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tv   NBC 10 News at 9am  NBC  July 19, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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the guy with the hoodie i mentioned come running out of the house. two minutes later as he ran, the whole building -- boom. a huge explosion. >> authorities are investigating a suspected case of arson in south philadelphia after a building under construction goes up in flames. we'll have a live report from the neighborhood where more than a dozen residents are out of their homes this morning. hundreds of cyclists have already begun the 65-mile trek known as the tour de shore from philadelphia to the boardwalk in atlantic city. today's excessive heat could factor into their big finish. anybody who's exercising outside today should take it easy. here at nbc10, it's a first
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alert weather day because of the dangerous heat. the humidity will make temperatures feel like they are in the triple digits. it's going to be a scorcher. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's just after 9:00 on this sunday. michelle grossman is tracking the unfortunately uncomfortable conditions as we wrap up the weekend. >> you have that right. i walked out at 2:00 a.m. it was already warm and very sticky. we'll only increase it through the afternoon. dangerous levels by later today. that's why we have the first alert weather day. one of the places to be camel beach. cool off in the pool. looking at temperatures warm this afternoon. 87 in the poconos. everywhere else, 96. the beaches cooler with a sea breeze later on. we have an excessive heat warning in the pink including trenton, philadelphia wilmington. we'll see temperatures soaring into the mid 90s. you add in humidity it will feel like 102, 107 in spots. the orange shading is a heat advisory. that's where we'll feel over
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100, as well. all of these begin at noon and last through monday evening. right now up to 18 at 9:-- 81 at 9:011. 77 in allentown. 79 in millville. a very warm 81 in wildwood new jersey. today, balloon a hot one. you want to stay hydrated. stay indoors if you can. if you have air conditioning, shade if you have to be outdoors. noon, 92. hot, humid. by 6:00, no relief 94. hot and humid. we'll continue that through monday. then we improve things during the middle of the workweek. vile more numbers in a few minutes -- i'll have more numbers in a few minutes. >> thanks. because of the excessive heat warning, the philadelphia corporation for ageing is activating its heatline. a tape of trained staff will counsel call bers -- callers about how to stay safe. 215-765-9040. the line will be open from noon until midnight.
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now the breaking news in south philadelphia where a three-alarm fire forced residents from their row homes near broad and snyder avenue. a viewer sent in video that shows the flames pouring from the roof of the building that was under construction. the fire also spread to some nearby houses. nbc10 was on the scene just after 3:30 this morning along the 2000 block of juniper street. investigators are calling the overnight fire a possible case of arson. nbc10's jesse gary is live in the neighborhood with details. >> reporter: update from the scene. pgw is cutting into the street right now, cutting into snyder avenue. they're concerned about a possible gas leak. they have to cut into the pavement and check the lines. electricity is still out affecting the row homes and also some of the surrounding businesses on a day when it's going to be sweltering. that's not necessarily good news. at the fire scene itself, the fire is out. firefighters still dousing it
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with water. we talked to the property's owner and the family. they say it was about to be completed in the next month to month and a half. baffled why anybody would want to burn it down. police have few clues in this case. 3:30 on a steamy summer morning. this south philadelphia construction site ignites in smoke and flames. >> scary. looked like the block was going to go up. >> reporter: fire officials say the call came in as a garbage fire at a mixed use property near juniper and snyder. flames grew from one to three alarms with a definite possibility of spreading to neighboring row homes. bear barry inlito saw two men. >> after he ran, the building boom. huge explosion, debris and stuff everywhere. >> reporter: the flames forced evacuation of the 1300 block of snyder as an army of firefighters worked to keep the fire at boy. four row homes were damaged, but
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it could have been worse. >> we wanted to save the properties. finish we would have lost -- if not, we would have lost four homes. they have minor fire heat and smoke damage. >> reporter: police searching for clues to the identities of two persons of interest seen here before the blaze. cameras mounted on the exterior of south philadelphia high school could show what happened. 17 people have been told to leave. some are with the red cross, some with family and friends because of the heat. we'll update out teamwork check for a gas leak coming up in the next 30 minutes. live in south philadelphia, nbc10 news. new from overnight, a philadelphia police officer is expected to be okay after his patrol car crashed right into a tree. the accident happened at 11th and ray streets in chinatown around 3:00 this morning. the officer went to the hospital with a non-life-threatening
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injury. we're working to find out exactly what led up to the crash. police are investigating whether alcohol played a part in this accident in the city's wissinoming neighborhood. two cars collided at ticoni and van kirk around 1:30 this morning. a person was thrown from one of the vehicles and is in critical condition. a second person is being treated at the hospital. there's no word on that person's condition. in the murder of a recent drexel university graduate, nbc10 has learned that philadelphia police are questioning a person of interest. 27-year-old jasmine wright was found strangled inside her west philadelphia apartment on thursday. the person of interest police are questioning is a handyman who had access to the victim's building. police say inside wright's apartment there were no signs of a struggle or forced entry, and detective did not find the place ransacked. investigators believe that wright either let her killer in or that person had a key. her neighbors are now hoping for
