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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  July 23, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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had to use the force seen in the video. >> in this case yes, they used sufficient force and they didn't exceed that force but we're still looking at it but from my review at this point in time i don't see excessive force in that video. >> reporter: jack whalen says they are still asking anybody else with cell phone video that may show otherwise, please bring that in. they also want to talk to any other witnesses from that location late this past sunday morning. i just got off the phone with walter's mother. she says she does not believe the claims from the district attorney and she contends that in these sorts of cases, law enforcers will say anything to cover themselves. i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. from our delaware bureau a woman's body was found on a playground in wilmington. someone found the body next to a slide. now investigators are trying to figure out how she died. for now theycalling the death
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suspicious. a shark scare this morning. the beach was evacuated after a possible sighting. lifeguards spotted a possible shark in oyster bay around noon. close to 2,000 people were on the beach at the time. lifeguards blew their whistles everybody was evacuated into the sand. the shark is believed to be about five feet long. police using a helicopter to spot it. believe it or not, it's just two months away until the pope arrives in philadelphia. the city wants to look its best for his visit so you may have noticed all the construction work clogging up traffic in center city. nbc 10's deanna durante is along the ben franklin parkway. the rush is on to get these projects finished by september. >> reporter: yeah it is. take a look. you have seen them. all these orange barrels, the road signs blocking off lanes and of course the closed lanes. they seem to be everywhere in center city. the streets department says that's because they are. from broad to market even along city side streets, chewed up concrete and exposed manhole
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covers are easy to spot. >> the roads themselves are horrible. i think we lost a husband capb cap here. >> reporter: he can't be sure but he is certain he hates the current state of the city roads. >> next couple months going to be just horrible. they will try to make it look good for his holiness. >> reporter: that's partially correct. the rush is on to get this work completed before pope francis arrives in philadelphia. the streets department says all the orange cones and detour signs you're seeing now were part of planned projects and would have happened with or without the pope's september visit. >> it's a good and bad thing. i had to switch my tires about four times this summer alone, throughout the summer from hitting potholes. >> reporter: drivers say while they're too familiar with rough roads, this weekend's scheduled closures for road surfacing is good news. >> that's good. >> as long as it's a smooth road road? >> yeah. they should repave more than they do. yeah. >> reporter: you can't help but notice all the work going on
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along the parkway. the city tells us that was part of a fairmount park project also scheduled but clearly it needs to be finished before pope francis visits. when will you see the cones go away? that will happen sometime by early august. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> count on nbc 10 to follow every development as philadelphia prepares for the pope's visit. get the latest updates in a special section on our nbc 10 news app. new information now about a violent night in philadelphia. police identified one of the victims killed in a series of shootings overnight. investigators say a gunman approached 19-year-old giovanni as he sat outside his house in west kensington and opened fire. he died at the hospital. that was the first of four shootings in a span of several hours. two more shootings happened in kensington, another in tacony. three people were killed. around 1:00 this morning, police went to the 100 block of west
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palonis street and found a man with gunshot wounds to the face and chest. he died at that scene. around the same time officers responded to another shooting in the area this time a 15-year-old boy was hit in the arm. police say someone started shooting up cars in the 100 block of west susquehanna avenue. the boy is expected to be okay. around 1:15 police found a 21-year-old man lying on the road in tacony. someone shot him in the head and neck. a second victim found in a home nearby on unruh avenue is in critical condition. so far, no arrests in any of these shootings. state legislators and immigrants rights groups are celebrating legislation that would allow hundreds of thousands of pennsylvanians to drive legally. a new bill would provide drivers' licenses to undocumented immigrants in the state. that would make pennsylvania the 13th state to expand drivers license eligibility. there are approximately 200,000
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undocumented people in pennsylvania who deal with the difficulties of driving without a license. they also don't have a valid form of identification. somewhat related, donald trump arrived in texas two hours ago to visit the u.s./mexican border. border patrol agents canceled plans to meet him. the purpose of the visit was to talk about the dangers at the border. nbc 10 national correspondent jay gray is live with more on this visit. what have you learned? >> reporter: donald trump has left the building. you can hear the police escort. look this was the last stop on trump's south texas campaign swing, a trip that started with a group that invited him actually deciding they wouldn't be part of the tour. it is a dry, rugged and in many places desolate region but make no mistake. the border between texas and mexico has been fertile ground for donald trump. >> there's nothing more
