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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  July 10, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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ter: good neighbor? never had a problem with him? were you surprised by the raid? >> yeah. i don't think he did anything bad. he's a good guy. >> reporter: the raid comes one week after the fbi descended on allentown city hall 50 miles east. that raid also targeted the city's mayor. >> all i can tell them is there is an ongoing investigation and let the investigation take its course. we are doing business as usual in the city. i'm continuing to be mayor. >> reporter: the fbi would not confirm a connection between the two cases but both mayors do have a lot in common. they both hired campaign consultant mike fleck who sources say recently closed his consulting firm and left town. his house in allentown appeared vacant today. now, as this investigation moves forward, we have learned that allentown's mayor has suspended his campaign for united states senate. meantime reading's mayor recently lost a primary election
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to democrat wally scott. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. a crowd of thousands cheered as the confederate flag was lowered at the south carolina state house today. it marks a stunning political reversal in a state where many thought the rebel banner would fly forever. nbc 10 national correspondent jay gray is in columbia with reaction and where that flag will now be kept. jay? >> reporter: yeah it will be kept in a museum not far from these grounds. 8,000 to 10,000 filled this area as you talked about, a ceremony many said was important. it was emotional at times. things starting to get back to normal now although most will tell you south carolina will likely never be the same. t time outside the south carolina state house.
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>> it's a very special day for me very special day for all people of south carolina. many of us have fought for years and years to bring this flag down. >> reporter: there is a certain irony in just how simple and brief the ceremony was after what, for many had been such a long and difficult fight. >> i don't want this to go away quickly. i want people to remember what today feels like. >> reporter: there's a heartache that comes with the history here. many remembering the nine people murdered inside a charleston church. the alleged gunman a self-proclaimed white supremist. >> the nine who died in charleston are being honored. those who fought during the civil rights movement are being honored. >> reporter: still, some argue pulling down the civil wark√∑( era banner dishonors the heritage and history of the state. >> taking it off the pole and sticking it in a museum and hiding it and putting it under a rug, so to speak, isn't going to open a dialogue. >> reporter: if today is any indication, a dialogue will continue even though the flag is gone. >> you're a hater.
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>> reporter: for most of the thousands gathered here this day was about hope, not hate. >> we can be united. we can live in this country together. it's not a black/white issue. it's a united states of america issue. >> reporter: a place that has its own flag. a few hours after the confederate flag came down crews removed the pole.acwf that's the latest in columbia, south carolina. jay gray. back to you. as the flag came down, new information surfaced about the gunman charged with the massacre in charleston. there was a mistake in the background check done on dylann roof when he bought the gun used in the attack. roof was charged with killing nine black church members during bible study last month. authorities had arrested roof on drug charges several weeks before the shooting. on that arrest report police say roof admitted to possessing drugs. that admission should have disqualified him from being able
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to buy a gun. but the fbi says an examiner never saw the old arrest report during the background check and roof was allowed to purchase a gun. to our weather now. the national weather service confirming it was a tornado that touched down in berks county last night, blasting apart this school right here. today sky force 10 flew over the remnants of blue mountain elementary school in tilden township. wind was blowing about 105 miles an hour when the roof just went flying off and classrooms were torn apart. the school's principal was inside when the tornado hit. she is now talking about what happened, saying this storm quickly tore that hole in the roof, then things began falling on top of her.)8iw >> i remember a bang and then just being on the floor and hearing noise and things on top of me. it never felt heavy. i don't know what was on top of me.$e&a% think ceiling tiles. once it was quiet, kind of found my way up and over what was left
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of a wall and down the hallway. >> such a close call there but she wasn'tc:hurt. the national weather service is also trying to figure out if a tornado hit new castle county delaware. sky force 10 over damage here in new castle this morning. storms tearing down trees, ripping off the roofs of homes and off their foundations. coming up on nbc 10 news at 4:30, we will have a live report from delaware on the damage there. but today is a perfect summer day out there. >> always the case it seems. we are also looking ahead to a beautiful weekend. let's head down the shore. a live look at the scene in cape may. great beach day out there. the humidity, much lower than the past few days. listen to the sweet sounds outside reading terminal market today. this saxophonist was smart enough to stay in the shade. >> was that a saxophone?
