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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  July 9, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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a montgomery county catholic school. the teacher said she was let go because she is in a same-sex marriage and now she is calling for action. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. it's going to be a little tough today, especially on the afternoon commute. i was talking to bill in the hallway telling me storms come through his area as a kid and routinely they would run in shelter. that was kind of interesting to hear that from bill. >> you know exactly what part of the bamt to run into. the sideways wind in the afternoon. is there that potential for this afternoon for our area and so we have issued a first alert weather day for the potential for severe storms late this afternoon and this evening. heavy downpours and lightning goes without saying yes. damaging winds is the biggest threat. there is even a threat of tornado activity with the storms that we are expecting later today. you will see some showers this morning. clouds are covering the entire area and a line of showers. when we went on the air the showers were moving through
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reading area and intensified through maryland and delaware and philadelphia will see raindrops this morning but it's the storms this afternoon that are of greatest concern. 76 degrees at 8:00. some scattered showers at that hour. by 11:00, we will get some breaks in the clouds. that is going to really heat things up quickly. 79 degrees at 11:00. we should be near 90 this afternoon. that will fuel the storms when they roll in later today. the timing of the storms i'll show you with the latest future cast when i'm back in ten minutes. now a check of traffic and jessica boyington with the first alert traffic. >> we are watching ongoing construction on 95 around the betsy ross bridge. lane restrictions here so that lane closed and that lane is closed and signs throughout the area. traffic is actually moving northbound as well. you can see the southbound side. where we see volume and delays first in the early morning hours but everything is still moving
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but something to watch out for as rush hour begins to get under way. we will see volume start to increase throughout the area. area bridges betrysy ross no problems. two lanes blocked heading into philadelphia and this is nice and clear. accident scene out on the p.a. turnpike northeast extension southbound approaching lansdale. >> south carolina debated into the night and around 1:00 this morning, lawmakers voted in favor of removing the confederate flag from the grounds of the state capital. calls to take it down began after last month's massacre in charleston with the suspect seen posing with the flag. he shot and killed nine people during a bible study at the emanuel ame church. among those killed was a state senator claementclementa pinckney.
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joe biden will attend an event in new york city to celebrate the supreme court's landmark decision on same-sex marriage. he has been a long time supporter of the lgbt community. in our area parents showing their support for a teacher at the center of a catholic school controversy after accusations that administrators fired the woman abuse she is in a same-sex marriage. matt delucia is live where the aftermath of the decision is playing out. tell us more about this. >> reporter: about 150 people gathered last night, mostly parents of students here at waldron mercy academy and gathered in support of margie winters who was received with a standing ovation. she taught here for eight years. she taught religious education. two parents reportedly complained about her being in a same-sex marriage which led to her firing. parents say they received a letter before the july fourth holiday saying winters will not be coming back next year.
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that letter from the principal referred to the school's needs to imply with church teachings. in a closed door meeting last night parents who were there voiced their support for winters and condemned the firing. >> all i know it's not about margie any more. it's about doing the right thing. it doesn't matter about who is right, it's what is right. >> reporter: orchestrating the administratively of the archdiocese of philadelphia say the following. also parents have been trying to figure out a way to help this fired teacher. they have been spreading word through social media. a facebook page stand with margie and go fund me page and at last check raised over $3,000 to help support this teacher.
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matt delucia, nbc10 news. new from overnight in west philadelphia crews put out a fire at this two story row home at 54th and walnut. investigators are looking into what caused that fire. new york stock exchange and united airlines hoping for a day as usual after technical glitches for both. >> government officials say the two problems are not related. "the new york times" halt new york stock exchange halted. flights nationwide were affected on united airlines by a router problem. five flatsights were delayed at philadelphia international.
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happening today, a judge in chester county will decide if this former principal will go to trial for his alleged indecent behavior with a student. george symons is scheduled for a preliminary hearing. the concept school fired him after his arrest. authorities say he groped a student last year in his office and the bathroom. his lawyer says he will fight the charges. 11-year-old philadelphia boy is recovering from burns after police say a teenager sprayed hand sanitizer on him and set him on fire. according to the philadelphia enquirer it happened as the victim was sitting on a porch at hazel street near 60th yesterday afternoon. the teen faces aggravated assault charges. new information on a crime fighting tool in camden. last night city council approved a proposal to buy 90 new eye in the sky policing cameras. it would bring the total number of these types of cameras in camden to more than 200. today pennsylvania senator bob casey will make another push for his proposal on pre-k. casey says the amendment would fund universal pre-k five years by closing certain tax loopholes.