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important than what i'm doing. i'm the one that brought up the problem of illegal immigration. >> reporter: trump traveled to laredo for a tour of the border. border security continues to be a cornerstone of trump's unorthodox and unapologetic presidential campaign. a run that began with this controversial comment about undocumented immigrants. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists and some i assume are good people. >> reporter: a handful of protesters followed trump during his visit and former texas governor, now fellow gop contender rick perry blasted trump wednesday, calling his candidacy a quote, cancer for the republican party. >> donald trump the candidate is a sore of division wrongly demonizing mexican americans for political sport. >> reporter: as the controversy swirls this morning the group that initially invited trump, the local union representing border patrol agents pulled out,
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saying in a statement after careful consideration of all the factors involved in this event and communicate wging with members of the national border patrol council, it's been decided to pull out of all events involving donald trump. >> frankly, they don't want to get involved. >> reporter: trump refusing to cancel his trip or back down from an issue driving his run for the white house. with the growing criticism from within his own party, donald trump has said he won't rule out running as a third party candidate if necessary. that's the latest. i'm jay gray. renee, back to you. >> thank you, jay. here at home republican presidential candidate chris christie under fire for spending taxpayer money on his campaign. there's a push to get the governor to pay for his own security on the campaign trail. nbc 10's drew smith live at the state house in trenton where there was action on this matter today. drew? >> reporter: there was. there's reimbursement proposal that went right through a senate
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committee today with no problems. we spoke with the senate majority leader here at the state house. she says she's confident it will pass the full body but admits it's unlikely the target of this bill, the republican governor chris christie will sign it. she says it's important to have the discussion, though. governor chris christie is greeting welcoming crowds in other states but here at home the mood is different. >> we are not out there on the road with him. we are here working in the state. >> reporter: christie plans to spend the next couple days in the early caucus state of iowa and his security detail of new jersey state troopers will go with him. >> we've got grave and unnatural problems here. why should taxpayers be asked to underwrite the cost of strictly partisan political events? >> reporter: the state senate majority leader is leading the effort to get the governor's campaign to reimburse out of state campaign travel. >> it's up to him to take the moral and ethical high road.
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>> reporter: she says from january to march, the security bill exceeded $60,000 a month but supporters say christie isn't doing anything wrong. >> that's part of things that are his prerogative to spend money on. >> reporter: the campaign has not released fund-raising totals yet but a super pac supporting him has brought in $11 million. the governor's office has no plans to change what it's doing. >> when he's out of state campaigning for president he's not on state business. so we should not be paying for his security, really. >> reporter: the governor's office put out a statement in response to all this calling this endless political drama, bipartisan in the legislature. it says quote, there is no point in joining their daily theatrics. drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> christie is one of 16 candidates vying for a republican nomination for president. just five candidates are in the running on the democratic side.
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the democratic front-runner hillary clinton, says issues of disparity and race during a forum today. the former secretary of state pledged to dig into the root causes of what she calls the challenge of systemic racism in american society. >> anybody who says we haven't made progress has not kept their eyes and ears open. we have made progress. anybody who says we don't have to make any more progress is blind to what we need to do to deal with race injustice questions. >> clinton also attended an economic forum in greenville. the fight for '15. this afternoon, demonstrators rallied in center city to raise the minimum wage for fast food workers. >> what do we want? >> 15. >> when do we want it? >> now! >> they gathered outside mcdonald's on broad street then took the rally inside. it's one of dozens of demonstrations happening across the country, calling on cities to adopt the new $15 minimum
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wage standard. workers are showing support for the move yesterday in new york where a governor-appointed wage board recommended minimum wage just to $15 an hour. the push is gaining momentum on both sides of the country. the university of california for instance says it will phase in an increase to $15 an hour for employees at its ten campuses. the cities of los angeles, seattle, san francisco, oakland and berkeley have also approved phase-in increases. in new york the state wage board endorsed raising the minimum wage scale to $15 an hour for workers at restaurants with 30 or more locations. i want you to take a look at this video. a plastic bag over his head. check out this video. philadelphia police say that guy was armed with a knife and had a plastic bag over his face. you can see it quite clearly. he held up the dunkin' donuts
