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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  July 14, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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lightning strikes that we didn't see a half hour ago. there's that one batch in the lehigh valley another in bucks county, moving toward the trenton area then this one is headed looks like right for philly international which will cause some more delays there. they have had enough already. we have had enough rain already. this is the radar estimated rain south of philadelphia in new jersey, parts of salem, cumberland counties, that bull's eye there, some places have gotten four to five inches of rain this morning. the ground is very wet, the creeks are up a bit and in parts of camden county cherry hill down toward gloucester county two inches of rain fell this morning. it's not going to take as much rain to produce any kind of flooding during the night tonight or into tomorrow. we'll have the timing on the next round of heavy rain that will be coming in tonight and tomorrow with the seven-day. >> thank you very much.
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>> you can track those storms in your neighborhood right on your smartphone or tablet with the nbc 10 news app. get up to the minute live radar and instant weather alerts. the nbc 10 app is free. how about this now. a tree limb wayeighing more than a ton plunged on to a tree service employee pinning his legs in the bucket he was working in. the limb came loose to soon as crews worked to clear a vacant residential lot in haddonfield. the service crews were working to clear the lot. nbc 10's cydney long is there live. tell us about the dangerous rescue. >> reporter: i can tell you it was dangerous and delicate. this private contractor right now is hospitalized but take a look. he was trapped and terrified right here about 50 feet in the air. you can still see that limb hanging in the balance, the one that fell on top of him. it's more like a tree trunk, about 25 inches in diameter.
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haddonfield police kept residents away from the danger. neighbors tell us they heard an extremely loud snap and this man screaming for someone to dial 911. >> he was scared. what did he tell you? >> all he kept saying to us was that he was in a lot of pain and needed help. >> when he was cutting the tree a large branch broke away and actually trapped him inside the lift that he was on. >> it's extremely dangerous for all the individuals working together. the biggest concern for us is trying to get the tree cooper trauma surgeons were called to the scene to stand by. after two hours of cautious maneuvers, crews were able to get him on to the ladder rescue bucket. firefighters elevated his injured and bloodied leg on their way to the ground. >> it was probably about 25 inches in diameter weight possibly could have been up to 2500 pounds. >> everybody is just relieved we were able to get him down safely. >> reporter: you can see the
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limb up there right now. police are not yet releasing the man's name. two other tree service workers told police they were working with chainsaws out here. we went to speak with them but they didn't want to talk to us about exactly what went wrong. we do know it was pouring down rain when this worker suddenly became trapped. i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. new information this afternoon about a deadly shooting at a delaware county medical building. nbc 10 has learned that a man pleaded guilty but mentally ill to first degree murder and attempted murder charges. he shot his caseworker and wounded his psychiatrist on the campus of mercy fitzgerald hospital in delaware county a year ago. prosecutors say he was upset about signs prohibiting firearms in hospitals. the psychiatrist pulled out his own gun and shot the man. he will be sentenced in september. a mother is furious after her 17-year-old son is killed in a hit and run over the weekend.
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police tell nbc 10 tyrone kelman jr. was riding his bike in hunting park sunday when a woman driving an suv hit him. the investigators say she may have tried to remove her license plates after the crash. police eventually caught up with her but haven't announced an arrest or charges. we talked to the victim's mother. she has a message for this driver. >> i hope you know that you touched a lot of people's hearts today. he's only 17 years old. i don't understand how she's sleeping peacefully tonight. i don't understand this. turn yourself in. >> she says her son was fun-loving, happy and outgoing. he was a rapper in his spare time but also a student athlete headed into his senior year of high school. a growing fbi investigation in allentown is creating a difficult decision for that city's mayor. his office was raided by the feds looking for information about how city contracts are awarded.
