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tv   Today  NBC  July 26, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. lost at sea. an intense search this morning for two 13-year-old boys last seen on friday when they left on a fishing trip off the coast of florida. i know he's coming home. the coast guard leading the effort to find them as their family anxiously await word. a massive fire breaks out on a pool deck on in the hotel of the las vegas strip. what started the blaze? terrifying ride. frightening moments at the eye amusement park in kentucky. several children among the injured. the latest on how they're doing. ready for a show down?
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nfl players report for training camp this week among them? super bowl champ tom brady. will the league uphold the quarterback's four-game suspension or will he force roger goodell to make changes. "today" july 26, 2015. welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm erica hill. i'm carson daly alongside sheinelle jones and dylan dreyer. >> thursday september 10th is the first game. >> you have preseason starts second week in august. and don't forget college football. >> i'm sure they're ready. let's get to the top story.
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the search for the two teens off the florida coast. they were last seen before they headed out for a fishing trip. nbc is following the story for us. >> good morning. the boys had bought more than $100 of gas before their trip that was two days ago. no one has heard from them since. >> this morning a desperate search for two missing 14-year-old boys. austin steph know and perry cohan. the two left on friday and last seen buying gas that afternoon. there's been no sign of them since. cost guard rescue crews thinks their boat is disabled. they're searching for the boys off the coast of melbourne, florida. >> it's the worst feeling. >> we believe they are out there and alive. >> the search spanning more than 6,000 nautical miles. the coast guard released a statement saying we initially reported they were planning a
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fishing trip to the bajahamas because of one of their associate media pages. we think this is a boast. the family said the boys would not try to sail to the bahamas without permission. the boys are aboard a 19-foot single engine boat and the coast guard believes they don't have many supplies or communication device on board. >> i know he's coming home. i want him home now. >> the boy's families are grateful to the support they've gotten. and plan to hold a vigil for the boys later tea today. there are new details into what may have sparked a gunman's rampage at the louisiana movie theater. john houser's brother speaking out about his mental health. gabe gutierrez is in louisiana with the latest. >> the gunman's brother said his family had painfully watched his decline for years. he told them he wanted to start over. they never expected this.
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♪ ♪ this morning as a tributes to the two women killed in the theater shooting grows so do the questions about the man police say opened fire wounding nine others. jonah was sitting in the front row and escaped. >> i'm thankful i'm out alive. >> police say the gunman john rusty houser wamed in these doors. >> do you think he could have escaped? >> absolutely. he planned his get away switching his license plate and storing disguises in his motel room where he had been staying for weeks spending most days by the pool. >> saying good morning if you pass by or there's no more. court documents show houser's family trying to help
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him get treatment for bipolar disorder and voluntarily committing him to a hospital in 2008. more recently his wife filed for divorce and he lost his home to foreclosure. houser's mother loaned him money. >> i think it made him snap. >> houser graduated with an accounting degree and went to law school. his family now in shock. >> when you are dealing with mental illness, which we've been dealing with him for a long time there's no clear answer. >> houser began to raise concerns back in 1989. that's when he was indicted but not convicted of allegely poaching a lawyer's office. the judge ordered a mental evaluation. but the court documents don't say the conclusion of the evaluation. another big wild fire is reaching california. >> good morning evacuations are under way after a new wild fire broke out in northern
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california. the fire started saturday already burned more than 4,000 acres and is threatening nearly 200 homes northeast of sacramento. hundreds of forevers and air tankers are on the scene apparently the area is so rugged crews hiking in are being dropped by helicopters. in las vegas at least one person was taken to the hospital after a raging fire at a hotel pool. the fire started in a cabana at the cosmopolitan hotel on saturday. it sent hotel guests running for their lives. >> it smelled like it. >> there was a lot of it -- >> there are reports a cigarette may be to blame. parts of the hotel remain closed indefinitelily. at least eight people were hurt after a children's ride toppled over at the kentucky amusement park on saturday. small children came crashing to the ground while others were suspended in midair when the swing tipped over.