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store on july 6th the. police say he took money from the cash box and ran off. if you know about him, give him a call. there is a crime warning to tell you about for people in montgomery county. lock your cars. police are trying to track down two men wanted for breaking into unlocked cars. authorities say it's the second time in the last few weeks this neighborhood was hit. they think the break-ins may be related to additional thefts in a nearby township. to our delaware bureau, the end of a decades-old tradition. new moms will no longer receive free formula at any of the state's hospitals there, part of an ongoing effort to get more mothers to breast feed. delaware is the third state to ban the free bags of formula. all of philadelphia's major birthing hospitals have also stopped the practice. delaware health officials say there are many benefits to breast feeding. it reduces the baby's risk of sudden infant death syndrome diarrhea, ear infections pneumonia, allergies and asthma. they say babies who are breast
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fed for six months are also less likely to become obese and mothers who breast feed have less risk of breast and ovarian cancers. now to a recall involving 70,000 strollers. the strollers are made by a company which made the cruise vista and rumble seat models. a bumper bar chosesposes a choking hazard. stop using it and contact the company. there's another sign bill cosby has fallen from grace. a mural featuring the once revered star is no more in north philadelphia. nbc 10's jacqueline london is live in the digital operations center with that story. >> reporter: that mural of bill cosby went up back in 2008. today, the mural arts program tells us it has indeed been painted over. nbc 10 was at broad and glenwood streets a short time ago. that blank white wall hides the
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former mural. the mural depicted cosby alongside civil rights leaders like dr. martin luther king. the mural arts program was already considering removing it because the wall where it's painted is in bad shape. the recent allegations that cosby drugged and sexually assaulted women moved that mural higher on the list. it is important to note that despite the allegation bill cosby has not been charged and it's unclear if that mural will be replaced by another painting. live in the digital operations center jacqueline london, nbc 10 news. there is now a bill on the table to ban lgbt discrimination. senator cory booker of new jersey along with house and senate democrats introduced the legislation today. the bill would add sexual orientation and gender identity to federal anti-discrimination laws. advocates say the move is needed since most states do not include either category in their anti-discrimination statutes. listen to this. isis has become a bigger threat than al qaeda.
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that candid comment came from the head of the fbi. fbi director james comey spoke during a security forum in colorado. he spoke about isis' efforts in particular to inspire troubled americans to violence. he says that's become more of a threat to the u.s. than an attack by al qaeda and get this. social media is largely responsible. >> they have adopted a model that takes advantage of social media in a way to crowd source terrorism. >> the fbi says it's arrested a significant number of people over the last eight weeks who had been radicalized by isis. 200 residents evacuated because of a large warehouse fire in central new jersey. they are still waiting to hear when they can return home. that massive warehouse fire continued to burn this morning in north brunswick. this was how it looked yesterday. flames pouring from the building and smoke billowing for miles. the epa says the air quality appears to be safe. the fire started in the center of the warehouse and spread
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throughout. the cause is unknown. three days under a bed. police in north jersey say this man broke into a home and then hid under a bed for days. jason hubbard is locked in the middlesex county jail right now. the homeowner heard a noise in the spare bedroom and found hubbard underneath the bed. the incident happened in may. police are just releasing details of the arrest. new information about a theft at a popular jersey shore spot. north wildwood police tell us they have arrested a third person wanted for swiping a cash register from morey's piers worth $2400. authorities charged him with theft and other offenses. two teenagers were also arrested. tonight crews will spray to kill mosquitos in several montgomery county communities. it's happening in areas where sampling has shown mosquitos carry west nile virus. it includes parts of abington
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township cheltenham township. crews will spray from 8:30 until 11:30 tonight. take a look at this. an annual tradition under way in delaware. the delaware state fair opened this afternoon for its 95th season. this is video from last year. the ten day fair runs through saturday, august 1st. new kids on the block, brian adams are among the acts scheduled to perform this year. we started the week off with a lot of heat and humidity and we are ending the week with neither. you can enjoy another one. tomorrow will be a lot like today. we do have some changes coming in over the weekend mainly in the form of increased humidity and we have the heat returning generally next week. could be another heat wave there. lot of sunshine out there now.
