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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  July 16, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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s christie is talking about criminal justice reform today and we will look how it plays into his run for the white house. a break from the heat and humidity. we are starting out a little bit cooler today. how long will the comfortable conditions last? we will find out. it is comfortable. 64 degrees outside at 5:30. good morning. with him to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. it feels like fall out there. bill henley and his forecast. >> the temperatures in the 50s and 60s right now. still falling at this hour. you saw cloud at cape may. the temperatures are in the 60s across delaware and south jersey. but skies are mostly in the clear it's 50s. 56 now in reading. mt. pocono at 52. a beautiful day ahead. bright sunshine. 65 at 7:00. by 10:00 we will be only up to 71 degrees and 77 with very low humidity at 1:00 this afternoon. wind out of the north will continue through the morning. the dry air that is going to come in and stay with us through
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the day today. your weekend forecast a peek at that when i'm back in ten minutes. right now here is jessica boyington in the first alert traffic center. >> septa delays already this morning. if you're following septa on twitter which i am the doylestown service is suspended between doylestown and lansdale. 95 betry ross bridge moving along just fine. we are losing the right hand shoulders due to the ongoing instruction. not a lot of volume in the area yet and pops up within the next 45 minutes. out the door on the blue route 14 minute drive times here all of the cars are green so good news. 14 minutes in both directions northbound or southbound. from 95 up towards the schuylkill expressway area bridges are currently fine so far this morning we are seeing two lanes blocked still heading westbound into philadelphia on the ben franklin bridge. a heads-up this sunday coming up
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the ben franklin bridge closed from 6:30 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. so find an alternate bridge to get into the city on sunday. breaking news. police are investigating a home invasion overnight. nbc10's monique braxton just got to the scene and live in northern liberties. what can you tell us? >> reporter: i just got off the phone with police. we have been observing detectives working here at the scene around this apartment that you see the door is labeled 1b. i can tell you from police one person is recovering from a head injury. here's is what we know. police say two masked men entered this home and may have grabbed a cell phone and tv. the person who lives here says he was beaten on his head. and when investigators arrived, they tell us they found numerous types of drug paraphernalia. they are trying to determine how
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the men got inside. did the victim who was beaten on the head let them inside or did a female who was here let them inside? police do tell us they believe it's drug-related. just moments ago, we saw a detective walk out this door and down to the corner here and up the street to check out a car. we will have that for for you in the next hour. happening today, president barack obama will do something that no other sitting president has done before, visit a federal prison. the president is scheduled to meet with officials in el reno federal correctional institute in oklahoma later this morning and echo many of the themes he talked about in philadelphia on tuesday on his push to overhaul the criminal justice system. one of the republicans hoping to replace president obama is chris christie and calling for changes in the criminal justice system and today use camden as an example what have is working. matt delucia is joining us live. he is live in camden.
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why camden, matt? >> this is a city that is long had problems with crime. >> reporter: the governor has tried to change that. he has been in office for quite sometime now. there have been changes here in camden. chris christie will be delivering his fifth public policy speech since announcing his run for president. this one focusing on criminal justice reform. his campaign has been touting through governor christie's career he has focused on drug addiction and treatment and today's speech is about to help nonviolent offenders get into society and keeping the violent criminals off the street. president obama and clinton spoke at the naacp convention in philadelphia and talking about criminal justice reform as well. governor christie's speech is expected to happen before noon today here in camden at the roberto clemente north camden community center. we will be following that and what he says at that meeting. now live in camden, matt delucia, nbc10 news.
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christie is one of the 15 candidates hoping to clench the gop nod. right now, donald trump is leading the latest polls that came out on tuesday. jeb bush was second in that poll. the rest including christie, were all in single digits. on the democratic side hillary clinton holds a sizeable lead in the latest university poll and she leads bernie sanders 15% to 17%. new overnight a man is in extremely critical condition after a shooting. it happened at 26th and dickinson after midnight. police say someone shot the man in the neck with a shotgun. the victim managed to run a few blocks before collapsing. police are looking for the shooter. this morning, we are hearing from the 79-year-old woman who was hit by a stray bullet in north philadelphia. the shooting happened tuesday night on north 25th street. lula may tillman was sitting on
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her porch enjoying the evening when a bullet hit her leg and ricocheted into her ankle. >> seen them shooting. i jumped up to run in the house. and when i do that, i fell. >> she is recovering at home now. detective went back to the scene yesterday and checking surveillance at a nearby store as they continue to look for the shooter. happening today, pennsylvania senator bob casey will unveil a plan what he calls the wick gap. the senator says children can get food aid from the women and infants and children program up to the age 5 which it is assumed they will be getting nutritious meals at school but depending on their birthday some kid are not able to enter school until after they turn 5 to he wants to extend the disability to age 6. if approved a largest housing authority in the order to complement a smoke-free ordinance. they will hand out almost 230
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thousand dollars in scholarships to residents seeking higher education. >> a local city is changing its tune on ticketing residents. we will tell you where you could get written up for good behavior. >> it's okay my friend. a glimpse into gun violence that few people see. the viral video that gives new perspective to problems plaguing philadelphia streets. 64 degrees at 5:37. a few scattered clouds and no sign of the rain we had. the clouds will be clearing out of here. your neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast when i come back.
