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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  July 14, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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a first alert weather day with flood warnings in place for part of the area. first alert radar tracking more rain for this afternoon and tonight. good morning, i'm chris cato. thunderstorms are sweeping across part of the viewing area with threat of more throughout the day. let's get to nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with the forecast. >> this is for today and tonight. we've got a couple different weather systems that are going to be affecting with us locally really heavy downpours causing
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some flooding which has already occurred in parts of the area and some possible severe thunderstorms tonight as that second system comes in. as we look at the radar, it's pretty clear, delaware you're in the clear. most of pennsylvania is but there's this cluster of storms in new jersey and some of these have really intensified over the last hour. we didn't even have any lightning a couple hours ago. we've had tremendous rains in parts of salem and cumberland county. some places have had over 3 inches of rain already. now, some of the latest cells are right near camden. through much of camden county gloucester county has been getting hit hard in west deptford township cumberland and even inland portions of atlantic county getting rain. poconos had heavy showers but they have weakened. we do have advisories, general
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flood adviseories until 2:45 and a flash flood warning for this part of salem and cumberland county that had over 3 inches of rain already. we'll go hour by hour to show you where the rain is going to be coming later today and tonight with the seven-day in a few minutes. 11:02 now. we are counting down in about four hours, president obama will address members of the naacp during its national convention in philadelphia. nbc10's rosemary connors joins us live inside the pennsylvania convention center where this is getting under way. there's a lot of heightened security ahead of the president's visit there, right, rosemary? >> reporter: that's absolutely right. a much different picture in terms of security today than what we saw yesterday. philadelphia police are patrolling the perimeter of the convention center. as you can see, patrolling the halls inside. tsa is even helping out with
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some screenings. this is all in preparation for the president's visit later on. he's expected to address the attendees, the delegates gathered here for the naacp convention this week. the focus of the president's speech will be on overhauling and reforming the criminal justice system in america. now, his speech comes on the heels of a major announcement from the white house just yesterday. president obama will commute the sentences of 46 nonviolent drug offenders who are currently serving time in federal prison. yesterday in a video released from the white house the president taked about his decision and he discussed the big picture in terms of reform. take a listen. >> right now, with our overall crime rate and incarceration rate both falling, we're at a moment when some good people in both parties, republicans and democrats, and folks all across the country, are coming around ideas to make the system work smarter, make it work better. >> reporter: the president is
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expected to speak around 3:00 this afternoon here at the convention center. we'll bring you that with complete coverage starting at 4:00. reporting live in center city rosemary connors nbc10. >> the naacp convention will also hear from pennsylvania governor tom wolf. he's currently locked in a battle with state lawmakers over a new state budget. part of the battle is how to distribute money to low-income schools in philadelphia and other cities. stay with nbc10 for continuing coverage of president obama's visit to the naacp convention in philadelphia. we'll have reports on air and on the nbc10 mobile app. institute mother of a west philadelphia teenager killed in an apparent hit-and-run spoke exclusively to nbc10 overnight. tyrone tillman jr. was riding his bike sunday afternoon. police say an suv tried to illegally pass another car when it ran over tyrone killing him.