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philadelphia mayor michael nutter is wrapping up a trip to mexico. he spent the last few days meeting with governor officials and it's to establish closer ties with mexico. railroads will be making changes in the wake of the deadly amtrak train deraiment in may. the obama administration says new rules will require railroads to have video cameras inside their locomotives to record the engineers. debris still literature liters the curbs of gloucester county neighborhoods after severe storm swept through the area. until today washington township had three crews on debris removal. now with nasty weather on the way, five additional trucks have been added. now let's talk about today's potential for severe weather. >> meteorologist bill henley is tracking these storms. >> the storms are moving through the midwest right now and into
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kentucky. late this afternoon and this evening, they will be rolling through our area and they will be fast moving storms and heavy rainfall yes. flooding i don't think is the greatest threat. damaging winds and possible tornado activity later today. this morning it's quiet and tracking a few showers and plenty of cloud around. this is the view from center city. so far dry in the city but not for long. a few scattered mainly light showers this morning. no threat of severe weather this morning. but that changes later this afternoon. we have issued a first alert for today. warm muggy conditions. even with clouds this morning. even though the sun is up we are seeing the temperatures coming up 77 degrees right now in philadelphia. they will be coming up through the 80s possibly topping out at 90 this afternoon. the humidity is already high and it's about to go a bit higher. a line of showers moving through pennsylvania right now. you can see moderate showers in central buck county and light showers in montgomery county but there are some heavier downpours
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in portion of eastern chester county. heavy showers is moving through eastern maryland. i'm not expecting any every with weather this morning. what you see in the ohio valley and into michigan it's part of the same system that has produced severe weather this morning in kentucky. it rolled through paducah when we went on the air at 4:00 and now making its way through louisville and those storms are on the move. our future cast shows they will be in western pennsylvania by later this morning. you can see northwestern pennsylvania getting the first storms. by mid afternoon, we will see the storms rolling through central pennsylvania then the late afternoon and evening hours that we will see a line of storms, potentially severe moving through pennsylvania and heading toward wilmington philadelphia, and trenton at 7:00. very heavy rainfall but, again the greatest threat is from damaging winds and possibility of tornado activity. look at that line of storms.
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this computer model is printing out as of 7:00 this evening. fast moving. by 9:00 at the shore. until then most points at the jersey shore will be dry. during the day, warm muggy and upper 80s and low 90s and storms possible today. then a big change for tomorrow. the seven-day forecast when i come back in ten. 6:10. if you had a flight yesterday with the problems of that computer glitch at united airlines, but if you're heading to the airport right now, it could be okay still i think right now. >> let's check in with jessica boyington. what are you seeing? >> with we don't have any problems heading toward the philadelphia international airport. no flight delays as well that are weather related. everything doing just fine so far. on the blue route around the baltimore pike you can see southbound right into here northbound currently no problems or real volume to speak of on the northeast extension southbound there is an accident scene approaching landsdale and
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taking out a right-hand lane. watching walnut street westbound closed between south 54th street so take chestnut to by the area or follow the local due tours and you'll do just fine. 202 the cars moving just fight. from 30 up towards the schuylkill expressway. no problems there. check in with mass transit coming up. every year, team philadelphia pup schools struggle to make end's meet and now a new report lays out what could be part of the problem. people at this jersey shore wawa got a scare. a fear from a potentially deadly disease.
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jury deliberations will continue today in the cyberstalking trial of the family members of the wilmington courthouse killer. david matusiewicz and his mother and sister are all on trial for the murder of david's ex-wife. in february of 2013 she and a friend were shot to death at the new castle courthouse by tomas matusiewicz who then killed himself. if convicted, they could face life in prison. a jury found a new jersey military couple guilty of abusing three foster children. former army major john jackson was convicted wednesday on ten counts of child abuse. his wife carolyn on 12 counts. prosecutors say they tortured those kids for years and beating them and carrying out cruel punishment and denying them water. the jackson's live in burlington county. they will be sentenced in october. delaware will be first state to have a office of financial empourment. they will hold a bill signing and celebrate what is the fourth anniversary of stand by me which
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is a program aimed at helping people manage their finances. audit of the philadelphia school district shows millions of dollars were potentially lost and a new report blames poor oversight. here are three main problems that show up in the audit. 230 transpasses could not be accounted for and those missing passes worth $4200. on top of that report found that misuse of activity funds. and some schools had negative a bank accounts for funds. schools wrote off 53rd,000. the school responded by saying it remains committed to transparency, accountability and ensuring that its resources are spent wisely in service of teaching and learning. 16 minutes past 6:00. update on a story you saw first here in the morning.