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degrees. look at this view. flags are blowing. that is the breeze bringing in the drier air that will stay with us all day long. 64 degrees.
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humidity is down to 65%. that number will be coming down during today. it's 11 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. still clouds in delaware and south jersey. a few scattered clouds moving through the allentown area. clouds will clear. sunshine will warm temperatures into the 70s this afternoon for the pocono mountains. we are seeing bright sunshine today for allentown, quaker town and 79 doylestown and norris town and mt. holly 81. the rain has ended. still clouds for atlantic city and cape may and rehoboth and thin out and sunshine bright this afternoon. look at the temperatures in the 80s. just into the 80s for wilmington and westchester up to 82 and swedesboro and plenty of sunshine for philadelphia but changes this weekend. chance of showers and thunderstorms and look at the heat and humidity makes a comeback. 90 on saturday and 94 sunday. seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes and show you how long that
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on 95. >> jessica boyington came over and said it's closed because of this accident. where is it? >> we are watching 95. on the southbound side right around the commodore barry bridge and no traffic getting by on the southbound side and all lanes blocked and police on the scene due to the accident. on the opposite side seeing a lot of brake lights so gaper delay there as well. keep you updated as the morning progresses. drive times in the philadelphia area really not much of a difference on the southbound side of 95 right now. 13 minute trip. no problems on the schuylkill. blue route doing just fine. doylestown service suspended between doilsylestown and landsdaily and expecting delays there. lyme disease danger. experts say it's getting worse and one local state has more cases than any other in the country. the reason experts say we are starting to see an uptick.
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power outage frustration. we know that feeling waiting to have the power restored after a storm. this morning, the new app that one phone company -- power company is launching, excuse me is giving accurate information about their progress.
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how about that? lightning strike caught on camera near atlanta. the bolt hit a street light causing a flash of light and a shower of sparks there. in addition to that lightning the atlanta area saw heavy rain and hail. there is a new app that aims to help people during power outages and put out by peco and maps outages in the philadelphia area and customers can report problems and get a time frame on when electricity is to be restored and use it to pay your peco bill. in colorado today, jurors will resume their deliberations in the movie theater shooting trial. they have to decide whether james holmes was illegalqensane when he killed 12 people and injured dozens more. yesterday, the jurors deliberated for more than seven hours and asked the judge three questions. also today, the young man accused of carrying out the charleston church massacre is expected in court. dylann roof faces a hearing in south carolina where a judge will determine whether documents in the case will be released to the media.
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the court will present roof with the indictments in the case. the charleston church massacre sparked a national debate over the confederate flag and now there is a new trend on the internet where people are daring others to take down confederate flags that they see flying. it's called the no flagging challenge. more than 4 million people have watched this video online so far. a man takes a confederate flag from this florida home and gets away in a car. police are looking for suspects in the case. from our south jersey bureau. police are looking for this missing monument. officers think someone stole it over the weekend. it honors the spot where the first english speaking settlers lived in the town and been there for 120 years in maple shade. crews are out there on streets trying to stop mosquitoes. several camden counties recent storms officials say have left standing water and is the breeding ground for mosquitoes. this morning's spraying until 6:00 a.m. and another round in
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different locations in camden count from 7:00 to 11:00. peak seen for lyme deceaseisease. most cases occur in mid-atlantic and northeastern and upper midwestern states. high risk areas have expanded since the early '90s and some experts that changes in weather patterns may be a factor in that expansion. pennsylvania is the number one state for cases of lyme disease the last three years. deer ticks are present in every county of the state. in 2013 95% of case were in 14 states including pennsylvania and new jersey and delaware. 13 minutes before 6:00. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. and here comes the sun! sun is just coming up right now. a live view from center city. you see clouds on the horizon from center city. there is still some scattered
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cloud around and that is keeping temperatures fight quite as cool in delaware and south jersey as in allentown which is running 16 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. you can see the cloud coaster over cape may. no sign of any showers. the clouds are starting to thin out. you'll see sunshine at the shore as well. a few clouds moving through the allentown area into chester, montgomery and bucks county and not producing any showers. the wet weather is well to our west and moving into the midwest and won't affect us until we get to the weekend. today and tomorrow we are in for bright sunshine. today, especially comfortable. the sunny skies and very low humidity, combine to give us temperatures in the upper 70s and middle 80s this afternoon. northerly winds are blowing this morning. they will be running 5 to 10 miles an hour during the day today and the dry air that comes in for us today and stays with us in through tomorrow. tomorrow morning, another cool start. 63 degrees. warming to 85 with bright sunny
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skies. come saturday here comes the change. heat and humidity return. 90 degrees and chance of scattered showers saturday. 94 sunday afternoon. hot weather continuing into next week. along with the chance of showers and thunderstorms for monday. 91 with sunny skies tuesday and back into the low 90s again wednesday. about ten minutes until 6:00. moments ago we found out a rough accident on 95 at the commodore barry bridge that had, at the time all lanes of 95 shut down so we are waiting to see if still the case. >> sky 4, 10 has been launched and checking it out. what are you seeing jessica? >> all lanes blocked still on 95 rye rite around the commodore barry bridge. on the southbound side. that is still blocked and out there about the last 25 minutes or so. you can see a massive gaper delay on the opposite direction.
