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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 14, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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nbc 10 breaking news. that breaking news from austria where negotiators have reached a landmark nuclear agreement with iran. we'll tell you what it includes and why some say it does not go far enough. a big day in philadelphia. president obama will be in town to speak at the naacp national convention. how his visit will impact your ability to get around coming up in a live report. this could also impact your ability to get around. look at the radar picture here. we are tracking showers and thunderstorms moving into the area this morning. we'll tell you where the strongest storms are expected and when they will reach your neighborhood. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today on this tuesday. i'm chris cato and let's begin with that chance of thunderstorms now. meteorologist bill henley standing by with an active radar
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behind him. >> we have showers in the area delaware is getting spots of heavier downpours, southern new castle county and streaming into cumberland and salem counties. there's this area through northeastern maryland that's making progress for northern new castle county and into chester county. the next half hour we'll see the heavier rainfall move to the northeast. temperatures we're in the warm zone this morning 74 degrees right now in philadelphia. and storms on the way. no lightning in the area just yet. but we will see clouds and some scattered showers at 6:00. 73 degrees with light southeast wind at 4 miles an hour. during the morning hours, showers and thunderstorms will be around but we should get breaks in those clouds. by noontime see sunshine and then we'll start to climb into the 80s by lunch time today, 83 degrees with that southerly wind at 7 miles an hour. back with the hour-by-hour future weather to show you when to expect the storms to move into your area.
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right now, let's check in with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> the vine street expressway is open. we aren't dealing with the westbound and eastbound sides closed due to the ongoing construction. these are our cameras around 24th street. schuylkill expressway, three-minutes, headed from 95. eastbound, no lane restrictions as well. the rest of the drive time 95 southbound toward the woodhaven road, 14 minutes. the center city area an accident scene clearing around girard avenue. elsewhere in philadelphia mlk drive is closed between sweet bri briar drive and ben franklin parkway. after weeks of wrangling there's a nuclear agreement in place for iran. a live picture at vienna where
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negotiators struck the deal within the past two hours. the deal eases sanctions on iran. but it also puts restrictions on the country's nuclear program. here's the deal. under the deal iran has a right to challenge a u.n. request to visit a nuclear site meaning that full access is not guaranteed at will. critics think that this deal gives tehran time to cover up signs of noncompliance if they existed. president barack obama may speak about the agreement in the 6:00 a.m. hour this morning. if he does so we'll bring you his speech live. happening today, we know where president obama will be speaking later today. he'll be visiting philadelphia to address members of the naacp. this is the second time the president has spoken to that organization during its annual convention convention. nbc 10's katy zachry is live for us outside the pennsylvania convention center. >> president obama is scheduled to speak here at the convention center later this afternoon.
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around noon he'll touch down at the philadelphia national airport. his motorcade will make its way through center city to the pennsylvania convention center behind me. yesterday we saw the room where he'll speak to a group of about 5,000 people the naacp membership is from all over the united states. they've been in philadelphia since this weekend, some even since late last week. they last heard from the president in 2009 for their annual convention. this year the white house says president obama will folk quus on juvenile and criminal justice refirm. some members i spoke to ahead of his visit say his comments are especially important given the police violence they've seen over the last few months. >> he has had to be at the helm in some very difficult times when everything seems to be happening and i think that he has weathered it well and shouldered it well. >> reporter: ahead of the president's visit today we spoke with the president of the
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philadelphia chapter of the naacp. coming up hear why he says he hopes the president revisits some language he recently used when describing young african-american men. that coming up at 4:30. reporting live katy zachry nbc 10 news. also today, the convention we'll hear from pennsylvania governor tom wolf. wolf and lawmakers are battling over a new state budget right now. part of that battle is fighting for low-income schools. philadelphia mayor michael nutter will also attend the naacp convention today. then he's off to germany. his trip is part of an effort to strengthen international relationships for philadelphia. he will sign a sister city agreement with frankfurt, aimed at pro-might be business between both cities. he'll also address a group of visitors before visiting tel aviv israel, later this week. mayor nutter just returned from
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pueblo, mexico last week. it's 4:06. 73 degrees. new this morning, we now know the name of by -- bicyclist who was killed. his name is tyrone tillman. we found out security cameras show the driver stopping getting out of her suv and looking at the victim before driving off. police found the suv and took the drive in for questioning. but she still hasn't been charged. that's not sitting well with the family. a driver with a dashcam ra captured a hit awn run accident that left a motorcycle and his passenger injured.