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his long-time political consultant is reportedly cooperating with investigators. consultant has closed his business and left allentown. some are worried but the federal investigation might affect the town's comeback. >> there seems to be a growing drumbeat about whether it's time to resign just giving negative publicity with all the good things going on. >> i have no intention of resigning. we are doing our job here. the city doing my job as mayor, i'm going to keep doing that job. we got great things going on in the city of allentown. >> last friday the fbi also took documents and computers from the office of the reading mayor. he was also one of fleck's clients. as philadelphia prepares for the pope the pope prepares for jail. we are learning new information about the jail he will visit in september. we can tell you a philadelphia priest convicted in a clergy sex abuse scandal is no longer
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housed there. monsignor william lynn is in a state prison near scranton. he was the first american church official to be prosecuted over the alleged sex abuse cover-up. world leaders and iran have struck a landmark deal about nuclear weapons. it comes after 18 days of intense negotiations. it limits tehran's nuclear program. in exchange iran will receive billions of dollars in relief from international sanctions. iran is calling it a win/win but israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says it's a mistake of historic proportion. before president obama came to philadelphia he defended the deal, saying economic sanctions will snap back into place if iran violates the agreement. >> iran armed with a nuclear weapon would be far more destabilizing and dangerous to our friends and the world. >> congress has 60 days to review it before voting. house speaker john boehner is calling it unacceptable. >> it's going to hand a
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dangerous regime billions of dollars in sanctions relief while paveing the way for a nuclear iran. >> the president warned congress that iran has enough enriched uranium to build ten nuclear bombs. he adds under this agreement, 98% of that material would be turned over to the partners in the deal. more police cameras, 90 to be exact. that's what they will vote on in camden tonight. the city has more than 200 cameras credited with cutting down on crime and linked with shot spotter technology. that alerts police if shots are fired. police say this latest round of cameras won't be the last installment. >> our goal is to have them in hot spot locations and hopefully as crime starts to dissipate in those areas we want to keep a sense of public safety for our residents. we like to have the cameras. we believe they work well providing public safety. our goal is to have them in hot spot locations where crime is likely to occur. >> if the cameras are approved
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they will be installed within three months. a second company is being probed for a potentially dangerous airbag malfunction. the company made airbags for older model fiat chrysler and kias. the investigation covers 470,000 chrysler town and country mini vans from 2002 model year and another 70,000 kia optimas from 2004. the national highway traffic safety administration says the airbags could explode, spraying shrapnel. that is the same issue takada has. last month, the ceo of the company apologized. a teenager survived a small plane crash that killed her step grandparents. >> then she spends days alone in the woods looking for help. the plane went down in the cascade mountains. the 16-year-old stayed with the wreckage of the plane for about
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a day before she started hiking. she ended up walking for days before finding a highway. that's where a car picked her up and drove her to a store where she called police. the sheriff says he's stunned she survived. >> i will tell you this. from all of us here we are impressed. she's kind of like a super hero. just amazing what she went through, especially at 16. enough for an adult but 16, pretty impressive. >> she is being treated for dehydration and extreme muscle fatigue. crews are still looking for the girl's grandparents and the plane. now to a developing story. a man is dead after police say he sped away from them and crashed into a school bus in wilmington. it happened this afternoon on delaware avenue between jefferson and adams street. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong has the latest from the scene. >> reporter: it happened this afternoon right in front of people here along busy delaware avenue in wilmington. wilmington police say a couple officers called in a report that
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a guy was driving erratically and told other officers to keep an eye out for his car. at twelfth and west officers saw the vehicle and turned on their lights. i'm told before they had a chance to engage the driver he sped off westbound on delaware avenue, jumped the median and landed in the path of the oncoming school bus. the driver of the car was pronounced dead at the scene. we don't have his age or identity. there were no kids on the bus. i'm told the driver suffered minor lower body injuries. police don't know what led the man to drive erratically or take off from police. we will keep you posted as we gather information and bring it to you on air, online and on your mobile devices. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. new information about a plane that took off from lancaster airport and crashed into a massachusetts home. the ntsb says the plane had holes in ten inengine. four people inside the home when the plane crashed managed to escape. at least one person is dead and about a dozen others missing
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in kentucky after storms there. wind thunder, heavy rain beat down, sweeping cars away in rushing flood water. the storms came so fast people had little time to get to safety. now to decision 2016. new jersey governor and republican candidate for president chris christie is planning a big fund-raiser. it's going to be next month at the asbury convention center. it will cost $2700 for a picture with christie. his campaign won't say how much money it's raised so far, only that fund-raising is going well. there are now 15 candidates in the republican presidential primary, five democrats vying for the nomination. closing arguments are expected this afternoon in the colorado movie massacre trial. attorneys will have one last chance to convince jurors that james holmes is either a cold calculated killer or a mentally ill man. closing arguments were originally schedule to begin this morning but were delayed.
