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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  July 28, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, temperatures are rising. highs will weech the 90s this afternoon as we take a look at boathouse row. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. it is the start of what's forecast to be the longest heat wave of the season so far. nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now with the full forecast. i guess it started, right, glenn? >> it will be starting this afternoon. it takes three days of 90-plus to get an official heat wave. we have many more than three days in a row in the forecast to get to 90. now, it won't be getting to 90
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here in the pocono mountains, but it's still in the 80s. there's a lot of sunshine. that's one of the big differences between yesterday and today. yesterday the clouds held the temperature down and the high was 86. it's already 86 degrees in philadelphia and in allentown. 81 in mt. pocono. so, going to be well into the 80s there and into the 80s near the shore. but the higher humidity is making it feel like it is in the 90s already. and that of course will go up as we go through the afternoon. by noon we're 88. 3:00, 92 degrees. it will be feeling more like it's 95 or 96. by 6:00 we're still hot. we'll see how long this heat wave gets and when the peak is for the seven-day in a few minutes. skyforce10, meanwhile, over a broken water main in northeast philadelphia this morning. this happened just after 6:00
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a.m. at roosevelt boulevard and sandy core road off cottman avenue. the philadelphia water department tells us a 12-inch main broke and crews are working to fix it right now. no customers were affected. serious crash caused traffic troubles for those in new castle county. police say a car collided with a truck at christiana road and airport road before 7:00 this morning. one of the women driving the vehicles is in extremely critical condition at the hospital. no one else was hurt. flames destroyed this home in monroe township gloucester county early this morning. a neighbor recorded this video of the house on fire on buckingham court. firefighters say flames started in the downstairs front room and shot up to the roof. part of the home collapsed. no one was hurt. we're told the family who lives here were on vacation. a firefighter was injured in a house fire in west
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philadelphia and two other people were also sent to the hospital. nbc10 was on king sesny avenue. firefighter had minor injuries. we're working to get conditions of two other people who were injured. investigators will be looking for the cause of that fire. and it was a dramatic chase across state lines and back again twice. skyforce10 followed every twist and turn of this chase right up to the rollover ending. this morning there are new developments involving the robbery suspect who was behind the wheel of that van. the suspect according to sources, robert ritter was escorted to detectives after he was released from the hospital. can you see the high-speed chase he led police on for two hours. he drove that white van from cap den county through philadelphia through the city back to new jersey, where he sped through a crowded mall parking lot there. and then once again back into
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philadelphia. police say he crashed near the airport after police rammed him and tried to navigate a tight turn. he just looked daysed and confused. we're fortunate no one was injured. he also did a nice job when the aviation unit pennsylvania state police and oakland staying behind his car a safe distance. >> police say ritter is wanted for robbing a new jersey business with a shotgun. once he's processed on charges in philadelphia he'll be sent back to new jersey to face charges there. an important conversation about the benefits of universal pre-k and how to pay for it is under way in philadelphia. nbc10 jesse gary is live in center city to tell us about this morning's event. >> reporter: the best and brightest are on the top floor of philadelphia library main branch here in center city discussing early education, pre-k, as we call it. they're spending a year researching the mayor's goal of
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universal pre-k for all children in philadelphia. attendees gathered to hear about the financial challenges that can be barriers to long-term education for children 0 to 5. they looked at 147 foundations from 2002 to 2013. it shows ece programs operate near the financial break-even point. there's little understanding of the full cost to provide high-quality care and existing revenue streams don't provide for quality growth. currently there's an $11,000 per child deficit. >> we know what it takes in terms of the cost of care and where there are gaps in terms of government subsidies. then it's a question about where do we make up that difference. >> we invest that money in that time of a child's life we vlt opportunity to really make a difference that's long-term. >> reporter: the report has several recommendations to
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invest in the pre-k model but they suggest a shift in may thinking by the public/private partnership. today's report is going to be handed to members of the mayor's commission on pre-k, which is supposed to deliver its findings by the spring of next year. we're live in center city this morning, jesse gary, "nbc10 news." decision 2016 republican presidential candidate scott walker will be in philadelphia for a campaign visit. the wisconsin governor is expected to meet with voters and a top at pat and geno's in philadelphia for a cheesesteak. we're a week from finding out who will be on stage in the first televised presidential debate. the network carrying the debate says it will only allow the top ten candidates in national polls to participate in the debate. the debate will be in cleveland next thursday. competition for those debate slots could be fueling a surge in television ad spending. gop campaigns and groups backing them have spent nearly $8
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million so far. that compares to about $1 million this time of the presidential election cycle. the 16 gop candidates are seeking the presidential nomination. a 17th is expected to join the race next month. on the democratic side the field is less crowded with five declared candidates in the race there. in this say live look at new hampshire where hillary clinton is holding a town hall meeting there. later she'll participate in a grassroots organizing event in new hampshire. we're hearing from a man who survived a hit-and-run crash in philadelphia that killed his brother. francis oroyio died. police say an suv broadsided the victim's car. they're trying to find the owner, alberto vangas, a local tattoo artist. >> we're going to get him.