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justice. >> massive degree -- get herself together. 26 27 years old. and then it's like when somebody just comes along and just snuffs a life out for no reason at all. and i just don't understand that. >> reporter: jasmine wright recently earned her master's in public health from drexel. we have new information this morning about these gun-toting home invasion suspects. philadelphia police say they have two of the four men in this video in custody. authorities tell us men tried to break into a house in west mt. airy earlier this week. the man inside the house opened his door slightly saw one of the men armed with a shotgun. he shut the door and the men ran off. happening right now riders participating in the annual tour de shore bike ride are well into the 65-mile journey. riders started outside the irish
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pub at 20th and walnut in center city. they then headed over the ben franklin bridge. they are traveling through south jersey now and will finish out at the irish pub's original location on the atlantic city boardwalk. organizers tell us a record 2,300 participants are in this ride this year. among them, folks are nbc10. we have a team led by reporter deanna durante. proceeds go to various charities. still ahead, horror on the highway. four members of a bridal party are killed when their limo collides with a truck. we'll tell you what police say caused the deadly crash coming up. plus a plane makes an emergency landing at the jersey shore. it wasn't on the runway it was on the road. you'll hear from those who were on board that plane next.
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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welcome back. a first alert weather day because we're tracking extreme heat especially this afternoon into the evening hours. we're warm into some the 80s in spots. along boathouse road, nice to be along water if you can be along water. it's going to be scorching by this afternoon. temperatures to the mid 90s. right now, though 81 already in philadelphia. 80 in trenton. 77 in kent square. 80 in wrightstown. up to 96 later today. we'll talk more about the heat today. more heat on monday. then relief on the way in a few minutes. still ahead, summer rain helps extinguish the flames of a fire on the freeway in southern california. not before scorching at least 20 cars and sending dozens of drivers running for their lives. scary because we see the
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fire behind us. we try to run. >> this morning, families are checking tow yards for abandoned vehicles, and firefighters are dealing with another challenge. we'll explain.
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new video from new york and a car accident that killed four members of a bachelorette party. the women were leaving a winery in a limousine yesterday. the limo driver was trying to make a u-turn when a pickup truck slammed right into them. two other impeachment who are inside that limo are seriously hurt. the driver of the truck ran from
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the scene but of caught and faces a charge of -- but was caught and faces a charge of driving while intock indicated. he remains -- intoxicated. he remains under police guard at the hospital. police looking for a person of interest after five people were found dead inside of their house. three of the victims were children. neighbors were in shock as the once-quiet street in modesto turned into a crime scene yesterday afternoon. police found the bodies after they got a call to check on the home. authorities have not said how the five died but they are treating the deaths as homicide. this is the person of interest in the investigation. he's 30-year-old martin martinez and he's believed to be driving a 2000 red lincoln navigator. today the church of a woman found hanged inside a texas jail cell will hold a prayer walk as authorities investigate the death. state police pulled over sandra bland during a traffic stopgap last week.
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they arrested her after she allegedly kicked a trooper. her loved ones, though question that account. friday, state police placed the trooper on leave for not following proper procedures during the stop. let's head back to california where wildfire crews say a rare summer rainstorm actually helped their fight against a massive fire that torched cars on an interstate and sent drivers and people running. right now the fire is 45% contained. it's burning 55 miles west of l.a. at least 20 cars are destroyed after the flames jumped on to the interstate friday. 11 structures and houses buildings burned. a number of firefighters say it could have been worse, though. fire crews are not happy about the number of drones that are flying in the area. that's one thing they're dealing with because it makes their jobs more difficult. >> two are lead planes, one underneath one flying over the
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top. >> we're talking about a situation where dozens of people could have been killed. >> the drones trying to pick up video for people interested in the fire. again, officials say steer clear of it. drought conditions are not making the fight any easier. officials say another fire about 20 miles away flared up friday forcing hundreds to evacuate from their homes. another hot one today. it was hot yesterday. hot again today. also humid. it's going to feel like 102, maybe 107 in spots. you want to prepare now. we'll feel the heat later on this afternoon into the evening hours. it's already very warm though and humid. weather headlines on your sunday excessive heat throughout the area today. temperatures into the mid 90s. with humidity tell feel like 102 to 107 in spots. that's hot. excessive heat warning, the counties in pink.