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all lanes blocked right there. it's going to cost you a couple of minutes here. advancing forward i actually did just have a camera here but there we go. overturned tractor-trailer on the off ramp in front of the[ schuylkill expressway around 202. all lanes blocked there as well. police activity on the scene. more updates coming up. happening today in center city more than 30 volunteers will help legal immigrants master the knowledge in english skills needed to gain citizenship. part of the step up to citizenship program. residents trying to obtain citizenship can get help at peco's main office on market street from 11:30 to 1:00 this afternoon. workers at americanairlines have been the victims of racial discrimination according to one local attorney. that lawyer says the case involves at least 80 african-american employees at the airline and working in philadelphia and washington, d.c. the claims are made in a letter to attorney general low rhett
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take -- loretta lynch. it says parts of the terminal have racially segregated break rooms and control rooms and job assignments. they say they were given unproper training. letter says the per vasevasive use of the "n" word refers to hem as surface monkeys. in a written statement americanairlines tells nbc10 diversity and inclusion are fundamental to our airline. ours is a diverse work force serving customers who are equally diverse and have a work environment based on collaborative team work and mutual respect. a spokesperson for the airline also says the airline will quote, vigorously defend our company and the hard working employees who provide top quality service to our customers each and every day.
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you can read that expire complaint for yourself on or nbc10 news news app. a man with a cell phone camera gives us a look at the panic and fear spread by violence in philadelphia. >> it's okay my friends. >> earl clark was getting out of his car on blakemore street when two men were shot on june 26th. with his smartphone rolling he and other bystanders talks to one of the victims as he grew wide-eyedr and started to lose consciousness. >> heart was hurt because i've seen so many violence in the city. i don't know what the root of it is but i just felt bad all of these kids are playing outside and this guy randomly drives by shooting up the block. you know? i don't get it. >> plrveed police arrived and took the victim to the hospital. our nbc10 digital team looked into the case and found this shooting was one of two in the same area over the course after -- of a week. police data shows while overall violent crime is down in the
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city, gun assaults are up 2% from this time last year. how about this for a change in strategy? the coatesville police department are issuing tickets for people doing the right thing. officers are rewarding people who follow the rules by safe driving and using crosswalks. >> how about that? you will get a ticket to go to the phillies game. the u.s. women's national soccer team is a winner again. this one might not be a surprise. but there were plenty of other memorable moments at last night's espy awards including some local winners. the feel of falling without some of the fear. the new way you can experience sky diving just a few feet off the ground. sky 4 is giving us this view of i-95. all lanes of 95 previously were blocked. now we see that northbound lanes are getting by. southbound shut down though.
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big headache for the morning commute here. this is at the commodore barry bridge. you can see the car involved in an accident there and big backup building already. also a problem on the schuylkill expressway with an overturned tractor-trailer. morning commute could be a rough one. jessica boyington is standing by with a look at what is going on and how to get around it as we look at that tremendous backup there on 95 south.
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tackle devon still, a native of camden camden. she has been fighting cancer. last night she received the espy for perseverance award. some of the memorable moments from last night's show involved young women with ties in this area including leah still. devon still accepted the award in los angeles on behalf of his brave little daughter. leah had to stay in the delaware valley. she is out of the hospital now. but doctors didn't want her to travel. on stage, devon told a story will about leah's fight to cancer. and caityln jenner accepted the arthur ashe courage award. u.s. soccer star abby wambach present her with that award. she had an emotional speech.
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>> i never wanted to hurt anybody else. you guys have given me so much support. i am so so grateful to have all of you in my life. >> she went on to say she hopes her public struggles will help others who are going through that transition as well. >> thanks very much chris. appreciate that. you're watching nbc10 news news. "nbc 10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. breaking news. that breaking news. all lanes are closed on interstate 95 southbound in delaware county. a live look from sky 4 10. an accident and in the process of towing that vehicle away. we will get you an update and how to get around it in in a second. presidential scare. a fall leaves president george h.w. bush with a broken bone in his neck. we will get an update on his condition. security video here have neighbors in philadelphia's west mount area nervous this morning.
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an attempted home invasion caught on camera. we will get your first alert forecast hour-by-hour. 64 degrees. 6:00 a.m. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to the accident on interstate 95 with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> we are seeing a massive backup and frustrating situation on i-95 on the southbound side around the commodore barry bridge. you can see at this moment they are allowing one lane of traffic to get on through but this has been clove the last half hour and massive backup behind it and earlier closed from 320 up to this point at this accident scene. fire police activity you can see on the scene. police officers there. taking out the next two lanes over. so expecting that cleanup of that scene to be there quite sometime. we are also seeing major gaper delay on the opposite side. a little bit of a closer scene right there on this accident scene. again, allowing


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