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beautiful blue sky and just a few fair weather cumulus clouds. 83 degrees, the wind west-northwest at 12. the humidity is pretty low, 32%. it's a degree cooler than this time yesterday. we are in the upper 70s to low 80s just about everywhere. the pocono mountains at 73. with the wind coming from the land, the shore areas are just about as warm as the inland areas. you see that wind flow so it's 80 degrees at beach haven, 81 at atlantic city airport. a little bit of a wind off delaware bay keeping lewes a few degrees cooler than it would be if the wind was more westerly. we have hardly any clouds in the sky. that's true for quite awhile back to the west through chicago and even into iowa. there's moisture down south that will stay down south. there could be tropical development off the north carolina coast over the next
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week but that too would stay well south of us. as we go through the rest of the afternoon, and evening, temperatures dropping fairly quickly as we go to 10:00 tonight. we are at 63 in allentown. by morning, we are back in the 50s like we were this morning. some places will be on the cool side. everybody's going to have relatively low humidity tonight and again tomorrow. you see temperatures going up a little tomorrow from today, but the humidity really isn't. we are going to get a bit of a sea breeze during the afternoon since the general wind flow is going to be lighter tomorrow. as we go into saturday we're still not seeing any clouds let alone rain. and you can see temperatures saturday, still very comfortable. 60 degrees in allentown. then warming into the 80s by 11:00 a.m. we are going to get warmer as we go through the weekend but it's not going to be a real hot, humid time. a little bit more humid as we go
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into sunday. but that's about it. nothing like what we saw earlier in the week. it's going to be really nice at the shore for several days now. friday saturday even sunday although it should become more humid. we expect sea breezes every day preventing the temperature from getting too high. the one place to see possible showers and storms is the poconos. that would be on sunday along with the higher humidity. even that is just about a 30% or 40% chance of seeing anything. clear and comfortable tonight, 66 for a low in philadelphia. 56 north and west. tomorrow, another day a lot like today. few degrees warmer perhaps. very low humidity. the seven-day forecast low humidity on saturday little bit more humid and little bit hotter sunday. the one decent chance for showers and storms comes on monday and then it just starts getting hotter as we go through next week.
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this south jersey family about to lose their home after falling for a mortgage scam. how the nbc 10 investigators are making sure it doesn't happen. then the popular auto company warning drivers to get their car to the dealership now. the issue that can cause your engine to burst into flame. young aspiring film makers are met with a big surprise today. what one philadelphia football star is doing right here at nbc 10 to kick start their careers.
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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one book two books, red book, new book. if you like dr. seuss, this is for you. next week a long lost book will be released shiny and new. it's called "what pet should i get" and includes some characters you have already met. the brother and sister from "one fish, two fish" go to a store and choose whatever pet they wish. it was written 50 or 60 years back but until two years ago, no one knew it was in dr. seuss's
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stack. your turn. >> no. that brings back memories. you will soon be able to get uber in new york city instead of hailing a cab. today a deal between the city and the ride hailing company, uber agreed to a four-month study on the impact of cars on the traffic and environment. the deal was reached before a city council vote would impact the number of cars uber could have on city streets. the agreement includes a commitment from uber to make more of its vehicles handicapped accessible. the arrest caught on video of a chester, delaware county man. his family says he's the victim of police brutality but prosecutors say he had a gun and was resisting arrest. they say police did what they had to to subdue the suspect. we are following this story and bring you new information as it develops. oh, my gosh. maybe there's a chance. people do care.
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>> shock and happiness for a south jersey family that they thought were being evicted. how the nbc 10 investigators got action when they were given a date to get out. what a difference in the weather. now is this nice weather going to stick around for the weekend? that's coming up in the forecast. ♪ i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life state farm is there.
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today the nbc 10 investigators get action for a south jersey family. they thought they were being evicted from their home after falling for a mortgage scam. now they can stay put. hundreds of families in the same position after being taken in by the scam. >> the nbc 10 investigators got involved.