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holmes is charged with killing 12 people and wounding 70 others at a colorado movie theater nearly three years ago. count on nbc 10 to bring you updates on this story. we can tell you this. there is a $3.8 million reward for the capture of el chapo. he is the notorious drug kingpin who brazenly escaped from a mexican prison saturday night. there are reports that the dea tipped off the mexican government of el chapo's plans to escape 16 months ago. investigators found a mile-long ventilated tunnel that el chapo used to escape and they don't think he did it alone. we should know by tomorrow if the greek parliament approves the country's third bailout. banks are still closed today as the prime minister works to get skeptical law makers on board. the greek parliament has until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow to back a series of austerity measures including tax hikes and pension and labor reforms. new york city has reached its settlement with the family
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of eric garner who died in police custody. garner's family will get $5.9 million. his family had filed a claim against the city in october asking for $75 million. in settling the claim, the city admitted to liability. >> you want a way to avoid dealing with the issue so you make the family look like money grabbers or me look like a hustler because you don't want to deal with a choke hold. >> it's been almost a year since an officer put the 43-year-old in an apparent choke hold. he had been stopped for selling loose cigarettes. the video showed garner gasping and saying quote, i can't breathe. his death sparked outrage and protests over police treatments of african-americans. the former mayor of harrisburg is facing criminal charges in what pennsylvania's attorney general is calling one of the most disturbing cases of
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public corruption. kathleen kane announced the arrest today. steven reeves is accused of unlawfully using taxpayer money from different agencies to buy hundreds of artifacts from museums and other historical attractions. some of the artifacts allegedly included a vampire hunting kit and full suit of armor. he defended himself to reporters today. >> never had any experience like this. this is like a fish out of water. it's a whole new thing. >> was anything you did criminal? >> not that i know of. >> he served as mayor of pennsylvania's capital city for nearly 30 years. stockton university can find another buyer for the former showboat casino in atlantic city according to a judge's ruling. the judge also gave the developer the opportunity to prove why the university should be held to its agreement to sell the site to him. stockton's agreement to sell showboat to straub for $26
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million expired july 2nd. he says he's still interested in buying the site. atlantic city by the way, is seeing a bit of a boost thanks to more corporate conventions. according to the nonprofit meet a.c. the number of convention related hotel bookings has jumped 37% for the first half of 2015 more than 118,000 hotel rooms have been booked so far this year for conventions. through the year 2022. that's compared to about 86,000 during the same period last year. how about this. one of the area's most traveled bridges could soon be getting a makeover. delaware river port authority commissioners are voting tomorrow on a plan to refurbish the bridge. the $60 million project would include a paint job and upgrades for the toll plazas and ramps. once work starts the project is expected to last three years. washington township third graders managed to miss the rain today. students were at the family
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market to harvest squash they planted. laugh year last year they harvested 48 million pounds of produce. the food is used to help families in need. news from out of this world, you could say. nasa scientists say they expect to see more detailed photos of pluto sometime tomorrow morning. their new probe zoomed past pluto this morning. scientists celebrated this historic occasion. the spacecraft traveled within 7800 miles of pluto's surface snapping pictures and taking measurements. that was just amazing. now we have had some problems with the weather this morning, some downpours, especially in parts of new jersey and we have more downpours on the way. that's why we have a first alert out for tonight and tomorrow because if some of these downpours hit areas that got the
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downpours already, then there's going to be even more flooding. more storms coming during the day on wednesday that could again add to the threat. right now we have mostly cloudy skies and there are showers around, even around the city of philadelphia. 81 degrees, raining at the airport with lightning and thunder. the wind west-southwest at 16. the humidity really jumped up during the day today and that's one of the reasons that we are having this flood threat which is pretty high that some place in the area is going to get some more flooding within the next 24 hours. the lightning is going up a little from what we saw a couple hours ago. the high wind chance would come later tonight with a front coming through as you will see. temperatures generally in low to mid 80s, not as hot as it has been because there was a lot of cloud cover and also morning showers. and this afternoon, it will continue to get warmer where