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the injuries are said to be nonlife threatening. police many milwaukee shut down several streets after receiving reports of a possible lion on the loose. they spotted a lion-like creature during a barbecue saturday. earlier this week a woman captured appeared to be a lion on her cell phone triggering a social media frenzy with many skepticals until now. >> i thought it was a joke buts it. >> and response to the other sightings the milwaukee zoo said all the lions are accounted for. michelle obama kicked off the special olympics games in los angeles saturday. 7,000 athletes representing 177 countries gathered make the lath largest gathering of athletes in l.a. big hits and misses out of
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baseball. a-rod had not one, not two, but three home runs saturday! for the fifth time in his career locking in the yankee's 8-5 win over minnesota. and there were no hits in chicago when cole hamels of the philadelphia phillies to throw a no hitter striking out 13 batters. clenching a 5-0 victory. people in philly watching. cole hamels is near and dear to my heart. >> there's a rumor he could be coming to new york. >> there are all sorts of rumors. >> do you want to make a call and get some information? >> i don't know! >> all right. sheinelle, we'll have to talk you during the break. >> stefanie abrahams we go to you for a look at the weather. >> we what is causing all the heat? we have a big high pressure and remember a high pressure means sinking air. as the air sinks it warms. it means with i have a lot of sunshine.
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where you see the orange or pink on the map it means your heat indexes are going to be above 100. you need to also remember that the official temperature is taken in the shade. so if you're in the direct sun lite it's going to ten degrees hotter than that then you throw in moisture heat index anywhere from 105 to 110. it lasts to monday. it shoots eastbound. we go from the low 80s to low to mid 90s into our tuesday a. okay. good sunday morning to you. i'm michelle grossman getting ready for a hot one. more humid than we were. 88 to 91. chance for an isolated shower or thunderstorm. 88 on monday. better chance for scattereds. tuesday, back into the 90s. low 90s. hot and humid on wednesday and thursday feeling like 95 to 100 degrees. thursday, 96. friday, showers, 90. saturday, 87.
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they are nice people. they like to share their warmth with everyone. >> they're very kind. >> yeah. >> stefanie thank you. president obama is wrapping up his trip to kenya this morning. he spoke in front of a massive crowd about his homes and dreams for a country that holds a special place in his haerlt. chris jansing is traveling with the president. >> good morning. the emotion to the president's visit has been building this morning. the enthusiasm broke out into the streets. thousands of people had no hope to get a ticket to hear his speech. he talked about kenya as being at a crossroads between peril and promise but said they had a friend in the president of the united states. for president obama this morning, a motor candidate that was a sent mental journey. crowds running sbu traffic and the president getting a rock star welcome at the sports stadium introduced by his half
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sister. >> he's one of us. we're happy to share him with the world, right? >> he recalled his first visit at 27 when she picked him up at the airport. >> the airline had lost my bags. that doesn't happen on air force 1. >> he spoke very personally about his visit to the grave of his father and grandfather and proudly of that heritage. >> i'm the first kenyan-american to be president of the united states. >> but the personal quickly gave way to the practical and political calling for the end of what he termed the cancer of corruption in kenya. >> every schilling paid as a bribe could be put in the pocket of someone doing an honest day's work. >> he argued for new opportunities for women and girl. >> treating women as a second class citizens is bad. >> he promises to stand shoulder
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to shoulder against terrorism. after a 45 minute speeches barriers could barely contain the crowd threatening to overwhelm the security. he leaves kenya with a promise. >> here is what i can guarantee, i'll be back. the next time i'm back i may not be wearing a suit. >> the president now heads to ethiopia a country grappling with many of the same problems as kenya. he leaves behind two name sake. one newborn was named air force one barack obama and a second air force one. >> wow. >> cool. >> they don't lose luggage. >> chris jansing for us in kenya. the candidates who would like to be the next president are chris crossing iowa this weekend. hillary clinton and donald trump campaigning in the state and there is no shortage of fireworks.