4:30 pm
harry hairston tells us that after that a member of congress flexed political muscle. >> fears of eviction having him moving what he can from his home. closets are empty, the clothes are on counters. everything else is either on the street with the garbage or in storage. >> we eat, sleep and live in the living room. >> reporter: the sheriff showed up to evict him last thursday. >> the movers and locksmith never showed up. he said there's nothing i can do without them so i have to reschedule it. i got a little blue card in the mail. >> reporter: we told you about them and four other area families who thought they were paying into a loan modification but federal agents tell us it was a scheme. a company passing itself off as the real federal program that offers loan modifications. now there is new hope that may allow them to keep their home.
4:31 pm
that call came from congressman donald norcross' office. he had been contacted by the fredericks and saw our story. >> i just got angrier by the moment that people fell on tough times. it happens all the time. >> reporter: since norcross got involved, the fredericks have another 30 days to figure out how to keep their home. >> what's important is you brought this story to life. hopefully there will be less unfortunate victims of this type of behavior. >> reporter: norcross says he will continue to help and that's what the fredericks are counting on. >> it's very hard not knowing. >> reporter: the federal trade commission filed suit against the company. no criminal charges have been filed. for the investigators, harry hairston nbc 10 news. new jersey can keep using a new teacher evaluation system. the department of education made that announcement today. this was the first year for the
4:32 pm
system. teachers were evaluated through a combination of classroom evaluations, student grade improvements and standardized tests. educators were concerned that teachers for the most challenged students would do poorly in the rating rating. the vast majority rated as effective or highly effective. those are lower marks get extra help. a robbery caught on camera inside a philadelphia family dollar store. police say the suspect put a stocking over his face and demanded money on july 12th in the 4500 block of castor avenue. police are still searching for the man in the video. new information about a philadelphia prison guard stabbed on the job last night. police say an inmate used a makeshift nail to stab tyree holmes in the face head neck shoulders and arms. officers holmes was treated and released. it all happened just before 6:00
4:33 pm
last night inside the curran-fromhold correctional facility the same prison that the pope is planning to visit in september. >> nbc 10 got a rare glimpse inside the facility. pope francis will visit the prison the morning of sunday september 27th before his mass on the ben franklin parkway. 8,000 people reside behind the prison walls. 1200 identify as catholic. as of right now, the pope is slated to speak with selected inmates and their families in just about an hour. the hour folks here say they are looking forward to and one they won't soon forget. >> it's incredible. we are blessed. that place will never be the same after the pope comes in there. it will just be in everybody's heart. he will bring fresh air, grace, christ to that prison. >> only a couple politicians have visited this prison in the last 20 years. never a president or pope. they hope to become film makers. >> today some creative young people are making their pitch
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and the person hearing the pitch is famous himself. how a new eagle is hoping to make dreams come true. a problem with a popular motorcycle could put the rider and anyone around that bike at risk. the danger that's now leading to a recall.
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how about this guy here. he's suspected in a string of burglaries around philadelphia. police say he hit six businesses from may to late last month and among those were rita's water ice and a cricket cellular store. the beaches are closed in a central pennsylvania state park after dozens of swimmers were sickened. 29 swimmers in fact became ill with norovirus possibly from an e. coli bacteria in the water.
4:38 pm
this is at cowan's gap state park. the beach is now closed to swimmers but fishing and boating are still permitted. this is about 60 miles west of harrisburg. campbell's soup is going back to the basics. it's scaling back artificial ingredients. that means no more artificial flavors, colors and high fructose corn syrup. they will eliminate all three in nearly all products by august 2018. it says the food industry is being revolutionized by changing demographics and a widespread shift in what people want to eat. a problem under the hood for thousands of cars. >> the new recall that could impact your vehicle. and could there be another earth out there? the discovery in outer space that has scientists talking. we are talking about a beautiful day to get out at the shore. live look at cape may. how long will this great weather last? it's very difficult to give
4:39 pm
the kids the best that we can when we don't have the tools. >> families in limbo. they worry their children's schools will suffer because pennsylvania leaders can't agree on a budget. they are sending a message to the state.