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a new jersey pashtient with ebola-like symptoms turned out to have malaria instead. hazmat crews went to a wawa late tuesday night after a man at the store was extremely ill and vomiting and crews rushed him to the medical center where they confirmed he had malaria, not ebola. malaria is transmitted through sqots mosquitoes and is not contagious. there are far fewer cases this year of ebola and liberia has declared it is ebola-free. health officials warn people to be vigilant to prevent another spike. a check on the traffic with jessica boyington who is watching it all. has everything you need to know before you head out. >> we are dealing with some
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small delays for mass transit on the doylestown train. 514 running approximately 13 minutes late and no problems for new jersey transit or patco so far for the this morning. out in lehigh val on 278 moving great. westbound or eastbound. you can see not a lot of volume accumulating there. p.a. turnpike currently no problems even through the work zones. 22 minutes if you're headed westbound through route 1 towards valley forge. in philadelphia walnut street westbound still closed at south 54th street. take chestnut street to get through the area or follow your local detours. 18 minutes after 6:00. plenty of clouds around this morning and a few showers too. first alert has been issued for late this afternoon and this evening. potential for severe storms with damaging winds, even a tornado
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threat later today. right now, warm muggy. 77 degrees to start with. we should be in the six at this hour this time of year. we are headed for the 90-degree mark in philadelphia. we will need sunshine for that to happen. right now, cloudy skies. sun is up. cape may will see lots of sunshine. this evening a possibility much strong storms rolling across the senior. damaging winds, possibly even tornadoes, a threat for central pennsylvania through eastern pennsylvania into new jersey and delaware for late this afternoon and this evening. right now, this is what we are tracking. showers that have mainly been light but there are some heavier downpours just moving past westchester and into delaware county and into new castle county in delaware. this afternoon, it's this. these two areas of showers and
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thunderstorms, a system that is going to slowly move to the east and late this afternoon, and this evening that's when we will see those stronger storms arrive. before those storms move in the temperatures are up. 80s for allentown and quaker this afternoon and early this evening for doylestown trenton and mt. holly. during the day, it will be dry at the shore. rehoboth could hit 90 with sunshine today and storms rolling through during the evening hours along the coast but inland see them earlier as storms move west-to-east. this area is warm and muggy conditions. the storms late this afternoon and evening. behind the storms much nicer weather. humidity comes down and still warm. typically july weather for friday. a little bit warmer as we go through the weekend. saturday, 89 degrees. the heat cranks up sunday afternoon to 93. then additional humidity could lead to more showers and
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thunderstorms monday, tuesday, and wednesday. 20 minutes past 6:00. live chickens thrown around like trash. hidden body camera video was allegedly recorded at one of the nation's biggest names in poultry and it is here in our area. septa train seem more packed than usual because they are. we will tell you about the temporary change that has people riding a little bit closer this morning.
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if you happen to ride septa's regional rails, get ready for a more crowded trip aboard shorter trains. yesterday, they took rail cars out of service. the transit agency wants to update those cars with the positive train control safety system or tpc. so many trains will be shortened by one car. the work will run through november. jessica boyington here with your first alert traffic. we are starting to see rain out
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in the lehigh valley on 78 around route 100. east and westbound lanes gathering in a little bit of volume and slowing down because of that rain. as for mass transit septa's doylestown train 514 running 13 minutes late. no problems for patco and new jersey transit. a messy afternoon and evening and see how the forecast is looking with meteorologist bill henley. >> the rain hasn't started in this view but it is on the way. you'll probably need an umbrella this morning. most of the day will be rain-free but as jessica mentioned late this afternoon and evening a potential for severe weather. we are seeing some heavier downpours moving through pennsylvania and maryland and now into portions of central new castle county in delaware. middletown has seen raindrops and heavier downpours are on the way. breaking news from overnight. the debate is over and a
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decision has been made. confederate flag is coming down in south carolina. nbc10's chris cato will tell us how soon. taking to the streets to connect with the community. nbc10's katy zachry is live in west philadelphia with the top official there leaving his center city office to see what is going on in neighborhoods hit hard by crime. >> reporter: he'll have some eye opening remarks in the parkside neighborhood. coming up i'll explain how he is going to make change with pen, paper and a set of good walking shoes. you wish your dog could fight off fleas and ticks. but since he can't... you rely on frontline plus. because frontline plus unleashes a deadly killing force to kill fleas and ticks,
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here's to the explorers. those diagnosed with cancer who didn't settle for just one opinion on their diagnosis or recommended treatment plan they explored their options. and discovered a new level of empowerment.