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because they know who it is. >> right now i don't believe it you know what i mean? happen like this, so quick. >> just before the crash, the arroyo brothers wrapped up six-hour of repair work on a van for their son who has special needs. the dog's companion to their son went missing in the crash. if you have any information on the crash or where to find their dog, police would like to hear from you. in burlington county police say a man was secretly shot shooting a video of a woman's skirt. cameras caught the suspect recording the video at the walmart in burlington township over the weekend. police say giovanni verona confessed taking this video for fun and says he does this often. he drives a truck for walmart and police believe there could be more victims out there. and we now know how a box of cremated remains wound up in an empty lot in north philadelphia.
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a woman reached out to nbc10 and said she was friends with the disease add woman whose name is linda upsher. this woman, whose name is also linda, said upsher was like family to her. she said the remains were in her apartment and she thinks she knows how they ended up in that lot. >> my husband passed away. when i moved out, i left a lot of things behind. and i guess that's how you guys found her ashes. >> cooper says she never intended any disrespect. the box of ashes is now in police custody but upsher could get the proper skating she wanted. nbc10 was there last night when a woman met the good samaritan who helped her after she was hurt after riding a bike on the schuylkill river trail a few weeks ago. kerry met steve cline for the first time. she says she hit another rider and flipped off her bike on july
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4th. she was knocked unconscious and woke up to a man holding her neck. the mystery man left after the ambulance got there. she reached out to nbc10. she wanted to help track -- us to help track him down. last night she got to thank him in person. after the accident i kept asking my husband who this person was that i woke up to. he said all i know is his name is steve. there happened to be a picture on one of the biker's phones. >> we were all very concerned about her. never expected to know any more. the fact she reached out through facebook and nbc10 is just an amazing testament to the power of social media today. >> she gave steve a t-shirt for the group she rides with that raises money for cancer research. she says she's okay and ready to get back on her bike pretty soon you? a desperate search continues off the florida coast. still no sign of two teens missing at sea. we'll tell you what's being done to find them and why their
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mothers are not giving up hope. that's coming up. plus a repo man makes a discovery in a parked suv. find out what one man was allegedly doing while his baby was left alone. it's hot today and only going to get hotter. i'll show you what to expect ahead of my seven-day forecast.
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the u.s. coast guard has expanded its search for two florida boys who went missing on a fishing trip.