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in the orange rks heat advisory feeling like over 100. these begin at noon. at least the advisory going into effect through 6:00 p.m. monday. 81 in philadelphia warm already. humidity levels high. dew points are high. feeling sticky outside. temperatures mainly in the upper 70s to low 80s. 77 in allentown. 78 in lancaster. 81 in wilmington. and 81 in wildwood. as we look outside looking at temperatures. they are warm. a heat index, what it feels like already. feels like 87 in philadelphia. 89 is what it feels like in dover. numbers will only go up. looking at the future index feeling like 100 by lunchtime feeling like 102 by dover. keep this in mind, stay hydrated and in the shade. wear light, loose clothing. feeling like 100 in allentown and reading by 3:00. future weather, lots of sunshine throughout the area. a mixture of sun and clouds.
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can't rule out the chance of a shower a stray shower. it will be isolated. most of us will not see showers but some might. monday a repeat performance. hot and humid again. not quite as hot. not quite as humid. pretty close on monday. watching for afternoon showers and thunderstorms. some could be drenching once again. tuesday, we'll lower the humidity in the afternoon. things begin to change and begin to get a little better on tuesday. not today. hot and humid, isolated, late thunderstorms. 94 to 97. we'll end up around 96. winds out of the southwest at five to ten miles per hour. 95 on monday so another hot day. humidity levels up on monday. partly sunny watching a chance for an afternoon shower and thunderstorm especially south and east of philadelphia. tuesday, that's our changing day. chance of storms, 90 degrees. the dew point finally lowering later on tuesday. that's that sets us up for a nice wednesday. breezy, low humidity. temperatures near normal 87. looking great thursday, friday,
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saturday. sun and clouds, 87. time to check in with this week's "wednesday's child." she's a young woman with a very bright future. and she's yearning for something many of us take for granted. the love and support of a family. nbc10's vai sikahema introduces us to sanaya. >> reporter: turn yourself around -- >> reporter: sanaya is a bright and thoughtful young woman with a kind and caring personality mixed with just a streak of adventure. we headed to tree ventures to take on the ropes course. how you doing, sanaya? >> this is a little bit scary. >> reporter: she had fun tackling each section and pushing herself. did you feel like you surprised yourself on the ropes course? >> yeah. >> reporter: yeah? >> i thought i would be really scared because, you know the bouncing. >> reporter: the balance. >> yeah. >> reporter: the 20-year-old is in her second year in college and on the road to adulthood. she shared her views on why she would like to have a forever
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family. >> for me i don't legally belong to anyone but the state. it's like if i don't belong to anyone how do i exist. there's a part of me that wants that connection where you feel like this is where i belong these are the people i belong to. >> reporter: whether questioned about why at her age she still is searching for parents -- >> you're an adult, you seem fine. why do you need parents. that's always something that comes up. who doesn't need parents? >> reporter: she has a lot of love to give and knows what a forever family would mean to her. >> feel like i'm doing okay for my situation. but i think i would feel like 1,000 times better if i had parents because there are so many things -- you sort of need guidance sometimes. >> reporter: cheese. sanaya is this week's "wednesday's child." >> to help make her dream come true or the dream of any "wednesday's child" sponsored by the dave thomas foundation go
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to and search "wednesday's child" or call 1-866-do-adopt. ahead, a warning for folks in cumberland county looking to cool off today. swimming is off limits at one popular spot after the death of a little boy. we'll tell you about the danger of taking a dip in creeks and rivers all over the area.