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look at this, the crash happened yesterday afternoon at the intersection of st. vincent street. keep an eye on the left side of your screen here. there we go. we just missed it. you can see the impact of the car hitting the motorcycle. police say the car had run a red light. we spoke with the stepfather of the 20-year-old motorcyclist. he says he can't believe the driver just kept going. >> maybe they need help. maybe you need to take them to a hospital. you just don't leave a human being laying on the ground and just run away. >> his stepson is out of the hospital after being knocked unconscious and breaking a bone in his face. a woman who was on the motorcycle broke her leg. police are looking for a white four-door honda civic. look at this from dvds to diapers, police say a thief who broke into a philadelphia day care hauled off just about everything he could find including dinner. he did so in full view of the surveillance cameras, too the
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man broke into nana's day care on june 6th. after eating food in the fridthge he spent about two hours taking things. the day care director is outraged. >> we have a lot of kids here. it's hard to feel safe if you have someone coming in and taking the thing we use to help them. >> the thief was seen driving off in a chevy impala. this morning we are seeing the first video of police arresting former eagles quarterback donovan mcnabb on a dui charge. >> any recent head injuries? >> listen, i played football. >> i know who@oyou are. >> mcnabb was arrested near phoenix, arizona last month. his second dui arrest. >> tracy davidson is live in our digital operations center. mcnabb lives in the phoenix area and now he's in trouble again. >> reporter: correct. and correct.
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donovan mcnabb is the eagles all-time leading passer but police said that he couldn't pass a sobriety test when they pulled him over early on a sunday morning in late june. >> you're going to be under arrest for dui. >> what? >> you're under arrest for dui. >> reporter: last night, comcast sports net got the video. officers questioned mcnabb and questioned him on the side of the road. here's more. >> how much have you had to drink tonight? >> nothing. >> are you sure? >> yes. >> how come you can smell it on you. >> first of all, i have a cold. i've been on cough medicine. >> what kind of cough medicine? >> robitussin. >> mcnabb denied he had anything to drink before the accident. he last played in the nfl in 2011 and then went into broadcasting. fox sports suspended mcnabb.
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mcnabb spent a day in jail after pleading guilty to his first dui charge in 2013. if he is convicted a second time, the minimum sentence is 90 days in jail. live in the digital operations center, tracy davidson, nbc 10 news. ten minutes after 4:00. happening today, a judge will arraign these two former police officers for the alleged assault of a philadelphia man. shawn mcknight and kevin robinson are accused of knocking naji rivera off of his scooter and beating him. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> ten minutes after 4:00. 73 degrees. we've got wet weather in the area. i'm tracking showers and some thunderstorms this morning. the threat will stay with us during the day. could lead to some heavy
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downpours, not everybody will see it but there's a potential, a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. and some storms could bring damaging winds, a threat seems to be greater to the south in delaware and extreme southern new jersey during the day today. right now, 63 degrees for mt. pocono. trenton is 68 and wilmington has clouds and the showers are getting very close to the wilmington area. cape may is dry at this time but we could see heavy downpours at the shore this morning and again this afternoon. look at the line of showers extending from new york state through pennsylvania and into maryland and delaware this morning. now we're seeing thunderstorm activity into extreme northeastern maryland. the heavy downpours seem to be coming right along i-95 at this hour. pretty good downpours near middletown, just to the north of smyrna. possible showers and thunderstorms at 8:00. your hour-by-hour future weather shows temperatures in the 70s with heavyfavy downpours.
