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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  July 19, 2015 11:00pm-12:06am EDT

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. nbc 10 first alert weather break news. >> right now at 11:00, a hot and sweaty night even if you are just sitting outside. the dangerous heat is making it difficult to do anything outdoors. a live look outside at center city. some of the hottest temperatures
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of the summer are here. it's not going to get any better tomorrow. good evening. i'm denise nakano. it's not just the heat that's making it so oppressive ichltsz' the high humidity. it is a first alert weather day because of that heat. brittney shipp is here. >> we're going to see similar conditions tomorrow. it is that combination like you mentioned of the high temperatures and the high humidity. that's why most of the area with the exception of lancaster county in the poconos under an exceptional heat warning or a heat advisory until at least 8:00 p.m. monday. we expect to see temperatures from 102 to 107 degrees. that means that's what the feels like temperature will be tomorrow. actual temps in the mid 90s. drink plenty of water, stay in the air-conditioning. make sure you are checking on kids elderly and pets tomorrow. as we wake up we'll warm up fast. if you are commuting in the morning, stay hydrated.
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6:00 it's going to be 80 degrees. lunchtime, into the '80s '80s. and in the afternoon it will push into the triple dwintle the feels like temperature. again, at most locations like dover it's going to feel like 100 degrees by the afternoon. same thing for philadelphia. close to 99 degrees. 96 in pots ton chltsz it's going to feel like 98 in millville. i'm also watching a slight chance of showers. but the main concern is the heat as we head into tomorrow. i'll go over more details and what you can expect and how long the excessive heat is the going to continue. >> doug shimell is live at pencend laingful how are people coping with the steamy weather? >> here we are less than an hour from midnight and it still feels miserable out here. even around sunset, the relief was minimal. >> it's really hot out. i checked earlier and it was like 92 degrees.
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>> reporter: so whose idea was it for kyle and brenda to roller skate at pence landing? >> it was mine but i didn't think it was going to be this hot. >> i thought she was crazy because she wanted to go roller blading. i wanted to sit inside in the ac but you have got to keep the girl happy. >> reporter: the icicle signs at the park were enticing. >> it's hot out here. no breeze whatsoever. i'm burning up. >> i scored water. >> reporter: you water poured it in you or sprayed it on you, but the heat took its toll. >> tired and aggravated. >> reporter: there was a little breeze off the delaware river and lying in the hammock helped. but what was the right move? well, kyle finally got his wish to sitfsózj inside with the ac. of course, where is the shade and the breeze with a respite out here at the spruce street harbor park most of the day. now it is stagnant hot humid
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air. all the rules of common sense, if you are elderly relatives or neighbors, you are advised to check on them. >> the heat can be deadly for the elderly as doug just mentioned. remember to check on your older neighbors and family members. the philadelphia corporation for ageing is operating its heat hotline. you can call the number on your screen until midnight tonight and again from 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. in an effort to help people cool off allentown is cutting the price of admission at city pools. the mayor made that announcement this weekend. during a heat advisory it will only cost $2 for kids and $3 for adults at the jordan and mass pools. download our nbc 10 app to keep up on the weather forecast.
