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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 16, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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(taiko drum beat) (taiko drum beat) a fall at home leaves former president george h.w. bush with a broken neck. we will tell you what doctors are saying about his condition straight ahead. danger on the don't remember stop. caught on camera two guys with guns trying to get into a house in philadelphia. what happened next saved a homeowner's life. a live look outside this morning. a view of center city from across the river. the storms of yesterday are a distant memory. the rain has moved out. sunshine is moving in and it feels nice and cool out there this morning. we will tell you what the weekend looks like too straight ahead in the nbc10 first alert forecast. good morning.
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"nbc 10 news today" on this thursday. i'm chris cato. we start with bill henley with today's forecast. >> in the wake of yesterday's storms, dry air is flooding into the area and brought the temperatures down. much of the area is 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. 66 and fall at this hour in philadelphia. look at the 50s. fall-like this morning for pottstown and doylestown. 65 in wrightstown and 64 in wilmington but those numbers are coming down. 62 at the airport. hour-by-hour forecast lots of sunshine and clouds out of the picture and the temperatures will warm from 66 at 6:00 to 70 at 9:00 and into the middle 70s at lunch time. through it all, north/northeasterly winds until lunch time and the dry air that is coming into the area and keep us cooler through the day. the seven-day forecast coming up in the next half hour but i'll
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have a peek of the weekend when i come back in ten minutes. let's check in with our traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> this morning, on 95 around girard area on the southbound side typically where we see that volume in the morning hours that typically arises around 5:45 and between that and 6:15 this morning. right now early for that. we are seeing a 14-minute drive time possibly through the work zones is what is making this slow down a down. west haven up the vine street expressway no problems as you head out the door. blue route moving along nicely. the cars are nice and green and moving. northbound or southbound no real problems 60 minute drive time the most it will statake the from the schuylkill expressway to the 95. 62 miles per hour average speed. no problems for the new jersey transit or september ka or.
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bush fell at his home in maine on wednesday. a spokesperson says he is doing fine but he will have to wear a neck brace as he recovers. the 91-year-old is the oldest living former u.s. president. happening today, president barack obama will do something that no other sitting president has done before visit a federal prison. the president is scheduled to meet with officials in el reno federal correctional institute in oklahoma later this morning and echo many of the themes he talked about in philadelphia on tuesday on his push to overhaul the criminal justice system. one of the republicans hoping to replace president obama is chris christie and calling for changes in the criminal justice system and today use camden as an example what have is working. matt delucia is joining us live. matt, why camden?
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>> this is a city long time had a problem with crime. the governor trying to change that and a lot of programs in effect under this governor's term so he will tout that later on today pooh. chris christie will speak today and this one is focusing on criminal justice reform. his campaign touts that throughout governor accuracy'schristie's career he is focused on drug treatment and addiction and helping nonviolate criminals back into society and keeping the violent criminals off the street. we mentioned president obama's speak and president clinton spoke at the naacp convention in philadelphia earlier in the week. now governor christie's speech is expected to happen at the roberto clemente north camden community center before noon today and we will cover that. in camden matt delucia, nbc10. new this morning, the
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governor tom wolf has been issuing reprieves to death row inmates and he says he will continue to do so until he gets a legislative study on the death penalty. the state supreme court is reviewing the governor's policy. another barrier in the way of executions in pennsylvania now. pharmaceutical companies in the united states have stopped making drugs due to the death penalty. a former boarding school teacher faces arraignment. prosecutors say scavito sexually assaulted a student after they became friends. he taught at the phelps school.
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administrators followed him when the allegations surfaced. people in west mt. area in philadelphia are on the lookout. this is a burglary that happened on tuesday night. the homeowner opened his door as a guy ran up on the porch and pulled out a gun. the owner shut the door as the second man came up the steps with a shotgun. the men left without breaking in but that doesn't put neighbors at ease. >> yeah, it's very unsettling. yeah we have our family here. usually a pretty safe quiet block. this is pretty unsettling to us to find this out. >> yeah, that he is really terrifying because my husband is in the military and he is gone a lot so i'm glad i have a dog. >> reporter: adding to their concern the homeowner told the police he doesn't recognize the men. this may have been random. police are trying to identify them using that footage. thieves are targeting commuters at a philadelphia train station. crooks damaged and stolebo85 from
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vehicles parked at wishahicken train station while they were at work. windows were struck out and swiping anything of value. we talked to one victim who just boughtt÷er cs fix $500 worth of damage. >> that makes me like the most mad about everything is the fact that i just purchased this car literally, like, three weeks now! and my window is shattered! >> police have dusted for fingerprints. they are trying to track down leads in the case, but nothing so far. from our south jersey bureau now. salem county will launch a new system that look allow people to anonymously submit tips to police. the tipster's identity will remain unknown. special event happening today. today top chefs in philadelphia will gather to raise money for one of their own. a man who was badly injure
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inside that amtrak train derailment in philadelphia. nbc10's katy zachry is live in old city what is happening and who is benefiting. >> reporter: this benefit, which hundreds are so far already attending, will take place at fork restaurant behind me in old city and to raise money for co-owner and chef eli kulp who was named a best new chef last year by food and wine magazine was riding in the car when the train derailed in may. he suffered a severe spinal injury and is currently at a rehab hospital. it's unclear when he'll be able to return to work. culp is married with a young son and mounting million expenses. his colleague in philadelphia wanted to put this benefit together tonight. the ticket event will also take part under this tent that they put up yesterday at the corner of third and market and food prepared by over 20 of the best chefs and restaurants in philadelphia. at 5:00 i'm working on a story
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about chef culp's plans for the fut and future and plus tell you what he did just 24 hours after the train accident. katy zachry nbc10 news. 9:00 after 4:00. what a difference. a beautiful start this morning. a little on the cool side. temperatures are still falling at this hour. we are almost 15 degrees cooler in some spots than yesterday morning at this time. low humidity too. it's going to be a pleasant morning but next couple of days. it's the weekend that is going to get hot and we will see the return of humidity. right now, 59 degrees in doylestown. millville at 66. still clouds in south jersey. millville temperatures in the 60s and no sign of wet weather and dry over citizens bank park and we will see sunshine today.