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pe spoke to his mother outside their home. shes her son was happy, outgoing and had a bright future ahead of him. >> don't get in a lot of trouble and stuff like that. ride off like he didn't hit my baby. only 17 years old. i don't know how she's sleeping tonight. >> police say after that driver hit tillman, she stopped got out, looked at him and then got back into her vehicle and took off. police found her not far away but at this point she has not been charged with a crime. a driver with a dash camera captured a height-and-run in northeast philadelphia that injured his passenger. it happened yesterday at the intersection of st. vincent street. keep an eye on the left side of the screen at the bottom and you'll see the impact of the car hitting the motorcycle. police say the car ran a reltd light. we spoke with the stepfather of the 20-year-old motor cyclist,
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he can't believe the driver kept going. >> maybe he need help. maybe you need to take him to a hospital. you just don't leave a human being laying on the ground and run away. >> his stepson is out of the hospital this morning after being knocked unconscious and breaking a bone in his face. a woman on the motorcycle with him broke her leg. police are still looking for a white four-door honda civic. investigators are looking for the cause of a house fire in new castle county. skyforce10 flew over that scene on bedford drive in edgemore. the fire started a short time after police were called to that area earlier so we're trying to determine if if the fire is related to that police call. no one was hurt. 11:06. happening now, a judge at this hour is set to arraign these two former philadelphia police officers for allegedly beating a man. shawn mcknight and kevin robinson are accused of knocking rivereira off his scooter and
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beating him. he suffered a broken eye socket in that incident. officers said the boy fell off his scooter and they attacked him. also happening now, the murder trial is under way in the case of a delaware county man accused in a deadly shooting at a wellness shooter. richard potts is accused of killing his caseworker and last july. prosecutors say he was upset over signs prohibiting firearms in the hospital. psychiatrist pulled out a gun of his own and shot him. during his recent duchlt i arrest former eagle quarterback donovan mcnabb told officers he had a cold and had been drinking cough syrup. >> you're under arrest for dui. >> last night comcast sportsnet obtained this video of mcnabb's arrest on june 28th in air. police made the arrest after mcnabb's car rear-ended another
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car at a stop sign. officers then questioned the retired quarterback and tested him on the side of the road. >> how much have you had to drink tonight? >> nothing. >> are you sure? >> yes. >> how come i can smell it on you. >> first of all, have i a cold, so i've been on cough medicine. so, like i say, i got -- >> what kind of cough medicine? >> chlorophyll robeitussin. >> if convicted he could get 0 days in jail for his second dui. he's taken an indefinite leave of absence from his job with nbc sports radio. 11:08 and the countdown continues. we're just 74 days now away from the pope's visit in philadelphia. just a little less than 74 days officially. one day passes for septa's regional rail during the papal visit. those go on sale next monday. a lot of people waiting for those. the passes will be sold online
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only. they're limited because septa is trying to keep crowds in line with the capacity. anyone using regional rail service on september 26th 27th and 28th including regular customers and visitors, must have one of those passes. septa will not take any other passes or accept fares those days. again, pope francis will be in philadelphia on september 26th and 27th with that outdoor mass on the ben frangklin parkway. one of the area's most traveled bridges will soon be getting a makeover. delaware river port authority commissioners are expected to vote tomorrow on a $60 million plan to refurbish the walt whitman bridge painting the span between gloucester and center city and improving the toll bridges. the project is expected to last three years. an historic deal this morning over iran's nuclear
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program. reaction, though, to that deal has been immediate. the president says that it will make the world safer, but others disagree with that. we'll have a full report coming up. plus we are hearing about one teenager's remarkable story of survival after the small plane she was flying in crashed in the wilderness. glenn? >> you humidity has returned and so have the thunderstorms. some heavy downpours falling on parts of the area. i'll show you how long the steamy and stormy weather will stick around ahead of my seven-day forecast.
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in the early morning hours, the united states reached an historic nuclear deal with iran. nbc10 national correspondent tracie potts looks at the agreement and what it will take to get the deal through congress. >> this is a tine of hope for the entire world. >> reporter: after 20 months of intense negotiations and several extensions iran has agreed to limit uranium production for ten years and access to nuclear equipment and fuel for 15 years. >> a win-win solution on what in our view was an unnecessary crisis. >> reporter: once verified the u.s. and other countries could lift economic sanctions as early as next year. >> every pathway to a nuclear weapon is cut off. >> reporter: the u.n. arms embargo would stay in place five years, eight for missiles. it could lift sooner if iran complies. >> if iran violates the deal, all these sanctions will snap back into place.
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>> reporter: the international atomic energy agency, the monitors will report on any outstanding issues by december 15th. israel vehemently opposed any concessions. this morning prime minister netanyahu calls the deal a big historic mistake. >> iran will get a jackpot, cash bonanza of hundreds of billions of dollars, which will enable it to continue to pursue its aggression and terror in the region and in the world. >> reporter: congress has to approve the deal. it will be a hard sale. lawmakers don't think it's tough enough. they've got 60 days, including a month-long break in august. now, the clock on that starts ticking as soon as the paperwork hits capitol hill after it goes through the director of national intelligence. tracie potts, nbc news washington. the son of a boston police captain is headed to court this afternoon. he's accused of plotting a terrorist attack to support isis. police arrested the 23-year-old on the fourth of july.