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kerry sanders is following the search off the coast of jupiter, florida. >> reporter: the u.s. coast guard has several cutters as well as the sea 130 aircraft crisscrossing the ocean in an area now that's about the size of west virginia. the area of the search extend all the way up to the coast of savannah georgia. what they're attempting to do is find somebody floating on the water. they say it's akin to finding a basketball float negotiate water. so, there you can see how difficult is can be. now, consider the fact they're in an airplane flying at around 170 miles an hour 500 feet off the water. that is extremely difficult to spot. one thing people are wondering and say it's so unfortunate is on board the boat it doesn't appear they had one of these. it's an electronic beacon. it's say safety device. costs about $2,000. it's on many boats along the coast. and it activates when it hits the saltwater. what it does is it provides a gps signal so that the authorities, the coast guard, could actually find out and
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pinpoint where you are. that was apparently not on the boat. one hope is these two 14-year-old boys did have the wherewithal to possibly get the cooler which floats some of the life jackets that they had on board and maybe even the engine top to the engine and tie it all together to create some sort of flotation device. you can see as we look out there, we're not even in the gulf stream and the ball is floating further north right now. i'm kerry sanders off the coast of jupiter, florida, nbc news. new video shows gunman in last week's movie theater shooting checking into a motel. it shows him checking into a hotel in lafayette on july 3rd and also shows houser walking through the halls the day before. he killed two women before
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taking his own life. they say he was once denied a concealed weapons permit in 2006 because of a domestic violence complaint and previous arrests but the handgun he used in theater was bought legally in bachl bam last year. the penalty phase is continuing for convicted mass shooter james holmes. his parents are expected to take the witness stand. defense attorneys plan to play home video with a younger holmes. same jury found holmes guilty of first-degree murder on july 16th. he was convicted for carrying out a 2012 shooting massacre at an aurora colorado movie theater that killed 12 people. well helping young people stay on track and achieve their full potential, that's the goal of my brother's keeper, a community challenge that's set to launch in wilmington. we're joined this morning by wilmington's mayor. thank you for coming in. >> pleasure.
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>> thank you for coming in. this is a initiative president obama started, my brother's keeper, you localized it. you told me during the break you started something similar to it you just incorporated the president's initiative into it. >> we have created a summer jobs program where the numbers are as nom ka. we also looked at scholarship programs. we gave out about 30 to 40 scholarships. every year we're trying to increase. we're doing mentorships, getting kids to stay in school letting them understand education is the way to go. we're also working very hard to keep kids out of the criminal justice system and public safety issues because it's very important, especially to young men of color and urban america today that they have to understand that public safety is paramount and we want them to stay out of areas where they could get in possible trouble. these that we're mentoring and sitting down with they're turning out real fine. >> we agree families have the first priority to keep kids on track, but what do you see the government's role is and also the private sector how those
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two can intersect and help keep kids on track like this. >> private sector can donate money to recreational programs book programs, computer programs, and they can also give mentorship. the family also has responsibility. we can't sit by and wait for family and point fingers. it is the government's responsibility to take conveyor of people. a lot of people don't believe, that but i truly believe that. >> wilmington has had its own share of challenges when it comes to crime, new homicide records have been set over the years. tell me how things are going in wilmington right now mr. mayor. >> i think things are going good. we've had a few spikes in shootings, but we're tweaking our police plan a little better. i think we tweak it back to a point we have it on target, ipgs you'll see a decrease. you know guns are dangerous. all we can do is get out there and keep our city safe. we will do that. >> my brother's keeper local action summit will be held
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tomorrow from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at howard high school of technology in wilmington. the summit will be open to the public. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. for a lot of people it seemed steamy yesterday. yesterday was the coldest day of the week and got up to 86 degrees because the heat really starts today. it's already 86 and going up from there. a possible long heat wave of at least a week and we also have pretty humid conditions. going to be pretty muggy over much of that week. we have partly cloudy skies right now. we had some fog in parts of the area earlier. 86 in philadelphia with no wind. the humidity is up making it feel like it's 91.
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so, 86 yesterday. 92 today. 95 tomorrow. 96 on thursday. on those days it my start to feel like it's triple digits. well, we're 87 in horsham. one of the warmest spots. coatesville at 86. allentown also 86. a bit of a sea breeze at the shore, keeping the temperature from getting too warm but it's still 82 in beach haven so we don't have that onshore breeze everywhere. certainly not yet. we have a lot more sunshine today than yesterday and that is the reason we're going up in the temperature department. have a large area of dry air all the way back to chicago so we're not going to be expecting any significant moisture. our future weather shows isolated light showers developing but the temperature getting over 90 degrees. we go through the afternoon.
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that sea breeze coming in at the shore, which is going to be very helpful for those folks there. as we go into tomorrow we're not seeing a repeat necessarily of the widespread fog we saw this morning. just patchy fog in a few areas. that will not last that long. for the rest of the day, it's going to be sunny, hot and humid. high temperature in the low 90s but it will feel like at least the mid-90s if not higher. then for tomorrow and thursday those mid-90 temperatureses should feel like it's aren't triple digits. the best chance of any kind of showers or storms over the next week is thursday. the humidity drops friday but the heat doesn't drop that much. we could stay in the 90s for a week. >> thank you, glenn. when and how you are born can have a big impact on the rest of your life. researchers now say premature babies could be at risk for certain kinds of behavior as
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adults. we'll explain straight ahead. plus, a powerful tornado caught on camera north of the border. wait until you hear what it did to one row.
