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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 23, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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three men killed in less than two hours in a series of shootings in philadelphia. we are live as police try to track down the gunmen. trump on the border. on the heels of his controversial comments about immigrants donald trump will visit the texas/mexico border today and what he hopes to highlight there. a live look outside over center city, philadelphia. a nice breeze blowing. it will be another winter out there today. lots of sunshine. not a lot of humidity. make your plans to get out and enjoy it right now. this is "nbc 10 news today."
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i don't know if it gets as great for july than today. >> rarely do we get a stretch of beautiful weather as we enjoyed yesterday and with us again today. we are turning off with temperatures in the 60s and low seventh. 73 degrees here at nbc10. just one minute after 4:00. now much of the rest of the area is a little bit cooler than yesterday while 73 in philadelphia is exactly where we were. look at this. we have northwesterly winds that benefited so much with the dry air flowing in and happening again today and why the humidity is low this morning. we have a few scattered clouds overhead and not to worry. need your sunglasses again today. temperatures climb from the 60s and 70s into the middle 80s this afternoon. i'll take it neighborhood-by-neighborhood when i come back with the forecast. first, let's see what is happening on the roads with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> vine street expressway around
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eighth street, moving along. headed westbound in here this is headed toward the schuylkill expressway. not dealing with the ongoing construction this morning. 13 minutes on southbound on 95 from wood haven road to the vine street expressway. mass transit, no problems currently or delays so far. we will check in with new jersey roads when i come back in ten minutes. another bloody night of gunfire in philadelphia. three men died in four separate shootings that took place in the span of an hour and a half. this map shows the small radius where two of those shootings happened. one offer waterlao street and
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katy zachry is joining us live. these two shootings happened within minutes of each other? >> reporter: we are talking about ten minutes between shootings and took place a half block from each other. directly behind me at susquehanna and howard street crime investigators are looking at a dozen evidence markers on the sidewalk and taking pictures and talking to witnesses the last hour and a half since we have been here. about ten minutes later, as we pan down a half block from where we are along waterloo and a man was found dead in the street and firefighters tell us they transported a 15-year-old boy to st. christopher's hospital from that shooting. we are getting new information from a police captain who was at another shooting that happened not in this area but a separate area of the city as we said at the top of the show it's been an extremely deadly night, a lot of gun violence throughout
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philadelphia. we are talking to a police captain about if they think these two shootings behind me are related and i'll have more information on that coming up in 25 minutes. katy zachry nbc10 news. >> deadly shootings last night as she mentioned. and west kensington and more on that in a moment. yesterday's drama in northeast philadelphia. a murder suspect shot a police officer. that officer shot back killing the man. this morning, we know more about that s.w.a.t. team officer who has now dodged death twice in five years. police have not officially released that officer's name and say they will do that on friday. he is 41-year-old and married with two kids and in 2010 they say he was shot on an arrest in a home in summerdale. >> high-risk situation and barricaded suspect and this time a high-risk warrant that was being executed. they risk their lives and it's absolutely amazing.
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two times he has been shot. >> this is the bullet proof vest that saved that officer's life in 2010 and he was wearing a vest yesterday morning and it did its job. his only injury, according to the commissioner a nasty bruise. we know more about what led to yesterday's shooting. officers were trying to do arrest devon guisherd when she was killed outside of her home in frustrate. she and her baby died. >> i would still like to have the opportunity to look him in the eyes. god spared me of the pain of going through court and dealing with everything. he's in god's hands now. >> we also spoke with guisherd's family and they believe he did not fire the shot that killed doto and he was in hiding because he did not think he would get a fair trial. a correctionalal officer is
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back at home after stabbed by an inmate last night. sky 4 10 flew over the area just after the facility was put on hockdown. the officer was released from the hospital last night and they say he was stabbed with a homemade object. no word on what led to the stabbing but we do know the inmate accused of doing it is matthew early. police say he and his brother were captured on this surveillance video firing a gunshot into a septa train after an argument with a passenger in 2012. >> breaking news from overseas. defense secretary ash carter arrived in baghdad in the past half hour for an unannounced visit. there are reports now that he plans to meet with iraqi leaders, as well as u.s. military commanders. this comes just a short time after several car bombings went off in iraq. 19 people died and 30 other injured in separate bombings
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there. happening today in burlington the mortgage fraud trial of former philadelphia eagle fryer. they will see if he tried to rip off banks and mortgage companies out of more than a million dollars. a teenager faces a pretrial hearing. sean roberts is charged with leaving the scene of an accident. police say roberts only had a learn's permit when he ran over rachel hall who was riding her bicycle in may. paul is still in a rehab center recovering from a brain injury. now to decision 2016 and what has become trump watch. donald trump plans to visit the texas/mexico border today. tracy davidson is live in our digital operations center. what should we examine from the donald? >> we will see what happens. trump will take a tour of the