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feeiat chrysler is recalling suvs to fix engine covers that could come loose and catch fire if they come in contact with hot exhaust system parts. one minor injury has been reported so far. the recall involves dodge journeys and fiat freemont from the 2011 to 2015 models with 2.4 liter four cylinder engines. new hardware will be installed to help hold the engine covers in place. it's back to the shop for more than 185,000 harley
4:43 pm
davidson motorcycles. a saddle bag problem is prompting the recall. the bags could fall off and increase the risk of a crash. the recall involves several models including a number of road kings. find a complete list of affected models on dealers will replace the hardware free of charge starting next monday. all too often, we tell you horror stories of people leaving kids in hot cars. >> now one company is unveiling a new car seat aimed at preventing that from happening. it's called even-flow embrace deluxe infant car seat with sensor safe technology. the seat comes with a receiver that plugs into the on-board diagnostic port under the dashboard. that receiver links with a sensor in the car seat. once the child is put in and the car starts rolling an electronic link is established. when you turn the car off the sensor will immediately give off an alert sound. great idea there. here's another reason to hit
4:44 pm
the gym. aerobic exercise may help ease symptoms of dementia. researchers looked at 200 people with alzheimer's disease in denmark. they found those that took exercise classes were less likely to be irritable, depressed or anxious. how about this. maybe we're not alone after all. looks like earth has a cousin. >> scientists say they have found a planet similar to ours one that may even harbor life. but it's not exactly around the corner. >> reporter: this planet is 1400 light years from earth and like earth orbits and gets its energy from a star just like we do from the sun. its temperature is the same as earth and there's a good chance of matching our planet's rocky mass as well as life-forming water. >> it makes me feel like there really is a solar system like our solar system out there. there really is another earth out there. >> reporter: kepler 452-b is 60%
4:45 pm
larger than earth, has twice the gravity and is the closest nasa has ever come to finding a planet like ours. >> it's a similar sun, a similar orbit and a planet just a little bigger than earth that makes it that close cousin. >> liftoff of the delta 2 rocket with kepler. >> reporter: the planet is named after the nasa mission launched in march 2009 to discover earth-like planets orbiting other stars. >> this is part of the quest, to find out if we're alone in the universe. i think that's one of the great questions not only of science but for humanity. >> reporter: a question whose answer is getting closer. chris clackum, nbc news. a mere 1400 light years away? maybe i'll head there next weekend. you know how long a light year is? the speed of light for a year is
4:46 pm
1400 of them. all right. enjoy another one of these great days we've had around here. we've got some changes coming in during the weekend, mainly in the form of higher humidity then the heat is going to be returning, maybe another heat wave coming next week. lot of sunshine nothing close to a heat wave now. 83 degrees. wind 12 miles an hour not as breezy as yesterday. the humidity even lower than yesterday at 32%. we were 95 degrees sunday and monday, 91 tuesday, 85 yesterday, 82 today. yes, it is definitely more comfortable. 83 is the high today in northeast philly 82 in wilmington and at the shore, it is around 80 degrees as well. bit of an off-shore wind. hardly any clouds around. picture-perfect kind of day. going back to the west chicago back into south dakota it's still dry.
4:47 pm
there's moisture down south but that as you can see is all moving straight to the east. it's not coming anywhere near us. with the weather pattern it's not likely to. here we go through the evening hours. bit of that northwest wind keeping the dry air in. this is the future cast showing any clouds or rain. we are hardly seeing any clouds let alone rain. by tomorrow morning, things starting to warm up. into the 80s. it should be a little warmer tomorrow than what we have seen today but there's no moisture. no clouds at all. you can see a couple of them offshore just to prove that there actually are clouds and rain showers on the map somewhere. as we go to saturday morning, not quite as cool as it was this morning or tomorrow morning. then we start warming up even more saturday afternoon. we are not talking about anything really hot and the humidity on saturday will still be pretty low.
4:48 pm
the humidity increases some on sunday but at the shore, i don't think it will be enough to be producing any showers or storms. the ocean temperature just bumped up to 74 in the last couple hours. so near 80 degrees, about as good as it gets at the shore. the poconos, friday and saturday are beautiful, again with lower humidity. little bit more humidity on sunday with just a chance of a shower or thunderstorm. not a real high chance perhaps 30% or 40% of just getting any kind of rain on sunday. clear and comfortable tonight, 66 for the low in philadelphia, 56 north and west. then during the day tomorrow sunny with some very low humidity once again. a lot like today except a few degrees warmer. maybe a little bit less wind. then on saturday still not very humid. sunday the humidity goes up temperature goes up a bit but i'm still keeping the rain out of the forecast other than that chance in the poconos. the best chance of showers or storms is on monday and then the
4:49 pm
best chance of even hotter weather coming in is next week where we could be getting into another heat wave there. >> we will enjoy these next few days. >> several great days in a row. >> the best. young film makers are making their pitch today. >> this is walter thurmond iii. >> welcome to philly. the new eagle adding a new title to his resume.