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certain cardiovascular risk factors may help prevent getting -- they looked at 1500 adults over a 15-year period. smoking and obesity were linked
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to a lower part of the brain, linked to memory retrieval as well as social and mental behavior. diabetes was a predictor of alzheimer's disease. new research suggests very premature or low birth weight babies are at a--r higher risk of becoming introverted and anxious adults. a british study of 400 adults found those born before 32 weeks or weighing less than 3 pounds were more likely to have a socially withdrawn personality. they tended to be worriers, avoided taking risked and show autistic spectrum behaviors. they say this may be a part of biology and overprotective parenting. your college social life may predict your well-being as an adult. a new study found more socially active 20-year-olds were less likely to be lonely or depressed by age 50 than those who were more introverted. by of age of 30, the quality of
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relationships was more important to future emotional health than the number of friends a person had. a crime caught on camera. we're seeing video the moment a robber struck an unsuspecting young woman. we'll give you a closer look at the suspect coming up. there's a new trail blazer in pro sports. we'll introduce you to the first female coach in the national football league.
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well-being things are heating up. temperatures headed to the 90s this afternoon. the start of what's expected to be an extended heat wave. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with our forecast. >> yesterday was 86 degrees. that felt kind of hot. today is already 86 obviously
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going to get considerably hotter. this is the start of an extended hot weather. question of whether it's going to be 90 degrees every day for the next week? that's a technicality because maybe one day it will be 89 but it's going to be hot for the next week. it's already pretty warm. it's 87 degrees in philadelphia. it feels like it's 93 with that higher humidity. so, that is really high already. for this time of the day. the temperature gets into the 90s. with the higher humidity, it will feel like 96 or 97 degrees. that is not as hot as it's going to get or feel. and i'll have those details to see just how long this will last with the seven-day in a few
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minutes. >> we'll see you then glenn. this video shows a large tornado that touched down in canada manitoba province. it damaged buildings and lift the pavement off the road. authorities warned those in the area to take shelter. police rescued people trapped in floodwaters yesterday in southern china. downpours flooded streets and forced stores to close. people had to use wooden boards and sandbags to stop water from coming into their homes. checking out our top stories right now crews are repairing a 12-inch water main break in northeast philadelphia. this happened just after 6:00 a.m. at roosevelt boulevard and sandyford road. the water democrat tells nbc10 no customers were affected. serious crash caused traffic troubles this morning for drivers in new castle county. police say a car collided with a truck at this intersection of
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christiana road. one woman is in critical condition at the hospital. a pre-k panelist in center city. the william penn foundation hosted today's discussion on breaking bearers to early education access. it comes on the heels of a new study showing the majority of philadelphia pre-k centers fall short of delivering high quality education to children. a 43-year-old man is in critical condition after he was struck by a stray bullet inside his home early this morning. this happened just before 4:00 a.m. on hamburger street in north philadelphia. no one else -- no one inside that -- no one was hurt inside that home. people were shot overnight. investigators say one of three people was inside the home when he was shot through a window. right now police are looking for
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three men last seen running through an aerial in dark colored clothing. also new video into nbc10 showing a theft at t-mobile store caught on camera. philadelphia police say these two men entered the store on south front street in south philadelphia and broke the security cables on several phones and tablets. this happened on july 10th. they took off with the items. police think these are the same two guys responsible for thefts at other t-mobile stores. and philadelphia police are also looking for the man who stole a cell phone from a teenage girl in point breeze last tuesday. look at top of your screen here. you can see the man following the 14-year-old on south 16th street near ritner street. he approached her grabbed her phone and took off. if you happen to recognize him or have any information, you're asked to call police. happening now -- the obama administration's vigorous effort to sell the iran nuclear deal to congress continues. we're looking at a live picture here from washington as
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secretary of state john kerry, who's sitting there, and treasury secretary jack lew and energy secretary moniz testified testified. the five world powers reached an agreement with iran to cush its nuclear program in exchange for sanction relief. congress has 60 days to approve or disapprove of the deal or take no actions. another republican candidate is facing criticism this morning. former arkansas governor mike huckabee after he called the iran nuclear deal the equivalent of marching israel to the door of the oven. nbc national correspondent peter alexander has more. >> reporter: mike huckabee late monday not backing down. >> i will not apologize and i will not recant because the word holocaust was invoked by the iranian government. i have stood at that oven door. i know exactly what it looks