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we have a quick update on the fire we've been following in south philadelphia. flames are out. crews managing hot spots. anybody with their cars parked on snyder between broad and 13th in the vicinities of the fire, you're going to have to move your cars immediately. that's because pgw crews are on the scene there investigating a gas leak. a possible gas leak. so again if you have a car or know somebody who parks in that area on snyder between broad and 13th, you will be towed unless you move your cars immediately. we'll continue to follow this and keep you posted throughout the newscast. let's head to cumberland county where there is a warning for folks trying to cool off today. part of the maurice river in millville is off limit. that's because this is where 4-year-old eli cheney drowned last weekend. last night friends and family returned to the area to light candles in eli's memori. in addition to remembering the boy, they wanted to bring
9:26 am
awareness to the potential danger of swimming in the river. >> his heart was so big. i loved him. >> maybe we need to look at that and put a barrier around it to protect other children from harm's way in the near future. >> there is no lifeguard here like many other popular creeks and rivers across our area. swimming is off limit. the time is 9:26. already 80 degrees on this sunday. when we come back on nbc10 news today, we'll have more on that top story out of south philadelphia. a fire. nbc10's jesse gary tells us police are investigating it as a possible case of arson. jesse? >> reporter: that's right. they're looking for two persons of interest. but in the meantime possible gas leak out here right now. we'll have the latest coming up. we start out the weekend very, very warm. going to be hot once again today. a first alert weather day. temperatures into the mid 90s by this afternoon.
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international
9:28 am
agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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the guy with the hoodie come running out of the house. two minutes later as he ran, the whole building -- boom. a huge explosion. >> authorities are investigating a suspected case of arson in south philadelphia. the fire is under control. now there's a new problem for neighbors in that area. we'll explain in a live report. plus another bombshell in the bill cosby sex assault controversy. the new, disturbing allegations involving the comedian coming up. dangerous heat and humidity are in the forecast for today. the place to be if you can get there is the shore. where you will get a little relief. we've issued a first alert at nbc10 because much of our area will be under an excessive heat warning. take it easy. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 9:30 on this sunday. let's get right to the first alert forecast with meteorologist michelle grossman. we should advise viewers this is really dangerous heat. stay in the air conditioning
9:31 am
other drink plenty of water. can't say it enough. absolutely. you have the heat you have humidity. both are high once you combine them, it's dangerous. check on people who may be suffering illnesses or are susceptible to the heat and humidity conditions. let's look outdoors. a hazy view from our adventure aquarium camera. looks cloudy, but it's not. mostly sunny skies. we'll have the haze draping over us all day long. wee that excessive -- we have that excessive heat warning in pink. for philadelphia trenton, wilmington, the surrounding area. shortage a heat advisory. both run from noon to monday. we'll see a repeat monday. hot, humid today. we'll do it again before we bring back the numbers on tuesday. temperatures right now, mainly 80s. just 9:31. 81 in philadelphia. 83 in northeast philadelphia. 81 in washington. 77 in allentown. 78 in lancaster. 79 in mt. pocono. 81 in wildwood. today looking at temperatures rising very quickly. by lunchtime 92.
9:32 am
by 3:00, 96. by 6 clark we'll pull back to -- 6:00 we'll pull back to 94. add in humidity tell feel more like 103 in spots. we'll talk about the heat and humidity, then the cool off coming up. >> the philadelphia corporation for aging is activating its heatline. a team of trained staff will counsel call bers how to stay safe in heat, how to detect sign of heat stress. call the number 215-765-9040 for some more information. the heat line opens in a few hours at noon, and it will go until midnight. now to the breaking news that we've been following from south philadelphia. that's where a three-alarm building fire forced residents from their row homes near broad and snyder avenue early this morning. a viewer sent us this video that shows the flames ripping through the building that was under construction. investigators are now calling
9:33 am
this overnight fire a possible case of arson. in the meantime pgw is also on scene. jesse gary live with details. >> reporter: pgw is here because of a possible gas leak below the ground at juniper and snyder. i'm standing on snyder, and juniper is the cross street. they are cutting into the street or have been. they've stopped for the moment. to facilitate the work, the philadelphia police department is towing cars located between 13th and broad on snyder. so if you have a vehicle parked in the area come get it. move it out of the area because they are towing strox facilitate the work -- vehicles to facilitate the work. the initial call of fire came in around 3:30 morning. it was reported as a garbage fire at juniper and snyder. that quickly grew three alarmtd oflarms and an all-out assault -- three alarms and an all-out assault by firefighters. a man met with detectives and