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new at 11 on the ground, the heat has everyone looking for ways to cool off. that can be leading to dangerous decision. two men apparently drowned in the delaware. rescuers were called to the river near bristol bucks county this morning. tonight another call for help across the river in burlington. that's where we find nbc 10's randy0ç3 gyllenhaal. one body was recovered? >> reporter: the body of the missing swimmer from the new jersey side was found about two hours ago on this day where temperatures reached close to 100 degrees. witnesses watched tim and two friends hop over this railing, dive down into the delaware river and then try to swim across. as dive teams and rescue boats searched for signs of life witnesses back on shore describe what they saw. >> they got on the ledge, and all three of them jumped in one after the other. >> reporter: they say three young people two men and a woman began swimming across the
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channel trying to make it to burlington island which houses an abandoned amusement park. halfway there, one of the swimmers began to struggle. >> he went down once a second time, and that was the last time we saw them. >> they jumped in with life preservers. one gentleman that jumped in actually had his hands on him. and he couldn't get him. >> reporter: a state police chopper was called in and for two hours teams patrolled up and down the river. by 9:00 p.m. dive teams found the swimmer's body an adult> reporter: that island has been off limits for some time now but there are people we're told, who still swim over there,
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especially on days like today. meantime, authorities have not released the identify teethty. victim. live in burlington ranee gyllenhaal nbc 10 news. the search for another swimmer who disappeared in the delaware river in bristol bucks county has been suspended. the 22-year-old who moved to camden from virginiaó5xg was in the water this morning when he disappeared. witnesses say they heard his cries for help. we spoke to richardson's aunt. >> when i got the text i was in church. and i just broke down. and everybody in chunks you know they prayed. they said a prayer for him and for the family. i still believe there is hope. >> right now, it's not clear whether the search will resume tomorrow. the pope's visit in september means a transportation nightmare for many people. and tomorrow morning, septa and pat cowill begin selling a limited number of special transit pass.
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septa's passes go on sale at 9:00 a.m. they want to keep crowd numbers in line with the capacity of the change. that means anyone using line rail on september 26 27 and 28 including regular customers and visitors must prepurchase a special one-day pass. septa won't take any other passes or accept fairs on those days. if you take pat coe, they are selling special freedom cards on line at broadway and woodland stations. those go on sale tomorrow at 8:00 in the morning. passengers who do not have them will not be permitted on the trains during the pope's visit. a one day pass will cost $5. a two day, $10. if you are taking amtrak they require reservations for that egg would. for more information, as well as plans for the pope download the nbc 10 news app. new information about the crane operator charged in connection with the deadly market street collapse in 2013.
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shawn ,bbenschop may enter a guilty plea late they are week. he and campbell are charged with third-degree murder. in june 2013 the wall of a building collapsed on to a salvation army thrift store killing six people. more than a dozen others were injured. he was operating the heavy machinery at thepc?7y time. campbell was the demolition contractor. you willan soo be one text away from getting emergency help in montgomery county. tomorrow montgomery county commissioners will launch and demonstrate their new text and 911 service. this will allow people with hearing or speaking disabilities or people who can't speak when calling 911 to be connected with an emergency dispatcher. a new honor tonight for soccer champ carli lloyd. you need to meet the man behind the woman who won america that world cup. it's the video that has everybody talking. a surfer fighting off an
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attacking shark. and now he is talking about how he did it. i'm tracking the possibility of a heat wave. more importantly, another excessive heat warning issued for parts of our area. i'll let you know how hot it's going to get as you head back to work. that's coming up in my full forecast. >> nbc 10:10 news first thing in the morning, first alert weather. straightforward forecasting for your day. >> morning news that's up to the minute the minute you're up. count on nbc 10 for major news that impacts you and your neighbors. >> breaking news from skyforce10 over the seas as news happens. >> traffic updates getting you where you are going when you need to get there. >> up to the minute the minute you are up. nbc 10 news from 4:00 to 7:00 a.m. count on it.
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tonight, an exclusive interview with champion and hometown hero carli lloyd. it was two weeks ago she led the u.s. women's national soccer team to their third ever world
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cup title. comcast "sportsnet's" john vor act has more. >> reporter: today at the mansion in voorhees, south jersey got its chance to say congratulations to their hometown hero but carli lloyd's rise to national fame wasn't done alone. she and her personal coach have a very special bond, as we learned in this exclusive interview. >> carly. thank you so much. >> sunday was a day for carli lloyd to celebrate with family, friends, and fans. but it was also a day for lloyd and her mentor james to share a well-earned spotlight. lloyd says it's he who set the bar for much of her success. and he did the same for her during the world cup. >> i said to her, you are going to be scoring three every single game. >> when he told me you know you should be scoring three or four goals a game, i, you know
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haven't told him this yet but yeah i doubted that. i thought there is no way i can do that. now having played in the final and having heard what james says, that is the bar and that is the expectation. >> reporter: when lloyd first met james she was nowhere near the dominant player she has become. but the coach could see the del rand native was something special. >> she doesn't switch off. when you combine the skills she has got, the mental toughness her physical power, her movement without the ball then her character, which has, you know the right living habits in it you know you've got a player that can't be stopped. >> reporter: carli refers to galanis as somewhat of a prophet saying 99.9% of the goals he laid out for her have come true.