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rainfall is done and few scattered clouds in south jersey. a line of light cloud but no rain there moving through allentown. hour-by-hour future weather keeps us in the clear today. 80s in the afternoon for allentown and low 80s in doylestown and mt. molly and 82 norris town and bright sunny skies and temperatures in the 70s and low 80s right along the coast. there will be some clouds this morning to start with but the clouds will thin out so a nice warm up for cape may at 81 degrees. lower 80s for most of the rest of the area from philadelphia drexel hill to wilmington. sunny skies today. the weekend, well, the heat is back. the humidity too. 91 degrees on saturday. a chance we will see some scattered showers and thunderstorms on saturday. the temperatures go even higher on sunday. that doesn't appear to be the end of the heat and humidity either.
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got the seven-day forecast with the timing of next week's heat when i come back in the next half hour. time to get another check of the highways out there. see if anything can slow you down this morning. jessica boyington is watching all of the roads for us. >> good news off the bat. so far this entire week, vine street expressway has been open and normally closed for the ongoing construction but you can see open. cars moving through the area. camera at 24th street three-minute drive time westbound from 95 up towards the schuylkill expressway. no problems there on the 42 freeway a four minute drive time where we typically jam up this morning. northbound from 55 up towards the walt whitman bridge is doing okay and rest of area bridges currently no problems. the ben franklin bridge ongoing construction and westbound into philadelphia two lanes blocked. not a big deal now but later on
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in the morning commute you'll see volume there. >> stand by for backups on that for sure. two big changes in store for new jersey transit riders and workers. we will tell you why president obama is now stepping in and how he plans to get the agency back on track. the manhunt intensifies for mexico's no notorious drug kingpin. authorities say they have a plan to catch el chapo and we will tell you what it is after the break.
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officials in mexico are outlining the steps they have taken in their search for a druglord walkjoaquin guzman.
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they have checked unfortunate 100 highway checkpoints and put up 100,000 photos distributed and are checking hospitals. columbia officials will spend the next five months honoring what is called the largest urban mass grave in the world. they will be looking for the corpses of civilians killed by all armed groups in the countries in the war. former war lords in prison say up to 300 people were dumped in the landfill but government official believe the number is closer to 900. teenage girl who survived this wreck said it is her step grandparents. she is back home and walked washington
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wilderness two days before she finally got a ride. dylann roof faces a hearing in south carolina. a judge will determine whether documents in the case will be released to the media. the court will also present roof with the indictment in the case. that shooting sparked a national debate over the confederate flag, an image ma that young man was photographed with many times on social media. now others are daring others to take down confederate flags when they see them. >> it's not about what was taken or who took it but it's about criminals who want to put it on the interpret. >> that sort of this home in florida which is the center of a viral video and shows a man tag the man's confederate flag. he jumps up there and grabs it and then runs away. more than 4 million people have watched this video online. it's part of a trend called the no flagging challenge. police are looking for suspects
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in the case. in colorado today, jurors will resume their deliberations in the movie theater shooting trial. they have to decide whether james holmes was legally sane or insane when he killed 12 people and injured dozens more during that shooting. yesterday, the jurors deliberated for more than seven hours and asked the judge three questions. president obama says bill cosby will seep his presidential medal of freedom in spite of the sex assault allegations surrounding the comedian. at a news conference yesterday about the iran nuclear deal someone asked the president about bill cosby and that medal. the president said there is no precedent to take back cosby's award. a sexual assault awareness group has petitioned the white house to revoke the honor. president obama did say that drugging someone and having sex without consent is rape. >> in this country, any civilized country should have no tolerance for rape.