9:34 am
said he saw two men, one on the roof one go inside the site and run away directly before the building burst into flames. >> seen a guy with a hoodie enter the building where the fire was. and i seen another gentleman on the roof. and then about five minutes later, i seen the guy with the hoodie that i mentioned come running out of the house. and he went east down on snyder avenue. ran, and about two minutes later as he ran, the whole building -- boom. a huge explosion. debris and stuff everywhere. >> reporter: investigators say they are looking for that man, that person of interest along with the other person of interest. they don't have much to go on. they are still on scene canvassing the area talking to neighbors. as for the neighbors, they don't have electric service or gas service because of the fire. there's no estimate on when that service is going to be restored. 17 residents have been forced from their homes permanently or at least for now, for the time
9:35 am
being. they were living on snyder at juniper. six are being cared for by the red cross. the others have moved with family and friends because of the high heat. again, cannot stress enough, if you parked between 13th and broad on snyder, come get it because the philadelphia police department is towing to make sure so that pgw can investigate the gas leak back there. live in south philadelphia nbc10 news. new from overnight, a man is in stable condition after he was shot in the head in west philadelphia. nbc10 was on the scene on paris street where the shooting happened around 12:30 this morning. the victim went to the hospital with a graze wound. so far no arrest. a philadelphia police officer was injured overnight when his patrol car struck a tree. the accident happened at 11th and ray streets in chinatown around 3:00 this morning. police tell us the officer went to the hospital with a non-life-threatening injury. in the murder of a recent
9:36 am
drexel university graduate, nbc10 has learned that philadelphia police are questioning a person of interest. 27-year-old jasmine wright was found strangled inside of her west philadelphia apartment on thursday. the person of interest police are questioning is a handyman who had access to the victim's building. police say inside wright's apartment detectives found no signs of a struggle or forced entry, and the place was not ransacked ransacked. investigators believe wright either let her killer in or that the person had a key. this weekend, dozens took to the streets of philadelphia to protest a controversial arrest that was all caught on camera. >> no justice -- >> no peace! >> nbc10 was in east germantown last night where protesters gathered to call for tariq harold to be released and freed from prison. this month we showed video of the arrest. it appears to show officers punching and kicking him in
9:37 am
germantown in april. the philadelphia police department says carroll biting two officers when they stopped him for a drug violation. his family denied that claim. >> nobody has no right to beat other people's children. they're not theirs -- if they're doing something wrong or they're doing something wrong, stop them. don't just beat them like they're dogs. >> right now the police department's internal affairs unit is investigating carroll's arrest. we have new details this morning about how bill cosby allegedly used his fame to pursue young women. "the new york times" has released portions of a deposition from ten years ago in philadelphia. the comedian of testifying under oath in a lawsuit filed by a former temple university employee who claimed he molested her. cosby said he offered to pay for her education and that he had paid other women after they had sex with him. cosby has not been charged with
9:38 am
a crime and has denied all of the allegations. war hero. >> he is a war hero -- he's a war hero because he was captured. >> has donald trump gone too far? his latest comments targeting senator john mccain are causing some outrage in washington. we'll tell you what critics are demanding from the donald coming up. plus a downpour in the desert. oxymoron, right? flooding in phoenix turns the dry desert into a raging river, washing away entire roads.
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welcome back on this sunday morning. a scorcher today. looking hazy outside if you look at the view. we'll keep it hazy all day, keeping it humid, as well. 81 in philadelphia. 77 in allentown.
9:41 am
81 in millville. and 82 degrees already in wildwood. we'll bump up the numbers as we go over the next few hours. 85 in philadelphia. the next couple of hours, by lunchtime, 92. later tonight 9:00, temperatures still in the 80s. we'll talk more about the heat and humidity today. hot again on monday. relief coming on tuesday. we'll talk more about that coming up. arizona is dry, right? the desert? yeah. not this weekend. take a look. storms dumped heavy rain near phoenix yesterday. that triggered a wave of flooding. high water flooded sheds, sweet trailers, about anything in its path. right up against buildings and corrals. the flooding shut down an interstate highway and washed away a stretch of another road. fortunately there were no reports of anybody hurt despite all the damage. officials say more than 1,000 people are without power, and it's unclear exactly whether the electricity will be restored. still ahead, a small plane pulls off an emergency landing
9:42 am
at the jersey shore last weekend. people are still talking about it. the video's gone viral. next hear from the drivers who dodged this pie-flying bull -- high-flying bullet.