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if you think they are fshld, think again. >> you are amongst the greats now. we have five more years left. if we get back to work and work like underdogs and keep doing what we're doing, you can become the best ever. >> there is no doubt in my mind that if we want to accomplish something, and if that means becoming the best ever for the next five years, there is no doubt in my mind that we can do it. >> and in those five more years the 33-year-old lloyd plans on playing, including a paver olympic games in 2016 and again in 2020. and the next women's world cup. that's in 2019. three more chances to make her mark on some of soccer's biggest stages. >> an amazing athlete. thank you john. a professor surfer came face to face with a shark today. shockingly, he was not hurt. this all unfolded on live television during the finals of a world surfing competition in severe kachlt shark coming at the surfer
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mcfanning from behind. it knocked him off the board and dragged him under the water by his leg rope. a rescuer later if you would fanning out of the water and he spoke about how he fought back against the predator. >> felt like i punched him a couple of times and then it was dragging me. i felt like it was justing contracting me underwater and all of a sudden my leg rope broke and i was like all right. i was swimming and screaming. >> a lucky man there. the scare led organizers of the surfing economy tigs to cancel the finals. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good evening. as we get up to head to work tomorrow make sure you stay hydrated. try to plan in air-conditioning. we are dealing with excessive heat. we are tracking the possibility of a heat wave. but relief is on its way. it is in the seven-day forecast. a closer look at the first alert. that's why we are no red mode right now. we want- qto make sure you are
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prepared for the dangerous heat tomorrow. our feels like temperature is going to be 102 to 107 degrees. that means heat-related illnesses will be a possibly. again, stay hydrated tomorrow. try and check on your pets and the elderly, and also kids. for philadelphia right now, 85 degrees. humidity at 72%. feels like temperature, 93. winds out of the south-southwest. that wind direction is important because we are seeing more moisture and hot air pulling 234 from the southwest. temperatures in the poconos right now at 75. 81 in pottstown. 88 in northeast philly. at 83 in wilmington. 80 degrees -- or 83 degrees in trenton, i should say. 81 inmount holly. along the shore not much cooler. 81 at the atlantic city airport. in the low 80s right now in lewis. as we take a closer look for the feels like temperature at philadelphia, still at 93.
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91 for wilmington. 95 in northeast philly. close to 90 in trenton. even right now if you were to be outside it would still feel hot and sticky and uncomfortable. lunchtime tomorrow our feels like temperature is going to push back into the 90s. as we head into the 4:00 hour for places like dover our temperatures -- our feels like temperatures will be close to the triple digit. same thing for tom's river and even for atlantic city. and that's why the entire area virtually with the exception of the poconos and lancaster county under either a heat advisory or an excessive heat warning. what that basically means for everyone is that a dangerous sheet probable tomorrow. we do expect it to happen. and that's going to stay in effect, all these watches and warnings at least through 58 p.m. the other thing we are concerned about is the air quality alert. that's going into effect for the entire area as well. limit joggingous. take it easy heading into tomorrow. we are also tracking the possibly of a heat wave. we expect our temperatures to
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continue to stay in the 90s. today we were in the mid 90s. tomorrow, same thing. as we head into tuesday, 92 degrees the forecast high. this is of course above average for us. our average for this time of the year is 87 degrees. a closer look at our satellite radar shows a batch of thunderstorms. some of these were severe but they start to lose steam as they make it closer to our area. we don't have to worry about a whole lot of rain tonight. although a few passing showers as we head into the overnight hours. that's going to set you up for a dry morning commute. a few chances of scattered showers monday. same thing going into tuesday. the biggest concern is going to be the excessive heat heading into tomorrow. and warm temperatures once again expected into tuesday. >> all right coming up in sports could this be it for cole hamels as a philly? see how his struggles continued ahead of the trade deadline. would joe allenby out for another season? is one of the greatest sixer of all time still on the band
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wagon. >> we catch up with charles barkley on the other side.
