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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  July 14, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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say isn't good enough. plus -- >> i don't understand how she's sleeping tonight. i don't understand this. >> a mother's anguish and her plea for justice just days after her teenage son was killed on his bike. the mother of the hit and run victim is speaking out only on nbc 10. we are tracking the potential for severe weather in parts of our area later today. this morning we're already checking showers and storms. 5:30. good morning. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. strong storms have already moved through parts of delaware. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley. bill, what else are you seeing on radar? >> heavy rainfall. the storms are starting to die down as far as lightning is concerned. a flood advisory in effect for cumberland and salem counties with these fast-moving, steady downpours still going in those areas. look at new castle county in delaware southeastern pennsylvania chester county
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seeing heavier rainfall and scattered showers into delaware and philadelphia too. grab an umbrella. we'll see occasional downpours with showers and thunderstorms at 7:00. by 10:00, we're seeing breaks of sunshine and we will see that to warm us up to 80 degrees. 84 at 1:00. there's a possibility of more storms as we head into the afternoon. and parts of the area could see strong storms with damaging winds. we'll go through it hour by hour with the future weather. back in ten minutes to show you when the wet weather will arrive where you live. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> bill, we're currently dry higt right here on certain spots of 95. we're starting to see volume specifically in the southbound lanes, now, this is a little bit early, about 45 minutes earlier to see this volume. still a 13-minute drive time. i'm going to suspect it's going
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to slam up once the storms hit the area. heading out the door on the 42 freeway in new jersey currently no problems. the cars are green. that's good news there. five minutes if you're headed northbound from 55 up towards the walt whitman bridge. the we are leaving two lanes for ongoing construction on the ben heading into philadelphia. chris. a major development overnight. there's a nuclear agreement with iran. the deal ensures that iran will not have enough nuclear material to make a weapon for the next ten years. it also eases sanctions on iran. also under the deal the u.n. can ask to visit nuclear sites but iran has the ability to challenge that access. critics think that gives iran time to clear up any signs of noncompliance. president barack obama may speak
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about the agreement in the 6:00 hour. if he does so, we'll bring you those comments live. we'll have more on that coming up in our next hour. now to an nbc 10 exclusive. the mother of a west philadelphia teenager who was killed in an apparent hit and run spoke to us overnight. nbc 10's jesse gary is live now at police headquarters with this nbc 10 exclusive. and jesse, investigators still haven't charged the driver in this case. how is the victim's family responding? >> reporter: chris, with a lot of frustration and a lot of anger. we talked with fredericka mckee outside her west philadelphia home this morning. she's devastated by the loss of 17-year-old tyrone tillman jr. >> i don't know who you is and why you hit my baby and didn't see his blue bike in broad
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daylight. i hope you know that you touched a lot of people's hearts today. my baby is a good boy. >> reporter: tillman was riding a gray-blue mountain bike sunday morning in hunting park when the female driver of the suv swerved around another car and hit him. investigators say she may have tried to remove the silencelicense plate after the crash from her vehicle. she's still list as a person of interest. that could change. we'll let you know if it does. live outside police headquarters in center city jesse gary nbc 10 news. happening today, president obama will deliver the keynote address at the naacp convention in philadelphia. the naacp convention will also hear from pennsylvania governor tom waft today. right now, wolf and state lawmakers are battling over a new budget part of that battle
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is education funding for schools in philadelphia and other cities. 5:35 now. new from overnight, investigators are looking into the cause of a house fire in new castle county. skyforce 10 flaw over that scene on bedford drive in edgemore. the fire broke out just after 11:00 p.m. last night. it damaged two homes as you can see there in the video. no one was hurt. police were called out earlier before the fire. we're trying to find out if the fire is related to that police call. we expect the murder trial to begin today in the case of a delaware county man accused in a deadly shooting at a wellness center. richard plots is accused of killing his caseworker on the campus of mercy fitzgerald hospital last july. he was upset about signs prohibiting firearms in the hospital. a exist was also wounded and that psychiatrist pulled out his own gun and shot and injured plots. jack markell will testify at
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a hearing on criminal justice reform. he's expected to talk about his state's recent experience with policing and prosecution especially in wilmington. congress is expected to act on a universal pre-k amendment from pennsylvania senator bob casey. it's linked to a rework are of the no child left behind law. lawmakers will vote on paying for the program by ending a corporate loophole. fans could not wait to read harper lee's second book. nbc 10 catches up with some of "go set a watchman's" first readers. you'll hear what they think so far. clouds over south philadelphia. a live view of citizens bank park. 73 degrees at 5:36. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when we come back.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> wet weather moving through the area. we've seen showers and thunderstorm activity. a live cloudy view from center city which has seen light rain right now. it's 73 degrees at philadelphia international. but other parts of the area looking at heavy downpours. there you could see the light scattered showers for philadelphia. moving into delaware county chester county and new castle county, heavy rainfall. the heaviest rainfall right now is not this batch of rain. it is the rain that's falling in cumberland county and into salem county. upper deerfield is getting pounded with rainfall. the radar estimate shows that more than two inches of rain has fallen so far. it's still coming down. a flood advisory is in effect there. the potential for more storms during the day today. this is 10:00 this morning. look at the heavy weather moving through central and southern delaware and into cape may. it will be on and off rainfall