9:43 am
9:44 am
he's a war hero -- >> he's a war hero because he was captured. >> presidential candidate donald trump talking about senator john mccain during an interview in iowa yesterday. there's bipartisan anger about his remarks. this is the latest development in decision 2016. donald trump is now in a war of words of sorts with fellow republicans and some leading democrats after he dismissed john mccain as a war hero. mccain was a prisoner of war for five years in vietnam. his wounds left him with lifelong physical limitations. several gop presidential candidates took aim at trump for saying what he said.
9:45 am
>> i think he's crossed a line that the american people in the american people won't tolerate. >> donald trump owes every american veteran and in particular john mccain an apology. >> do you apologize to mccain? >> no. not at all. >> so far no comment from mccain. democratic presidential front-runner hillary clinton is chiming in. she's criticizing trump and accusing gop candidates of being slow to disagree with trump on other issues. secretary of state john kerry, a decorated vietnam veteran, said in a statement that "anyone who doesn't know that mccain is a war hero only proves that he knows who think war and even less about heroism." in other news this morning, the white house is condemning an isis attack in iraq that killed more than 100 people friday including women and children. a white house official calls the attack yet another painful example of isis atrocities. the suicide car bomb went off at a market where people were
9:46 am
celebrating the end of the muslim holy month of ramadan. officials say at least 170 people were injured in the attack. kenya's westgate shopping mall is back open today, nearly two years after a massacre there that left 67 people dead. gunmen from the somali militant group al shabaab held them captive for four days. during the reopen security was very tight. president obama is expected to visit kenya next week. in western india a lion sanctuary is celebrating the birthday of 11 cubs. they were all born on the same day. four lionesses gave birth friday. the cubs are all healthy, doing well. they'll soon have playmates. two more line -- lionesses are due to deliver soon. we'll show more of that video. why not? back in our area today marks one week since a small
9:47 am
plane made an emergency landing along a jersey shore highway. the incident of caught on tape here in long beach island. it was dramatic barely missing wires and cars on busy route 72. the plane belonged to a skydiving school. those abroord talking about why they didn't jump out just before the emergency landing. nbc10's brian thompson has this report from stafford township. >> reporter: the traffic cam video has gone viral of the skydive east coast cessna landing and weaving around traffic on route 72. it literally started with a bang according to this skype interview, with the pilot, mike barbato. the only nearby landing spot busy route 72 with towering electric poles and wires stretching across the road. one of two instructors on board said they quickly decided ton jump out with their two students. >> we are over the water still, and it might affect the flight of the plane. we decided to stay
9:48 am
instructor joe, with nearly 16,000 jumps to his credit, talked briefly with the pilot. >> mike turned around said "what do you want to do?" i said "turn it around, and take it back." >> reporter: there would be no panic jump as the cessna 205 descended from 4,000 feet to the highway below. >> there was no yelling or screaming inside. all the communication by mike, our pilot, was succinct direct and very calm. >> as we were coming in about to touch the ground i saw the wires go over the plane. i said oh that's great. we didn't hit the wires. >> reporter: you see after the plane touched down as the pilot had to swerve into the median to avoid traffic. barato said he felt confident. >> it was scarier from outside than it was from inside. >> reporter: once on the ground and since many called barato a hero. >> i think i was doing what any pilot, especially any commercial pilot should be able to do. >> reporter: still, the safe ending might give some pause to do it again. apparently not the students who were first-time jumpers.