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i don't know. glenn "hurricane" schwartz what do you think? what about our weather? >> i'm still looking at that tornado video. >> that was amazing. >> you are the quintessential meteorologist. >> i think it probably took more than an ef-1 to create that kind of damage in berks county. it was at least 105 miles an hour and maybe a good bit more. you can see, lot of blue in that sky. it is just a spectacular day after all those nasty storms last night. lot of sunshine across the area everywhere but there is a little bit of moisture to the west. it's 85 degrees, very low humidity, though. 83 in allentown, trenton, northeast philly mt. holly wilmington, dover, lot of places at 83 degrees. the ocean temperature is 73. as we go through the evening we expect clear skies. temperatures down into the mid 70s by 11:00. but there is one little fly in the ointment for the weekend
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forecast. some parts of the area could see clouds and even a couple showers. we'll have that in just a few minutes. sky force 10 over the scene of a freight train derailment in wilmington. this happened just about an hour ago. take a look here. four freight cars went flying off the tracks near lancaster pike and dupont road tying up traffic there. no one hurt. three of the cars were empty, another was carrying steel plates. to wilmington new castle county. an historic verdict. a jury has convicted three relatives of the courthouse killer in a federal cyberstalking case. nbc 10's keith jones is joining us with more on this story. keith, this is the first time anyone has ever been convicted of cyberstalking resulting in death? >> reporter: that's right. jurors found david matusiewicz who you see right here along with his mother his sister. they found him guilty of conspiracy and stalking which resulted in the death of david's ex-wife christine. this is video of the mother going to court in 2013.
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neither she nor her two children showed any emotion when the verdicts were read this morning although her daughter began weeping as the jury left the courtroom. here's a look at the victim. david's ex-wife christine. prosecutors claim he conspired with his parents and sister to spy on torment and stalk his ex-wife after a long custody battle over the couple's three daughters. belford and a friend laura, seen here were headed the a child support hearing at the courthouse on february 11 2013 when david's father thomas matusiewicz killed them. dozens of police cars emergency vehicles responded to that scene. officers searched the courthouse room by room. nearby schools and buildings were placed on lockdown. here's a photo of thomas matusiewicz. he exchanged gunfire with police before turning the gun on himself. as we mentioned, justice department officials believe this is the first case where someone has been convicted on federal charges of cyberstalking
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resulting in death. it carries a possible life sentence. david matusiewicz's mother and sister are scheduled to be sentenced on october 15th. renee? a teacher at an exton charter school has been suspended, charged with having a sx sexual relationship with a student. she was a language arts teacher. according to the criminal complaint, she had a physical relationship with a 17-year-old male student going back to february. the charter school released a statement today that says in part we are fully cooperating with the west chester police department and the chester county d.a.'s office. the school takes the safety and well-being of our children extremely seriously. this just in. the decision is in now about st. laurentious catholic church. it has been decided the church is an historic site. community members who campaigned
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to save the children confirmed the news to nbc 10. the unused church which merged with another parish faced demolition because of structural problems. the archdiocese of philadelphia owns the church but says it can't afford to make repairs. last spring city council president darryl clark voiced his support for saving the church. >> this is an historical church. the belief is that the structure is relatively sound with minimal contributions, minimal in terms of things we should be able to save this church. >> nbc 10 reached out to the archdiocese and historical commission for comment. we will bring it to you as soon as we get it. flag waving fans filled the streets of new york city today. a parade to celebrate the u.s. women's soccer team world cup victory led by south jersey's own carli lloyd. it's a heroes' welcome for our
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american women athletes. >> front and center south jersey soccer superstar who played a huge part in putting the women at the top of the soccer world. jacqueline london has a look at today's festivities. carli lloyd has become a household name that's for sure right? >> reporter: yes, that is true. she certainly has, especially with those three goals she scored in the final game. today's parade was unlike any other the big apple has hosted before. carli lloyd with the selfie stick. there she is carli lloyd with the selfie stick. she is from delran in burlington county. lloyd and her teammates rode along the canyon of heroes. it's the stretch of broadway where new york honors its legends but this is the first ever ticker tape parade in new york for a women's sports team. it comes five days after their blowout win over japan. >> lloyd, off the post and in!