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sources say the captain turned in his son to the fbi after learning about his plans. court documents reveal he bought a pressure cooker and was planning to use it to make bombs to attack college cafeterias. listen to this one. authorities say the man charged in last month's mass car at a south carolina church was able to buy the gun he used in the attack because of a clerical error. dylann roof is charged with killing nine people in charleston. police arrested roof on drug charges in february. the lexington county jail was responsible for his arrest report but the sheriff there now says that there was a mistake on that report and because of that error, the fbi could not find the report when roof applied to buy a gun. and the waiting period expired before anyone found the report. roof was able to buy the weapon. nearly $6 million, that's the amount new york city will have to pay to the family of a man who died from a chokehold while in police custody.
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eric garner died almost a year ago. police in brooklyn stopped him for selling untaxed cigarettes. the video shows police taking him to the ground there. a grand jury declined to indict the officer who gave garner that apparent chokehold, which is against police policy. and an incredible story of survival here. a teenage girl survived a small plane crash in the cascade mountains, wandered around alone for days looking for help until finally a driver found her and drove her to safety. family members alerted authorities after the small plane failed to land saturday afternoon. there was no sign of the plane or anyone inside until 16-year-old found a trail that led her to a highway. she told authorities she was on worried with her step grandparents and she died in the crash. there was bad weather at the time and the plane flew into the side of the mountain. she stayed beside the wreckage for a day, waiting to see if
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anyone would find her. then she decided to start walking to look for help. authorities say her strength still blows them away. >> i'll tell you this from all of us here, we're just impressed. she's kind of like a super hero. amazing what she went through, especially at 16. it's enough for an adult, but 16, pretty impressive. >> she's being street for dehydration and muscle fatigue. well, we've made it to pluto. sort of. >> ladies and gentlemen, pluto as never seen before. three, two, one! [ cheers and applause ] >> there she is. flag waving going on. kind of like the moon, right? there was of plenty of celebrating at nasa's new horizon spacecraft got the closest to pluto signists had
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ever been. it happened before 8:00 a.m. as that spacecraft traveled around 2,000 miles an hour. nasa wants new horizons to take pictures of pluto, its moon and four smaller moons during a critical window. >> we programmed it to be spending its time taking important data sets that it can only take today. and over the next period of about 12 or 13 hours, the spacecraft will continue to take that data and then it will transmit a message back to the earth for about 20 minutes at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. >> so we will wait to see what those photos look like. now, here are some images we saw earlier this week. new horizons set off on its mission from cape canaveral in 2006. well we have many parts of the area that are just warm and humid, but others really getting
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pounded by heavy rain and thunderstorms. we have a first alert weather day. in is for today and tonight. basically two different systems going through. we've got downpours in parts of the area causing some localized flooding. tonight a chance of some severe thunderstorms to add to the mix. so the severe threat tracker for some flooding is high today. it's actually happening right now in parts of the area. the lightning increasing and high wind threat coming generally tonight. live pictures showing a lot of clouds and philadelphia international, 79 degrees. feels like 82. it is very muggy out there. and the thunderstorms. it's in the 70s across most of the region now. 80 degrees in mt. holly millville and dover. so the clouds and thunderstorms will limit the temperature rise in parts of the area. now, you can see how quiet it is
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in delaware and maryland and most of pennsylvania, but there's a lot of red colors there in new jersey. and it increasing amount of red colors. and in some cases, you see this in salem county, it's really not moving. here's part of cumberland county. not moving. there's camden county. not moving very much. you have heavy rain and it's not moving. that's a bad combination. that leads to some flooding here. you can see the one area up to the north right near the delaware river. highly populated areas of camden and gloucester counties. then this other area farther to the south from salem county out to parts of atlantic county. there you can see it. we have one little cell up in pennsylvania going into lower bucks, but most of this action's on the other side of the river. cherry hill palmyra, down to haddonfield. if you a flooded road and you
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don't know how high the water is, don't go through it. the old zoegen turn around don't drawn. this is one of those days where you have the potential for water rising very quickly with these storms. we have an area flood advisory for much of these areas around new jersey until 1:30. flash flood warning for salem and cumberland counties. some of those areas had 3 inches of rain already. you can see that bull's eye in the amounts of rain. that is just about 4 inches of rain. some areas just around it 3 to 4 inches. salem county about 3 inches. so, this is an area right near pitts grove that's been hit hard and still getting more. so what's going to happen? things generally quieting down as we go through later in the afternoon, which is just fine but back to the west, look what's coming in for tonight. this is a stronger system affecting more of the area.