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected.
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restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. it was baseball's trade deadline less than three weeks away cole hamels towed the rubber today, what likely could be his final start in front phillies faithful. hamels was strike to lead the phills to a sweep of the marlins. fans needed fans to cool off. takes it deep.
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cruising into the second deck. hamels hoping to bounce back from the worst start of his career. 5 47b 2 lead. but gives it right back. three innings, gives up five runs, threw a on the of pitches. francoeur with a man on pinch-hitting and walking it off at the same time. a two run homer as the phills take it 8-7. >> and we'll hear from cole in about 25 minutes from now. to golf. 21-year-old jordan spieth is now 18 holes away from joining ben hogan as the two golfers to win the master's, the u.s. open and the british all in the same calendar year. spieth made up significant ground including three straight bird yeast after making the turn now finds himself just a stroke back of the lead. if he doesn't win, this guy could be the stover 5deaweekend. am tur paul dunn just graduated from alabama birmingham at 11
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under par, sharing the lead with two others. from ga golf swings to this disaster. charles barkley carving up the course at the american century class knick lake tahoe today. john clark caught up with sir charles to talk sixers and much more. >> let's go out to lake tahoe, nevada, the american century celebrity golf championship. who is a better golfer than charles barkley? let's bring him in now. how are you doing. >> it's beautiful out here. i know it's warm in philly. >> very hot here. you know what's going on here. concerns about joel embiid needing a second surgery on his foot. he is going to miss his first two years in the nba. how concerned are you about his future? >> i'm' very concerned. and very disappointed in the sixers. because i don't understand -- like i said i don't know all the ins or outs. i don't know how you do that surgery and you are not checking it periodically.
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so i have to blame the sixers for that fee yas co. >> when you look at yao ming a guy like that who had two surgeries on his foot similar bone as embiid do you think this could be career threatening at 21 years of age? >> i think you have to be concerned. i feel like okafor -- i thought he was one of the best players in the draft. but the they have to wait and see w. the lakers taking russel, i think they got fortunate to get another big guy to go at me he will. it worked out good for the sixers. >> dr. j. let it slip out when hinky and ownership came in they had a seven-year plan. so it may not be until 2018 or 2019 for them to contend again. are you on board with sam hinky's plan or not? >> i'm on board with it. if they can get embiid healthy i
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thought they would have an outside shot at making the playoffs this year. i like what the sixers are doing. nobody wants -- everybody is impatient. like i said the only part of the plan that's not working is embiid's foot injury. they are drafting good players and they are getting better. >> all right. we'll hear more from chuck later in the show as he talks donovan mcnabb's recent dui and his beloved eegest. we'll be right back.
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♪ >> people at the jersey shore bar got quite a shock last night when bruce springsteen put on a surprise show that lasted for nearly two hours. john clark would have loved this. the boss jumped on stage at the wonder bar in as bury park and ended up playing 15 songs. he drew such a large crowd that people were watching from the sidewalk. and a little bit of cow bell to kick off the annual tour
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deshore bicycle race. it started this morning on 20th and walnut in center city. riders headed over the ben franklin bridge to atlantic city. we are told there were a record 2300 ride thers year. among them a team from nbc 10. proceeds from the event go to various charities. well it's not just the human suffering in this heat. coming up, how you should be helping your four legged friends as the mercury rises.