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at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, that's what we do-empower our patients with a comprehensive second opinion. and because time is of the essence, we do it a single one day. explore your options with a one-day second opinion. learn more at just about 6:30. we get started hot and steamy but by the afternoon, that could all change. >> a look at the radar. storm is over the midwest. we are tracking the potential for damaging winds and there is even a tornado threat.
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breaking news from overnight. the battle is over. confederate flag in front of south carolina's capitol will be gone by tomorrow by a historic vote and a call for healing. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. another steamy morning and let's get to bill henley with physicianhis forecast. >> showers in the area now and first alert has been issued for the potential for severe storms later today and with those storms damaging winds and each a threat of tornado activity later today. that storm activity is well to our with west. you see it in the ohio valley and extends into kentucky. that line of showers is going to be moving our way but we are starting off with some showers that we are very light. when we went on the air at 4:00 this morning they moved through reading and allentown area and now intensifying. heavier downpours not only in delaware and eastern maryland
6:31 am
and middletown. rain coming down an inch and a third an hour. the rainfall is also intensified now in delaware county. these showers are moving through. i don't expect any severe weather this morning but you'll need' umbrella to start with but not all day. we will get breaks of sunshine as the day goes on and that will heat things up and fuel strong storms later today. showers at 8:00. 11:00, near 80. well into the 80s by 2:00 in the afternoon. late this afternoon, and this evening that is when we look for the strong storms potentially severe weather, later today. we will go through it hour-by-hour with the latest future cast when i come back in ten minutes. receipt now a check of traffic and see how the rain is affecting traffic. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. >> we are watching out on the roosevelt boulevard police
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active up ahead and right underneath the overpass right here getting by the seen. with we are dealing with a large delay around this. expect 10 to 15 minute delays. in philadelphia walnut street closed westbound right around 54th street due to a house fire. want chestnut to get through the area. while most of you were asleep lawmakers in south carolina took a decisive and final vote for remove the confederate flag from the state capital grounds. long debated idea gained new life after last month's massacre at a black church. >> the suspect in that shooting rampage was posing with the confederate flag. nbc10's chris cato is live in our digital operations center. you've covered previous debates over that flag. this is a historic day for south
6:33 am
carolina. >> it truly is. i work as a reporter for years in south carolina and this debate was always raging. this flag has polarized citizens there largely along racial lines for years. you have to know that this flag was put up on the capital dome in south carolina in 1961 in the middle of the civil rights movement. many saw it a hit in the face. this debate never went away. in 2000 moved from the dome to the statehouse ground there and debate never died. last month's massacre at that historic black church really pushed lawmaker to make a final decision. it doesn't go quietly. this was a long vote that went into the early morning hours there in columbia, south carolina, before the house members approved the bill by a final vote of 94-20. the bill now goes to republican governor nikki haley who has called for the flag's removal and likely sign it today and the bill says the flag has to come down within 24 hours of her signature, which means that this
6:34 am
controversial banner will be gone by the end of tomorrow. just hours ago, governor haley posted a statement on facebook which reads, in part -- that flagged will be moved to the state's relic move about a mile from where it currently stand. chris cato nbc10 news. the confederate flag controversy appears to have sparked vandalism in new castle county. beckly jr. showed us the flag pole where he flew the confederate flag for years was vandalized. he told george spencer he believes he was targeted for his display of the flag.