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nbc kristin welker is in iowa this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. ands it another busy day here in iowa. secretary clinton will be campaigning at iowa state university where she'll try to shift the conversation back to her policies and away from the nagging questions about her e-mails. presidential candidates chris crossed iowa this weekend pulling out all the stops to court voters here. ♪ ♪ but one issue continued to loom large new questions about hillary clinton's private e-mail account while she was secretary of state. >> i did not send nor receive anything classified a the time. >> the democratic frontrunner emphasizing that point after two inspectors general asked the justice department to investigate whether any classified information was relayed in her private e-mails. one noting four of her e-mails contained classified information. >> are you confident those four
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e-mails were not classified at the time you were transmitting them? >> yes. what you have here is a disagreement which is not un uncommon in the government. >> donald trump campaigned 75 miles down the road on saturday. and wasted no time trying to capitalize on the new e-mail slap. >> i don't know how a person with that cloud over their head actually can be running for the office of president. >> clinton's democratic challenger martin o'malley who is struggling to gain traction did not engage with clinton but took the chance to take a swipe at donald trump. >> any candidates that panders to fear and talks in such hateful terms about other human beings shouldn't be running for any major party's nomination. the justice department hasn't yet decided whether it will take up the issue of clinton's e-mails. as for secretary clinton, she'll begin to lay out her plan to tackle climate change here in a few hours.
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back to you. >> kristin welker in iowa thank you. chuck todd is moderator of "meet the press." >> good morning. >> hillary clinton could be appearing in front of the house of benghazi committee and the probe of the e-mails when she was secretary of state. how does her campaign avoid getting further dragged down. is it having any lasting effect on voters? >> i think it's having an impact and just look at what happened friday. friday she was trying to make the news a speech she gave on wall street to show she is listening to the bernie sanders supporters that are growing and growing to the left. instead her campaign was consumed by the e-mail story. you talk about the benghazi committee in october, that's going to be a political circus. whether it has an impact? we have two new poll wers about to day beau that show in iowa and new hampshire in particulars it having a huge impact. her unfavorable rating is nearly 20 points higher than her favorable rating. it's no one thing here but it's
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the cloud of the e-mail controversy. the details may be fuzzy to voters but the cloud is having an impact. >> let's move to trump in iowa. he signalled he wants to run for a republican but prepared to run as a third party candidate. do you believe he'll do that if he doesn't get the republican nomination? >> i'm not going to try to predict anything trump might do. i think there's a lot of us that thought he wouldn't get this far. we didn't think he would turn in the financial disclosure. i'm through making predictions about how long trump stays wherever. i think he's reportedly looking into how he could get on the ballot in 50 states as an independent candidate. he has the resources to do it. i could picture him deciding for he feels unwelcome with the republicans. if he runs as a third party it likely makes hillary clinton president or whoever the democratic nominee is. in his mind he would say i'm the
8:17 am
reason she's elected and i can picture him wanting to have that honor. >> thank you, chuck. we'll look for more chuck on "meet the press" this morning. patriots quarterback tom brady and roger goodell in the spotlight this morning as we're waiting if are ruling about brady's appeal of the four-game suspension for the deflategate. with training camp starting this week and brady and the nfl wants it resolved before camp begins. there are many questions. john yang has more. >> reporter: the new england patriots opened training camp this week. fans could see the season's biggest contest. tom brady versus league commissioner roger goodell over the four game suspension in deflategate deflategate. >> both sides have their reasons why they want to get it done. >> goodell slapped brady with a penalty after a $2 million hit