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this is where pennsylvania counties are going to be getting hit hard. that's not until later this evening. generally after 10:00 tonight. showers and storms with local downpours, mainly in new jersey. at least for the next few hours. highs in the upper 80s. tonight the showers and storms moving in from the west. some could be severe and also produce localized flooding. tomorrow we may have another round of some showers and storms. these are not moving fast. they have a lot of moisture in them, so there's a lot of potential. but all the moisture goes away by thursday and friday. just beautiful, sunny day with low humidity. then we start to build the heat and humidity and storms later in the weekend. it is a disease that can ravage the body. this morning researchers say they've uncovered a factor that can actually increase a person's risk for als, or lou gehrig's disease. that's coming up. a lot of studies you know have recommended limiting screen time for children but how much
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screen time is too much for parents? we'll tell you what researchers are saying. listen up.
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listen to in. a new study links exposure to formaldehyde to acquiring als. researchers found funeral directors who embalm bodies were three times more likely to die from als than those with no
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exposeure to the chemical. there is no cure for the progressive neurological disease. pediatricians say the best way to cut down your kids' screen time is to cut down your own. that's because they say young children learn by example and often copy the behavior of adults. in a recent study done at a fast food restaurants found majority of parents were using their cell phones while eating with their children. those kids were also more likely to be misbehaving. where in the world is el chapo? the search continues for that mexican drug lord. we'll tell you who's out of a job because the criminal mastermind escaped. more virtual eyes may be soon watching you on local streets. we'll show you how one local community wants to use technology to cut crime.
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and live first alert radar tracking storms in the area right now. there is a flood warning in effect for some of you. you see the action on the radar there. there's a chance for more downpours this afternoon and tonight. a first alert weather day. and you can listen to and take a look at the rain pouring down there. this video into our news room from deptford, gloucester county. you can see the rain soaking the roads there. nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is back with another look at where this heavy rain is at. >> that photographer is in the middle of it deptford town new jersey. new jersey is getting hit the hardest now but later we'll get some in delaware and pennsylvania. basically for the entire day today and tonight, some places getting it now. others waiting until much later.
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downpours, any thunderstorm or even shower in this kind of weather pattern is capable of producing a lot of rain in a short period of time. that's happened this morning. causing localized flooding and maybe severe storms by later tonight with another system coming in from the west. so, in the meantime it's pretty much also concentrated in new jersey and a little bit of pennsylvania. generally lower bucks county. you can see where the bulk of the lightning is. this is in parts of salem county, going into gloucester county. and that's an area that's already been hit hard. with up to 3 inches of rain. so that's bad news on top of bad news. philadelphia's right here. you can just cross the river over into cherry hill and you get some pretty heavy thunderstorms. there's deptford township getting hit hard as well as mt. laurel area. farther to the south, this is pitts grove that's already had a lot. now they're getting a lot more. that's an area i'm focusing on.
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that's where the flash flood warning is in effect. these other areas have flood advisories going into the afternoon. this area in red, again in parts of salem and northern cumberland counties getting hit hard multiple inches of rain. should probably not be trying to drive through any kind of flooded water in those areas because the potential for flooding is really high. you see that bull's eye right there. that's over 4 inches of rain that has fallen near pitts grove. that's up to this point and they have heavy rain on top of that right now. so we'll keep monitoring this and projecting where it's going to go with the rest of the seven-day in a few minutes. let's hope things don't get this severe. at least one person was killed and 11 are still missing in flash flooding brought on by heavy rain in parts of kentucky. fast-moving water swept cars away. one was left damaging over a creek while others were partially submerged.