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nbc 10 plert weather, breaking news. >> hoot muggy night in our area as dangerous heat settles in for at least another day. a live look at the philadelphia museum of art. heat warnings are in effect tonight. this is a first alert weather day because of the intense heat. it's not just the high temperature but the nasty humidity making it dangerous. cooler at the shores but not by much. there were people at cape may as the sun was setting this evening. they were enjoying the last moments of the weekend and trying to stay cool. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking the heat. it's still feeling hot out
11:35 pm
there. >> that's right. it still feels like we are in the 90s. 91 in wilmington. millville only feeling like 86. we'll see a little bit of a breeze heading into the overnight hours. it's going to be very hot again tomorrow. actual temperatures in the mid 80s. here is the story. virtually our entire area with the exception of the poconos and lancaster county under a heat advisory in the orange or excessive heat advisory in the pink until monday evening. we expect a heat index between 102 and 107 degrees. tips for you. drink plenty of fluids and water. stay inside if you can, and check on your kids, the he would, and pets. we don't want you suffering from heat-related illnesses as we head to tomorrow. by 7:00 a.m. temperatures will
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already about this the 80s for philadelphia and trenton. by the time we head out for lunch our actual temperatures close to the mid nights. a high tomorrow in philadelphia of 95 degrees. with the feels like temperature expected to push back into the triple digits. i'll let you know how long the excessive heat is going to stick around. that's coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast. >> thanks brittany. we know how important it is to stay hydrated when it's this hot outside. make sure you hydrate your pets too, and make sure they stay out of the blazing sun. the nbc morning team will update the forecast for tomorrow starting at 4:00 a.m. and download the nbc 10 app to check the temperatures in your area. you? at 11:00, attacked on the job. a, woulder for papa nick's pizza was robbed while making a pooiz pizza deliverie overnight. it happened just after midnight on the 600 block of pulse rod
11:37 pm
street. the delivery man asked two men sitting to an porch if they had ordered a pizza. they pulled out an gun and $edded the driver's money. >> the when they got out of the car they took his food and hit him with the gun over his head. >> they pistol whipped him. >> basically robbed everything he had in the car. >> police say the suspects got away with $120. right now police are looking for two suspects they believe are connected to a suspicious fire in south philadelphia. the flames gutted the soon to be retail and apartment space this morning. nbc 10 viewers sent us this cell phone video showing flames shooting from the roof of the property. nbc 10's jesse gary has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: this steamy summer morning sees a soon to be completed south philadelphia construction site ignite in flames. >> looked out my back window,
11:38 pm
dining room and saw the blaze and just picked up the fiancee and the dog and ran out of the house. >> reporter: officials say a garbage fire was reported at 3:30 a.m. at aoy planned mixed use property at juniper and schneider. flames grew from one to three alarms with the threat of spreading to neighboring row homes. but the blaze may have been intentionally set. police detectives were told they saw a man on the roof. >> two minutes later as he ran, the whole building boom a huge explosion, debris and stuff everywhere. >> reporter: the flames forced evacuations as an army of firefighters worked to keep the fire at bay. four row homes on schneider were affected. >> we wanted to make sure we could save those properties. if not we would have lost four homes today. because of the good work we only have minor fire heat and shock
11:39 pm
damage. >> reporter: police are iran canvassing the area searching for clues to the identities of the two persons of interest believed to have been here before the blaze. officials/r4s recovered video from security cameras on a high school across from the fire scene. the fire marshal will be out here tomorrow to say definitively if this was a case of arson. in south philadelphia jesse gary. a philadelphia police officer is kpaptexpected to be after crashing her police vehicle near the convention center. investigators tell us the officer hit at tree on a sidewalk. she was taken to the hospital where nonlife threatening injuries. of the' not clear what caused the crash. nine people were hurt when two septa buses crashed in the lawn crest neighborhood. those injuries are minor. it happened around 10:30 at al gone and oxford avenues.