8:18 am
after outside attorney ted wells concluded the four-time super bowl winner was generally aware that patriots personnel were deflateing balls. >> brady didn't address it. >> you take the good with the bad. >> he didn't take the bad news of the suspension lie lying down appealing it to the league. there's no time table for a ruling said goodell. analyst said goodell is trying to recover from last season's controversies over the handling of domestic allegations against ray rice and adrian peterson. >> the nfl is looking for a win here. by a win, i mean, some sort of suspension. >> a story cites unnamed league sources is saying the nfl believes that's possible. but analysts see the quarterback doesn't want to acknowledge any wrong doing at the presuper bowl news conference in january he was asked if he was a cheater. >> i don't believe so. i feel like i play within the
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rules. >> the nfl wouldn't comment. brady's agent didn't respond to e-mails. as the patriots prepare to defend their super bowl crown. the biggest ways could be off the field. for "today" nbc news john yang chicago. sticking with sports we're talking basketball. the basketball player whose comments on the multimillion salary my cut hurt. >>mine hurt more. >>mine stopped hurting faster! neosporin plus pain relief
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starts relieving pain faster and kills more types of infectious bacteria neosporin plus pain relief kills the germs. fights the pain. use with band-aid brand. at subway, we bring layers of enticingly tender turkey irresistibly crispy bacon, and deliciously rich guacamole together on freshly baked bread for one truly amazing sandwich: the new subway turkey & bacon guacamole. only at subway. how much money do you need to shot your family. one nba player talked about supporting his own family. >> this is josh smith. he signed with the l.a. clippers. at the news conference a few days ago, he talked about taking pay cut playing for the team. he's going to make $1.5 million with the clippers. he's being paid $5.4 million by
8:21 am
his old team the pistons. here is what he had to say about the pay cut. >> today, you know, i do have a family. s it going to be a little hard on me this year and, you know, trying to do something long-term after this issue. >> granted all the problems are relative ands it a cut, but most people don't have sympathy. it's still 132 times more than the average american salary around $53,000. as you can imagine, people are rolling their eyes eyes #prayforjoshsmith has gone viral. like this one. i can't even imagine the struggle #prayforjoshsmith. how about this one? hope the nba player can scrape by on $6.9 million. it's tough in america these days. a lot of people talking about this. you can tell us what you think using the #orangeroom. >> maybe he has an enormous family. >> perhaps. >> great answer carson.
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. just about 8:27. good morning. i'm ted greenberg. more heat and humidity for the second half of our weekend. first alert meteorologist michelle grossman is here with the sunday forecast. getting steamierment. >> it'sing steam inggetting steamier. temperatures right now around 75 in philadelphia. 73 in allentown. 74 in dover. the heat and humidity is on. temperatures will rise to 90 this afternoon. we may see a show every, possibly a thunderstorm. otherwise, monday scattered storms. a better chance for more numerous storms cloud cover. back to the 90s on tuesday. by wednesday, 95 hot and humid. same story on thursday. by nest weekend, mostly sunny, 87. >> you can take the nbc 10 news app with you wherever you go this weekend. it is a free download. new from overnight doctors are trying to save the lives of
8:28 am
a mother and her baby after both were stabbed inside a home in philadelphia. police got the call for help around 12:30 this morning on dallas street in west oak lane. they tell us her mother and 1-year-old were both stabbed during a domestic disturbance. the child was taken to children's hospital of philadelphia. more of the "today" coming up next.