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like. >> reporter: defensive over these comments criticizing president obama's nuclear deal. >> he would take the israelis and basically march them to the door of the oven. >> reporter: jewish advocacy group saying they were completely out of line and unacceptable and other republican rivals weighing in. jeb bush who says he respects huckabee condemns that kind of language. >> this is not the way we're going to win elections and that's not how we're going to solve problems. >> reporter: president obama agreed traveling in africa he insisted americans deserve better scolding republicans like trump and huckabee for a series of campaign trail attacks. >> would be considered ridiculous if it weren't so sad. >> reporter: looking to raise money off the controversy he started, huckabee responded, what's ridiculous and sad is that president obama doesn't take iran's repeated threats seriously. the former arkansas governor has seemingly changed his tune in 2008 insisting the u.s. might be able to live with a contained
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iran. ahead of next week's gop debate several contenders are using the same playbook ratcheting up the rhetoric like trump if you want to be heard. lindsey graham. >> a simple lie. >> reporter: ted cruz and rand paul all resorting to stunts but paul concedes, even he has his limits. >> i'm drawing the line at self humiliation. none of us are going to set ourselves on fire. >> reporter: peter alexander reporting reporting. president obama is closing an historic visit to africa by wanting the leaders to make jobs. the president toured a food plant in ethiopian capital, supported by feed the future. president obama also addressed african leaders at head quarters of the african union. >> choices made today will shape the trajectory of africa and, therefore, the world, for decades to come. >> it was the first speech
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delivered to the african union by a sitting president. a version galactic spaceship crashed. federal investigators issued their report on the crash this morning. investigators say no safeguards were built into the system to overcome the error of the co-pilot. the accident last year killed the co-pilot and seriously injured the pilot. a florida man could be charged for leaving his baby inside a parked suv. a person repossessed the vehicle found the sleeping 10-month-old in the vehicle. sheriff's deputy say the father left the baby inside the running suv so he could visit fans. they say dad was driving on a suspended license. once the repo man noticed the baby in the vehicle, he called police. they say they followed the man to a dealership once he realized the suv was being repossessed. >> i've been doing this 30 years, i have never found a baby in the backseat of a vehicle. >> reporter: authorities say the father is lucky the baby was
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safe. the bucks county health department will be out spraying mosquitos at dusk. the product will be sprayed from trucks and to provide quick, effective control of adult mosquito populations. state wildlife officials in new jersey are releasing 10,000 mosquito-eating fish in retention basins throughout gloucester county next week. they say they combat mosquitos that carry the west nile virus. officials in south jersey are urging residents to attend two public hearings surrounding the state's proposal to build a national gas pipeline. the state wants to build a natural gase pipeline through lakehurst and monmouth counties. the public hearing is happening at 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.
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both meetings are at manchester municipal building. preparing for the pope. we've been reporting on the challenge of finding a place to stay for pope francis' visit in september, but one church group from north jersey has come up with an unusual plan for seeing the papal mass. more than 200 members from lady of mt. carmel church in ridgewood, bergen county plan to spend the night sleeping on the floor of the philadelphia zoo. parents and children will sleep in zoo buildings housing the bird and insect exhibits. may not be luxurious but organizers are okay with that. >> the zoo makes it a little more down to earth because it's more like a pilgrimage. we won't be staying in a hotel where we have showers and continental breakfast and things like that. we're staying with animals to see the pope. >> pope francis chose his name of francis, papal saint of animals. they will post pictures on
11:40 am
social media, hoping pope francis takes notice. the pontiff arrives on september 26th for the last two day of the world meeting of families. you can count on nbc10 to help you get ready for the papal visit. tap on the nbc10 mobile app and look for our special section called preparing for the pope. we'll tell you where you can see the pope and we'll stay on top of all the transportation changes. it is being called a healthy food crisis. one in five children in the u.s. younger than 6 years old does not have enough access to healthy foods, that's why pennsylvania senator bob casey says he's introducing legislation that would increase eligibility for the federal child and adult care food program. the proposal would allow family child care homes to serve a third meal during the day for eligible children. if you own one high-tech gadget, you could be owed some money. two big companies are set to send checks to people who bought one type of fitness tool. find out why and whether you
11:41 am
could have some money coming to you coming up. latest heat wave is probably going to be an extended one. i'll show you how long it could last ahead in my seven-day forecast.