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it's not raining, at least, and we want to remind you the areas that got hit the hardest this morning are the ones generally most vulnerable to what might happen tonight. so parts of salem, cumberland counties, they had four to five inches of rain part of burlington county, four inches of rain and even camden and gloucester counties, one to two inches of rain this is the way it looked this morning and those showers just didn't look like they were going to be moving out of here. that's hours worth of radar. some places really got nailed. now, this is the current radar and those showers continue to build and one of the heavy ones a thunderstorm right over the philly international airport. as you can see, coming right into the city center city getting it lower merion the rest of the city of philadelphia is about to get wet and stormy and then across the river, in gloucester county, you're getting hit hard again. remember, you got two inches of rain this morning so we don't
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need to add to this. here we are in bucks county. this is the upper portion of bucks county. it was the lower portion of bucks that got hit harder this morning. they are at least evening out a little bit. we have more coming in later on tonight. we have one batch that we are watching in central pennsylvania and the main area in eastern ohio, that looks pretty fierce obviously. as wefc÷p go into the night tonight, we are going to see some of those storms come in from the west. there we are. 2:00 a.m. the computer model shows occasionally heavy thunderstorms moving through. then it ends right? well, maybe early tomorrow morning but look what happens as we go into the midday hours. some of the showers develop and come spinning right back. where does it spin? right into parts of central and southern new jersey. that is why we have the first alert out that any of that heavy rain if it develops tomorrow that could lead to some more flooding as this low pressure center goes overhead tonight and
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if 'it goes offshore like the winter storms where you get the wraparound snow we will get wraparound rain. then high pressure builds in for thursday and friday with just some beautiful weather. low humidity coming back for more than one day, too. for the rest of the night, showers and storms continuing to develop. some of them are heavy already. 73 for the low in philadelphia. very humid night. another humid day tomorrow with showers and storms that could build even before noon and then into the early afternoon. by tomorrow night, things should be clearing up. high temperatures in the mid 80s for the most part. the seven-day forecast we have beautiful weather on thursday and friday. saturday, it starts heating up. that's nothing compared to starting on sunday we could potentially get into a heat wave here. temperatures well into the 90s with high humidity and some
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thunderstorms. that's going to feel like july. super choreographed hustle. >> police say this contractor was paid thousands of dollars by a customer then disappeared, leaving his home damaged. how the victim was tricked and what you should know before hiring someone. then nbc 10 told you about amazon and walmart's battle for your business. now add another to the list. the new retailer offering major deals this month coming right up.
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joe paterno's son can't find a job. now comes word the son of penn state's fallen legend even turned to rival ohio state for a job. the december letter from jay paterno to urban meyer of ohio state was released in court documents yesterday. it revealed that jay paterno asked urban meyer for a job. the document is part of a lawsuit filed by jay paterno and the former penn state offensive line coach bill kenney against
4:25 pm
the ncaa. both claim they haven't been able to find a job since the ncaa punished penn state for its handling of the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. we are awaiting the arrival of president obama at the naacp national convention. >> he will be talking about criminal justice reform. >> that speech is expected at any moment. here's a live look from inside the convention center. we'll bring it to you live as soon as the president begins speaking. plus looking to the future. the plan that naacp leaders say they have to keep their organization strong. i'm tracking stormy weather ahead for tonight. some in philadelphia already. some areas, it could cause some flooding. i will show you the neighborhoods at the highest risk. any recent head injuries? >> listen, i played football. >> i know who you are.
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>> coming up tonight on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" it's the video that has the sports world talking. we see former eagles quarterback donovan mcnabb being arrested for dui. the new information ahead on "nbc 10 news at 5:00."