6:35 am
>> it's my freedom to hang whatever flag i want to hang. you hangs yours in your yard and i hang mine in mine. to me that doesn't mean anything except in the south. i guess they take it another way whoever they are. but they must take it in a racist way which i don't feel about it. >> police have no leads in the case. bingely says the vandalism will not stop him from putting up another confederate flag. walking the streets and listening to concerns. that is what philadelphia's district attorney plans to do today. nbc10's indicatorykaty zachry is live in west philadelphia. tell us about that. >> reporter: he is likely going to hear a range of issues when he is out here in the parkside neighborhood which is why he is walking can captains from the 19th district behind me. our check of the numbers in this area shows that rape and murders in west philadelphia are down slightly over last year. people tell me it's the daily crime they are most concerned with drugs, gun violence and
6:36 am
theft. the last being the most commonly occurring crime in parkside over the last six months. district attorney seth williams has done these community walks before. his office tells me they have been able to make some improvements in neighborhoods in the past almost immediately. >> the whole idea is just to get out there and to meet people, shake some hands. >> they want to go somewhere and tell their story. >> reporter: a lot of people in this area have valid concerns and they want to relate to the district attorney. that community walk begins tonight at 6:00 on north 60th streets and walks continue this summer and into the fall in other parts of philadelphia. reporting live in west philadelphia katy zachry nbc10 news. 76 degrees at 6:36.
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like katy zachry you'll likely need an umbrella this morning but may need to seek shelter later this afternoon as strong storms are likely to take shape. right now, it's clouds and rain that is moving through the area. rain falling in doylestown. 67 degrees. philadelphia 77. should be in the 60s this time of the year but the human is high and the heat is going to be increasing. the shore looking at sunshine and should be a dry day at the shore but it's this evening that could see strong possibly severe weather roll across the jersey coastline. this morning that is light shower activity that started to intensify in the last half hour and now you can see moderate showers moving through lower montgomery county and moving into philadelphia. delaware county seeing heavier downpours and wilmington seeing a pretty good shower. look at the heavy rain moving through middletown right now. this is not the severe with weather i'm expecting later today. that is coming from a system that is moving through the ohio
6:38 am
valley and extend into kentucky. this is where we have seen severe weather this morning. those storms are on the move and heading towards louisville. they are not as strong right now as they were earlier. but as things heat up in our area this afternoon and these storms roll in to northwestern pennsylvania by later this morning, it's this afternoon, during the late afternoon and evening hours we will see the greatest threat from these storms that look like they are going to come together. this is 6:00 this evening. updated information shows that line of showers moving into berks county and lancaster county at that hour and fast moving storms. by 7:00, lehigh valley into philadelphia and soldier jersey could see strong storms. heavy downpours but the biggest threat from damaging wind as the storms race through the area. headed offshore by 9:00 thechingis evening. watch out later today for potentially severe thunderstorm
6:39 am
moving through with damaging winds and possibly each tornadoes. before those storms take shape, warm muggy conditions. near 90 this afternoon. once those storms move through, then drier air starts to move in and you'll feel the kirchs tomorrow difference tomorrow. we will look at the seven-day forecast when i come back in ten. another check of traffic. i think i'm looking at the camera has the boulevard looking pretty heavy out there. >> let's find out from jessica boyington. >> we are watching the boulevard right now. this is right around oxford valley road where we have some very last-minute construction over here on the southbound lanes. you can see massive backup behind that scene. we are losing out the left-hand lane. the next lane over everybody forced to be single file through the road work and construction area. out on the 42 freeway in new jersey everything is moving along just fine. heading northbound from 55 to the whitman bridge five minute trip and the cars moving along nicely and green so that is a good thing.
6:40 am
out for mass transit, septa actually. doylestown trail 514 running 13 minutes lay and no problems or new jersey transit or patco. do you know what happens before the chicken fingers get to your kitchen table? one animal welfare group says animal cruelty, that's what. it is hitting a major poultry farm in our area. i have great respect for the country of mexico. i love the mexican people and their spirit but the country of mexico is killing us. >> no apologies, no backing down. donnell trump is still standing by his controversial statements.