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hat trick for lloyd! >> reporter: that was lloyd's third goal sunday. the u.s. toppled japan 5-2 to win the world cup. it is the first time in 16 years americans have captured the top prize in women's soccer. today's parade was followed by a city hall ceremony. all 23 players were there and were each given a key to the city. new york's mayor called the women's victory an extraordinary moment in u.s. history. carli lloyd told the crowd she's a jersey girl at heart and thanked the new yorkers for their awesome support.mek7 >> the world cup was a dream come true but having this parade here in new york city was one of the best moments of my entire life. >> reporter: today's parade in new york cost about $2 million. to give you some monetary perspective, that's more than the new york giants parade in 2012 which cost $1.7 million. as for carli lloyd, she will
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return to our area very soon. she's actually hosting a soccer camp in medford. i know you're not surprised by this. if you didn't already sign up, it's sold out. jacqueline london, nbc 10 news. better luck next year. new information about pictures of a couple having sex on the roof of the federal courthouse in harrisburg. the u.s. marshal service confirms one of its employees is in the pictures. they haven't released his or her name. a neighbor took pictures of the pair on the roof of the ronald reagan federal courthouse citing concern about security there. the marshals service says it's confident there are no security issues. now to a recall. general motors is recalling nearly 780,000 crossover suvs. most of them in the u.s. this affects certain buick enclaves gmc acadia models chevy traverse and saturn
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outlook. the company has 56 reports of injuries. to see if your suv is affected visit the nbc 10 news app. the head of the federal government personnel office resigned today after a massive data breach was revealed. president obama accepted the resignation this morning. her resignation comes the day after her agency disclosed that hackers stole the personal information of more than 21 million people. previously the government said a little more than four million people had been affected. it's now up to a judge to decide whether to allow environmental groups to intervene in new jersey's lawsuit against exxonmobil. today a superior court judge heard two hours of testimony. ex xon is set to pay $200 million for contamination at various sites in new jersey but environmentalists say the actual damages total nearly $9 billion. the judge says he will rule on the 11-year-old case on monday or tuesday.
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the 106th annual naacp convention kicks off tomorrow in philadelphia. today, organizers and activists are preparing for the conference as they witness history. nbc 10 was there as the group watched the removal of the confederate flag in south carolina today. some 8,000 visitors will descend on the pennsylvania convention center. the mission, pursuing liberty in the face of injustice. after a year of violent protests in cities across the nation and tragedy in south carolina organizers say be prepared to be inspired. >> as we gear up for the next presidential election we are here to ensure that everyone has unfetterred access to the ballot box. we are here to stop the use of excessive force by police on unarmed black men and women in our community. >> president obama will be here on tuesday to address that conference. former president jimmy
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carter was in center city today. crowds lined up outside the free library of philadelphia where the 90-year-old mr. carter signed copies of his new book "a full life." it covers carter's life from his upbringing in the rural south through his political career and beyond. happening now, advocates for marijuana are pushing for change in pennsylvania with a rally at love park. nbc 10's drew smith is there live to tell us about their message. drew? >> reporter: good crowd here at love park right now. you can see a lot of them brought flags and other things they are holding out here in support of legalization of marijuana. right now on the stage, some folks are making speeches right now aimed at the lawmakers here in pennsylvania. the big moment coming up in just about four minutes at 4:20 these people plan to smoke marijuana openly and later, some of them plan to march to the offices of elected leaders to push for the legalization of medical marijuana in the state of pennsylvania. this is not the first smoke down
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event that this group has done. at other times they did this it helped to lead to decriminalization of marijuana in philadelphia and today, there are a mix of self-proclaimed stoners as well as veterans and parents of kids with epilepsy, all asking for changes in the law. >> these are people that need our support and we need to stand up and fight for what's right with them. >> before i found cannabis i was on 40 different medications the v.a. gave me tried to kill myself three times. now i'm standing here talking to you, i'm alive, i'm helping other veterans. >> reporter: the plan for these people is again at 5:00 to head out and march to the offices of some of the lawmakers here and they say they hope to get their message across and there will be change here. drew smith, nbc 10 news. medical marijuana is legal in new jersey and delaware. recreational use is illegal in both states but possessing small amounts of marijuana has been decriminalized in delaware and
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philadelphia. what a difference in 24 hours. it was hot, it was humid, and storms were on the horizon yesterday. now we've got picture-perfect weather. often happens the day after severe storms. there is one exception with this picture-perfect weekend forecast. i will get into that. but the storms are going to be returning next week. lot of blue skies. there are certainly no storms around now or will be tonight. 85 degrees, lots of sunshine humidity is low. the wind, west at ten miles an hour. we are in the low to mid 80s just about everywhere except mt. pocono. 75 degrees. and even toward the beaches, it is relatively warm. 83 degrees even in stone harbor. right at the beaches, it's all about the wind direction.