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listen to that rain. jim lynch sent this video of downpours in langhorne this morning. >> the last few minutes it started raining in philadelphia. there's a live look at center city's skyline. more rain is expected later tonight. the first alert radar is
4:30 pm
tracking stormy weather ahead. nbc 10 giving you first alerts so you know exactly what to expect. >> let's talk to first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. when should we expect the heaviest of the downpours? >> in some cases it will be in the middle of the night, midnight to about 2:00 a.m. right in philadelphia. but we had some heavy downpours this morning. we have some heavy downpours now. we have some late tonight. we have some coming tomorrow. we have first alert out for the accumulation of all of that. there's too much rain over too short a period of time in some areas that have already been hit hard so the downpours can lead to more local flooding not only tonight but on wednesday as well. as you will see a little bit later. we've got more developing right now. there's that one storm right over philadelphia one in bucks county, one up toward the lehigh valley. let's go to the area with the most lightning, up through buckingham and heading straight
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toward lambertville. and it's increasing getting stronger. this one coming right up the delaware river. part of it going into center city philadelphia part of it going into parts of gloucester county and about to go into camden county west deptford, a little bit of lightning but there's heavy rain. that area got hit hard this morning. this is a radar estimate of the rainfall this morning. the worst of it was in parts of salem and cumberland counties but right up here in parts of camden county and gloucester county, that's two inches worth of rain. near five inches worth of rain in those areas in salem county. there's the two inch estimate near cherry hill where they are about to get hit again. the future cast shows things dying down again this evening but then here comes this next
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line in a little after midnight and into 1:00 or 2:00 this morning with another round of heavy rain. then more on tomorrow's rain with the rest of the seven-day. you can track the storms in your neighborhood right on your smartphone or tablet with the nbc 10 news app. get up to the minute live radar and instant weather alert. the nbc 10 app is a free download. we are expecting president obama to come to the podium at any time now. here's a live look inside the pennsylvania convention center. the president will address the naacp national convention. while the president may be the headliner, the naacp delegates have been working on important issues for that organization. >> nbc 10's deanna durante spoke with attendees about the changes they are pushing for. >> reporter: from all over the country the delegates have been here and they have been looking at legislative issues as well as being more active with the youth
4:33 pm
movement and the removal of an emblem of the confederate flag in at least one southern state. >> i like the idea they're talking about taking all the confederate flags down from all these states. i kind of like that. >> reporter: after just arriving from new york jimmy johnson was in the convention hall as delegates voted on a resolution that asks the state of mississippi to remove the flag with the confederate emblem from places of public view. the request would have the flag moved to a historical museum. >> everybody agrees all the confederate flags should be moved and put into a museum. >> the naacp is trying to push more for kids to come in and have more youth come in so we can have a better generation to pass it down to so they can make sure this doesn't die out. >> reporter: the delegation also after long debate passed a resolution ordering all chapters to have active youth movement or risk being in good standing. >> we have been focusing with
4:34 pm
youth organizations and a lot of the seminars that are focused with helping them understand what the power they have. >> reporter: late today, governor wolf took the stage addressing the delegation talking about the importance of the discussions they are having and that it is very important they are having them not only in pennsylvania but here in philadelphia. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> president obama expected to address that naacp convention at any moment. his schedule has been pushed back after he got a late start getting out of washington, d.c. the president is also scheduled to participate in a democratic national convention roundtable in philadelphia after he speaks with the naacp convention. here's a live picture from the rittenhouse hotel where that will take place. count on nbc 10 to show you what's happening every step of the way. check out this video of a man allegedly breaking into a house on grant avenue right in the middle of the day.
4:35 pm
the suspect can be seen pushing out the air conditioning unit to crawl inside. police say he left with money and jewelry. if you think you know the bearded man in this video call philadelphia police. we also have new surveillance video of the suspect stealing a gps and ipod from a car. the car was parked in the 800 block of carpenter street in west mount airy. it was broken into in mid-may. police tell us the alleged thief committed the crime in just a few minutes. then there's this. a pennsylvania man was charged with drunk driving not once but twice. get this. it happened within the span of four hours. police first arrested john snider of newbury township on saturday night. the 46-year-old's blood alcohol level was 2.5 times the legal limit. he was jailed and his sister picked him up. here's his mug shot. here's the rub of the story. instead of bringing him home police say the sister brought him to his car. around midnight police call him
4:36 pm
again, this time police say he wasn't just drunk, they found marijuana as well. he is facing two counts of dui and one count of possession. retailers fight for your money. >> the new stores offering discounts this month to keep up with the competition. and this. >> police at the jersey shore say this contractor and his crew took thousands of dollars from an elderly man, left a gaping hole in his roof then disappeared. >> you really got to research your companies. >> i'm ted greenberg with the search for the culprits and the red flags the victim says he should have caught. all new on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" a nuclear agreement with iran. there was excitement at today's announcement but not everyone is pleased, including some people in our area. that's all new ahead on "nbc 10 news at 5:00."