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11:43. a northern new york prison worker has admitted to smuggling blades in frozen hamburger meat. this is video of joyce mitchell
11:44 am
arriving for her arraignment this morning. she we want as she pled guilty to misdemeanor charges. she faces up to seven years in prison under a plea deal. she was arrested shortly after richard matt and david sweat escaped from clinton correctional facility in early june. matt was shot and killed when he was apprehended. sweat was captured. now, if you own a nike fuel band, you could be in for a refund. they agreed to pay owners a $25 gift certificate or $15 check as part of a class-action settlement. the lawsuit against both nike and apple allege they made false claims about the fitness tracker's ability to track steps, calories and even nike fuel points. and that the companies didn't honor the product's warranty. you can file a claim by heading to our website at or just check out the nbc10 app.
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wendy's will start testing chickens free of antibiotics. they will run at locations in texas and florida. the fast food chain is stopping short of a broader commission. in march mcdonald's said it would curb antibiotic use in chicken. chick-fil-a announced it would stop all use by the end of the decade. ebay is ending its one-hour delivery program called ebay now. it launched in san francisco in 2012 and expanded to the rest of the bay area, new york city, chicago and dallas. couriers use cars and bikes to deliver items from stores such as best buy and macy's. ebay was competing in a crowded field with rivals amazon and google also testing same-day delivery service. the national football league hired its first female coach. the arizona cardinals hired jen welter as assistant coaching intern. she'll be working with linebackers in training camp which opens today in glendale
11:46 am
arizona. the nba made headlines last season when spurs hired becky hammond as coach. building relationships between police and the community, that's the aim of an event billed as coffee with a cop. it's a chance for residents to meet with officers in an informal setting and talk about issues and share some free coffee to boot. here to tell us more about this event is lieutenant beet sharp from the lower marion police department. thank you, lieutenant. >> thank you. >> this is part of a national initiative. tell us more about sitting with a cop and sharing coffee. >> started in california in 2011. since then it's expanded to over 2,000 venues in the u.s. it's in canada, australia nigeria. recently there was a training program from the officers in the area that originated it. we learned about it. i thought it was a great opportunity so we're going to give it a try tomorrow. >> now, this event is part of a
11:47 am
national initiative but part of its purpose is to break down barriers between community and police. tell us why you think that barrier exists in the first place and how this initiative having coffee with a cop is going to help break that down. >> sure. most police/citizen encounters happen under undeal circumstances. this is a place to meet on common ground. this is an opportunity for residents of aur community to meet the officers one-on-one in a stress-free environment, ask questions, get to know the people coming to their door to handle the calls in their area. >> what do you think -- what do you hope will be the takeaway for people who come and participate? >> i think, you know they'll get to know officers on a first-name basis. know they can drive down the street, know we're there to help them and have their best interest at heart. >> this is you guys trying to get out ahead of the cush
11:48 am
because of situations, i'm guessing, ferguson missouri and baltimore, maryland right, new york city. >> right. i think a lot of problems can be avoided by developing one-on-one personal relationships. communication is the key. that's what we to want do here. we want to open lines of communication. >> we wish you luck. once again, the coffee with a cop event is tomorrow from 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. at saxby's coffee at 346 west lancaster avenue in ardmore. i take it they make good coffee there. >> i sure hope so. >> thanks, lieutenant. we had several comfortable days late last week and into the weekend, but now they're catching up. it's july and it gets hot and humid and the heat comes back starting today. we're already starting to feel it and it may be the start of a long heat wave. the last ones we've had, three,
11:49 am
four days just minimal in length. this one should be longer. plus it's going to be muggy. humidity not much higher than it has been. sunshine out there. 87 degrees. the humidity is higher than yesterday. the temperature is 8 degrees higher. the feels like temperature is way higher so yeah it is already pretty warm. 87 in philadelphia. 86 in bensalem. 87 in glassboro. so, we're seeing temperatures way higher than what we saw yesterday. and it's not even noon yet. so, it's definitely going to be hotter. we still have a little bit of a land breeze. that's why atlantic city marina is 81 and beach haven is 83. that wind may be light enough to allow a sea breeze to come in this afternoon and cause those temperatures right at the beaches to go down. makes it nice and comfortable there. a lot more sunshine today than