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the wind direction, out of the northwest. that's a land breeze. that's why it's every bit as warm in avalon as it is in millville. there's a little bit of wind coming off delaware bay. that's why lewes is a little cooler at 78 degrees. we've got beautiful conditions out there across the entire region but not too far to the west, we have to keep an eye on this. it's a small system and the general track of this is going to take it south of our area during the day tomorrow. here's the future cast. as you go through the night tonight and into the morning, it's obvious that anyplace that's going to see the clouds is the farther south you go in the area so southern delaware you are likely to see those clouds and sometimes it could even be a couple of showers. the previous computer model showed that. now this one does not. it's kind of a marginal situation.
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that's only about a 30% chance even at the delaware beaches. at the jersey shore, i don't expect any rain. the clouds the farther south you are, during the day tomorrow, not even all day at that, farther north you are, at the jersey shore, long beach island probably won't even see any clouds from that. then another spectacular day on sunday. the ocean temperature at 73 degrees. the poconos, doesn't get much better than this. near 80 degrees, low humidity and light winds across the entire area this weekend. mostly clear and comfortable, 69 in philadelphia 59 north and west. you don't see that a lot in july. sunny and warm. the clouds in southern delaware temperatures into the mid to upper 80s. but it won't feel that hot because the humidity's low. sunday it's hot but again, it's not that humid. even on monday the humidity does not get too high. tuesday, it really starts to come back and that's when the showers and storms tend to come back and once that threat is
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there, it will hang around for a couple days. south jersey rescuers warning swimmers about dangerous quarries after two drownings. >> you just fall out of nowhere. >> i'm with a team of divers showing you what's underneath that's putting your life at risk. this police officer lets a shoplifter off the hook. it's what he did next that has him being hailed as a hero coming up on nbc 10 news.
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preparing for the pope. the countdown is now at 77 days and 17 hours until pope francis lands here in philadelphia. let's take a live look at the ben franklin parkway in philadelphia, where the pontiff will celebrate mass as part of the world meeting of families. pope francis visited a prison today in bolivia, where the inmates were brought a message of hope. >> it's something he will do when he comes to philadelphia. the pope met inmates one by one
4:25 pm
and spoke to them and their families. francis noted wretched conditions at the prison while he was there. overcrowding violence and a lack of rehab programs. he told inmates the bolivian government must address those issues. a live look in paraguay where the pope has just arrived. he will spend three days there. it's his final stop on his south american tour. you see the crowds gathered on the side of the road there. the government there has declared today and tomorrow national holidays in honor of the pope's visit. when pope francis was archbishop, he was known for speaking out against the government there. but he has also been accused of not doing enough during argentina's dirty war when thousands of people were kidnapped and killed. we wanted to know what was the pope's role in the dirty war. that question led us to a woman with a story of loss that turned to triumph 36 years later. after a dna test. that's coming up on "nbc 10 news at 6:00." people all across our area cleaning up after last night's
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damaging storms. >> one woman had a transformer crash through her roof. next her story and a look at damage from the storm in wilmington. we're looking ahead to a picture-perfect friday night with low humidity. i'm tracking the rest of your weekend forecast that includes sun for most of it but the chance for rain in just one area. that's ahead. plus the video is hard to forget. a california firefighter falling through the roof of a burning building. now for the first time we are hearing his incredible story of survival.
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a tornado is to blame for all this wreckage. just a short time ago, the
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national weather service confirmed that a tornado touched down in berks county last night, destroying this school you see here. sky force 10 flew over what was left of the blue mountain elementary school in tilden township today. the storm also hit delaware hard. >> we talked to homeowners about the damage there. >> reporter: the response to yesterday's storm has been pretty fast here in new castle county. we drove around and saw several crews working since the early morning. however, the biggest challenge for residents here will now be dealing with costly repairs to their homes. >> the whole back bedroom. >> reporter: francine lived through a scary experience after a transformer came off a pole behind her bedroom and flew right through the wall, landing on her bed. the strong rain then drenched her personal belongings. today, she says she's lucky to be alive.