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8:30 am
in eight hours nbc hits the air. >> we want a good smooth one. >> it's the first run is any indication -- >> oh [ expletive ]. >> nobody is leaving tonight. >> we have to stop. we have to stop. all right. we are back on a sunday morning july 26 2015 with behind the scenes look at what it took to get the world's longest water slide up and running. jenna wolf took the epic ride a few weeks ago downtown nearly 2,000 foot water slide, as you can see there. you can see more of that and how it came to be on the travel channel as part of the extreme water park special. it airs tonight at 10:00
8:31 am
eastern. here we are outside studio 1-a. there's a crowd here this morning. it's a good looking summer sunday morning. >> indeed. we have a lady over here who says i want to be as healthy as jenna. >> there you go. good stuff. still to come. the story behind these beautiful photographs you see here and the high school students who are taking them. it's part of a program helping kids to discover not only a love of photography but a love of many other things. >> good stuff. if you can't wait to retire you might not understand how this man is still working. he just turned 103 and he has a job, yes, he loves and isn't ready to leave. how he manages to still go to work five days a week. harry smith takes us to south park, colorado a majestic group of area. a group of volunteers is helping to save one of america's treasures. the highly anticipated premier of tonight of "i am
8:32 am
cait" a documentary about caitlyn jenner's journey as she shares it with the world. cait caitlyn is already inspiring a lot of people. >> it's like 4:32 in the morning. >> her story begins with no glamour and makeup. >> do i project the right image? >> just a tired and vulnerable woman sharing her fears. >> my mind is spinning with thoughts. i just hope i get it right. i hope i get it right. >> the last few years have been a whirl wind for caitlyn jenner. in an abc interview she described the years of on screen kardashian drama while her genuine struggle remained
8:33 am
hidden. >> the one real true story in the family was the one i was hiding and nobody knew about it. >> since then jenner has spoken out for the transgendered community accepting the espy award for courage. >> if you want to call me names and make jokes about my intentions go ahead. because the reality is i can take it but for the thousands of kids out there coming to terms with being true to who they are they shouldn't have to take it. >> just this weekend she took a stage at the boy george concert. >> thank you so much! >> jenner's very public journey already inspiring transgendered teens. >> not only am i proud of myself for where i am now, but i'm so proud of her. >> tonight caitlyn jenner promises a different brand of reality television. one about family acceptance -- >> i do want to meet her. it'll be a little uncomfortable in the beginning. >> and human transformation.
8:34 am
>> but i think we're both ready. >> as one woman tells the world this is who she is. >> it's not a knock on keeping up with the kardashian which is is insanely skeflt lyly successful but it's nice to see "i am cait" is a different type of show. >> it's inspiring to see the way she sparked a conversation and it's been a respectful conversation of understanding. i think there's a desire for people to have a better empthy. >> it has a very unique style. it looks good and vulnerable. i think a lot of people will watch it. >> the premier of "i am cait" is tonight on e 8:00/7:00 central. two boys are missing off the coast of florida.
8:35 am
the coast guard searched through the night looking for the boys covering 14,000 naught call miles. the fire at the las vegas hotel is under investigation. the fire broke out at the cosmopolitan hotel sending smoke bovt las vegas strip. one milwaukee neighbor a lion may have been spotted. police shut down several streets trying to find the cat. it's the second sighting in a few days. want to head out now to the weather channel's stefanie ab abra abrams. >> i have mary kate from central illinois. hotter here or there? >> central illinois. >> why? >> i can't figure it out. >> one of the reasons is humidity. so let's talk about where we're going it see high humidity and that's florida. we have the rain and the stationary front bopping around bringing showers and storms. you see the spin in the radar if you look close? it's not going to develop a
8:36 am
tropical entity. but we are going to see showers into florida. we need it in the southeastern florida, unfortunately we're getting it on the west side. the rain is going to fall to places like miami and palm beach on the lighter side. we have a front coming through the northeast. this is going to bring showers and clouds and of course the heat. our friends from central illinois brought the warmth with them. showers from minnesota to missouri and into the northeast today but look at the temperatures! they'll be on the rise especially for the northeast quadrant from good sunday morning. i'm michelle grossman. get ready for a hot one and a humid one. more humid than the past few days. 88 to 91. chance for an isolated shower or thunderstorm. 88 on monday better chance for scattered storms. tuesday, right back into the 90s. hot and humid on wednesday and thursday. feeling like 95 to 100 degrees. thursday, 96. by friday early showers, 90.
8:37 am
saturday mostly sunny, 87. carson and erica, back to you. >> stefanie thank you very much. coming up next the 103-year-old worker who is not showing any signs of slowing down yet. we'll share his inspiring story after these messages. (music) imagine - these kids won't have to remember passwords or obsess about security. for them, every screen is meant to be touched. and web pages are meant to be scribbled on, and shared. they'll expect their devices to listen to them. and talk. and sing. and tell a funny joke. and as they grow, and get better at things their technology will too. they'll do things their parents never even dreamed of. because these kids will grow up with windows 10.