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border with the u.s. border patrol agents. this comes after he said mexicans coming into the united states are criminals and rapists. details were released on his wealth yesterday showing his estimated worth at $10 billion. the report also shows his assets at more than $1.4 billion. another gop candidate for president is firing back at donald trump in a humusan humorous way. he released this video on "how to enjoy your cell phone. >> in this video he uses a variety of methods to try to destroy his phone before saying if all else fails you can always give your number to the donald. graham and trump are among 16 candidates now running for president. on the democratic side are the five people shown here. new developments in the race for president and donald trump's candidacy every day so find out when news breaks by downloading
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our nbc10 news app and we will send news directly to your phone. tracy davidson nbc10 news. nine minutes after 4:00. what a wonderful start we are getting. temperatures are falling and cooler than yesterday because the humidity is so lower and dry stretch continue on into the weekend ian you'll neat your sunglasses again today. plenty of sunshine ahead for the next few days but there are some changes over the weekend, including some humidity and a chance of some wet weather as well. right now clear for reading. 63. a few scattered clouds. nothing more than that in philadelphia. 70 degrees and cape may is 66 right now. the numbers are still falling. look at that. nice dry view. a little bit of traffic on beach avenue. that is the view from the legislative yet hotel. the temperatures won't be as warm as yesterday. a few thin clouds moving through
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the area right now will keep on going and it will be bright sunshine just like yesterday. we just saw a few scattered fair-weather clouds yesterday and today. the temperatures will be climbing into the 80s for that sunshine but we aretr running a little cooler. two or three degrees cooler for most areas examine. your neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast, another summer beauty. 77 degrees for mt. pocono and 84 allentown and up to 83 for reading and quaker town. sunny skies for norris town and trenton and mt. holly and plenty of sunshine along the coach. rahehoboth to 80 degrees. 83 for cape may and atlantic city. inlands, sunshine bright. philadelphia 85 and 84 wilmington this afternoon. a look at the weekend forecast with the changes when i come back in ten minutes. >> thank you, bill. looking good. ten minutes after 4:00. i just saw a tremendous yawn off
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camera from jessica boyington. you've got to be careful. that is contagious at this hour. we don't do that in here! >> do not call me out like that! i'm so happy to be here. happy thursday morning, everyone. start things out in new jersey. if you're in new jersey so far this morning no problems. not seeing a lot of traffic around the area. out in cherry hill. on 295 around 561, 12 minute drive fromw]
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h that coming up. preparing for the pope. we visit the pope that pope francis will be looking at in september and we get a rare glimpse inside. that is coming up.
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how often do things like this happen on train platforms? that is the question we looked into after this video surfaced a few weeks ago showing bystanders helping a man who fell right on to the tracks at a septa
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station. septa safety chief says intoxicated or impaired riders fall on the tracks 40 to 50 times a year. he says it's not after a night with friends but sporadically during daylight hours. we found out most riders wouldn't know how to respond if they saw this happen right in front of them. >> stumbling around leaning close to the yellow line and just fell over. >> i often thought about that if i would do that or not. i don't know. i think i would be too scared. >> officials say if you see that happen use this yellow emergency phone located on the platform. it's a direct line to septa officers who can send word to stop the train in seconds. then they say after checking for oncoming trains it's courtesy to help the person get back off the tracks and back on the platform. police on the main line made a drug bust and the suspect is not your typical heroin dealer. police satisfy they found hundred dollars of heroin-filled
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baggies inside the home of lynne twaddle. no one was home when we knocked on her door yesterday. police say they raided her home tuesday after a four-month undercover investigation. one neighbor told us that she had seen cars just come in and go out of home's driveway and often heard loud altercations. >> screaming at each other. and there were times i thought somebody was going to kill. >> twaddle remains in jail after failing to post a 50,000 dollar bond. preparing for the pope at 4:16. a rare glimpse inside the prison that pope francis will visit in september. it's a story you will see only here on nbc10. matt delucia is the one who enterprised this story. he joins us outside the correctional facility in
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holmesburg. not often they see a visit of this magnitude there at that prison. >> reporter: not at all, chris. only a couple of politicians have been behind these walls in the past 20 years. never a president. certainly not a pope. that will change of course in september. the fromhold facility is one of the spots selected by the pope. he will be here on sunday before his mass. i walked through the halls with the police commissioner. he is slated to speak with a group of prisoners, men and women, and their families and some of the correctional workers here in about an hour that the folks here are looking forward to and one they won't soon forget. >> i think this will be an event that will be recognized and talked about for years and years. even after i leave. >> reporter: coming up throughout the morning, we will give you a closer another what the pope will see when he walks
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through these doors. at 5:00 i talk to a chaplain who worked here and he says it's like jesus christ himself will be visiting these prisoners. matt delucia nbc10 news. a now app that promises people to navigate the events surrounding the pope's visit and the world meeting of families. it's called go philadelphia. officials unveiled it yesterday. it's an interactive guide that will offer up information to the visitors in the city during the papal visit. one event in the app is a four-day film festival. >> and closed after having screened 13 films on the evening of friday september 25th, just before pope francis' highly anticipated arrival in philadelphia. >> some of the films that festival will include? "invincible" "the wizard of oz" and "the sound of music."