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she had just gotten up from her bed moments before. >> if i was in there, in that bed, i would have be gone. >> reporter: she is now staying in a red cross shelter. her trailer's owner like several others does not have insurance to cover the cost of repairs. >> some of the tenants do have insurance and unfortunately t homes that were hit did not have insurance. >> reporter: power is slowly being restored throughout the day. for now, the affected families can go to the shelter at william penn high school to get food water and relief from the heat. >> it's a scary situation. we are seeing the aftermath but these folks lived through it and their homes were affected. >> reporter: the families in the most affected homes were told to leave until repairs can be made. a couple of those homes were even condemned. the red cross told us the shelters will remain open throughout the weekend based on the needs of the community. andrea cruz, nbc 10 news. speaking of weather damage
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nbc 10 has learned that last month, severe storms caused more than $20 million of damage in south jersey including gloucester camden burlington and atlantic counties. gloucester county alone has about $5.5 million in damage. but states need at least $12.4 million worth of damage to request a federal disaster declaration. moving along to today, much different picture. >> the sun's out, the humidity's much lower. let's take a look at blue skies over camel beach in the pocono mountains where the water is crawling with kids. some adults too, probably. whole lot nicer weather ahead, in fact. >> nice weekend setting up. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the nbc 10 first alert forecast. glenn? >> really good timing here. we have cleared out just in time as we go into the weekend. lot of blue sky, the visibility is excellent. about as good as it gets in the summertime. and hardly a cloud in the sky. you got to go pretty far west to
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see some but there are clouds back there and some of them are moving in our direction. it's not a 100% clear weekend across 100% of the area as you'll see. winds out of the northwest, it's a dry wind as temperatures are in the low to mid 80s. pretty uniform across the area. 83 in wrightstown and even 84 in avalon and beach haven. that's a land breeze. that's why they are as warm as the inland areas. tonight the temperature's going to drop pretty nicely into the mid 70s. that's in the city. it will be in the 60s in some suburbs by 10:00. so nice and comfortable for sleeping. we will see how that moisture is going to affect at least part of the area with the weekend forecast just a few minutes. police have arrested a second suspect in connection with a kensington shooting that injured seven people last month. police caught keith warren yesterday and he is charged with seven counts of attempted murder and aggravated assault.
4:34 pm
investigators say warren was the gunman in the june 22nd shooting on east hilton street that left seven people hurt, three of them children. police arrested dennis tindle earlier this week, saying he was involved in a fight with some men on the block earlier that day and he allegedly gave warren the shotgun, then they went back to the scene. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fire in philadelphia's germantown section overnight. firefighters rescued two women from this burning home around midnight. this afternoon one of those women remains in critical condition with second and third degree burns. officials haven't released the condition of the other woman. watch this. a firefighter falls through a burning roof in california. today we are hearing from him for the first time. captain pete dern suffered burns to most of his body following the fall that happened back in march. a neighbor's cell phone captured the moment he dropped through the roof. fellow firefighters rescued him.
4:35 pm
more than three months in the hospital and 15 surgeries later he is thanking everyone for their support. >> i want to thank everybody for all their prayers and support. it really matters. i can feel their support. >> he is on the road to recovery there. doctors say they hope to move him to a rehab center sometime soon. new jersey is leading a nationwide push to keep animals safe when they go to the groomers. >> next the change advocates are pushing for and the questions you should ask before you drop your pet off. plus this. >> going beneath the surface to reveal the dangers of swimming in quarries after a pair of drownings in south jersey. >> you just saw it out of nowhere. >> we're taking you in the water to show you why it can be deadly.
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you might see some new labels on your painkillers soon.
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the fda is putting more warning labels on pills used for fever and pain relief like naproxen. the fda says they can reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke. the warning was added to the label in 2005. now the fda says the risk exists even in the first few weeks of taking the pills. owners of a pet salon in bordertown township burlington county are facing animal cruelty charges. the owners of crosswicks clippers pet grooming salon are scheduled to be in court in two weeks. the burlington county spca humane police last month filed charges including causing the death of or serious bodily injury to a living creature. they say the 10-year-old airedale terrier you see in that picture had to be put down after visiting the salon. we called crosswick clippers and got a statement from the owner's lawyer. she says this is a well-run respected careful business. we deny these charges and will confront them in court.