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to the sweet talkers the sky walkers, and the dance-off pros. ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ find your pack. be yourself. kohl's. what could be the secret to a long life. working. >> sheinelle is the story with one man who is 103 years old. hasn't quit his day job yet. >> i think he likes to work. >> i think he forgot to quit.
8:41 am
>> his name is loren wade and he tried retirement but got bored. so he applied for a job at walmart and never looked back. >> it may seem like another day of work for loren wade greeting customers, running the cash registers. it's also wade's 103rd birthday. >> we have to give you a hug. it's your birthday. >> okay. >> after more than 32 years working at the kansas walmart, wade has no plans to retire. >> i like to meet people. being here i get to talk to a lot of people. i like being occupied. i keep very busy. they see to it that i do. >> he's still working five days a week letting customers know he's a fixture here. >> i think the man is here 24/7. he just belongs here. s it his life-- its his life.
8:42 am
>> having lived in kansas all his life except when he served in the air force during world war ii wade's friends and family know a birthday is calls for celebration. >> how many people at 80 can still converse with their dad and get advice. >> even bob dole called. >> you're an inspiration for me. i turn 92 on wednesday and maybe i'll get you one of these days. >> wade said there's no secret to his longevity but grateful for the life he has. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> i appreciate getting to be old and being recognized. like i say, i'm still just a normal human being. i'm lucky enough to be here.
8:43 am
>> loren wade is the oldest walmart employee in the united states. walmart is donating $152,000 to the friends of the national world war ii memorial. >> that's inspiring. >> isn't that great? >> could you imagine your whole life 70 to 80 years and throw on another 33 years on top of that. if he's enjoying it, it's not really like work. >> absolutely. i did the story last week and nation's oldest park ranger. i think she was 94. i'm realizing in my short time here in weekend "today" when it comes to ageing a lot of folks are active and healthy and there's purpose in why they get up. >> and their plan -- >> like he said people stay active in their minds and physically as they get older. >> think about that when you're laying on the couch watching tv all day you're less motivated. >> cheers to 103. >> absolutely! >> still to come on "today," the program that is teaching
8:44 am
students about photography and a whole lot more about life along the buying a used car can be a scary proposition. you walk onto that lot and immediately you are surrounded like a guppy in a shark tank. it just feels like car salesmen want to sell whatever car is best for them, not best for me. there's gotta be a better way. ♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. i'm feeling lucky. today is the day. i knew it! (robot voice) activate probe. no way! three rye chips and a breadstick! many wrinkle creams come with high hopes, but hope... doesn't work on wrinkles. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula... to work on fine lines and even deep wrinkles in just one week.
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neutrogena®. iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon
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in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism. . we're back on a sunday morning with a special story about how one woman's desire to help out in her neighborhood
8:47 am
grew into something she would never expect. >> that's right photographer alicia hansen found early success in her career but she knew there was something missing. the desire to give back to the community that eventually lead her to create a photography program for teens. inspiration goes far beyond the lens. >> this is a perfect afternoon. practiceing his craft on the streets of new york city while dreaming of his future. >> i want to be known as the person you have to go through when you need a fashion portrait. >> malik is working toward the dream with the help of an afterschool program in new york city. >> the commission is engage, inspire, high school students through digital photography. >> the brain child of photographer alicia hansen salt was born out of a desire to give
8:48 am
back. >> i found that digital photography was something that inspired the kids. it was something that kept them occupied and was a creative outlet. >> that was ten years ago. today salt is an intense 35-week immersion program staffed by some of the best in the business. many of whom volunteer their time. each of the 16 students choosen qualify for free or reduced lunch. they spend at least two afternoons a week in this lab. weekends often involves field trips to college campuses. >> it's a learning experience. every single aspect of the program is to help you grow as not only as a photographer but a person. >> salt offers credits with college applications and essays and endless amounts of encouragement. every graduate goes on to college. >> every single kid in our program has gifts and talents that are unique to them, and