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a new study suggests if more people took cholesterol lowering statins, fewer people would have heart attacks. right now, statins are only
4:40 pm
prescribed for patients with more than a 7% or greater risk for heart disease. experts are now saying those guidelines need to change. researchers say as many as two-thirds of americans should be taking statins. first amazon then walmart, now best buy and target are offering black friday sales in july. best buy is holding a sale on july 24th and 25th. target is having its sixth annual black friday in july sale this week. tomorrow is amazon's prime day but of course you've got to be a prime member to get those deals. yesterday we told you walmart is rolling back prices online only to compete with these mid-summer sales. to pay for all that here's your chance to strike it rich. tonight's megamillions jackpot is $123 million. that's right. $123 million. we caught someone trying to buy a lottery ticket this afternoon. you still have time to get one before tonight's drawing so head
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out there. we were talking about this yesterday. have you got your copy of "go set a watchman"? >> there was so much buzz about this. millions of people bought this sequel to "to kill a mockingbird." we were in the bookstore in mount airy this morning. the store expects to sell as many copies in a week as it would in six months for any other bestseller. some people were so excited to get their hands on the book that they started reading it right there in the store. >> i'm really really curious to see what this town in alabama was like in the 1950s. and i'm also really curious to find out for about the characters. can't tell so far, page 24. >> the book is set in the same town with the same characters. it was actually written three years before "kill a mockingbird" n the new book atticus finch is portrayed as a bigot. harper lee is now 89 years old and lives in an assisted living facility in monroeville,
4:42 pm
alabama. one of the area's large bridges could soon get a makeover. >> a new project that would impact drivers across the delaware river. plus danger in the water. the rescue mission happening now at a popular delaware beach after thieves stole several lifeguard stands. short-lived shower just moved through philadelphia and the sun is coming back already. you can see that clearing. i'm tracking more rain and storms for later tonight and tomorrow. the timing ahead in my forecast. all new on "nbc 10 news at 5:00," the veterans' headstones that vanished. you won't believe what police say the grave markers actually ended up being used for. that's all new on "nbc 10 news at 5:00."
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rehoboth beach leaders sent a truck to pick up one of seven stolen lifeguard stands. this is a photo of one of those
4:46 pm
stands floating in the area near fenwick island. we have new pictures of three other stands being recovered. police say someone stole those seven stands last week and each stand weighs about 500 pounds. a few were found in the water near ocean city maryland. police say they pose a threat to boaters. police are offering a $500 reward for anyone who has information on the culprits. heavy rain fell on parts of the area especially in the morning. nbc 10 in deptford gloucester county during one of those downpours this morning. we have had another downpour just in the last hour or so in that area. a lot of dry weather in between but we have some more threats here in the next 24 hours. that's why we have a first alert continuing because there's just too much rain in too short a time across these areas. downpours creating local flooding and more storms moving in during the day on wednesday.
4:47 pm
we have one heavy shower and storm that moved through parts of the philadelphia area. it's already getting sunny. 78 degrees at the airport but of course, it will jump back up with that sun coming out. the greatest threat here in the next 24 hours is obviously the flood threat with those downpours coming in but there may be some significant lightning and even gusty winds over the next 24 hours. but especially later on tonight as the line of storms moves in from central pennsylvania. 78 in philadelphia now but 84 in reading and lancaster, already warming up after the showers moved through. in the 80s across most of the area. you can see this is morning action, it was mostly from philadelphia southward and lower bucks southward so those areas, some cases two to four inches of rain. right now, we are getting central bucks and north ward and there's that philadelphia storm
4:48 pm
that fortunately is weakening as it goes into gloucester and camden county. look at that. heavy rain just a half hour ago, now that has moved eastward. the west deptford storm has moved into camden county, not quite as strong as it was. this is still pretty strong in the upper portion of central portion of bucks county. we have a flood advisory until 7:30 tonight. but there's more coming. we will go back into central pennsylvania. look at that line of storms. if that would go on its present course that would reach philadelphia area closer to midnight. this one's even bigger. this area about to approach the pittsburgh area. we have to keep an eye on it. there's a lot of action going on. it's not continuous. it comes in waves here. there's 11:00 tonight, some of the latest computer models and maybe this one not really getting a handle on what's coming tonight but the idea tomorrow is that there's more developing especially in new
4:49 pm
jersey and may be coming toward the southwest. you see that spin in there? you got the spin you can get slow-moving storms and we don't need that. there's too much moisture around. we have had too much rain. that is the reason we still have the first alert out even through tomorrow. for tonight, showers and some storms, some of them heavy. 73 degrees for the low. it's a real muggy night, muggy day tomorrow. highs in the mid 80s. some showers, thunderstorms, especially say around noon to 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon. by late tomorrow and maybe starting to dry out a little maybe from philadelphia north and west. then thursday and friday just beautiful days. low humidity comfortable temperatures and then it starts to get hot over the weekend. a little bit hot saturday and a lot hotter on sunday. chances of thunderstorms but the main thing will be the heat and humidity. a south jersey man pays thousands for home repairs that only made the problem worse.