11:50 am
yesterday. we're not seeing anything significant close by. we've got dry air all the way back to the great lakes, so that's going to keep things on the quiet side as we go through the afternoon. nothing more than an isolated small shower. could be something closer to the coast. that sea breeze could combine with the west wind to help produce a shower or two, but we're not talking about anything really substantial. you see temperatures getting into the 90s during the day today. not dropping as low tonight as what we saw last night. and then tomorrow morning without having the widespread fog that we had this morning, the temperatures start climbing even sooner. we'll get a sea breeze sooner tomorrow, but watch the temperatures go up. that's 91 by 11:00 a.m. in the afternoon, yeah over 93. so thinking about a high of
11:51 am
about 95. cooler at the shore. only one or two isolated showers or storms. let's see what the computer model is showing for predicted visibilities. yeah going down to 1 mile in vineland and dover. two miles in philly tomorrow morning. that's not quite as dense as we saw this morning. in the tropics things continue to be very quiet. there's the caribbean. there's africa. this area here is known as the main development region. and as you see, you don't see any big thunderstorms. these are too close to the equator to really develop. you need these storms -- systems to be farther away from the equator to get some tropical development. so, we're starting in the peak season pretty soon. still no signs of an increase. sunny, hot and humid this afternoon. high temperatures in the low 90s. tomorrow even hotter 95 feeling closer to 100.
11:52 am
not only tomorrow but thurt as well. thursday is the only day with a really high chance for getting showers and thunderstorms. less humid air comes in for friday. this heat wave could potentially last all the way through the weekend and into early next week. iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon
11:53 am
in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
11:54 am
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a recently revived soed ka company is letting you pick which flavor will hit the shelves next. the poll chose between 27 soda varieties. the most popular will hit store shelves. a new company acquired the name recently and it's expected to resume protection next month. you can find a link to the poll on our website at coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00 it's ellen with julie bowen. then "nbc10 news" at 4:00. this afternoon, eating for two during pregnancy. it could hurt both mom and baby. new research shows long-term effects of overeating can have after the baby is born. that's all new this afternoon on "nbc10 news" at 4:00. our chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here now with a final check of the afternoon weather. >> by 4:00 it's going to be the
11:56 am
hottest time of the day. it will be in the 90s the first day of what could be an extended heat wave. the humidity is kind of high as well so you may want to try to get some air conditioning. not only this afternoon but tomorrow and thursday should be the peak of the heat wave in the feels-like temperature which will be close to 100. we develop the humidity somewhat on friday and it gradually starts building back as we go into early next week. by next monday, let's say, the humidity could be a real factor once again. >> 90s across there. eagles begin training camp on sunday and they'll be welcomed with 90-degree weather. i'm sure glad i'm here with you. >> that happens a lot, doesn't it? >> yeah that's what happens with nfl training camps. thanks for watching nbc10 at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema, for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc10, have a great
11:57 am
day. stay cool out there. it's going to be warm. ♪ i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you.
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we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life state farm is there.
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>> brady: i feel like we've interviewed half the women in salem. >> theresa: i know. >> brady: i mean, this agency is supposed to be known for top-of-the-line nannies, right? >> theresa: so they say. >> brady: so why is every woman that comes through these doors unqualified? >> theresa: i have no idea. >> aiden: i sent my assistant home early tonight. here, have a seat, please. >> ben: your message said you got another call from florida. >> aiden: yeah, the authorities apparently have some more questions. >> ben: am i in trouble? >> clyde: all right, stop talking and listen the both of you. we got everything we need on that lab technician. you know how it goes down, right? okay, it happens tonight.


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