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>> lostwashed a lot of people's homes away and people, too. >> wind and rain brought down trees and damaged homes and cars there. flooding forced thousands of people to leave their homes. heavy rain there pelting parts of indiana overnight. strong winds caused trees to topple over. at least 35,000 customers lost power as crews scrambled to fix downed power lines and repair traffic signals. and more severe weather is expected to roll through that area this afternoon. it is 11:33. happening today, president obama will deliver the keynote address at the naacp convention in philadelphia. he's expected to talk about criminal justice reform. get this? we just learned that the president has delayed his planned arrival into philadelphia and will now speak at the convention after 4:00 p.m. it was scheduled for 3:00 p.m. so you can watch that speech live right here on "nbc10 news"
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this afternoon at 4:00. meantime thousands of people attending that convention are sharing sidewalk space with some people who aren't too pleased the president is headed to town. nbc10's jesse gary is live outside pennsylvania convention center. what's the scene there? >> reporter: members of the new cavalry baptist church in new jersey set up shop right outside the convention center. they're wearing white hats and black t-shirts. they are pro-life and opposed to the naacp's stance being pro-choice. so they're going to put up placards on three of the four corners here at 12th and arch. other than that the only other person we've seen is one person that is demonstrating for reforms for the criminal justice system in the name of abu jamal. we asked some on the
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announcement on the historic nuclear arms deal with iran what do they want to hear from president obama? >> i'm hoping he speaks to many of the needs that we have with single parenting. i'm interested in education and the housing situation. and especially police brutality. >> i hope the president speaks about solutions and leave this body with a call to action with some by dates where we can collectively work together to get the things done as one nation. >> i kind of want to touch on what's going on in the country right now, and the youth going on right now. >> the only thing -- i just want to hear his againenda on where we're going as african-americans and other minority communities. what are we going to do? what's the agenda? how is he going to get us there? >> reporter: now, this morning we received a statement from the rnc chairman williams who says for years democrats like
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president obama have paid lip service to the issues and problems facing black america. yet unemployment in the black community is still almost double that of the country as a whole. if obama truly was interested in helping minority communities, he would focus on solutions that actually bring down unemployment. end of quotation. again, the president's arrival has been delayed to around 4:00. you can watch that coverage both online on your mobile devices and on air. we'll have more about the protests happening out ahead of the president's arrival later this afternoon. we're live in center city jesse gary "nbc10 news." >> jesse said it right there, you can stay with nbc10 for continuing coverage of president obama's visit to the naacp convention in philadelphia. we'll have reports on air and on your phone or tablet through the nbc10 mobile app. well a massive manhunt continues in mexico after a drug lord known for digging underground tunnels used one to escape from a maximum security prison. we're talking about el chapo, of course. now we're taking a closer look
11:37 am
at some of the sophisticated tunnels that are being used to smuggle drugs across the border. nbc10's gabe gutierrez reports from an arizona community that has seen more of those tunnels than any other. >> reporter: they are the hidden secrets of the drug war, but the underground tunnel that allowed el chapo to escape has become a familiar sight to federal agents. smugglers used to drive across or over the border. now they often go underneath it using sophisticated lighting and railway systems to sneak drugs and cash into the u.s. kerry kirkpatrick spent 28 years as a u.s. customs agent rise chronicled in his book "60 miles of border". >> when they build a tunnel and it's not detected they actually have the freedom to probably run several thousand pounds of cocaine and marijuana through it nightly. >> reporter: since 1990 at least 169 tunnels have been discovered along the southern border.
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more than 100 of them in new galas. the longest stretched from a house in new mexico 70 feet to the border and another 411 feet to a house in arizona. >> the coax cable -- >> reporter: the latest discovery at this home where authorities say smugglers tried a different approach. >> the border is just down that road? >> yes, sir, straight south of us. >> reporter: tunnelling into an international sewer line which they were apparently using to funnel drugs. >> it's elaborate. it wasn't just shovels and a wheelbarrow, i promise you that. >> reporter: but something went wrong, spilling sewage everywhere and blowing their cover. the homeowner tells ulgs hes he had no clue what his tenants were up to. >> you don't think you'll be the last one? >> no, it's not going to be the last one. >> gabe gutierrez reporting from nbc news. a fascinating look. happening right now, jurors in the movie theater shooting trial in colorado are listening to closing arguments. a live look from that courtroom
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where those arguments began within the past hour or so in the trial of james holmes. the 2012 shooting rampage killed 12 injured dozens more. holmes pleaded guilty by ryan of insanity. if the jury agrees with that holmes would be sent to a mental institution. a guilty verdict would send the trial into a death penalty phase. happening today, they are the eyes in the sky that police are using all the time now. cameras that help police catch crimes in progress and make arrests. and as nbc10's matt delucia shows us more eyes like these will soon be on the streets of camden. >> reporter: camden has had surveillance cameras for the past four years. you can see them on street lamps and utility poles. this would be the next phase of that project. camden right now has about 130 cameras in high-profile crime areas. the police and the mayor want an additional 92 cameras. this would cost about $2.3 million, including the technology and the work that it will take to get all these up and running. now, the cameras are credited with reducing gun violence by