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it is 6:43 and 76 degrees outside. there are raindrops on the lens of our camera there in
6:44 am
wilmington. rain moving through this morning. but what you see on our first alert radar, that is what we are really concerned about and what could happen this afternoon as nbc10 meteorologist bill henley tracks potentially severe weather with high winds. with we will get the timing on that coming up in minutes. in the bill cosby controversy, we are now hearing from the former philadelphia woman who was first to accuse the comedian of sexual assault. former temple university employee andrea constand's 2005 lawsuit accused cosby of drugging and molesting her. also the philadelphia mural arts program may remove a mural featuring bill cosby. the artwork on north broad street went up in 2008. the organization said it was already considering removing it because the wall where it's
6:45 am
painted is in pretty bad shape but the recent accusations against cosby moved the mural higher on their list. poultry workers showed here tossing around live chickens. some of the birds were mangled and animal rights activists say it happened at a farm in delaware that supplies tyson foods. the group mercy for animals said it recorded the video with a hidden body camera. the group accuses mcginnis farms in sussex counties of mistreating tens of thousands of chickens and wants the workers prosecuted. we tried to contact the farm but got no response. tyson foods did speak to us saying they are investigating the claim. >> animal well-being is a top priority for us. we will not tolerate animal abuse and take claims like this very seriously. >> tyson foods told us they ruin
6:46 am
tinnily send inspectors for farms. bella rose is a parmesan cheese is off the shelves because it may not list eggs in its ingredients and that can put people with egg allergies at risk. consumers should return the cheese for fall refund. changes could be on the way for the controversial common court testing system in new jersey. the estate education department announced it will review the common core standards. that is supposed to outline the skills used to master in each grade level but parents say it's confusing. >> donald trump is not backing down. in fact, he is defending controversial comments he made about mexican immigrants. in the meantime, trump says he will win the latino vote and after his comments last month about mexican immigrants being rapists and bringing drugs and rhyme crime into the u.s. in an interview with nbc news trump says nothing to apologize for when it comes to his
6:47 am
comments about mexico and going on to say he wants to build an impenetrable ball between the united states and mexico. he would make the mexican government flip the bill. >> i have great respect for the country of mexico. i love the mexican people and their spirits, but the country of mexico is killing us. the country of mexico is taking our jobs they are killing us at the border. they are taking advantage of the fact that we have stupid negotiators. we have very stupid pem inople in our country negotiating for us and leader who don't know what they are doing. >> trump says he'll get the latino vote if he get the republican nomination because he will make jobs for the mexican people. happening today in dallas former presidents bill clinton and george w. bush will congratulate the first graduates of their joint leadship program that helps people develop
6:48 am
leadship skills to increase social good in communities. they both launched the initiative last september. congressional leaders want answers from secretary of state kerry about the pipeline. a subpoena yesterday for state department documents. congress approved construction of the pipeline earlier this year but the president obama vetoed the plan. greece is facing a deadline today in its bid to keep its economy running. european leaders want a detailed bailout plan by greece at the end of business today. if they don't get it greece will give up the euro and a first. europe central bank is holding off extending greece's emergency credit until today's events play out. this morning, the city of baltimore needs a new permanent police commissioner after the mayor fired the leader of the force following a spike in
6:49 am
homicides and recent riots. police commissioner anthony bass is now off the job. the mayor says arrests are down and the number of murders are up so she had to make a change. the deputy police commissioner will now take over. the firing comes more than two months after riots broke out in the city following the death of freddie gray. gray was paralyzed while in police custody and died a short time later. six officers are charged in his death and all pleaded not guilty. yesterday the police union issued a report saying the department lacked basic equipment, training and leadership during the riots. suspended subway restaurant pitchman jared fogle and his charitable foundation both remain in limbo this morning. according to financial disclosure documents, the jared foundation spent about $20,000 more than it raised in 2013. federal and state authorities raided fogle's home on tuesday, two months after the then executive director of fogle foundation was arrested on child porn charges. fogle has not been charged with any crime and his attorney said
6:50 am
fogle is cooperating with the investigation. as philadelphia prepares for pope france the pope is continuing his south american tour and hold an outdoor mass today in bolivia's largest city. pope francis arrived in bolivia yesterday from ecuador. the president greeted him at the airport in la paz. the city has extremely high altitude. since the pope has only one full lung the vatican kept his stay there for four hours to limit any potential breathing problems for him. today's mass is held in a low lying city? santa cruz. we are learning new information about the pope's visit to washington, d.c. pope's upcoming visit to washington, d.c., his historic address to congress in september will be broadcast on jumbotron from the national mall. this marks the first time a pope will address congress.