4:50 pm
>> next t search for a contractor who police say was caught on video ripping off the unsuspecting victim. all new on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" one family's close call caught on tape. that and more ahead on "nbc 10 news at 5:00."
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a 78-year-old man at the jersey shore is out thousands of dollars after a group of alleged crooked contractors seriously damaged his house, then bolted. >> one of the men was caught on surveillance video and police need your help to track him down. they say the case is an unfortunate example of why it's crucial to do your homework before giving anyone money.
4:54 pm
nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg with the story. >> reporter: andrew and his crew had to clean up the mess including a huge hole in the roof that authorities say this man and several others left at the little egg harbor township home of an elderly man. >> for somebody to do that to anybody else is terrible. >> it makes me very angry. >> reporter: police say the 78-year-old victim who did not want to be identified withdrew $4300 -- >> we will cut in real quick. happening now we want to take you live to the pennsylvania convention center in center city philadelphia. >> president obama speaking at the naacp convention. >> it's good to be back. how y'all doing today? you doing fine? you look fine. everybody have a seat. i got some stuff to say. i've got some stuff to say.
4:55 pm
i love you back. you know that. so see now, whenever people have like little signs, y'all got to write it bigger because i'm getting old now. i like that picture of me. that's very nice. thank you. let's get something out of the way up front. i am not singing today. not singing. although i will say, your board sang to me as i came in for the photographs so i know there's some good voices in the auditorium. let me also say what everybody knows but doesn't always want to
4:56 pm
say out loud. y'all would rather have michelle here. i understand. i don't blame you. but i will do my best to fill her shoes and she sends everybody her love and malia and sasha say hi as well. i want to thank your chair, i want to thank your president, i want to thank your governor, tom wolf who is doing outstanding work and was here. the mayor of philadelphia michael nutter who has been a great friend and ally. governor dan malloy of connecticut who is here today and some outstanding members of congress who are here. i want to just say thank you to all of you for your love for your support, but most
4:57 pm
importantly for the work that you are doing in your communities all across the country every single day. it's not always received with a lot of fanfare. sometimes it's lonely work. sometimes it's hard work. sometimes it's frustrating work but it's necessary work. and it builds on a tradition of this organization that reshaped the nation. for 106 years, the naacp has worked to close the gaps between the words of our founding that we are all created equal, endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights. those words trying to match those with the realities that we live each and every day. in your first century this organization stood up to
4:58 pm
lynching and jim crow and segregation. it helped to shepherd a civil rights act and a voting rights act. i would not be here and so many others would not be here without the naacp. in your second century, we have worked together to give more of our children a shot at a quality education, to help more families rise up out of poverty, to protect future generations from environmental damage to create fair housing, to help more workers find the purpose of a good job and together we have made real progress. including a my brother's keeper initiative to give more young people a fair shot in life.
4:59 pm
including the passage of a law that declares health care is not a privilege for the few but a right for all of us. we made progress but our work is not done. by just about every measure, life chances for black and hispanic youth still lag far behind those of their white peers. our kids america's children so often are isolated without hope less likely to graduate from high school less likely to earn a college degree, less likely to be employed less likely to have health insurance, less likely to own a home. part of this is a legacy of hundreds of years of slavery and segregation and structural
5:00 pm
inequalities that compounded over generations. it did not happen by accident. partly it's a result of continuing a sometimes more subtle bigotry, whether and who gets called back for a job interview or who gets suspended from school or what neighborhood you're able to rent an apartment in, which by the way is why our recent initiative to strengthen the awareness and effectiveness of fair housing laws is so important. so we can't be satisfied, are not satisfied until the opportunity gap is closed for everybody in america. everybody. but today i want to focus on one


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