11:40 am
almost half since 2012. they've been linked with shot spotter system to target areas where gunshots have been fired. i spoke with assistant chief of the camden county police yesterday pep says this city has been at the forefront in this field. departments like new york and wilmington have taken notice so has the president. he visited not long ago. the assistant chief says he would want even more cameras after this installation. >> when we find out our residents are asking for them typically residents will ask for cameras in their locations, our hope is to have them at hot spot locations. as crime dissipates, we want to keep a sebs of public safety. we like to have them. we believe they work well providing public safety. our goal is to have them in those hot spot locations where we think crimes is likely to occur. >> reporter: the assistant chief of police tells me the new cameras should be up and running in the next two to three months. in camden matt delucia, "nbc10 news." it is a war of words between
11:41 am
two giant retailers that could leave you the winner. walmart and amazon are trading barbs. the two companies are criticizing each other for the sales they're having tomorrow. we'll tell you what each side says and what it all means for customers like you. well we've got hot, humid weather leading to thunderstorms producing flooding in parts of the area. i'll show you just where they are now and where they're going to go with the forecast coming up next.
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look at them making the dash there. if you're heading out today, make sure to bring the umbrella so you won't have to outrun the rain. this is what it looked like in deptford. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking that rain. he'll have an update in a few minutes. the war between two retail sgints giants will mean a win for you. amazon is firing back at walmart after they took a shot at amazon's prime day by launching its own online sale day tomorrow. amazon walmart criticized amazon for only offering it to prime members and now amazon is accusing walmart of offering things more expensive than in the stores. americans are thinking about
11:45 am
back-to-school shopping. a survey finds a third of shoppers are looking for bargains. some will shop in store or take advantage of the online pick up store offers. this morning a controversial new book by the author of a beloved american novel is on sale. harper lee released "ghost out of watchman" featuring the same characters in "to kill a mocking bird" but in the new story atticus finch is portrayed as a bigot. people at a reading party last night wanted to read the entire book before giving their reviews. a lot of people are excited about that one. a lot of people excited about this event coming up this weekend, too. if you're a serious runner who really likes to test your limits or you're just a novice, maybe starting out racing for the first time there's a challenge this weekend that may be right up your alley. it's all for a good cause. it's the stroeman back on my
11:46 am
feet in 24 philadelphia race challenge. that's a long title. i hope the print is really small on t-shirts. here to tell us about it are two people back on my feet executive director catherine sanderson and casey, the communication director. i got the title itself? >> yes. >> thank you for being here to tell us about this. this is amazing the race. tell us about back on my feet first of all, the organization and what you're doing. >> it's amazing as well. we're a nonprofit in the philadelphia area and also nationally. we started here and we help support individuals experiencing homelessness, move forward and transition their lives into employment into jobs. we use a vehicle of running to do so. >> this is about money you're raising through people registering for the race. you're using it to help those experiencing homelessness. >> exactly. first, last months rent sneakers to run, race entries,
11:47 am
more. >> many homeless are running in the race as well? >> yeah, we'll have a lot running in the race. some it will be their first time first race first finish line. it will be amazing. >> people who sign up can sponsor someone who's experiencing homelessness help them run? >> yes. >> i was looking at your website earlier and i was trying to figure out what kind of race this is. it's every kind. it's for runners of different levels including this really exhausting sounding 24-hour loop around the schuylkill river trail. tell us about that. >> it is exhausting. the biggest draw in 24 is the shortened title of the race is the ultramarathon. it's the urban ultra. the only ultramarathon run. >> this isn't the normal marathon. >> so, runners run from 10:00 a.m. saturday to 10:00 a.m. sunday. they run for 24 hours straight. the course record is set at 1154, 154 miles in 24 hours. so someone will try to beat that
11:48 am
and hopefully have their feet left when they're done. >> that's amazing. an ultrarace. also a 5k for people like myself who may not want to go out and run for 24 hours. >> definitely. >> and there's a midnight race as well. it's all online. you can find out more about it the back on my feet in 24 philadelphia race challenge. this weekend, saturday and sunday. especially for those running the 24 hours it will be saturday and sunday. for more information we have a link for you on and on our nbc10 app. well parts of the area really getting hit hard now with downpours. a first alert weather day for today and tonight. we've got a second system coming in tonight that's going to affect other parts of the area. these are tremendous downpours. almost like tropical downpours where you can get a couple inches of rain in less than an hour. localized flooding as a result of that. some of it already happening
11:49 am
now. possibly some severe storms by later tonight with the second system, the flood threat is high. local flooding from some of these slow-moving thunderstorms. and as we go into the night tonight, we're going to see more threats of lightning and high wind. the flood threat is the greatest thing that we're worried about during the afternoon. we did have a thunderstorm in philadelphia international. now to 76 degrees. the humidity is high. very high. and it's changed quite a bit just in the last 24 hours as one of the ingredients here. you see temperatures only in the 70s through most of the area to the low 80s, held down by the clouds and the showers. boy, do we have some heavy showers. we've got nothing in delaware. and not much in pennsylvania either. but new jersey is getting socked here. now, we have some showers and thunderstorms now from trenton all the way to the shore.