11:40 pm
authorities say one of the buses rear ended the other. the case cause is still under investigation. a driver is facing dui charges afterx]1t hitting another car in philadelphia's -- section. police say a bmw hit a honda civic at dakoni and van dirk streets at 1 '03. the bmw driver suffered minor injuries. the honda driver was taken to the hospital in critical condition. a woman found hanged in a texas jail cell. a mother was buried where people took part in a rally and march. blapd was a member of a mother bethel sister congregation in illinois. she was found hanged to death three days after a traffic stop turned into a confrontation. texas authorities say bland was
11:41 pm
uncooperative and argumentative and charged with assault. the dash cam video hasn't been released to the public. one man who saw it wants to know why bland was asked to get out of her car. >> he asked her to put out a cigarette. she says why do i need to put out a cigarette when i'm in my own car. this irritated him. >> the state trooper who stopped blands is now on administrative leave. an blah's family has ordered an autopsy to determine how she died in a texas jail cell. they do not believe she hanged herself. from our nbc 10 delaware news bureau this week fire faushl is investigating an overnight in middletown newcastle county that broke out at 1:30 in the morning at a home on hag us road. fortunately no one was hurt. making history in havana. a big change tomorrow for the
11:42 pm
cube iran/american relationship. and caught on camera. what can happen when you go too fast in flooding. our excessive heat warning and heat advisories have been excontinued tendsed throughout all of month. 50i8' let you know how warm we'll get and how long we'll stay there. that's coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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former president george h.w. bush is out of the hospital tonight. he was admitted last week after he fell at his home in maine and broke a bone in his neck. president bush is 91 years old and suffers from a form of parkinson's disease. a shaken community in chattanooga, tennessee is trying to come to terms with last week's tragedy. family members are preparing funerals and state and local lead remembers asking what can be done to prevent that kinds of attack in the future. brian moore has the5 >> reporter: in a makeshift
11:45 pm
memorial for the five military members killed in shot confusinga, a grieving mother expresidented her pride. >> my son is a hero. he died doing what he loved. he would have it no other way. >> reporter: randle smith passed away from his wounds on saturday. fatally injured along with four marines last week in an attack on two military facilities. >> he was my life. he is my world. i have half a hert less. he is gone. >> reporter: as five families prepare for funerals federal investigate rrs are tracking the shooter's links to radical islam >> if it can happen in chattanooga. it can happen anywhere any time any place. >> reporter: tennessee governor's ordered a security review to see whether some security personnel can be armed. >> we don't want to leave our people out there as targets. >> reporter: a tragedy that has
11:46 pm
many communities thinking about security at facilities that once seemed immune from danger. brian moore, nbc 10 news. a 21-year-old man accidentally drowned in a backyard pool of a home owned by actress demi moore. los angeles police responded to the home after receiving a 911 call around 5:00 this morning. the actress was not at her home at the time. moore's assistant was reportedly having a party at the house with about half a dozen people. a new era in the u.s./cuba relations begins tomorrow when both countries open embassies in each other's capitals. the u.s. broke off dip lowe mathematic ties with cuba 50 years ago after fidel castro came to power. >> reporter: for decades, the building has been coldly known as the u.s. interest section here in havana. tomorrow it will again be called the u.s. embassy. it is a symbolic stip step but an important one.
11:47 pm
in old havana the daily grind is changing. >> how much have you been looking forward to this day? all her life this woman says. other cubans are more skeptical. what do you think about the embassy opening in havana? >> we don't know. >> reporter: tomorrow the american embassy will officially reopen here. so will itsjóx cuban counterpart in washington where the island's flag will be hoisted. >> i never thought it would happen in my]mq? lifetime. >> reporter: this is a former cuban diplomat. >> what we are watching is the two governments talking to each other. something that has not happened for the last 54 years. >> reporter: but both countries are still at odds on many issues such as lifting the trade emback barringo. some argue the obama administration is ignoring the castro human rights violations. >> when it comes to cuba the
11:48 pm
administration keeps giving and giving and giving. but the castro brothers are doing nothing. >> reporter: while this building will be called the embassy starting tomorrow the u.s. flag won't fly here until secretary of state john kerry visits the island later this summer. major airlines could soon be facing another ted ral investigation into how they advertise their fares on line. some don't post their fares on sites like expedia or orbit. that prevents consumers from seeing all their options when booking a flight. they are looking into possible collusion between airlines to limit the number of seats and keep fares high. the dangers of driving on flooded roads on display in north carolina. a photographer was rolling as a car drive through a big pudel. then that car hydroplaned, skidded sideways into a ditch and flipped overon to its roof.