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the threat continues into the afternoon, potential for heavy downpours and some of the thunderstorms could bring damaging winds later today. 4:00 this afternoon we'll be in the 80s and we'll still be tracking showers. the threat of storms for most of the day. 70s for today in the pocono mountains. allentown and quakertown low 80s. a chance of showers and thunderstorms for doylestown trenton and mt. holly and the shore we'll see temperatures in the middle 80s this afternoon. it won't be an all=de rainfall but the possibility of thunderstorms will xen into vineland and dover. keep an eye on the sky in wilmington. the potential is there for drexel hill and philadelphia as well. take a look at how much rainfall we can expect when i come back in ten minutes. >> with possibly strong showers headed our way this morning, you may want to leave the house earlier than usual to give you time to get where you're going on time. nbc 10's first alert traffic
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reporter jessica boyington will help you do that now. jessica? >> we are still watching ongoing construction on 95 around the vine street expressway. you can see the cones set up right here. we're losing that right-hand shoulder, one lane getting by around the vine street expressway. that's over on the southbound side underneath the ben franklin bridge. not a lot of traffic and volume going through the area right now. the drive times are okay. 14 minutes headed southbound from woodhaven road up towards the vine street expressway if you're headed out the door on 202, you can see the cars moving along. we have red going on. that's a drive time. i'll check that in a moment for you. there might be an accident that just popped up on our screen. 17 minutes from 30 up towards the schuylkill expressway. something to watch out for there. we'll keep you updated. in abington also watching an accident scene on cricky avenue and spruce avenue. watch out for police activity. chris? another public transit bus
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driver caught using a cell phone henhood the wheel. we'll tell you what the bus driver's employer had to say, coming up. plus an update on missing lifeguard stands stolen from a delaware beach. they're not missing anymore. guess what the coast guard founded? more pictures they shared with us, still ahead.
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happening later today, more eyes will soon be on the streets of camden. city council is expected to purchase 90 new eye in the skycam was. the mayor says the cameras have helped the already increased number of officers patrolling camden streets.
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we'll have a live report coming up in about within hour at 5:15. a man was found guilty of murder two years after a man ran over a philadelphia. akhmedov was found guilty. those two men were illegally drag raising down roosevelt boulevard in feltonville. samara banks and three of her young sons were hit and killed as they were crossing the street. this morning, four of those seven missing lifeguard stands at a delaware beach have been located. you'll be relieved to know. that's according to our sister station wrde. this is a photo of one of the stands fot ss floating in the water near fenwick island. we have pictures of the stands being recovered. someone took seven of the stands
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from rehoboth beach last week. a few were found in the water near ocean city merrill. police are still offering a $500 reward for anyone with information on who took the stands. from our south jersey bureau. for the second time this month an nbc 10 viewer caught a driver using a cell phone behind the wheel. very illegal. that's against bus rules and state law in new jersey. it happened aboard a new jersey transit bus traveling from trenton to trenton saturday night. you can see it here. an nbc 10 viewer also exposed this private bus driver apparently texting while rolling along the new jersey turnpike. the commuter aboard new jersey transit asked us not to show her face because she has to ride that bus every day. here's what she said. >> it made me angry. i wanted to yell at him like what are you doing?
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if you're committing yourself to driving people to and from places they have to go you have to do it safely. >> now, a new jersey transit told us that it sends undercover supervisors on routes to ensure that rules are being followed. the agency is investigating this case and promising swift and appropriate action. for the first time now, we're hearing from philadelphia's archbishop about a montgomery county catholic school that fired a teacher for her relationship, her same-sex marriage. archbishop charles chaput said the acad may acted with character and common sense when it fired winters last month. she says she was forced to leave the school because of her gay marriage. many parents are upset about her dismissal. chaput's statement, says schools describing themselves as catholic take on the responsibility of teaching and witnessing the catholic faith in a manner true to catholic leaf.