11:50 am
extreme southern new jersey is not in it. but this area has been hit the hardest. salem to cumberland county it's hour after hour of this heavy rain. in the last couple of hours, we've seen it develop closer and closer to philadelphia here. here's the delaware river. so you can see in cherry hill they had some really heavy rain. a couple inches. now it's tapered off. at least now. but now we have other cells building up near philadelphia. what's happening is these storms are what we call back-building. so instead of tracking up to the northeast, they redevelop back to the west and then move over the same area. this is what's happening in pittsgrove, as you'll see. tremendous amounts of rain already. and more developing back to the west. so, they're not done with it. now, in philly we've got one cell right over center city that's drifting up to the north, but more in delaware county, now in marion. this is developing into parts of
11:51 am
pennsylvania. this is lower bucks. this is the pennsylvania turnpike. north of the turnpike there's i-95. lower southampton township you can see it's not really moving. it's trying to move but then it keeps redeveloping. so we have these flash flood warnings for parts of cumberland and salem counties until 2:00. aerial flood addvisories for much of the area this afternoon. as we go through the afternoon, the computer model suggests things quiet down a bit by the way across new jersey. as we look back to the west look at this. 7:00 so it's still west of reading, but that's a lot of rain. and thunderstorms potentially causing some flooding gusty winds. in is near midnight and that's a lot of the area getting hit at one time. the area that's gotten hit the hardest, rain estimated by radar.
11:52 am
and, yeah that number is close to 5 inches of rain. and this is in the pittsgrove area with with more on the way. that's a lot of rain. you don't want to drive through those roads that are flooded. showers and thunderstorms with the local downpours today. temperatures into the mid to upper 80s. tonight, more showers and storms coming in from the west. maybe severe some more localized flooding as well. another round of showers possible during the day, a wednesday. then it all ends. we get dryer air for thursday and friday before we start to heat up and get the shower chances increasing late in the weekend.
11:53 am
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coming up this afternoon at 3:00, it's "ellen" with nicole richie. it's "nbc10 news" at 4:00. this afternoon, begging for help. newly released documents show documents from joe paterno's family. this afternoon on "nbc10 news" at 4:00. nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz back here. things have gone downhill in south jersey with these storms. >> the fact they're not moving and redeveloping over the same area. you have tremendous downpours and then it just doesn't move
11:56 am
out. that is the case as you can see. just to the north of vineland. this is near pittsgrove in parts of salem county and going into southern gloucester county and parts of camden county atlantic county. a lot of places under flood as advisories. you can see the area north of the pennsylvania turnpike spreading to mercer county new jersey, lower bucks getting some of it and then more in the philadelphia area. but it's that area around pittsgrove that has apparently seen the greatest amount of rain. perhaps over 5 inches of rain since this morning. so, we'll continue to monitor this throughout the afternoon. we'll have hourly updates on tv. we'll update you on the website, and also twitter and facebook. >> we know there's got to be a lot of flooding out there, especially around pittsgrove. if you see photos -- flooding stay safe but take a photo and send it to us.
11:57 am
we'll use your photos this afternoon on air or online. thanks for watching "nbc10 news" at 1 1:00. have a great day.
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