6:51 am
washington, d.c. is the pope's first stop on his visit to the united states in september. after that, he will head to new york for a day and a half before he comes to philadelphia for the world meeting of families on september 26th and 27th. nine months -- nine minutes before 7:00. i am expecting strong storms this afternoon and showers this morning. this afternoon bringing damage willing winds and threat of tornado activity later today. this morning, rain is coming down and steady rain along interstate 78 the lehigh valley. the rain has moved into philadelphia too. look at this live view. this is from center city. the raindrops have start to intensify in philadelphia and they are about to get a bit heavier too. a line of showers, light rain in lehigh valley but leading edge has some heavy downpours moving through delaware county and into philadelphia but the heaviest
6:52 am
rainfall in central and southern new castle county midufj seeing heavier rainfall and moving to the east and it will be moving into salem county. but this afternoon let me show you what is on the way. this line of showers heavier in the cleveland area. you see scattered showers into western ohio and into kentucky. this is all the same system and this is going to be moving to the east and will be threatening us this afternoon. and into the early evening hours for the potential for severe weather bringing damaging winds and possibly even tornadoes. central pennsylvania in through eastern pennsylvania and today. future cast shows we will get some breaks in the clouds before those storms take shape. that is going to lead to a quick warm-up to near 90 degrees this afternoon. most of the day completely dry but 4:00 this afternoon, storm in the pocono mountains. 5:00 look at that line of showers moving in to the western suburbs. by 6:00 we could see the heavy rainfall possibly damaging
6:53 am
winds in philadelphia. at 7:00 still an issue in the area. by 9:00 this evening, those storms will be moving offshore. stand by for a stormy afternoon. before the storms roll in upper 80s for allentown and reading. up to 88 for mt. holly and norristown with storms late afternoon for doylestown. the shore i think is dry for the day but evening storms roll through and storms in westchester before they get to drexel hill and swedesboro as they move from west-to-east. tomorrow in all about be moving out of here and humidity comes down. so much nicer tomorrow. still warm 88 degrees but much more comfortable in the low humidity continues into saturday. sunday is hot, up to 93 degrees and a chance of more storms with higher humidity for monday tuesday, and wednesday. let's check your morning ride to work. >> jessica boyington what are you seeing out there? >> we will run through cameras
6:54 am
right here. route one they have blocked off all of the left-hand lane and left hand shoulder. you can see a massive delay behind that as everybody is running single style in wilmington delaware. extreme roofed visibility on 495 around 12th street and not a lot of volume in the area. 422 as well jammed heading eastbound toward the schuylkill expressway and rain coming down there as well. lehigh valley dealing with reduced visibility and rain on 78 around route 100. it is a historic day in south carolina. a marathon session that ended in the wee hours of the morning, the legislature there voted to remove the confederate flag once and for all. up next the emotional words by one lawmaker when some of her colleagues tried to stall the vote.
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breaking overnight. history made in south carolina where, the state legislature, the house of representatives voted once and for all to remove the confederate battle flag from in front of the statehouse grounds. an emotional moment as lawmakers debated that bill last night. representative jenny horn scolded some of her fellow party members to stall the debate by tacking on amendments. she said if we don't do this now we turn our back on the people of charleston and referring to the nine people massacred inside their church last month by a suspect scene posing in photos with a confederate flag. the flag should come down from capitol grounds tomorrow. chris cato, nbc10 news. jessica boyington hereby with your first alert traffic. still watching ongoing construction on the boulevard. right around oxford valley road.
6:59 am
one lane getting by northbound. schuylkill expressway starting to see rain and jammed heading westbound. 95 through the work zone slow and a little bit wet. istfirst alert issued for storms this afternoon but pretty good rainfall this morning. a live view from lower merion. the rain has start to pick up. we have been tracking the showers this morning but it's the storms to the west moving allow the ohio valley and into kentucky is the threat for later today. but this has umbrellas going up this morning. can you see steady showers and heavier downpours from delaware through delaware county and pennsylvania. the heavier rainfall is just getting ready to cross delaware bay and move into south jersey. you'll need your umbrella this morning and as we go through the afternoon, most of the day will be dry. it's late this afternoon and this evening. probably time for the evening commute that we could see severe storms develop. >> you can always download the nbc10 news app and track it
7:00 am
coming into your neighbor. >> stay dry and be safe out there. "today" show is up next. good morning. break overnight. it's coming down. the south carolina legislature votes to remove the confederate flag from its capitol by the end of the week. take the hate off the grounds on friday! >> will other states soon follow suit? kriping crashes the new york stock exchange and united airlines say they're back on track this morning following computer glitches that brought the market and air travel to a halt. is technology making us more or less vulnerable? turn it down. the rnc chief tells donald trump to pull back on the controversial comments. this after he didn't hold back in a new interview with


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