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at the shore today. same story inland at noontime scattered showers for philadelphia, the trenton area while wilmington may be getting a break at that time. there's a possibility we'll see more showers and thunderstorms later this afternoon. at 2:00 the threat is mainly in the trenton area into central new jersey and heading off into the northeast. keep an eye on the sky this afternoon, allentown at 4:00 could see heavy downpours. you might want to keep an umbrella handy. occasional showers and thunderstorms for doylestown trenton and mt. holly and yes at the shore, too. rehoboth, delaware beaches, occasional showers and thunderstorms, 83 up to 85 for cape may and vineland 85 degrees. the showers will be hon an off for wilmington and swedesboro. philadelphia showers and thunderstorms won't be an all-day affair but the threat will continue into tonight. a look at the seven-day forecast when i come back in ten minutes. >> with wet roads out there, a look now at what you may
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encounter if you're heading out to work soon. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has that. >> we are seeing volume in spots. you know that's early so far for the morning. we usually don't see the volume for another 45 minutes to a half hour on specific parts of 95 and the schuylkill expressway. we'll do a check on the area bridges. this is the platt bridge. as you can see, no problems for the tac pal or the burlington bristol. ben franklin reduced speeds down to 25 miles an hour into the city. the search continues for a notorious drug king pin who break out of a maximum security prison in mexico. and dangerous jellyfish-like creatures washing up on the jersey shore and delaware beaches.
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scientists say you shouldn't be afraid to go into the water.
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so that's the wind gust as high as 70 miles an hour in quincy illinois yesterday. power lines and trees came down
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on houses and cars during this storm. the mater ordered a state of emergency and ordered people inside their homes so crews could safely clear the streets. check out this drone video. is shows a large tornado that touched down in hutchison kansas yesterday afternoon. you can see the sun and blue sky peeking out on the left side of the screen. meteorologist bill henley in our area is tracking a chance for severe weather in these parts today. bill? >> yes, we're seeing strong storms already. the chance of some strong storms later today and tonight but right now, the heavy rain is moving through parts of pennsylvania and south jersey. flood advisory in effect for portions of cumberland and salem counties right now. >> and the mystery of a missing lifeguard stand, at least partially solved now. this morning, four of the seven missing stands have been
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found.than afound. that's according to wrde. we have photos the coast guard provided. someone stole seven stands last week from rehoboth beach. each stand weighs about 500 pounds. it was hard for the coast guard to lift them and put them in their boats. police are offering a $500 reward for anyone who has information on who did this. 5:46 today. in colorado lawyers will make closing arguments in the theater massacre trial of james holmes. he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. if the jury agrees, holmes would be siene to a men it'll institution, a guilty verdict would send the trial into a death penalty phase. there's still no sign of the notorious drug lord known as el chapo who escaped from a maximum security prison on saturday in
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mexico. we also learned u.s. drug agents first got information in march of last year that guzman's relatives and associates were considering a possible plan to free him. guzman heads mexico's biggest drug cartel. we have a local connection. u.s. authorities busted one of his drug rings that moved through the smoketown airport in lancaster county a few years back. nearly $6 million, that is the amount new york city will pay to the family of the man who died from a choke hold in police custody. >> i can't breathe. i can't breathe. >> eric garner died almost a year ago. police in brooklyn were stopping him from selling untaxed cigarettes at the time. video showed police taking him to the ground. a grand jury declined to indict the officer who gave garner that apparent choke hold which is against police policy. a show of support for a south philadelphia community. local leaders and police and neighbors came together in grays
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ferry last night for a public safety walk. this was held in response to recent gun violence in that neighborhood. the wam[ began the aa play ground where a man was shot and killed over the weekend. and today, a bus tour kicks off to educate seniors about scams that target them and their money. >> we have that story coming up. >> look at what our elderly neighbors are doing and asking questions about some of their activities. >> much of the abuse is perpetrated by friends, family members and neighbors. the conference runs all week long. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 12 minutes before 6:00. we're tracking showers and thunderstorms. grab an umbrella if you're heading out the door. cloudy skies and a few rain drops on the lens of the view from center city. this is a live view. those clouds are starting to fill back in after some breaks
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of sunshine. 73 degrees right now. light rain is falling in philadelphia. we've seen heavy downpours and it's still going on in south jersey. the threat extends into the pocono mountains. this is a cloudy view from lake wallenpaupack. showers and thunderstorms are on the way. the heaviest activity started in maryland, has now moved into chester and montgomery county. you're seeing light rainfall bud steadier showers in montgomery county. salem and cumberland counties this is parked here. we're not seeing lightning. this thunderstorm producing more than 2 inches of rain in about the past half hour. the rain is still falling there. flood advisory in effect there. right now it's light rain for philadelphia. a large area to our south mainly damaging winds and hail. it does extend into delaware and south jersey. be on lookout for strong storms not only this morning and this