11:49 pm
all three people inside from able to climb out of the driver's window. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> we have first alert in effect tomorrow due to the excessive heat we expect to see once again as we head into the start of the work week. also i'm tracking the possibility of a heat wave. we already saw it today with temperatures in the mid 90s. tomorrow same t$mí tuesday is a possibility. but relief is on the way. i'll let you know when the humidity and our temperatures are expected to drop. that's coming up in my seven-day forecast. here are the details on the first alert. feels like index between 102 and 107 degrees. that means heat related illnesses are a possibility. be careful tomorrow. drink plenty of water. try to stay in the air-conditioning as much as possible. philadelphia warm and sticky 85 degrees. wind out of the south-southwest at 7 miles per hour. the heat index, feels like 93
11:50 pm
degrees outside. so we are not going to see a lot of relief overnight tonight. that starts us up for a warm start tomorrow. actual temperatures 77 in coatsville. blue bell at 82. 83 in wilmington. nv 88 in northeast philly. low 80s in trenton right along the shore still warm in the low 80s for woodbine and at the atlantic city airport, 81 as well. our feels like temperature through the region close to 90 degrees still in trenton. 91 in wilmington. feels like the high 80s in redding. tomorrow, by the time we head out to lunch. our temperatures are going the feel like 93 degrees. feeling like the triple digits near atlantic city. and in dover and pretty much in philadelphia as well. just want to be careful. our entire area under this excessive heat warning and heat advisory and that's going to last until monday night with that high heat index. you want to drink water, stay inside, check on your pets the kids, the elderly, and just be careful. if you suffer from respiratory
11:51 pm
illnesses there is an air quality alert on top of all this as you head into tomorrow. again, just take it easy. we're also tracking a heat wave. our average for this time of year is 87. today at 95. tomorrow similar conditions. actual temperature stays in the 90s on tuesday. if we do hit 90 degrees that will be three connection stiff days an official heat wave. we have a chance of scattered showers in the overnight hours. they will be short lived. and we expect dry conditions as you head to work tomorrow. same thing as you head home stray showers moving through and another rounds expected as we head into tuesday night. that's going to give way to clearing on wednesday. that's when our humidity is going to drop. we'll see plenty of sunshine and our temperatures regulate closer to average. our highs tomorrow mightd 90s in
11:52 pm
philadelphia. feels like temperature pushing into the triple digits. tonight, a warm and muggy night. actual temperature should get down to 76. as we push into tomorrow excessive heat expected once again a chance of a few passing stray showers. seven-day forecast shows another round of storms tuesday night. warm. the mp temperatures at 92. back to average with less humidity by wednesday. just ahead, part two of john clark's conversation with charles barkley. see what advice he has for donovan mcnabb. and cole hamel's attempts to explain his struggles. what part is the trade line playing into his issue?
11:53 pm
11:54 pm
cole hamels was roughed up for a second straight time this afternoon. he is scheduled to make two more starts before daboll's july 31st trade dead labor. he is a big name on the trade block. hamels allowed five runs in three innings this afternoon. labored throwing 76 pitches.