4:40 pm
this is just one of the cases pet advocates are looking to as an example to get the government to regulate pet grooming businesses. new york new jersey and massachusetts are considering new laws. groomers say pet owners should ask a lot of questions before leaving their beloved pets with a salon. >> what are your qualifications. where did you learn. how long have you been doing this. >> groomers say you should also ask to go into the back of the salon and see the tools that groomers will be using. there are some of hollywood's biggest stars, the minions. >> that's right. the minions movie debuts tonight. they are even the newest toy in mcdonald's happy meals but some parents are outraged over the toys. a few families have complained saying the minions are saying swear words. after a couple youtube videos went viral yesterday, mcdonald's came out in defense of the yellow creatures, saying minions
4:41 pm
speak minion-ese, a random combination of many languages and nonsense words and sounds. a shoplifter rewarded for her crime? it's a head line that's getting a lot of attention today. >> next one cop's decision to turn a bust into a totally different direction. the storms are long gone and we are looking ahead to a great weekend. the threat of storms returns for the start of the work week. i track that change ahead in the first alert forecast.
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4:44 pm
a kansas police officer is being hailed a hero. >> not for his crime fighting effort but rather his caring heart. he was called to a walmart for reports of a shoplifter and when he got there, he saw sarah robinson crying. her six kids without any shoes. she told him she and her kids were living in a car since her husband died unexpectedly.
4:45 pm
he told her to wait outside. he went into the store and came out with shoes for each of her children. >> we were both in tears so it was more of a mutual understanding. we didn't really say anything. she said thank you but it wasn't -- i mean, the look on her children's face with the shoes and everything, that was all that had to be said. >> he helped us when nobody else would. >> he was forced to write hr her a ticket but she says she was thankful he was the one to get that call. caring heart. you now have the chance to become a millionaire many times over. >> since no one won tuesday's megamillions jackpot it's rolling over to $106 million. you can also choose a $64 million cash option. the drawing is tonight at 11:00. you need to get your ticket soon. >> we'll have the winning numbers coming up on "nbc 10 news at 11:00."
4:46 pm
as is often the case right after a night of severe weather, you get beautiful weather the next day and that's what we have and that is what we are headed into as we go through the weekend. picture-perfect for the most part but not 100%. there's one exception. farther to the south. the storms are going to return next week. there's that beautiful skyline. the visibility is as good as it gets in july. the air's as clean as it gets in july. 85 degrees, wind west at ten and humidity fairly low for this time of year. remember we were showing you the threat tracker yesterday and how high it was going to be for the floods and even higher for the lightning and the highest for the wind damage? i just wanted to show you what the threat tracker is for this weekend. practically zero in every department. go ahead and enjoy it. temperatures into the low to mid 80s except for the 75 in mt.
4:47 pm
pocono even 80s at the beaches because of that northwest wind. we've got nothing but sunshine across the area now but there's moisture back to the west. this is going to track south of the area. it's a small system too, so that helps. but part of our area will be on the northern edge of this. that means at least some clouds during the day tomorrow maybe even some rain in some areas, as you'll see. here's the latest future cast along with the temperatures and the wind arrows. we go through the night tonight as mostly clear but here comes some of the clouds. early tomorrow delaware extreme south jersey from philly northward, not a cloud in the sky. the latest computer model is keeping the clouds even farther to the south, keeping the rain out, but there are some models that do show especially in sussex county delaware maybe cape may itself possibility of at least a few showers. look at the temperatures getting up into the upper 80s to near 90
4:48 pm
degrees. but the humidity's going to be pretty low. at the shore, we will be finding sea breezes both days. the clouds southern beaches. farther north you go more sunshine. nice and comfortable. ocean temperature, 73 which is above average for this time of year. in the poconos, very low humidity, near 80 degrees. about as good as it gets. for tonight, mostly clear and comfortable at 69 in philadelphia, 59 some of the cooler suburbs. then tomorrow back into the upper 80s but again, low humidity. the clouds generally in southern delaware and extreme south jersey. seven-day forecast a day with bright sunshine on sunday pretty hot but the humidity is still down still not that humid on monday even though we get to 91. then on tuesday, that's when things start to change. the humidity goes way back up the showers and storms tend to
4:49 pm
return and it will take at least a couple more days before we get out of that pattern. we could use about a week of a break but we are not going to get that. >> we'll take what we can get. >> yeah we will. we are getting a rare look at a deadly problem down the shore that's claimed two lives already this summer. >> a dive team giving us a look that we haven't seen of the underwater dangers facing swimmers in local quarries. then all new on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" -- >> a destructive insect attacks a jersey shore neighborhood changing the landscape. >> very disappointing. >> why so many trees have had to come down here.