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take a look at this. philadelphia's mural arts program will unveil another work of art this evening. members of the eagles will be in south philadelphia for the dedication ceremony on darion street. the mural is called our city our team and runs the entire length of the buildings along darion street across from lincoln financial field. the dedication will take place in about a half hour. a new philadelphia eagle is also a big film lover. >> today, walter thurman was one of a panel of people hearing a pitch from aspiring young film makers. >> if this is a passion you guys have whether it be tv or film you should go all the way in. you have great people around you. >> walter thurman is here with some of the brightest young people in our region. >> you see a leader grow or grow by the end of the movie.
4:54 pm
>> a group of television and film professionals were pitched on their ideas. among them the new eagle safety, who has a deep passion for film making. >> i taught myself film. the whole process of directing and producing, i feel like that's what i want to do my post-career. >> thurman has directed and produced films himself and currently has more in production. when he came to philadelphia he immediately chose to work with the alliance. he specifically wanted to work with film makers from philadelphia. >> at the end of the day, you have to believe in yourself that that's what you want to do. there are so many talented people out there but some don't have the resources to be able to show their talents. >> as part of the showcase of talent the youngsters received a behind the scenes tour of our studios from a seat in my chair to a chance to speak with my colleague, hurricane schwartz. but the highlight was the big pitch and for thurman, a chance to judge on the best short film ideas. for this football star potential hollywood star maker there's no holding back.
4:55 pm
>> how bad do they want it? you can always see the potential in somebody at the early stages whether it be sports or in this aspect as far as if they really care about it, are really passionate about it. >> in the end, all three teams had their film pitches green-lit. nbc 10 is the place to watch all the eagles preseason games. the action starts august 16th against the colts, a battle of the birds on august 22nd when the eagles take on the ravens. on august 29th the eagles head to green bay before wrapping up the preseason at the new york jets on september 3rd. "nbc 10 news at 5:00" is next. here are jacqueline london and keith jones. all new on "nbc 10 news at 5:00," school is out for some and apparently so are pennsylvania law makers. >> the legislature has gone on summer break despite the fact there is still no state budget. tonight, teachers show how this could hurt local schools.
4:56 pm
we asked what lawmakers are doing to get a budget deal done. we still have a very pleasant day across the area. no rain in sight for the next couple days. we do have some showers in the forecast and higher humidity. i will show you when those are set to move in next on "nbc 10 news at 5:00."
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism. it's very difficult to give the kids the best that we can when we don't have the tools.
4:59 pm
>> right now at 5:00 families in limbo. they worry their children's schools will suffer because pennsylvania leaders can't agree on a budget. before the job was finished lawmakers went on summer break. "nbc 10 news at 5:00" starts right now. pennsylvania has now been without a budget for more than 22 days. >> the governor and law makers have been fighting over a variety of issues pensions liquor taxes. schools are also waiting to find out how much money they will get from the state. >> the longer that decision is delayed, the more headaches it's causing for parents and teachers. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal has more on their message to the state. >> reporter: rupert elementary is getting ready for the first day of classes but it's tough to plan for an entire school year when your funding is up in the air. >> pass a budget in a timely manner. >> reporter: today, teachers and parents held a rally giving this report card to politicians.
5:00 pm
the grade, incomplete. for weeks, governor tom wolf and republicans have been in a standoff. wolf proposes $400 million for schools. republicans only offered $100 million. >> that really is kind of a punch in the face. >> the possibility of losing programs that are really important. >> very difficult to give the kids the best that we can when we don't have the tools. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with republican lawmakers who tell me the governor's plan is just too costly and relies on big hikes to sales and income tax. they also say most school districts would still see an increase to their budget for example pottstown would see about a 4% bump. >> as class sizes increase quality decreases, no question. >> reporter: but the superintendent says 4% may not be enough. >> you get to a point where you have to reduce staff, cut programs compromise education. >> reporter: he's urging law makers to end their summ


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