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19 minutes after 4:00. fortunately, mother nature is singing the same tune she did yesterday, nice comfortable conditions, low humidity and a little bit of breeze. the northwesterly winds at 7 miles an hour. look at the humidity. even lower than yesterday at this time at 55%. it's going to be a beautiful day. sunshine will be bright and back in the 80s this afternoon. completely clear looking across the delaware. there are some high clouds but nothing falling from them. radar completely clear this morning. these scattered clouds already thing out in the pocono mountains. that line of clouds is going to push out of here and, yesterday, bright sunshine for most of the day and we are in for round two today. sunny skies. nice and comfortable this afternoon. look at those temperatures. low to mid-80s. northwesterly winds still with us and in our favor when it comes to humidity. the humidity stays low into the
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weekend. you'll feel it on saturday. saturday 87 degrees with low humidity. but it's sunday that we will see the return of the mugginess and that could fuel some late day showers and thunderstorms on monday. a little bit warmer sunday afternoon. 88 degrees and that warming trend continues into monday. full seven-day forecast with details when i come back in the next half hour. >> love that weather we had yesterday and on tap today, bill. good stuff. jessica boyington is here with the first alert traffic. any problems popping up? >> if you're heading out the door right now not a lot of problems. a lot of the construction projects are open and not really working this morning. schuylkill expressway around montgomery drive 12 minute drive. out on the p.a. gikturnpike everything along well.
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24 or 25 minute trip at the most from valley forge towards route one. the area bridges to get into philadelphia today no problems currently or [ inaudible ] the burlington bristol doing okay. ben franklin bridge not a lot of volume but still losing the two right hand lanes for ongoing construction heading westbound into philly. we are talking about fishing for sharks. if you're brave enough to do it in this area there are some things you should know so that a big fine doesn't take a bite out of your budget. plus one of the biggest state fairs in the area and it kicks off today. details where you can enjoy music and rides and all of the food you can eat. fair food too, i'm assuming some it is really fried and delicious. if you ever wonder what happens behind the scenes here at "nbc 10 news today," you can interact with us on parascope. awesome news social media and maybe not that new but a new social media app you can use to check in in a live broadcast in a lot of different places
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including right here in our nbc10 studio. we will interact and talk to you during commercial breaks when we can and answer your questions. follow us there at
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lawyers for new jersey senator bob menendez are fighting to get some evidence in his corruption case released. he was charged in april with corruption and bribery for allegedly accepting gifts in exchange for political favors for a friend of is. yesterday, his lawyers requested specific pieces of evidence. they want to see that from the prosecution but prosecutors say some of the information may be classified and we will see what happens there. drivers in camden will face
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detours ndur to the demolition on a busy street today and tear down the commerce building this weekend. i'm sorry, that is happened this weekend not today, as i said earlier. a parking lot will be there once they tear that down. as a result of the diminution federal street between fifth street and broadway and broadway between federal and mlk boulevard will be closed temporarily and starts at 6:00 saturday morning through 6:00 a.m. august 2nd. delaware bureau now. if you're brave enough to go fishing for sharks environmental official say you need to know the rules so you don't get fined. state officials say certain sharks have to be let go like the sand tiger and sand bar sharks and they may not survive if you catch them. so if you reel one in you can avoid a fine by going into the water and setting it free like this guy did here. you will be fined if they catch you pulling the shark onto the beach. word of advice there.
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happening today, the delaware state fair begins with live music, of course. carnival rides and tons of food. new kids on the block, counting crows, and megan trainer are some of the acts performing through august 1st. tracy davidson is singing beside me right now. if that doesn't wake you up at 4:00 in the morning, nothing will. there are also animals at the fair. craft beer. hello! a rodeo and an old-fashioned demolition derby. how about that? in the meantime, a live look at lincoln financial field in south philadelphia. a free career expo happening today and it's specifically for people looking for jobs who have a military background. you have to have that to apply for these jobs. home depot, recruit military and other employers are teaming up for today's event that starts in a few hour at 11:00 a.m. at lincoln financial. did you see them flash the lights at us there? they want us to know that we are
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watching. actually they had a clapper installed there, chris. a little bit of applause. 69 degrees. don't clap or change this weather. a nice northwesterly wind bringing in the dry air. 4:27 the time and grab your sunglasses and plan on a sunny day today. let's see what is happening on the roads with jessica boyington. we are looking live at route 309. moving along just fine along the p.a. turnpike. overnight in philadelphia one neighborhood rocked by two shootings. behind me, we are on the scene. one man is dead. police say they have transported a teenager who was injured to a local children's hospital. i'll break it down coming up.
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we are following breaking news this morning. police are tracking down a gunman in several deadly shootings in philadelphia overnight. a live look outside this morning. if you enjoyed yesterday's weather, then get ready for a repeat. you're going to like today. it's another cool start to the morning. we will see how long our stretch of sunshine and low humidity will last coming up in the first alert forecast. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. a beauty yesterday, wasn't it? >> uh-huh. >> let's see if we can get more of that today. >> fingers crossed. >> bill henley is here with his first alert forecast. you will not disappoint this morning? >> not at all. we have mostly clear skies and the humidity is lower at 70 degrees in philadelphia. most of the rest of the area is


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