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two electric planes made history today. they crossed the english channel for the first time. airbus flew its electric plane hours after a french pilot made a similar trip. the airbus e-fan electric plane took off from southeastern england, traveled to france. the 46 mile flight took about 37 minutes. the plane operates only on batteries and has zero emissions. both flights are considered important steps for the future of electric flight. pretty cool there. this afternoon nbc 10 giving you a rare look into deep dangerous swimming spots spread across the landscape in south jersey. >> two teenagers drowned while swimming in area quarries last week. a local dive team took us beneath the surface to get a closer look at why the old water-filled mines can be so deadly. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau
4:54 pm
reporter ted greenberg has the story. >> reporter: serene and picturesque, they lure swimmers to calm waters that authorities say are deceptively dangerous. >> i'm not too worried about it. >> reporter: but you should. according to these members of the hamilton township dive team. >> they need to know. >> reporter: tethered to a rope devin houseman waded into this quarry often called the blue hole in winslow township where no swimming signs are posted. >> it's very warm shallow. out of nowhere, you just fall and the water temperature drops at least 15 20 degrees. >> reporter: he wore an underwater camera as another team member flew his drone over the water to show us why these old mines have claimed so many lives over the years. just last week two 17 year olds drowned in separate incidents in quarries in gloucester and ocean counties. many are on private property.
4:55 pm
>> it was up to my knees two feet, three feet to i didn't touch the bottom. that's how deep. the dropoff of 40 feet 60 feet. >> the sand will collapse under your weight. >> reporter: there's another danger. many quarries are in remote area with rugged terrain. often rescuers have to walk long distances just to get to the water. >> you're 20 30 minutes easy and nobody is going to survive. >> reporter: is it worth it? >> yeah. i go swimming in a lot of lakes. just another spot. >> reporter: unlike lakes, this quarry and others often don't become deeper gradually but instead, are riddled with cliffs that can kill. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> gives you a whole new perspective. "nbc 10 news at 5:00" is next.
4:56 pm
next all new on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" the removal of the confederate flag is having an impact far beyond south carolina. >> remember the ku klux klan? for those of us who actually lived through this, this means a lot to us. >> how today's historic moment affected those watching right here in philadelphia. glenn? we are looking ahead to a picture-perfect friday night. i'm tracking the rest of your weekend forecast includes sun for just about all of us but chance for rain in one area.
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right now at 5:00 the national weather service confirms a tornado caused this damage at a berks county school. tonight, we hear from the principal who was inside. first allentown, now the fbi has raided a second city hall in pennsylvania. what the two cities have in common and why both mayors could be under investigation. we begin with the historic event that captured the nation's attention. the removal of the confederate flag from the south carolina state house. "nbc 10 news at 5:00" starts right now. just four weeks ago, many people believed that flag would never come down. >> today, thousands watched and cheered as it descended the flagpole. in just six minutes, the flag that caused so much division was gone. even the flag pole itself was taken down. the honor guard that removed the flag was the same group of men
5:00 pm
who brought clementa pinkney's coffin to his viewing last month. the shooting of pinkney and eight others at a charleston church last month was the spark that forced leaders to bring the flag down. what happened today is already having an impact on people right here in our area. >> members of the naacp have already begun arriving in philadelphia for their conference next week. they watched this historic moment on television. nbc 10's cydney long was with them. how did they react? >> reporter: i can tell you even though the columbia south carolina state house is 619 miles away from the pennsylvania convention center they felt as though they were right there. there were a lot of tears and very vivid memories about what the confederate flag meant to them as they were growing up many here in philadelphia participating in the naacp conference, whether volunteering or delegates. they say they could feel a weight being lifted off their shoulders. this as the flag was lowered down.


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