expecting later today. you will see some showers this morning. clouds are covering the entire area and a line of showers. when we went on the air the


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