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there's nothing complicated in this. it's a simple matter of honesty. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 20 minutes after 4:00. the temperature has dropped into the 60s and 70s. but we have a southerly wind. that's moisture coming in. we're already seeing it come back in the form of showers. the showers have not reached philadelphia just yet. they are on the way. 74 degrees right now. that's definitely warmer than most of the area saw yesterday morning. clouds over south philadelphia dry at this time over citizens bank park but the showers are inching closer to philadelphia. look at the heavy thunderstorm activity now in northeastern maryland and cecil county this is edging into new castle county, in delaware and is also heading into extreme southwestern chester county. very heavy rainfall. the rainfall rate is more than five inches an hour. these storms are on the move but we could see some heavy duty rainfall to start with and there's a potential for more
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during the day. look at the showers now firing up in delaware county and into salem county in new jersey. rainfall could total close to an inch in some areas by later today. 0.7 inches in reading with more than half an inch possible in philadelphia. look at dover, topping an inch. some heavy downpours and thunderstorms and the potential for gusty winds as well during the day today. that could turn damaging with passing storms. this morning, 6:00 showers and some thunderstorms in the area. still some scattered showers around the 9:00 hour and by lunch time some areas will see storms as well the temperatures will be in the 80s. it won't be an all-day rainfall but the possibility of running into a shower or thunderstorm during the day will stay with us in fact that will stay with us right on into this evening. it's not just today either got the seven-day forecast in the next half hour. >> a lot to get to. we'll check back in a moment.
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4:21. we also had a slowdown popping up a moment ago with the majors. >> chris, what we were seeing is slowdowns on 202 but i've just there's no reports of an accident or anything in the area as of yet. if there's something to watch for, i'll update you accordingly. 295 around the black horse pike you soon see through the active work zone. we're losing lanes on either side but the drive times are okay southbound from 38 up towards the black horse pipe. 492 freeway is looking okay as well headed northbound from 55 up towards the walt whitman bridge. five-minute trip no problems there. the rest of the area bridges, no problems for tac pal, the burlington. we have two lanes blocked on the ben going into philadelphia for the ongoing construction. up next analyzing an invasion. what researchers are trying to figure out about the plethora of
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portuguese man 'o war washing up on beaches all over the region. plus "go tell a watchman." the controversial new book is in stores now. we'll take you to a reading party that happened in philadelphia.
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a live look at nbc 10 first alert radar. very strong thunderstorms over the newark delaware area right now. nbc 10's meteorologist bill henley back in a moment with a look at where those thunderstorms are headed. researchers are trying to find out what's causing the summer's invasion of these things portuguese man 'o war. they're washing up on beaches across the area on the shore in new jersey delaware and new york. they can deliver painful,
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potentially deadly stings. nbc 10 was at a lab at montclair state university yesterday where scientists are examining some samples. >> it can give us an idea of where these organisms originated. where are they coming from? >> now, portuguese man 'o war are more common in florida and the caribbean but can get swept into the gulf stream. experts say they're rarely found in such large numbers in this area. this morning, a controversial highly anticipated new book by the author of a beloved american novel is officially on sale. harper lee releases "go set a watchman." lee wrote this new book before "mockingbird." . >> the easy way out of this
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would to be marry hank and let him labor for her. >> and some mockingbird fans got a head start on the new book at a midnight reading party. a dozen copies are already sold the rest preordered. you'll hear from some of the readers, their reaction on the new novel, coming up in the next half hour. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> tracking showers and thunderstorms and they're moving toward philadelphia. right now time is 4:27 and it is 73 degrees. watching for some of the wet weather on the roads, jessica boyington in the first alert traffic center. >> we're looking live at route 202. empty right around valley road northbound or southbound you're doing just fine. we'll check on the wet road cameras and mass transit coming up. we'll be right back.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> breaking news from overseas after months of talks, negotiators have reached a landmark nuclear deal with iran. they're filling in the details in a compromise that led to the agreement. back here in this area the mother of a teenager killed in a hit and run crash is speaking exclusively to nbc 10 this morning. what she has to say about the driver who still hasn't been charged. and the streak of dry weather appears to be over. we're tracking showers and thunderstorms in today's first alert forecast. it's 4:30. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. smp some pretty strong thunderstorms. let's get right to it. meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. >> heavy rainfall is starting


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