9:49 am
>> kind of jokingly, i don't know why i asked would you jump? yeah right now. right there, right then. >> reporter: there is no fear of flying among these guys. pilot mike was back in the air thursday as a flight attendant. the other men went back up to do six jumps each with their students. in stafford, nbc10 news. a good sunday morning. a hot one today. of it hot yesterday even hotter today. we'll add in lots of humidity. feeling like triple digits throughout the afternoon. weather headlines on your sunday in case you're still in the air conditioning haven't stepped out, very warm outside. it is very sticky. we'll add from there through the afternoon. hot and humid, that's the first weather headline. temperatures into the mid 90s today. then one you factor in the humidity, it will feel like triple digits, over 100 degrees. up to 105 is what it will feel
9:50 am
like in spots. 81 in philadelphia. winds out of the west/southwest at eight miles per hour. lot of facebookers out doing their exercise getting it done. we're going to be very warm later this afternoon. 79 in reading. 81 in philadelphia. 80 in dover. 82 in wildwood. it's going to be warm at the beaches. a sea breeze will pick up later and help bring back temperatures. live look outside. we're very hazy outside. we're going to be hazy all day long. the humidity draped over the buildings. that gives us the feels-like temperature. the air temperature plus the humidity. and it feels like 87 in philadelphia. so when you step out that's what tell feel like. 81 is what it feels like in lancaster. it feels like 88 degree in wildwood. excessive heat warning in place at noon. the pink and orange shading is a heat advisory also beginning at noon. this runs through 3:00 p.m. monday. we'll be hot and humid monday before things change a bit on
9:51 am
tuesday. the forecast today, m -- mostly cloudy skies. very warm no relief. the beaches, getting temperatures into the 80s, then pulling it back with the sea breeze. 88 degrees at the baechts. water temperatures very warm. anywhere from 73 to 76. then the bay waters warmer than that. the seven-day forecast, 96 today. monday partly sunny. we could see afternoon thunderstorm especially south and east of philadelphia. some could have drenching rains. 95 degree. also humid. tuesday, we'll start ought humid but will bring back the humidity. chance of storm tuesday, partly sunny. wednesday feeling good. mostly sunny skies. breezy low humidity. temperatures around normal. 87. thursday and friday looking good, as well. lots of sunshine, temperatures in the 80s. saturday starting out dry. that's great news. sun and clouds 87. still ahead the phillies are coming out swinging in the second half of the season. plus, chase utley will soon return from the d.l. he's not going to be sliding back to the starting lineup. all the details coming up.
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hello, i'm john boruk. the phillies had a chance to win consecutive games for the first time since june 23rd which sounded promising, especially having chad billingsley on the mound. the phills starter a perfect 4-0 against the marlins. the game seen on nbc10. bottom of the first, ryan howard, base hit. ben revere chugging around to score. 1-0 phillies. two batters later, dom brown knocked in el franco. the base knock made it 2-0 phillies, they win 3-1. billingsley's best start in three years helped them get the w.
9:55 am
jonathan papelbon earned his 15th save. chase utley continues to rehab his injured ankle. he's been taking ground balls. when utley returns, though, it won't be as the starting second baseman as the general manager says the job belongs to caesar hernandez. we asked the interim manager how he'll use utley when he does return. >> we want to be fair to everybody and want to show chase utley as much respect as we can because he's meant so much to this organization and city. i'm going to try as hard as i can to try to keep everybody happy. i think chase understands that he perhaps might not get thrust right into the lineup to play every day. i'm going to try to get him as many at-bats as i can. it's been a whirlwind couple of weeks for women's soccer star carli lloyd who could use some sleep. she even set up camp yesterday. for the world cup hero, still no
9:56 am
rest in sight. lloyd held her annual soccer camp in medford, new jersey. one that's been sold out for months. several hundred girls between 6 and 18 were part of the day-long camp. lloyd helped the girls learn the same techniques she uses to score hat tricks. we asked carli about her hectic life these past few weeks. >> it's been a whirlwind. i'm running on fumes right now. not a lot of sleep. it's been one thing after the next. you know, i can't look past the current day just because i have so much going on. this is like my second day at home in the last 60 days probably. and i've got my camp and all these little girls are out here just to learn the habits and learn the skills. union visiting toronto fc. union down, toronto attacking. sebastian jovenko's first shot stopped. he doesn't stop. puts in the rebound. the union go on to lose 2-1. that's sports. i'm john boruk, comcast
9:57 am
sportsnet. "nbc10 news today" continues with another half-hour of news. jesse gary is live in south philadelphia following the investigation into an overnight fire. jesse? >> reporter: yeah, police have an important piece of nefd their hand that could -- evidence in their hands that could help unravel a mystery. i'll tell you more after the break. tracking excessive heat especially this afternoon into the evening hours. drink lots of water, light, loose clothing stay indoors as much as you can. if you can be at the beach, i would go there.
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> reporter: early morning flames force folks in south philly out of their homes. police and firefighters now want to know if somebody intentionally set the building on fire. also there are fears of a gas leak in this neighborhood. we'll have details in a live report. dangerous heat and humidity are in the forecast for today. we have issued a first alert weather day because much of the area including philadelphia will be under an excessive heat warning. they'll be pedaling through the heat. thousands of bike riders are on their way to the shore for a trip that's about more than just fitness. good morning, welcome to "nbc10 news today," i'm rosemary connors. it's 10:00. if you're exercising outside, take it easy. let's get to the first alert forecast with meteorologist michelle grossman. good morning. good morning. good advice. it's not so much the


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