8:49 am
what i love is just helping them find where. >> it's helping me to be a better photographer but also a better person and be more professional. salt is family. >> most of our kids are first-generation college students. >> what do their parents say to you? >> thank you. >> it makes it worth it. >> yeah. >> salt students refine their skills through various projects capturing city scapes ab straktds, or tratd s-- abstracts. it helps them overcome shyness. there's a gallery showing. >> what's the most important thing for you that these kids
8:50 am
take away from it? >> a sense of confidence. understanding the importance of community and friendship and mentors. for them to know there's opportunity all around them. they just have to grab it. >> alicia wants these kids to see their future in terms of not just a job to pay the bills but a career which is why the college prep and field trips are important. many kids come back and end up mentoring some of the current students. she's building a great network and they're phenomenal inspirational kids. >> seeing their pictures is one thing, imagine how they go to the spring gala and see it up there with their family. >> people can buy them. >> it proves that your passion might affect someone and change your life. >> very cool program. still to come, a picturesque scene and helping to preserve a piece of colo
8:51 am
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this morning on "sundays with harry." people are coming together to save the state's history. >> south park colorado is a thousand square miles of breathtaking bryson land. some 10,000 feet in elevation. ranchers and farmers came here centuries ago. if you're jeff reid, it's a great place to do something he's been dreaming of 6 fortwo decades. >> what is the rocky mountain land library? >> it consists of over 32,000 volumes. the books are all about the
8:55 am
relationship between people and the land. >> this old ranch will hold the books and the visitors. to make it habitable much has to be done. perfect for the organization called historical. >> what year did this establish? how many do you have now? >> we have done over 167. >> from restoving a slave quarters on an old plantation in virginia and rehabbing a fire tower high in the rockies, historical picks up a lot of tasks that the government won't get to. >> the future and stewardship of our public land and resources is very much going to be dependent on volunteer. there's diminishing funds and staffing resources. >> a retiree like ilene found herself hansrnessed to a roof. >> to be here and in the surroundings looking at the hills and mountains and being
8:56 am
able to do something for this place to save it is great. >> and the beauty? no experience necessary. andrea came with nothing but a tent and a good attitude. >> did you know how to do any of this? >> i didn't know how to do anything. i've done things i have never done in my life. >> retirees, vets folks from all walks of life pitch in because they find the work meaningful. dan perry has worked on four different projects. >> i just had a tremendous satisfaction with saving a piece of history that would have been lost. >> in this case rebuilding a part of colorado's past in an effort to serve its past and future. >> we always talk about folks coming and just exploring and sort of slowing down long enough to explore things that interest them. >> the long neglected ranch will eventually turn into this -- a residential library focussed on
8:57 am
the west. >> this is a library where people can stay as long as they want. they'll be able to not only have access to the books, but there will be good hearty, warm food and places to hike. >> those who have lived in the west knows once this part of america gets hold of you, it's not likely to let go. soon there will be a place where those feelings will make you think you're right at home. for "today" i'm harry smith. south park colorado. >> he's such a good story teller. >> yeah. >> i feel like this is the inspiration hour. >> yeah. >> beautiful stories. >> what is your plan? >> i don't know. >> these are people like twice or age or three times our age. >> what am i passionate about? >> have some meaning in your life sheinelle. >> i wouldn't worry. i think you're doing all right.
8:58 am
tune into "meet the press" this morning where chuck will talk to bernie sanders and john kasich. that's going to do it for us on a sunday morning. we hope you enjoyed the inspirational stories as much as we did. we'll see you tomorrow on the "today" show.
8:59 am
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right now on nbc 10 news today a stabbing at a philadelphia home leaves a mother and baby critically wounded. now police aring to figure out who is responsible for this crime. we'll hear what neighbors have to say. >> unbelievable feat by cole hamels. >> a phillies ace makes history with a no-hitter against the cubs. you'll hear what fans had to say about what could be his last game with the phils. >> a live look outside. center city. the mercury is climbing. we have a hot and humid day ahead. that muggy weather will stick around. find out how long in the first alert forecast.


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