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afternoon but the possibility for overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. so we're not going to be an all-day rainfall. we wouldn't need your umbrella all day. occasional showers and thunderstorms during the day today and again tomorrow. we'll stay warm and muggy. then finally we get a break with nice weather, really nice for thursday. the humidity comes down, look at those temperatures 60s in the morning, 83 in the afternoon. bright sunshine. another beautiful day on friday. here comes the heat and return of humidity. into the 90s sunday and monday. >> ten minutes until 6:00. especially in northern delaware south jersey give yourself a little extra time this morning. >> there cowl be ponding with it coming down so fast. jessica boyington is watching the road conditions. jessica? >> we are seeing wet roadways on route 30. this is right around 340. you can see reduced visibility in the area. it seems that this rain is pounding down at this exact
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moment. eastbound or westbound, not a lot of volume. still give yourself extra time. i sense this traffic is going to start to pick up relatively early. out on 95 from woodhaven road up to the vine street expressway 13 minutes drive time. that's the tettal trip. same story for the schuylkill expressway, we're currently fine. a 13-minute drive from the blue route to the vine street expressway. we're starting to see it jam up just a little bit early. as for the philadelphia international airport we are checking delays as well. we currently have no weather-related delays. we'll keep you updated. tracy? new this morning if you're a dog owner heading down the shore this saturday listen to this the new jersey spca police force will be looking for dogs left unattended in hot cars from point pleasant beach to seaside park. if you are from out of state you could be arrested and held on
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bail. dogs left in hot cars can suffer heat stroke brain damage and possibly death. researchers are trying to find out what's causing this summer's invasion of portuguese man 'o war. they can't deliver painful, potentially deadly stings. while nbc 10 was at a lab at montclair state university where scientists are examining some of the samples. they want to know whether the recent washups are an isolated incident or a sign of what's to come. >> can you give us an idea of where the organize mixesiginateoriginated? >> they can get swept into the gulf stream but experts say they are rarely found in such large numbers in this area. 5:52 now. a judge says stockton university can go ahead and find another buyer for the showboat in atlantic city.
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they also gave glenn straub more time to show why showboat should sell to him. a big league all-star from toms river, ocean county is your 2015 home run derby champion. todd frazier of the reds took that title last night. frazier adds dodgers rookie jock peterson with 15 homers in the final round. ever wonder what happens behind the scenes here at nbc 10? >> i do. >> you can see for yourself and interact, we've been answering questions on our news set. >> we have this ipad set up to interact with people on periscope. follow us there, ask questions, some are more personal than others. our address is nbc philadelphia.
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we catch up with "to dill a mockingbird" fans who have already taken a crack at the author's release in more than 50 years. and the one thing you'll have to buy if you plan on using septa when pope francis visits in september.
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pluto, stand by pore follow rotcy. . the spacecraft will spend 22 hours taking photos and measurements of pluto and its moons. it's traveled 3 billion miles over the course of almost a decade to get to this historic point. can't wait to see the photos. something else people waited a long time for, harper lee released "go set a watchman" at midnight. the novel features the same characters in "to kill a mockingbird." people want toed page through the entire novel before giving their reviews. >> i'm really curious to see
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what this town in alabama was like in the 1950s. i'm also curious to find out more about the characters. >> nbc 10 was at the blue marble book store in mount airy. the countdown is on. in fact it continues now. we are just 74 days from the pope's historic visit to philadelphia. and adjusting for all the masses of people who will want to see him while he's here one-day passes to ride septa's regional rail during the papal visit go on sale next monday. here's what you need to know. the passes will be sold online. septa wants to keep crowds at train capacity. anyone using regional rail service on 26th 27th and 28th including regular customers and
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visitors you have to prepay for a one-day pass. the pope will be here the 26th and 27th. >> not only the people on periscope could see the two of us whispering while you were over there talking. tracy pointed something out that was interesting and insightful about harper lee's book, the second book we all know you know, he's evolved finch. >> people who are bigots can evolve and be better. >> what a time for a book with that kind of commentary to come out. >> very good. thank you very much chris. you're watching nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news today at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 breaking news.
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>> breaking news nuclear deal done. the u.s. and iran have reached an historic agreement. look up you're on camera. the eyes in the sky are spreading in camden and it's all in hopes of catching criminals faster. >> wet weather is moving through our area. we're tracking showers and thunderstorms this morning. we'll get your first alert forecast hour by hour as we always do. it is 6:00 a.m. good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. it appears that the weather is moving to the south. let's get to meteorologist bill henley and the forecast. >> when we first went on the air at 4:00 this morning, heavy thunderstorms were in maryland. those have spread northward into philadelphia. the storms have died down with one exception. this very heavy rainfall is now a flash flood warning in effect for portions of salem county and cumberland county the


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