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>> cosby received the medal of freedom in 2002. it is the country's highest civilian honor. business leaders say they are confident the development in allentown will continue in spite of recent fbi raids at city hall. federal agents raided city halls in allentown and reading earlier this month and say they are looking into contracts between those two governments and developers. the past two years there is has been about $1 billion new development in allentown. the business community there believes the growth will continue. >> folks in the valley business people in particular are very smart and can make the separation between the development that's going on and whatever might have been going on in the mayor's office. >> allentown's mayor has said that he and the city are fully cooperating with the investigation. new documents show that senator bob menendez of new jersey has raised more than $1.5 million for his legal defense.
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and that is just since he was indicted in april. in total, his defense fund has raised almost $3 million. the senator is accused of using his influence to help a florida doctor in exchange for vacations and campaign donations. menendez has pleaded not guilty. a restaurant in chinatown faces a lawsuit after dozens became sick after eating there and the alleged victims in the case are lawyers. an attorney filed a suit against this restaurant after dozens of lawyers became sick after eating there in february. in may the city was sued to close the restaurant but a recent inspection showed the closure was no warranted. officers believe someone stole this monument over the weekend. it honors the spot where the first english settlers settled in that town and than there for 120 years. president obama has signed an executive order to create an
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emergency board in hopes of resolving the dispute between new jersey transit and its labor unions. the union said that it would go on strike if that dispute is not resolved. they represent more than 4,000 workers who have been without a contract four years now. the board will report back to the president within 03 days. the transit system board of directors approved a 9% fare increase for bus and rail riders and cutting rail routes to southern routes in new jersey. the changes go in effect in october. 20 minutes after 4:00. our skies are clearing. the temperatures have come way down. a beautiful day ahead. we will see lots of sunshine in the city. still a few scattered clouds in south jersey. the temperatures are cooler there running 7 degrees cooler and looked pottstown and
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allentown 14 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. a few scattered clouds right now. 58 degrees? chester springs a and kenneth square is 59. the temperatures are falling at this point. with we will probably make it into the lower 60s and 50s north and west is the norm this morning. all in the upper 50s at this hour. low humidity. the air is drying out in delaware and millville at 66 degrees and falling right now. radar is clear. no sign of any rain but we are still dealing with the remnants of some of the rain yesterday. one flood warning that is in effect. some minor flooding going on along the maurice weather in cumberland county and that is in effect until 8:15. floodwaters are starting to come down. the temperatures will be going up. at 11:00, 77 degrees.
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arrows lining up out of the north and dry air coming in and stay with us in the afternoon. 83 degrees at 3:00 this afternoon. stand by. grab your sunglasses. bright sunshine today but low humidity and temperatures in the upper 70s and lower 80s this afternoon. that is going to change in a big way this weekend. seven-day forecast when i come back in the next half hour. >> we love it when bill's forecast calls for sunglasses. thank you, bill. you won't need those on the road right now, but hopefully nothing out there will slow you down. nbc10's first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching all of her cameras. anything popping up yet? >> we are relatively quiet even in terms of ongoing construction an a lot of projects aren't active at this time. we are not seeing a lot of volume. on the schuylkill expressway around montgomery drive you can see not a lot of cars or volume in the area. 12-minute trip. eastbound from the blue route up towards the vine street expressway and no problems there. on the p.a. turnpike cars are
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green which means they are moving. valley foergrge eastbound is the same trip. beautiful day outside today so we don't have any delays currently at the philadelphia international airport and mass transit is doing just fine. ten minutes check in with the new jersey roads. this little boy in florida is able to walk for the first time now paralyzed from the waist down. see what he does when he reaches mom and dad. and she just can't let philadelphia go. she is the voice that made the animated movie "frozen" a huge hit. we will tell you where you can see her next.
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(gong) slather your ribs with kikkoman for that rich mahogany sweetness. (taiko drum beat) (taiko drum beat)
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this 5-year-old took steps this week. he is paralyzed from the waist down and had never stood up until tuesday. he put on his new braces and once his feet hit the ground bryce bryce, we will slow it down here so you can see it. once his feet hit the ground bryce never looked back. >> beautiful! ah! >> i'm so excited for him! i've been waiting for this for so long! >> he is standing up. nothing can going to stop him now. >> oh, man. with the braces that bryce has, he is now able to stand taller than his younger brother which is the way it should be speaking
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from a younger brother. that is awesome! 4:27 now. happening today, pennsylvania senator bobby casey will unveil a plan what he calls the wick gap. the senator says children can get food aid from the women and infants and children program up to the age 5 which it is assumed they will be getting nutritious meals at school but depending on their birthday some kid are not able to get food at schools until they turn 5. that is where the gap is. casey wants to extend the age to 6. yesterday, president obama announced a new program to help close the digital divide by bringing high-speed internet to more middle and lower income families. the singer behind the song "let it go" from disney's
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"frozen" will be performing in philadelphia tonight. ♪ >> is that "let it go"? >> no. that is "gravity" from "wicked." big fan. >> she is navigating me through the story. is that idina menzel? >> yes. >> not john travolta. she gained worldwide notice with "let it go." a cooler start this morning. really nice. dry air is flooding into the area! right now, the time is 4:28. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. >> we are looking live at route 309 around susquehanna road but not a lot going on in the area. we will check in with ongoing construction, though, on new jersey roads coming up.
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