11:55 pm
his e.r.a. stiked from 3.02 to 3.91 over his last three starts which included nine earned runts in his previous outing before the all-star break. hamels is pointing the finger squarely at himself. >> what i've done in the past week and a half hasn't been up to my standards or up to the expectations of many and especially my teammates. >> earlier, we brought you part one of john clark's interview with charles barkley. we pick up part two with his thoughts on former eagles quarterback donovan mcnabb who was arrest for dui a second time in arizona. where both mcnabb and barkley call home. charles i have got to ask you about donovan mcnabb. he lives out there near you in arizona and he just got his second dui in less than 18 months. an extreme dui. are you worried about donovan? do you think he needs help? >> you know i don't want to answer that question as far as
11:56 pm
does he need help. reached out to donovan because he is a friend of mine. i told him if he needs anything needs anything, to reach out to me. but i don't want to play amateur psychiatrist and say that guy needs help. that's not fair for me to make that. donovan is my friend. he made a mistake, a serious mistake. he could have hurt iz himself or somebody else. i want to wish him nothing but the best. >> right now charles when you come back to philly our only hope in town is eagles. how much are you looking forward to training camp and this season. >> i can't wait for football season. i think most people know football and boxing are my two favorite sports. i think it takes a certain type of man to have the courage to get on a football field and in the boxing ring. i can't wait for the eagles to start. everybody knows the eagles are my team. the sam bradford thing is going to be lingering for the rest of
11:57 pm
his career. you know you talk about mb -- it's the same thing. until he proved the -- mb and bradford they are in the same boat. until they prove to people they can stay healthy it doesn't matter how much talking you to. >> chip kelli chipped out some guys you like. he made over the team on offense, no mccoy bowles macklin is gone. are you on board with what he is doing? >> it's going to be fun watching because it's all on chip. it's all on chip. he got rid of some terrific players. and listen, as a coach, if you get the run the show you goat do what you want to do. and you get to swim or sink with your own decisions. i think the eagles eagles are going to be one of the most fascinating teams in the nfl next we are because chip has clearly put his neck on the line. he is 100% put his neck on the line and i can't wait to watch. >> all right, speaking of one of the most fascinating stories. out there at the celebrity golf championship i'm hearing rumors,
11:58 pm
charles, i looked on tmz today, they say your golf swing is cured. no more hitch. is this true? >> this is not true. this is not true. i will tell you this. we're having a blast. it is so beautiful out here right now. it's about 75 degrees. no humidity. even though i suck at golf i'm 4zé best. we look forward to seeing you back in philly real soon. >> okay john. thanks for having me. >> with that swing, barkley actually finished second to the bottom in the american century classic, only super model kim alexis had a worse score. that's it for sports. i'm john bore act, we're right back.
11:59 pm
so, i needed to deposit a check. i was about to head to the bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone.
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mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna. and i bank human at td bank.
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in western india, a lion sanctuary is celebrating the birth of 11 cubs. and they were all born on the same day. four lionesses gave birth on friday. all those cubs are healthy and doing well and will soon have new playmates. two more lionesses are expected to deliver cubs soon. here's a look at what's next on in-depth with graham bensinger. >> you sat down with brett favre at his mississippi office. now enjoying retirement, favre talks about returning to green bay, addiction and living with no regret. all that's coming up next on in-depth on nbc 10. brittany dangerous heat continues tomorrow. >> that's right. stay hydrated, stay inside as
12:02 am
much as you can in the ac. check on your pets and also the kids of course and the elderly. our heat index, what it's going to feel like anywhere between 102 and 107 degrees. virtually our other area under a hees advisory or excessive heat advisory. also, if you suffer from respiratory illnesses, take it easy for monday. be careful out there. as we push closer to the lunchtime hour it's going to feel like it's in the triple digits at the atlantic city open, feeling like 96 in dover, 93 in philadelphia. actual temperature in philadelphia will get close to 95 degrees tomorrow. again, the feels like temperature could hit the triple digits throughout most of the area. we will track a chance for a heat wave if we officially hit 92 on tuesday. and then we regulate our temperatures drop back down and less humid by wednesday. >> look forward to that. >> it is in the seven-day.
12:03 am
>> we'll be back in about four hours. for john and all of us here, have a great monday and stay cool.
12:04 am
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- you retired, then un-retired. why do you think you went back and forth so much? - i should, i should've stood my ground and not retired early. (dramatic music) - [graham] brett favre, a name forever tied to the green bay packers. with a record 297 consecutive starts and more passing yards than any other quarterback favre's career is destined for the hall of fame. - i played every game like it was the last. i really did. - [graham] the three-time mvp grew up in small town kiln, mississippi one of four kids living just behind these gates. and he's still in his home state now living on a 465-acre property behind these gates. favre spent 16 years with green bay


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